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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 30, 2022 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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. this morning, former trump white house counsel pat cipollone. on the verge of a long holiday weekend, travel chaos is causing hundreds of canceled or delayed flights. russia's vladimir putin denies his military forces targeted a shopping center in ukraine. it is the worst migrant
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smuggling incident in u.s. history. this morning we're learning more about the people who perished. plus what authorities are doing to hold those smugglers accountable. r. kelly learns his fate in a sex trafficking case and the inspiring story involve ago world war ii hero who is the last living recipient of the honor i'm phillip mena >> i'm frances rivera. this july 4th is gearing up to be unlike any other we have ever seen despite high gas prices, aaa estimates a record 47.9 million will travel this weekend tom costello starts us off with a major warping for airline travelers. the e-mail warning from delta, prepare for operational challenges passengers can rebook their flights with no change fee, so
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far roughly 3,000 flights canceled this week alone even on blue sky days. >> for now we stranded we don't have a way to get to raleigh. >> reporter: the faa warning that summer storms are to blame. american and delta have canceled the most flights this week the biggest problem still not enough pilots to fly their schedules after thousands took early retirement during the pandemic off-duty pilots plan to picket outside airports nationwide, demanding changes to pay, benefits and schedules >> is the cumulative effect of continuously flying overtime months after month after month adds up, and it's to say i'm not going to do it >> reporter: delta says its goal is to provide pilots with the best compensation and profit sharing. united and se
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un united regional companies have raised wages >> we have these kinds of rekwieshmentes based on safety judgments, and i haven't seen any change in the safety rationale for that >> reporter: the hope is that the airlines will be able to right-size their schedules for the staffing levels they have in time for thanksgiving and christmas. >> thanks to tom costello for that report. overnight, a warm reception for the republican vice chair of the january 6 committee. congresswoman liz cheney spoke at the reagan presidential library where she challenged her fellow republican colleagues to rebuke former president trump. >> we have to choose because republicans cannot both be loyal to donald trump and loyal to 9 constitution. [ applause ] at this moment --
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>> that peach coming hours after the january 6 committee issued a subpoena for pat cipollone to appear on the record nbc's brie jackson has more on the increasing fallout from tuesday's hearing. >> i remember -- >> reporter: after an explosive day of testimony from cassidy hutchinson, a former white house aide who laid out chaotic scenes of a violent and angry president trump on january 6, there's strong reaction from lawmakers who were inside the capitol that day. >> gut punch to every single one of us who was on that balcony face down. >> reporter: hutchinson's one-time because, scalise, down-played it as a witch-hunt >> one more tay of salacious headlines and secret service agents saying it didn't happen, what was testified in committee
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yesterday didn't even happen >> reporter: disputing that former president trump became violent and tried to grab the wheel of a suv the agent and driver offering to testify under oath if needed >> the president said something to the effect of, i'm the evering president, take me up to the capitol now. >> reporter: but even some trump loyalists found her testimony damaging to his credibility. >> when she testified at that he knew that there were guns on property and that he still encouraged people to go down to the capitol, that changes my mind >> reporter: the january 6 committee is urging others to testify, hiz chaney going on twitter to single out pat cipollone. committee members also issuing this warning >> the committee had not tolerate any form of witness tampering or obstruction of
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justice. >> reporter: and will continue to investigate the former president and his supporters' actions to block the peace full transfer of power. the san antonio tragedy has netted another suspect four men are in kus dierks among them the driver of the big rig he was initially found hiding in the brush near the trailer apparently pretending to be one of the migrants. he was formally arrested and charged wednesday. if convicted, he and another man could potentially face the death penalty. the death toll in the tragedy has increased to 53 after two more people died in the hospital the supreme court will end its rollercoaster term today with the passing of the torch. justice steven breyer will step down after three decades and help swear in his successor, ketanji brown jackson. let's get to chris pollone in d.c. it's been a historic term to say the least.
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>> reporter: yeah, that's right. it's not over just yet before justice breyer officially retires at noon today, the court is set to issue decisions on two more contentious cases the first deals with climate change the court will decide the limits of the epa's authority and the second case centers on the biden administration's push to end the trump-era remain in mexico policy which orders asylum seekers to stay south of the border while their claim is processed. the supe majority issuing sweeping rulings on abortion, guns and redistricting the last time the court was this split was during the time of judge rehnquist. 1994 was the year justice breyer joined the bench and was
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confirmed in an 87-9 vote. breyer will retire and help swear in his successor, ketanji brown jackson. she is expected to vote with the court's two other liberal justices, kagan and sotomayor. they willen starting the post-roe world when the new term begins this fall nearly a week after the reversal of roe, concern is growing over how new laws could impact much more than abortion some experts worry the law could impact the ivf process and whether pre-frozen embryos could be discarded in are an are a, an abortion ban that went into effect friday dee fines a child starting at fertilization. however, the office of the state attorney general told nbc news that the ban has no implications for ivf treatment.
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oklahoma's a.g. office said the same multiple states have not responded to inquiries, but in idaho said it will be up to the prosecutors' office to decide on how to enforce the abortion ban. yesterday r. kelly was sentenced to 30 years in prison for rang tearing and sex trafficking going back decades nbc's ron allen has more >> reporter: it was a very intense sentencing in court. the judge very stern and strict in telling r. kelly why he was being sentenced to essentially life in prison because of the seriousness of the charges, because kelly had shown no remorse he had shown an indifference to human suffering, that he left a trail of destruction, trail of broken lives in his wake he said of the victims that kelly raped them, beat them, separated them from their families earlier in the proceedings, some of those victims made impact
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statements to the court, speaking directly to the court kelly sat there staring down at the table for the most part and never faced his accusers directly and never took the opportunity to make a statement to the court in his own defense. they told, the women did, horrific stories of abuse and exploitation repeating what they had said during the trial again, kelly was convicted of nine counts of racketeering and sex trafficking-related crimes in september and sentenced to 30 gleers prison. many of the victims saying they felt some relief, that they felt justice would any of be ton but they got some measure of justice. ron allen, nbc news, brooklyn. a large fire destroyed a dining hall at a maryland summer camp the fire broke out at camp airy just before 7:30 a.m over00 firefighters popped where they worked for about three hours to get the blaze under control. no one was in the building when it started
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firefighters used tankers and water from a nearby popped as well as two swimming pools to battle the fire. the investigation into what sparked it is ongoing. >> the camp remains in session let's turn now to the weather on this final day of june any hell grossman is here with a look ahead >> it's a very summer-like pattern out there. and we're looking at showers and storms once again in the gulf coast states parts of eastern texas we've been watching this for days and will continue to watch it throughout the weekend as well it's a combination of a stalled frontal boundary it would be brief. this is moving forward the west and also the north, and we're looking at tropical rains in eastern texas, and scattered storms along the gulf coast states into the northeast, unfortunately, that will linger for quite a bit. we're looking at soaking rains along the carolina coast into florida. also watching the threat for
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severe weather in parts of the upper midwest. marquette, green base, the 90s in philadelphia, d.c., richmond 87 in pittsburgh all right. we're so close to july 4th, we'll look at that forecast coming up coming up, details on the health scare for travis barker we're back in a minute with why time may not be on the side of particular tok. inutes unlike bleach sprays, clean freak starts deep cleaning on contact with three times the cleaning power to break down tough messes in seconds it quickly cleans your home's toughest messes so, for a deep clean in minutes, get mr. clean clean freak available in easy to switch refills.
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russian army doesn't target civilians. president zelenskyy said about 1,000 people were in the building at the time of the attack time could be up for tiktok. a sec commissioner is calling on google and apple to remove the app calling it a sophisticated surveillance tool. >> reporter: tiktok is in deep trouble with the u.s. government brendan karr demanding in a letter to apple and google that they stop offering one of the world's most popular social media apps because, quote, it har harvests swaths of sensitive day being accessed in beijing. this isn't the first crisis for the wildly-popular app it was found to be collecting sensitive data president trump sought to ban the app in 2020. >> we're looking at tiktok we may be banning particular tok. we may be doing some other things, there are a couple of options. >> tiktok is public enemy number
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one to a lot of privacy watchdogs, especially those in the u.s. government who worry about chinese clex of data >> reporter: the u.s. military prohibits it on government devices, and india has banned it outright karr also cites recent reporting that in spite of the fact that it has moved out of china, tiktok engineers in bay swring still have access. tiktok calls reports misleading and told nbc news that engineers in locations outside of the u.s. including china can be fwrantd access to user data on an as-needed basis under strict controls neither apple or alphabet had comment tonight. they said particular tok isn't just an app for sharing videos or funny memes, it's a sophisticated tool that collects far more data than people
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realize. >> it doesn't mean it will stop working on your phone, but it would mean you wouldn't be able to -- >> reporter: it's the business model of all major platforms, sheryl sandberg pioneered collecting consumer data as a way of targeting advertising, first at facebook, now at google tiktok now faces deletion for allegedly sharing that sort of data abroad. jake ward, nbc news, san francisco. till to come, the cheez-it/taco bell collaboration you didn't know you needed and we have new details on travis barker's sudden hospitalization. back category to gas. the road to college can be emotional. but also... rewarding. [ding] with the bank of america customized cash rewards card, you just can't stop getting rewarded. a jelly bean that's good for you?
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items, the big cheez-it toe sawda and crunch wrap supreme. they are only available at one location in irvine, california >> if you don't live there you can just dump some cheez-its in there. krispy kreme is launching four new doughnuts that come in a fourth of july-themed box. and if you go in there wearing red, white and blue, you'll get a frido nut through july 4th if you are preparing a barbecue this weekend, prepare to dig a little deeper into your wallet it will cost 17% more than last year we have an update now on the health of rock star travis barker he was hospitalized, according to "people", you may remember, and the blink 18drummer for pancreatitis he had been taken to a hospital on tuesday for an undisclosed medical issue with his wife
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comfort. it all starts with snuggle. one of the creators of "friends", says there's something about the hit show she regrets, it is the lack of diversity among the cast she says she's learned a lot in the last 20 years and is learning that accepting guilt is not easy she has pledged to a university in boston. a tributae to an american woody williams has died.
4:27 am
we go into his remarkable story, 98 years in the making >> reporter: the last living medal recipient from world war ii, herschel williams, affectionately known as "woody", passed away. born on a dairy farm in 1923, he enlisted and was tent to iwo jima marines had been fighting to take the island for four days, raising the iconic flag. >> it lifted the spirits of the men. >> reporter: but woody's marines were pinned down by japanese troops using a flamethrower, body fought for four hours, stopping the attack and saving u.s. lives >> it wasn't anything outstanding that particular day. it was just another day of battle >> reporter: in october 1945, president truman presented him
4:28 am
with the medal of honor, but woody said it didn't belong to him. >> he said this medal is not mine it belongs to all those marines who at any time come back. i only hold it in trust. >> reporter: woody continued home and continued to serve for more than 65 more years at the department of veterans' affairs until his final days working with gold star families. >> woody lived a life that reminded everybody how easy it was to dot right thing he was a mentor to a lot of us >> reporter: the marine corps is important to have many heroes, but there is only one woody williams semper fidelis, marine he was 98 years old. nbc news, the pentagon >> what a man. now a breakup that is ruffling feathers, the same-sex fla mingo couple that were paired up for several years are no longer together it didn't sit well with fans who
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more variety to choose from, more treasures to uncover ...all for less. so, when something makes your heart race, you'll know it's yours to keep. because the best things in life don't cost a fortune. they're found. homegoods. go finding. right now. tempers flare and security intervenes following a controversial decision in the east bay. the reason some parents are not happy with a late-night choice by the oakland school board. department of justice now looking into who is responsible for leaking sensitive material and making it public . the vice president is in town where she will make an appearance and how much it costs to get in the door. this is today in the bay streaming live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and online


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