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tv   Today  NBC  June 22, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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bay bridge the lights have been turned on. i will retweet all of those updates. >> we are back at 7:25. we will be with you at 11 oh clock. ♪ good morning. breakthrough. overnight the senate moves forward on new gun laws. a bipartisan deal for the first time in nearly three decades. >> congress is back on the path to take meaningful action to address gun violence. >> this morning supporters calling it the most significant step in a generation. and critics who say it does not go near far enough. abject failure. the top cost in texas. hammered -- >> only top stopping them was the on scene who commander who decided to place the lives of
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officers ahead of lives of children. >> just ahead the time line where the case goes next. pressure campaign. top republican state official coming forward been the january 6 committee detailing the former president's intimidation tactics to overturn the election. the former president's intimidation tactics to overturn the election. >> i said, look, you're asking me to do something that is counter to my oath. >> and low level election workers describing lives turned up side down. >> do you know how it feels to have the president of the united states target you? >> the latest from inside the hearing room. breaking overnight. a powerful earthquake rocked afghanistan. at least 1,000 people killed, hundreds more injured. still others trapped in the rubble.
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and this morning, the desperate effort to rescue survivors. all that, plus, red hot. another day of brutal heat on tap for tens of millions and the nation's airports more passengers left stranded by a new round of flight cancellations. your latest weather and travel forecast straight ahead. and sharp surprise. a new look at what is driving the ocean's largest predators to spend a lot of time very close to shore. and we're going to need a bigger beach. today, wednesday, june 22, 2022. ♪♪ from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hi everybody. good morning. welcome to "today." nice to have you with us on a busy wednesday morning. >> it is indeed. we're following several breaking stories including that deadly earthquake in eastern afghanistan overnight. the death toll climbing throughout morning.
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as rescue crews attempt to reach survivors. also more trouble for airline passengers. hundreds of flights today have already been canceled because of this increase in summer travel. with many airlines facing major staffing shortages. and on the road possible relief for drivers could be on the way. president biden set to push congress later today for a gas tax holiday that could save drivers about 18 cents a gallon. breaking news from the u.s. senate overnight. now on the verge of passing new federal gun laws. 14 republicans joining with democrats late last night to pave the a way for a final vote as soon as this week. and it came just hours after new revelations on the uvalde school shooting, including powerful testimony from the director of the texas department of public safety who called the local police response an abject
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failure. we've got it all covered. we'll start with peter alexander in washington. good morning. >> reporter: this is a rare bipartisan achievement putting a long awaited package of gun restrictions on track to pass through congress possibly by the end of this week. the deal beefs up background checks for the youngest gun buyers and toughens penalties among gun traffickers among other things. this is not going satisfy everyone but marks the first significant agreement on guns in nearly 30 years. this morning after decades of gridlock, a major breakout in congress. 14 republicans joining democrats to advance a few gun restrictions. >> this is a breakthrough. and more importantly, it is a bipartisan breakthrough. >> reporter: the deal includes background checks for people 18 to 21. closing the boyfriend loophole. directing more money for states to implement their own plans to address gun violence and billions for school security upgrades and mental health services. >> this grant program will give every state funding that implements programs that they themselves have adopted to stop
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individuals in crisis from reaching the point of violence or self harm. >> reporter: despite the progress, the bill falls well short of what some democrats, including president biden had pushed for in the wake of recent mass shootings in uvalde and buffalo. there is no ban on assault rifles, no universal background check, and no sweeping red flag laws that would allow authorities to temporarily confiscate guns from potentially dangerous people but top democrats are touting the agreement. >> congress is back on the path to take meaningful action to address gun violence >> reporter: and senate minority leader mitch mcconnell calls it a passage of popular steps that will help make horrifying incidents less likely, while fully upholding the second amendment. the nra saying in a statement this legislation can be abused to restrict lawful gun purchases and infringe upon right of law-abiding americans. the bill is not everything
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needed, not by a mile and she and others will continue to pushing for tougher law but supports the agreement because the most extreme option on the table is doing nothing at all. savannah >> peter, thank you very much. >> also this morning, there is new fallout and fresh outrage over the police response to the school shooting massacre in uvalde, texas. the state's top law enforcement official labeling it an abject failure. saying officers were well equipped to take the gunman down but sooner than they did nbc's sam brock joins us now from austin with more. good morning >> good morning. 1 hour, 14 minutes and 8 seconds. that is how long this mess kerr went on but the head of texas's dps said it could have been three minutes, with officers
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standing by in the hallways with rifles later state senators are talking about mental health services and firearm safety but the shock of tuesday's testimony is still reverberating. using posters timelines and maps >> you stop the killing, you stop the diagnose. >> the head of public safety called it an abject failure. >> only thing stopping dedicated officers from entering room 111 and 112 was the on scene officer. >> reporter: singling out pete arredondo. previously told the texas tribune he never considered himself the incident commander on tuesday he declined to answer questions. climbing into an elevator. after five hours of closed door
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testimony before the texas house. but during an open senate session, fresh evidence from inside robb elementary's hallways cultivated from surveillance footage like these images obtained by the texas tribune and austin statesman, body camera video and audio records appears to contradict concerns about lack of fire power, armor or locked doors. according to the testimony at 1133 the gunman begins shooting into the classrooms. by 11:35 three uvalde police officers entered with two rifles followed by arredondo and two others the chief calling for backup five minutes later i need some more fire power in here because we all have pistols and this guy has a rifle at 11:52 the first ballistic shield arrives with two more about 11 minutes later. determined none of the police radios worked in the school hallways
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and the classroom doors were unlocked per state investigator, even as arredondo spent about 40 minutes to locate a master key. >> the teacher could not lock the door from the inside >> correct >> reporter: parents demanding answers about the police response. >> vest, helmets, anything you could think of they had it. >> reporter: leaders pointing out there was more than a half dozen agencies responding. not just uvalde police. >> the perfect storm of what not to do happened in uvalde, texas. >> the most disturbing information had to do with the husband of one of the teachers who died himself a police officer. what did you learn >> reporter: savannah, it is heartbreaking. officer ruben ruiz received a phone call from his wife from inside the classroom that she had been shot and was dying. and according to the director, he wanted to try to get her to save her, but he was detained,
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had his weapon taken away and was removed from the premises. which agency did that but there will no doubt be questions and people looking for an explanation as to why this man was unable to try and save his wife savannah. >> thank you for your time appreciate it. >> let's go back to capitol hill where the january 6 committee revealed more details about it the steps taken by president trump and his allies to overturn the results of the 2020 election nbc's senior capitol hill correspondent garrett haake has the latest good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the january 6 committee outlining a scheme they say began well before the attack on the capitol itself mr. trump and his allies pressuring key state officials to come up with trump votes or send fake pro trump electors to washington from states joe biden won. a relentless pressure campaign by president trump and his allies before the capitol attack aimed at overturning mr. trump's election loss. >> the president's lie was and
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is a dangerous cancer on the body of politic. >> reporter: arizona's pro trump house speaker, rusty bowers testified about calls from mr. trump and his allies pushing him to over turn joe biden's victory in the state >> he said we've got lots of theories, we just don't have the evidence. >> an emotional moment insisting he would not violate his oath of office to support the president's claims. >> for me to do that because somebody just asked me to? is foreign to my very being. i will not do it. >> bowers is denying a new statement from mr. trump, alleging bowers told him the election had been rigged georgia's republican secretary of state and his deputy on the receiving end of to this phone call from the president long after the state was called for mr. biden. >> i just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have because we won the state >> reporter: those georgia officials fact checking the former president's claim about
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11,780 votes the election and explain ideal gas he lost their state. >> what happened in fall of 2020 is that 28,000 georgians skipped the presidential race and yet they voted down ballot in other races. and the republican congressman ended up getting 33,000 more votes than president trump and that is why president trump came up short. >> reporter: and a former georgia election worker and her mother caught up in a bogus conspiracy theory of illegal votes attacked by mr. trump on the same call. >> this affected my life in a major way.
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in every way all because of lies. >> do you know how it feels to have the president of united states target you? >> reporter: the committee also sending a subpoena for hours of footage that could shed light on that period. revealing ivanka trump take a very different tone than what we've seen in these hearings so far urging her father to fight on nbc news hasn't been able to review that footage yet. hoda >> garrett haake at the capitol. thank you. breaking news over night at afghanistan. more than a thousand people killed in a major earthquake in the eastern part of the country. and search for survivors is under way. nbc's matt bradley has the latest on this >> reporter: at least a thousand people dead and the number set to go up. this could be afghanistan's deadliest earthquake in twenty years. today in afghanistan rescue workers rushed to save the wounded.
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the 6.1 magnitude earthquake in the country's southeastern paktika province was felt as far away as kabul and neighboring pakistan local officials warn casualties are expected to rise hundreds of bodies remain trapped. today's tragedy strikes afghanistan at its most vulnerable less than a year since taliban claimed the entire country amid america's chaotic recall following a nearly two decade occupation gutted by war, banking sanctions and aid cuts the rural taliban begging for international aid but for many here, help may come too late the ruling taliban begging and savannah this, rescue
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operation is on going. authorities are struggling to reach the wounded but it is a really challenge in this remote and mountainous region savannah >> thank you very much. 7:14 craig joins the table. got heat on your mind. >> savannah, good morning to you. hoda good morning. good morning to you as well. another scorching day of heat for the country. shattering records in a number of states. al's forecast in a moment but first nbc's blayne alexander joins frustrate a steamy atlanta already. good morning, blayne >> craig, good morning to you. it is very hard to believe that we're only in the second day of summer right now feels like pars of the country have been here for weeks
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talk about steamy atlanta, you are absolutely right we're set to hit 100 degrees today. that would be a new record which means thousands like these are going to be seeing a lot of traffic the next few days as people try desperately to stay school. >> definitely going the feet that heat and humidity -- >> reporter: it is a burning question across much of the country this morning how hot will it get? >> spend much of your time inside. >> just do everything you can to keep cool. >> reporter: much of the midwest melting under record highs 95 in detroit and a sweltering 99 reported in chicago >> i've just been staying inside cranked my ac. that is about it. >> definitely super hot and little sticky out. >> reporter: a massive heat dome blanketing the country and shattering records now the summer heat wave is heading east and the index in some places could hit as high as 115 degrees. it means extra vigilance outside, especially for parent who is dare to hit the playground. >> he isn't able to like realize he's too hot or dehydrated before it happens so i have to watch out for the signs.
7:17 am
>> reporter: and craig, we talked about the signs that goes for adults too let's talk about the signs you want to watch for the you have to spend time in the extreme heat experts say you should watch for being dizzy, light headed, if you have a headache or even feeling tired or lethargic you could be having heat exhaustion they say you should get inside try and remove excess clothing and cool down but your best bet just stay inside where it is cool if possible, craig. >> good advice cool fountain behind you >> we're going to be looking at much warmer than average temperatures for a good portion of the country in fact this month so far, warmest june on record for places in the southwest into texas. top three warmest junes across coast to coast 155 million of us are going to be above 90 today, and we're looking at 17 million for highs record highs expected this weekend from texas all the way to the southeastern atlantic coast and into the midwest and humid levels are going play
7:18 am
a big factor how hot you feel. for example, these higher humid levels going to raise that heat index. so look at this. atlanta, a high of 100 degrees today but because of lower humidity it is actually going to feel a little cooler at 98 two degrees. but hey, every degree helps. new orleans you have high humidity going to feel like 107 103 in nashville raleigh 95 again, temperatures and the heat index fairly close tomorrow that is the same but temperatures pop up we're going to be looking at that. here is the end of the heat waive coming into the weekend. the heat dome remains anchored over the southeast but then monday cooler air with a cold front comes in and temperatures become much more manageable into the low to mid-80s new york, detroit, st. louis, atlanta in the 90s, raleigh in the 90s but humidity levels drop down considerably. we're getting to your local forecast in the next thirty
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>> and that is your latest weather. guys >> thank you coming up an inside look at the on going travel woes at airports from coast to coast and why things might get even worse just in time for the july fourth rush and we're going help you deal with the crowds and get a plan in place should your flight get delayed. and are sharks much closer to us than you think the unexpected new discovery about their habits what is attracting them to popular coastal tiesci
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7:27 am
modesto. he has fired at officers. bart services single track between concord and pleasant hill. this is the site of where there was a partial derailment with about 50 people on board the train. two cars jumped the track. there were no serious injuries. bart believes the temperatures were so high that it cost part of the track to warp and bend which led to that partial derailment. speaking of temperatures today, a hot one. mid-to upper 90s in the midland and east bay as well as the south bay. 70s for san francisco. we have monsoon moisture moving from parts of the southern and central valley and we have a slight chance of thunderstorms. temperatures will stay in the
7:28 am
90s. san francisco, upper 70s. low 70s as we head closer to the weekend. we will have another update for you coming up in 30 minutes. we will see you
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♪ >> back now 7:30 wednesday morning. by the way yesterday was the beginning of summer but today is the first full day of summer. so if you want to visit a beach, today might be the day record heat still facing tens of millions lauderdale by the sea in florida. beautiful shot. >> but if you are going to jump in there are sharks out there. we'll get to that in a minute. not to kill the buzz there 7:30 headlines t biden administration taking action to help smokers kick their habit. the tobacco companies would have to limit nicotine level in cigarettes to make them less
7:31 am
addictive. as the administration doubles down on fighting cancer related depths the rule expected in may next year. >> jurors have found that comedian bill cosby sexual abused a 16 year old girl at the playbook mansion in 1975 the jury awarded her 500,000 dollars. the decision nearly a year after cosby's criminal conviction in another sexual assault case was thrown out and he was freed from prison. terrifying moment for passengers on a plane landing in miami yesterday folks. skidding to a stop there moments later huge flames and black smoke power from the aircraft you can see the emergency officials radiation towards it blaming the landing clear in the nose which collapsed all 156 people on board were evacuated.
7:32 am
three were taken to the hospital with some minor injuries. >> and on the subject of air travel t problems are still going and could be getting worse. >> aaa estimating millions of americans are heading out nearly four million of them flying to their destinations even as the air hlines are reeln from last weekend's holidays >> emilie ikeda standing by at laguardia airport. frustration among the passengers is mounting. hello, emily >> reporter: good morning to you. already some 350 flights across the country have been canceled. some you will see on the board behind me. and that is just a fraction of what we saw play out last holiday weekend. now people are fearing what next week will bring and prompting some to rethink their july 4th plans. this morning, airlines struggling to downs back in a holiday weekend riddled with thousands of flight disruptions. another 500 plus flights canceled after the holiday and many more delayed. including miami where a plane caught fire after its landing gear collapsed, injuring three
7:33 am
people across the country, passengers weathering turbulent trips. >> probably would delay travel after this it was pretty tiring and stressful. >> reporter: as soaring demand just shy of pre pandemic levels is met by staffing shortages with air traffic control and airlines southwest pilots speaking out about fatigue and scheduling. >> we understand we're tired of saying "i'm sorry" on every flight. >> reporter: open letter to customers saying this fall they will have flown more overtime in 2022 than in the entirety of 2018 and 2019 combined and that is despite airlines trimming the number of flights >> the number of planes flying, the number of flights on the schedule is still down 15% so you are seeing fuller planes and longer delays. >> reporter: aaa believes the swath of recent cancellation
7:34 am
wills drive more people to the roadway this is july 4th holiday. protecting a record 42 million behind the wheel even as the cost of gas hovers around a staggering $5 a gallon bookings at top destinations have spiked by more than 60% compared to last year. a sign the summer travel boom is in full swing, though marred by mishaps. industry experts reminding passengers you can get a fuel refund for any canceled flight even on a non refundable ticket and your credit card may cover other travel related losses like hotels and meals. >> no one is going to be a better advocate for yourself than you so you need to be prepared with that backup plan >> reporter: so if you are travel big plane a few other things to keep in mind if you can book an early morning flight get airline alerts to your phone so if your flight is canceled
7:35 am
you can be one of the first to rebook it. and if you are traveling to an important event consider a buffer going a day or two ahead of time so you can make it and be sure not to miss out. >> we've been talking about the pilot shortage pilots are required to retire at 65 years old and we've interviewed some who want to go back to work. is there any movement on that? >> reporter: as you mentioned pilots are required to retire by 65 regardless of physical health or condition but as we continue to see airlines grapple with the shortage, there have been reports we could see a bill within congress to increase the age to 67. there is also a push to reduce the number of flight hours required in pilots training. all set to help improve airlines their path to rebuilding their staffing amid shortages. >> emilie ikeda. thank you. >> raising retirement age seems like a no brainer. >> easy.
7:36 am
>> -- >> -- we're not the experts. >> when we come back a major reversal in our understanding of sharks why scientists say sharks are spending more time much closer to shore and are actually attracted to popular coast lines? kerry sanders, our shark expert has some takeaways for your next trip to the beach. >> and later on the legend julie andrews will be here live. sharing memories from her iconic roles and the fun she has playing evil character alongside the minions. first, these messages. ♪ i'm gonna radiate ♪ ♪ let's get it, let's get it, let's get it ♪ ♪ let's get it, let's get it, let's get it ♪ ♪ i got it, i got it ♪ frank is a fan of fast. he's a fast talker. a fast walker. thanks, gary. and for unexpected heartburn... frank is a fan of pepcid. it works in minutes. nexium 24 hour and prilosec otc can take one to four days to fully work. pepcid. strong relief for fans of fast. can take one to four days to fully work. as a main street bank, pnc has helped over 7 million kids
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there's entresto. entresto helps improve your heart's ability to pump blood to the body. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. we're back it is 7:40 this morning on "in-depth today," new research just in time for summer on sharks. >> scientists have now find that they are actually spending more time along populated city coast lines and may even be attracted to certain specific areas. >> senior national correspondent kerry sanders joins us from florida with more on findings that are a bit surprising here, kerry. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. well good morning from a seaweed
7:41 am
strewn beach here. scientists use to think sharks were like other big predators, tried to stay as far away from us humans as possible. but now new research shows sharks may be a little more like raccoons or coyotes who adapt to the environment. with beach season? in full swing new findings on the ocean's most feared predators. contrary to first belief, researchers have covered sharks are surprisingly spending more time at closer to populated coast lines. while researchers did not specifically track great whites like bruce, they did follow some of his blood brothers. great hammer heads, bull sharks and nurse sharks >> i was literally shocked to find out that not only where the three different species coming to these areas but spending
7:42 am
considerable time. some of them for months. >> the unexpected findings after years of shark tracking off the miami coast. we were there with dr. mil hammer slag and his team in 2020 as they tagged this still dwelling swimmers. >> on days of the highest boating activity, july 4th, or during weekends the sharks is pretty much the same as during weekdays or times there was no boat activity. >> so it is like an interstate and the sharks are just fine with it. >> it might be because they are just so used to it >> reporter: the study also identified potential shark hospitals. areas where sharks were attracted by sewage runoff discarded fish carcasses and even fish parts from the nearby aquarium
7:43 am
>> we're seeing nurse sharks get a bit fatter, wider. >> reporter: even bright lights above the surface are attracting the ferocious fish something the doctor pointed out during our dive. >> -- over miami at night. lit up by city lights and made me think about how there is really nowhere where an animal could escape the urbanization. >> reporter: are those lights drawing sharks scaring sharks away? any impact. >> i think the light might attract smaller bait fish which attract bigger fish and attract sharks hunting for those fish. >> reporter: research pointing to the impact even land lovers have under the sea. >> noise pollution, light pollution, chemical pollution,
7:44 am
fishing, that is going to have an impact on the local shark population so i think we've got to think about being good neighbors. >> begs the question with sharks closer to the populated coast lines, does that mean we can expect more shark attacks? >> reporter: that is such a good question, craig. because the science could be misinterpreted what this means is that the sharks are closer to shore and they have always been there. we just didn't know it so the experts say it is unlikely we're going to see increase in number of shark attacks. but beware there is probably a shark right off here now >> kerry sanders thank you. >> -- >> all right what you got mr. roker >> well speaking of craig, take a look at this haboob. we've got -- >> wow
7:45 am
out of your way more that one. >> i did but it was worth the trip. we've got this dust storm making its way across outside of phoenix, arizona we're watching this part of a storm system that is going to be developing we've got monsoonal moisture developing in fact we've got flood watches through the southwest. moisture streaming up, bringing about an inch or so. while it doesn't sound like a lot, it can cause flash flooding in these areas then as we move to the east we've got some flood watches out stretching from central new york all the way down into virginia as low pressure pushes away. we've got a risk of severe weather today. 17 million people. strong winds damaging hail and we can't rule out a tornado or two from central new york all the way down to the appalachians and into the southeast, washington, d.c. included as well.
7:46 am
good morning. that monsoonal moisture is surging into southern california. a lot of lightning strikes within the last few hours. that moisture will start to move into the bay area. it looks like much activity will stay over the central valley. one lightning strike could be >> and that's your latest weather. guys >> thank you, al. >> thank you haboob. just ahead, what's football without gronk? one of the nfl's most colorful characters is ready to call it a career and the reaction from his besty, tom brady.
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7:51 am
right after this sfwhichl ♪ and we're back sheinelle joins us nfl star rob gronkowski. we know him as gronk he's known for his antics on and off the field. >> true. gronk is one of the league's most successful and beloved players. and his legendary career appears to be coming to an end he announced on instagram yesterday that he's retiring for second time. writing i will be walking away from football again with my head held high. knowing i gave it everything i had. >> grang's career's been filled with a slew of viral moments there was one right there, from bringing his tackling skills to professional wrestling back in 2017 you remember this one when he stole tom brady's super bowl jersey. >> none of the viral moments are on the field all just gronk antics.
7:52 am
we know about the bromance brady even using a conch shell conch shell. >> i'm confused. >> i love gronk. >> -- >> you know he's not >> he's not. >> -- >> it's thing. straight ahead amid rising food prices we're going share smart ways to -- about to become our new best friend >> and the big honor michael j. fox about to receive at the next oscars celebrating his work on and off screen
7:53 am
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7:56 am
good morning to you. i am marcus washington. here is a live look in san jose where police are involved in a standoff with a murder suspect. that man is barricaded in that home. homes have been evacuated around that area because shots have been fired from that home. we saw an ambulance leaving the area. police are not providing any of dates. they do say the suspect is tied to two deadly shootings yesterday. and during a chase yesterday, he allegedly fired at officers.
7:57 am
we are tracking some heat for the bay area and adding monsoon moisture as a comes up from southern california with lightning strikes. we have a slight chance of isolated storms and our temperatures will be in the mid- 90s. minor relief for the coastal areas as they stay in the 70s. tomorrow, high humidity in our valley temperatures will reach into the 90s. we are still having hot temperatures through the weekend with highs in the low 90s for the inland areas in san francisco is much nicer for the weekend. >>
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on it is 8:00 on "today." coming up. summer scorcher. >> just saying inside. i cranked my ac. >> tens of millions under heat advisories your full forecast ahead including when we might see relief then fighting inflation in the kitchen. how to spend less and eat better. >> back in world war i they said history is in the kitchen and i think we're back to that right now. >> tips and tricks to trim the budget and still enjoy your favorite dishes. plus the heat is an.
8:01 am
>> put your hands in the air >> al pacino and robert dinero tell us about the action packed hit nearly three second decades later. >> bob said -- let's learn it somehow and at the same time when we show up, walk -- >> and how he set the temperatures for their later project. and the sound of julie ♪ ♪ heels are alive with the soun of music ♪ hollywood legend julie andrews stops by to talk about her iconic career from playing "mary poppins. ♪ -- to playing with minions >> start pulling their weight or i'm kicking them out. >> and everything in between as the star graces studio 1a live today, wednesday, june 22, 2022. ♪ >> great time in new york. >> from orlando, florida
8:02 am
>> santa cruz, california. >> richmond, virginia. >> wisconsin >> minnesota >> hi gammy and papa from south carolina >> from texas.s. >> celebrating 1 >> celebrating 10 wonderful years of marriage. >> celebrating earnest's 62nd birthday. >> today. and good morning, welcome back to "today" on a wednesday morning. so good to have you with us. i had no idea julie andrews was the voice of lady whistledown in bridgerton. >> she does so many things
8:03 am
>> let's get to your news at 8:00 other news first time in generations congress appears ready to pass a bill that could tighten the rules for gun ownership. peter alexander joins us with a closer look at what is in the legislation. good morning. >> reporter: a rare bipartisan agreement, a compromise putting gun restrictions on track to pass congress possibly by the end of this week key takeaways. it beefs up background checks for the youngest gun buyers, those between 18 and 21. directs billions of dollars to the states for mental health services and school security upgrades and notably, and this really been the major sticking point. closes what they call the boyfriend loophole, preventing romantic partners convicted of
8:04 am
domestic violence from buying guns 14 republicans joined the democrats to advance the bill. a full senate vote could come within days. clearly in the not going satisfy everybody. no universal background check new york city assault weapons ban. but did come together after the recent mass shoots in uvalde and both leaders on both sides touting it as a breakthrough. thank you. now to the dome of dangerous heat slowly making its way east. it is going to test temperature records today from the midwest to the south atlanta expecting 100 degree scorcher even detroit and chicago are swelter egg. al is back with the latest on how much longer this be stick around. >> another couple of days much warmer than average, the southwest to the southeast through the month, warmest june on record for rozwell, dell rio. san antonio, houston
8:05 am
cape hatteras. new orleans. and the temperatures just keep coming because levels are cooler for atlanta and raleigh, the heat index is cooler than the air temperature. but everywhere else temperatures way above average with the heat index. tomorrow 96. feels like 107 in pensacola. 104 in tyler, texas. the good news? this heat dome is going start to break down as a cold front pushes in from the planes on sunday that brings cooler air and by next week temperatures are closer to average. low-80 in detroit by tuesday low-80 in new york, st. louis. dallas in the mid-90s but atlanta cooler, and lower humidity even more importantly guys >> to afghanistan now where the deadliest earthquake in two decades has killed at least a thousand people and left hundreds of others hurt. this morning's magnitude 5.9 quake struck two eastern provinces near the border with
8:06 am
pakistan rescuers had to use helicopters to reach the areas and search for victims under mud and stone houses efforts been complicated by the withdraw of many international agencies after last year's taliban take over. broadway theaters dropping the mask mandate starting friday july 1st however all theaters will still encourage to wear coverings. rules for august will be announced in mid july. broadway reopened last fall after an 18 month pandemic shut down theaters dropped vaccination checks for ticketholders about two month ago. >> 8:06. here is a cute little boost. a great moment between two fans yesterday between the l.a. angels and kansas city royals. royals outfielder tosses the ball into the right field stands the man who catches it is pumped but passes to young boy sitting
8:07 am
in front later when there is a home run, the boys own father gets the ball and he gives it to his son of course without even hesitating the boy takes the original ball and throws it back to the fan who caught it. how about that >> good man. of that in baseball -- up next, skyrocketing food prices with creative cooking hacks. vicky nguyen is gaining to share some tips from the pros to save on your next grocery bill. >> and new "stranger things" promising an epic season 4 finale but first these messages 5g network. for every customer. current, new, everyone. to show the love. my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... the itching... the burning. the stinging. my skin was no longer mine.
8:08 am
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but what i can tell you, is that this can happen to you. (announcer) you can quit. for free help, call 1-800-quit-now. can i eats anything i get on uber eats? well, here's how to know. look at it. and if it's food...eats it. and if it's not food... ...then don't eats it. faces get all the love what about the body? new dove shower collection is infused with hyaluronic and peptide serums to make your skin feel smoother and more radiant. new dove body love. face care ingredients now in the shower. we're back it is 8:11 with today's summer savings. this morning, help for one of the many impacts of soaring inflation.
8:12 am
that is your food budget. >> fewer families are dining out. rising prices on groceries have a lot of folks looking for new less expensive options in the supermarket. >> nbc senior investigative correspondent vicky nguyen to the rescue good morning. >> good morning. this is a fun one where i learned a lot too about things you can do in the kitchen to make a difference. home kitchens these days are a mix of low price staple, takeout cartons and condiments where families are putting together quick, creative meals to help deal with the soaring cost of food with high inflation causing families to cut back on dining and entertainment, getting creative in the kitchen has become the new night out. >> back in world war i they said victory in the kitchen i feel like we're back to that right now. >> reporter: luckily, the bread baking, canning and pickling skills many of us picked up in the pandemic are paying off in this season of high costs. what are says people with splurge on meals and still feel special. >> cook once,ite twice have you have a favorite meal and you cook it once, you can eat twice.
8:13 am
make enough to eat twice less effort. less money spent making one big batch there another great way to do some of your favorite things is the supplementals. use some of that kitchen equipment you haven't touched in a while. that food processer, your blender. those are all going to be tricks and tips to help you get through thank you and save a little bit of money. >> reporter: in a recent survey, .61 percent said they pulled back spending on restaurants and delivery the last six months. and when families do order takeout, they are making those meals last longer adding special ingredients from home. >> an extra container of rice and next day combine that will leftovers and make a quick fried rice >> it is a spicy condiment with oil and -- >> reporter: editors at the say folks are looking to stretch dollars without giving up all the goodies. >> and people really doing these high/low shopping moments.
8:14 am
where you might have bulk rice bulk beans but ordering the small match -- from a small maker. >> reporter: other ways to save? growing your own herbs and skipping expensive products that could easily be made at home >> a jar of pasta sauce can cost up to 10 dollars and you can make it for a fraction of that with a can of tomato products whether pureed or crushed onion, fresh garlic and little chili flakes much easier on the budget. >> whole brain and plant based foods can be healthier and cheap. what about -- >> ethnic foods and international foods are a great way to get a ton of flavor without spending lot of money. a lot of of those are grain based already and ju yourself have to pick up a few inexpense spices. >> you might end up fighting new comfort foods for less
8:15 am
by the way sales of food stores and preservation products are also going up. because a lot of folks are using leftovers to stretch food dollars. trying to more mindful of food waste and making the meal last a few days. >> what about produce and meat those are always the most expensive thing. hard to save on those. >> so you want to think about your community supported agriculture. the csas or local farms in your area whether it is a cattle rancher, dairy farmer, egg farmer that can be a way to support your local farmers and save. and the same for produce by the way there are these subscription and delivery services they will drop off boxes you don't get to pick but it is what is in season. it might be ugly sometimes but perfectly nutritious >> -- thing i got. a yonanaa. take all your bananas that are about to go back and freeze them and take it and grind it down and oreo cookie in them and it's awesome.
8:16 am
>> you are wearing the banana color today as well. >> your little tip about making your own smoothies >> same thing. ten bucks -- out in the world. throw frozen strawberries in organic. kids don't know the difference good for you >> can you also use frozen bananas. >> exactly. >> try it. real good. all right. how about the weather mr. roker? >> yonana yo mama. show you what's going on more wet weather coming up monsoonal moisture into the southwest. strong storms firing up in the planes northeastern atlantic coast into new england not too bad. the heat though is the big story. 90s, 100s from the south east to the gulf coast into the southwest and into central california only really cool spot in the
8:17 am
pacific northwest and upper great lakes and part of new england. severe storms as this cold front pushes in. slightly cooler conditions come into the upper plains and upper midwest. the monsoonal moisture will continue few showers through southern california plenty of sunshine into the pacific. good morning. we are going to see some isolated showers and thunderstorms possible today. the heat and humidity will have the biggest impact. we will have muggy weather early tomorrow possibly early morning showers and storms. highs will be in the mid-90s. >> and that's your latest weather. best time oh the morning >> i can't believe you haven't yo nana already. >> i had to buy two.
8:18 am
>> one we wore out. >> like oh let's get another one. >> -- like ice cream and it is just bananas. >> yes that's the one. >> first up. can we talk about "stranger things"? a new trailer out for volume 2 of the hit series' fourth season and features in honor of savannah, breakout ooh '80s jam "running up that hill. if you are a fan the first will run an hour and twenty minutes and the finale is slated for a whopping two hours and twenty minutes and fans can expect season 4 to continue bringing on the darkness ♪ and it is over darkness. ♪ now i just want to you watch.
8:19 am
and it is over. now i >>y. so apparently you are going to want that sleep with the lights on after this. starts streaming july 1st on netflix. >> -- season 4. >> yes >> it's -- >> dark. >> yes. >> very dark. >> -- loved i. next up. michael j. fox yesterday named as an honorary recipient for this year's governors award. he'll receive the gene herschel humanitarian award he was diagnosed more than 30 years ago. he was 29 at the time. in a statement the academy praised fox saying his, quote, boundless optimism, exemplifies
8:20 am
the impact of one person in changing the future for millions fox will receive his oscar alongside fellow honorary recipient. the governor's awards are scheduled for november 19th. next up. legacy the true story of the l.a. lakers the lakers are back in the small screen spotlight a new docu-series headed to hulu l.a.'s real ballers are taking the stage in this new project called legacy. set to explore the drama on and off the court. so the first trailer is packed with some of the franchises biggest names. lebron james shaquille o'neal magic johnson kareem abdul-jabbar take a look. >> it was so simple. >> we just played the right way. >> came up with the laker girls. >> all of a sudden there was
8:21 am
entertainment throughout the league i can't any of any other owner who's made such an impact o nba. >> and then the business of basketball kicked? >> there is a family feud brewing over who will run the los angeles lakers. >> there is never sufficient success to go around. >> it is what it is. >> wow >> a lot of people don't know what happened behind the scenes, right? >> constant family drama. >> no official release announced. it is a 10 part series >> like the last dance i watched it and never regretted it >> next up let's talk about the minions worlds colliding carell's animated character -- and they opened the credit sequence
8:22 am
but there is a twist turned the paper company into the dunder minion company incorporated take a peek. ♪ >> that's cute minions rise of gru is in theaters next month. coming up, we'll have much more coming up. one of the stars julie andrews will be here live. >> sneak peak of minions, it's really good. >> finally, beyonce. following "break my soul" release, in the last 24 hours the beehive has been lighting up
8:23 am
social media and praising the dancing tracks from her upcoming album. carrie washington echoed the cries of the masses tweeting "praise b. grammy and oscar winning drummer quest love put his stamp of approval on the track. this, craig, is the songst summer first lady michelle obama just did it again tweeting queen beyonce you have done it again. break my soul is the song we all need right now and i can't help but singing and dancing long while listening to it. >> speaks to how everyone is feeling in this moment it is time to turn the beat around find some joy. >> yes. >> it's about joy. >> she got it, she found it. look who stepped into the studio >> yai she's here >> hello everybody >> good morning. >> hello, hello.
8:24 am
>> so happy to have you visiting us today we have so much to talk about. you've got an incredible honor just a couple weeks ago. two years in the making. >> i did. >> a lot to discuss. we'll be back with ms. julie in a little bit so much to talk about. >> bargains on everything you need for a cant miss summer. but again, julie andrews in studio. we love you. julie andrews. will be right back will be right back.
8:25 am
8:26 am
good morning. we continue to follow breaking news in the south bay where a police standoff just ended with officers shooting the suspect. this is a live look. police say a man wanted in connection with two, sites barricaded himself in a home early this morning. he has apparently fired at officers. police say the standoff and
8:27 am
that in the last hour and the suspect is at a nearby hospital. he is tied to a deadly shooting in san jose and another in modesto. and we are tracking more dangerous heat. the high heat continues and we will add in some humidity. we will see more clouds and a chance of a spotty afternoon shower or thunderstorm. mid-90s in the south bay. 97, fairfield. 90, santa rosa. the humidity will make it hard to cool off. mid-90s in the valleys and the coastal areas in the low 70s. in the low 70s. - [announcer] the more we learn about covid-19,
8:28 am
the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today.
8:29 am
wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. through project up, comcast is committing $1 billion dollars so millions more students can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
8:30 am
♪ >> we ar ♪ we are back. it is 8:30 on a wednesday morning. that's when you're supposed to scream june 22, 2022. -- joining us here on the plaza. we got a high school trip. you guys are from wisconsin. >> i think we got it if you make special tee shirts you got to -- live for today what are you friends >> we're all related >> three generations
8:31 am
>> three generations where you from >> illinois. >> florida -- >> from all over >> and lastly but not least. >> oh, mom. >> mom says i get a puppy if i get on tv. >> what are we naming the puppy? i love that. houdini. >> pet rescue. >> of course >> hi to folks in wichita. >> oh, yes >> yea >> where did you go to high school >> mains. >> i went to heights >> coming up we've got a special guest in studio 1a the legendary julie andrews. this icon is keeping very busy she was just honored with a lifetime achievement award a celebration that included a sound of music reunion it was awesome plus she's lending her famous voice to the new minions movie lot to discuss with julie
8:32 am
andrews. harry smith caught up with al pacino and robert de niro and the heat producer. the stories they shared about making the movie and why they chose not to rehearse one of its most famous scenes. >> interesting. >> yeah. >> jill martin in the house with a new "steals and deals" to help with our cant miss summer. everything from skin conveyor care to bags. >> and i'm going share what i learned about the calming power of sound visit to a sound bath. delightful. >> looking forward to that tomorrow on "today," much needed financial advice from a tiktok sensation. she really knows her stuff torey dunlap she put her skills to work saving $100,000 at the age of 25 now torey is going pass on her advice she's got tips going to pass on what he's
8:33 am
already passed on to the more than two million folks who follow her she's going that tomorrow. >> mr. roker >> a look ahead to the weekend starting with friday, a fantastic friday in the northeast. great lakes, record highs through the south. strong storms in the northern plains sunshine out west. with monsoonal moisture continuing in the southwest. those records will continue through the gulf sunny and warm in the northeast mid atlantic states, showers in the western great lakes. sunshine throuand warmth. we have a lot of wet weather through the southwest. that is what is going on around the country. in morning, it will be a hot day for the inland valleys. we are reaching into the upper 90s. will see an increase in humidity. that will create a few isolated thunderstorms this afternoon
8:34 am
and evening. the humidity lingers until tomorrow morning, with highs reaching into the mid 90s. it is in the mid 90s throughout the weekend. san francisco is in the upper 70s today. we have and that is your latest weather. hoda >> and that is your latest weather. hoda >> i am right here this crowd is amazing. one last quick shot. come here. look what's this outfit >> hoda, it's -- >> well i didn't see the stars but i like the fact that you did the -- look, people getting decked out you are amazing. what's it say on the back? >> hoda you look pretty every day. i would love to shake your hand. roberta tim. >> i mean? shake hands? how about a hug? we're huggers. >> look at that. >> thank you >> sweetest.
8:35 am
coming up. next up, we are honored to welcome julie andrews back to studio 1a for chat about her iconic career and the great fun she had working on the new minions movie. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:36 am
(music throughout)
8:37 am
who is this sweaty guy he's stinking up the house i thought you were cooking cabbage. >> he's my new guru. >> minions better start pulling their weight around here or i'm kicking them out. they are killing my mellow vibe. >> was it fun? >> she's the worst mother ever and it is sort of fun to do in a write a. >> yeah. how did you get into that character that is the opposite
8:38 am
of you >> i think steve carell helped a great deal because i left hand to his voice of what he sounded like and he's already decided before i came aboard. so i thought well i'd better be a sort of version of what he is. because we obviously come from the same place and i raised him, sort of. so i chose i kind of love that .
8:39 am
>> i loved, loved, loved watching you get your american film institute lifetime achievement award. >> oh, thank you. >> it was a beautiful moment and it was made even more beautiful because there was a moment where all the von trap kids came out. can we please just show this clip >> there is only five of them. there were seven children but we're missing two, sadly they passed. >> well it was so -- look at them. >> look. >> and it was a sing along i could have picked friedrich out of a line up. >> oh yes. >> what was it been reunited. >> but you wouldn't recognize the little lady. the beautiful blond lady there. >> what was it like being with them.
8:40 am
>> you know we do keep in touch but not on a really regular basis. christmass maybe, birthdays and certainly get togethers. but then we just bonded so hard because i think we're family anyway. >> well this song and this movie means so much to so many when we hear it we are taken right back. >> and to me. >> tell me what it does mean to you and for you. >> well, it really was the -- it was a most beautifully crafted movie. the details in the movie first of all the scenery, children, songs, music all of it but it means very, very many memories funny ones real ones. lovely ones. and working with dear chris plumber also >> amazing >> my daughter, we were friends for years. >> how old were you when you shot this movie? >> good question i must have been 31 i think. >> 31 years old. >> yeah. >> wow, just reflecting on this career and "mary poppins," an oscar, all these awards. do you ever just sit with it all? >> i did i was wonderfully surprised with that tribute but no i don't think i do. i'm a busy mom and i'm very busy writing with my daughter that writes books with me. and we've done so many we've got three more coming out in the next year one is coming out in the fall actually >> you don't stop with those
8:41 am
books. those are some of the favorites in our house too one of the things that surprised one of our cast members, savannah guthrie, was she's a bridgerton" freak. what she didn't know, pause, was that the voice of lady whistledown, we're going play it, who she was. >> my name is lady whistledown you do not know me and never shall but be forewarned, i certainly know you >> okay. this is you. ms. guthrie are you -- >> my mind is blown. >> did you know it was me. >> i had no idea which is actually speaks to what a wonderful performance it is. it is not julie andrews.
8:42 am
it is lady whistledown. >> i've never met the company in person of course i see them on the show sometimes. but i do all my own recordings, far far away from them. >> you have seen the show. he show. >> i think it is gorgeous looking. and they are all wonderful in it and they are lovely people to work with. the whole cast, terrific there you are. it is a joy. and i'm thrilled they asked me you just played the one line that i always say. because i don't record everything at one time so to get back into character again, my first warmup is "my name is lady whistledown -- you know >> don't you love it so good. >> that will get me back into character if i do it
8:43 am
>> well you are such a delight and i would encourage people to listen to the speech that you gave when you got your lifetime achievement award. because you spent your speech and your moment congratulating so many other people who work behind the scenes. it was beautiful and just. >> thanks, so glad you got it. >> i got it. >> where would we be without everybody around us helping and being wonderful and professional. >> you are an amazing human being. we so appreciate you coming to our studio we love when you are here. come back with your book. >> i'd love to >> we know and bring your dar of course. >> thank you i'd love to. >> and we're going to see you again in the third hour. "minions: the rise of gru" is in theaters july the 1st. up next, two superstars reunite. al pacino and robert de niro open up to harry smith about iconic movieonic scene in an th e
8:44 am
8:45 am
we are back with a reunion 27 years in the we are back with a reunion 27 years in the making robert de niro and al pacino sitting down together at the tribecca festival to talk about their classic crime thriller "heat." >> harry smith was there, taking
8:46 am
a look back. and you found out what made this movie so special. >> a little bit of inside the actor studio they screen it up in the theater in washington heights. and they were going to go on after the film and we got them before they went on stage and you are going love hearing what they have to say about "heat. ♪ >> it is a masterpiece of the 1990ed >> don't move. put your hands in the air. put your hands in the air. >> "heat," written and directed by michael mann. and on screen together for the first time, robert de niro and al pacino. >> i had coffee with mccully half an hour ago >> at that moment, like capturing lining in a bottle. >> this one you are on your own. >> when those two both wanted to do it, suddenly you read the script and it had a magic to it for sure. >> reporter: shot entirely on location in l.a. it is eerie, action packed with
8:47 am
the two mega stars playing the best of enemies. who we wondered chose which part >> i remember him saying to me, you know, which one do you want to play? >> pacino plays the manic detective. >> give it all you got give it all you got! >> de niro, a ruthless crook. >> what am i doing i'm talking to an empty telephone because there is a dead man on the other end of this. >> reporter: deep into the film the apex predators meet face to face in a classic cinema sequence. >> what do you say i buy you a cup of coffee. >> yeah let's go. >> bob said let's not rehearse let's learn it somehow and at the same time when we show up just walk through it a bit and then shoot it. and it really worked if we'd have been working on it, other things might have taken us >> you lose the --
8:48 am
>> yeah. especially that we are meeting kind of for the first time that's important so yeah, that does help. >> it helped >> i am never going back >> then don't take down scores. >> how many takes do you think >> i thought we did, was it five or six >> oh it was more. >> was it more >> reporter: michael said most of it was from the 11th take. >> okay. >> you know there is a rumor, there is a myth that you did not shoot that together. >> no. >> the film's climax shot at night on location at lax >> i had my hamstring. i blew it on the third take. i ran the first take and i thought, wow, i did this third take, boom hamstring went >> spoiler alert pacino wins the race and the battle and then this. >> i think it's in the script or michael did it >> director, michael mann. >> michael had these ideas that
8:49 am
were interesting because we saw them as part of the same coin. and but different. there was feeling there and respect. >> but it was magnificent really. >> story. >> there is a story, a slow pace to it and that inexorable way these two guys are going to ultimately have it out he brought a magical quality to it he really did. >> and the film made money >> that is another miracle >> de niro and pacino would go on to make more movies together with a certain similarity. >> when you two are in movies
8:50 am
together, starting with "heat," one of you always ends up killing the other guy. >> um-hmm. >> well i don't know. >> i think you killed me and that i remember it well. >> did one of us kill each other. >> you killed me don't you remember >> no. >> he learns to live with these roles, see. >> "heat," standout, their first time on screen together and perhaps their best. >> a special endeavor. and michael, as art was saying, he works very hard it pays off. there is a reason. people get a sense of the sacredness in a way of it. so they try harder they take it more seriously in a certain way. so it -- yeah it's -- and you know it is something going to be special. who knows if it is going to be a success or whatever. but it is going to be special. >> chatty robert de niro. >> very chatty
8:51 am
>> awesome harry. >> both "heat" and the "heat" reunion are available to stream on tribecca at home and guys who remember the hoopla around pacino's -- yeah yeah. you got it we get to the bottom of that as well you can see the answer on >> making us go on dot-com >> that's right. >> who killed who? >> yeah. career >> pleasure. >> coming up next, we are headed outside. jill martin is going to get us ready for summer "steals and deals.
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we're back "steals and deals" summer has officially arrived. and so has jill martin has skin care and everything we need to help us shine in the heat. >> yeah. the heat is really the theme today. >> yeah. everyone so excited about. this everyone on hand -- sunglasses, let's start with true botanicals, pure radiant
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extra long cotton retail, $110 the deal, $44. that is 60% off. go to for the details. last up, awesome deal if you are traveling. stick this in to your bag for when you have your purchases the retail, $65 to $70 they fold up into this little pouch. retail 65, 70. deal, $32.50 that is 50% off. >> i love it deal -- 50% off. >> i love it if you want to shop the deals go to qr code or and we are out of time my friend great job. back with more of your localwit your local news and weather. it is 8:56. we continue to follow the breaking news in the south bay right now. a police standoff is now over. it ended with an officer
8:57 am
involved shooting. this is a look near the scene on your left on the right, there is a map of where this is. this is van dorn drive between 101 and monterey road. police say a man, wanted in connection with two murders, barricaded himself into a home this morning. the suspect also fired at officers, forcing nearby homes to be evacuated. the police say the standoff ended shortly after 7: this 00
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