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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  June 27, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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right now, a party and a protest. hundreds of thousands showing pride in san francisco. joy gave way to problems. what happened to cut the event short. multiple accidents. a deadly crash and an east bay railroad crossing. action that is being demanded tonight. a bay area university what they are doing to help refugees from afghanistan.
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first we are following breaking news. eastbound lane to the bay bridge are closed right now after there was a deadly crash. this is the emeryville camera. the crash happened around two hours ago just before the toll plaza. this is causing quite the backup. look at the red on the traffic map. nothing moving at this point. there were at least two cars involved. no word on when it will be opening. we will continue to monitor this on-air and online. hundreds of thousands in san francisco to celebrate one of the biggest pride parades returning to market street today for the first time since 2019. this comes on the date that same-sex was marriage seven years ago.
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celebration was cut short when someone sprayed mace near the stage. here is stephanie mike i own on the very unhappy ending to this upbeat celebration. >> reporter: a security guard i spoke with said the crowd was running for the exit and then there was rumors of a gun. it turned out to be a false alarm but with real consequences. >> it was kind of like why was everyone there? >> reporter: as things were winding down at the pride celebration police say someone reported a shooting near seventh and market street. it appears to be a false report but it provided real panic. we spoke to several people. many have no idea what went on. with everything else going on
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around the nation they decided to run when they saw everyone else doing the same. organizers issued a statement saying the cut the celebration short after there were safety concerns. officers ushered others out but there was a new problem. reports of street brawls. this was near eighth street. you can see others were trying to join them. they did not want this ending but they expected it. >> for most that we spoke with they see it as an overwhelming successful pride weekend. >> reporter: in san francisco, nbc bay area news. as we mentioned all of this was a footnote to an otherwise successful event. alyssa gord was there for the parade. and was part of the party and the protests.
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>> reporter: at long last, san francisco welcome back it's beloved pride parade. there was a two-year pause for the pandemic . the community returns with flying colors. >> there are thousands lining market street today. traveling from different states driving hours to be here to celebrate pride. >> we have been part of pride before. but never with the bulk of the pride festivals. >> a chance for people companies and gas to show support. but this was not all party. there were also protests with many expressing anger and disappointment at the supreme
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court ruling. >> i think we are stepping back. this is a celebration. >> despite the celebration and the fear of what is coming next, this community has opted to advance focusing on pride. >> you cannot let the weight of the world bear you down. you have to show love. nbc bay area was among the thousands marching down market street. nbc sports and our parent company on taking part in that parade. hundreds once again were gathering to express anger
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outside the supreme court for a third day in a row. they are denouncing the decision overturning roe v wade. they are vowing a fight to restore women's rights but many republicans are applauding the decision. at the state capital there is the constitutional amendment for them to make their own reproductive choices. abortion right to be fully added to the californian constitution. the governor has shielded providers from liability or prosecution connected to out-of- state abortion bands. they are positioning themselves as a safe haven where procedures are now banned in other states. framework for the 2023
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state budget. they made the announcement and addresses the most pressing needs prioritizing tax cuts. they were up to $1050 to offset this level. the sales tax on diesel what also be suspended. healthcare and education are top priorities. new details on a fire that we brought you information on at 6:00. the blaze has been contained. and now the residents are being told they could return home. nearby neighborhoods were asked to evacuate. the order was was lifted at 7:00.
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tonight firefighters aren't mopping up and looking for cause. a family is grieving tonight after horrific accident. and amtrak train slammed into a car injuring four more people including a child. the family was in the area to attend a memorial. >> reporter: a painful reminder of a deadly crash. they say around 1:00 this afternoon train 17 slammed into the car and an undated railroad crossing. the fire protection district says in addition to the dead they were airlifted and a child was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital. relatives tell us he was just eight years old. there is no light and no gate. just a sign that says train.
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and this is not the first time that a deadly train accident has happened here. >> one of my family members died here too. >> there were 89 passengers and crew on board the train. none of them were injured. the accident did delay service for three hours will firefighters and railroad investigators examined the site. off-camera they said the family in the car was attending a memorial to help raise money for funeral expenses of the man that recently died. >> reporter: in byron, nbc bay area news. a new twist in a deadly shooting this week. surveillance video shows this is a case of self-defense. the shooting happened near castro station.
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this emphasis go chronicle is recording and it looks like he attempted to stop him before he was shot. the video has not been publicly released. there is no comment on this case yet. bay area university has become the first west coast school to offer housing to afghan refugees. they've partnered with every campus rescues in the international rescue committee for this pilot program. of 236 refugees will be given temporary housing on campus. school leaders say it puts social justice into action. they say housing is the hardest part of resettlement for refugees. >> temporary housing a bit longer.
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now are going back to a bit of a baseline about a month or so. depending on inventory can take up to three months. >> they can do this because there are fewer students on campus. the g7 summit began in germany today. members of canada, germany, france, italy and japan gather in the alps. the focus is on the economy, climate concerns and the war in ukraine. president biden outline plans for a massive global infrastructure investment. the u.s. has pledged $200 billion in public and private capital over the next five years. >> developing countries lack central infrastructure to navigate shocks like a pandemic. they feel the impacts more acutely. they also have harder times
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recovering. that is not just a humanitarian concern. there are dozens of related projects underway around the world. just ahead, a bit of relief. the prices at the pump are dropping a few cents. but they will be back up before the end of the week. firework sales. growing concerns for fourth of july right around the corner. lots of clouds and low skies.
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six people dead in columbia. dozens more injured after a bullfighting festival disaster. this is drone video of a frightening moment when a section of the stand crumpled
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over. people were trying to run for safety. this is about 95 miles from bogota. six people are dead and dozens injured. there is an investigation underway now. believe it or not prices at the pump have gone down a few cents since last sunday. let's look at those numbers. you can see right here they are down about nine cents. it's down $.11. the highest of every in the country. the highest price in the bay area is $6.58. today they were happy to see it back under seven dollars.
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i think about $.30 a gallon is what i've been seeing. >> the national average today is $4.90. don't get used to those prices. it's not going to last long. they are set to go up automatically. new state that gas tax kicks in. prices called to increase every year. nearly 3 cents a gallon with the money earmarked for fixing our roads and repairing potholes. with look at the golden gate bridge. it is a welcome sight. if you're signed up for fast track it's going up to $8.40 per crossing. but you pay as you go. $.35 coming into $8.80.
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the money will go toward maintenance and help subsidize the rain hike is as little as five cents for a short trip. as much as $.30 for the long trips. this is days after ridership record was set. more than 102,000 people took the train yesterday. the highest number they've seen on a saturday since the pandemic began. no word how many people here celebrate pride but is expected to set a new record. the fourth of july is a week from tomorrow. the fourth means fireworks. so we stopped by a stand later this week. but many people we spoke with today say they hope that people will pass on home fireworks this year.
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it may be time for an outright ban. >> i think they just creates problems. >> i like the city displays. but i think individual fireworks can be a problem. a handful of other bay area cities are getting set to sell the fireworks. like pacifica and sabine city. on friday they will go on sale in gilroy and cloverdale. don't panic tomorrow. firefighters know there is a fire because they are setting one. cal fire setting a controlled burn around 8:00 tomorrow morning. it will preventively burn just under 35 acres to clear dry brush.
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talking about what they have here with some cooler levels. higher humidity levels right now in san jose. a good timing to keep in mind there is the color temperature with the low 60s. 90 degree temperatures with low clouds moving toward the east bay. clouds throughout the day. 56 degrees in the bay bridge is disappearing into the clouds.
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waking up to misty skies for tomorrow morning. inland temperatures in the low to mid 60s. the breeze is still going strong. 21 miles per hour and that air- conditioning is going to allow for a comfortable start for the day. 50s for most places. don't be surprised around the interbay for the morning. 87 degrees by 12:00. mid 80s around the tri-valley. low clouds staying here. east of the dublin gray brown 89 degrees. you can see it around san jose and then for the afternoon sunshine and clouds on the
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coast. you don't see as many low clouds to start the morning. is breaking appear as you see signs of the short-term warm up. mid 70s and 80s for bayside through wednesday. temperatures cool down toward fairfield in livermore into the mid 80s by mid week. will we see another tropical check connection like last week? some of that moisture is left of that. they bring in more low clouds and we feel like we are cooling as we go toward thursday and friday. you can see how low those clouds to be by the time we go
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to next weekend. for the bayside locations in is likely to be tuesday and wednesday dropping into the 60s. inland temperatures there as well dropping from the 80s and 90s. low to mid 70s with the weather providing some defense for firefighters. we will have to see if that will mean fireworks through fog. things cooling off for change going toward next weekend. >> it's safe to say this roller coaster continues. they need water to grow. how the drought may make it hard to track
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payment in the color of the pride flag. it has become a popular vandalism as a hate crime. the mural is in the scripps ranch area. brittany fuller and some neighbors pain and this in the backyard fence. but everyone is accepted. the evening damage the surveillance cameras. rattled by this crime they are encouraged by the response. an insane amount of support that has been incredible and amazing. filling my heart was so much joy. >> she says she will continue
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to send her message of inclusion. watermelon has been a simple pleasure during the summer. but this year it's being made more and more difficult. it's a dry plant but they need some water. the lack of rain is not been good for crops. leaving farmers struggling. >> they are all drying up. >> this story is not sitting well. >> i love watermelon. >> lack of rain it means fewer watermelons. they say they should meet the need the summer but don't be surprised if they cost more. the dog days took another meaning.
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boom pulled into a kayak this was a double threat dog. but they did not. let's talk about them some other time. let's talk about the stanley cup champs. the water was too cold. let's talk hockey.
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[ phone rings ] hello? - i have been captured.
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you have 48 hours to rescue me. mini boss! ok.... my minions will save me. come here, come here. unless they don't. which is a real possibility. hut, hut!
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welcome back. there is a new king on the ice. tampa bay was dethroned. game six in tampa beating the lightning scoring a game- winning goal in the second period. colorado gets this series. they went 16-4 in the postseason including nine hammock one on the road. their first title in 21 years. after the game, he was asked
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again about his rough outing. >> what needs to happen for you to get those results more consistently? >> the 80s taking on the royals. scary moments. they were down for several minutes with both training staff here. in the seventh with runners on second and third nick allen loops a single to center. and it is oakland's first series win in one month. cruise control for their first win of the top fuel season. mike salinas with josh hart in
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the final from the summit racing equipment nationals. 333 miles per hour. fourth victory of the season and gives all of his credit of course to the key scrappers racing crew. he is on a roll. 4 wins this season. >> he gets winker with that pitch. they're calling for him to be thrown out of the game. >> wild scene in emma hi am. tensions have been brewing for two days with several inside pitches. it lasted almost 20 minutes.
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the angels go on to win two 100.
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priests posing a danger in the past and the present. new lawsuits rushing across the state. investigative reporter says some of them to continue to work.
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it is another story that you will only see here on nbc bay area. >> reporter: this concerns a risk to the communities now. but there were 2 dioceses that say differently. internal investigations have found that keeping the priests in the ministry is safe. it was founded in this is a place that they live. according to recent lawsuits some say they were sexually abused and trafficked by predator priests while living there in decades pasts. there years of abuse in the 60s and the 80s. it stretches beyond school walls to remote sonoma county.
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of program nestled deep into the forest. one lawsuit says the lord the boys there gave them food and force them to perform sexual acts with them and each other. ranging from fondling to group sex. it is some of these haunting allegations that brought southern california michael connie more to the san francisco public library. on a hunt for information. within the starks is a collection of certified your books for police and church officials that go back decades. >> you look at these credible allegations and it is shocking. >> reporter: there are 300 more clergy cases. they are investigating will getting ready to file. more recent state law opening a three-year window to file child sex abuse lawsuits based on older claims. many of the alleged perpetrators
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say it's the first time they are being accused for abusing children. >> there 52 100 that have not yet been identified republic allegations. we were able to find at least one photo of this level. >> father david was a priest now accused of participating in the abuse that was alleged at st. vincent's during the 80s. one of at least four newly accused priests still actively working in the bay area. currently on board in this emphasis go archdiocese. and saint matthias parish in redwood city. >> it was a name in interest to us.
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is already filed lawsuits. this 80s allegations are false. >> six other people when they were children. you say none of them should be believed? >> 6w0 is zero. the only allegations that we are aware of are the three that have been filed in court. >> why he saying these allegations are meritless? >> we are not trying our case in the media. it would be a great story if you heard the evidence in this case. but we are looking at this to go in front of a jury.
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>> this is not the only priest currently working in the archdiocese facing new abuse allegations. father michael mahoney is accused of molesting a seven grade boy in the 80s. then there is monsignor michael herriman. he retired from saint cecilia and continues to work as a priest according to the archdiocese. according to all review of catholic charities. after trying to reach him by phone we spoke at his burlington home. >> nbc bay area with sex
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trafficking when you are there. are you aware of these claims? >> yes. but the investigation is not proven anything. >> i will have to check with that i cease on that. >> they declined multiple interview requests and the three accused please will be here depending internal reviews. the reviews did not sustain the allegations. but all three her being called faithful and highly respected. it would have been an injustice to them and those they serve to keep them out of public ministry after the determination of the review board. >> mary alexander is an attorney who recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of a
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potential victim alleging childhood sexual abuse on the hands of another active bay area priest. working under the diocese of santa rosa. monsignor james is accused of molesting a child in the 70s. and the henna boys center in sonoma. it was given to those here. we got a response from the santa rosa bishop. they find it difficult for credence given the stellar representation of the past 50 years. it remains in ministry after an internal review board recommended no action being taken against the priests.
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as we learned in the years of covering this abuse it can take decades to come forward. none of these people were ready to speak with us publicly yet. attorneys expect a flurry of new lawsuits before the three- year window closes. and we will be here to report any new allegations when they come in. if you have a question for candace or anyone else, give us a call. or you can visit our website nbc bay trying to track down the sexual assault suspect. police say this happened at 2:00 this morning. walking home from the downtown area on bay road.
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a fall at her and then grabbed her phone and ran away. president biden launch this the boxes are said to be distributed nationwide in the coming days. it is enough to fill over 1 1/2 million bottles. not trying to get you to purchase anything. a billboard documenting the biggest problems in california. speak with the artist behind them coming up. patchy fog and some drizzle for the morning commute. +90 degree temperatures in the
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is the california dream over? bay area photographer has been documenting how he believes the california really looks these days. now they are sharing the results on billboards with california's truth. stephanie spoke to the powerful project calling the end of the
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dream. >> reporter: no words. just a side of california that nobody sees. they call it the end of the dream. >> california's always represented so much hope and possibility. my fear is that the dream has come to an end. event driving thousands of miles around the state. documenting three issues threatening california survivals. drought in housing prices. >> things that i saw with the poverty and everything it was hard to believe. it connects a lot.
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in san francisco is one of the wealthiest cities in the world. we can start doing something. there's a range of things on bay area streets to what was left behind after the deadliest fires. make it could've been taken 100 years in the future. giving a lot to think about as you make decisions on the future. mac, bay area news. >> and of course part of the futures climate and climate
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change. so there is a high and low? >> speaking of that it will be lasting for many places in terms of those 90 degree temperatures moving out toward midweek and wednesday. areas of low clouds like we had this morning. and probably some drizzle and missed near the coast. 50s to get your day started. notice san francisco bay oakland is staying pretty mild in terms of temperatures. once you get to san jose's the mid-90s. for morgan hill and gilroy 90s there and out toward solano county. that is where the heat will be in mid to upper 90s. not too bad but all of the low clouds with sunshine for the afternoon. some of that coming down the
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close coast and that is the warmest day. highs in the 70s and 80s. still a few 90s by thursday everyone starts to cool down again. especially solano county. onshore wind and seabreeze strengthening with temperatures cooling for the fourth of july weekend. an extra item of note to watch is what happens with tropical storm celia moving into cooler waters? it will continue to fall apart. you will recall a similar pattern with her friend putting up this graphic. we had one lightning across central and southern california last wednesday than what we saw in august 2020 for the bay area.
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the lightning strikes south of hollister with the good news on this event have a lot of heavy rain and times. fire was not really the issue. no lo off to the west. southern california is the best chance for later in the week. there is the marine air for semper cisco. dropping out of the 70s into the low 60s were bigger changes to the inland valley including the tri-valley to the fourth of july weekend. if the temperatures have been too much they are firing up as we go toward your next
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a slight pickup at the
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stern grove festival. it was supposed to be a headliner today. but she had to back out because of covid. mattie diaz was also headliner. this is the 85th season of the free concert. with call organ for the return of summerfest. all of that adding to the excitement of the return this summer. the chamber of commerce hosting it today family friendly event. was that a pink firetruck? with food and a lot more. extra focus on kids this year.
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millions begin a journey that captures the imagination of many today. j.k. rowling tweeted a picture of her book harry potter and the philosopher's stone. she also took the photo after seeing it on a bookstore shelf for the first time back in 1997. she thinks every reader who she said went on the hogwarts express. what a 25 years it has been. she wrote seven books leading to eight movies and $1 billion in the box office.
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a small but powerful piece of technology that will help future spacecraft get to the moon. nasa posted this image of the capstone rocket. the satellite is the size of a microwave oven. this is an animation of the tube. it will be a big way to manage this whole thing. it will test a new map to and from the moon. thank you for joining us. take care.
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this is sunday, the end of roe v. wade. the supreme court overturns the right to abortion nearly 50 years after roe. >> let's be very clear. the health and life of women in this nation are now at risk. >> states already moving to stop abortion, with more to come. >> with the authority of the state of arkansas, the authority to prohibit abortions. >> the legal, medical, and political fallout from this historic decision.


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