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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  June 23, 2022 1:37am-2:06am PDT

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hour. the photos they want you to see after that deadly shooting on a muni train that has a lot of people feeling uneasy. strachan is lighting up the sky. dozens of strikes on the edge of the bay area. it is whether that has firefighters on alert. i'm talking thunderstorm at tivoli and where it is headed. they jumped into action after a shark attack the swimmer near the monterey bay aquarium. >> he was screaming help. >> what may have helped save the man's life. we begin with a significant up date. this man is called a person of interest to may be connected to the deadly shooting on board an
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underground muni train. it happened this morning. the shooter ran off the train at the castro station. the search for the gun and continues. >> many people are coming to celebrate. apartment people are concerned that a person that shot and killed one and injured another is on the loose. you are looking at a picture just-released from san francisco police. he is a person of interest in wednesday's fatal muni shooting. it happened aboard the subway train at around 10:00 am. >> there was an altercation of folks that may have known each other. there was at least one gun. 4 according to a spokesperson, an agent at the forest hills station heard the shot. when it got to the castro station encountered two victims. one person killed and the other
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victim, suffering from non-life- threatening injuries. the fact that it is pride week means thousands of visitors are coming to celebrate. they believe the shooting was not a hate crime. >> this incident has -- and does not appear to target the community. apartment police and they need your help locating this person of interest. adam wright's muni often. you would like to get answers >> i hope it wasn't targeted. i am a bit uneasy. wild weather lighting the sky and social media. the strike south of the bay area. this is video from hollister. it is incredible.
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it is also dangerous. firefighters are on alert for the weather that can spark brushfires. we are under a microclimate alert. >> it is super active. we have seen within 50 miles of the area, over 200 lightning strike. the counterclockwise circulation is bringing up the humidity. there are also thunderstorms. let me get into the live view. there are two zones we are tracking. at least 41 strikes over the past half hour. the way this is moving is pushing to the north and also the west. we may see it hold up toward portions of the south bay. that can weaken activity. it is active and we are closely
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watching radar. to the north, very interesting. light rain that could make it toward the tri-valley. then off to the north, there is a slightly heavier pocket of rain, off toward the west. it may hold up as we had through the next 30 or 40 minutes. it has been hot. i will have more looks at the radar and what is happening with temperatures in about 15 minutes. strachan southern california, lightning turned deadly. a woman and her dogs were struck and killed by lightning about 20 minutes south of la. the sheriff's office said there were walking on the path near the river bed. neighbor said they heard thunder inside lightning. >> i didn't want to go outside. >> people walk rain or shine.
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>> the corner will determine the cause of death. deputies are seeing markings on the ground. we invite you to stay with us for the latest on thunderstorm activity. just twitter page is a great resource. strachan traffic is flowing on the 237 after flames broke out in south bay. it happened just before 6:00 pm near 237 and first street. you can see how thick the smoke was. that one point it covered the freeway. we were able to smell it here at the studio. no word on how the fire started. a beautiful summer day turned blood he. a man attacked by a shark near the monterey bay aquarium.
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you can see the upper left, surfers are swimming out to help the victim. tonight we are hearing from the good samaritans that raced out to save him. >> we were making our way back. >> reporter: surveillance video shows the moments after a shark attack in pacific grove around 10:30 am. good samaritans traveling toward the man bit by a shark about 150 yards offshore. >> we saw him screaming. >> reporter: a nurse and police officer were here for their anniversary and paddle boarding when it happened. >> he was hemorrhaging a lot of line. i started to pull him onto the board. he had a deep laceration in his arm. >> he was also bitten in the torso and leg. he was put on the board and
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paddle back. shouting for people to get tourniquets ready. >> there was a physician and a nurse. the reporting on tourniquets and applying pressure until ems arrived. >> the man was taken to the hospital and described as stable. >> in all the years i have been fighting there, i have never been in the water and actually seen a shark. apartment dr. ebert is the director of the shark research center. he's had large white sharks typically start swimming closer to shore around june and july because that is where seals go. attacks earlier. connector on average three or four attacks per year in california for that has been pretty consistent since about 1950. the population is gone from 15 million people to 40 million people the average number of attacks is about the same.
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>> reporter: authority seven using drones to find the shark. tonight, love! and beaches are closed. friends identify him as steve drummer and said he is a member of a local swimming club. friends say he is awake and talking. >> we pray he survives. a mountain lion spotted in redwood city in a residential area. the big cat was near turns worth and edgewood, a couple of blocks north of sequoia hospital. officers remind everyone to keep a close eye on small children and pets and make sure they are inside at dusk. bart is running a single track service between concord and pleasant hill. crews are working through the night to repair the tracks that were damaged by last night's partial derailment. today we obtained this video. it appears to show the moment
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the train derailed. you can see debris as the train appears to come off the rails. >> we want to be fully aware of the conditions and weather does something that is a possibility. derailments are exceedingly rare. this was a rare event. >> bart is also blaming the heat. the tracks are treated to handle hot days. yesterday, they topped out at more than 140 degrees. bart said they are not sure when full service will resume. good news from the fire lines. containment is growing on the edgewood fire. it is now 80% contained, up from 42%. crews are still there. the fire broke out yesterday near the edgewood exit.
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claims forced evacuations. no homes were damaged. about 11,000 pg&e customers lost power because of the prior including the stanford campus. today, summer classes were canceled. the universities of the main transmission line is down. they are now running unlimited power that is used to keep up the hospital and other critical buildings to keep them open. there is no eta on when power may be restored. they are preparing for the possibility that it might take a few days. here's a look at the latest outage map. about 1100 customers are in the dark. a major decision at lowell high school. this issue is being tracked by
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education leaders. two years ago, lowell switched to admission by lottery and not by academic performance. it was intended to increase diversity. many were outraged and it sparked a recall of several school board members. the san francisco board voted to switch back to merit-based admissions beginning in the 2023/2024 school year. a live look at capitol hill where the january 6 hearings continue. the witnesses will be three former justice department officials that will testify about president trump's proposal to reject the result of the election. new information is still coming in, including documentary film footage of president trump's final months. you can watch the hearing right here beginning at noon. we are back in 60 seconds.
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president biden wants governor newsom to suspend the state gas tax. the governor's response in california drivers demand relief. a monumental moment for a landmark. the celebration at the castro theatre. tracking thunderstorms to the south.
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new details tonight from texas. the school district as per placing the police chief on administrative leave. this comes the day after the department of public safety condemned the chief for his slow response and delay in confronting the gunmen that killed 19 children and two schoolteachers. officials say they will wait until the investigation is
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complete. a 12 hour killing spree that stretch from san jose to modesto. it ended with police officers killing the gunmen. it started with the murder of mount shasta drive. a father of three, shot and killed another man. investigators believe he then drove to modesto hill and killed a 29-year-old woman named michelle gonzales. on his way back to san jose, police spotted him and chased him to a building on bettendorf drive. they all got out safely. he then barricaded himself in the building and started to stand up with police. officers opened fire when he stepped out and pointed a gun. >> the suspect was shot at least once. >> police have not released the
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motive and fate is likely a family dispute. a message from firefighters as we approach the fourth of july holiday. stop playing with fireworks. this comes as a grass fire was confirmed started by illegal fireworks. it scorched more than 120 acres. >> fireworks are illegal. it clearly demonstrates the danger that you, your neighbors, friends, family and the community. >> the county is very familiar. last year, i single firework started a fire that destroyed eight apartments and displaced 40 people. in 2018, man was maimed while trying to handle what he thought was a safe and sane firework. the mayor will now work from home. london breed tested positive for covid.
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doing well but will isolate for at least five days or until she tests negative. we saw her on monday at the championship parade, sharing the stage with all the players and shaking and hugging them. she is vaccinated. president biden is calling for a three-month suspension of the federal gas tax. what does that mean? for three months, the government would no longer collect the federal tax. that taxes $.18 per gallon of regular and $.24 for a gallon of diesel. the move would have to be approved by congress and members of both parties may not be on board here we continue working to bring down prices for the long haul. >> the silly proposal that senior members have already shut down your >> the federal tax or suspension of it would save you about two dollars every time you fill up.
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also the president is calling on individual states to suspend their tax. governor newsom's office told us governor newsom would not suspend the tax which is approximately $.50 per gallon. that would save you about six dollars every time. the california taxes about to go up. governor newsom is advocating for direct payments to california families. the most expensive gas is in napa county at $6.61 per gallon. the cheapest in solano county at $6.36 per gallon. our red-hot housing market might be cooling off. climbing rates combined with high real estate prices have priced a lot of people out. now home prices are dropping slightly. nearly 30% of homes on the market in san francisco in may saw price cut.
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are people still overbilling hemic >> there is over bidding because it is almost a custom of doing business here. at the same time i would say for sellers, you have to be much more cautious about your strategy. is what you would call a strong market. >> still strong and over bidding. a lot of homes are still selling above listing price. a milestone birthday for san francisco-icon. the celebration featured a day of movies filmed in san francisco. after all these years, the theater is still owned by the family that built it. >> it was a great deal of courage and foresight of my
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grandparents to have it built 100 years ago. it has been an important building. we are really happy it is here. >> it is a cultural gem. earlier this year, the concert promoter called -- took over management of the theater which sparked concerns that the theater will stop showing movies. >> this could be a fun weekend. >> we would have more in the seven-day. we are in this microclimate alert because we're tracking thunderstorms. any lightning strike could spark a fire. we are seeing rainfall with the thunderstorms. it is still elevating the
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danger. we are seeing over 200 strike south of the bay area. only about 50 miles away. it is coming from this system, pulling up the humidity. let me get you a close view, we are basically tracking two zones. over the past half hour, 22 lightning strikes and small hail. the weight is moving it is pushing to the north and west. some of this could make it toward the bay area. it still has to make it over the higher elevations in the mountains tend to weaken thunderstorm activity. we will have a close eye on this. off to the north, we are also seeing shower activity over the central valley. that would continue to push toward the bay area. we could see light showers as we go through the next couple of hours. the good news, no lightning strikes with. there is instability. you can track this on our app.
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it does look like we could see more activity as we go to tomorrow. it will slowly linger, pushing toward the east. we might see a bit of that activity as we roll through the forecast. we will have full coverage as the weather continues to develop. as we move into morning, we were starting in the 70s. a bit more comfortable. in san francisco, 63. daytime high temperatures tomorrow drop off a couple of degrees. back in concord in livermore, 96 in san jose 90. oakland in san francisco and then chilly 60s returning to half moon bay. the pride parade. on sunday at 71.
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then 60s rolling in next week. through the valleys, we will step it off with a weather, friday, saturday and sunday and a chance for 80s as we go through next week. over the next 24 hours, the weather will be setting up decent. the four cities that american airlines will no longer fly to and why. the southern section of yellowstone
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american airlines is stopping flights to 4 cities because of the ongoing pilot shortage. starting in september they will no longer fly to toledo, ithaca new york and dubuque iowa. united and delta have also recently cut services to some of the smaller cities. also due to the lack of pilots. most airlines are shortstaffed amidst an increase in travel demand. airports are busy especially tsa lines. at san jose last month he saw more than 1 million passengers. it is the first month traffic surpassed the 1 million mark since the start of
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(music throughout) back to work. for warriors management. tomorrow is the nba draft. the warriors have three pics. they also have to play the game, which free agents to keep in which to echo.
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>> sometimes the money doesn't line up for us or them. the hope is to bring all those guys back. >> among the notable agents, the guy with the shirt off. also -- has been a mainstay. let's talk baseball. the giants in atlanta. cover your eyes. the game was ugly. bottom of the ninth, the giants give up three runs and lose. adam devol with the game- winner, tyler rogers braves win. they are fired up. not much better for the a's. it is a tough season. they need magic. you give up your stars an is what happens. at the colise, um
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this is cool. gap debuted the remodeled headquarters on folsom street. the space now includes four stores, athletic, banana republic, gap and old navy. it is also a testing environment where employees can try new products.
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merchandise he approaches another experiences. the most famous man in the bay area taking his kids for fun. great america. social media buzzing is a lot of people were spotted steph curry at great america. he and the kids ridi tonight president biden calling on congress to pass a national gas tax holiday to relieve skyrocketing prices at the pump the president pressing lawmakers to suspend the federal gas tax for three months how much could it save you and does it have the votes to pass? just in the embattled chief of the uvalde school district police placed on administrative leave a day after th head of texas state police called the response to the school shooting an abject failure. uvalde's mayor lashing out. what he's accusing state investigators of doing. the senate advancing the first major gun safety bill in decades
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gop lawmakers defending their support for the bipartisan deal. what's in and what's out. dangerous heat more than 200 million feeling highs of 90 and over as yellowstone begins to reopen after unprecedented floods the powerful earthquake killing more than a thousand people in afghanistan. the urgent search for survivors. the nfl team under fire congress accusing the owner of waging a shadow investigation to discredit employees who alleged a toxic work environment. the scathing testimony today from commissioner roger goodell. tennis legend billie jean king on the game changing moment for women in sports 50 years ago. this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. >> good evening. president biden tonight announcing his new plan to bring down high fuel prices the president calling on a somewhat skeptical congress to suspend the federal gas tax. that's currently


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