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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 19, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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at 5:00, a brush fire burns close to home in oakland. hear from neighbors who woke up with the flames. >> tomorrow is a big day. we have everything we need to know from the warriors parade in san francisco. >> first, celebrating juneteenth, after it became a federal holiday. >> the new starts now. take you for joining us. >> the bay area is celebrating today. happy father's day and happy juneteenth.
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celebrating both. we have the story. >> reporter: a warm, sunny day, was the backdrop for the juneteenth celebration in san francisco. >> i heard about this event in the bayview area. i have to mark this on my calendar. you know, show love. >> reporter: he joined others for juneteenth, commemorating the end of slavery in the u.s. it is recognized as a federal holiday. >> this is our third year, here. >> reporter: tiffany carter is the cofounder of black wall street, which put this together. >> we are celebrating our culture, our freedom, in america. >> reporter: and it is a place for entrepreneurs to shine. >> black entrepreneurs need space to sell. this is what we provide, a space to sell paid >> i sell accessories made by
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crafters from africa. you can learn about the fabric, the resilience, and not only about people from the u.s., but people from the continent and the diaspora. you will have education along with eye candy, ear candy, neck candy. >> reporter: there was something for everyone, writes for children, music, and food, and, a day to come together. nbc bay area news. >> a large crowd gathered at lake merritt for juneteenth, family, community, and culture. djs play music, art was displayed, vendors lined the area. lakeshore avenue was closed to clause cars.
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they wanted to prevent traffic jams that could make it difficult for emergency vehicles. for anyone planning to drive in that area over the next few hours, lakeshore avenue is closed for juneteenth, no parking is allowed. patrol will be closing at beacon street, and this all reopened at 8:00 tonight. > >>lia ve look at downtown san francisco. so beautiful. three-day weekend with the warriors championship. as you can imagine, the city is expected to be packed. we will go over travel tips in a moment. but, i'm guessing sunscreen, a hat for the parade? good advice. we are seeing a warming trend. you will see, 70s and 80s inland. most of the bay area, and san francisco, a few degrees warmer than yesterday. here is the view of san francisco. as early as 11:20, we are already in the 70s.
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we have high clouds. as we go hour by hour, we will see the parade with numbers in the mid- 70s. that is there and san francisco. after monday, look at those temperatures, by tuesday. 80s and 90s. even along the shore, east bay, and valley temperatures, setting up for 90s and 100 degree temperatures on tuesday. unfortunately, we could see increased fire danger, not just from heat and dry conditions. tropical moisture is coming out of the south, which could trigger scattered showers. we may see sierra thundershowers , by wednesday. a lot of changes are happening in the forecast. the heat is cranking up. we could see he advisories for next week. we will look at how long that sticks around, back to you. here is a look at the roots for tomorrow's parade. 11:20, at market and main street. it will go down market and end at eighth street. it is expected to end around 2:00
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p.m. avoid getting stuck in traffic by catching a ride above transit. tomorrow could be the busiest day in the agency's history. that is a long history. montgomery, powell and civic center stations, all will get you to the parade. east bay riders taking the red or yellow lines will not be able to stop at montgomery before the parade. you should avoid using the entrance at market and main, which is a private stadium area. there is no rally after the parade. there was no need to crowd the civic center station. don't forget your mask. it still requires mask. buses and trains are going to run on a sunday schedule, which means less service, overall. a few lines will see extra service so that more people can get to and from the parade. lines serving market street will reroute to mission street. they have a map on line about how the parade will affect the roots.
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nbc bay area is your home for the most complete parade coverage. we will have exclusive interviews with the players, live coverage at 9:30 tomorrow morning. it will also air on nbc sports bay area and telemundo 48, the only spanish-language station we can watch the parade. if you're planning on going, we have you covered, from getting to the city, to the parade route. we have everything you need to know on our website. go to nbc bay and click on the link in our trending bar. people living in the oakland hills look for good news, following an uneasy night, watching a nearby fire. this started around 10:00 last night, near the oakland sheffield village neighborhood. this is what the area looked like, today. you see more than two acres burned in this area, behind marlow drive.
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fire crews gained control shortly before 1:00 this morning. they will remain through the evening to watch for hotspots. no injuries reported, and no one had to be evacuated. >> i saw the fire coming up the hill. at that point, i stood around like okay, how bad is this going to get? i reach out to some of the other neighbors and we got together, talked it over, started to make a decision about an escape plan. at that point, the fire was raging more. >> the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> the cdc has approved the covered vaccine for children under five years of age. that begins on tuesday. families can make appointment for children between the ages of six months and five years, through s.e.c. free you can set one up with your healthcare provider.
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assuming vaccines arrive as scheduled, approximately 100,000 children younger than five years of age living in santa clara county. >> the trial for the men accused of killing and bearing kristin smart has been postponed for at least a week. the superior court says the postponement is because of a health concern with one of the trial participants. it is unclear who that person is. a jury selection for paul florez is set to begin. no selection for ruben floors. paul florez is accused of trying to assault and killed smart in her dorm room in 1996. his father is accused of helping him cover up the crime. an interview with abc news, yellen says that a recession is not at all imminent. inflation is unacceptably high. talk of a recession has accelerated. the fed announced an interest rate hike of three quarters of
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a point, the largest increase since 1994. yellen expects inflation to slow in the months ahead and says there are signs that the economy is strong. >> balances are high. it is clear that most consumers with lower income households need to buffer stocks and savings, and need to maintain spending. i do not see a drop off in consumer spending. >> yellen says the u.s. labor market is a strong as it has been since world war ii. and, she also said that the fed will not rule out a possible federal gas tax holiday. the federal gas tax, $.18 a gallon. that would mean a savings of $3.60 per 20 gallon fill up. average prices are dropping, but they are close to record highs. the national average is $4.98. california's average is much higher, $6.40. here's a look at prices in the
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bay area. san francisco, $6.56 a gallon. in santa clara, the average is $6.48. flight disruptions continue. more than 1000 flights were delayed, today. more than 700 were canceled, according to data collected by flight aware, combined with data from thursday, friday, and saturday. this weekend was worse than memorial day weekend. weather is playing a role, and chronic staffing shortages. experts say it is not bold well for fourth of july weekend. it has been an intense debate for athletes. how should trans-people be allowed to complete? there is a ruling. we will have details after the break. >> you can see this on your next trip to tahoe. how tech is being used to keep the beach clean. around dublin, 81 degrees.
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[announcer] call now and get $3,000 off! welcome back. the governing body made a major
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decision regarding the status of transgender athletes. they will not allow transgender's women swimmers to compete tomorrow. they will work toward creating an open category for trains athletes so they can compete. trains swimmers can compete if they transition by the age of 12. the general six committees are learning more about former vice president pence is commission. jamie raskin, a member of the select committee was on meet the press. he says when mike pence refused to be evacuated by the secret service, that implied he did not trust who was in charge. >> i think this was a moment of courage, displayed by vice president pence. he was not leaving the capital. the colloquial phrase, who is behind the wheel, could mean a lot of different things. it could mean, you know, who
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ultimately is commanding the secret service. >> raskin would not comment more directly about the concerns. representative adam ship said it is possible thatfive will be subpoenaed to testify. hearings continue tuesday. 200,000 juvenile salmon are being released into the bay. the salmon will be sent downstream in richmond. it is part of the department's fish and wildlife plan to move nearly 1 million salmon raised in a hatchery into the san francisco and san pablo bays. low flows and elevated water temperatures make it difficult for young salmon to survive. traffic news, back to normal on highway 50 near echo summit. crews have been repaving that summit. the equipment was cleared away for a smooth drive to and from tahoe. work will resume tomorrow morning with traffic control. if you are heading to lake
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tahoe, you may run into a robot cleaning beaches. they are using this robot for some help. it is fully electric, solar powered. someone walks behind the robot, telling it where to go with a remote control. it can crawl along a beach at nearly two miles per hour, and as it moves, it sweeps and safes the top few inches of sand, to pick up trash. >> we see the robot as the last line of defense for the lake. we are keeping small pollution and litter from getting in the water in the first place. >> the robots next cuddled appearance is july 5th, at the red white and blue community cleanup event. wow. look what he came up with. >> i don't care what the weather is in tahoe, it looks pretty nice. >> it will be cleaner. >> that might be a good
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destination as things heat up around northern california. we started to see the warming trend, today. fairfield is up to 90 degrees, 80s for most of the valley, including san jose, 80 degrees, with wind out of the north. temperatures climb and we will see breezy conditions, at time. we have to watch for fire dangerous temperatures climb toward the 90s by tomorrow. 81 degrees in dublin, humidity at 26%. for now, still 60s in san francisco, but we see 70s tomorrow with tuesday being the hottest day of the week, england. air quality, you will notice the skies turning more hazy. the air is not as clean as we had over the last couple of days. good air quality, everything in the green. for now, the wind is strongly onshore, keeping temperatures comfortable. tomorrow, less of the sea breeze
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, inland, which allows temperatures to climb up. we will see high clouds, but notice, what is missing at the coast? ocean air conditioning will set the stage for progressively warmer days to the middle part of the week. tomorrow morning, upper 50s and low 60s, by lunchtime. that warriors parade, look at that, 70s around san francisco, 80s in san jose. unlike today, more 90s, around the tri-valley, concord, santa rosa, and morgan hill's. you will see low 90s, tomorrow. look at tuesday. we have 90s and 100 degree temperatures across the valleys. livermore, fairfield, concorde, above hundred degrees. bayside, it is a little different. you have 80s and 90s, bayside. this could lead to he advisories, so watch the forecast. by wednesday, numbers come down. i think we will watch the skies more closely as clouds, part of the south. we will have more, in 30 seconds.
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by thursday, we are in the mid- 90s bayside temperatures are mostly 70s and 80s. we will have an interesting setup, we have what is left of the tropical storm off the coast of baja california. the circulation of the central coast, watch how it draws up the moisture towards california. what we get on wednesday will be increasing cloud, and the sierras should see a chance of rain. it is hot and dry and there is the potential, some of this may involve lightning, which is what this model is picking up. the areas in blue, stronger storms may have lightning, especially near the sierras. we have to watch the mountains, on thursday. temperatures are slowly cooling down. san francisco has a truly hot day, downtown, but thankfully not for the warriors parade. tuesday, we expect 80s. bally temperatures have 90s, inland.
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we are staying in the 90s, through thursday and friday, cooling into next weekend. we have heat, watching the mountains for any chance of showers as we get into wednesday and thursday. stay tuned. >> a lot going on. thank you. next, our coverage of juneteenth continues, how an artist in bayview is using their talent to bring attention to san francisco's black community. i grew up in india. he means a lot for me. he means a lot for me. dad, i
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june 19th is juneteenth, a federal holiday to commemorate the emancipation of the final enslaved black americans. among the many celebrations taking place across the bay area is an art show in san francisco's bayview neighborhood. introducing us to some of the artist, and explain how their studio illustrates the historic struggle of black americans. >> reporter: at san francisco's southeast edge, the king building stand as relics, of the old navy shipyard. >> very much, and african- american neighborhood. >> reporter: they closed the base in the early 90s, and
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through the area into economic despair. >> a lot of the families were thrown out of jobs. >> reporter: for decades, some of those cast off buildings have been home to artists, including dolores gray. >> i'm a mixed-media artist. survive her whimsical art -- crosses mediums. and cultural cues. she points out, more than 200 artists working in the shipyard, only around a dozen are black. >> we are a small portion. >> reporter: gray was excited for the chance to promote the shipyards lack artist in a juneteenth show, featuring eight artists. >> part of what we are trying to do is make the neighborhood, in the bayview, more aware of
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what we are and do, out here. >> reporter: upstairs, this artist is also working to break through cultural ground. >> i paint with latex. >> reporter: through stop motion animation. >> stop motion. >> reporter: with his characters, he is trying to change that. >> i like this one. >> reporter: he contributed paintings to the exhibit celebrating the federal juneteenth holiday with hopes the holiday will remain true to its history. >> i don't want it to be so watered down. >> reporter: next door , the shipyard artist, pete dench, has made his home here for the last 40 years. >> i work in pastels, oils.
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>> reporter: his work hangs from the opera house walls. >> it's important to highlight juneteenth. it is important to highlight that we are part of the community. we are here. >> reporter: that community is here, in buildings left over from the past. survivors of san francisco's shrinking black population, applying colors to remind the world that they are here. nbc bay area news . >> art with so much meaning and flavor. finally arrived in all of its stinking glory. >> language. >> there is the rare and rancid flower. >> i am not trying to
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some people sent this father's day in juneteenth listening to music at the stern grove festival. ♪ ♪ >> so good! this is the second concert of the season that started, last sunday. this is the longest running outdoor music festival in the bay area. >> looks like fun. we want feedback on outdoor dining. the city will have a virtual forum on park glitz. you will see them there, starting at 4:30. they are hoping to hear from business owners, living in the restaurants, or anyone who wants to talk about the future
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of outdoor dining. it is a stink. people came from miles around to experience. named the corpse flower, in san francisco's conservatory of flowers. it bloomed this weekend. it started opening saturday and is almost all the way closed, again. hundreds of people have come by to smell the rotting flesh odor for themselves, and see the dark red petals. i don't think you went, based on your reaction. >> i passed. >> reporter: this is an endangered species. it blooms once every 7-9 years. >> it is an amazing moment, i get it. up next, and emergency that went viral. remember this? a flaming truck, blazing through san francisco.
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