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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  June 17, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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concert series kicking off with 90s singer ginuwine tonight. others will take the stage, and what would the fair be without the delicious food? >> fair food is one of the top reasons people come to the fair. we're going to check out some amazing fair food and all the foodies out there will absolutely love what they're bringing to the fairgrounds. >> i love the fair food. the fair is set to run through july 10th, and season passes are available online. and don't forget, you can also watch us live on roku, amazon fire, and apple tv. here's janelle wang with what's coming up at 5:30. >> anything fried for me, give me all of it. right now at 5:30, gas, food, everything in between, inflation is raising prices across the board, and americans are wondering when it will end. >> when i wake up in the
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morning, i start worrying about bills that need to be paid. >> my feeling when i pull up to the gas station is anxiety, stress. >> and the moves the biden administration is making to help ease the pain. plus, putting out sports equipment for the neighborhood kids to enjoy. the man in pittsburgh that set up his own community gym out of his garage and the help he's now getting from others. >> before there was always fights, and it was so crazy out here. but he brought all our neighbors together. and champions once again. how former president obama is congratulating the warriors. the news at 5:30 starts now. thanks for joining us. >> americans gearing up for father's day and the juneteenth holiday weekend. they're going to be balancing summer fin against the troubling impacts of higher
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prices. add to that the biggest interest rate hike in decades. we look at the one-two punch consumers are dealing with. >> reporter: as americans head into a holiday weekend of grilling and chilling, sky high inflation is eating into their wallets. >> when i wake up in the morning, i start worrying about bills that need to be paid. >> reporter: the worries are warranted, consumers digging into savings to make ends meet as salaries fail to keep pace with inflation. extra money is badly needed. credit card debt is nearing a record high on top of stubborn gas prices. >> my feeling when i pull up to the gas administration is anxiety, stress. >> reporter: the white house reportedly considering sending rebate cards to millions. >> i'm using every lever available to me to bring down prices for the american people. >> reporter: the american people now facing rising borrowing costs on top of rising prices. mortgage rates hitting a
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13-year high, sparking fears the hoped for soft landing will end as a crash landing into recession. the prospect taking a sledge hammer to wall street this week. stocks hitting their lowest level in over a year. one wall street trader has an advice. >> put together a shopping list. now stocks are getting to a level where they're affordable for a long term investment. >> reporter: a bright spot for investors in a dreary economy if they have the stomach for it. economists warn expect inflation to remain high even as the economy slows. in washington, nbc news. the fed trying to bring down inflation by raising enter rates. this week rates reached their highest levels in 30 plus years, and more is likely to come. so will it lead to another recession? we asked scott anderson, the chief economists with bank of the west to weigh in. >> the fed doesn't want to say this, but their track record on slowing the economy down without a recession without
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raising enter rates isn't spectacular. they've only done it a handful of times in the last 30 years. the risk of recession is very high. i put it at close to 50% right now. >> he added another factor is out of the hand of the fed, the war in ukraine and it impact on the supply chain. he added the fed will need to be nimble in how it responds in the coming months. a third victim in a shooting at an alabama church pot luck has died. it happened just 15 minutes from birmingham. the 71-year-old gunman is in jail. police say he acted alone. a man and woman, both 84-year-old died, as did a 75-year-old woman. police are hailing one person at the pot luck a hero for subduing the gunman. >> it was extremely critical in saving lives. the person that subdued the suspect, in my opinion, is a hero. i don't know how many people were in the meeting at the
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time of the event, but the person that subdued him is a hero. h e r o. >> the gunman had previously attended services at the church. and now to southern california, the suspect in a deadly shooting eight church has been charged with a hate crime. prosecutors say david cho acted on his opposition to taiwan when he opened fire inside the church in laguna woods last month. one person was killed and five others hurt. meanwhile, first lady jill biden is calling on congress to act on gun safety laws speaking at the national pta convention today. she said parents ask teachers must speak up and demand congress pass gun safety measures following the shootings in texas and new york. the first lady says there are no excuses for nothing changing after previous deadly school shootings. a bipartisan group of senators is working to finalize details
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of a gun violence compromise, and a vote could come next week. rudy giuliani is blasting the findings of the january 6th house committee. he campaigned today with his son andrew who's running for governor of new york. today at a campaign stop in buffalo, he denied claims that he was drunk while advising the former president, and he doubled down on claims that the 2020 election was stolen. >> that group you see up there on that committee were liars trying to unseat a president on a lie. and who was telling the truth? me and donald trump. >> rudy giuliani also insisted former president trump did not plan the attack on the u.s. capitol and had no advance knowledge of it and had no prior interactions with those involved. all right, let's talk about the golden state warriors. officially nba champs once again after clinching in boston last night. they've now won four titles over the last eight seasons.
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we had crews both inside and outside the chase center watch party, and my goodness, look at that. it was electric. fans of all ages were getting emotional as the face of the franchise, steph curry, broke down in tears. for many we spoke with, there was no doubt this would be a championship season for the warrior. >> reporter: talk about the team, why do you like watching the warriors? >> because steph curry's the goat. >> reporter: why? >> because he's the greatest shooter of all time. >> the goat! curry was unanimously selected as finals mvp. he's now the only nba player in history to have unanimous mvp selections in both the regular season and the finals. so the big question now is when's the party, right? warriors and the city of san francisco are hosting a championship parade on monday, and you can see there, the parade will kick off around 11:00 in the morning at market and main street. originally it was supposed to end at market and 6th, but
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it was extended to 8th street so more fans can enjoy the parade safely. if you can't be there in person, watch complete coverage here on nbc bay area starting at 9:30 in the morning. and the big win is also on the mind of former president obama. he tweeted this morning with four championships in eight years, the warriors leave no doubt of their place as one of the nba's greatest dynasties. congrats to finals mvp steph and the rest of the team for sustained excellence. and many fans took to social media as well to congratulate the team and show off their warriors pride. the night electric and emotional for so many people. coverage continues online, the warriors' win is the top story on our website, and you'll final more information there about the parade and what to know if you plan to go. well, they call him mr. good man because that's exactly what he is to all of his neighbors. a good man.
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he barbecues for everyone, hands out food, toys, and turned his home into a community center. his real name is mr. robert coleman, a pittsburgh man who says he's trying to prevent other kids from going on the same path he once did. he's now getting praised by the entire community. >> reporter: anybody may think it's an ordinary home with just an open garage, but it's really much more. there's bikes inside, tons of gym and boxing equipment, and it's all free for the neighborhood. the kids here call it the garage. they show up to train, play instruments, or just to hang out. we're talking about the garage of roderick coleman. >> mr. good man! >> reporter: neighbors gave him that name because of everything good he does for them. >> he pays attention to what we do and don't have. >> he's an angel. >> reporter: he describes
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himself as a veteran and recovered drug add duck. addict. he's been making a difference in children's lives since moving to this neighborhood about two years ago. >> i wanted to give back to the community because of how i was raised up. we raised up as a village, and i wanted to reiterate that atmosphere. that's why i started with the kids program. >> reporter: it all started when he was boxes outside his home one day. kids approached him, he started teaching them how to box. he then gathered other equipment they were interested in, and it quickly evolved into what he calls the neighborhood boys and girls club. >> i don't want them going down the road i went. i want to give them the opportunity to do better. >> reporter: they even organized trips to places like the bowling alley and county fairs. he added a food pantry to his garage, hands out meals to the homeless, hosts community barbecues, and tries to lend a hand to neighbors whenever they need it. >> i'm grateful he takes us to school and stuff because when if we had to walk? >> a lot of time test end of
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the month, i might need something and he asks for nothing in return. >> reporter: recently he asked city leaders to step up after kids asked for the gear they need to play baseball. the leaders and local officers teamed up to donate what they needed. >> it's old school. it's something you don't see where neighbors are coming together and barbecuing and having dinner together outside and communicating. they're not inside their homes. >> before there was always fights and it was so crazy out here. but he brought all of neighbors together. >> when your mama get back you'll get some! >> reporter: he's now planning a party for the fourth of july and raising funds to expand his food pantry. >> things have just changed since he's been here for the better. >> at least someone is here. i know who i can talk to. >> reporter: at the garage in pittsburgh, nbc bay area news. >> wow, what an amazing human being. changing so many lives. up next, rising home
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prices, increased mortgage rates, and low housing supplies. up next, what the biden administration is hoping to do to battle that crisis. we have two viewers that paid good money to go good places, but when their trips went south, their complaints went nowhere. i'm chris chmura. nbc bay area responds next. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. a cool, yes, cl, letven a cool, yes, cl, letven oo's e - [announcer] the more we learn about covid-19,
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the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today.
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morning rates rates are on the rise. but the biden administration says it plans to help more americans find an affordable home. here's more. >> reporter: on top of record
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high gas prices, rising food costs, and now increasing interest rates, home buyers are seeing their purchasing power dwindle, adding even more financial stress for americans like jean robinson. >> i'm retired and slightly disabled, so it means that if i want to buy a house, you know, where does that leave me. >> reporter: housing costs up 5.5% from a year ago, pricing more and more out of the market. the biden administration says it's working to get a handle on the problem. >> we cannot address the inflation problem without addressing housing. >> reporter: the hud secretary says the plans include boosting affordable housing supplies. >> we're looking at building as many as 500,000 new homes over the next ten years. >> reporter: and working with other federal agencies to reduce regulatory barriers to building homes as well as
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promoting innovative options. >> prefabricated homes, modular homes. things we know are less expensive. >> reporter: and helping communities provide stable housing. >> now we have central air, so it's beautiful. >> reporter: the biden administration says its goal is to close the housing gap within the next five years. housing advocates i spoke with applaud that effort but say it won't be a quick fix. >> by our estimates, we're 5.5 million units short in this country. >> reporter: brian green with the national association of realtors says an all hands on deck approach is needed, which includes fixing ongoing supply chain issues, and addressing construction worker shortages. >> the short range plans include conversion of existing commercial property not being used. >> reporter: increasing home supplies and reducing housing costs. >> it's peaceful over here, and i like it. >> reporter: giving people peace of mind that they can find an affordable place to call home. in washington, nbc news. >> surely a lot of walk ahead
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to fix that crisis. many of you are planning summer trips, of course, and our consumer teams are hearing your complaints when things go wrong. consumer investigator chris chmura is here with two recent cases where our teams helped viewers recover the money they had spent on travel. >> anna in sonoma recently contacted us. she booked a flight from san francisco to mexico city. when she tried to fly, the airline said someone else had already used her ticket. anna had to buy a new ticket on the spot at a sky high price, $1,700.80. she expected the airline to investigate what happened and give her a refund, but that didn't happen. that's until she called her investigator. she got her refund. at nbc bay area, we responded to jennifer in san jose. here's what happened with her. she booked flights with an online travel agency.
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then canceled them. the agency gave her a $459 credit, but when she went to use it, the airline said it was no good. so she asked us to investigate. we did. the travel agency chalked it up to agent error and got that 459 bucks back to jennifer. if you hit a travel snag, let our consumer teams know. we have english and spanish numbers. have a great weekend. >> you too, chris. the weekend is here, and we want to get a check of the weather. it dropped a little more today around the bay area. are the temperatures going to stay cooler? >> i think for one more day, and then the numbers will really go up. we've made it to almost the weekend, i know. it's been a long week, probably, for a lot of us. you're just ready to kind of get to your saturday and sunday. i'll get everything good to go here so you can find out which days will be better for you. let's go ahead and start it off with the forecast. you can see across the bay
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area, a lot of 60s except san jose. that's the one hold out now. you're at 70. nonetheless, it's very chilly for june. we should be in the 80s, but again we're way, way off the mark. we're getting all the changes, every single bit, from this area of low pressure. it started arriving about a day and a half ago, and it's slowly moving across northern california. that's why we've had wind linger. the temperatures are dropping not just for a day, but a couple of days. we even have some showers off to the north. i wanted to show you the radar scan right now. there's been a thunderstorm around red bluff. six strikes with that, but this thunderstorm is moving off to the north and east away from us. however, we do have some isolated shower activity that's bubbling up. i see this moving towards clear lake through 6:23 tonight, so expect a little shower activity. otherwise not expecting any major activity at this point as we head through the evening. of course, i'll keep a close watch on the radar and let you know of any changes. as we start tomorrow morning,
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we have fog at the coastline. we have patchy clouds san francisco down to the south bay. that should start to clear out by 9:30 to 10:00 for sunshine tomorrow. sunny skies expected. keep your eyes on napa county. a little bit could bubble up for spotty showers tomorrow afternoon. we'll have more updates as we develop with the weather through tomorrow. get ready for the chill. if you're up early tomorrow, be sure to have the jacket. 51 in the tri-valley, south bay at 52, and in the north bay, your heaters might be clicking on. you'll need the extra blanket. 49 degrees to start here in june. way, way off the mark. heading through tomorrow, numbers warm up slightly, but still a cool day for us. 71 here in san jose. east bay, 69 in vallejo, 68 in oakland. peninsula, 69 redwood city. san francisco in the 50s and 60s, and forget north bay, 72 in napa.
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san francisco we warm up to 79 by tuesday's forecast, and eventually drop it by next friday. through the inland valleys, i think sunday is the best day on father day's. 83, sunny skies, and here we go. up to a hot 100 on tuesday. fire danger obviously increases next tuesday. then we'll see a drop next thursday and also friday's forecast. 70s, 80s, 90s, 100s. enjoy the weekend. enjoy the weekend. >> will do. did you know that renovating your kitchen and bathroom
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[announcer] call now and get $3,000 off! welcome back. a colorado woman is suing meta over her teenage daughter's social media addiction. a federal lawsuit alleges meta designed products like facebook and instagram that are addictive and dangerous without warning users without the potential impacts. the lawsuit says the 14-year-old girl's social
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media addiction resulted in an eating disorder and attempted suicide. you may remember last year when a whistleblower released internal research that showed instagram had a negative impact on the mental health of girls causing body image issues, eating disorders, and suicidal thoughts. we asked meta to comment, but haven't yet heard back. amid uncertainty about abortion laws, people are increasingly seeking clarification from google. some you lawmakers say they're getting mislead. senator mark warner of virginia sent google a letter asking them to clamp down on wrong search results. he cited in states with trigger laws that would ban abortion if roe v. wade is overturned, many websites for abortion pills linked to fake sites. they said to provide user friendly disclaimers. no response yet from google. stick with us, warriors coming home as winners right
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okay. they're almost back home in the bay area. we're counting the minutes until the warriors step off the plane and deliver the latest championship trophy to the bay area. >> nbc bay area is live at sfo waiting for the team to touchdown. sharon, for fans, it's friday,
5:58 pm
and the party has already started. >> reporter: you are so right. the fans are so excited. you can really feel the excitement and the happiness in the air today in san francisco and at sfo. and at chase center earlier, fans, including myself, were busy buying championship gear. >> congratulations east bay warriors! >> reporter: golden state warriors, san francisco warriors, whatever you call them, add four time nba champions to the title. and you got to have the gear to prove it. let's see that hat! >> yeah! >> reporter: let's see it! you saw the game. >> it was good, actually, towards the end, because i didn't want the close game, i wanted the blow out. >> we wanted to cap, but it was sold out. >> reporter: yes, the championship cap sold out early, but plenty of other finals gear could be found in the chase center store. and the warriors social media is helping to keep the fans connected. we could see steph and the
5:59 pm
warriors on the plane with the warriors post happy to come home. fans can't wait to show their support and show off their new championship gear at monday's victory parade. >> my daughter and i, as soon as the game was over with, we went straight to dick's. no, at half time. i went in the store and watched the game while she stayed in line. once the game was over with, i was like praise, we won! >> everybody go get their warrior stuff and go crazy at the parade. >> reporter: and our colleague cheryl hurd is also here at sfo, as you know, and she'll give us an update later tonight. she'll see the warriors walk off that plane very soon. reporting live at sfo, nbc bay area news. >> so jealous, i still need my gear! sharon, thank you. once they land, they'll have a couple days to get ready for the next victory party. excitement growing as san francisco prepares to host their first warriors parade. how businesses are hoping to cash in.
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the news at 6:00 start right now. thanks for joining us, i am janelle wang. and i am audrey asistio. the lawyers, very close to landing at sfo. and coming home with the larry o'bryant trophy. this is the team on the plane up before they took


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