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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 20, 2022 3:30am-4:00am PDT

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travel troubles from coast to coast from record-high gas prices to airlines canceling thousands of flights over the holiday weekend, americans are getting pinched in every direction breaking overnight, deadly shootings in multiple cities, including the death of a 15-year-old. the governing body that oversees world swimming has banned transgendered athletes from competing in women's events as part of a new gender inclusion policy on this 117th day of war in ukraine, actor and director ben
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stiller makes an appearance in lviv in support of refugees. as interest rates rise to combat inflation, we're seeing the return of the adjustable rate mortgage for prospective home buyers. our vicky nguyen has the details you need to know. it was a thrilling u.s. open for this englishman who is taking home his first major victory. a busy juneteenth holiday ahead. "early today" starts right now >> good morning. i'm philip mena. >> i'm frances rivera. we begin with the travel nightmare for millions flying over the father's day/juneteenth holiday weekend. as thousands of flights were delayed or canceled, leaving frustrated passengers scrambling to get to their destinations friday the tsa said was the busiest air travel day of the year so far. more than 2.4 million people who passed through tsa checkpoints on friday, but airlines canceled over 1,100 flights saturday, more than 6,300 flights were delayed and 859 flights canceled
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this according tonight aware who also reported more than 5,000 flight delays and more than 900 cancelations on sunday airlines are still recovering from big storms and a shortage of airline workers that's on top of an increased number of travelers. so this morning, if you've got a flight in your new future, we suggest checking schedules before heading to the airport. drivers got a little relief at the pump over the weekend the national average for a gallon of gas dipped below $5. that's according to aaa. but 17 states are still paying over $5. california has the highest price at the pump at nearly $6.50 a gallon more relief may be on the treasury secretary janet yellen said the holiday, which could save dr15-year-old boy is dead and three injured after a shooting in d.c. according to authorities among those injured is a police officer who was shot in the leg. the shooting happened at what
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police describe as an unpermitted music gathering. d.c. mayor muriel bowser addressed reporters at the scene. >> we have a child who was killed today at an event that did not have any proper planning for the number of people who were here and with guns involved, and a child is dead. >> the name of the deceased teenager has not been released police are looking for one suspect who is still on the run. now to a deadly shooting at a family barbecue in san antonio. police say two people were killed and five more injured on saturday night when at least one suspect pulled up and opened fire authorities also said multiple children were inside the house at the time of the shooting, but none were injured. police are working on identifying the shooter or shooters. over the long weekend, millions of people across the country are celebrating juneteenth this is the first year the federal holiday was observed commemorating the countless who have been oppressed and impacted
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by racism. nbc's chris pollone joins from us d.c. with more on what the celebration means for communities across the country >> hey, there, frances across the country, celebrations of juneteenth kicked into high gear across the country over the weekend, commemorating the day in 1865 when enslaved people in galveston, texas, learned they were free 2 1/2 years after president lincoln issued the emancipation proclamation. the date has been observed by many for decades but it didn't become a federal holiday until last year. in ft. worth, texas, dr. opal lee led a 2 1/2-mile walk to start the juneteenth celebration there. she's known as the grandmother of juneteenth, a leading advocate of making it a federal holiday. in chicago, the juneteenth market event put a spotlight on black-owned businesses in buffalo, new york, site of the nation's -- one of the nation's largest juneteenth festivals, the state's governor paused to remember the victims of last month's racist attack at a crowded grocery store.
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in washing history and culture has been holding juneteenth commemorations in person and online. >> i hope people understand not only the importance of juneteenth to african american culture, but also its relevance to all of american culture and history. >> reporter: also here in washington, the national archives museum is displaying the original emancipation proclamation alongside the juneteenth order over this holiday weekend. in a statement, president biden said that great nations don't ignore their most painful moments, they confront them to grow stronger. frances? >> chris, thank you. starting today, the international swimming federation will restrict transgender women from competing in women's events. the vote in favor of the new policy was widely supported by its members. nbc's janis mackey frayer joins us live from beijing with more on all of this >> reporter: this was a big decision from fina, the
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governing organization for elite swimming the vote was 71.5% in favor of this new gender inclusion policy which permits only transgender athletes who have made the transition before age 12 to compete in women's aquatics events the vote came about after months of consultations it takes effect today and it effectively means that most transgender athletes won't be able to compete in women's aquatics events if they have experienced male puberty fina oversees competition for swimming, diving, water polo, high diving, as well as artistic and open water swimming events fina's president says that swimming welcomes all athletes, that all athletes need to have their right to compete protected but that there have to be competitive fairness he's talking about creating an open category for elite swimmers who don't meet the criteria for the women's or men's categories. now much of this came into the
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spotlight with lia thomas, who made history as the first transgender woman to win an ncaa swimming title and did so with some controversy, especially from their own teammates who said they had an unfair advantage. it now means this policy could prevent thomas from competing in the paris olympics but other elite-level sports like cycling are also revising eligibility rules with a lot of backlash from critics who say to enforce these policies will mean seriously violating the privacy and human rights of athletes who just want to compete. >> this is an ongoing story. for the very latest, we appreciate that, thank you. from hollywood to the front lines, the war in ukraine. after ben stiller visited war-torn ukraine on sunday the 56-year-old is a u.n. good will ambassador. according to a tweet he traveled to poland and visited the
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poland/ukrainian border where he met with refugees and people whose lives have been impacted by the war in ukraine. three americans reported missing in ukraine are speaking out after russian state media published videos allegedly showing americans who elected to join the war. >> reporter: marine veteran grady kirpas traveled to ukraine to fight. >> the reason is trying to help people in any which way possible. >> reporter: don turner is speaking on behalf of kirpas' family. >> we do believe there's a good possibility he's a p.o.w. right now. >> reporter: kirpas is one of three americans reported missing in ukraine russian state media published a video allegedly showing two others in captivity. the u.s. state department says they are aware of the videos but can't comment on them. from kharkiv to mariupol, the fight for control of eastern ukraine has been a bruising one.
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but it's a fight ukrainians refuse to abandon, no matter the cost in kyiv, mourners came to pay their respects to a well-known activist killed in combat. ♪ from the cathedral, roman's casket was taking to independence square. thousands of people have come here to pay their respects to roman. for many, this is a painful reminder of what this war is doing. it is taking young ukrainians, some of the country's brightest hopes for the future >> roman was a symbol. >> our thanks to ellison barber for that report. three people and their two dogs are safe this morning after leaping from a burning yacht the over 70-foot vessel caught fire in new hampshire this weekend, forcing those
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passengers overboard authorities report the passengers were rescued by a good samaritan and are doing okay after being released from the hospital state police, the coast guard, and multiple fire departments tended to the blaze before that boat sank off the coast of maine. no information on the cause of the fire has been released. after a week of major flooding, yellowstone national park's south loop will reopen to the public this upcoming wednesday. all entrances into the park have been closed due to the record rainfall that hit the area over parts of montana, wyoming, and idaho. to keep up with limited capacity, park officials said vehicles with license plates ending with an odd number can visit odd days of the month, those ending in even numbers can visit on even days of the month. we are likely to see more scorching temperatures for certain parts of the u.s. on this last full day of spring nbc meteorologist michelle grossman joining us. good monday morning to you, michelle. >> good monday morning to you both we're stuck inthis pattern tha
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doesn't seem to want to change we have excessive heat continuing today and really all week long. we're looking at triple digits from the plains to the south, the upper midwest included it's going to feel like 110 in spots. 9 million americans under a heat alert, mainly in the plains and the upper midwest. the heat extends to the south. we are looking at lots of spots near 100 degrees if not over 100 degrees. minneapolis 100 today. it's going to feel like 106. it will feel like 105 in houston. it's going to feel like 101 in new orleans. that heat will continue tomorrow as well. you can see it extending austin near 100. although the heat index is 101 if you factor in humidity. it will feel like over 100 little rock, st. louis, chicago. feel like 98 in nashville. heat continues late week tallahassee up to 104 on thursday that's going to be a big story factor in the humidity it will feel hotter than that. that will stark storms as well, the heat and humidity. the dakotas, the upper midwest
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for the threat of severe weather. could see some hail as well and a chance for torna 100 in dallas. in the upper 90s in jackson and memphis. we'll talk more about that heat coast to coast across the country. also looking at some monsoonal moisture it's beneficial but can cause some flash flooding in the southwest. being look at that coming up in just a bit it was a weekend filled with pride and juneteenth celebrations across the nation pride festivities were back in portland, oregon, this weekend as in-person events return to the area for the first time since the pandemic portland's pride parade and waterfront festival also celebrated the juneteenth holiday. in nbc, members of the lgbtq community and allies gathered to celebrate lincoln's second-ever
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emerge tremfyant® with tremfya®. ask you doctor about tremfya® today. it was down to the wire in massachusetts at the final round of u.s. open matt fitzpatrick and will zalatoris were neck and neck for much of the final day. fitzpatrick finished at 6 under par and zalatoris needed a birdie on 18 to force a playoff. and just a little too hard to the left he finishes one stroke behind fitzpatrick, who got to hug his mom after the biggest win of his career fitzpatrick takes home his first major championship and $3.1 million. the january 6th hearings will resume this week. the first hearing on tuesday will focus on accusations that former president trump leaned on state officials in an attempt to alter election tallies reserve among the witnesses who will testify is brad raffensperger,
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the georgia secretary of state january 2nd, 2021, raffensperger was on a phone call where the then-president asked him to, quote, find nearly 12,000 trump votes to overturn president-elect biden's win. raf out of office, trump would attack raffensperger and governor brian kemp, but last month both men emerged victorious against trump-endorsed candidates in georgia's primaries. starting this week, covid-19 vaccines will be available to children a cdc advisory committee voted unanimously to recommend vaccines for those 6 months to 5 years old. roughly 18 million children in the united states will be eligible the cdc estimates less than one-third of children ages 5 to 11 have been vaccinated. still to come, from certified lover boy to sad boy
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♪ ♪ i'm still holding my breath ♪ ♪ how can you say that you know how i feel ♪ drake is dancing all the way to the record books. his new album "honestly never mind" broke apple music's record by first-day streeps by any dance album. apple says it only took the album an hour to rise to the top spot. >> loving that video, we'll have to check it out and watch the whole thing, looks really cute. >> all the hits he keeps putting out is incredible. calling all horror movie fans you can watch a lost episode of
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"sesame street" deemed too scary for kids on youtube. it's from way, way back. "wizard of oz" actress margaret hamilton heckles the puppets in search of a broomstick according to the av club, the episode which originally aired once in 1976, removed from air after receiving complaints from parents. i just think the whole bar of what's scary for kids is so, so different. kids will be like, what's the big deal >> they would. but the bar for people complaining has risen. somewhere that meets in the middle you never know how long before this might get pulled too. get a chance, go check it out, who knows how long it will be there. yesterday some of our favorite celebrities paid tribute to the fathers in their lives. queen elizabeth honored her late father king george vi on instagram with this photo of them from 1946 despite a public divorce, kim kardashian celebrated ex-husband kanye west, sharing a phot
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of him with their four kids. the reality star thanked him for being the, quote, best dad and i was blessed enough to have my first father's day. we equipped her with a nice bib there and let her try some apple-mango mash for the first time >> all the milestones you're going to be celebrating. >> i sure did, i reveled in the m mundanety of going to costco, feeding the kid. a father's day to remember forever. >> hopefully you'll be able to break away and have some costco samples. >> she likes the samples, you can tell. michelle's got your monday forecast next. ahead, bckst, eilobuerthr boom at the box office two classics dominate theaters it's a lot. no cereal. not cool, thors! anyone got a light? [lightning bolt strikes] i'll order pizza. at least geico makes bundling our home and car insurance easy.
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aveeno®. we've got to protect her, that's our job >> humans and dinosaurs can't coexist. >> "jurassic world dominion" brought in another $58.6 million domestically in its second weekend of release, rounding up a total of $622 million worldwide. the film was the last in the "jurassic park" sequel trilogy. with the federal reserve increasing interest rates, home buyers are turning to a familiar tool to ease some of the financial burden adjustable rate mortgages. nbc's vicky nguyen breaks down how these loans can help
3:57 am
>> reporter: just over a decade ago, the country crippled by financial prices fueled by home buyers with loans they couldn't afford - >> what no one can say is how long this housing crisis will last. >> reporter: one culprit in particular got a bad rap, the adjustable rate mortgage, a.r.m., which allows many homeowners to overextend when rates rose, millions went into foreclosure. >> housing's big slide and the ripple effects. >> reporter: fast forward. >> prices have jumped nearly 20% since this time last year. >> reporter: today's white-house to housing market, low inventory, and rising interest rates have many buyers turning to that familiar tool, a.r.m wine distributor jeannie arturo just closed on this new jersey house, her first home. she fell in love with the spacious dog-friendly backyard and room to work from home >> i knew that the 10-year a.r.m. was the way to go the only way it was going to work. >> reporter: a.r.m. offers a lower starting interest rate
3:58 am
than a traditional 30-year mortgage, usually lasting five, seven, or ten years. the lower interest rate on her tin-year a.r.m. drops her monthly payment by over $300. >> the difference between the fixed rate and the a.r.m. was enough to price me out, or price me >> reporter: a.r.m.s can be risky long-term. the interest rate you pay adjusts after the introductory period, going up or down based on interest rates. with 30-year fixed mortgage rates topping 6%, compared to about 3% a year ago, the number of a.r.m. loans has doubled since the start of the year. loan depot founder anthony shea says he's not worried about another mortgage meltdown, in part because today's lenders are more stringent. >> you actually have to qualify for a loan today. >> reporter: today's a.r.m. is also different there are limits to how often the interest rate can adjust, and there are caps on how much it can adjust. >> every program could be different, but typically it's 2% per year or 5% or 6% over the
3:59 am
life of the loan. >> reporter: shea says a.r.m. works best for home buyers who have enough income to cover monthly payments that could rise 10% or 15% when rates adjust and for those who don't plan to live in their new home beyond the introductory period.
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breaking overnight, a shooting at a washington, d.c. music festival during a juneteenth celebration has left a 15-year-old dead and at least three others injured details are still coming in. celebrating juneteenth across america what it means for so many, and how recognizing this seminal day is changing the face of america. the governing body that oversees world swimming has banned transgender athletes from competing in women's events as part of a new gender inclusion policy we've got the latest a


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