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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 28, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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it was south of lake tahoe, and it burned many homes. this is nevada county, northwest of lake tahoe. we will stay on the scene. we will be constantly updating the story on air and online. now, to our other top story. since friday, the supreme court invalidated roe v. wade. people looking for the plan b pill. it is a contraceptive option that can prevent pregnancy after a sexual encounter. now, tonight, the demand has gotten so high that several major drugstore chains have had to eliminate it for customers to buy. >> it is the most commonly available form of emergency contraception. you probably know of it as plan b. a one-time tab that prevents ovulation. it can be taken after a sexual encounter. >> that means it can be taken
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after that medication. >> it is available over the counter at most drugstores. and cvs knows immediately after the supreme court turned roe v. wade, it had a sharp increase in sales of contraceptives. so much of an increase that it temporarily limited customers to three per purchase. now it is in the process of removing those limits. rite aid also has seen increased demand. it is also limiting sales to three per customer. also spoke to planned parenthood california which offers the plan b kill bill at all 17 centers. it is not currently seeing a shortage. >> i think the provision of three tabs should be sufficient for most individuals. then they are thinking about how do i get into see my gynecologist? and talk about a more long-term strategy. >> stanford children's health says that while she thinks it is more to keep plan b in your
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medical cabinet, you do not need a stockpile. but the political climate makes it clear why people are worried about access to reproductive healthcare. >> most people do not need emergency contraception if they are using another form of contraception. emergency contraception should really be reserved. >> if you cannot find emergency contraception at your drugstore, your doctor can prescribe another more effective form to you as well. and a couple of bay area drugstores that we checked all did have the contraceptives in stock. sometimes, you had to ask to get a hold of them. at this writing, the pharmacy did not have any but you could get some behind the register. alyssa gord, nbc bay area news. the newest company to announce it will cover travel costs for companies employee
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seeking abortion. under the new policy, target will pay for any employees who live in the state where abortion is banned. they can travel to another state to get an abortion. this policy will go into effect in july. target ads are growing list of companies with similar policy announcements. the bombshell revelations in the last minute hearing from the january 6th committee, including chilling words from then president trump. they're not here to hurt me. those words were recorded by cassidy hutchinson. she is a 45-year-old age mark meadows, the chief of staff at the time. while speaking at the rally, the president wanted it removed so even armed crowd members could be admitted to the rally thing they're not here to hurt me. she said he arranged at the secret service member tony
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bernardo. >> i remember the president saying, take me to the capital now. he responded, sir, we have to go back to the west wing. the president reached up towards the front of the vehicle to crowd out the steering wheel. mr. ingold grabbed his arm. he said, sir, you need to take your hand off the steering wheel. we are going back to the west wing. we are not going to the capital. mr. trump then used his free hand to escort that angle. his motions work towards his clavicles. >> respect to the secret service as nbc news. they are prepared to testify under oath that neither man was assaulted and that mr. trump never longed for the car's steering wheel. after hutchinson, they may have rushed into the hearing with threats against her. the committee produced threatening messages that of been sent to witnesses.
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perhaps cassidy hutchinson. for much more on today's eye- opening testimony coming up at 5:30. what a star witness decided to come forward, despite being a loyal member of the republican party. vice president kamala harris is returning to the bay area in a couple days. she is scheduled to come on thursday. they will provide more info later this evening or tomorrow. she came to san francisco in april to speak about maternal health. fourth of july is right around the corner. today, several bay area communities began their annual so-called safe fireworks. there is a question of whether any fireworks or a good idea considering recent buyers around the bay area. fireworks are now open. >> you will be seeing a lot more fireworks bans like this one. it is the first day of fireworks sales here in dublin.
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as people gear up for the fourth of july holiday, fire danger is top of the mind. >> every year, i cannot wait for it. >> from sparklers to american flags, there are sparks in sales. >> it is a fun day for everybody. >> they are preparing for their annual fourth of july celebration block party to light up there dublin neighborhood with safety on their mind. >> we keep a bucket of water handy. when each firework is done, we delves it in the bucket. >> fireworks bans selling safe and sane fireworks, constantly reminding customers of safe practices. >> we give them the fireworks. we talk to them about it. most people are excited but that is what they plan on doing anyway. >> cal fire says even legal fireworks are risky. >> those fuels are definitely getting into their critical stages, and we need everyone's help to avoid future fires.
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here. locally. 99% of our buyers are caused by human. >> dublin legally approved fireworks are only allowed to be set off on fourth of july, and only in designated areas like city parks and away from apartment communities. an effort to spark the flames. >> we worry every year. it is so dry and it becomes more of a concern. >> in dublin, selena jones, nbc area news. >> > it happened on north jackson street and east san jose. it resulted a honda accord and hit northbound to hit a woman crossing the street and took off. it was down for three hours while police searched for evidence. >> everyone in the area with additional information, whether videos or sounds, testimony
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provided to detectives will bring justice to the situation. >> there have now been 21 pedestrians killed in san jose traffic trashes since the beginning of this year. in san jose, ready to start cruising again after banning the practice decades ago, tonight the city councils looking at giving it a green light and welcoming those iconic writers to show up down street. nbc's explaining that the band has raised its roots and it is time to roll into a more inclusive future. >> now, city council is still debating whether or not to repeal the decades old cruising band. >> as a kid, san jose city councilman raul gonzalez grew up cruising in san jose. he says it is time for the cruising band that has been around for more than 40 years to go. >> it is racist and
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discriminatory. >> he points out that during the last 20 years, the city has not issued a single cruising citation. keeping the ban uses some of the same arguments that implemented it back in 1986, namely concerns about the impact on traffic downtown. robert diaz is the vice president of the low rider counsel of san jose. he said san jose was once known as the capital of a low writing. he hopes lifting the cruising ban will bring people together for an activity that is culturally important to his community. >> i think that is a great duty. >> a great feeling that he hopes will make times like this obsolete. other cities in california, including sacramento, have already repealed their cruising bands. in san jose, nbc bay area news. in the south bay, the
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question of whether to stock schools and bars will be reconsidered. right now in santa clara county, first responders and nonprofit groups. supervisors say pause the action on that question pending further study. they will review the issue in august. 201 ask to delay the ban on e-cigarettes. you remember last week when the fda issued the ban. there were potential risks of jewels products. then jewel asked to play temporary hold on that fan and the courts complied. now the courts are asked to extend it. it will be over 6000 pages of data about a product and argued removing it product before shelves, even temporarily, would cause significant damage to juul's branding. the mac > a scary morning for a pilot as the crash lands on the
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peninsula. had to make this hard landing and how to do it tonight. and south bay areas getting libraries what they need tonight. and importance on reading it for 35 years. >> we are starting to see some color changes around the bay area. dublin into the 80s with 70s ahead, and a rare chance of summer showers coming back in the seven-day forecast. that when we come right back.
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okay. we have an update on our breaking news in nevada county. our copper in nevada county.
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we just received word this is burning near bridgeport. that is about 17 miles from nevada city. it started as a structure fire. it spread to nearby brush. it is now spreading at a moderate rate. so far, this fire has burned about 30 days about 350 acres. it is out of control at this time. it started just a few hours ago. cal fire and cruz are fighting it from the ground. as you can see, from the air, there has been nonstop air drops in the last couple of hours. it has been called the right to fire. there are evacuation orders even though there are a lot of homes in the area. nearby roads are closed. of course, we will continue to follow this story. the right fire burning their grass valley. specifically in the bridgeport area. it will update online and here at nbc bay area news.
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we want to talk to you about a fairly light earthquake that shook the north bay this morning at 5:00 am. that is about 30 miles north of santa rosa. came in as a 3.8 magnitude but that u.s. later upgraded it to a 4.2. the agency website stocked it but that shaking was not serious and no damage has been reported. a plane crash at the san pablo airport this morning. fortunately, no one was seriously hurt. the airport plane watched it engine shortly after takeoff. sky ranger took these pictures. we heard the pilot nearly made it back onto the runway. the plane landed on its wheels but crashed through a fence first. you can see that fence folded over. investigators say that two people on the plane suffered only minor injuries.
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jury deliberations are back underway in the criminal trial involving the second in command at sarah nose, which was based in san alto. former chief operating officer is facing charges similar to those of the founder, elizabeth holmes. she was convicted on four fraud charges in january. her sentencing is in default. closing arguments in the fall trial wrapped up last friday and is now in deliberation. a case of covid has put a pause on the scott peterson case. apparently one of the attorneys tested positive for covid-19. peterson is what is in a loose quarantine because he was exposed. 20 years ago peterson was convicted of killing his pregnant wife and unborn son, connor. he was sent to prison back in 2004. she was a domestic violence
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victim. the hearing has been rescheduled for august. back in 1987, some community volunteers who recognized the importance of a library's got together in the south bay and started the san jose public library foundation. 35 years and more than $30 million later, that foundation gets a lot of credit for what they have accomplished. the bay wants to give credit for those who do the work every day. scott thomas here with a story about these people with a special bond. >> three people have a lot in common. one thing is that they have all worked in the san jose library for the last 10 years. but that is not the main thing they have in common. >> technology has brought a lot of changes to the world of libraries over the past two decades. but one thing you can still count on to this day is that there will be books, lots of them. this story though is about something else the san jose
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public libraries in particular have an abundance of. staff with the last name of mendoza. three in particular. julie, and two of her children, alyssa and eric. >> all of my coworkers have joked, it's the mendoza family. it's just the three of us. >> it all started close to a decade ago with alyssa. it makes sense, really. she was the one who grew up loving books. >> i would like to say i would get in trouble at school. we would have a social studies book, but i had my other book in front of it. i would be the one where the teacher would walk by and take my book away. i got in trouble for reading too much. >> one day a worker from a retail job told them about a position at the library and she has not looked back. not only getting promoted, but now pursuing a masters degree in library science. alyssa was than the one who told her mom she should apply.
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after 20 years in a title company, julie was looking to make a change. >> i was surprised. i never thought of it. i never saw myself in a library. >> erin joined right around the same time. for the better part of a decade, all three have been something of an engine of lust for people. particularly those struggling on low income to make it one of the wealthiest places in the company. >> you want to use a hotspot? do you have internet connection? free. crumble? free. >> program technology. all this for free. >> all of it free and accessible , thanks to those who know how relatively important it all is. >> and one thing to remember, a lot of those things that are free are things to the foundation. public libraries get their money from the city, but a lot
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of the extra things you really enjoy like that technology in classrooms and stuff is from the foundation. >> it's a good reminder. you have got to go to the library. my daughter has a free library card. let's talk about this week. we're talking with the fire in nevada county. it is pretty warm in the bay area and in parts of california. a wind advisory over california. we are watching that fire closely. 90 degree temperature on the fire line up towards nevada county and dry conditions. now, we are beginning to see some cooling changes. 79 degrees in san jose. notice, we are not in the 90s at least for now in dublin. in the upper 80 degrees and cooling for the next days. wind coming in across the bay. mid-60s. sunshine in san francisco. couple that with the onshore wind and i will keep temperatures comfortably mild. it is for air quality all across the barrier tomorrow. winds will not only lower our
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temperatures, but make for some pretty good air quality as we head towards the middle part of the week. we will expect to see more low clouds as we had to tomorrow morning. hey word. perhaps up to dublin by the morning. san jose though, mostly clear by the morning. in the afternoon, low clouds hanging out around san francisco as we go from here through the weekend on a cooling trend ahead in your seven-day forecast. mostly in the mid-50s. notice how by the time we had towards lunch time now, most belly locations are still in the 70s. now 90s have disappeared from the map, including fairfield. low to mid 80s down around morgan hill. 70s closer to san jose. lower 60s in san francisco to oakland. what about fourth of july weekend? if you have plans, is the ongoing cooling changes for your outdoor plans. 70s and 80s. very comfortable. no heat but a little breezy at times. notice the temperatures as we
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had towards fourth of july on monday. mostly 70s and then at 60s. the real headline is a chance that parts of northern california could see a few showers by the time we had to next monday. now, it is not going to be what is left of tropical storm celia hurried unlike last week, that moisture will likely stay in southern california and not head to the north. but later in the weekend we will be watching this weather system approaching death south of the gulf of alaska, bringing those showers right there. for areas north of the county, that will be possible around the bay area. probably some drizzle at times. it may be enough to wet the ground for sunday into early monday morning. best rain chances are very significant rain. staying up there near reading. seven-day forecast, continuing of cooling. san francisco might not much change in temperatures. mostly low to mid 60s who the holiday weekend. digger change, vele will be in that 90s for the next five or
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six days but we will see that cooldown in the 80s to thursday into the mid-70s. we head into the holiday weekend and it is nice and comfortable for outdoor plans all the way to the first half of next week. you know? >> thanks so much, rob. coming up, changes at airbnb. the days of parting are over. more on that later. living with metastatic breast cancer means being relentless. because every day matters. and having more of them is possible with verzenio. the only one of its kind proven to help you live significantly longer when taken with fulvestrant, regardless of menopause status. verzenio + fulvestrant is for hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer that has progressed after hormone therapy. diarrhea is common, may be severe, or cause dehydration or infection. at the first sign, call your doctor start an anti-diarrheal and drink fluids.
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couldn't have said it better myself. and with three times the bandwidth, the gaming never has to end. slaying is our business. and business is good. unbeatable internet from xfinity. made to do anything so you can do anything. the party is over for good. airbnb announced a permanent ban on health party booking. the first started doing this in 2019 after a party in a room killed five people. it rolled out policies to stop large, unauthorized parties.
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the pandemic came in 2020 and airbnb kept a similar ban. it is now the official policy. pg&e keep up of firefighters teamed up today to help with broken lines. it was an old hotel and mountain view. pg&e says most lines are broken from backyard digging projects to commercial construction site projects. it happens more often during the spring and summer months. it can cause athletes, buyers, and even explosions. >> it happens more than you would think. it happened in 2021. it happened 189 times were gas lines were either hit or struck or otherwise punctured. a reminder, you can call 811 before you dig. they will tell you where it is safe to take and it is absolutely free. okay. get ready to dig deeper into your wallet when you celebrate the fourth of july on monday.
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we will explain.
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the impact of inflation could affect your five plans. expect to pay more for everything from meat to beer. wells fargo finds hosting a gathering for 10 people will
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cost 11% more this year. staples like hamburgers and hot dogs are roughly up 12%, buns 10% higher, beer could be one of your steepest expenses with prices up nearly 25% from last year. if you're staying close to home this fourth of july, make sure to check out, i use this actually every year. we see a list of what's happening in basically every city in the bay area so you have something to do with the family on monday. >> that's a very good list. >> and don't forget to watch us live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and more. testimony in the january 6th hearing. a former white house aid providing intimate details about president trump and the day of that rally. >> the president said something to the effect of i think that they have


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