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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  June 24, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> you worked in boston . >> i worked there for six years. because it has that name for a week, a good amount of people will not write that. what is happening at 5:30 . >> we are following the protest. one is happening in surface. many are happening across the country and here. abortion is no more. the supreme court overturned roe versus wade. this has been the law of the land for 50 years . >> it is a sad day. >> the right to life has been vindicated. >> i should not be worried about my rights being taken away from me. >> we are covering how this
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ruling will impact millions of americans. the news at 5:30, thank you for joining us . >> this is an emotional night in the bay area. today the supreme court overturning the ruling from 1973. that made abortion legal in the united states. this has triggered protests from the supreme court's to here in san francisco. you can see this march at city hall. take a look at this demonstration. many people are turning this rally. you can see, there is more than a couple of thousand of people. it seems to be growing. >> let's take a look at the live crowd outside of the u.s.
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supreme court. they have been out there all day. demonstrators have been there. we mentioned earlier, definitely, our emotions are high in washington, d.c. and across the country. we have the latest on today's historic ruling. this right was established 50 years ago. >> reporter: women's health, taking a serious blow. this was a highly anticipated decision. the justices on the high court sided with the mississippi law that bans almost all abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. it protected a woman's ride to have an abortion for over half a century . >> now, people do not have self- determination. >> reporter: there was outrage and celebration . >> they wanted chocolate with
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vanilla ice cream. >> reporter: there were hundreds of protesters to the supreme court. president biden weighed in . >> the health and life of the women in this nation are now at risk. >> reporter: this was written by justice samuel alito. they said it was wrong and damaging. this work could tell women's rights and their status as equal citizens. 13 states are preparing for trigger laws to take effect . >> the right to light has been vindicated. >> 50 years of policy, forcing women across the nation to
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rethink reproductive, healthcare options. there are legal and political ramifications to this ruling. there is definitely an impact on women's and families. it is a monumental night. 50 years of a constitutional right being overturned. how common or uncommon is it? >> this is very uncommon. what we are talking about is the decision that stands, and less there is a reason to change it. there was no reason to change this law that has been on the books for about 50 years. first of all, the senate confirmation hearing was a champ for the nominees. specifically for brett kavanaugh and neil m gorsuch .
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they lied. they were under oath when they said it. they did quite the opposite. history repeats. we had a civil war. the states were divided. with this decision it is a legal civil war. we have a country that is a divided. some support abortions. just like the civil war we had an underground railroad. we will smuggle women from the states that ben abortions to a place where they can be free and make reproductive decisions. >> reporter: judge clarence thomas suggested other cases should be looked out. we are talking about contraceptives and same-sex marriage. is that on the table? >> he is putting out there, i'm
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sure the majority of the conservatives were thinking of. the next rights will be attacked. he plainly said they were unconstitutional. they were not in the constitution when the framers put together the constitutional. he did not talk about interracial marriage. he did not mention it. the person he is married to his white. it has nothing to do but the rule of law which is the foundation of the system of law. it has been talked about. >> reporter: correct me if i am wrong, this is not the rule of the people. most people favor women's right
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to choose. how did this happen today? >> the polling is one thing. the court's actions are another. we act on what we see in the constitution. we do not see anything about the right to choose. it is not anywhere. the ninth amendment talks about the quality and protection of the law. as much as 85% of the public say a woman should have a right to choose. abortion should be legal. things like, woman's health. this decision gets rid of all of it potentially if the states want to go in that direction. 13 states are ready to go now.
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15 states are ready to go in the next few weeks. we already have a civil war going on with gun control. there is a simple war going on. there is divide in the nation. >> reporter: is this a republican issue or a democrat issue? >> it is all of those. if you are an evangelical, it is a happy day. not all democrats are liberal. it cuts through all of the issues. at the end of the day, some will go in one direction and some like california and new york will say we will take care of anyone that needs an abortion. this type of division, which i
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find so interesting. the reason for this decision is to end the rift. >> reporter: what is the next step? what is the next step for people that are pro-abortion? >> congress could been a law nationwide. the only way for this to be addressed is for people to vote. the people in office, people that support that support the right of women, to have decision-making in their healthcare. to finally say, there was one
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word missing. there were three justices dissented. normally they say we respectfully dissent. they kept out the word, respectfully. that is a big deal. the cord that arose the country is seriously divided . >> thank you for your time and your insight with us this evening. coming up, nightly news goes to mississippi. that is the state at the center of today's ruling. we will hear from a leader in mississippi, her goal is to offer support to pregnant women. >> people will suffer more. >> there are 30 pregnancy
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centers involved. let's change gears. from humming in a supermarket to becoming an opera singer. there was an unexpected encounter. one had trouble canceling a subscription. one had waited months for airport security clearance. we will end the waiting game for both of them. i am your meteorologist, we have been tracking this fire to the north. it is 90 degrees. firefighters are definitely making some progress. we will have your weekend forecast and eight minutes.
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have a great weekend. >> you are always making it happen for our viewers. we are celebrating pride month at nbc bay area . we will recognize members in the community. we have the story of us a pistol opera singer who is letting her voice be heard. >> reporter: this is ground zero for the pride movement. this is the theater. on a recent day, the theaters traditional organ tones were replaced with a different set of pipes. that voice rang through the raptors, belongs to opera singer breanna sinclair.
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her journey to the stage had highs, lows and dramatic twists . >> it is a family of musicians. my grandmother is into classical music. >> reporter: she found her voice at the age of five. she grew up in maryland. >>my father he left as will my brother and i were young. >> reporter: she found comfort in thinking. >> indicted me through the abusive situations that i was dealing with it. >> reporter: she went to musics schools across the country. that led her to transition . >> as a trans person, we struggle a lot. it is common.
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>> reporter: she visited new york. , she wanted to go to school but was declined. she was homeless. >> my life was saved in an instant. >> reporter: her career has hit a high note. she earned a masters degree in san francisco's conservatory of music. she has sank in opera houses around the world. she is a unique talent, she is one of the most courageous artists and individuals i have met. >> reporter: she played at the prestigious berlin opera academy. first, she will enjoy the
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city's pride weekend . >> it is an emotional experience. >> reporter: emotion is what stirred her up to sing. this is nbc bay area news. >> wow, what a beautiful voice. >> had incredible was that. >> she was just humming . >> i did that in the shower. we have a lot happening. we will definitely get you good to go for san francisco pride in what you can expect for the parade. that will be on sunday. there is something else
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happening in san francisco. it is the giants playing. you can join us at 7:00 on this very channel. if you're going to fence san francisco, we have fantastic weather. it is chilly. the wints that 22 miles per hour. that could help some homeruns being hit out of the park. we will eventually get to the 50s around 10:00. this is san jose. you want to get together with family and friends. do what you have planned. it is 85 degrees. it is comfortable in san jose. it will be in the 70s at 9:00. this is saturday's forecast. there will be some fog at the coastline. we could have patchy fog in the north bay. as we go into the afternoon we
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will have sunshine returning away from the beaches. it will be nice on saturday. it will be nice and chilly at the beach. 53 degrees in the tri-valley. 57 in the east of bay. the north bay will be at 54 degrees. tomorrow morning it will be hot in some of the interior valleys. it is not like 105 like we had earlier this week. let's go to the east bay. it is some of the hottest location. here is livermore and antioch, in the mid-90s. through the pennant and all it is 79 degrees. san francisco, many people are happening to be downtown. across the north bay it is 80 degrees. what about san francisco pride on sunday? there will be fog in the
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morning. that parade will be at 10:30. it will be a fantastic time and there will be good weather. let's talk about sunday forecast. it will be in the 60s. do the inland valleys, apparently, hang on we will get to some 80s. that will be wednesday and thursday. 79 degrees by next friday. that will feel like we are chilly. >> 70 degrees is so good. >> there is going to be a good pride parade. >> it has been a long time. it is the most significant gun reform bill and decades. we will talk about the restrictions it places on young adults who want to buy guns.
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most americans wanted more
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gun laws. now it is happening. there was gun legislation. the house sent this, not to president biden's desk. this is related to the massacre that happened last month. many were killed by an 18-year- old gunman. the bill enhances background checks for young adults. it denies firearms from people who have convicted domestic abuse. it made international headlines. family members of the victims honored their loved ones in a ceremony. it was after 1:00. this is when the condominium collapse. rescuers wrote looking for survivors.
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welcome back. do you have your gear ready? that's the question. it's orange friday, and we're taking a live look at oracle park as the giants and reds take the field in about one hour. >> yes, tonight's game here on nbc bay area, and we have some drama. are you ready for this? >> oh, yes. >> it's all about a slap. let's bring in anthony flores from the ball park. >> reporter: expect a little tension at the ball park tonight when the giants open an eight-game home stand against cincinnati. this is the first time the reds have played in san francisco since reds outfielder tommy was suspended for slapping joc pederson. his message to the bay area fans is to keep it respectful. the giants want the the focus
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of the series to remain on the field. >> our club has really moved past this. kind of echoed joc's sentiments that we have some incredible supportive fans, but we always want them to be respectful as well. joc said it best. >> reporter: the giants are currently third in the national league west division, five and a half games behind the first place dodgers. the reds have the worst record in the national league and arrive in san francisco riding a seven-game losing streak. at oracle park in san francisco, anthony flores, nbc bay area. >> remember, giants fans, be respectful. you can heckle a bit, but be respectful. the game here on nbc bay area. our coverage begins in one hour from now at 7:00. >> looking forward to it. right now at 6:00, protests in the bay area this evening following the supreme court decision to overturn roe v. wade. we're live with the anger on one side and the celebration from the other.
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>> reporter: i'm scott budman. today's supreme court decision also put the spotlight on privacy and data collection concerns. just ahead, how you can protect yourself. also, are we still a safe haven state for abortion? governor newsom's message. the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening and thanks for being with us on this friday. i'm raj mathai. >> we've been following a lot out here including protests across the u.s. including right here in san francisco. reaction to this morning's supreme court ruling overturning roe v. wade. this is a live look at a rally in san francisco outside of city hall. at least two protests stretched all day after news of the ruling spread. several groups organized marchs and rallies and citizens turned out by the hundreds. it's likely just a small taste


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