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tv   NBC Bay Area News Tonight  NBC  June 21, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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right now at 7:00 we're following several breaking stories. a bart train partially derailed in the east bay. passengers rushing off this train and through a hole in the fence. also a bush fire forcing evacuations on the peninsula. multimillion dollar homes threatened by flames. there's also a major power outage impacting several cities. we have reporters across the area with up to the minute details. this is all happening as we're under a microclimate weather alert. record heat for parts of the bay area in the 100s. good evening, this is nbc bay area news tonight. i'm raj mathai. a lot happening on this first day of summer.
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we start with that bart derailment. it's a partial derailment. this picture just into the news room. look carefully, a wheel of this bart train literally off the track. it happened in concord near hastings drive and david avenue. really terrifying to think about for the people on board. this is a live look right now. when this train partially derailed, everyone on board rushed off the train and got through to safety through a hole in the perimeter fence. right now you can see the bart crews just trying to determine what happened, how it happened, and what could have been done to prevent it. you can see the two trains dislodged from each other. a few passengers are being treated for minor injuries. right now bart trains are not moving in either direction between pleasant hill and the concord station. this is causing a lot of headaches, as you can imagine, for commuters. there's a bus bridge between the pleasant hill and concord stations. we bring in cheryl hurd who's
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at the pleasant hills station near the derailment. cheryl? >> reporter: that's right, we were at the location. now we are at the pleasant hills station, and you see people getting off the bart train. they are headed to a bus bridge situation. as you said, the train is stopped between concord and pleasant hills. what they're doing is putting up a bus bridge situation to get the passengers where they're going. now, this all began at 5:30 today. a bart train jumped the tracks near the location at david and hastings. partially derailed. you saw the picture there. we have a chopper where you can see this all happening. 50 people were on board that train. they were evacuated. just moments ago we caught up with a bart staffer and she gave us the latest information.
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listen up. >> at 5:30 p.m. a san francisco bound train with 50 riders on board derailed in between the concord station and pleasant hill station, much closer to the pleasant hill station. we safely evacuated the riders. there are no major injuries. >> reporter: as you can see, the people getting off the train now are headed to the bus bridge situation. contra costa county fire protection near the area where the train jumped the tracks putting out hot spots to make sure the fire did not spread. there were a few spot fires there, but when we arrived on scene, there was no smoke. another thing i was told is that this was a legacy train, which is a train that's been rolling for a very long time. they don't know if that had anything to do with the fact that it jumped the track. she also said they'd been doing work on the bart trains
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for months, for years now, trying to get the newer trains in operation. this happened to be one of the older trains. we have no idea if the trains will be rolling later tonight. the good news is that one of the tracks on the other side was not damaged. only the one where the train jumped the tracks. there's no timeline on when the train will be rolling, and there is no timeline on whether it will be in operation for the morning commute. >> and i have a question for you. during the 6:00 newscast, you were actually there when the train derailed. we have video from an hour ago where the train derailed and there was a hole in the fence. that's how the passengers got off the train and went through the hole. what were the passengers and neighbors saying at that point? >> reporter: well, we did not see any passengers. we arrived around 6:00 and this happened at 5:30, but the
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neighbors were saying that they did not hear anything. they didn't hear any screeching, didn't see any fires. they were all out looking just as we were. we did not talk to any passengers, we didn't see any passengers. they were taken away pretty quickly. one person complained of back pain. the others we have no idea how they might be feeling right now. but it was a scary situation. one of the legacy trains jumped the tracks. i'm sure they have a lot of rattled nerves here with folks on the bart train today. >> and we're looking at the video you sent us of the hole in the fence where the passengers did go through. we'll check in with you throughout this evening. we did speak with a neighbor after cheryl left that was outside just as the train derailed. this is what she saw and heard. >> i heard the train go buy and it sounded a lot louder than usual and a little weird. then i saw a fire spark out of nowhere and thought that's a little strange.
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i've lived here for 22 years and never seen anything like that. >> it is strange. here's a close up photo of the hole in the fence. we'll stay on the story and try to get answers for you as we get new information on the partial derailment, why this happened, and its continued impact on bart service. we'll update you on air and online on our digital platforms. we're also following breaking news on the peninsula. a brush fire burning near redwood city and wood side forcing evacuations. at this hour, thousands of people are without power. pg&e not confirming to us if the power outage is linked to the fire. here's what we know right now. it's along 280 near redwood city. sky ranger was overhead a short time ago. this is in the emerald hills community. this is the 280 edgewood road exit. multimillion dollar homes are threatened and people have been evacuated. here's a look from the ground level. crews in the heat working to
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keep the flames at bay. it's a six alarm fire, at least 25 acres have burned. we mentioned pg&e. that substation is in the area of the fire. nearly 11,000 pg&e customers all without power. here's one of the stop signs, intersections in the area. you see an accident there. looks like a tesla and fire truck got into an intersection with no lights causing confusion and a little chaos. san mateo, redwood city, san carlos, and even stanford university without power right now. a lot of people watching us on their nbc bay area app to get updates and live stream of this newscast. let's begin our team coverage with ginger right near the fire line for us. >> reporter: that's right. cal fire said things are headed in the right direction, but their work is far from
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over. they're still activity fighting one of two fires that broke out this afternoon. the first, the colton fire, is contained and only burning several acres. but the edgewood fire is still threatening homes and threatening this pg&e substation behind me. as you mentioned, there are at least 10,000 pg&e customers who are without power. tonight fire crews are working very hard to keep it at just that number and not to have a further impact than that. but driving along kenyata road moments ago, we saw there are still brush fires around the substation. we're told there has been no damage to the substation just yet, but fire crews are keeping a very close eye on how this edgewood fire burns. it has now burned 25 acres. crews have also been battling hot temperatures all afternoon, but fortunately there's been no wind to
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challenge them even more. they expect to stay throughout the night until they get containment of this fire. fire crews first started getting calls around 2:20 this afternoon. the san mateo sheriff started ordering evacuations just an hour later. the orders are still up for wood side, redwood city, and other unincorporated parts of san mateo county. you can still see air tankers and helicopters spraying retardant to slow down the progress of the fire. here's what they're saying about a possible cause for the fire. >> yeah, so the question was regarding the cause of origin. obviously these fires take a lot of investigation. we do have investigators currently on scene working on the investigation right now. it's too early to jump to conclusions about what the cause could be. that will be under investigation until the report is complete. as far as the pg&e substation, that facility was/is threatened. there's quite a few fire
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resources there protecting that infrastructure, and we have a pg&e representative with us. let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we have been tracking this for several hours. the good news not much wind, but the bad news we're still in the 90s, low 100s for temperatures the last couple of hours. >> yes, and we have a better fix on the fire location as well. we'll start off with that, give you this vantage point. there's 280, here's edgewood county park. the fire is in the edgewood county park zone. we still have a little breeze out of the west. it is putting this neighborhood under threat. we've not heard of homes catching on fire. firefighters say they're making some headway on this. it definitely looks a lot calmer than it did just a
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couple of hours ago. but areas near sylvan way, bay view way, california way are parts of the evacuations. winds tonight 10 to 15, and that's why if you have the evacuations, you should heed the warnings. the last thing anyone wants to think about, but it's still possible that embers could travel into this neighborhood. if you get the warnings, please heed those tonight. and raj, the heat, it's 104 in santa rosa. one of the hottest. that now sets a new record in the weather. >> incredible. it's still hot at this hour and it's the first night of summer. thank you, jeff. we'll get back to you in a few minutes. we mentioned the fire is close to the pg&e substation. ginger is right there, you can see that parking lot along 280 on the right side? to the left of 280, you can see the pg&e substation and how close it is to the fire
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and flames. pg&e not confirming to us that the flames and fire had anything to do with this ongoing power outage. one other thing we should mention, a firefighter has been injured and has been transported to stanford hospital. no word yet on the condition of his injuries. talking about the pg&e map, it's impacting san mateo, redwood city, san carlos, and stanford. stanford tweeting out they're passing out flashlights to students. we'll continue to follow the latest on this fire and power outage throughout the newscast and our digital platforms. up next, the wealth gap is growing in the silicon valley. might not be surprising to you, but how can it be shortened? what can we do about it? we're having a conversation about how bad it's getting and if there's anything that can be done right now. also two parades in one week. the lessons learned from yesterday's warriors parade and how it might impact the
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pride parade this weekend. you're watching nbc bay area news tonight.
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welcome back to nbc bay area news tonight. some of the other headlines this evening, the bay area housing crisis. a lot of people that might be on the verge of owning a home or up sizing from their current home are just being priced out. interest rates can jump dramatically which means mortgage payments are up more than 50% since last year. that might sound like a big number. here's the actual data and what it looks like.
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it is a big number. zillow reports silicon valley is now the most expensive spot in the bay area. average mortgage payments are now more than 9,000 buck, a 57% increase since last year. mortgage payments in san francisco also skyrocketing. the average in the sky, 8100 bucks a month up 53%. basically if you're locked into a mortgage last year, if you locked in, you're okay. if you're in the market now looking to buy, you'll be hit with much higher payments. this was really emblematic of a large problem in the bay area, the gap between the poor and wealthy is widening. here's key take aways from the just released silicon valley pain index. that's what it's called. last year santa clara county generated more wealth. the gross domestic product rose to $340 billion. many of the big tech companies including google, apple, netflix, and meta making
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billions more in profit, but 46% of the children living in the silicon valley live with families who don't earn enough to provide the basics. we're just talking at food, shelter, and clothing. 46%. at the same time, look at this. people of color are seeing their annual income drop. the average income for a full time black worker is 70,000 bucks per year, a drop of nearly $2,600. pay for latino workers dropped slightly to 60,000 bucks a year, a drop of $400. pay for whites and asian-americans have increased. so why is this happening and is there anything that can be done about it? joins us now is dr. scott myer lipton, the lead author of the pain index. professor, great to have you back on the program. blacks and latinos struggling, whites and asians are not according to your data s. this any different from the year before or year before that? >> well, what's happening is
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that as the report highlights is that there's a persistent racia"aqginequality that exists within silicon valley. we've reported that the last several years since the murder of george floyd. that's what really inspired us to do the silicon valley pain index was to see how race and racism playing out here in our own community rather than minnesota or other places. so we've been documenting and doing a meta analysis of the studies done on silicon valley, and as you pointed out so well, that this persistent racism is not only, not only still there, but in some of the areas, getting worse. that wealth inequality you talked about, this incredible astronomical amount of wealth, apple computer up 91 billion. google and netflix and the others up 30, 32, and $60 billion respectively. so they're doing all this, all
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this money being created, and then 46% of our children in our community living with families that don't provide the basics. so something is terribly wrong with how the money is being, you know, distributed through our society. >> your data and research is eye popping. i can't say it's surprising, but it's eye popping. if ceos and business leaders are seeing and hearing this, they might be frustrated, but what can they do about it, what are they doing about it? >> what we want to do is start a conversation and really be in conversation with those silicon valley leaders. i mean, i just, i just tweeted out awe post, you know, highlighting tim cook and talking about apple computer. you look at apple computer, they made $91 billion more last year than the year before while at the same time they have no african american males in senior level manager
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positions or vps. to me that is, that to me, there are blocks, obviously, we would say in sociology it's institutionalized racism that's blocking folks to get to those positions within apple. and it's not just apple. you look at the number 70 in the pain index, you look at for the latino community across the tech, um, the tech industry, 70% of tech companies do not have a latin x member in their executive leadership team. 73% tonight have an african american. >> we know tech right in our own backyard, silicon valley is very white, very asian, but certainly not black or latino. last question, any positive news from your pain index that standing out to you? >> i think we're looking for solutions. a universal basic income has been put forward for seniors
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experiencing homelessness. $5,000 over five months. that's passed the senate. a senator saw the pain index and decided he wanted to do something. we're hoping to engage other elected officials at all levels. they have to be engaged in the racial inequality that exists in silicon valley. >> you're exposing a big problem. we appreciate your work, professor, have a good evening. it's all about that celebration, right? two of them and the return of life and energy to san francisco. two parades in one week. here we go. the warriors parade yesterday is a teachable moment for this weekend's parade, the pride parade. what went right, what went wrong. among the issues and concerns is how people got to yesterday's parade. bart says more than 190,000 people paying passengers rode bart from the east bay into san francisco, but it wasn't always a smooth ride. thousands of people had issues with bart's clipper card
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system leading to long lines and significant delays. >> we actually ended up letting thousands of riders go into the system without getting a card or getting on their app, so we think the actual count was probably higher than the 190,000. >> bart plans similar extended service for the pride parade this sunday and will also manage crowds by directing them to various stations. firefighters are making plans to keep everyone safe in the heat. it will still be hot in san francisco. close to 80 degrees. yesterday firefighters responded to at least 90 calls during the warriors parade mostly for sun exposure or de dehydration. we'll have an update on the first day of summer moving forward. jeff joining us next.
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we want to update our breaking news story. the partial derailment of this bart train in concord. service is still stopped between concord and pleasant hill. no major injuries, no word yet if the heat had anything to do with the derailment. and on the peninsula, a fire along 280 in redwood city. evacuations in emerald hills and wood side. not just the fire, there are more than 11,000 pg&e customers who are without power at this hour. jeff is rejoining us, and without power, it's still 95 degrees along the peninsula. a lot of people struggling to stay cool here. >> it's going to be very uncomfortable, certainly over
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the next several hours. 95 degrees. we have a little breeze out of the west at 10. more coverage of that at when it comes to our temperatures, record setting heat. 102 in concord, santa rosa one of the hottest at 104. also a sweltering day in san francisco at 92. close to the record of 95 set way back in 1929. on the seven-day forecast, what you'll see is a chance of spotty thunderstorms wednesday and thursday, and gradually numbers will drop 90s and eventually we'll get into some 80s by early next week. raj, the other thing we have to put on the table is any lightning strikes the next few days could start more fires. we'll have the radar going and active. any lightning gets near us, we'll be tracking it. >> again, our two breaking stories we'll continue to follow through the night and update you on the 11:00 newscast. the derailment of the bart train in concord and the fire along 280 in redwood city emerald hills.
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we'll continue to follow those stories throughout the evening. that does it for us here at 7:00. for everyone here, thanks for joining us. enjoy your evening. we'll see you back at 11:00.
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