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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 30, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good to be back in the bay. >> vice president kamala harris back at home base. we lay out the events on top or her to date right here in the bay area and the primary reason she is here. this is today in the bay streaming live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and online. thank you for joining us for our special broadcast. we are showing you our new home y. we are all together and excited you are with us as well. good morning and thank you for joining us . i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. let's get started with the day. >> we will get to the morning commute and i'm liking these colder temperatures. >> it's been hot for a lot of us over the inland valleys and now as you're heading out in oakland you have a refreshing breeze with clouds overhead. as we look at martinez as you
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heading out the door, it will be a cloudy start to look at the trend by late morning. it will clear out in temperatures warm up slowly compared to the jumps we've seen recently as we had for 75 four the high. we also see a high of 75 in san jose and 68 in san mateo. this is the weather we see through the weekend the pick we will talk about the forecast coming up in a few minutes. things got heated in oakland after a vote with a lot of writing on the line. a woman even tin. this is a school board meeting who chose to not change the mind on the district plan to close some schools. bob redell joins us live. frustrated parents have been hoping for a change of heart for months now. >> reporter: correct. good morning. and that did not happen. this is the third time in recent months the oakland board of education has voted to close
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or merge those 10 schools over the next few years, which the board said is necessary. the district said this is because of budget constraints and low enrollment. as you can see this video people got very angry after the board voted 4-2 to continue with the plan to close or merge the schools. your tea was called in. opponents said this was the board's last chance to make it right. as a result parker k-8 and community day school will close this summer and several more are scheduled to shutter next year. every one of the roughly 30 people who spoke last night want to keep the campuses open. >> i'm devastated. i'm devastated because we all stepped in. we have lost sleep and everything to keep our school. >> we don't have enough qualified educators are principles to fill the vacancies. and i'm just come up frankly, the rotating doors of cuts year
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after year is really very challenging and we are continuing -- challenging but necessary. >> reporter: as i mentioned, two board members voted to keep the schools open think new money is coming in from the state that could make up for funding gaps. last month some parents and activists protested by moving into the parker k-8 campus and started running an unsanctioned summer camp with activities and meals. oakland unified them into the group moved out because it did not meet district standards. it turns out the school will not reopen in the fall. bob redell, today in the bay. we are following developments in the oakland school closures or you on air and online. head to any time and it's on the home page. to date supreme court justice steven breyer officially stepping down today. the san francisco native officially retiring.
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chris pollone is live in washington and the high court will have another historical moment today as a result. >> reporter: that's right. in just a matter of hours, judge ketanji brown jackson will become justice ketanji brown jackson when she is sworn in as the first black woman ever to serve on the u.s. supreme court you may remember she was confirmed in april by the senate. it was a bipartisan vote of 53- 47 with three republicans voting in favor of the nomination. minority leader mitch mcconnell and other republicans criticizing her for not embracing original is him. her confirmation does not change the current 6-3 conservative majority on the supreme court he previously served as a u.s. district court judge appointed by president barack obama in 2013. before that she served on the u.s. sentencing commission and is a public defender.
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in a letter to president biden yesterday, justice breyer brodie was step down at 9:00 this morning after the corp. releases its last two rulings of the term because cases include president biden's attempt to shut down the remain in mexico policy which requires some asylum seekers to wait and mexico whether u.s. immigration proceedings play out. the 83-year-old justice was appointed by president bill clinton in 1994 and is a graduate of lowell high in san francisco and stanford university. he is expected to assist in the swearing in judge jackson come along with the chief justice, john roberts. >> what a historical day it will be. chris pollone in washington. thank you. vice president kamala harris is waking up in the bay area this morning. she arrived last night at sfo where she was greeted by oakland mayor libby schaaf and san francisco mayor london breed. this afternoon she will attend a fundraiser in los gatos. it's not there how long she will remain on the west coast. all of california's remaining pandemic related protections are set to expire
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today. one nonprofit said tens of thousands of people are still waiting for the relief, rent relief to be approved and because of that they may be facing eviction. tenants rights groups are pressuring the state to extend protections for those in that group. and right now firefighters are making progress on that wildfire burning in the sierra foothills which started tuesday afternoon north of grass valley and has now burned about 900 acres. firefighters confirming one structure is destroyed but believe there may be more. they say containment is now at 10% with full containment expected by sunday. >> we are working 24 hour shifts. they will continue to operate and construct line and work fire hose and operations through the nighttime hours. >> about 250 homes remain under evacuation orders. the fire is believed to have started as a fracture stier fire. kris sanchez -- it's still breezy out there
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but we are looking at cooler temperatures and that may help those firefighters mark containment and the upper hand. let me take you hour by hour with morning temperatures starting around 60 around the rices fire and the wind is calm. as we go through the day the wind will increase to 15 to 20 miles per hour. the humidity will be critically low so that's another factor that can cause fires to spread more rapidly. the smoke is drifting away from the bay area into nevada and the camino fire to the south, that's also drifting to the east. not having an impact here as we have a strong ocean breeze but it will be a windy day as gust pickup to 20 to 25 miles per hour. watching cooler temperatures. where can we find lower gas prices? >> today all prices are under six dollars. and they are all at arco. in san mateo looking at $5.79. that's on delaware street. oakley, over and contra costa
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county, $5.93 per gallon on main street. and in san jose, $5.94 on brenham lane. now let's see how using that gas to get around the bay. no delays so you can operate at the best opportunity for you. looking at the bay bridge, i'm tracking one incident, a disabled vehicle at the on ramp on treasure island. a smooth flow of traffic on the rest of the bay with a little bit out of the altimont and out in the tri-valley, a little slowing but nothing big. san francisco reputation taken a hit lately. talking about the surge in smash and grabs and car break- ins as some people are just making it hard for them right now. >> garvin thomas shows us one woman is trying to change that perception making us bay area
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proud. >> reporter: good morning. i want to tell you a story about a san francisco woman trying to help tourists and help out her city at the same time. maybe you heard about the couple from arkansas and san francisco for a date in may when their car was broken into and their eight-month-old puppy was stolen. well collett heard about it and she knew what to do. she is something of an expert at using online resources to connect owners with lost dogs. she's on the case not looking for riley but there's more to it this time. colette hopes this one act can repair just a bit of san francisco's increasingly tarnished image. you can experience the story at area proud and hundreds of other stories about people being good to each other in the bay area. 5:09. choosing the best path to boost your career. next, we break down the best states to start a job hunt if
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you just graduated from college. here's a hint, googling moving companies may not be required . would you wear a fur coat and the summer and what does that have to do with business news? at 5:25, cooking up new ways to make it in the bay. what a chef without a restaurant is doing in the bay area and it still a recipe for success. the online service changing the game for do-it-yourselfers. around.
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right now at 5:12 it's starting out foggy and san francisco. you can see it misting with low clouds overhead. it's 56 degrees with a breezy wind. we will see a cool date with the sun peeking out but it's coming down for the inland valleys. i have a look at that in the forecast coming up. and a look at fremont from across the road a tesla. almost as much traffic on warren crossing over 880. will show you the longer drive and give you timing for folks coming through crossed across the county. good morning. and happy thursday to you. first-time jobless claims in about 15 minutes. the california statehouse has passed the budget. kris sanchez will have a full
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report in just a moment so stick around for that. the top line is those tax rebate checks will go out to many californians designed to offset the high cost of gasoline. that was arguably your money to begin with. you paid state tax. the state collected more than you needed. we have a big budget surplus so you're getting some money back. it is not a stimulus check but here's the potential problem. it may act like a stimulus check and we now know the stimulus checks the federal government sent out over the past couple of years helped cause inflation. we had too much money chasing not enough things and that's inflation. that's why the fed keeps raising interest rates. to reduce the money in the system. this vastly oversimplifies it but the guy on the left is trying to reduce the amount of money in your wallet because prices are too high. the fellow on the right is trying to increase the money in your wallet because prices are
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too high. from one economic school of thought giving people money in inflationary times is like protecting yourself from the hot sun with a fur coat. again, kris sanchez with more coming up at 5:30. as far as gas prices come a little bit of good news. opec will meet today to talk about increasing output. more supplies should bring prices down a little bit. the problem here is they can only increase supply so much. many oilfields were already running full tilt already and they just can't make much more of it. again, it's supply and demand. oil prices though have seen their monthly decrease in the last month so we may start to see some of this. >> any relief. >> no kidding. start walking more. >> or ride a bike. 5:15. california may be the perfect place to look if you are looking for that first job out
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of college. best ranks california the second best day to start a career post graduation. this is based on cost of living , starting salary, job openings, diversity, and level of fun. new york took the top spot. the place goes to illinois followed by texas and colorado. >> all nice places. a big morning for us on today in the bay. we are debuting a new set. >> take a look at this because for months and hundreds of hours to bring all of this to life. some good luck. take a look. >> laura and marcus, great to see you and a huge congrats to the entire today in the bay team unveiling that new studio this morning.
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very, very cool. very nice. we have a lot to get to this morning on the show including the big getaway for the holiday weekend is underway from the record crowds on the roads to those ongoing airport delays, to an early look at your fireworks forecast. we have everything you need to know on this thursday. and then we've got tips for a can't miss vacation filled with free fun. you heard me. free fun activities. none of that travel chaos to worry about. we will see how you can plan the perfect staycation. and if that's not enough, we have a jump start on the festivities with keith urban. the country star performing live on our plaza all morning long we will see you in just a bit. enjoy those fancy new digs. >> we are. so far. so good. he comes here and i go there? >> this is our family. >> justin vacation. that's it.
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how about a staycation because the temperatures are cooling off and it's nice. >> it's going to be really nice this weekend. i plan on grilling this weekend. let's get a look at san jose. it's going to be cloudy as you head out this morning and we will see the sun clearing and breaking out from behind those clouds. the sky will be clearing today as temperatures had for 75 degrees. that's actually a little cooler than normal for the end of june as livermore will reach 80 degrees. nice to get back on natural air- conditioning. check out the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. it's going to continue to be this way for a while. oakland tomorrow reaching 68 while santa rosa will see 80. and also 80 in concord with the tri-valley reaching into the upper 60s on saturday. we still have the alameda county fair going on in pleasanton. it will be comfortable.
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bring a jacket for the evening hours where the temperature will drop fast. let me show you what's going on elsewhere because she may be traveling this weekend and we do have a lot of monsoon moisture moving into the desert southwest. if you're going to arizona or the four corners region, there will be rain moving in there the next couple of days. airport delays, this is also making headlines because we are expecting it to bms. the earlier you travel come at a better and as of now there are no airport delays so i will watch that for you. let's head up to ukiah where this weekend the temperatures will be cooler. still in the upper 80s and we see the same thing tomorrow but upper 70s on saturday and sunday. 81 on the fourth of july. as we look at inland temperatures and the seven-day forecast, mid-70s the next few days with breezy wind.
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each day we start with clouds and fog and then we see it clearing out and the fourth looks nice. san francisco will also see clouds and fog but expect the sunshine at times throughout the city . mike, you are timing of the early commute. >> so far no real delays minimums throughout the peninsula and the south bay including the south county and coming in through contra costa county. as we look to the altamont pass, there is a delay affecting the altamont pass roadway off of midway. something is going on but that major surface street. a smoother drive but still slower out of the altimont toward grant line. vasco, winds, perhaps, but nothing major. minimum speed for vasco road. 580 does show slowing past grant line road. then at the limit to the dublin interchange. also something else going on in castro valley so what check on 580 over there coming up. 580 over there coming up. next on today in the bay,
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welcome back. 5:23. today in the bay response to a pleasanton man who paid money to the dmv he felt he should get back. >> consumer investigator chris chmura joins us with his story and a lesson for everyone. >> reporter: good morning.
5:24 am
this one is tricky. john and pleasanton renewed his vehicle registration a month early and paid the dmv $157 a month early but during that month he sold the car to someone else out of state so no need for those new california tags so he expected the dmv to refund his renewal fee. he said the dmv rep told him a refund was coming but months went by and not think so he contacted us. we contacted the dmv and the next thing you know they emailed him bad news. this note that said there is no provision in the statutes that provides for a refund of registration fees when they are paid prior to the sale of the vehicle. we confirmed that with the dmv so we weren't able to get john his money back. sorry. but we wanted to tell the story anyway and share the lesson we learned to maybe help you. if you will sell the car close to renewal time, put off paying the fee as long as you can and ideally sell the car before it's due. he contacted us on
5:25 am and you can too. on the home page click the response options from the main menu or call us at 888-996- tips. new this morning, have you ever thought your cooking is so good you could sell it? now you don't need the money to open a restaurant. krista gonzalez of daly city found a solution for the be area based she's been passionate about cooking dishes from guam and the philippines for her friends and family and now she sells what she calls creations to strangers using chef and without worrying about the overhead from having a restaurant. >> my husband and i are very passionate about our cooking and we are very creative people. for us, we wanted to create our dishes in a way where it's traditional and recognizable, but at the same time a little modernized and elevated. >> she is only allowed to run a
5:26 am
micro enterprise kitchen out of her home thanks to a recently passed assembly bill that changed state regulations. >> and it looks good. >> find your specialty and cook it up. >> peanut butter and jelly. here we go . next, top stories we are following including a flood of travelers getting ready to hit the skies this weekend. we will talk about the hiccups you want to prepare for if you catching a flight . and we have a california budget $309 billion worth. what's in
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someone's life is lost. officers engaged. >> right now, two oakland police officers in serious hot water. the investigation they are now facing in connection with a recent deadly accident. a live look at the state capitol where lawmakers are making sure inflation relief is on the way. how a $300 billion spending plan will benefit you and your family. this is today in the bay streaming live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and online. as we head into this thursday morning we want to say welcome for the special broadcast. we are launching our new set for today in the bay right here. it's a beautiful site. >> nice new digs . and comfy
5:30 am
chairs. >> there you go. now we scan. kari getting ready to go with the forecast . >> we are liking the cooldown. >> yes we do and we are looking forward to that in time for the fourth of july holiday weekend but we know you have to work today so let's get you out the door in oakland. the commute is starting to pick up so we will check in with mike in a minute but right now temperatures in the mid-50s and it will be a cool day as we make it up to 68 for the high. in court reaching 80. also atn livermore. it will be very chilly the coastline. half moon bay in the upper 50s this afternoon. and this morning you are tracking a crash? >> look at this westbound 580. the commute direction is west of the dublin interchange. we have a crash slowing folks down. in the chp report, one lane is blocked but that's one less for traffic and one picker distracting for folks heading toward the dublin grade where
5:31 am
we see that slowing. watching for the rest of the build out of the altamont pass, so far nothing dramatic anywhere west of there is just fine. back to you. we begin with a new look at how people are helping those struggling to make it in the bay. that's thanks to a state budget. >> kris sanchez joins us live. this includes some relief from this soaring inflation. >> we've all been feeling it in some way shape or form. you will not feel the relief at the pump because the gas tax will not be suspended so we will continue to pay more than $0.50 per gallon when we pump gas but we will see inflation relief in the form of tax refunds. $17 billion set aside for tax refunds and that will mean between $200 and $1050 in tax
5:32 am
refunds going into your direct deposit for households making more than $500,000 per year or individuals making less then $250,000. less than not more than. and you can expect those direct deposits in the fall. let's talk about what else is in california's $308 billion budget. there is a $97 billion surplus. half of which by law has to be spent on public education. that will mean an extra $2.8 billion to compensate for lower attendance when classes returned in person. also hospital and nursing home workers are eligible for bonuses of up to $1500 to help with retention. and the budget includes $200 million to support abortion clinics and to train abortion providers. california will expand medi-cal to provide healthcare for all low income adults and that will include about 700,000 undocumented people.
5:33 am
california will be the first state in the nation to do that for all low income people. >> and roe v. wade. let's talk about that. the governor said he wanted california to be a sanctuary state for women who needed abortion access. talk about the money for that. >> $200 billion set aside, or $200 million set aside for that but there's also $40 million set aside for women who perhaps can't afford the procedure. the governor come as you said, wants california to be a sanctuary set however he said if you get here we can help you pay for it but we won't help you travel to come here. >> won't help you get here. >> if you can get here, we will help you out. >> logistically that will be a tough thing to do. >> but that's a big expense to travel here. >> imagine booking a ticket at the last minute. you're not planning ahead. >> but then you don't pay taxes here so -- new details on a deadly south bay fire.
5:34 am
this woman, rebecca makino is now under arrest, accused of intentionally starting the fire that killed her husband. this happened early saturday morning at the couple's in san jose. first responders did manage to pull her husband out of my from the home but he later died. the woman is now facing arson and homicide charges. a motive is not been revealed . new fall out for the opd in the wake of the deadly crash tied to a weekend sideshow. two oakland police officers are now on indefinite leave and facing a misconduct investigation. this started with a side check early monday on international boulevard. we have video which was posted on social media. chief leronne armstrong now said to mike officers pursued a car from there and about 10 blocks away and crashed killing a pedestrian and injuring three others. he also alluded to reports the
5:35 am
officers did not follow protocol. >> we do know the lights and sirens were on, but we do also know at some point the lights and sirens were off so i think those are all the things that will be looked at in this investigation to determine specifically when those things happened. >> so far chief armstrong is not revealing exact details of potential misconduct but does plan to do so when more is known to maintain department transparency. today, a make or break moment in the oakland a's plans for a new stadium at howard terminal. san francisco bay commissioners will either approve or deny a plan to convert part of the port of oakland into land for a new stadium. if today's vote fails, the stadium project is in all likelihood doomed. if approved, several more hurdles still need to be cleared. major league baseball insists the a's may ultimately find a home elsewhere. and developing now, the buildup is starting for travelers ahead of the holiday
5:36 am
weekend. tsa is anticipating passenger bombings that will match and possibly exceed pre-pandemic levels. >> not only will a record number of travelers hit the road, but they will also pay record prices to fill up the tank. some 42 million americans are expected to drive to their destination, and you can see some of the traffic on the bay bridge. sam brock with the trouble headaches to avoid ahead of the weekend. >> reporter: good morning. happy july 4th weekend which officially starts technically according to aaa right now. it's really the next five days between june 30th and july 4th they are tracking travel. the expectations right now are record-breaking when it comes to the roadways. roughly 42 million people are forecast to be driving, which is remarkable considering gas prices right now i just under five dollars a gallon, the highest they have ever been for the fourth of july holiday. at a year-by-year comparison and last year at this time it
5:37 am
was $1.75 cheaper come and yet almost 9 out of 10 people traveling for this holiday are traveling on the roadways this is also a return to pre- pandemic levels. based on what we are hearing and the folks we are talking to, people feel like the pandemic has been going on for so long that they felt pimped up. they want to go to disney world and all these destinations which will bring smiles to kids faces and they're making the trade-off. there's one bit of good news which is if you are renting a car, according to aaa at 34% cheaper than it was at this time last year, that is if you can get a car rental. that's the latest in miami. more coming up on the today show. back to you. >> send the triplets to see it uncle sam in florida. i love it. let's get a look at the forecast because a lot of people are expecting to do cookouts and barbecues. >> and maybe have family coming in from out-of-town.
5:38 am
i want to make sure they get here safely. looking at what's going on regionally as far as airport delays, this is the other big headline. right now there are no delays. it's looking good. your weekend forecast in napa will show upper 70s tomorrow and then mid-70s by the end of the weekend. san francisco in the low 60s all weekend and san jose will be 75 on friday, and then cooling down to the upper 60s by sunday. if you're going to los angeles this weekend, is going to be in the low 80s on friday but cooler by the end of the weekend. but we are looking at nice weather. and in south lake tahoe, highs in the mid 70s friday and saturday. it will be more chilly with clouds moving in on sunday and we are expecting more of the same on the fourth of july. in big sur, travel there will
5:39 am
be really nice. just watch for those bouts of fog near the coastline. we will be in the mid-70s on friday and saturday. sunday in the upper 60s with sometimes of sunshine there. mike you are still tracking a crash in castro valley. >> one vehicle involved has flipped off onto its side. i don't know the status of injuries but we do see it's hard for travel time coming off the dublin interchange traveling west into the dublin grade. that is your westbound commute. here is 68 zero and the dublin interchange is here. things are jammed up. approaching the dublin interchange there is slowing as folks are hearing or know about it trying to make a decision. should they continue through castro valley or take the longer route for perhaps 68 zero to mission or the mission crossover and 880 south of union city. those are both options. a big rig is also involved in that crash heading over the dublin grade. that may delay the clear out.
5:40 am
right now no real problems getting over to the bay bridge but the backup is starting to form as more traffic hits the incline and the metering light should be on any second. 5:31 california department of justice investigating itself. next, trying to learn who leaked sensitive data on a state doj web dashboard. find out if your name is on the list . and she's been waiting a long time but today it will be justice jackson. big changes on the supreme court. >> reporter: and sommer kicks into high gear in marin. we are at the marin county therapy we will tell you what to expect when it opens today. and as we head to break we want to share this photo. you can see this time-lapse we have online of what it took to put this new studio together. a lot of hard work. thank you to the team who put that hard work in. we have more coming up right here on tran 12.
5:41 am
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duckduckgo: privacy, simplified. happy thursday to you.
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5:43. let's get a live look at fremont. we have a light wind and it's a cloudy start. that will help keep temperatures done with the typical marine layer rolling in through the morning and then clearing out by noon as temperatures will be in the upper 60s. a nice day for inland areas. we will talk about that in a few minutes. i live look at the golden gate bridge shows you light traffic flow. i predict you will get charged more tomorrow. there is a toll hike. you don't have to worry about it until you see the bill because it will happen automatically. we'll talk more about that today and tomorrow. the state justice department is warning about a data breach within the department exposing sensitive personal information for what may have been hundreds of thousands of people. early this week when the state launched its 2022 firearms dashboard portal, that's where the department of justice list was posted online. this is where californians who
5:45 am
applied for conceal-carry permits over the last 10 years. included sensitive information like names, addresses, and criminal histories. within 24 hours the department pulled the data offline . president biden's choice for supreme court will be sworn in today. >> and judge ketanji brown jackson joins the court at a very strange time. >> very strange and she's not going to be able to do much to change the court. she is a liberal judge replacing a liberal judge so the balance stays the same. she joins the court at a time when trust and doubt about the legitimacy of the supreme court is at a modern low. you were recalled judge jackson was nominated and approved earlier this spring. the 51-year-old becomes the first african american woman to sit on the high court. this also means there will be four women on the bench. brown, sotomayor, kagan and coney barrett. judge pryor will step down at the court releases its last decisions of the term later this morning.
5:46 am
judge pryor retiring in good health at a time when the president could replace him with someone who shares his general worldview, protecting the small, liberal presence on the bench. president biden wrapped up his meetings with nato with a formal dinner with the host, the king and queen of spain come and he brought his granddaughters. dr. jill biden flew home early so he was accompanied by his granddaughters in the blue print dress and a woman and a white dress hidden by that very tall prime minister of spain. the lady in bed is the wife of the spanish prime minister. normally we would skip pointing out the familiarity these two are displaying but president biden has in the past apologized for his handling of personal space and acknowledged it made some people uncomfortable. in this case that does not appear to be the case. the house select committee has subpoenaed former white house counsel pat cipollone. the lawyer did not represent
5:47 am
trump specifically but represented the office of the president and as such was first- hand witness to everything that happened. he has spoken with the committee already but not testified under oath and for an arguably good reason. lawyers don't testify about what they talked about with their clients, unless a crime was being committed. then the privilege doesn't count and cassidy hutchinson says zip leone very much thought crimes were being committed. >> he said something to the effectof the please make sure we don't go up to the capitol, cassidy. keep in touch with me. we are going to get charged with every crime imaginable if we make that movement happen. >> aide steve bannon was subpoenaed months ago and will be on trial for contempt of congress soon. his legal team has asked for a delay saying the ruckus caused
5:48 am
by the bomb's revelations on the capitol this week would influence the jury. we do expect president biden to have one last speech in madrid at the nato summit and are monitoring that and we'll talk about it on social media on twitter. veterinarians have a reminder with the fourth of july holiday weekend approaching. fireworks are hardly a dog's best friend. in fact, more pets get lost on the fourth of july than any other day of the year. dogs here twice as many frequencies from distances and four times further than people. that's how my dog knows i'm coming home. as a local veterinarian explains, that's why it's vertical to make sure people can easily learn where you can return a dog if you find one. >> make certain your animal has an i.d. tag. a caller with its name and your contact information which is current. ideally come have your pet microchipped and be certain the microchip information is current.
5:49 am
so if your animal does escape and get away, it can be located and returned to you. >> that's important. i went online to make sure my address and phone number is updated. and also make sure you're pets don't get into any unfriendly or the july foods including grapes from fruit trays, onions from the burger or hotdog, any kind of fatty foods that may fall to the ground from the barbecue. and you can watch the fireworks from the comfort of your home we are talking about nbc's macy's fourth of july fireworks spectacular. you can watch the event right here on tran 10 at 8:00 and we will rerun it at 10:00 and you can also stream it on peacock. happening now, sommer kicks into high gear in marin. that's really marin county fair returns for in person. >> who is ready for a funnel cake. >> ginger conejero saab is live at the fairgrounds this morning.
5:50 am
i don't know if they are serving them just yet but visitors who had out there can expect a lot of fun. >> reporter: absolutely. good morning marcus and laura. we are in san rafael. i'm inside the marin county fair. we got a nice sneak peek and we are next to some of the carnival rides that will open today. a fun tidbit, does not one but two ferris wheel's this year because they wanted to add it. it's been so popular. the marin county fair usually sees about 120,000 people but in past years it hasn't seen anyone in person because of the pandemic you can imagine how excited everyone is to bring things back in person and make a splash this july 4th weekend. here are some things you need to know. if they're open today and will run through july 4th. gates open at 11:00 and will close at 11:00 p.m. tickets are $25. an extra $15-$20 for parking. there are carnival rights, concerts, art exhibits, marketplace and the big bang
5:51 am
fireworks to cap off the night at 9:30 p.m. every night the lagoon. reminders of what not to bring. although not mandatory, organizers are encouraging people to bring and wear their masks they say bring sunscreen for the day and a jacket because it gets cold at night. also do not bring pets. only service animals will be allowed in. no backpacks of any kind and no outside food. check out the list on their website. what is very exciting is we have with us here the director of cultural services for marin county. welcome back in person. marin county fair and good morning. >> good morning. and thank you. we are so thrilled to be back after two years. one of the things that is fantastic about this year is that we are outdoors only so we made this decision early on. we knew we did not want to cancel the fair at the last
5:52 am
minute so we are outdoors only and we have a ton of new and fun and exciting activities out here. >> >> reporter: something appreciate from this fair is all the fun things in your also very environmentally process. it's a very green fair. >> absolutely. in 2019 we had a 94% diversion rate. so it's really important to us that we are green pick one of the things we done this year is we have band all use of single use plastic bottles whether they are water bottles or soda bottles. and that's one of our new initiatives and efforts for this year. >> reporter: that's great. we have a little bit of time. what else can you tell her viewers. little piece of advice before the come out to have some fun? >> it's going to be a beautiful day. the only advice i can give is come out and have a great time. one thing i would say is if you don't want to wait in line to buy a ticket come up buy it fai it's the same price as it is at the gate. >> reporter: awesome. and we will have more at the
5:53 am
fair. some special sneak peek's from what they've got to offer. thank you, gabriella. we was you guys later in the newscast. >> thank you. >> the deep fried things that they have. >> what time do the food stands open? that's what i want to know. >> reporter: don't worry. i got you guys. >> and that's why i like ginger. it's true. you know had a deep fry twinkies and oreos. >> i've never had those. because it's always too much money. i don't want to spend all my money on food i don't like. that food is expensive. >> i know you're frugal but does >> now your mr. big spender in a don't want to buy a twinkie? >> i spend my money on things i'm going to where more than wants. >> he said me his new shoes. the weather will be fantastic.
5:54 am
>> and it's fair season. holiday weekend. so much going on and thankfully a the weather will cooperate. i was worried for a while because it was so hot so early but as we take a live look at oakland, is a busy start to thursday morning with clouds overhead and temperatures in the mid-50s. we will see the sky clearing out through today. take a look at these highs this is different compared to recently and the tri-valley. dublin, 73 degrees and 77 in napa. san francisco, jacket weather all day in the low 60s and slightly milder weather tomorrow as the fog retreats from the coast a little bit. inland temperatures had for the mid-70s and low 80s. on saturday, cool with gusty wind as that dog really continues to linger near the coastline. let me show you palo alto and the 10 day temperature trend. highs in the 70s the next couple of days and then only in the upper 60s. back in the 70s early next week and then it will warm up by next weekend.
5:55 am
the seven-day forecast look great for the fourth of july holiday weekend with highs in the mid to upper 70s inland while san francisco will see highs in the mid 60s. i have another update in a few minutes. happening now. oakland city leaders will vote today on funding for the city's 177% last year. oakland city council president is proposing the city invest $110,000 to hope the area as part of its budget . 5:55 and this morning we are shining the spotlight on our climate in crisis. ahead on today in the bay, advocates argue certain communities are getting a raw deal and the potentially dangerous consequences they are pushing to change. and at 6:00, vice president kamala harris is back in her home base. we will lay out the events on ap for her in
5:56 am
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on-premise and in the cloud. you can run things the way you want - from the most innovative company. bring on today with comcast business. powering possibilities.™ bob. it's 5:58 a.m. today's date in the bay. not only is climate change harming the environment it's affecting racial and socioeconomical groups and
5:59 am
communities. black children are 10 times more likely to die from asthma and air quality than to white children i spoke to the robert wood foundation and about the inequalities facing our community. >> if you live in a marginalized community and if you compound that were too many folks and back and ground communities where we live in these parts will amplify existing inequalities. higher death rates from isolated elders who don't have access to air conditioning or perhaps even dying from heat. >> find out what you can do to prepare for and respond to the impacts of climate change. go to our crisis page to watch this full interview. right now at 6:00.
6:00 am
tense moments after oakland school board members we have form plans to close several campuses. the exchange got too heated and what parents can expect to happen next. in a matter of hours struggling renters are expected to lose critical protections. the looming deadline that has advocates fearing evictions are about to skyrocket. just hours away from historic moment. the first black female supreme court justice will be sworn in today. we are live in d.c. with why this came earlier than expected but this is in the base streaming live on roku, amazon fire and online. good thursday morning. thank you for joining us for this special broadcast. we are launching our brand-new desk here on today in the bay. i am


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