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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 27, 2022 3:30am-4:00am PDT

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days of rage as passions run high for millions of americans on all sides of the abortion issue now that roe is a thing of the past but where does this new path take our country president biden is in germany this morning meeting with his g7 counterparts china and russia very much on the agenda our matt bradley is there live stadium collapse a bullfight in colombia. the tragedy caught on camera as at least six are dead and hundreds are injured we have details ahead. the colorado avalanche are
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your 2022 nhl stanley cup champions. and pride in america millions from coast to coast came out to celebrate and have their voices heard it's monday june 27th p. "early today" starts right now glad you're with us this morning to start off your week i'm frances rivera >> and i'm phillip mena. breaking overnight, the avalanche have put the lightning on ice to bring home the first stanley cup since 2001 >> mckinnon. bouncing puck, and a goal! artturi lehtinen makes it 2-1 colorado >> five seconds to go. up it comes to the line. colorado has won the stanley cup! >> colorado takes game 6 with a 2-1 victory over tampa bay the avs ended the lightning's quest forever a three-peat, a feat only done five times in nhl
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history. >> as defenseman kale maker scored mvp honors and got to hoist the hardware this is their third title and first in over 20 years the b.e.t. awards got political. taraji p. henson took the stage and sounded off against the reversal of roe and praised lizzo for her $1 million pledge to planned parenthood. >> and also thank you, lizzo, for pledging $1 million to planned parenthood and you're damn right it's about damn time. it's about damn time we step into our power it's about damn time we talk about the fact that guns have more rights than a woman it's a sad day in america. >> henson then passed the mike to singer janelle monae, who also had some choice words for scotus >> these artists making art on
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our own terms, owning our truths and expressing ourselves freely and unapologetically in a world that tries to control and police our bodies my body. and our decisions, my decisions. [ muted ] the supreme court. >> they were just a few of the many stars who spoke out on behalf of all women's rights last night >> it wasn't just the stars speaking out protests continue across the country on the heels of the supreme court's unprecedented decision to overturn roe v. wade in arizona abortion rights demonstrators outside of the state's capital were met with tear gas from police who say it was deployed after a door was broken and monuments were allegedly vandalized but other rallygoers say they were not warned, including a mother and her 8-year-old daughter whose eyes were burning and stinging from the gas. and activists in favor of the decision were also out in force, joyfully celebrating in austin, texas opponents of
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abortion rights held signs calling themselves a post-roe generation nbc's jesse kirsch spoke with people on both sides of the issue. >> reporter: demands for abortion rights still echoing across the u.s thousands protested throughout the country after the supreme court overturned roe v. wade, revoking the constitutionally guaranteed right to an abortion. >> i cannot imagine the effects mentally on somebody having to be forced to carry their abuser's child to full term. i just -- it's disgusting. >> reporter: others applauding the decision hike this washington, d.c. crowd >> we are the post-roe generation >> reporter: not all demonstrations remained peaceful in rhode island friday democrat jennifer rourke was allegedly attacked at an abortion rights rally by a state senate race gop opponent who has since dropped out of the race. apparent video of the incident going viral. state police say the suspect, an off-duty cop, has been arrested
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and charged with assault and rourke says someone opposing abortion rights was also injured. >> people are angry. both sides are angry and for it to escalate to this point is disappointing >> reporter: some say this issue can't wait for the midterm elections even as others make a voting push. >> we're calling on the federal government to intervene to reinstate legal abortion for the country nationwide now >> reporter: also some employers are taking their own action. meta, disney, and nbc news parent company comcast among a growing number of companies offering to help cover costs for employees traveling to other states for abortions >> if he with look at the history of everything that has culminated to this point, then we have to side for our women who want this choice >> we're overwhelmingly overjoyed that this marks the day that states can really end abortion >> and our thanks to jesse kirsch for that report a russian barrage of missiles hit kyiv as president biden and several world leaders gather in germany for the g7
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summit they hit two residential buildings. one person died and several others were wounded. ukrainian officials saying these strikes are a direct message to the leaders of the summit. nbc's matt bradley joins us from garmisch, germany. matt, good morning with know president zelenskyy is set to speak there with g7 leaders this morning but what are they saying about these strikes? >> reporter: well, phillip, these strikes happened 24 hours ago. this was yesterday so we've heard for the last day from various leaders, specifically joe biden called them another example of russia's barbarism. now, they also i should say, in addition to what you described, they also struck a kindergarten and injured a 7-year-old girl. that image of that injured 7-year-old girl was spread by foreign minister of ukraine dmitri kuleba on twitter and has been a rallying call and is an example of how no place in kyiv is safe. you mention how the g7 leaders have been describing how this was a direct message to them, to where we are now the ukrainian invasion by russia
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has really overshadowed this talking shop that normally would be discussing all the major concerns of the leaders of the world's wealthiest democracies now they're all talking about vladimir putin and moscow and another sort of attendant problem that's going along with the global punishment of the kremlin, and that is rising prices throughout the world. so now as you mentioned we've seen more examples of russia striking areas far from what they and intelligence officials from throughout the world have considered to be the main focus of the russian invasion now, and that's in the eastern donbas region striking the capital again for the first time in three weeks demonstrates that the russians really do see everywhere in ukraine as fair game and now we've just heard, just in the last couple of hours, confirmation that the u.s. will be providing surface to airamissiles produced by norway to the ukrainians. all of the these weapons ry are still en route, many of them, to
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the eastern part of ukraine to join the fight, they could represent a turning point in this conflict. particularly since as we've heard from foreign intelligence and british intelligence russia's manpower is being severely depleted. they might not have the people to maintain what has turned into a long and grueling war of attrition. guys >> that's the very latest from matt bradley in germany for us matt, thank you. celebrations and protests took place across the country in the last weekend of pride month. new york city's annual pride parade rang throughout the streets with planned parenthood kickstarting the march following the supreme court's overturning of roe v. wade attendees pushed for abortion and lgbtq plus rights after justice thomas's opinion that the court should also reconsider the 2015 ruling that legalized same-sex marriage. san francisco's pride parade returned with thousands of attendees including house speaker nancy pelosi and in st. louis pride fest was in full swing to support the
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lgbtq plus community for the first time in person since the start of the pandemic. let's turn now to the weather and a bit of a cooldown along with a few storms to keep an eye on. nbc meteorologist michelle grossman is here for us. good monday morning, michelle. >> good morning. and yeah, we're watchinga cold front that's going to bring some showers and storms, some wet weather early on this monday morning. it's going to bring cooler and more comfortable temperatures to many of us let's start looking at radar because we're looking at a long stretching cold front from new england all the way to the southern plains bringing that wet weather. you can even see some lightning strikes. we do have some embedded thunderstorms as well. looking closer to the northeast you see some pockets of heavier rain where you see the yellows and the oranges and the reds and that's going to be the story as we go throughout this monday. we're looking at two to three inches of rain in some spots there's that cold front. it's going to move to the east it could bring some gusty winds as well, even some flash flooding and then tomorrow we could see some training as these storms move very sleely, especially in the southeast along the gulf coast states where we could se rainfalle t103 in parts of thes
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well look at these teaches as well. 108 until blithe and 105 in yuma all right, guys, we're talking about heating up in the west also heating up in the ropics. we're watching a few systems that we need to keep an eye on we'll look at that in just a few minutes. >> thanks a lot, michelle. see you in a bit ole miss was the last team in and the last team standing in the college world series >> 1-2 pitch struck him out from last four in to last team standing, ole miss has won the college world series >> it was revelry for the rebels as ole miss sailed to their first college world series title. they beat oklahoma 4-2 last night, completing the sweep. up next, a stadium collapses duri ang bullfight, claiming the
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leading the news, at least six people were killed and hundreds injured after a stadium partially collapsed during a bullfight in colombia. drone footage captured the dramatic moment when a three-story section of the wooden stands fell down. it happened during a traditional event where spectators are encouraged to enter the ring and taunt the bulls. the local governor had asked for such bullfights to be canceled this week following a fatal goring last month. but the event took place regardless colombia's incoming gustavo petro is now asking local officials to ban these bullfights going forward in south africa a mysterious mass death with 22 dead bodies found in a nightclub police say most of the victims are teenagers. the youngest only 13 years old the teens were celebrating the end of school exams when they died it's not clear what happened to them local media reports there were
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no visible signs of injuries found. autopsies have been ordered to determine cause of death poisoning is not being ruled out here it does appear alcohol was illegally served at the club outrage over the reversal of roe has fueled protests across the country. and with the constitutional right to an abortion now overturned, many wonder what other rights could come next nbc's ali vitali has more. >> this court! >> reporter: amid the emotional responses to the supreme court overturning roe -- >> how do you think i felt, man? this is amazing! >> women will die. >> i want to be able to choose i think every woman should have the right to choose. >> reporter: questions now about what comes next. >> it's open season for what we look at as human rights. >> it's terrifying and if they're going to do this, again, what's next >> reporter: with the nation's patchwork of states solidifying abortion restrictions, advocates are now bracing for more possible rollbacks of rights won at the nation's highest court.
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in overturning 50 years of precedent friday conservative justices arguing "the right to an abortion is not deeply rooted in the nation's history and tradition. justice clarence thomas goes further in a concurring opinion writing "the court must revisit and overrule past landmark decisions on civil rights, including legalized contraception, same-sex intimacy, and gay marriage." effectively saying the same logic in overturning roe should be applied to those protections. >> the court says that its opinion doesn't undermine those decisions. but the doctrinal test that it adopts absolutely calls those decisions into question. >> reporter: other conservative justices like brett kavanaugh says friday's ruling on roe does not reverse precedent on other issues kavanaugh also swore during his 2018 confirmation hearing that he believed roe was settled precedent. >> roe v. wade is an important precedent of the supreme court >> reporter: some senators who voted to confirm him like republican susan collins now saying she feels misled by the
3:45 am
judge. democrat joe manchin echoing that in a statement, saying "i trusted the judges when they testified under oath that they also believed roe was settled precedent. >> nobody who is relying on an existing right to privacy like a right to same-sex marriage can rest easy. all of the majority said in its roe ruling was look, we're not calling this into question today, but what it implied was mm, come talk to us tomorrow >> reporter: but as scholars seek to make sense of it all, lawmakers looking for larger remedies like changing senate rules to legislate around reproductive protections as well as reforming the way presidents are elected. in an op-ed saturday two democratic senators suggesting even fixing the outdated electoral college that allowed presidential candidates who lost the popular vote to take office and nominate three of the five justices who voted to overturn roe, a reference to donald trump's lose king the popular ve in 2016. >> our thanks to ali vitali for that report. still to come on "early today" lord of the wings, one
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coming up on "today," why this weekend's surge in travel delays at the airport could be the norm heading into the busy 4th of july holiday. now to something that is truly rare for the past 15 years north texans have gotten a bird's eye view of these hawks that were born over a busy highway but now they could be getting ready to leave the nest. noelle walker of our nbc station in dallas has more >> reporter: while drivers have their eyes on the roads, tex dot keeps an eye on traffic from its operations center in mesquite. there's a network of more than 600 cameras. >> we've got all these screens to watch traffic and the cars going. >> reporter: some of those cars are being watched like a hawk.
3:50 am
>> so every year we have some red-tailed hawks that come and roost on our camera at 114 and rochelle >> reporter: it started 15 years ago. >> and they've been back ever since. >> reporter: every spring. >> it's like clockwork so here we are first day of summer and the baby has flown away >> reporter: officially, texdot doesn't name them. >> the one that has stuck over the years is the mother hawk is called mama rochelle >> reporter: for her perch at 114 and rochelle >> one of the interesting things that you can see is the parents bringing all types of different food for the babies. so you know, it is a hawk diet >> reporter: meaning gourmet meals of rodents some years there have been as many as three baby hawks they're called agus. >> traffic operations group every so often will check on the hawks how they're doing by rotating that camera >> reporter: and they're unaware of their remote babysitters. >> this year we had one baby
3:51 am
hawk and over the weekend it flew the coop. so everybody here's excited and kind of proud. >> reporter: their baby is growing up >> wow what a reality show. they had no idea they were on for all these years. our thanks to noelle for that report >> the tropics are heating up. michelle has an eye on hurricane season that's next. and proof that every dog has its day. even the ugly ones the fuflr ies in the fight for the title of the world's ugliest dog. rapid wrinkle repair® smooths the look of fine lines in 1-week, deep wrinkles in 4. so you can kiss wrinkles goodbye! neutrogena® charmin ultra soft has so much cushiony softness, it's hard for your family to remember that they can use less. sweet pillows of softness! this is soft! holy charmin! oh! excuse me! roll it back, everybody!! [all at once] sorry. new charmin ultra soft is now even softer so you'll want more!
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one pill, 24 hours, zero heartburn. ♪ well, since my baby left me ♪ they're going to put me in jail >> the way you sing is god given. so there can't be nothing wrong with it. ♪ well, it's one for the money ♪ >> after its opening weekend "elvis" is still in the building the biopic of the legendary crooner brought in $30.5 million, tying for first place with "top gun: maverick," still soaring in its fifth weekend, now grossing a billion dollars globally the sequel also marks the first
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movie of tom cruise's to reach that height at the box office. they say beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. but what about ugly? our kerry sanders got a front row seat to the ugh l.est dog contest in california. >> reporter: america has gone to the dogs, and it's just the distraction we need. >> rooster kong. >> this is monkey. >> and monkey is >> a blue factored brussels griffon. >> this is morito. and i'm going to say her breed name one time because i'm not good at it she's a xo -- slow insquintili >> reporter: somewhere inside this hairball there's a pekingese named wild thing >> i don't know whether you're a start trek fan but i'm thinking the trouble with triples >> they're probably in all the other food processors too. >> he's a trible sometimes he's just trouble. >> reporter: mr. happy face is a rescue, adopted by his owner in arizona.
3:58 am
>> this is his first competition. and so he is -- he gets a little overwhelmed. >> reporter: is it all the puparazzi around >> there is -- dog darn it, it is the puparazzi you totally got it >> reporter: in all eight dogs competing. >> this is jenny lu, the korean pug from korea >> reporter: some from as far away as asia, vying for the crown of ugliest >> this dog is a walking picasso. >> reporter: among the judges, me >> we need for our contestants some a-paws. [ cheers and applause >> reporter: covid put a two-year break on the ugliest dog in the world competition but like a dog with a bone, the county fair just wouldn't be the fair without this event. the crowd and the judges like a pack of dogs in agreement. >> the ugliest dog in the
3:59 am
world -- mr. happy face [ cheers and applause >> what's mr. happy face thinking right now >> he's wondering if there are any treats that are part of this >> and your answer to that one is >> of course >> kerry's face. ke
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♪ a wave of emotions continues running high in reaction to friday's reversal of abortion rights after five decades. this morning, we look at where we stand and what's next and now states are rushing to move toward trigger laws or creates safe space for women seeking abortions. we'll take you to one state that's waste nothing time at all. tragedy at the bull fight. at least a half dozen people have been killed and hundreds others injured when the stands the an arena gave way. ou


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