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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  June 29, 2022 1:37am-2:06am PDT

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( buzzer ) you can always spot a first time gain flings user. ♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: i want to thank my guests, wanda sykes, kesha, patrick radden keefe i want to thank jonathan ulman and the 8g band. stay safe. get vaccinated get boosted. we love you. ♪ [ cheers and applause a nervous night near sacramento. following breaking news with fast-moving and erratic file for wildfires in what is only
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the beginning. >> i think we're going to see a trend for northern california and fires. >> i'm tracking the conditions with crews concerned and if there's any relief in the forecast tomorrow. also, the green light to crews again, the decades old ban just did in san jose. why one community says, this next. plus, a meeting in san francisco following the reversal of roe v. wade. and the search for a brand- new booster shot. the fda's recommendation for this fall. what it could mean for you. good evening. we begin with that wildfire outside of sacramento in nevada county. i'm rob mayeda. look at these ferocious flames and a huge plume of smoke. evacuation warnings and advisories are in effect at
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this hour. firefighters feared this could be the start of a very long fire season. this fire has already burned hundreds of acres north of rast valley. a remote area with homes there. the hills are burning with zero containment. area fire departments are now on standby. nbc's cheryl heard has the latest. >> reporter: took just 10 minutes for this massive wildfire in nevada county to start burning out of control. >> our resources and teams are taking 10 or 12 minutes to find out how this has been influenced by dry conditions. >> reporter: the fire started around 2:00 p.m., just north of the south port of the river drainage. it all began when a stretcher caught fire and flames quickly spread the vegetation. >> he will be flying through the night. the terrain is really inhibited
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right now for this operation. >> reporter: during the day, residents drive desperately to put the fire out. mandatory evacuations and warnings are in place. >> we're not worried. obviously, things can get worse. >> reporter: as the firebirds, the contra costa county fire drummer tells us, they are on standby. >> we have had a few fires here in the last few weeks, just in contra costa county alone. we have not received a request for support at this time. >> reporter: but with all of that contained and changing conditions in nevada county. >> it's a common that we request mutual aid. so, as a result of that, we are always monitoring situations. >> reporter: the situation in nevada county is radical. 500 structures are threatened, with 350 firefighters on the ground. that number will double by tomorrow morning, as a crews start trying to control this
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fire. michelle byrd, nbc bay area news. >> michelle, thank you. the meteorologist rob mayeda is with us to see these windy conditions and what might happen overnight. yeah, the concern overnight is the humidity numbers don't come up as much as we want. looking at warm temperatures, but we can see the convergence of hottest temperatures today, low humidity averages, with gusty winds. the fire took off at 4:00 or 5:00. strong updrafts, lofting up the ash and evers, causing more fires downwind. check out the temperatures we're seeing here. at 11:00, still an idea of where the the fire is burning, interstate 80 with him and be at 35%. cooler temperatures are likely to be around the fire lines aftecounity. that's what we talk about, when
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we should be in the 70s or 80% range. not the case in the hills. dropping back into the teens tomorrow. wednesday, picking up in the afternoon. temperatures, in the 80s to near 90 degrees. yet again, from 3:00 in the afternoon to 5:00 in the evening. hot and dry and windy conditions on the right side of nevada county there. raj? >> could be a long few months ahead of us. thanks, rob. a woman was hit by a car with life-threatening injuries now in east san jose. it happened after 5:00 p.m. near labor drive and arnold way. you can see it in your denzelle park.investigators say, the woman was walking when she was hit. the driver is cooperating with police. decades ago, cruising was a big deal in san jose. it was part of the city no culture. then, it was banned. tonight, that ban was lifted, which means a green light for the iconic low riders. here's nbc bay area's patraza.
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>> reporter: this it iconic low rider, being shown off again. city hall, raising hopes for concerned members like luis morales, he says, this is what will change because of it. >> it's illegal to drive around a congested area with a checkpoint. that was it. the law was very, very broad now, that is not illegal. low riders, the community, they can take the cards out and go and cruise. >> reporter: many say, they are plotting the news and saying this. >> i'm very excited. i think it's already having a huge impact on us, but also the kids that are seeing this. >> reporter: it could be seen as soon as san jose, patraza, nbc bay area news. tonight, both sides of the
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abortion issue are digging in for what's next in this ongoing battle. in san francisco this evening, a strategy session of sorts on the pro-choice side, while a whole breed of antiabortion advocates are hoping to add to their momentum. here's nbc bay area's jared sweeney. >> reporter: more than one people came to regroup and energize effort the returning of roe v. wade's overturning. east basin remember rafe wicks, acknowledging that abortions are protected in california, but the states with strict antiabortion trigger laws with road age overturned. >> it is different now for roe v. wade. on abortion. >> reporter: the supreme court decision leaves it up to states to decide abortion laws. they can be confusing. in texas, as of today, abortion writers can resume abortions at a law will be revisited in two
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weeks. tennessee, a federal court has allowed the courts to ban them as early as six weeks into pregnancy. states with trigger laws are now seeing federal courts block those laws from being enforced. the local planned parenthood is preparing for a new influx of women from states where abortion is now band. >> we're making sure we have the proper infrastructure from the point of contact where they may come online to make an appointment or they call us. then, we're there for the patients who need additional resources and support that we're able to guide them. >> reporter: this open up today's discussion, which inspired. >> trying to get away from this panel, wanting to get home. deftly, my plan is to do research and certainly donate. >> be nice to give men a chance to be more involved in fighting this. >> reporter: bay area pro- choice voice will affect a new breed of antiabortion activists, like christian turner from whole life and pro- life san francisco.
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>> i got to believe my liberation can be built on smaller, weaker human beings. i think to say that is a capitalist ploy. i think that it is disingenuous. >> reporter: many decisions will be made by judges, but voters have a chance to weigh in on the constitution to include a right to abortion for california. in san francisco, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> terry, thank you. since roe v. wade was overturned, retailers say, emergency contraceptives like plan b have demands spiking so quickly that cvs, rite aid and amazon are limiting purchases of refills for customers. it is fda approved and will not be impacted by the roe decision, but the stanford doctor here says, patients have general concerns about access to contraceptives. >> it's been a fast case involving weekend, but many of my patients are very aware of
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the changes that are happening nationally. thankfully, in california, we're quite protected and anticipate that our local patients will continue to receive excellent care. >> cvs tells us, it's in the process of lifting it's limits on plan b purchases. new at 11:00, a man is linked to a delete crime spree from the east bay to the central valley. isaiah harley is from san francisco. he was arrested in fresno county over the weekend or early saturday morning, there was a stabbing in avenal. the sheriff's office accuses him of killing a truck driver at the travel center there. they believe the attack was random. before his arrest, investigators say, he also may have carjacked someone in oakland, robbed a store off interstate 5, then carjacked another person down in bakersfield. each case is being investigated separately. a brush fire along a.d.d. between fremont and newark was
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pretty intense, especially if you are driving by here. not far from the park mall. the on ramp and southbound lanes were blocked for fire crews. the fire was put out before 6:00 p.m., and all lanes reopen no word yet on how this started. vice president, harris is returning to the bay area. this is from her last visit in april. we do know that she will have appearances this thursday. her office says, it will provide us with more information about these visits tomorrow. she'll come to -- came to san francisco in april when she visited ucf to think about maternal health. some eye-opening revelations from a former white house aide on today's generous sixth committee hearing. hutchinson, you see her there, an aide and chief of staff for mark meadows. she said come on mireles, before speaking at the rally, president trump wanted the scene removed, so even armed crowd numbers could be admitted to the rally. after the speech, she said,
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president trump raged that the secret service driver, bobby ingle, and his own aid had done this. >> he said, sir, we have to go back. the president reached up towards the front of his vehicle to grab at the steering wheel. mr. engels grabbed his arm and said, sir, you need to take your hand off the steering wheel. we're going back to the restaurant, not back to the capitol. mr. trump then used his free hand to lunch forward, and they returned to the store, nursing his clavicles. >> the former president responded to today's hearing, calling cassidy hutchinson a, quote, total phony and a liquor. so, is hutchinson credible? we asked our own personal analyst, laura garcia. >> this is the most interesting part how it is in such detail.
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she was in the room so much of the time. will she be discredited? will there be things with a follow-up? we don't know. at this time, it looks like what she is saying is, there will be an appeal. >> a source close to secret service tells nbc news, the secret service agent, bobby engels, and the trump aid are all prepared to dispute hutchinson's account. both men are literally willing to testify under oath. they will say that mr. trump never longed for the car's steering wheel. the fda is pushing for new covid booster shots that better protect against the more contagious omicron variant. today, a panel heard advice from vaccine experts to recommend the vaccine makers to modify their shots in time for the fall. that's when another covid
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surge is expected. the move follows an announcement from pfizer over the weekend that it scientists are working on a new vaccine. health experts say, more people are up-to-date with the shots, and the fewer infections and hospitalizations and deaths. >> we are continuously dealing with new variants, new surges of infection. what we need are vaccines that will stay ahead of the curve. we need vaccines to do a better job of preventing against infection, as well as, severe disease and hospitalization. >> the 7:00 p.m. newscast there. according to the specialists, they speculated that covid shots could be like flu shots, recommended every year, screened every year to combat the dominant strain. we are back in 60 seconds with a curriculum controversy. the lesson plan that has some parents raising a red flag, and why they say, their kids have been kicked out of a prestigious linn county school. also, plan your parties somewhere else. the announcement from airbnb that could impact a lot of people's summer plans. right now, watching this in san francisco and a cooling
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the grandmother of the elementary school shooter in texas has been released from the hospital in from san antonio. 66-year-old gonzales was shot in the face at her home by her grandson. he then went to the school and carried out the mass shooting. the grandmother was able to call for help that date her today, she was finally
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discharged after multiple surgeries third good news for another victim, as well. a 10-year-old girl who survived the attack has been upgraded from critical to good condition. airbnb says, the party is over. the company announced a permanent ban on house party bookings. big events and parties can no longer be listed on this platform. guests are limited to 16 people. they first started doing this, airbnb, back in 2019 after a shooting at a house party which killed five people. airbnb rolled out new policies to stop large unauthorized parties, but as the pandemic came, airbnb kept issuing more bands. airbnb said, it worked so well, it is now the official policy. rough landing on the peninsula. look at the aftermath as the plane went down at the airport this morning. our chopper was overhand. the airport reportedly lost the engine just after takeoff the pilot tried to circle around, nearly making it back on the
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runway. the plane landed on its wheels, but crashed into a fence after that. luckily, the two people on board were not seriously injured. a curriculum controversy at an elite private school in marin county. parents and are in country day school say, their students, their kids, were kicked out when the family objected to lessons on gender identity and gender spectrum. nbc bay area's reporter shows us how this issue reached a boiling point. >> i told them that, as well. >> reporter: one of the many topics at marin country day school, with the school's lesson plan as the best of traditional curriculum for progressive education. but she wasn't performed for this curriculum for topics like the gender spectrum, which doesn't limit identity to boy or girl. >> our second grade daughter was in a classroom with nothing
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else to do. she was getting these messages that her gender was a choice, parents with no transparency. and so, that ultimately led my husband to forward those emails. >> reporter: sinclair sent the school email to an outside group who then wrote what she described as inflammatory responses to score members. that's when she says, the private schools told them, their children were no longer welcome to attend. sinclair says, the school essentially did a bait and switch by not being clear with parents about the gender identity curriculum they had. >> we had a sign, and some parents really contracted before them every year in the spring. then, that some of, the curriculum was changed without transparency for the customers. >> sinclair says, she believeds there is a time for children to learn about center identity, but she believes schools should include pediatricians and parents in the discussion.
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school is out for some right now, but the sinclair's say, they will be taking their children to a school in north county this fall with more parents who support their views. in marin county, nbc bay area news. an update right now at the a's ballpark saga. major league baseball says, it will not charge the aza relocation fee for their move to las vegas. this would seemingly open the door for the a's to move. this comes with the sports world able to charge a relocation fee for the likes of the raters who had to pay the nfl nearly $4 million to move to vegas. in oakland, city leaders are still trying to hammer out a deal to keep the a's in the east bay. the a's are still trying to have a new ballpark near the square. fourth of july south of the border. today, nearly half a dozen local cities began selling so- called safe fireworks. nowadays, or any fireworks safe? in douglas, safe fireworks are
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loud, but only can be set up on fourth of july in designated areas like city parks and away from apartment communities. the city plans to have extra officers on hand this year to ensure safety. but before the douglas brushfires in the east bay the past week, cal fire says, fireworks are risky. >> the fuels are definitely getting into their critical stages. we need everyone's help to avoid those future fires here, locally, with roughly 99% of our fires caused by humans. >> anyone who uses fireworks legally can face a fine of up to $5000. we are back here with my friend, rob mayeda. lots of warmer temperatures than we're used to? >> that's right, certainly more than last season. getting drizzled on the fourth of july and the cooling trend on the coast starting tomorrow. right now, still in the 60s north of san jose and douglas.
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90s towards the tri valley. should be 80s or 70s for the second half of the week. then, the weekend and the fall, taking a come back down to san francisco with the westwind and temperature towards the morning. you can see the low clouds in the bay around 11:00 a.m. with clearing skies around the central bay with fog on the west side of downtown san francisco. want sunshine, santa cruz, looking good tomorrow. morning temperatures, starting in the 50s. unlike the last few days, lunchtime temperatures, pretty comfortable outside. you can see here, no 90s on the map for tomorrow. in fact, solano county, in the mid-80s with fairfield. cooling, starting to kick in. it's going to carry through the holiday weekend. you can see now, jumping ahead to saturday, the temperatures, the coolest day of the holiday weekend may be sunday. mostly keeping things in then. very likely here on the coast in san francisco during the morning. then, the fourth of july, the in and valleys with upper 70s and the low 80s inland. nothing like we had earlier
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this week. here's where it's interesting. watch this closely. towards sunday night into the morning of fourth of july, may be a chance of a few showers there. out towards chico and redding, with this reinforcement of those mild and breezy conditions that we'll see on fourth of july. this is the beginning of next week. san francisco, not much change temperature-wise, which we will see more missed and drivel the next few weeks as the rain deepens up. then the changes are in the valley, which has been the 90s. very dry conditions. humidity numbers may come up a little bit, as a temperature start to drop once we hit the 70s on friday. then, likely to stay there, mid to upper 70s into the holiday weekend. comfortable temperatures. the ac may get turned off for some in the valley. haven't been able to do that for a while. comfortable temperatures, maybe even below-average overtures by july 1st into the valley for next week. >> 70s or 80s for july 4th? that is new for us.
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thanks, rob. up next, look at this. want gas? less than three dollars a gallon? see that, $2.39? we will tell you where you have to drive a little bit to. happening now, shutting out offices in san mateo. this comes with the loss of about 200 jobs for tesla. many people who work in the office were tasked with improving tesla's autopilot program. this move comes as tesla is in this move comes as tesla is in the midst of can cut 10% every search you make, every click you take, every move you make, every step you take, i'll be watching you. the internet doesn't have to be duckduckgo is a free all in one privacy app with a built in search engine, web browser, one click data clearing and more stop companies like google from watching you, by downloading the app today. duckduckgo: privacy, simplified.
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all right. good news nationwide. not really here in the bay area, though. a new report shows rent prices are cooling down. we talked to two veterans with nearly 3%, again, nationwide. the bay area? a different story. three major cities are still in the top 10 for highest rents. san francisco, second on the list, third 900 a month for a two-majer. 31 hundred dollars a month with oakland at $2800 a month. how about this? ready for this? in michigan, a gas station has gas for less than $3 a gallon. prices fell from $5 a gallon to $2.38. it was part of a special that focused on inflation. for one hour, drivers to take
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advantage of the deal. you can see the line of cars. the national average price, by the way, per gallon, hasn't been close to $2.38 for a while. around here, $6 and $7. we'll te all right. tonight in the sports world, serena williams is out. loses in her first-round match at wimbledon. the 40-year-old, battling injuries for a year now. she was asked after her match if she will retire and she says, quote, that's a question i cannot answer. baseball tonight, hello to
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moses moody with the rookie there on the right side. patrick baldwin jr.. pbj. the giants, a much-needed win against the tigers. bottom of the fifth inning, a two-run single. a 4-0 lead for the tigers. they hold on for dear life and beat detroit 4-3. yankees stadium, with the best record in baseball. the a's have the worst record in baseball. a masterful pitching performance from frankie montas, striking out aaron judge here. he wasn't perfect.bottom of the second inning, the solo home run. yankees beat the this should be fun. a fourth of july tradition is
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back in the fourth of july fireworks spectacular. it will happen in the city on monday, in addition to the awesome fireworks with a star- studded lineup of musicians and special guests, including bert eldridge, kibble and the cast of "moulin rouge." watch the two-hour event right here on nbc bay area at 8:00 and stream on peacock . we have a final work with rob mayeda for this week and long weekend, bob? a cooling trend to follow us this fourth of july weekend. getting started now? notice san francisco and oakland tomorrow, highs in the 60s. san jose, upper 70s. notice in the valleys, don't have any 90s anymore. finally, solano county, mid 80s tomorrow by fairfield. 85 and 83 in santa rosa. you will like the extended forecast if you like these temperatures. into the holiday weekend, notice that we have temperatures in the 70s. as we get towards fourth of july, might see some drizzle around the coast.
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to the morning hours, comfortable weather with a little bit of a breeze at times, but better than 100- degree temperatures. >> any weather, bring it on. we will enjoyed, regardless. thanks for that, rob. thanks for joining us here at tonight, the stunning new testimony before the january 6th committee. a former white house aide describing how she was told that president trump tried to lunge for the steering wheel of his presidential vehicle when his security detail refused to drive him to the capitol that day amid concerns for her safety, insider cassidy hutchinson testifying trump wanted metal detectors removed so more people could go to his rally and that he had been warned they were armed. and the committee revealing that after the attacks cabinet members considered invoking the 25th amendment to strip the president of power the former president reacting tonight also, we're in
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texas with the shocking details after dozens of migrants died in an apparent smuggling tragedy. the calls for change tonight. plus, as the death toll rises, we speak to the boy scouts who raced to rescue passengers from the flipped cars of that derailed amtrak train. inside the new surge in demand for abortion pills could some states block women from accessing them and in texas the judge's order temporarily blocking a full ban my exclusive with the transportation secretary ahead of the july 4th holiday after so many travel nightmares ghislaine maxwell's 20-year sentence for sex trafficking underaged women for jeffrey epstein. and our exclusive with the tennis player who had the ultimate save >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt good evening, everyone jaw-dropping testimony here in washington in today's short notice january 6th hearing


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