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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 28, 2022 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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we are coming on the air this morning with multiple developments first we are learning what's behind the surprise january 6 hearing scheduled for today. breaking news out of san antonio where 46 migrants were found dead in a semi truck 18 others hospitalized cynthia mcfadden investigates women seeking care at pregnancy centers a recent survey found 58% of americans are living paycheck to paycheck but get this, 30% of those earn
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over a quarter million a year. and we're going live to germany for the latest on president biden's g-7 meeting. "early today" starts right now good morning, i'm frances rivera >> i'm phillip mena. we begin with a stunning change of plans from the january 6 panel. after they said they were previously going to take a break until mid july an urgent hearing has been called and will be held in a few hours. chris pollone joins us with new information. >> reporter: after pledging a somewhat lengthy delay between the fifth and sixth hearings of this committee, the january 6 committee will be back before a national tv audience at 1:00 eastern this afternoon it will present recently-obtained evidence and 278. mitt coe citing two sources says a former aide to mark meadows
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named cassidy hutchinson will testify publicly nbc news has not confirmed this report hutchinson provided testimony to the house panel on exchanges between former president trump's inner circle in the weeks leading up to the january 6 attack on the capitol. hutchinson was also present during meetings. meanwhile, john eastman, a lawyer and ally of former president trump said in a court filing that federal agents seized his phone last month in new mexico, according to recall jer january 6 hearings, he urged mike pence to overturn the election results and sent an e-mail to rudy giuliani, requesting to be on the pardon list after the january 6th attack filip? >> lester holt is going to lead our special coverage on today's hearing live at 1:00 p.m. eastern on nbc news. a horrifying tragedy in san antonio where at least 46 people, all suspected pieg
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rants, have been found dead in a tractor-trailer. the gut-wrenching discovery was made on the outskirts of the city when a firefighter who happened to be nearby heard a cry for help in 100-degree temperatures he opened the trailer and found people in agony from the heat. >> the patients that we saw were hot to the touch, suffering from heatstroke, heat exhaustion, no signs of water in the vehicle. >> at least 16 people are hospitalized officials say the death toll could still rise three people have been take noon custody by san antonio police, but it's unclear whether they're connected to the incident. on twitter, texas republican governor greg abbott blamed president biden for open border policies the white house did not immediately respond to requests for comment. now to missouri where authorities are vetting a deadly amtrak train derailment that
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left at least three dead >> it happened in the town of men den, 115 miles north of kansas city. it was carrying 243 passengers and 12 crew members from l.a. to hawg when it struck a dump truck at a crossing and derailed >> the train had approximately eight cars, including a bag and car. seven cars have derailed there are multiple injuries and three fatalities two on the train and one in the dump truck >> police also said multiple passengers were injured. 28 people were taken to a local hospital and treated for minor to moderate injuries they have all since been discharged the video here shot by a passenger on board the train says they climbed to safety out of the side of it after the collision. the ntsb along with the federal railroad administration are sending a team to help investigate the situation. it is still in its early stages.
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mike parsons said we are sad to hear of the amtrak train derailment we ask missourians to join us in prayer for all those impacted. now to a blow to the separation and church and say the. the supreme court has ruled that a hool football coach could pray on the field after a game. joseph kennedy was fired for praying after games, but by a vote of 6-3 the court said the school was wrong, saying even though he was still in uniform on the field he was acting in a private capacity, and that's protected by freedom of religion kennedy cheered the decision last night >> you know, i'm still in shock. i'm just so grateful that this long, hard fought is finally over and we won and thank god and everybody that supported me throughout this. it's just great news for the entire nation. >> the court s's three dissente said the blair was anything but
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private. there are more crisis centers than abortion clinics in this country but nbc investigates the care they provide cynthia mcfadden has our report from texas >> reporter: we're heading to a crisis pregnancy center in texas. one of more than 2500 in the country. they say they provide free services and abortion information for pregnant women what they don't say is that they're often affiliated with groups supporting abortion alternatives to learn more about what happens inside, we sent in two nbc news producers to ask for pregnancy counselor. at a center in the dallas area, a volunteer told our producer they don't offer abortions, adding abortions can cause infertility. when asked about the abortion pill, they said my job is not to scare you. you never get over seeing that baby she then pointed to a small plastic model like this saying
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can you imagine one of these in your panties >> oh, my gosh okay yeah, so as a taxpayer, this is infuriating. a horrible thing for a woman to be told and totally medically inaccurate >> as a nurse, as a mom, you totally shocked me with that it is a lie, and it is shaming tan istefx >> reporter: representative donna howard, a democrat, found an unlikely ally in republican sarah davis. they're calling for these non-profits to be regulated and demanding accountability for a program called alternative to abortion which helps fund crisis pregnancy smers. in texas, they outnumber abortion clinics 9-1 when i say alternative to abortion, what is the first thing that comes to mind >> waste of money. waste of taxpayer dollars.
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lack of accountability and actually, no metrics that indicate that it has anything to do with averting abortions >> reporter: is this a program to make republicans feel good? does it help women >> no. >> reporter: it will cost taxpayers $100 million over the next two years >> this is probably the only program at least that i'm aware of where the laurgt basically writes a blank check without knowing what they're getting >> reporter: while some of the centers provide free services like diapers, ultrasounds and std testing, none of the texas facilities are licensed medical providers, though some women reportre at another center our producers visited near the border, a female staffer replied abortion can call cancer and infer tilt she also played a video saying they also cause mental illness, all of that categorically false.
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alternatives to abortion in texas has also received federal tax dollars. $45 million over the last 15 year, money intended as temporary help for nody families >> these are desperate people who need these funds, and instead, it's going to a program that provides things like pamphlets, that provides some classes. >> reporter: would you go so far as to say that in some instances they are actually committing fraud? >> yes >> yeah. >> reporter: they point to the misinformation and a case currently being investigated in which state funds from the program were allegedly used by the president of a center to buy land for hemp production who's to blame >> well, the laurgt, but the leadership that we have in this state has pushed an agenda that has made it impossible to have any real dialog about what is
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really going to make a differr families in our thank thanks to cynthia for that report. >> good morning. we're looking relatively quiet across the country, but we are watching wet days ahead in the south. a frontal boundary, the same boundary that brought the rain in the northeast, it's going to park itself over this area we could see heavy rainfall, flash flooding in spots with some of those heavier downpours. and an area of low pressure in the gulf it's going to aid in some of that moisture in eastern texas and scattered storms for the rest of the gulf coast we could see heavy down pours, flash flooding in spots. as far as the rainfall goes, from texas all the wray to the southeast into the carolinas, we arlookin
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southern planes. temperatures into the 80s and 90s. the tropics are heating up we're going to take a hook at that in just a few minutes >> thank you so much, michelle we're back in a minute with a new court date sets in russia detained. > and we're live at the g-7 summit where they are talking about an attack on a shopping mall holy charmin! oh! excuse me! roll it back, everybody!! [all at once] sorry. new charmin ultra soft is now even softer so you'll want more! but it's so absorbent, you can use less. so it's always worth it. now, what did we learn about using less? you've got to, roll it back everybody! we all go, why not enjoy the go with charmin.
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mr. clean magic eraser: for a deep down hygienic clean. magic eraser removes the messes you can see as well as more of the dirt and grime you don't. all you do is wet, squeeze, and start erasing dirt and grime all around the house. try mr. clean magic eraser: for a deep down clean. ♪ when you have nausea, ♪ ♪ heartburn, ingestion, upset stomach... ♪ ♪ diarrheaaaa.♪ try pepto bismol with a powerful coating action. for fast and soothing relief. pepto bismol for fast relief when you need it most. the g-7 is vowing to support ukraine for quote, as long as it takes, but russia continues its all-out attack against the country. the latest target was a shopping mall with more than 1,000 inside so far 16 are dead and 59 injured. the u.s. announced it will
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purchase an advanced missile defense system for ukraine how significant is that? >> it's significant, frances we're seeing this system purchased from the wooernls. it's unlikely to be a game changer, but it could improve the ukrainian standing, especially when it comes to repelling air attacks. we just saw a devastating example of that. that attack on a shopping mall where more than 1,000 were present. and that estimate of 16 dead, the number is likely to go up as authorities try to clear the damage and try to locate victims. but the real game changer here and one that officials here at the g-7 and world leade leaders are really struggling to deal with is how to damage and deplete russia's war machine financially. of course the g-7 countries are not sending troops to ukraine to fight against the russians, and
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neither is nato, but they are trying through a series of sanctions that have really surprised the world with the unity and speed with which they applied sanctions to russia, they're really trying to figure out how to do this in a non-military fashion, without putting military troops on the front lines in ukraine against the russians that's why all eyes are focussed on the nato conference president biden and other world leaders are headed to madrid to try to hash out more plans but here at the g-7 one of the things of this' been talking about is trying to put some sort of cap on the price of russian oil or exports of russian oil, because at the same time that they've applied all of these sanctions, a sweeping effort to try to punish moscow for some reason, world leaders are discovering that russia's economy is still thriving, even though they did default on about $100 million on loans in foreign reserves this week but the effort to try to deplete the russian war machine
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financially is going to really struggle as long as china and india are still buying russian oil. so this effort is going to be a maiden voyage to try to use some sort of innovative economic tool to try to stop the sale of russian oil to india and china or to at least deplete it. the fact is all of the efforts so far to try to punish moscow, especially when it comes to petroleum and other fossil fuels have almost entirely backfired so this is going to be a new kind of sanction and one we're probably going to be hearing about in the next couple days and weeks. >> complexity is beyond the borders of that rheem. meanwhile, the d nba star detained in russia will soon have her day in court. brittney griner's trial will begin on friday. she appeared in russian state video during a preliminarya wee invasion alleging that she had vape cartridges with
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now to the g-7 where president biden has been meeting with his european counter parts over the past few days steve sedgwick gins us from germany near the site of the g-7. good morning, steve. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely, phillip. fascinating meeting in many ways, dominated as we said yesterday by events in ukraine the bombing of a shopping mall in ukraine has got the following reaction from the d-7 leaders. they called it abominable and indiscriminate attack on civilians and adding that they would continue providing support to ukraine for as long as it takes. now from garmisch they are talking about a new oil price cap. also the cost of living in the u.s. and the ramifications according to the lending club report, 58% of americans now are
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living paycheck to paycheck. of course we have this inflation spike. what is fascinating as well, americans on $250,000 or more, 30% of those on $250,000 or more are also living paycheck to paycheck now inflation is a 40-year high, bigger credit cart balances, more reliance on credit cards. the balance on credit cards $848 billion on credit cards. ahead, a popular tiktok mother's emotional plea after her son gets killed at a gas ioatn. plus alec baldwin's controversial interview today with wood pea allen. that's when we started using swiffer. in just a few minutes, duster captures dust before it gets airborne. it traps and locks dust in one swipe. yes! for our floors, sweeper's heavy duty cloths
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in today's top stories, the new marist poll shows the majority of america disagree with the overturning of roe v wade the poll also suggesting the debate ties to party lines with 80% of democrats opposing the ruling compared to 20% of republicans. facebook and instagram have begun removing posts from users offering abortion pills to
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women. content involving buying, selling or giving away pharmaceuticals is not allowed on its platform. in an emotional plea, ophelia nichols asked her followers to help find who killed her child her nickname is mama tot and she revealed that her child was hot and killed at a gas station a day before this 19th birthday. fill lane maxwell will learn her fate the 60 yield was convicted in
4:28 am
september of five federal sex trafficking charges. prosecutors have recommended she be sentenced to a minimum of 30 years and up to 55 years alec baldwin will be interviewing woody allen today >> i'm going to be doing an instagram live with woody allen, who i love i love you, woody. instagram, i'm with body >> they'll be talking about his latest book. in the video caption, baldwin wrote he has zero interest in anyone's judgment, potentially about accusations that allen abused his adopted daughter. allen denies them. we're not talking about baseball yankees fans were at the edge of their seat as one young fan attempted this water bottle trick in the ninth inning.
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the crowd erupted in cheers as the girl landed the flip on her third try. that reaction going viral on social media it's so cute >> it is and it was a great game, too so you know they had the who do you think you are? canceling plans, commanding a room, being your own biggest fan. who said you could do that? say no to settling, no to compromising. yes to getting all of the above. who? no, really. tell us. who do you think you are? oh, you're you. and tj maxx is where you can afford to be you to the maxx.
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>> i mean. we got kids here that enjoy this kind of thing. >> the end of the era and the south bay. great america announces it will permanently closed its doors. when it set to happen. >> the babe area housing market is cooling off. changes. the warming trend is coming to an end. meteorologist kari hall is tracking cooler temperatures.


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