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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  June 22, 2022 2:06am-2:41am PDT

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failure testifying officers had the firepower to take the shooter down within three minutes but waited in the hall for more than an hour and believes the classroom door wasn't locked but police never tried to open it instead waiting for a key they didn't need. the new questions tonight. just breaking the verdict in bill cosby's sexual assault civil trial. the senate's bipartisan breakthrough on gun safety. how soon could a vote happen? the second american killed in combat in ukraine. what we're learning and the nfl star settling lawsuits with 20 women accusing him of sexual misconduct. will the league punish him? good evening. good evening. the january 6th markets got emotional today as witnesses describe an unrelenting pressure campaign by then president trump on officials in key states to find votes for him that were not
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there and to overturn the election results. georgia's secretary of state brad raffensperger who resisted trump's pressure to find enough votes to erase his loss say the numbers are the numbers. the numbers don't lie. the committee presenting evidence that trump was deeply involved in a dubious plan to overturn the election results by submitting slates of fake trump electors. republican arizona house speaker rusty bowers choking up today when describing to the committee why he wouldn't go along with the scheme saying to do so would be foreign to my very being. bowers and other witnesses including a georgia election worker vilified by some trump supporters recounting the lies, threats and backlash they faced. that's where we start tonight with garrett haake. >> reporter: the january 6th committee today outlining a scheme they say began well before the attack on the capitol. pressuring key state officials to find trump votes or send fake pro-trump electors to washington from states joe biden won.
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>> anyone who got in the way of donald trump's continued hold on power after he lost the election was the subject of a dangerous and escalating campaign of pressure. >> reporter: republican officials in pennsylvania and michigan describing the aggressive push from trump allies to intervene. >> all of my personal information was dumped online. >> all i remember is receiving just shy of 4,000 text messages over a short period of time calling to take action. >> reporter: arizona's republican pro-trump house speaker rusty bowers testifying that repeated calls and visits with rudy giuliani and other trump lawyers produced no evidence of election fraud in his state. >> my recollection, he said we've got lots of theories. we just don't have the evidence. >> reporter: bowers growing emotional as he described what he felt was an effort to convince him to support mr. trump's clays anyway and ignore his oath to the constitution.
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>> and so for me to do that because somebody just asked me to is foreign to my very being. i will not do it. >> reporter: prior to the hearing mr. trump posting on social media calling bowers, quote, the latest rino to play along with unselect committee and saying bowers told him the election was rigged. >> anywhere, anyone, any time has said i said the election was rigged, that would not be true. >> reporter: the committee questioning georgia's top election officials including about this recorded phone call from january 2nd between mr. trump and secretary of state brad raffensperger. >> i just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have, because we won the state. >> there were no votes to find. that was an accurate count that had been certified. >> reporter: a former georgia election worker and her mother caught up in a bogus conspiracy theory about illegal votes, attacked by mr. trump on the same call.
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>> there is nowhere i feel safe, nowhere. do you know how it feels to have the president of the united states to target you, but he targeted me, lady ruby. >> garrett joins me now. garrett, what can we expect to hear in the next hearing on thursday? >> reporter: well, lester, it will focus on what the committee says is mr. trump's effort to use the department of justice to overturn the election results with several top former doj officials set to testify. the committee hasn't announced anything beyond that. >> and, garrett, there is some movement on the senate's bipartisan gun bill. what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: that's right. the bill just introduced in the senate with the first procedural vote as early tonight and the final vote could come as early as this week. the big would intervent advise states to pass red flag laws and enhance background checks for gun buyers under 21 and close the
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so-called boyfriend loophole and increases funding for mental health care and is expected to draw enough republican votes to pass. >> lester. >> following a lot in washington. garrett, thanks. an eye-opening hearing today at the state senate in texas where lawmakers heard shocking new details about the police response to the uvalde school shooting. the public safety head calling the response, an abject failure. here's gabe gutierrez. >> reporter: these still images from surveillance video reviewed by "the austin american statesman" and "the texas tribune" but not nbc news shows multiple officer s armed with rifles and ballistic shields inside robb elementary as the massacre unfolded. >> the law enforcement response to the attack at robb elementary was an abject failure and antithetical to everything we learned over the last two decades since the columbine massacre. >> reporter: today the head of the texas department of public safety said just three minutes after the
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gunman entered the school there were enough armed officers to stop him. instead he says they waited for an hour and 14 minutes. >> the on-scene commander waited for a radio and rifles. then he waited for shields. then he waited for s.w.a.t. lastly, he waited for a key that was never needed. >> reporter: he says he believes the doors to the classrooms were unlocked where 19 students and 2 teachers were killed. today he provided the most detailed time line of the carnage so far based on surveillance footage, body camera video and 911 calls. at 11:28 a.m. the shooter crashed his vehicle into a ditch. a minute later a teacher called 911 reporting a man with a gun. at 11:31 a patrol car sped into the school parking lot but drove by the shooter. at 11:33 he went inside and started shooting into classrooms. within three minutes three uvalde police officers with two rifles entered the building, seconds later so did school district officers including chief pete
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arredondo. he called the police landline from this cell phone saying, we don't have enough firepower. we all have pistols. that was directly contradicted today. >> the only thing stopping the hallway of dedicated officers from entering room 111 and 112 was the on-scene commander who decided to place the lives of officers before the lives of children. the officers had weapons, the children had none. >> reporter: over the next 30 minutes, 911 calls from students inside the classroom begin. more ballistic shields arrive and chief arredondo requests the master key and the gunman fires more rounds. chief arredondo then says, we've lost two kids. these walls are thin. if he starts shooting we're going to lose more kids. i hate to say, we have to put those to the side right now. minutes later, people are going to ask why we're taking so long. we're trying to preserve the rest of the life. >> the torrent of illogical statements
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here and it is preposterous. >> reporter: more than an hour after the gunman entered chief arredondo says we're having a [ bleep ] problem getting into the room because it is locked. he's got an ar-15 and he's shooting everywhere like crazy. not until 12:50 does a border patrol tactical team breach the classroom and kill the gunman. as chief arredondo ignored questions from reporters today, in uvalde, anger. >> he needs to be held accountable. he needs to answer questions publicly and provide information for us. >> a lot of new information here. chief arredondo we saw not taking reporters' questions but is he saying anything tonight? >> reporter: not publicly, lester. we're told he testified in front of the texas house committee for more than five hours today but behind closed doors you'll remember that earlier this month he said that he did not think he was the scene's incident commander, lester. >> thank you for that. let's get to the war in ukraine tonight and reports of another american killed in that conflict as concern grows about two captured americans.
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molly hunter is in ukraine. >> reporter: according to a local newspaper obituary 52-year-old steven zabielski was fighting in ukraine when he died in may. the state department confirming he died in ukraine but not offering any additional details. >> in terms of any of the specifics of his death, that is just not something i can weigh in on. >> reporter: also today reaction to an nbc news exclusive interview about the two american veterans captured while fighting in ukraine. kremlin spokesman said they won't be dmitry peskov told nbc's keir simmons that they won't be treated as prisoners of war. >> they are not the ukrainian army. so they are not a subject to geneva convention. it will be investigated. >> you're trying to establish -- >> geneva conventions cannot be applied. >> reporter: he offered no proof they were mercenaries. their families say
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they were volunteer soldiers. he says his assertions that captured americans are not entitled to p.o.w. status is wrong. the white house today expressing outrage at peskov refusing to rule out the death penalty as a possible sentence for the americans. >> it's appalling that a public official in russia would even suggest the death penalty for two american citizens. >> reporter: officials today also addressing brittney griner who's detained in russia and the wnba star's attempt to call her wife. the u.s. embassy in moscow failed to connect the call. >> it is a mistake that we have worked to rectify. >> reporter: according to the state department griner's call has been rescheduled. now human rights watch also adds that failing to treat these two captured americans as p.o.w.s would be a violation of the laws of war. lester. >> molly hunter in ukraine, thank you. tonight the supreme court has taken another brick out of the wall separating church and state approving the use of taxpayer money to support religious education. here's pete williams. >> reporter: the ruling is a victory
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for amy carson who lives with her husband in maine. they sent their daughter to the same religious high school they attended, book gore christian. they say it teaches values that are important in their lives. >> it is an extension of how we raise her at the house, the beliefs that the school has are in line with what we have at the home. >> reporter: but because that school provides an explicitly religious education, the carsons were not eligible to receive tuition money from the state. maine gives taxpayer money to families who live in areas that don't have public high schools, but the state bans using that public money to send children to schools that offer religious instructions saying it wants to avoid subsidizing religion. today by a vote of 6-3 the supreme court said that's religious discrimination. writing for the majority chief justice john roberts said maine promotes stricter separation of church and state than the federal constitution requires. he said, once a state offers taxpayer money to benefit public schools, it cannot leave out religious ones.
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>> this is one of a series of decisions in which the court's conservative majority has been incredibly protective of religion and has said that the government cannot discriminate including when it's spending public money. >> reporter: in dissent justice sonia sotomayor said the decision leads us to, quote, a place where separation of church and state becomes a constitutional violation. still to come the decisions on whether to overturn roe v. wade and on carrying guns in public. they're among 13 rulings yet to be announced. it's possible this term may not be over until early july. lester. >> pete williams, thank you. in 60 seconds the major turn involving almost two dozen claims of sexual misconduct against nfl superstar quarterback deshaun watson. have to go, y. we all know where the bathroom is and how to us it, okay? you know, the stevensons told me they saved money bundling their boat insurance with progressive. no one knows who those people are.
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ordering him to pay her $500,000 in damages. cosby was released from prison last year after his 2018 conviction from another case was overturned. deshaun watson. cleveland browns quarterback deshaun watson has reached a confidential settlement with 20 women accusing him of sexual misconduct. but will he face any punishment from the nfl? here's jesse kirsch. >> reporter: tonight embattled nfl sawyer deshaun watson has settle ed sexual misconduct lawsuits with 20 women according to the accuser's lawyer who said four more women's lawsuits are moving forward including from ashley solis who spoke with hbo. >> he deliberately grabs himself and put his penis on my hand and i pulled my hand away instantly, and i started crying, and i told him that i'm done. >> reporter: disturbing allegations have swirled around watson since march 2021 when he was the houston texans quarterback. 22 women filed lawsuits, but two
2:21 am
grand juries declined to indict him on criminal charges, then the cleveland browns signed watson to a blockbuster $230 million contract this year. >> we felt good about everything that we -- we felt good about deshaun as a person. >> reporter: but the lawsuits kept piling up. in recent weeks totally 24 with the most recent alleging watson masturbated in front of a female massage therapist. no word from watson's attorney on the settlements, but the quarterback denied the claims last week. >> i never assaulted anyone or i never harassed anyone or never disrespected anyone. >> reporter: tonight the nfl says there's no impact on its investigation and watson's possible suspension. >> if anything, it puts less pressure on the nfl. here's why, it had to consider seriously putting deshaun watson on paid leave until these cases were completely and totally resolved. >> reporter: tonight questions remain about the terms of those 20 settlements, and there's no comment from the cleveland browns. lester. >> all right, jesse, thank you. up next with home prices hitting an all-time high more and more buyers are
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u.s. home prices hit an all-time high in may. the median price now more than $400,000, coupled with rising mortgage rates and one study shows housing affordability has hit a 15-year low. it's why more americans are turning to one tool to lower their monthly payments. but is it safe? vicky nguyen reports in our series, "priced
2:26 am
out." >> reporter: wine distributor giannina arturo just closed on this new jersey home using an adjustable rate mortgage or a.r.m. >> in order to get the house i knew the ten-year a.r.m. was the way to go. that was the only way it would work. >> reporter: a.r.m.s offering a lower rate usually lasting five, seven or ten years. giannina's ten-year a.r.m. has a rate that lowers her payment by more than $300. >> the difference in that rate between fixed and the a.r.m. was enough to price me out or price me in. >> reporter: but an a.r.m. is not without risk like the name says they adjust after the introductory period going up or down based on market rates. >> what no one can say is how long this housing crisis will last. >> reporter: back in 2008 millions of homeowners ended up in foreclosure in part because they used an a.r.m. to buy a house they couldn't afford after the loan adjusted. with rates now topping 6% compared to 3% a
2:27 am
year ago a.r.m.s are making a comeback. the percentage of a.r.m. loans has more than doubled since the start of the year. loan depot found er anthony shay says he's not worried about another mortgage meltdown. in 2005 they made up 36% of all home loans. today they're less than 10%. and lenders are more stringent with who they approve. >> they have to qualify for a loan today which we're very happy about. >> reporter: other protections of today's a.r.m.s include limits on how often rates can adjust and caps on annual increases. >> who should avoid an adjustable rate mortgage? >> someone that does not like to see their monthly payments increase because that is no doubt a possibility. if you do not have a tolerance for being surprised by a higher monthly payment, you should really look at a 30-year or 15-year fixed rate. >> come here. >> reporter: for giannina the adjustable rate mortgage works.
2:28 am
>> i'm happy with my decision and the house choice and the payment choice and the rate choice. >> reporter: if you're considering an a.r.m. talk to your lender about options and terms and know how high it will go and high that mortgage interest rate will go and whether you can still afford the monthly payment. lester. >> okay, vicky, thank you. up next for us the trailblazing college coach guiding young women for five decades and inspiring america. about how their skin feels... ...when it comes to our skin, what if it could feel differently? say hello to opzelura for the treatment of mild to moderate eczema. opzelura is a steroid-free cream proven to help clear skin and significantly reduce itch. do not start opzelura if you have any infection as it may lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you are being treated for an infection;... ...have tb or have been in close contact with someone with tb; have had hepatitis b or c. serious lung infections, skin cancer, blood clots, and low blood cell counts have been reported with opzelura. in patients taking jak inhibitors, serious infections, increased risk of death, lymphoma, other cancers, immune system problems, and major
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50 years ago this week title ix became law prohibiting sexual discrimination in education including sports. stephanie gosk tonight on a coaching legend in philadelphia who has inspired her athletes ever since. >> reporter: nicky frank equates fencing to a physical game of chess. >> you try to set up your opponent. you try to outmaneuver them or out-think them and to get them to do what you want them to do. >> reporter: she got hooked early. growing up in new york city. i bet you were good. >> not in the beginning. i was pretty awful, i think. but i was very fortunate to be able to go to a college that had an outstanding coach. >> reporter: that coach helped her pave a road to the olympics and to a career. frank started temple university's first women's fencing team in 1972. >> people would come into the practice
2:33 am
facility, and they would immediately walk up to my male assistant coach assuming he was the head coach, you know, just, oh, couldn't be me, you know. >> reporter: nearly 900 wins later, no one makes that mistake anymore. could you have imagined, you know, in those first few years of that program having a space like this. >> no, not at all. >> reporter: but the true measure of her success is the impact she's had on her athletes. in your time fencing with nicky is a part of who both of you are. >> yeah, absolutely. >> coach requires a certain level of decorum. >> reporter: megan ross just graduated more than 30 years after rachel mcdaniel. >> makes me quite proud she is still doing it. i didn't see a whole lot of fencers that looked like me let alone coaches. >> reporter: coach frank the only african american woman head coach in division 1 fencing has witnessed a sea change. have we done enough to
2:34 am
level the playing field between men and women in sports especially in the college level? >> we have done a lot, but there's still a lot to do. >> reporter: so she'll be back next fall. 50 years and counting. stephanie gosk, nbc news, philadelphia. >> glad we could tell her story tonight. that's "nightly news" for this tuesday. thank you fo
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[performing "rsvp" by maren morris"] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> secretary jean-pierre: ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] >> kelly: give it up for my band, y'all! that was "rsvp" by maren morris. she has a lot of flavors in there. that's one of my favorites. hannah also likes it. what is your connection to "rsvp"? >> i have been a fan of maren morris since i was 16, always
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been so inspired by how vulnerable she is in her music, it's always been special to me, and "rsvp" is definitely one of my favorite songs by her. i have had the opportunity to hear it live in concert twice, and the second time was with one of my best friends, a massive ham, and so being able to see it -- >> on the beach? >> i need to be in these kind of shows paid [laughter] that is awesome! >> definitely a night i will cherish forever. [applause] thank you so much. i need to look into whatever beach she is playing at. i know hannah will be stoked for this, because maren morris is hanging out with us today! [cheers and applause] go with our first guest. he was supposed to be here a few weeks ago, forgot which side of the country our studio is on. [laughter]
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he hosts bo [bleep], a word i can't say on daytime. he is also a judge on "america's got talent" tuesdays on abc. it up for howie mandel. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] >> howie: i don't... [laughs] thank you. thank you. you sound like you are excited to see me, i felt good about it, and then i saw that guy. [laughter] >> kelly: we are excited! i did not know. i mistook it for protocol. >> howie: i don't know if we are supposed to touch. >> kelly: your entire america crew, they were here. >> howie: i went to new york.
2:39 am
i didn't get directions paired [laughter] they said "tuesday," and there i am, landed in new york, and i missed it. >> kelly: we opened our show in new york. i could see the confusion. [laughter] >> howie: apparently, i live confused, but i made it. >> kelly: now we can crap talk about simon, he's not here. [laughter] >> howie: simon has had a rough year. this season is great, the best talent ever, i'm glad he's back semihealthy. you know that he fell off -- he broke his back last season, and then in london -- >> kelly: working out. >> howie: -- you think he is on a peloton customer [laughter] >> kelly: he's on a bike outside. >> howie: that is going places. >> kelly: walking. >> howie: no. i said "where protection," and he ended up -- >> kelly: [laughter] >> howie: not a. >> kelly: i hope you yelled it
2:40 am
on the street. "wear protection." [laughter] >> howie: no i said wear "protection." [laughter] you can fall off a bike and not impregnate somebody. [laughter] you don't know who you would fall onto. >> kelly: it happens. >> howie: has it? >> kelly: no. you bought simon this which by the way, i would ride that. it looks fun. >> howie: i would do it. i don't know if you should, because you are single now, rick? >> kelly: are single people not allowed to ride bikes? >> howie: a single person riding a tricycle was not as attractive. [laughter] if i were a single guy and wanted to meet somebody, there is no way i would be sitting on
2:41 am
a tricycle going "look at me." [laughter] [applause] but, i will always be wearing protection. [laughter] >> kelly: i'm not trying to pick up anybody, but if i were, i would want a man that would look at me and go "she seems fun." [laughter] i'm on a tricycle. i am fun. >> howie: if you are fun. i'm not talking about you, i am saying seeing a lovely lady on a tricycle -- really? i live here in california. i go to venice beach and bike. i have a lot of single friends. i have never heard "you should have seen this lady on a tricycle yesterday." [laughter] she had a basket. >> kelly: you've never seen me on a tricycle. >> howie: "she didn't even know i hopped on back, she has no idea." [laughter] it's just not a good look. >> kelly: i am going to make a video and


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