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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  June 22, 2022 11:34pm-12:37am PDT

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stores, athletic, banana republic, gap and old navy. it is also a testing environment where employees can try new products. merchandise he approaches another experiences. the most famous man in the bay area taking his kids for fun. great america. social media buzzing is a lot of people were spotted steph curry at great america. he and the kids riding the roller coasters. in how they have that three- point challenge, he did it. he walked away with a big stuffed animal. it is nice to see him having fun. that will do it for us. thank you for joining us. see you tomo [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."
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tonight, join jimmy and his guests - maya rudolph emma chamberlain musical guest, brett eldredge, and featuring the legendary roots crew >> questlove: 1676 >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: oh, my goodness. [ cheers and applause there's the egg man. good to see you, higgs welcome, everybody welcome, welcome, welcome to "the tonight show. you're here. thank you. you made it. [ cheers and applause
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well, guys, here's some good news new york city has lowered the covid alert level from high to medium yes. [ cheers and applause finally, the 100 people crammed into every subway car won't have to be so careful anymore. [ laughter ] yeah, i'm excited because if it drops one more level, the most dangerous thing will once again be the hot dogs. [ laughter ] i want to be the person who gets to decide the level, by the way. [ light laughter ] they're probably like, "well, it's my birthday party this weekend. i want people to come. so, medium it is, medium." [ laughter ] "my cousin's wedding is next weekend. back up to high. everyone lock down." [ laughter ] and this is big. the fda just announced that they are banning all juul e-cigarettes in the u.s. [ audience oohs [ cheers and applause yeah no more juul no more juul that will explain tomorrow when you see a bunch of your coworkers sucking on a glade plug-in.
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[ laughter ] and be like, "you getting anything you getting anything?" [ laughter ] "i feel -- i'm feeling a little something. i don't know." [ laughter ] it's a big deal because if they also ban fedoras, your old college roommate is going to have a nervous breakdown [ laughter ] meanwhile, the biden administration says they're moving forward with a plan to eliminate nearly all nicotine in cigarettes. [ cheers and applause yeah man, it is -- it's a tough day for everyone who loves ingesting chemicals. you know what i'm saying [ laughter ] can't even huff gas anymore. it's too expensive [ laughter ] speaking of biden, yesterday, he visited a vaccine clinic that was giving out shots to kids under five. and he actually had some pretty interesting things to say to the families we actually got audio of it. >> steve: really >> jimmy: yeah take a -- take a listen to this >> steve: oh >> kids got so many crazy toys these days things used to be a lot simpler. closest thing to an ipad we had was a bullfrog you fill its mouth with gumballs and roll it down a hill and when it blew a bubble, it would float back up. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: it's a weird thing
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[ cheers and applause >> steve: really >> jimmy: that's a want -- that's not - >> steve: that's not all you have >> jimmy: that's not all he said >> steve: you have more? >> jimmy: yeah, we have more check -- check this out. >> summer's the most important time in a kid's life you gotta go to a swimming hole, pull out a crawdad, and put a tiny leash on him, walk it around the neighborhood, teach it tricks. then when september comes, you got something to bring to your school's crawdad talent show first prize gets a coupon to the general store that's good for one rhubarb-flavored cough drop [ applause ] >> jimmy: the -- people are like, "what is this? >> steve: rhubarb? >> jimmy: yeah, i mean -- >> steve: what >> jimmy: finally, he said -- he said this >> you remind me of a guy i knew back in dover we call him, "wood foot magoo. us greaser teens used to unscrew his wood foot while he was sleeping and we'd chuck it at trees to knock all of our frisbees out. he was also the mayor. [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: yeah, it's just -- it's just interesting. i don't know just -- the baby had no idea what he's talking about. hey guys, get this this is real i read a new report that said jacuzzis can actually be hacked and controlled by other people remotely [ audience oohs so, the next time you're relaxing in a jacuzzi, remember that the russians can boil you like a lobster
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[ laughter ] hacking a jacuzzi. apparently, all the hackers met up like, "i'll take credit cards. "i'll take bank accounts." "i'll take jacuzzis. [ laughter ] >> steve: bubbles high >> jimmy: yeah if you end up getting hacked, don't worry. it's still not the worst virus your jacuzzi has, so don't worry about it [ laughter ] yeah not -- not you -- not your jacuzzi. everyone else's jacuzzi. [ laughter ] hey, did you guys see this apparently, the ohio state university has successfully trademarked the word, "the." [ light laughter ] yeah and in a related story, we're now "le tonight show." [ laughter ] we have to [ cheers and applause i like it. well, some sports news, nfl star rob gronkowski -- i love gronk. he just announced that he's retiring for the second time yep, gronk is calling it a a career, and he released a really nice statement about it he wrote, "gronk run and jump for long time, but now gronk say bye bye football."
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[ laughter and applause he went on to say, "gronk ready for new life with less bang bang and more glug glug. [ laughter ] "one time, gronk retire before, then tom call and say he need gronk, so gronk go back. tom is like human ken doll." [ laughter ] "gronk love tom-ken. they make team and win shiny metal prize. gronk love shiny." [ applause ] "but materialism should never preclude one's pursuit of genuine happiness. [ laughter ] "i mean, gronk love pretty metal. bye-bye. there you go i thought that was beautiful [ cheers and applause oh, hey, guys, i saw that today is national kissing day. [ cheers and applause >> steve: whoa >> jimmy: and to celebrate, it's time for "the tonight show kiss cam." [ cheers and applause ♪ kiss me ♪ >> jimmy: all right. who's ready to be on the kiss cam?
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[ cheers and applause >> nbc's covid compliance office has informed us that doing a kiss cam is unacceptable in the current climate. >> jimmy: pucker up, everybody ♪ >> nbc's hr office has also informed us that doing a kiss cam is unacceptable in the current climate. ♪ >> jimmy: boy, it's going to be fun. [ cheers and applause >> anyone who wants to be on the kiss cam must sign a a waiver, double mask, be six feet apart, purell their lips and get married. once completed, email your kiss photo to and our hr department will review your submission within the next 12 to 14 months. and now back to the monologue currently in progress. [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: finally -- finally, did you guys hear about this new mercedes-benz recall it's not good. here, check this out >> mercedes-benz has issued a recall for nearly one million vehicles worldwide because of brake failure concerns >> tariq: what aw, man. i just bought a mercedes-benz. >> jimmy: oh, sorry about that, tariq. >> tariq: it's okay. it's okay. at least i can still get around on my electric folding bike from brompton bicycles
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[ laughter ] >> jimmy: oh >> tariq: oh, what >> jimmy: roll the clip. >> brompton bicycles is recalling more than 2,200 electric folding bicycles the company says the bike's mud guards are positioned too close to the front wheel >> tariq: come on. you gotta be kidding me. >> jimmy: i -- i'm sorry about that tariq >> tariq: so, i can't drive my mercedes >> jimmy: uh-huh >> tariq: i can't ride my bike can i at least still use my nautilus treadmill >> jimmy: i don't see why not. [ light laughter ] >> tariq: yeah, and my favorite part about the treadmill is that it has a state-of-the-art software program >> well, check that treadmill if it is made by the company, nautilus it might be getting recalled for a software bug >> tariq: damn it! [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i'm sorry. tariq, tariq, i wish i could do something to cheer you up. >> tariq: whatever i'll just hang out at home with my kids this weekend i just got them a new toy from amazon it's called the jingle jumparoo it's -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: wait, wait
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i wish -- i wish there was something i could do to -- to cheer you up i just -- [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause >> tariq: don't -- don't encourage it don't encourage it >> jimmy: i'm so sorry, tariq. i just wish i could do something to cheer you up. >> tariq: whatever i'll just amazon it's called a jungle jumparoo. and get this i got it with just yellow poles. >> the toy is being taken off amazon because it has unsafe levels of lead one of the poles on this jungle jumparoo contains levels of lead that exceeds federal allowances it's only on the yellow poles. [ laughter ] >> tariq: what?! i'm over this, man i'm going to go home and just have a spoonful of my favorite treat. rainbow sprinkles from wilton industries incorporated. >> jimmy: that sounds fine >> tariq: yeah, well, they
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taste great. they're milk-free, and i keep them in my pantry. but i rarely check it. >> might want to check your pantry wilton industries incorporated is recalling some of their rainbow sprinkles because some of the products were found to contain milk [ laughter ] >> tariq: fine no snacks, no nothing. i'm just going to go home and curl up next to the fire maybe light some candles and relax in my cat and jack unicorn pajama set >> retailers recalling the cat and jack unicorn pajama set because these pajamas fail to meet the federal flammability standard >> you know what i'm just going to take a bath and relax. maybe have a cup of tea to ease my mind. i've got a big date night tonight with the wifey >> jimmy: oh, what kind of tea are you going to drink >> tariq: i only drink organic strawberry tea from urban remedy >> we have a 19 recall alert for you tonight. it's for an organic strawberry tea from urban remedy. it may be linked to hepatitis outbreaks. [ laughter and applause >> tariq: [ bleep that's it! i'm out of here! >> jimmy: hey, hey, hey. come on.
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tariq. we'll get him -- we'll get him calmed down. we have a great show maya rudolph is here tonight [ cheers and applause emma chamberlain is on the show [ cheers and applause and we've got great music from brett eldredge stick around we'll be right back with "audience suggestion box." tariq! [ cheers and applause ♪ >> jimmy: here to sing "my money don't jiggle jiggle," is black simon and garfunkel. ♪ black simon and garfunkel. ♪ ♪ getting the incredib iphone 13 -without t-mobile, -three... -makes as much sense -two... -as playing hide-in-seek... -one... ready or not, here i come... in the desert. ahhh. really guys? t-mobile has more 5g bars in more places. and now, when you switch, you can get iphone 13 on us, and one year of apple tv+ for free.
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than detergent alone. if you want laundry to smell fresh for weeks, make sure you have downy unstopables in-wash scent boosters.
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wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers.
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and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. through project up, comcast is committing $1 billion dollars so millions more students can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: welcome back, everybody! what a show we have for you tonight. what a great crowd right there doesn't that making you happy? [ cheers and applause i love you guys. it is a great show tonight she stars in the new comedy series "loot," which premieres this friday on apple tv plus maya, maya, maya rudolph is here tonight [ cheers and applause
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plus, she hosts the award-winning podcast "anything goes." [ cheers and applause and she also -- she also founded her own coffee company called chamberlain coffee. emma chamberlain is here this evening. [ cheers and applause and we got great music from brett eldredge right there, ladies and gentlemen [ cheers and applause the song is "about you." i love brett eldredge. as you guys know, we're always striving to get better here at "the tonight show. harder, better, faster, stronger [ laughter and applause so before every show we put out a suggestion box for the audience just to get some feedback about what you guys think of the show. things that you would like us to do, that kind of stuff. so, tonight, let's look inside the "audience suggestion box." here we go ♪ ♪ dip into the bo in the suggestion box ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: okay, we've got a lot
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of suggestions in here tonight this first one is from randy mckinney "hey, jimmy. i love that you're always able to put a positive spin on things." thank you. "do you think you could do something to make the news seem a little lighter?" yeah, i would like to see that too. so, we took some news clips and put a popular snapchat filter on them. [ laughter ] take a look. >> bad day for wall street with stocks plunging into bear market territories [ laughter ] >> new vaccine has been authorized for kids under five in america more than two years into the pandemic >> a new medical study suggests that covid could explain a a sudden jump in cases of pediatric hepatitis. >> back this morning, starting with some actual good news >> good news >> we are positive this morning. >> that's right. summer deals >> summer deals, baby. [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: summer deals let's try another one. this is from nancy dunkirk "hey, jimmy. i love the show '90 day fiance,' but i haven't been able to watch this season because someone stole my tv and laptop don't ask. >> steve: what [ laughter ]
11:52 pm
>> jimmy: "anyway, is there any way you can catch me up on what's been happening on the current season?" well, i can't catch you up, but i know someone who can tariq, can you help? [ laughter ] >> tariq: i was trying to do that face. >> jimmy: i know, i know, i know >> tariq: no problem, jimmy. hit it ♪ ♪ bini's moving to americ for ariela if kobe needs more money emily wants him ♪ ♪ to tell her jibri and miona both shoul really be more hones yvette is 23 years older ♪ ♪ than her man mohame kara and guillermo bot looked through each other's phone thais ain't sure if she ♪ ♪ can trust patrick when he's alon and shaeeda and bila don't agree on prenups ♪ ♪ so maybe a 90 day engagement isn't long enough ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: thank you very much. that's perfect that's how you do it thank you very much. let's try another suggestion here, this is from randall jenks. "hey, jimmy. i heard the new 'joker' movie is going to be a musical but i'm having trouble picturing what that would look like can you help?"
11:53 pm
totally. here's a clip from the first "joker" movie but edited so the characters are singing ♪ ♪ i pass you every da and you don't notice m but these guys because thomas wayne ♪ ♪ wouldn't cry without them on the t you have a problem with thomas wayne ♪ ♪ yes i d have you seen what it's like out there murray ♪ ♪ ha-ha-ha-ha-ha ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: i'd see that i can't wait to see that ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. here's another suggestion. here's from tracy tompkins "hey, jimmy. summer is here, and you know what that means. ice cream. #yum what are you and the roots favorite ice cream flavors?" well, that is a good question. for me it's got to be ben & jerry's tonight dough. [ cheers and applause obviously that's the jam right there. tonight dough is my favorite how about you, quest
11:54 pm
>> questlove: man, i love rocky road >> jimmy: that's my man. that's a classic [ applause ] tariq? >> tariq: i've got to go with mint chocolate chip. [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: nice dave, what about you >> strawberry rhubarb meringue for the win, jimmy [ cheers and applause [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i've never heard of that flavor. that his voice that his voice [ laughter ] >> steve: that's his - >> jimmy: i've never heard him really speak >> steve: wow. oh, that's -- okay >> jimmy: this one here -- let's try another suggestion this one is from lisa cook "hey jimmy, remember rick rolling? is that still a thing? it's hard for me to keep up with the latest trend. oh yeah, i remember rick rolling. i love rick astley, yeah but i don't think that's a a thing anymore. i wouldn't worry about it. let's try another suggestion [ laughter ] this is from nick bryce.
11:55 pm
"hey jimmy i've always wanted to see a video of a man - ♪ [ cheers and applause ♪ never gonna give you up never gonna let you down never gonna run around and desert you ♪ ♪ never gonna make you cr never gonna say good-bye never gonna tell a lie and hurt you ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: oh [ cheers and applause >> guess what, jim you've been rudolph rolled >> jimmy: oh [ cheers and applause that's how you do it right there. moon walk. go moon walk, that a moon walk shakey robot i forgot about shakey robot. that was a good one. [ laughter ] here's another one from bob hansen
11:56 pm
it says, "hey jimmy. this is a great week to be alive. the stanley cup is happening the nba draft is tomorrow. the wwe "money in the bank" is streaming on peacock july 2nd. and to top it all off, today is national onion ring day. [ cheers and applause "so, i think you already know what i'm going to ask. i do think i know what you're going to ask it's pretty obvious. can an nba draft pick shoot an onion ring like a hockey puck and score on a wwe superstar well, i think it's time to find out. [ drum roll ladies and gentlemen, please welcome jalen williams and wwe superstar riddle [ cheers and applause ♪ >> jimmy: riddle, whenever you guys are ready there you go
11:57 pm
all right, here we go. whenever you're ready, go for it you've got three shots you've got three shots that's the first one [ cheers and applause that's what i'm talking about! take it. take the win take the win right there take the win right there give it up for wwe superstar riddle and jalen williams. one shot onion ring, not bad. you won't see that anywhere else >> steve: yeah, no no, you will not >> jimmy: we're down to our last suggestion. it is from reese gibbons she says, "hey jimmy, i really love that tiktok song 'my money don't jiggle jiggle.'" [ light laughter ] "you should have black simon and garfunkel come out and sing it." i love those guys. i saw them the other night i was having a couple dirty shirleys over at mittens >> steve: mittens? >> jimmy: it's one of my favorite jazz clubs. ladies and gentlemen, here to sing "my money don't jiggle jiggle" is black simon and garfunkel.
11:58 pm
[ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ my money don' jiggle jiggl it folds i'd like to see you ♪ ♪ wiggle, wiggle, for sur it makes me wann dribble, dribble you know riding in my fiat ♪ ♪ you really have to see i sha la la sha la la la la la la ♪ ♪ sha la la sha la la ♪ ♪ la la la la l la la la la la ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: oh, my gosh. unbelievable off the rails. off the rails. that's all the time we have for "audience suggestion box." we're talking with maya rudolph after the break. stick around, everybody. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> jimmy: you had a dinner with vice president kamala harris
11:59 pm
>> i sure did. first of all, i just want to say, i didn't leak it. like, how does everybody know? >> jimmy: yeah you would never say it >> i don't want to be in trouble. like - >> jimmy: maya's not a rat >> i am not a rat. snitches get stiches >> jimmy: that's exactly right ♪ ( ♪♪ ) ♪ walking on ♪ ♪ walking on the moon ♪ ♪ some ♪ ♪ may say ♪ ♪ i'm wishing my days away ♪ ♪ no way ♪ ♪ walking on the moon ♪ [ phone ringing ] this friday... hello. -you don't have much time. "the black phone" is a horror movie masterpiece. you are special. answer the call this friday.
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[forest sounds] [crunch] aaahh. liisshh. push it. [fox begins beatboxing] ♪ aaahh push it ♪ ♪ ooo baby baby, ba-baby baby ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: our first guest is a a four-time emmy winner starring in the new comedy series "loot," which premieres this friday on apple tv plus please welcome our good pal, maya rudolph [ cheers and applause ♪
12:04 am
♪ >> jimmy: that's how you do it that's how you do it right there. >> thank you >> jimmy: maya rudolph >> thank you, ladies >> jimmy: looking gorgeous and also, by the way, also, looking stunning over here on the cover of "hollywood reporter." ooh la la. >> thanks, jimmy [ cheers and applause thank you, my friend >> jimmy: i was reading about you in -- oh, i read this article, but i want to say it was a little gossip column >> oh, really? >> jimmy: you were in the gossips. you were in the papers >> oh, yes >> jimmy: yeah, you had a dinner with vice president kamala harris. >> i sure did. i sure did, jimmy. >> jimmy: well, what was it like because you never met her. i know you did - >> first of all, i just want to say, i didn't leak it. like, how does everybody know? >> jimmy: yeah no, you would never -- >> i don't want to be in trouble, like -- >> jimmy: maya's not a rat
12:05 am
you would never do that. >> i'm not a rat >> jimmy: no >> snitches get stitches >> jimmy: that's exactly right, yes. >> and i -- i -- there was secret service everywhere. so i was like, "i'm not guilty." >> jimmy: yeah, you're like, "i'm forgetting what i'm doing right now. none of this happened, yeah. but what was it like >> it was fantastic. no, i had only and i say "only," not like i was like, "oh, i can't wait to meet kamala harris." it was a big deal. >> jimmy: it was a big deal. >> in the old days when you worked at "saturday night live" and you were doing a political impression, those people would usually come through the building and you would get to meet someone you were impersonating. but because it was covid, i never got to meet her. but we did a fundraiser together it was amy poehler, hillary, myself, and kamala it was very cool >> jimmy: wow. >> so i thought that was it. and i was like, "i'm good. it's great but then, i got to go to dinner with her and the first second gentleman -- >> jimmy: oh, yeah >> doug -- >> jimmy: doug >> jimmy: yeah, you got to meet
12:06 am
doug >> i got to meet doug. or i should say, doug got to meet me. because he was pretty excited. he was so nice [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: he was like -- >> he was -- he was so excited that there were two kamalas. >> jimmy: two kamalas. double -- yeah he loves his wife. >> he really loves his wife. they love each other it's quite beautiful >> jimmy: did she mention the impression or you don't really talk about it >> doug mentioned it >> jimmy: he did >> a lot >> jimmy: he brought it up >> yeah. >> jimmy: oh, my gosh. i mean, i've met people i've impersonated before and i kind of don't bring it up >> yeah, i don't -- i don't like to mention to people that i ape them hi, i ape you. >> jimmy: i ape you, yeah. >> i mean, i do it for fun i'm like doing it because you love the person. you know, it's like you're mick jagger, something you would have been doing in your bedroom anyway >> jimmy: yeah >> or, like, in the shower >> jimmy: that's correct i would totally be doing that. you know, fans are excited about this disney just released the first photo to the upcoming sequel to "enchanted" called "disenchanted.
12:07 am
>> "disenchanted." >> jimmy: "disenchanted. and it sounds fantastic because you play the part of the villain. >> yeah, with amy adams. >> jimmy: i love amy >> so cool [ cheers and applause the coolest. >> jimmy: you're playing the villain. is that fun to play the villain? >> oh, my god, it's the most fun. it's like -- >> jimmy: you can do everything >> yeah, you get to be like arch and big and like -- if anyone had ever said, like, "oh, you get to be the villain. ah -- when i first thought of playing villain, i don't want to be the bad guy. it's the most fun you will ever have i had, like, a carriage with horses and, like, i got to be rude to people and, like, i got a crown and long nails >> jimmy: yeah >> it was so fun >> jimmy: disney knows how to do it up man >> oh, my god, it's the coolest thing in the world a disney villain >> jimmy: yeah >> i'm joining some serious -- >> jimmy: and amy adams is fantastic. is basically perfectionst "enchanted," and i love gisele,
12:08 am
the character she plays. but i didn't realize -- i'd never -- i know amy but i didn't know her as gisele. so the first day that i got to work, she was already in costume and make-up and she started speaking to me like gisele and i felt like a little kid. i was like - [ laughter ] >> jimmy: "you're a princess." >> yeah, it felt like being at disneyland and talking to a princess her face - >> jimmy: yeah >> -- is different somehow >> jimmy: her eyes >> her eyes are twinkly. and her hands are really beautiful and i felt like -- okay >> jimmy: and then you have to be the villain to her, which is just so fun. >> it was real fun >> jimmy: let's talk about "loot" and how funny this is oh, my gosh. i love the premise of it you are so good in this. >> thank you, buddy. >> jimmy: there's so many good little maya rudolphy side jokes that you go like, "oh, that is so funny." that you have to like watch it four times even just the way you can moonwalk out of here >> thank you
12:09 am
>> jimmy: you do those little bits but who came up with the idea for this >> it was alan yang and matt hubbard who i worked with on a show called "forever" with our buddy fred armisen >> jimmy: yeah >> they did "30 rock" and "parks and rec" and they're great, great, great writers. and they just said to me, like, "how would you like to play this woman who's married to like the most powerful man in the world and they get divorced, they don't have a prenup so she's left with $87 billion. >> jimmy: billion dollars. >> great, yeah billion. >> jimmy: billion, yeah. >> with a "b." >> jimmy: so, $87 billion. and then, she has to decide, like "hey, is this my life?" do i like this material life, all these material things? >> yeah, or like -- i've been thinking about it a lot because of the show. i think we would all not be sad to wake up with $87 billion. but then at the same time, what enters my mind is, and what are you going to do with it? a social responsibility after you buy, like, a couple islands. >> jimmy: yeah your character is very conflicted because she is used to living that life and swapping champagne for fresher champagne.
12:10 am
>> exactly it must be nice. >> jimmy: it must be nice, yeah but it's super fun, and i want everyone to check it out it's on apple tv plus. here's a clip. here's maya rudolph in "loot." take a look. >> okay. great. well, we'll start with the howler monkey, original hot sauce. >> okay. this is so exciting. mm, tasty. this is good >> so, the wells foundation. tell me about some of the things that your organization is focused on specifically >> of course one of the things that we're very passionate about is -- oh wow. that one's got a little heat to it doesn't it. my goodness. i'm just going to have a a little - >> are you okay? >> i'm good. i'm so sorry it's so hot. [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: come on. >> he's amazing.
12:11 am
>> jimmy: he's brilliant sean evans is genius i love that guy. >> i love him. >> jimmy: we've had him on the show a couple times and you have -- i mean, the bomb you make it to the bomb and really, that happens to your stomach. but he's so genius he takes his time with the questions as you're sweating >> he's unbelievable i can't -- he eats all of those every single time. >> jimmy: he really does, yeah he's the greatest. well, i can't say he's the greatest because maya rudolph is here, come on [ cheers and applause "loot" premieres this friday on apple tv plus. emma chamberlain joins us after the break. stick around, everybody. [ cheers and applause stick around, everybody. [ cheers and applause ♪ one day, you might wake up and think... time for a change. when your friend asks, want to try this place? and you say you know what, let's try this place instead. no sticky floor here. when you realize you've never seen a broadway show, so maybe you'll treat your parents. they'll think it's neat. this is neat. so neat. when you say i'm gonna go to daytona bea-
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california residents sail from san francisco well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. through project up, comcast is committing $1 billion dollars so millions more students can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: our next guest is a creator with over 1.5 billion
12:17 am
views on youtube [ cheers and applause you can just hear the audience yeah she also hosts the award-winning podcast "anything goes," and she's the founder of her own coffee company called chamberlain coffee everyone please welcome emma chamberlain [ cheers and applause ♪ >> jimmy: that's what i'm talking about. that's emma chamberlain. hi [ cheers and applause emma >> hi. >> jimmy: welcome to the show. >> i'm scared. >> jimmy: you are not. >> no, i'm not i'm good >> jimmy: i'm so happy this is your very first talk show >> my very first >> jimmy: but you're very good at talking, so this should be fun. this should be fun for you >> yes, i hope so. >> jimmy: yeah, me too >> i feel chill. >> jimmy: you do feel good, right? [ cheers and applause >> do i look chill [ cheers and applause first off, for those who don't know, can you explain what you do [ light laughter ]
12:18 am
>> that's, like, the hardest question for me. >> jimmy: yeah, i start off with the hard ones >> i know. i think what i do is i just, like, put things on the internet and just go like this [ laughter ] >> jimmy: okay and just hope for the best >> just hope for the best. >> jimmy: but, i mean, youtube videos and you just -- what's the secret why do -- why do people just love you >> i like truly don't know >> jimmy: i think -- >> i truly don't know. >> jimmy: i think you're real and i think you're honest and i can kind of see that when i watch it [ cheers ] >> thank you >> jimmy: i was talking about you on our show because we had jack harlow on the show -- >> yes i know, i know >> jimmy: i know, but i want to talk about it because i think it's so -- it was so charming, and i was like -- i was like, who is this girl she's so good. you were just interviewing jack harlow and he said, like, "i love ya" or something and you were like, "what?" or something your reaction at the end went viral. >> yeah. >> jimmy: yeah, and we actually had him on, and i asked him his
12:19 am
thoughts on this >> yeah. >> jimmy: and i just thought maybe i could have your reaction of his reaction >> great >> jimmy: all right, good. let's watch the video. here's what jack said about it take a look. >> all right >> i'll see you in there >> can't wait. love you bye. >> love ya [ laughter ] >> that's like a piece of art because there's so many ways to interpret that, you know what i mean [ laughter ] everyone has a different take on what was going through her head, so i'll leave it up to interpretation >> jimmy: yeah, but do you leave every interview saying "love you" >> only if i love them [ laughter ] >> oh! >> jimmy: come on. [ cheers and applause >> that's sweet. >> jimmy: that's not bad, right? i like that guy. >> i love it >> jimmy: so, what was going through your head when he said that >> can i be honest >> jimmy: yeah >> like, when i'm doing these interviews, it's blank up here like, i have no thoughts and when i go home and i watch the interviews again, i'm like watching a completely different person i have no idea i'm not thinking about anything and then i'm, like, reacting to myself
12:20 am
>> jimmy: well, i have some interviews that i thought maybe i could show some other ones and just maybe we could just go through a couple >> yeah, for sure. >> jimmy: here's you interviewing billie eilish watch this >> why can't we just hang out. we're gonna party it up in there. >> please find me in there, because i don't -- >> oh, i'm going to run directly to you. >> okay, good. >> i finish this and i'm like, i'm going to billie now. >> okay, good. >> i'm going to billie now >> for real. find me. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: did you find her did you run right to her >> funny story that i like just remembered now the first person i saw when i walked in, was actually her brother. and i actually ran straight to her brother at that point, hung out with him then i met up with her later in the bathroom >> jimmy: oh, you did? >> the met bathroom thing is real >> jimmy: that's where a lot of people do meet up. >> oh, yeah. >> jimmy: because they're like -- it's just -- these gowns that are just gorgeous but it takes probably ten people to move them around >> oh, yeah. >> jimmy: bathroom is a whole different sitch. >> well, everybody's is in the bathroom for like an hour at a a time because it takes so long to pee
12:21 am
like, getting the dress off to pee, it's like, an ordeal. and after you're done, you're so tired that everybody is just hanging out in there, like catching their breath. >> jimmy: yeah >> and then we go back to the dinner >> jimmy: who were you hanging out in the bathroom with, besides billie >> i was with billie, and kendall, and hailey. it was like a powerful, powerful - [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: wow, that's a girls' room vip >> it was girls night. >> jimmy: that's a vip there this one i just want to show you quick and just get your reaction this is you with shawn mendes. >> yes >> well, amazing i'll see you in there. >> thank you >> we'll party it upllarty it up you look awesome >> thank you >> shawn mendes. laer ] >> jimmy: what >> okay. >> jimmy: why shawn mendes >> i don't know. i just love -- i love a jersey accent, okay but okay, here was the thing about that that's the one that i thought was like the most funny. like i thought something was going to happen with that one when i watched it because i was like, why -- why did i do that >> jimmy: yeah >> but then the jack one was the one.
12:22 am
>> jimmy: the jack one was the one. but shawn mendes - >> shawn mendes. >> jimmy: it makes no -- he's not from jersey. there's no reason to do that to him. >> he's from canada. >> jimmy: yeah it makes no sense. >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: i want to talk about -- well, you have -- congrats on your podcast >> thank you [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: "anything goes." but i really want to get into this and explain this to me, because you have your own coffee >> yes [ cheers and applause thank you. >> jimmy: now, here's what i love about it. you gave me a couple samples - >> yes >> jimmy: earlier today and i tried one because it's almost like mine was like -- it's almost like a tea bag but it's coffee >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: which is good. >> yeah. >> jimmy: you're a big cold brew person. >> yes >> jimmy: that's your jam. >> yes >> jimmy: and i also loved your animals that you drew on each bag. >> yes we wanted it to be something that was like, inviting. and to me, i've always loved cartoons, things like that, whatever and so, i was just, like, let's do a character for each coffee
12:23 am
blend so that people can, like, connect with something you know what i mean >> jimmy: they can pick their here's sleepy sloth. g. no, but i think >> jimmy: what is the dog's name again >> social dog. >> jimmy: oh, social dog >> and you're quite a social dog. >> jimmy: oh, yeah [ laughter ] >> no, but, like, in a good way. that's not bad, okay [ applause ] >> jimmy: it's a dog >> no, no. >> jimmy: it's like a dog. like, good boy good boy >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: a social dog >> you're great. so, yeah >> jimmy: high energy type of dog. >> but also, you're like the most social person i've ever met. >> jimmy: yeah, i do talk a lot. >> you talk to everybody all the time you're very social >> jimmy: yeah you brought me your favorite what is your -- who are you? >> okay, so i'm the bird i'm an early bird. i do wake up early so, i'm not just saying that >> jimmy: you do how early. >> honestly, today, 6:30 a.m >> jimmy: wow, that's good >> pretty good >> jimmy: i like that. >> i'm also jet lagged so i'm cheating [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah >> but let's just, you know, whatever >> jimmy: and you brought me social dog
12:24 am
>> yeah. >> jimmy: with a little almond milk >> yeah. >> jimmy: that's what i'm talking about. let's try it >> cheers. >> jimmy: cheers, i'm gonna be honest here. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: unbelievable off the chain. i love it. >> thank you [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: two thumbs up. chamberlain coffee emma chamberlain check out her chamberlain coffee products at we'll be right back with a a performance frombrt el edge stick around, everybody. [ cheers and applause stick around, everybody. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the 2022 tundra. toyota. let's go places.
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12:30 am
water" from his new album "songs about you," please welcome brett eldredge [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ i've been on th verge of breakin couldn't find my way outta here ♪ ♪ i saw you standin' there, wavin' makin' all thi hell disappear ♪ ♪ you are my holy water you are my river the wash me away and take me higher ♪ ♪ 'cause somethin' 'bou your love just sets me free somethin' 'bout your love ♪
12:31 am
♪ just sets me free i had my tim bein' reckless holdin' back my heart ♪ ♪ for too lon all those empty nights made me helpless and i was fadin' like ♪ ♪ the end of a song you are my holy wate you are my river the wash me away and ♪ ♪ take me highe 'cause somethin' 'bout your love just sets me free ♪ ♪ somethin' 'bout your love just sets me free, yea i got used t broken hearts ♪ ♪ watchin' my world fall apart
12:32 am
didn't know i needed you but now i do, now i do ♪ ♪ o you are my holy wate you are my river the wash me away and ♪ ♪ take me highe 'cause somethin' 'bout your love just sets me free ♪ ♪ somethin' 'bout your love just sets me fre somethin' 'bout your lov just sets me free ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: come on, now come on, now brett eldredge thank you, again, bud. brett eldredge "songs about you" is out now we'll be right back. that's how you do it, right there. [ cheers and applause ♪
12:33 am
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(music throughout)
12:36 am
ah teach a new kung fu for a smoochie smoochie? hmm? you want to learn kung fu? ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: my thanks to maya rudolph, emma chamberlain, brett eldredge once again. "songs about you," out right now. and the roots right there from philadelphia, pennsylvania thank you for watching stay tuned for "late night with seth meyers. goodnight, everybody [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ ♪
12:37 am
♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers. tonight, john mulaney. star of "marcel the shell with shoes on," actor and comedian jenny slate. an all new "closer look. featuring the 8g band with ralph alexander. [ cheers and applause and now seth meyers. >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night. we hope you're doing well tonight. and now we are going to get to the news president biden spoke today about rising gasoline prices, but just because alternative means of transportation aren't working out.


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