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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 18, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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pga tour pechb even struggling coming in to the week not a lot of people saw it coming zalatoris and fitzpatrick tied for second one month later, find themselves tied again after 54 holes in a major, this time for the lead. we go back one final time. >> it's the first time that either of them have held a 54 lead heading to the final round of a major championship. what a day that was. seven different players had the lead there were only seven subpar rounds it was a challenge for everyone at some point during the day, tipified by jon rahm, what happened on the 18th when he had all the momentum two guys at the top of the leaderboard with all the game he could want and still seeking the first wins and moving day
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danny mccarthy he is now tied for 11. it's a great sport city of boston we start off at pea come 9:00 and move to usa at 10:00 and noon here on nbc to crown the u.s. open champ. it's an all new transplant, coming up. for our team, see you tomorrow for the final round of the u.s. open
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right now at 5:00, several people attacked within sfo causing travelers to run for safety. and we are learning new details of the assaulted hearing from witnesses for the first time in the car crashes into a bus. they are the last two get the vaccine. the cdc gives the go-ahead for kids under the age of six to get a coven vaccine. we will tell you how soon your kids can line up. news starts right now. thank you, for it joining us. i am terry mcsweeney. there was a scary situation last night at sfo. a man went to a terminal and pulled out a large knife. >> reporter: we spoke with
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people who saw it all. >> reporter: at sfo it is business as usual but friday evening the calm at the international terminal was briefly shattered. these travelers have their friday flight delayed until saturday. they saw a commotion and quickly started to move. >> we ran outside and did not take our luggage. we ran and then the police came and i believe a car came. >> this was in the pre-security area. friday evening a man drove a car to sfo, went inside and want to read the departure terminal and pulled out a weapon and assaulted three men. >> the guy was waving around his life for his machete. >> reporter: this man was
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dropping his parents off. he said he did not see anyone get hurt but he did see officers. >> that is when authorities came in. >> reporter: police took the man into custody. three people injured were treated and released at the scene for minor injuries and investigators have not said what the motive was. some travelers were shaken but still carried on. christie smith, nbc bay area news. a car slammed into a bus so hard it made the bus spin. it happened at about 11:00 this morning in the marina district. at a very busy intersection. if you pedestrians were taken for minor injuries. they continue to detain the driver of the car. a small earthquake hit near
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morgan hill this morning. it was a 3.4 magnitude. so far note reports of damage. this is a live look of the golden gate bridge. a perfect day leading up to the warriors victory parade. rob mayeda is here. we have so much going on. father's day, juneteenth, and the parade. and it will be nice. off to the north and east, you can see the clouds and the camera views. and for a time, that produced a bit of brief thunder. there was a lot of activity today and the blue, near kirkwood, snow above 7000 feet in june. this cool air pattern will
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start to stabilize. we have clearing skies too one that will be 20-30 degrees warmer by the time we get to tuesday and wednesday. we are tracking a warming trend that will get started tomorrow. climbing above 100 degrees. we will show you the impact ahead coming up in 10 minutes. here is a tip. if you want an easy way to track the weather, just download the nbc bay area app and you can see with the temperatures will be like in your area. the wait for vaccines for children under the age of five is over. the final regulatory hurdle was met today. cdc directors unanimously approved the vaccination. many pediatric offices have already ordered the shot and
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children under five are started to start by tuesday. walgreens says they will be opening up appointments for children three and up next week. an unusual situation involving president biden is getting attention. he fell off a bike in front of reporters. he was out for a bike ride this morning. as he made his way over to a crowd of people, he fell off his bike and stood up. white house officials said he got his foot caught on the petal and was not hurt. he took a few questions from reporters and gave brief remarks on terrorists in china and gun legislation. >> don't worry. did you see what they did in delaware? they did what i did years ago. that is what we have to do. i am happy with progress and i am prepared to sign it and ready to go.
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>> he also posed for photos and showed off his puppy commander. the prime minister of britain is calling for the world to continue to support ukraine as they continue to battle the russian invasion. they are offering military fighting to military fighters. they say the war is four months in and they are fighting to keep their own territory after an unprovoked invasion by russia. it will likely be years before they become part of the official block. some southbay kids are learning you are never too young to make a difference. zane lee lives in los gatos. he and his friends drew pictures and cards of support for ukraine.
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he was inspired by his mom who is working with getting medical supplies. >> he wanted to participate and do his version of what we were doing to donate. his idea was that he could get his class and really, his whole school, to draw pictures. >> so far hearts for ukraine has sent more than 15 tons of supplies. it was a beautiful day to celebrate juneteenth. the african-american community service agency hosted the 41st annual june teeth in the streets. there was food, performances and more. juneteenth was of officially declared a holiday last year.
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>> i think for a long time it was a date that was important too a lot of people and now it has started to be more except did as a true holiday. and more and more people are getting active and to see that activity is good. >> today, marcus washington was at the event. another celebration will be held in san jose tomorrow. how capital police ended a comedy sketch with an arrest. the worlds biggest crypto is taking a hit to its value. the reason for the big selloff is coming up. comfortably cold temperatures outside. we are seeing temperatures ahead that could be 30 degrees warmer going into
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so millions more students can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. what are you recommending for muscle pain? based on clinical data, i recommend salonpas. agreed... my patients like these patches because they work for up to 12 hours, even on moderate pain. salonpas. it's good medicine a production crew from the late show was arrested at the u.s. capitol and it is not a laughing matter. the crew was filming a segment with triumph the comic dog. they say the crew arranged for interviews with lawmakers and other comedy elements included. up but they say the building
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was closed to visitors and they were told to leave. later in the day they were arrested and charged with unlawful entry. the value of bitcoin continues to plunge, hitting a record low. it was worth $66,000 in may. the value has not been treated at this level since december 2020. ether fell 11% yesterday as well. they are facing challenges from the federal reserve hiking interest rates. before the big parade on monday to celebrate the warriors cost let's rewind to thursday night in the moments as the clock ticked down to zero in game six and the party morphed into a loud victory celebration. there was confetti and singing and dancing. >> it was amazing.
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>> we did try to interview some fans. their joy could be felt and heard throughout the arena and the city. here is nbc bay area's jonathan bloom. >> champions! yeah boys! >> 2022 champions baby! >> we did it! >> best season ever! >> yeah! >> reporter: the wind and fog are freezing but, the dub nation is on fire. steph curry is the finals mvp. >> i feel great. this is awesome! [ singing ] we are the champions, my friends.
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and will keep on fighting till the end. >> four rings! >> four! >> go! >> we have had setbacks that we kept going. when one guy was off another one chipped in. it was a complete team effort and i love this team. >> [ chanting ] mvp. >> steph curry, mvp. >> look what happened. nba champions. >> warriors! >> let's go warriors. >> what you think about what is happening? >> warriors! >> there we go. >> we did not know what to
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expect at the start that we knew they could do it. >> [ singing ] we are the champions of the world. >> thank you, dubs! thank you, warriors! >> so much joy. if you cannot make it to the city for the parade, we have got you covered. you can watch with us. coverage starts at 9:30 am on monday here on nbc bay area as well as our partners as well as telemundo 48. that will be the only spanish-language station that you can watch the parade. >> we have posted a lot of information about the parade. it is all on our website as far as what to expect. just go to and click on the link.
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>> the weather is going to look pretty nice. we should see temperatures in the 70s on monday as early as 11:20 am. i 2:00 temperatures around san francisco will likely be in the mid-70s. this is really the first sign of the warming trend coming up in the 7 day forecast. outside right now, 60s and clear skies. still some showers off to the north and east. look at dublin. only 70 degrees. around the bay area it is mostly 60s and low 70s. onshore winds making today likely the coolest day we will see over the next seven days. on the radar view, clouds building in and they are isolated showers including brief thunder. this is the fringe of a system that allowed the clouds to
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build up but where most of the action is is out towards the sierra. we are seeing snow as low as 7000 feet at times. high pressure starts to build in and this will lead to clearing skies. tomorrow morning, mostly low and mid 50s. by noon, 70s and 80s and things will wrap up with mid-80s. santa rosa mid-70s around oakland and upper 70s around san jose. keep a very close eye on these areas. you saw the parade but the valleys still starting to go into the 80s and 90s. as we move forward on tuesday, the watch these numbers.
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look at the areas, the more densely populated areas. the central bank could see 80s and 90s. wednesday, just a little bit of cooling. 70s and 80s bayside with 100 degree temperatures going into wednesday with slow cooling. here is a look at the inland 7 day forecast. the nicest weather for the weekend will be outdoors. valley seating up tuesday and into wednesday and then, stay tuned thursday for potential issues for the mountains. we want to show you, once again, san francisco not escaping the heat. downtown in the mid-80s and that will feel pretty warm. going into next weekend, a little more cooling coming back. unlike heat spills we have had before, we could be looking at
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4-5 days in a row of 100 degree plus temperatures. >> so make sure to enjoy the >> so make sure to enjoy the weekend. did you know that renovating your kitchen and bathroom
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>> a single mom in san diego had to go to outrageous links to find a new home. >> i was going to be homeless in two weeks. >> reporter: melina has rented a two bedroom fully furnished townhome in vista for $1600 per month. but the owner is moving back so for more than a month, she has been looking for a new place to live. striking out with every application. >> at first i was like, i am strong and i will keep going but, i have spent the last two weeks crying because i thought i was going to be homeless. >> reporter: melina has a son and teenage daughters. she feels that people are hesitant to rent to single mothers. >> i am an hourly workers so,
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it is the market today. >> reporter: this week melina found a home to rent but she had other applicants. but she did something that many would consider outrageous. >> immediately i was deflated. i just thought, let me offer her a year in advance and they did. when i got the text back she said she was nervous to rent to me but she did it. >> reporter: melina offered first months rent plus a full year after that. >> i am losing faith in humanity. i understand the real estate market at this point but, you should not go from 2019 and
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three years later doubling rent. >> reporter: melina is by no means poor but is a look at her struggle to find affordable housing and not having to fear the worst. >> stay in hotels, stay in the car. i don't know what my options would have been at that point. i cried too many nights already. i cried too many nights already. it is the
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tomorrow will be easy end of an era for a legendary sports bar. >> it is were fans of going to cheer, have a beer and a meal. but tomorrow, the old pro will be closing for good. they hosted thousands of local events, including our sports sunday show. remember hosting that with jerry rice? >> yes. >> we spoke with the staff and customers. >> all of the employees are like brothers and sisters. we hang out outside of work all the time. it is really said. >> old pro hopes customers will stop by one last time to say goodbye. a coming up in two minutes, a vacation destination is learning the hard way thatot n
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