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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 29, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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car during an attempted robbery is just one of the examples leading business owners to demand the city create an opd substation in the area. they also want more funding allocated for safety and shared access to clinton square recreation center. council president nikki represents little saigon and is proposing the city earmark more than $110,000 in the mid-cycle budget to invest in the community. >> to create a safer neighborhood. and we can do that immediately by partnering with the businesses, with the residents, with our police department. >> reporter: the community demands come at a time when a new state report shows anti-asian hate crimes have spiked 177% in the last year, and those are just the reported number. >> many are afraid to report crimes, because they don't find that something that they wish to do. so that's reason why the numbers
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is way under the reported. >> reporter: opd says they're committed to bringing more resources in in hopes of pushing criminals out. >> are committed to working with everybody, collaborating are the residents and the neighbors to make sure we address the crime the best way we can. >> reporter: a plan of support and safety businesses say they can't wait for any longer. >> and give us the service that we deserve. >> reporter: the final mid-year budget is up for a vote tomorrow. the community hopes that this will be the start of building a safer community. in oakland, velena jones, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, velena. well, the bay area sending reinforcements tonight to help fight that wildfire burning in nevada county. take a look, this is the rices fire. it all started yesterday at around 2:00 p.m. near nevada city. so far it's burned 900 acres. containment right now at 0%. san francisco's fire department is sending mutual aid, 17 crew, and seven pieces of equipment to help fight this fire.
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one firefighter has been injured, four structures have been destroyed, and 520 more are threatened. cal fire expects to have the wildfire contained by this friday. no word yet on how it started. well, janelle, it is a flurry of jury deliberations in the ball whatny case. he's accused of fraud while second in command at theranos. the judge received two notes from the jury today. the first asked what will happen if they can't agree on a specific count. they also wanted to see an exhibit with financial projections that were sent to investor brian grossman. he put nearly $100 million into they are noens. elizabeth holmes, you might remember, was convicted in january. . are kelly is heading to prison for 30 years. he was sentenced after a jury convicted him last year of federal racketeering and sex trafficking charges. kelly used his status as a celebrity along with a network of people to target his victims. kelly is expected to be transferred to a federal
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facility in chicago where he faces another trial late they are summer on child pornography charges. okay, awe tree, the fourth of july holiday is quickly approaching, and millions are set to fly somewhere. the big question -- will they be able to? this is a live look at sfo. it's going to be extremely busy here this weekend, and some airlines are not properly staffed. in fact, one is looking to fill 800 jobs. nbc bay area's christie smith, she joins us live from sfo with a look at the problem and possible solutions. hi, christie. >> reporter: hi. well, many of the travelers that we spoke with today wondered if they might see cancellations or delays on any leg of their trip, and if history is any predictor, chances are they will. meantime, thousands of other people saw an opportunity in this climate, a chance to get hired by an airline. at sfo, these travelers were pleased that their answer versery trip went well.
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no cancellations or delays. >> we wondered if we would have one. of course, that was in our minds. so far, nothing. >> reporter: sfo spokesperson doug says recent numbers this month are a reason for hope. >> only 1.4% of all of our flight this is month have canceled. and that's well below the national average, which is a good thing. >> reporter: for millions around the country, air travel has been anything but smooth lately, hundreds of cancellations, thousands of delays since memorial day. the airlines blame a combination of staffing issues, weather issues, and other challenges. today united airlines was hoping to tackle one of those issues, holding a career fair that attracted more than 5,000 to chase center in san francisco. >> we're hiring for in-flight, digital technology, and our technical operations department. >> reporter: united hopes to fill 800 positions here. >> demand is coming back so fast. people want to travel. and this july 4th weekend, this is going to be our busiest weekend so far for 2022.
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so we've got to get people on boarded as we grow. >> reporter: many applicants interviewed and said they're eager to get started. >> they emailed me back to come here and interview at 10:00, and i showed up before the big rush came. i came in, and i killed the interview, and that was that. >> reporter: now, united has held these career fairs in other major city, but they say san francisco had among the highest turnout. reporting live at sfo, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, christie. well, delta airlines is giving travelers some extra flexibility this fourth of july. it will waive fees if you change your flight during the holiday weekend. delta and other airlines are gearing up for a busy travel weekend and trying to get ahead of any operational disruptions. delta travelers who are flying between july 1st, this friday, and july 4th, on monday, can rebook their trip with no change fee or difference in fare. the offer applies to all ticket classes, including basic
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economy. let's go to talk gas prices now. they continue to rise with no relief in sight. so let's go ahead and take a look at some of the numbers. right now you see right here the national average is $4.86 for regular unleaded. that's according to aaa. let's take a look at this map now. states in red, including california, are paying much more than that. in fact, drivers in these states are paying at least $5 a gallon, some as high as $6 or $7, we know that, right? blue states in the south are paying at least $4.37, and the turquoise states at least $4.50. in california the statewide average is $6.29. in some counties close to $7.80. let's narrow our focus to the bay area now. the average prices in every county is at least $6.33. the highest gas prices are in napa, san mateo, and sonoma counties. take a look at this. this was the scene in south san francisco this morning where
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people filled up their tanks. prices at this gas station were just under $6. well, it's only june, but so far pedestrian fatalities in san jose are nearly three times higher than last year. the most recent happened early last evening when a woman became the city's 22nd pedestrian killed this year. she was struck in a marked crosswalk in east san jose. she died at the hospital. the driver did stay at the scene and cooperated with investigators. police have been cracking down this week. >> in the past three days, our traffic unit, our motor unit, our motorcycle has gone out, especially on the east side they've targeted bad drivers. they've cited over 200 individuals for moving violations in just the past three days. >> but he says police can't do it alone. drivers have to be more careful and so do pedestrians and cyclists. well, this is a story that may have you double checking your locks when you park your car. imagine walking up to your car only to find someone sleeping in it. that's exactly what happened to a woman who was visiting san francisco recently, and now the
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video of her encounter with that stranger has gone viral. >> i woke up and this man's in my car. unlock my door right now. >> reporter: a bit of a smile through the window, and then a lot of questions and confusion as brianna smith finds a man she's never seen before sleeping in her car. >> i was shocked. i was so shocked. i was like, oh my god, hold on, wait a minute, let me take a look at you. i had to take a second glance, like there's a man in my car asleep. >> reporter: she says it happened when she was visiting a few weekends ago. there was no parking near her hotel so she blocked a park away. >> i don't know how he got in. >> reporter: the man trying to get out of the vehicle with all of his belongings before quietly apologizing. brianna says there was no damage, the stranger just left some trash, and for some reason, aluminum foil in her ignition. >> he didn't touch anything.
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he didn't try to mess with my car any type of way. >> reporter: the video she posted on tiktok has racked up thousands of views and lots of comments. so many, in fact, that brianna said she felt the need to make a two-part follow-up. >> i parked my car and checked it. >> reporter: many of the comments read, he seemed sweet, how are you this calm? and my heart goes out to the guy, he probably just needed somewhere to sleep. even though the situation was upsetting, brianna says she felt the same way. that's why she didn't call police. >> they really don't have anywhere to go, as in like the homeless people. there is a huge community of homeless inside frisco. so it's just really said to the point where he has to break into somebody's car to lay down to rest for the night. that's really sad. >> reporter: stephanie, nbc bay area news. less than a week since the supreme court overturned roe v. wade, california is a sanctuary state for women seeking abortions. influx of patients from other states actually began last september when texas passed its
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heartbeat law banning abortion after six weeks. since then planned parenthood has been purchasing property, expanding health centers and hiring more staff. >> the institute that does these surveys is anticipating that we're going to see about a 3,000% increase in patients. so that's about -- we're roughly seeing about -- an increase in 46,000 in previous years to well over 1 million. >> an ucla study projects that 50% of out-of-state abortion care will come from arizona, 25% from utah and texas, and 10% will come from southern states in middle america. and just 5% are expected to come from the east coast. while california is welcoming women from out of state, it will not pay for their travel to get here. california's budget includes $40 million to cover abortions for women who can't afford them, including for women from other states. now, activists hoped for a travel fund. they hoped it would be part of
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that budget, but the governor's office says governor newsom chose to focus on strengthening and expanding california's existing abortion services. disappointed activists want more, saying travel costs are the biggest barrier to getting an out-of-state abortion. still to come, vice president kamala harris is set to land in the bay area any minute now. this is a live look at sfo. what we've learned about the purpose of her visit next. and escaping a brutal war in ukraine. the amazing story of survival that has led to the south bay. and at 72 degrees right now in san jose, the cooldown is officially underway. find out if these cooling temperatures will last through our fourth of july holiday weekend when we come right back.
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touchdown a live look at sfo as vice president kamala harris just landed at the airport. right on time. that's air force two, as you see there. she was scheduled to land around 5:10, and she did just touch down. the veep's team has been tight lipped about why she's here, why she's returning to the bay area, only to say that she has political engagements in los gatos and san francisco tomorrow. now, within the last hour, we've learned that the event in los gatos will be hosted by silicon
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valley philanthropist shannon hunt scott and kevin scott. the price to get in the door starts at $1,000. the last time vp harris was in the bay area was back in april when she visited ucsf to speak about maternal health. a tense night for parents in oakland. in less than an hour, the city school district is expected to vote on whether to re-open any of the schools that's in the process of closing. the board has already voted twice to close or merge ten of its 80 schools because of low enrollment and budget constraints. some parents and activists fought back, staging a month long sit-in at one of the impacted schools, parker k through eight school, in protest. that group asked the board to reconsider, and so far the district seems unwilling to budge. a vote is expected at 6:00. we, of course, will stay on top of this story, bring you more details as we have them. workers at the port of oakland are tired of large import containers clogging up their space, so today they're taking action saying they have
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had enough. the port is reducing its tax-free wait time for import containers from seven days to four days. cargo owners who let their con tearers sit longer will be fined. the con tearers have been such a problem, the new rule will go into effect this friday. a stunning story of perseverance and hope. an 8-year-old gymnast and his family fled bombings in ukraine, and now a milpitas gym is helping him keep his dreams of competing alive. >> reporter: 8-year-old romeo's father remains in war-ravaged ukraine, and he says he worries about his dad every day. he also says that being able to train here at this gym has helped him keep his mind off his troubles. for romeo, hanging upside down from rings seems ser rene compared to the bombings he saw
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near his home in ukraine. >> all i was hearing was, like, bombs. and it was going outside. >> reporter: as the bombings got closer to their home in kyiv, his mother realized the risk to romeo and his two younger sisters was too high, so they fled to poland. >> it was terrible. too many refugees, no place to sleep, no place to eat. no hotels, no apartments. >> reporter: to add to her challenges, paw lena has cancer, and was unable to get the treatment she needed because so many hospitals in ukraine were closed. eventually, romeo and his family made it to mexico. they then were able to cross into the u.s. in march and relocate to santa clara, where they now live with her sister. but romeo's father, alex, remains in ukraine fighting for his country. >> i love my dad. >> reporter: romeo now spends his days at game time elite
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gymnastics in milpitas. the gym welcomed his family with opened arms, waiving his fees and reaching out to the community to offer more help. >> we have raised $3,000 now. we actually -- i want to say shout-out to two kiddoes who gave up a week of camp to give those fufrndz to support the family. >> reporter: romeo can now keep his dream of competing alive. >> i was really happy. >> reporter: in milpitas, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. back to sfo, a live picture of air force two. vice president kamala harris's plane. it just touched down about five minutes ago at sfo. she is here for just about a day. she has two political engagements tomorrow, one in los gatos, and it appears one in san francisco. she will be getting off the plane shortly. they're bringing the stars right up to her door. no word on who will be greeting her. it looks like secret service down there at the bottom waiting for her to depart the plane.
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of course, we'll be following the story and get more details about her quick visit, you know, kamala harris is a bay area native, so i'm sure she's glad to return home. and the weather perfect for her landing today. good job. >> those low clouds, i was a little nervous there, sfo, delays. >> could get fogged in, right? >> we're seeing that late they are evening. dropped inland temperatures as much as 10 degrees today. let's take you around the bay area right now. 72 degrees currently in san jose. temperatures inland out towards dublin not in the 80s anymore. 78 degrees currently, and you see the view from oakland in the 60s. similar view towards san francisco with the low clouds now down to 58 degrees. so good news for air quality, that sea breeze bringing you some of the best air quality you can find for this time of year. everybody in the green we should stay that way through the holiday weekend as well. so clearly, the onshore winds will help to bring in the low clouds. tomorrow afternoon watch out for gusty winds around the peninsula hilltops. areas in red around the east bay
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hills and at mon pass, that's a super charged sea breeze. winds 20 miles per hour bringing in low clouds. drizzle to start off tomorrow morning. and then for the afternoon, sunshine inland. san francisco to oakland likely staying in nose low clouds, including down the peninsula near sfo. good to see drizzle for the morning with temperatures in the 50s as we move forward from about lunchtime to the afternoon. we're talking mostly 60s and 70s, and for fourth of july weekend more of this to come. check out saturday's temperatures, not much change. 60s bay side, 70s inland. similar trend to sunday, but watch closely as we head towards the fourth of july. we could see a few showers up to the north in mendocino county. let me show you why this is so unusual to be talking about showers any in california. it's typically the driest month of the year. bay areawise, probably just looking at some cooling, drizzle at times. every you look closely here, sunday into monday, right there is that chance sunday night into
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monday morning may see some showers passing by to the north with these mild temperatures ongoing across your seven-day forecast. so san francisco one change you may notice is more drizzle late night and early morning. temperatures staying in the 60s, and valley temperatures all the way through the weekend looking very nice. mid to upper 70s, eventually 80s making a comeback by tuesday and wednesday. so compared to the heat we typically get this time of year, your holiday plan this is weekend looking good. may need a jacket on the coast. >> i'm okay with that. >> in july, yeah, very nice. thanks, rob. all right, up next, another case of monkeypox has been confirmed in our area. we'll tell you where and how many cases have been officially detected in the u.s.
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welcome back to nbc bay area. you are taking a live look at sfo right now. s that air force two, where any minute now we are expected to see vice president kamala harris step out of that plane. she is sis sitting the bay area for the first time since april after she came to ucsf to talk about ma term health. we are expecting her to step out any minute. we'll stay on top of this for you out of sfo. could be the first one, santa cruz county reporting a case of probable monkeypox. the person is isolating but is in good condition. they are waiting for the cdc to
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confirm those test results. cdc says risk from the virus is low, doesn't spread easily without close contact, over 300 cases have been confirmed in the u.s. so far, probable and confirmed cases have also been reported in alameda, san francisco, and santa clara counties. well, the upcoming fourth of july isn't just about fireworks, many of you will be grilling, and there's some food safety tips to keep in mind. that's because the cdc estimates that foodborne illnesses result in roughly 48 million people getting sick. be sure to clean your grill, also make sure to separate your meats from other ready to eat foods to prevent cross contamination. you should also make sure to keep in mind use by dates. >> once you have them, keep in mind some different home storage guidelines such as using ground meat within one to two days, raw poultry within one to two days, or cold cuts, so those are
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things like steaks, chop, within four to five days after you purchase them. >> she also says it's important to make sure to use a thermometer to make sure your meats are fully cooked. as she mention at the beginning of the newscast, today is the first day of us broadcasting from our news set. >> yeah, we're extremely excited to show it off to you over the coming days, week, and months. and the different ways we can do that now is to bring you the news behind the scenes of the studio to take in a lot of hard work to get to this point. this is time lapse video of the set being built from the ground up. it has been a full year from planning to building to the debut today. and as we head into break, a big thank you to all who helped make this happen a reality. this is nbc bay area news at 5:00, and we'll be right back.
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okay, from four-time champion to finals mvp, there's not much left on steph curry's budget list. but he might be able to scratch off one more item, because now he is hosting an awards show.
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the warriors super star has been booked to host the espy awards next month. it's usually hosted by comedians or other entertainers. it's unusual to see an active pro athlete hosting the event. the show is set for july 20th in los angeles. >> don't forget, you can watch us live on roku, amazon fire, and apple tv. and raj mathai joins us now with what's coming up next at 5:30. >> steph curry's kind of busy. >> little bit. we have a lot going on. vice president kamala harris is at sfo right now. we're going to take you there live, show you her getting off air force two and who's greeting her. also, yesterday we had that explosive testimony, today is the question is will others come forward. january 6th committee members hoping that the former white house aide will encourage more people to testify. we're also seeing denials and pushback against some of witness statements. >> one more day of salacious


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