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tv   Today  NBC  June 28, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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let your own fireworks but we are also headed for some cooler temperatures going into the holiday weekend. the highs reach into the mid- 70s throughout the weekend. we like the cooling trend. that is what's happening today in the bay. we are back and >> suffering from heat stroke and exhaustion. searching for answers for one of the worst human smuggling cases in years.
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derailing. dazed passengers after impact. the boy scout troop that sprang into action. >> fighting on, the new battleground in state courts. judges in states blocking the decision as chaos and confusion at clinics. >> an unexpected last minute hearing today. the witness in the inner corridors of the white house that just came forward. all of that plus remarkable discovery. the wreckage of a u.s. navy ship. the deepest ship wreck ever found. how it was located and the wartime account of a sailor that was there. >> today exclusive. the fast food worker that did not miss one shift in nearly three decades of service.
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>> i just really want to tell everybody out there how thankful i am. getting the deal he deserves. an internet gold rush and well-deserved day off as he visits us live in the studio on tuesday june 28, 2022. >> good morning, unfortunately that heartbreaking story out of san antonio leads our news. >> it all unfolded when someone heard a cry for help inside a tractor trailer. when it was open, 46 migrants found dead.
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several others hospitalized. >> tonight, we are dealing with a horrific human tragedy. i would urge you all to think compassionately and pray for the deceased, the ailing, the families. >> an astonishing human story there. morgan joins us from that scene. what's the latest? >> officials are calling this the worst mass casualty event this area has seen. this remote road now where a massive crime scene is being scoured. that semitruck where they discovered 50 bodies about 100 bodies from where i'm standing. they towed it and are looking for any sign of evidence. >> a sweltering summer day in
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texas with temperatures topping 100 degrees contributing to one of the country's deadliest cases. >> quite a few already dead. >> 46 people found dead. >> the truck driver is running southbound on foot. >> a local worker made the terrible discovery after hearing cries for help. >> authorities found the abandoned semitruck with the doors partially opened. >> the likely cause of death, heat stroke. incredibly, 16 others survived including several children. they were in extremely weakened state when taken to area hospitals. >> the patients we saw were hot to the touch. they were suffering from heat
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stroke, heat exhaustion. no signs of water in the vehicle. it was a refrigerated tractor trailer but there was no ac unit found working on the scene. >> another case, where 10 people died inside a tractor trailer in 2015. according to u.s. customs and border prodecision. governor abbott tweeting, quote, these deaths are on biden as a result of the open boarder policy. san antonio's mayor with a different perspective. >> there are 46 individuals who are no longer with us who had families, who were likely trying to find a better life. >> this morning, the white house has yet to make an official response but have yet to refer a
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decision placing the blame squarely on smugglers as the investigation is ongoing. >> is there any word on potential suspects? >> we did speak to authorities who told us they have taken three individuals into custody as potential suspects but stopping short of saying they are directly tied. this remains a very active crime scene. we are told canine units will be in this area to make sure anyone in or near that truck is accounted for. >> thank you, morgan. this morning, a team of ntsb investigators is heading to the scene of a deadly amtrak derailment. a train traveling from los angeles to chicago collided with a dump truck. maggie has more for us.
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>> reporter: good morning. two fatalities, two people on board and the driver of that dump truck. i'll show you this crash site. we are kept a ways back because it is so large. a 16-member team on its way now. look for the event recorder and any video it may have captured. >> this is video of passenger inside the train in the immediate aftermath. outside, dazed survivors sitting on top of the overturned train. >> you all right? >> yes, sir. >> we hit a truck. someone was crossing the tracks. >> eight cars and two locomotives derailed after
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colliding with a dump truck. the area called an uncontrolled crossing. no crossing gates. there was a stop sign. >> on highway 11 we have an amtrak derailment. multiple injuries, multiple fatalities. >> multiple law enforcement agencies, first responders and med ee vac on the scene in minutes. >> multiple injuries and three fatalities. >> the train could have been traveling up to 79 miles an hour. at that speed, it would need more than a mile to stop. >> it looked like a bomb had gone off inside. >> high school teacher heading to a conference in chicago with his wife and six students. >> i can't even begin to describe the scene of people injured, bleeding, trying to get out of the train.
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my brain said this might be when i die. >> this derailment is the third fatal accident this week. fatal conditions in brentwood, california and alabama left four others dead. the crossing in missouri was an accident waiting to happen. >> amtrak comes through here anywhere from 75 to 100 miles an hour. it doesn't give you much time. if you make a mistake, you have the potential of just like it happened. >> we are told two boy scott troops were on board coming home from new mexico. they are all okay because they stayed on site after to help injured passengers. >> of course they did. boy scotts. maggie there in missouri. thank you.
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we move now to the ongoing battles. the focus shifting to new legislation in states coast to coast. stephanie has more for us this morning. >> the supreme court's ruling has left many rattled. the most immediate impact is in those states where abortion was banned in just a matter of hours. >> days after that landmark decision, many states still coping with the aftermath and some seeking abortion facing uncertainty. abortion now illegal in seven states. at least a dozen more expected to ban or restrict the prooerd in years ahead. abortion rights groups are suing the state of louisiana, arguing the ban violates the state's constitution. >> all of this is whiplash for
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you and for patients. >> we've gone from the lowest of the lows to a temporary high. i would only say to our patients, it's worth it. >> women who want an abortion will have to cross the state lines to the 20 states where abortions are legal. texas right to life are hoping they can stop by putting social programs in place. >> we want to make sure we are protecting pregnant students and workers. >> vice president harris vowing the administration to fight to make sure abortions remain available. >> we will do everything within our power to make sure women have access to the medication they need, which has been fda a proved and freedom of travel. >> back in court july 8 when that temporary restraining order could be lifted.
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in utah, pro-abortion rights activists don't hold much hope but say their legal teams are committed. a surprise twist in the january 6 investigation, the house committee looking into the insurrection adding an unexpected public hearing for a leader today. peter alexander in washington for us what can we expect for this surprise hearing and do we know what may have prompted the >> this is an extraordinary moment the committee said it wouldn't resume hearings for another couple weeks three sources tell nbc news, the surprise witness is a woman named cassidy hutchison, former staff aid to president trump the first white house employee to test in front of the committee. she was often in the roam where critical conversations happened.
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last week's hearings, her closed door testimony providing some of the biggest testimonies where she named several names of the republican lawmakers who requested presidential pardons she was there when meadows described hearing mr. trump make comments in support of the chants of rioters to hang mike pence. >> this seems unplanned. there is suspension when the committee calls a hearing out of the blue is there a risk in case it doesn't meet expectations? >> pulling 0 of a surprise in washington carries risks always. they emphasize the urgency among secrets are security
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concern. the white house council that was crucial during watergate he warned the committee they face a high bar for surprise witness and says if it is not really important, it will hurt the committee's credibility. so we'll watch and see >> we should mention nbc news will have live coverage. 12:30 online more to get to after the ongoing search for survivors by a russian missile on a crowded shopping mall in ukraine richard engel is on the scene. >> reporter: good morning. this attack shocked many not because russia attacked but because of the location. we are nowhere near the front lines. what was hit is just a shopping mall full of civilians
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ukrainians say it made them feel nowhere in this country is safe. perhaps that is what russia was trying to achieve. >> after working through the night, rescue crews look exhausted. mostly, they are searching for remains. it is quiet now. the only sounds are shovels. last night, the mall was noisy full 1,000 people inside. some of the children's toys, backpacks and a soccer ball remain a strong smell of fire is everywhere investigators are on site collecting evidence of possible war crimes it is illegal to deliberately bomb civilians that's exactly what russia did and is doing across the country. the mall was so crowded because the area had never been hit before
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people felt safe president zelenskyy accused russia of trying to break their spirit >> translator: they cannot break us even if they decide to bomb us all in all our cities they cannot break our nation >> why do you think this is happening. there are now thousands of allegations of russian war crimes here. >> thousands >> why >> very difficult question that's not even the question something was broken with mentality with them. >> translator: the entire beast lurking inside of them has erupted out. >> russian officials have claimed without providing any evidence that it was the ukrainians that bombed this shopping mall themselves to gain international sympathy
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particularly in the west >> ukrainian officials say that's exactly why the investigators are here to proof the russian claims are a lie >> richard engel at the scene. you can see the full conversation with ukraine's president today on nbc >> switching engineers to mr. roker. hurricane season is upon us. >> it is we are watching this area. it has 30% chance of developing in the gulf of mexico. you can see anywhere from coastal texas to the texas/mexico border. we are watching this closely the other problem is the warm water temperatures 78 degrees above average in the gulf we could have to worry about rapid intensification. it will bring heavy rain from the panhandle to the texas
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border we are looking at several inches the silver lining is there is a drought there. we are watching potential cyclone number two winds now upwards of 40 miles an hour if this does become a hurricane, usually we don't see hurricanes in this area until august 1, this would be a month early. we are tracking this closely as well we'll get to your local forecast in 30 seconds. ine, so now i'm going to have to start it again ...even insisted he didn't need directions dan. okay, i'm not lost. i'm exploring. that said, do you know where i am? earn 5% cash back in your top eligible spend category, up to $500 spent each billing cycle. with the citi custom cash℠ card.
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good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall . as we take a live look outside, it is nice, clear, sunny and cool but we will be warming up once again. 81 degrees. 92 in concord. san francisco has fog and temperatures in the upper 60s. >> that is your latest weather. weather. >> ahead with millions on the move we are going to share to avoid the costly delays at the airport. >> a navy ship that played a key
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role in world war ii now the deepest ship wreck ever discovered
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♪ ♪ ♪ voltaren. the joy of movement. a very good morning to you. i'm laura garcia. here's a look at what's happening now. checking in with kris sanchez because -- >> reporter: san jose police are looking for clues that might lead them to the person who hit this person and left them in the roadway to die. this is on south jackson between kemmerer and san antonio. the person who was hit here died here and it appears to be
7:27 am
an in house person judging by the fact there is a shopping cart and a number of belongings on the roadway next to the body. they are taking measurements and when they are done they will take the person away and attempt to identify them. we can tell you here in the city of san jose, this is the 21st person to be killed in a crash on the road. last year, there were eight. better news when it comes to the forecast, that is. we are already seeing cooler temperatures in san francisco and the fog will provide some relief. we will see the highs in the upper 60s but as you make your way towards the north bay and east bay, we are headed for the upper 80s and a few low to mid- 90s. san jose will see a high of 84 degrees and we start the
7:28 am
cooling trend for the valleys tomorrow. 82 in napa and on thursday, most of us will be in the 70s. we do continue to see the cooler air coming in asthis
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\s ♪ oh, here >> there we go if that little face doesn't make you happy, nothing will. the 28th of june days away, the minions, all coming this friday their new movie out. it is not just about the minions. it is about gru and his origin steve carrel will be here to answer some of those penetrating questions. >> i didn't know the minions are
7:31 am
so big in real life. >> we are looking forward to that gill an maxwell scheduled to be sentenced today. the jury convicted maxwell on sex trafficking. prosecutors say she deserves between 30 to 55 years her lawyers have asked for a sentence of under 20 years >> the jurors in the watson one-year suspension. he's agreed to settle on lawsuits for sexual misconduct the nfl is recommended the quarterback serve an indefinite suspension of at least one year. a federal judge will make the final decision
7:32 am
>> to wimbledon now, british tennis star being praised on something she did on a break burrage noticed a ball boy looking faint on the sidelines she rushed over to see if he was okay she realized he needed some sugar. she gave him a sports drink and some candy i know what you are thinking, did she win the match? >> no, she did not experts are saying it is because she gave away her water. a winner she won hearts such a classic move. >> i watched a lot of wimbledon but serena and cocoa won today >> a lot getting ready for the july 4th destination >> take a look already
7:33 am
this morning, nearly 900 flights delayed or canceled. a number only expected to grow good advice for travelers. >> reducing the risk of travel chaos. the key is being proactive preparing for last minute changes and responding to them some 13 million americans will take to the skies. >> the final countdown to independence day interfere rating dependence on travel problems. over one quarter of u.s. flights being delayed. over half for an hour or more. >> lines are pretty long to
7:34 am
figure out how to book baltimore and newark are among the country's most disrupted airports soaring demand has some passengers rethinking their plans. >> is there anything you would do differently >> not go. i am not making anymore plans for travel this is it >> u.s. airports just saw their busiest travel days of 2.5 million on sunday. a record expected to be broken this holiday weekend how can you avoid the problems try to travel on off-peak days friday july 1 will be the busiest. congested days will be july 2 and 4. sign up for airport free text alerts when packing, remember less is more
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try to avoid checking baggage and be prepared for last minute cancellations.ry the international call center. even for domestic flights, they can still help >> consider adding a flight disruption coverage that allows you to book the next immediate flight regardless of the carrier. >> ask the airline to put you up in a hotel they are not required by law to do so. remember to be nice. >> can your attitude impact the out come >> i would say a positive attitude will only get you further. >> keeping the skies friendly even when the process is turbulent. >> this happened to me last week, your flight gets canceled,
7:36 am
why is it so hard to get rebuked? >> because the flights are already packed airlines have trimmed their schedules. >> if you do find yourself having trouble, one other tip is to reach out to the airline on twitter or other platforms if other customer service lines are busy. >> you should also be nice >> absolutely. still ahead, imagine never missing a single day of work no vacations or sick days. a fast food worker is being celebrated for just that in 27 years. kevinford is getting a well-deserved break this morning with us live we want to take you off the coast four miles to a discovery. a navy ship from world war ii how it was located after this.
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we're back. 7:40 on this an amazing discovery four miles beneath the ocean surface back in 1944 has finally been found we have a remarkable story good morning >> good morning. after nearly 80 years of sitting on the ocean floor, the samuel b. roberts has been found. making history as the greatest wreckage ever discovered >> deep in the sea off the philippines, the wreckage of the uss samuel b. roberts. the navy destroyer that sank nearly 80 years ago has been on the floor of the western pacific
7:42 am
ocean over four miles deep a team of american and british explorers found the ship split in two the gun mount and torpedo haul in tact. they could make the ship number. 413. >> finding the wreck does bring some respect to those who wept down in battle >> the deepest ship wreck yet. further in sea twice than mount kilamajaro is high after deep-sea detective work. >> finding a wreck like this has just been -- we couldn't have wished for more. >> the sammy b is famous for a heroic stand against the
7:43 am
japanese during a battle in the philippine sea in 1944 >> the vast american naval force. battleships, cruisers, destroyers and submarines. the nephew escort never meant for heavy battle but made a torpedo shot the gunner recalled before he died in 2016 how they were outnumbered and out gunned >> i knew, by, this is for real. it is going to be a fight to the finish >> the order came abandon ship survivors watched her slip into the sea along with 89 men. the ship now an artifact they are considered a war grave. look but don't touch
7:44 am
it is sacred it's essentially an american graveyard. >> the crew kept its distance for other reasons too. the cannons are still loaded >> there were four u.s. ships that went down including the uss johnson, which was found last year by the same explorer and was considered the deepest wreck. their plan now is to find those two other ships to help complete this incredible connection we are looking for temperatures that have finally cooled down. as you move in land, billings,
7:45 am
above 93 today salt lake city flirting with 100. temperature, those temperatures hit near record highs. omaha, chicago, 85 degrees memphis, 92. on the warm side cleveland. hello. you'll be in the mid-90s d.c., boston 94 degrees nashville into the 90s as well we look into the july 3 or july 4th week, we are looking for warmer than average in the midsection and for july, warm in the nor'easter, warmer than average through the central plains a little cool in the pacific northwest. wetter through the good morning.
7:46 am
i'm meteorologist kari hall. we are starting a call but it will be another hot day for some of our inland valleys reaching 90 degrees. we will start to see more of a breeze and drop in temperatures tomorrow, but real relief is coming on thursday with highs in the low 80s and mid-70s throughout the weekend with a mix of sun thank you, sir coming up, new images of the queen stepping out >> the honored olympian michael phelps and the message he delivered there with family at his side
7:47 am
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7:51 am
carson joining the party here. our good friend michael phelps adding another milestone >> inducted to the u.s. olympic and parallelic hall of fame. with his beautiful family by his side he used his speech to talk about mental health. he's shared quite a bit with us here today he said it is now his biggest journey and called for more support for athletes >> he honored his family for support. we've been following in their foot steps the adorable phelps kids remember when his wife introduced us to boomer. >> and lindsey vonn honored and
7:52 am
dedicated her award to her mother who is fighting als so encouraging to watch. >> lindsey vonn, billy jean king, mia ham. >> boomer phelps already more athletic than me coming up, what would you do if a huge music star walked into your local pub and just started singing. there he is from cold play >> steve carrel tell talking ab the minions. why don't you just do that in the real world? um, because now i can bundle in space. watch this.
7:53 am
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talk to your eczema specialist about rinvoq. learn how abbvie can help you save. it is 7:56 right now. i'm laura garcia. here's a look at what is happening right now. virus go on sale today as well as in tracy, pacifica, bruno, and suisun city. just because they are sold does not mean you have free reign to set them off. you want to check with your city first. cal fire is warning that safe and sanes are still dangerous and can cause wildfires. everyone, the latest reading of the case index of
7:57 am
home prices shows san francisco house prices grew 22.9% year over year. that is the same reading we've got in the past. no signs of slowing. nationwide, looking at a 20 city index, prices are up 20.6% year-over-year, slightly less than previous measures. we are getting a cooldown in the weather. >> we will see fog moving in and for the inland areas, over the next few days, that will provide more cooling. it still hitting 90 today and upper 80s tomorrow. we will feel the difference on thursday and into the weekend with highs in the low to mid- 70s. even into the fourth of july. branson fiscal goes from upper 60s to low to mid 60s as the fog lingers much longer throughout the day. that, of course, may raise the concerns about being able to see the fireworks. we will be watching that.
7:58 am
thank you for joining us. another local news update is another local news update is coming up in
7:59 am
when big tobacco's products were found out to be killers, they promised smokers safety. they called it a filter. but this filter wasn't safe or useful, just small and made of microplastics that have endangered us all. for far too long, they have polluted the earth. they're literally everywhere.
8:00 am
there's no need to search. big tobacco, you'll have to answer for your despicable ride, for your wake of destruction. your one little big lie. ♪♪ it's 8:00 on "today." coming it is 8:00 today coming up, texas tragedy at least 46 migrants dead inside a tractor trailer. survivors taken to the hospital. >> survivors were hot to the touch. >> the latest on the investigation. then, would you like a smile with that. what started as a small gesture for a fast food worker in las vegas turning into an out pouring of support >> how a gift bag from a
8:01 am
co-worker helped raise $150,000 to celebrate an employee with an amazing record tots. where did they get so much? >> and from michael scott to the minions. >> oscar nominated actor steve carell here to talk about his latest >> any chance he'll do a weather report >> the wind is really windy. >> rick can you hear me? >> i can't hear you. >> you are answering the question so i think you can hear me >> no, i can't >> more with you today on june 28, 2022 girls trip from wisconsin. >> from indiana. she just graduated
8:02 am
>> celebrating her sweet 16 from oregon >> our first time at the today show >> from colorado >> celebrating 36 years of marriage >> shout out to my dad watching at home. >> from jackson, mississippi >> i'm turning 49 today. a that is my jam tuesday morning or as craig calls it tues-yay. >> if you join us tomorrow, you are in for a treat if you think it is too expense jif to swing a summer vacation, we have some good news >> joining us with some money saving trips for camping on the cheap. >> and you may not have to fly to go camping.
8:03 am
>> we start in texas whereat least 46 people are dead and what officials are calling one of the worst cases of human smuggling in decades morgan is with us with the latest >> reporter: good morning. a heartbreaking discovery on this remote road also a massive crime scene we've learned in the last few minutes that just 100 yards behind us, a city worker made the discovery where he heard cries for help and opened the doors finding 46 bodies and 16 survivors. four of those patients in the hospital are children. >> federal investigators are on
8:04 am
scene gathering evidence three men have been detained texas governor abbott saying these deaths are squarely on biden saying that they happened as a result of his open border policies the white house has yet to make an official response but the secretary for dhs says the blame for this is squarely on smugglers. they are launching a federal investigation. we are told that this area has been known to potentially be a drop-off area for migrants this site remains closed off for the time being >> morgan. thank you. >> investigators are searching for evidence at the scene of last night's deadly amtrak crash. at least three people died there when the train going from los angeles to chicago hit a dump truck and then derailed. the victims including the truck driver and two others on the
8:05 am
train. more than 200 passengers on board that train this is the third fatal amtrak accident this week following accidents in california and alabama. wnba player brought to a pre-trial hearing yesterday in shackles arrested in moscow accused of having vape cart wraths with traces of hashish oil. she could spend up to 10 years in prison. the u.s. defense department says she's being wrongfully detained. >> the queen took part of an event in scotland. there she is in the gardens of her official resident paying tribute to her role as the head of the armed forces giving her a chance to celebrate. when you are a queen, the
8:06 am
birthday celebrations go on and on >> time for a boost. two-year-old caden had not seen his military dad puzzled when a giant gift box showed up. he tried to peak under something inside started to knock back check it out >> jumping up and down with excitement >> bubba hi, bubba. >> do you think he remembers daddy? >> home from kuwait. so many hugs and kisses. when we come back, our favorite story of the morning. the faithful fast food employee that went viral because he did
8:07 am
not miss a shift in nearly three decades. he earned a day off today because he's with us live. about to enjoy a special reunion. the first with his daughter and grandkids in other four years. >> steve carell here to talk about the minions and his own origin story in hollywood. more with us with a battery that learns from you and adapts to last over 24 hours. and new features are always dropping. so it all just keeps getting better. google pixel. the phone made by google. for all you are. (host) more and more cat parents are feeding tastefuls from blue buffalo because it's tasty and healthy. and now blue tastefuls comes in single serve portions. just snap it, peel it, pop it, chop it.
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we're back. it's 8:10. a "today" exclusive for gone vie roll for all the right reasons. hasn't missed a day of work in nearly 30 years. a little more on his journey >> i just really want to tell everybody out there how thankful i am >> kevinford expressing his gratitude. a video of him receiving a gift bag for his service went viral >> a movie ticket. thank you very much. i also got a bag of recesses >> the 54-year-old has worked at the las vegas airport for
8:12 am
restaurants for nearly three decades. in all those years, he has never missed a scheduled shift, not one. >> after 27 years of working, that's all he got? another person writing, kevin, you are a treasure and a special person a valued associate and group of honored group of employees that have worked for us for many
8:13 am
years. >> one of ford's daughters started a good fund me and how her single dad supported her writing, in no way are we asking for money but if you feel led to give $170,000 raised. even $5,000 given. >>ford posting his reaction. >> this really means so much to me >> all the way from las vegas missing a day of work for the first time >> good morning. good to have you here. >> what does it feel like being here >> it is like a dream come true. it is just overwhelming.
8:14 am
especially all of the support i'm receiving everyday >> a lot of folks were astonished you had not missed a day of work for 27 years how? >> i don't know. maybe i'm a robot. it is just something you work, you got to feed these kids and put them through school. i never thought of missing a day. >> someone responded saying,
8:15 am
that's it? you weren't looking for more >> the manager brought me a gift i loved it i said let's do a little shout out video. i was grateful to have it. >> i'm still grateful. i've got that cup in my room >> then the internet out pour came in. >> why do you think your story resonates so much. >> i think people love to see people grateful for some things, which i am everybody has been through a lot. i look toward the smaller things in my life i'm grateful for everything. i'm grateful for every day i can wake up and go to work and be a good citizen, a good american
8:16 am
and do my part i'm just grateful. >> you are a great example for the world and kids and graduate kids who, by the way are here. >> one reason, your daughter thought she would raise money so you do have a reunion. >> haven't seen you guys in so long serena nice to meet you. >> hi, guys. gather around. >> hey, pop. >> absolutely. >> four years it's been?
8:17 am
>> i haven't touched my grandchildren. look at these sweet faces. >> what does this moment mean? >> it is a lot to take in honestly it means a lot sorry. it means a lot to us it's been a lot. >> you are the one who started the go fund me page. at least check, it was $170,000. will probably go even higher what made you think my dad deserves this? >> my dad deserves the world, to me in my opinion. my dad gave me the world
8:18 am
my dad made me the person that i am so -- i, i love my dad more than i can ever put into words. i didn't have high expectations when i posted it, honestly the original goal was $200, a plane ticket >> for sure. i didn't know but it definitely exceeded expectations. >> are you proud of your grandpa. >> what less on do you learn from him and his example >> don't be greedy. >> be grateful for what you have >> kevin, i know you were overwhelmed before we brought in these incredible grandkids >> thank you thank you, everybody i just want to tell everybody out there, thank you for every cent
8:19 am
just the thought of watching the video or just having a reason to smile. there's been donations from australia, uk, all around the world. thank you to everybody it is just a dream come true a world wind of love that's all i want everybody to know >> have a good day in new york and have some fun. great to meet you. kids >> thank you for the lesson. >> you look very comfortable you can do this job. >> i am pretty comfortable >> let's check the weather nailed it. looking at an area of disturbed weather.
8:20 am
we could see that develop. frontal system moving off the east coast some showers and storms moving cooler there 60s and 70s. all the way down to the gulf temperatures in the 90s. 60s. low humidity real humidity of the day more severe storms in the upper great lakes. we are looking at more sunshine. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. as we take a live look at side, waking up to sunshine and some fog on the bay. we will see valley temperatures reaching into the 90s today. very hot but we are on a cooling trend as we go towards the end of the week with mid- 70s expected on friday and into the weekend. it will be very
8:21 am
>> >> check us out on today show. eva mendez on "off the rails." >> kevin ford and then this. >> that was like a scene in a movie where the most perfect human comes on a morning talk show and inspires the world. good stuff >> first up, chris martin proving he can do it all visiting the stag inn. a bar in the uk. after chatting with them about
8:22 am
their wedding, he started playing. >> getting married in a minute >> in august >> ♪ ♪ cause you're a star ♪ ♪ i'm going to give you my heart ♪ ♪ >> people walking about going what's going on there. >> like any good bar, you tweet that now people stop in there hoping see him. >> they wrote, he's a lovely guy. he ordered a guiness disney dropped the trailer for the anticipated sequel all three of the sisters return.
8:23 am
>> we call on thee with one request. bette midler, sara jessica parker and kathy najimy. >> yes we are back. >> hey, the sanderson sisters i bet you are looking for the stage. >> that reminds me of light as a feather, stiff as a board. >> trying to levitate.
8:24 am
>> never do the weegy board. >> until matel comes out with a version. bruce willis stepping away from acting. in the latest role, a former cop on a mission to rescue his daughter a peak >> chloe are you okay >> i'm just at the cabin i wanted to make sure you were still coming >> i just need to get to my dad. >> made a crucial mistake. >> nothing personal, pal just in the wrong place at the wrong time >> watching theaters on demand also july 15 >> america's got talent. 23-year-old opra singer wowed
8:25 am
the judges but also doing some impressions. she gave heidi klum a die to ask her to twist it while she was singing. ♪♪ >> stevie nicks. celin dion ♪ ♪s that where you'll find me ♪ >> siri. >> birds fly over the rainbow why, oh, why can't i >> does she get the golden buzzer watch tonight to see
8:26 am
>> i'm sure that woman will get a vegas residency. guess what is happening outside. minions. i'm marcus washington.. tennessee leaders consider rolling back a decades-old ban on a favorite past time, cruising. since 1986, it has been illegal forcing people to look elsewhere. back when council members bandit, they decided that the city traffic and russian and what they labeled
8:27 am
it will be hot. 91 in livermore and north bay in the upper 80s. san francisco upper 60s. we will see more of the same tomorrow but a cooldown for some of the valleys. morgan hill reaching 89 and 92 in fairfield. on thursday, relief comes our way with 70s and low 80s and then 70s for the weekend as we go into the fourth of july. we will have another
8:28 am
8:29 am
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♪♪ hi. >> welcome back to "today." we are with the crowd, on a tuesday morning, june 28th, 2022. we'll see the minions in a moment. there he is. >> we have an army of minions. >> i love it steve carell is the best we have the latest chapter
8:31 am
the biggest in history it hits the theaters on friday how steve's career got started with an application to law school it could have been you >> serious minion fever. that's minion dedication right there. >> before with close out the month, adriana brock is back with a june best seller including this special blanket >> adriana is here saying it is easier than you think to pull off a clam bake. >> i'm about to reveal our next read with jenna selection. i love this one. love it. >> drum roll
8:32 am
>> i thought it was now. >> it is a tease coming up, we have a special dad's got this with a trail blazing professional baseball player displaying his pride off the field and on his biggest supporter is his dad. >> al with the weather going to the big d going to detroit >> the river walk to celebrate our start today walking plan we are going to be joined by our local family and the detroit river walkers. if you are in the area, come on down tomorrow morning starting at 7:00 a.m. a little before that we'll continue through the third
8:33 am
>> with a look ahead to the july 4th weekend. southern storms through the gulf hot, dry, western third of the country. on sunday, sunday. lingering storms and texas heat continues leading up to the plains july 4th in the nor'easter and new england. good morning. it is going to be hot for the valleys today reaching into the low to mid-90s. we will start a cooling trend that will feel much better by the end of the week. you can have your air conditioning off for the weekend.
8:34 am
highs in the mid 70s and breezy today in san francisco. >> such a big crowd. >> ready what would happen if you woke up one morning, there was a box on your doorstep that contained a string that showed you how long your life is it is not sad.
8:35 am
every person on the planet gets this box and fate is put to the test it is a debut novel about love and hope this great cast of interweavering characters and how we measure a life. >> this is perfect for book clubs. >> that's very true. it will fill you with so much goodness >> who wants some goodness >> everybody got a book with no strings attached it is also being made into a film with the same company that did the obama movie. >> jbh, thank you. >> they match the minions. >> coming up next, the star of the perfect movie to see with yourids this holiday weeke knd
8:36 am
8:37 am
8:38 am
we are >> we are back check it out our plaza has been taken over. what are they without the big boss himself, gru. steve carell returns this time gru is 11 and three quarters years old and meeting the yellow guys the first time >> when you guys tracked me down and responded to my help wanted ad i was like, i need tater tots and where did they get so much denim? >> steve carell. good morning with he meet again >> can you believe, this had so much staying power is this the fifth in the
8:39 am
franchise? >> yes would you have ever thought? >> not until i saw the first one. >> it takes a year and a half, two years to do all of the animation and good voice i thought it's a good script, really fun when you see the final product incredible >> when they were first like, we are going to have these yellow guys and denim overalls and they speak a language no one understands yet everyone seems to understand. >> is it the minions that is the secret or is it gru? >> it is gru mostly gru no the minions have been described as twinkies or tater tots. it is sort of incree hencible it
8:40 am
became what they game. people love them i thinks it because they are equal parts ob nnoxious and endearing. >> you were telling me your kids even adults wanted to come to the premier. >> yes my son said, dad, seriously, it was really good. he's an aspiring film student. he said, i love the shots and the composition. he loved the movie for the movie. >> the first one came out when he was like four or five now he's 18. >> that's high praise, especially for a teenager to say anything nice about anything their parent is voled in. >> this is gru's origin. i love that it took place in the
8:41 am
70s. that's just magical. the outfits, the music all of it. all a big part. there is one joke about the time it takes to dial a rotary phone. >> gru is 11 and three quarters years old, which made me think about you in the 70s then. >> what kind of kid were you >> i was cool. i had it all dialled in. >> were you a bully too? >> no. i had long air -- long hair i wore what we called flairs >> the bell bottom
8:42 am
>> were you a lady's man >> oh, yeah. clearly. and still am. >> i know. even though you've been married 50 years >> 27. sq >> your beautiful wife your kids. >> you really got big late 30s, 40 that's a late time to be a journeyman >> i wasn't trying to make it big. i was happy to make a living the rest of it was sort of gravy, really. >> what's the best job you've ever had we had kevin ford on who didn't miss a shift in 27 years >> the worst one pops to mind. i worked in a produce department
8:43 am
ied to wrap fruit in celophane >> it was the 70s, i guess >> it was a tricky time. the boxes get soggy. >> i was terrible. >> at one point, i was putting popcorn on the shelf, i poked a hole and i used the price stieker to close it up my manager said what's this and pull it had off and it all spilled out. >> thank you i love you gru, and the minions. from our parent company nbc universal and illumination we would say this no matter. the kids will love it. it is. thank you. when we come back. adriana brock in the house
8:44 am
the hottest products that will
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back now, 8:45, with best everyone looking to maximize time outdoors without overheating. adriana is here with best selling amazon products to keep us cool. you know you can follow us by scanning that qr code on the screen always good to have you here thank you for coming in. >> we need to stay cool. >> this one is so great. a slushy making cup. on the go without the need for a blender.
8:47 am
>> you freeze this inner part. pour in a drink. it has to have sugar you scrape the wall and it becomes a smoothy. good for the kids. you can make milk shakes, smoothies, adult beverages >> i'm a hot sleeper my wife si cold sleeper. >> when you are a hot sleeper, it is all about bamboo fibers. it is breathable going to let you stay cool all night long switch up the duve and use one of these bamboo blankets super affordable and a bunch of colors can you believe this is only $6.99. a portable facial mister
8:48 am
i like to add a little witch hazel here, so you can use it on sun burn guys can use it on the razor bumps. really cool tool >> i like that >> a special connection could our friend savannah guthrie. >> rita hazan is a celebrity hairstylist. >> does she do your hair >> i love her. my hair is rita. >> i was a beauty editor before i joined i remember when this came out. a two-step treatment you use once a week in lue of conditioner in the shower. great for summer >> going outdoors.
8:49 am
these are awesome cooling towels a microfiber mesh. you dunk them in the water ring it out. then you've got a cool towel, you put it on your beck, around your neck. it stays cool up to three hours. bring it to the beach. clip it on your bag. your camping >> i'm a south florida native. one of the things i still can't get over is umbrellas. this beach tent is awesome $29.99 perfect if you have a couple small kids upf 50 fabric.
8:50 am
it will keep you nice and protected from the sun all day long takes just a few minutes to set up >> to find these products and the qr code right there. >> go to or text shop to 34318. the segment solely features products available on amazon that has an affiliate relationship with today. >> minions are with us clam bake. we are going to make it and how to mix things up in a delicious way.
8:51 am
8:52 am
we are back with our series
8:53 am
"today table" sponsored by walmart. our friend, alejandra ramos, hosting a new >> hosting with us here. who better to put a twist on american classics. scan the qr code and order the ingredients with a single click. schedule for pick up or delivery something i would buy a ticket to >> we are making a sheet pan clam bake.
8:54 am
>> you want to par cook the potatoes first our clams, cherry stone, herbs do a ton of garlic. >> this is easy. with the shrimp. and buy them pealed. we make our mixing liquid. two cups, wine, melted butter, sea food seasoning >> i think i could do this >> you can do this
8:55 am
smoked paprika just pour it on the pan. >> all of it >> our tasters over there. how does it taste? >> love it the sausage is spicy >> the foil is tightly wrapped pop it in. >> about 25, 35 minutes. once the clams are open, they are ready. more melted butter feast and enjoy. so simple. >> what else are you making. >> a little latin flair because
8:56 am
i'm a latina and chili and chipotle and mix it some pasta, mix it all ins that a great idea taste it the corner version, i like >> i don't like getting the corner in my teeth it is delicious. >> back in the third hour. our sponsor walmart, just scan the qr cod
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♪♪ this morning on the third hour of "today," rough ride. delays and cancellations mounting at airports. millions of us expecting to fly this holiday weekend. the things we can do to avoid getting caught in the chaos. plus, a royal tradition. queen elizabeth taking a trip of her own, inside the 96-year-old's visit to scotland. then, later, it's a "dads got this." craig meeting a baseball player stepping up to the plate by sharing his pride and his biggest supporter, his dad. and '80s supers


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