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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 30, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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tense moments after oakland school board members we have form plans to close several campuses. the exchange got too heated and what parents can expect to happen next. in a matter of hours struggling renters are expected to lose critical protections. the looming deadline that has advocates fearing evictions are about to skyrocket. just hours away from historic moment. the first black female supreme court justice will be sworn in today. we are live in d.c. with why this came earlier than expected but this is in the base streaming live on roku, amazon fire and online. good thursday morning. thank you for joining us for this special broadcast. we are launching our brand-new desk here on today in the bay. i am marcus washington.
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>> the morning to you as well. we will check in with mike and a little bit. he has a look at the morning commute. let's check in with kari now and the temperature is finally cooling down. it's been cool for the coastline but look at san francisco. socked in with the fog right now and we are going to see the clouds in the mist and drizzle continue for the next several hours. it may not be until noon when you see the sun peeking out here but it is going to be chilly as our inland temperatures start to cool down as well. we are headed to 69 in hayward. 84 fairfield and that so much better than upper 90s and triple digits we've had recently. san jose reaching 75 degrees and we talk about that we can forecast coming up in a few minutes. things got heated in oakland after a boat with a whole lot rising on the line. this was during a school board meeting and oakland. the school board members did
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not change their minds. >> bob redell joins us live and a lot of frustrated parents and they have been hoping for a change of heart for months now. >> reporter: did not happen. last night the oakland board of education reaffirmed its earlier decision to shutter or merge 10 schools over the next few years, the district says is necessary because of budget constraints and decreased enrollment. as you can see in this video, and as you mentioned, people got angry after the board voted 4-2 to continue the plan to close or merge those schools. security had to be called in. opponents said this was the board's last chance to make it right but parker k-8 and community day school will close this summer and several more to shutter next year. roughly 30 people who spoke all who indicated they want to keep campuses open. >> i am devastated. i am devastated because we all
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stopped in and we keep our schools. >> we don't have enough qualified educators or principles to fill the vacancy and i and just frankly, there is a rotating door of cuts year after year is very challenging. and we are continuing, challenging but necessary. >> two board members voted to keep the schools open saying new money is coming in from the state that could make up for the funding gaps for last month parents and activists protested by moving into the parker k-8 campus and started running an unsanctioned summer camp. they demanded they move out because it did not meet safety standards. that school will not reopen this fall. reporting live, rob cardwell on
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the bay. >> had to anytime is front and center on her homepage. 6:03 a.m. justice stephen breyer officially stepping down. the san francisco native officially retiring. chris malone live in washington. chris, the high court as another historical moment because of this. >> yeah, marcus. that's right. good morning to u. judge jackson will become justice jackson, the first black woman ever to serve on the supreme court in u.s. history. she was confirmed by the senate back in april. it was a bipartisan vote of 53 to 47 with three republicans voting in favor of the nomination. other republicans criticized jackson for not embracing regionalism and a narrow
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interpretation of the constitution and does not change the majority on the supreme court. she was a u.s. district court judge appointed by barack obama in 2014 and before that the u.s. and to the commission. and the prosecutor. justice breyer wrote he will step down at 9:00 a.m. after they release their last two rulings of the term they include president biden's attempt to shut down main and mexico which requires people to remain in mexico. the 83-year-old justice was appointed by president bill clinton in 1994 and a graduate of lowell high in san francisco, as well as, stanford university. at noon, and anna clark west coast time he will help the chief justice administer the oath of office to justice jackson. >> chris malone in washington. thank you. vice president kamala
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harris waking up in the bay area. she was greeted by oakland mayor libby schaaf and san francisco mayor, london breed. she will attend a fundraiser in los gatos. it is not clear how long she will remain on the west coast. all of california's remaining eviction protections will expire today. one nonprofits as tens of thousands of people are waiting for rent relief to be approved and they may now be facing eviction because of that. tenant rights groups is oppression pressuring the state to extend the protection for those who still needed. firefighters making progress on the wildfire burning in the sierra foothills. it started tuesday afternoon north of grass valley and that has now burned 900 acres. firefighters confirming one structure has been destroyed. they believe more are out there. they say containment now at
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10%. full containment expected on sunday. 250 of those homes remain on evacuation orders or expect kari keeping an eye on those conditions for us as well. >> we see in the cooler temperatures coming in. more fog and higher humidity. we will continue to monitor those conditions. as you head out in walnut creek start out with clouds. temperatures upper 50s and low 60s but we will see highs reaching into the 70s today. a significant cool down compared to the high heat we've had recently. only reaching 75 degrees at 4:00 today. as we go through these temperatures in the spotlight palo alto going from 70s to 60s for highs going into the weekend and we are keeping an eye on the fourth of july that looks nice with highs reaching into the mid-70s. we see cooler air in our forecast heading into the next few days. heading out for work, mike, where can we find lower gas prices. >> all under $6 a gallon and
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just barely but still. all at the arco station and we found them all their starting in san mateo it is $5.79 per gallon over on south delaware street. in oakley and contra costa county $5.93 a gallon at the arco on main street and in san jose on the south bay is on branham lane you are $5.94. all barely under $6 a gallon. for the limit we are looking at the maps showing green sensors almost everywhere but right in the middle very announced. we continue to follow this and it is now a traffic alert by chp. slow from the devlin interchange to pella verity. complete the tow truck will arrive in the next couple of minutes. back to you. accusing. we break down the best states to start your job hunt if you
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just graduated from college. here is a hint googling moving companies may not be required. would you wear a fur coat in the summer? what does that have to do with businesses. let's take you out to the futures this morning. that looks rough and we have new data showing investors want to move out of stock. marcus? at 6:25 we have something cooking up for you some new ways to make it in a recipe for success.
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this is drizzling now and it will be a cool day here as
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the fog lingers a lot longer. that happens when we get the marine layer thick over the bay reaching into san francisco. for novato mid-50s and you can see the clouds reaching in the marine layer and we see the temperatures warming up more slowly. we are only in the low 70s about 1:00 today as we head toward the upper 70s in nevada view. these high temperatures so much cooler than what we've had in the inland areas. if you look at the 7-day forecast coming up there will be more days like this where we see tomorrow's forecast only 75 in martinas and 75 in mountain view san francisco is mid 60s. saturday as you make plans to get out and travel around the bay area if you are going to the coast, half moon bay is only 60 degrees. mid 70s livermore and concord
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77. check out palo alto as our high temperatures cool off. we only see highs in the mid to upper 60s next week we gradually warmed backup with mid 70s. in all it looks like we will have this nice natural air conditioning for a wow, even though the humidity is higher we see breezy winds. want to leave the fireworks to the pros. it has been way too dry to light any of this on our own. for san francisco you see a mix of sunshine and clouds with highs in the upper 60s and our weather continues to look nice and cool there. only a few peaks of sunshine. mike, how is the commute looking now? track we still have an alert from chp because of an overturned vehicle. it's a big rig but the smaller passenger that got off its wheels. major backup for those traveling west through castro valley.
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still no word on when the lanes will clear. allow yourself 10 extra minutes and it should not take that long but it feels like longer than 10 minutes and it will keep you calm as you get through the backup. the alternate is to the winding portion of the canyon going back down to michigan and back up into fremont for taking 680 north toward 24. those are much longer routes and you are getting back to only one lane blocked their. subtle build for highway four and 37 is a typical pattern. easy drive through most of contra costa valley. a lot more folks hit the road and head toward the bay bridge. the metering lights have been turned on for 45 minutes here and we have the back trying to fill in all the lanes in last 10 minutes and looking at 80 and the traffic is okay there in the big issue is what is 580 in the castro valley. the crash in palo verde. back to you. 6:20 a.m.. coming up next.
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nbc bay area responds. he was punctual paying the dmv but it cost them more than $150. $150. i am
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fantastic things start to happen when you step aboard a princess cruise.
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doors open up for you. your favorite drinks start finding you. and everything seems to be... just how you like it. how does it all happen? it's no secret. it's our job to discover what makes you feel special. yes, you! and you. and you, too. making sure you feel taken care of. that's what a princess cruise is all about. california residents sail from san francisco for just $59 per day. welcome back. it is 6:23. nbc area responds to a man parried money to the dmz he felt he should get back. >> consumer investigator chris
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chmura joins us. >> the morning. this is tricky. he reviewed his registration and paid early. during that month he sold the car to someone else out of state so no need for the new tags. so don expected the dmv to refund his renewal fee. he said the dmv wrap told him a refund was coming. months went by and so he contacted us and we contacted the dmv next thing he was e- mailed bad news. the snow right here that says there is no provision in the statute that provides for a refund of registration fees when they are paid prior to the sale of the vehicle. we confirmed that with the dmv so we were not able to get down his money back. sorry, don. we wanted to tell the story anyway and share the lesson we learn to help you if you are going to sell a car close to
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renewal time put off paying the fee as long as you can and sell the car before it is due. don contacted us on the respond option from the main menu or call us at 888 999 tips. thank you so much, chris. have you ever thought your cooking was good enough to sell? cristofer gonzalez of daly city found a solution with the bay area based she says she's been passionate about cooking dishes from guam in the philippines for friends and families. now she sells what she calls how a bomb creations to strangers and without worrying about the overhead from having a restaurant. >> my husband and i are very passionate about our cooking and we are very creative people. for us we wanted to create our dishes in a way where it is
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traditional and recognizable, but as the same time modernized and elevated. >> she can only run on micro enterprise chicken out of her home after a recently passed bill that changed from state regulations. >> i like that. 6:25 a.m.. a lot more top stories. including the future of the aids in oakland on the line. the key vote that may decide whether the team stays or goes. california now has a big budget surplus and we will all
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right now at 6:30. california. ready to reach for extra cash. lawmakers make itcher inflation relief is on its way. i do $300 billion spending plan will benefit you and your family. someone's life is lost when officers engaged. >> to oakland police officers in serious trouble. the investigation they are facing in connection with a deadly accident. if you are about to fly or hit the roads expect some company out there. a record number of travelers and the potential potholes for some of them. this is today in the bay,
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streaming online and apple tv. thank you for joining us for the special broadcast. we are launching our brand-new set here at today in the bay. thank you for joining us i'm laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. we will get you started with meteorologist, jerry hall. >> just in time for the holiday weekend it will be cool. let's head to the east bay with a look at pleasant hill. our trend in the mid 60s we see the clouds we see now gradually clear out by late morning. it's the upper 60s and time reaching into the low 70s here today. san jose reaching 75 for a high. our natural air conditioning is back. we see this continue into the weekend. mike, you have been tracking that traffic alert. >> i have, kari.
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there is the dublin interchange. we are looking west of their all the way to palo verde past dublin. the crash still blocks one lane. the overturned vehicle still needs tow truck to clear west ivd. it has the same backup as it has for the last half hour. a lot longer drive up the canyon. allow yourself 7:00 or 10:00 minutes and you will be okay in toward castro valley. back to you. thanks, mike. >> this is what people who are struggling to make it in the bay thanks to a new state budget. >> today chris joins us. >> here's the thing. we won't feel the rewhen we put gas in this morning because it will not be suspended we will continue to
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pay more than $0.50 per gallon of gas in taxes we will get inflation relief in the form of a tax relief payment. there is a check we can get. we are expecting between 200 and $1050 and that is for people not making less than $250 thousand individually or families making less than $500 thousand per year. you can expect to see those direct deposits in your bank account in the fall. here is what else is in the $308 million budget. there's a 97 surplus which has to be spent on education including an extra $2.8 billion to help compensate schools for low attendance when students returned in person. you know they get money per attendance. hospital and nursing home workers are eligible for bonuses up to $1500 to help with retention and it includes $200 million to support
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abortion clinics and to also train abortion providers. california will expand medi-cal in order to provide healthcare for low income adults that will include 700,000 undocumented people this will make california the first day in the nation to ensure all low income people across the board. >> that's pretty big. post roe v. wade as well. the governor said he wanted california to be a sanctuary state for people who needed abortion access. there is money for that as well respected and mentioned the $200 million for clinics and training providers. there are a number of counties in our state that don't have abortion providers. as far as women who are in states where they cannot get an abortion, they can come to california. however, the state will not pay to get them here. if they can get them here there will be a provider able to help. otherwise they are on their own
6:34 am
expect a big hurdle for some women in need or expect also for the state to pick up the tab on that. >> they are not taxpayers here. >> logistically. thanks, chris. >> iq. new fallout in a deadly crash. two police officers on an indefinite lead leave. it stated with a sideshow on international boulevard. we have interview. chief leronne armstrong says two officers pursued apart from the sideshow and 10 blocks away the car crashed killing a pedestrian and injuring three others. he alluded to reports the officers did not follow protocol. >> we do know the license timers were on and the license timers were off. those are all the things we are going to look into to determine
6:35 am
when those things happen. >> so far chief leronne armstrong is not revealing the details of the conduct and the plans to do so once more is known to maintain transparency. a make or break moment for oakland a's fans. sacramento bee commissioners will either approve or deny plans to convert part of the port in oakland. if today's vote fails, and the project is in all likelihood doomed. if approved several more hurdles need to be cleared. the a's may find a home elsewhere. 6:35. buildup starting for travelers and head of the big holiday weekend respect not only will of record of number of travelers hit the road they will be playing registered.
6:36 am
the traffic looking up at the bay bridge here is sam brock with the travel headaches to avoid as you head into the weekend. >> laura and marcus good morning. >> reporter: happy fourth of july weekend. really, the next five days between june 30th and july fourth, the expectations now are record-breaking, at least when it comes to the roadways. roughly 22,000,000 people are forecast to be driving. that is remarkable. gas prices are just under $5 a gallon. the highest they have ever been for the fourth of july holiday. as you look last year at this time it was $1.75 cheaper. and yet, almost 9 out of 10 people traveling on the roadways and a return to pre- pandemic levels. and based on what we are hearing we feel like the pandemic has been going on for so long, especially if they have young children they want
6:37 am
to go to disney world and these destinations that will bring smiles on their kids faces and they are making this trade-off. if you are renting a car, it is 34% cheaper than it was at this time last year, that is, if you can get a car rental. that is the latest here in toda war and marcus back to you. >> you get a rent-a-car and then you have to put the gas in it. >> but the rent-a-car sit there for a while. >> i wanted to show you the airport delays as you make plans for the holiday weekend, or if you have family coming in is always a big thing. looking at the travel spots where we may have trouble looking at the four corners region where there is showers and storms and also up around the great lakes, as well as the goal. looking at those delays, none so far. the earlier you travel the better.
6:38 am
let's head to our weekend destinations like napa reaching 79 degrees on friday upper 70s saturday and perfect weather into the weekend, including the fourth of july in san francisco. much cooler there and you see the tourists walking around with shirtsleeves and shorts on and you know they will be heading to those kipchoge to grab some hoodies and it's cool there this weekend. for l.a. we have sunshine and temperatures reaching into the low 80s for tomorrow and gradually cooling off tomorrow and the rest of the weekend. if you plan to go to south lake tahoe is going to be perfect sunshine and temperatures in the 60s and 70s for highs and morning starts around 40 going we want to look ahead at the golden gate bridge. this is the presence at the golden gate bridge. there is a price hike and a toll that will happen and we will talk more about that tomorrow and we will bring more
6:39 am
details on those as well. as you look at the bay bridge toll plaza the of the backup here. i'm not concerned about this backup westbound getting off the bridge heading off that area to the 88 split and just off the camera's view report of a disabled vehicle and it's been going on for a while. it looked like the last 2.5 minutes has green sensors and they have cleared that. good stuff getting away from the bay bridge. the other issue, continuing for castro valley. west 580 two dublin and dublin interchange. the sensors are slowing a tad bit. there's more yellow as you head down here. it might have been numbers but it could be avoiding the backup. stick to the dublin grade and skip the crash. >> good work around that. thanks, mike. a warning to pet owners across the bay area.
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crucial steps you need to take to keep your furry friends safe and sound. later today it will be justice jackson. big changes at the supreme court and we have another rough day and more indication inflation is still a major issue. we are still at the marin county fair. check out my new friend. here is waldo, a miniature horse. we have more on what you can expect coming up next you .
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6:42. heading to the east bay fremont . a breezy one mostly cloudy skies. temperatures upper 50s but it clears out and tripped up to be a really nice day. make plans to be out there and we talk about our weekend coming up expect this backup from castro valley. big slowdown from the dublin interchange. about 4 miles of backout. apart is a good option if you can. president biden's choice for the supreme court will be sworn in today. >> justice jackson joins the court at a strange time. >> she will be able to do much to change the court. she is a liberal judge replacing a liberal judge.
6:44 am
the balance stays the same but she joins the court at a time when the trust and the doubts of the legitimacy of the supreme court are at lows. judge jackson was nominated and approved earlier this spring. the 51-year-old becomes the first african-american woman to sit on the high court. it means there will be four women on the bench. brown, sodium ir, taken and connie barrett. judge breyer will step down after the court releases its last decision of the term. prior retiring in good health at a time when a president could replace him with someone who shares his general world you protecting the small liberal presence on the bench. president biden wrapped up his meetings with nato with us formal dinner with the king of queen of spain. accompanied by maisie and
6:45 am
finnigan and the woman in the white who is in and by the very tall prime minister of spain. the lady in red is maria begonia gomez fernandez, the wife of the spanish prime minister mostly we skip the familiarity of these two. president has apologized for his handling of personal space and acknowledge it made people uncomfortable. in this case though. the president speaking at nato answering reporters questions, which aren't always about nato. he did say he supports ending the filibuster in the senate to protect abortion rights and we will keep an eye on it for you. the house select committee subpoenaed former white house counsel, pat cipollone. he did not represent trump specifically, but the office of the president. was a first-hand witness to everything that has happened he has spoken with the committee
6:46 am
already but not testified under oath. lawyers don't testify about what they talked about with a y only very much thought crimes were being committed. >> mr. sublimity said from day to please make sure we don't go to the capitol, cassidy. keep in touch with me. we will get charges and every crime possible. >> we will monitor what he's talking about at the nato summit and we have a full report on our midday news and on social media. 6:46. veterinarians have a reminder with the fourth of july holiday weekend quickly approaching. we talk about the fireworks. hardly, our dog's best friend. in fact, more pets get loss on the fourth of july and any
6:47 am
other day of the year. doctor twice as many frequencies from distances four times further than people as a local that said it's critical to make sure people can learn to find your dog and how to tag them and make sure they are safe. >> make sure your animal has an id tag. your contact information that's current and if you have your pets microchipped you can be certain that the microchipped information is current and if your animal does escape a getaway he is located and returned to you make sure you're right right address and make sure your pets don't get into the unfriendly fourth of july food including grapes, not good for dogs, onions from your burger or hotdogs. avoid the fatty foods from the
6:48 am
barbecue. and a reminder. stay in ann carter with your furry friend and watch the fireworks from the comfort of your home. we are talking macy's fourth of july fireworks spectacular and watch a two hour live event right here on nbca area. at 8:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. and agreement on peacock. happening today. some are kicking off into high gear in marin county. that is where the marin county fair is officially kicking off for the in person event for the first time since 2019. >> everyone is excited to get out there. the funnel cakes are only a part of it and we cannot forget about the animals there at the fair. >> reporter: absolutely true, marcus and laura. we are at the barnard and one of the highlights here. back in person this year after being gone for not being in person for a couple of years
6:49 am
because of the pandemic. he saw our friend waldo and now we have a couple new ones as well and we have our guest, aaron rose to, she will take us through some of the things you can expect. hello. what are some of the animals you are featuring this year. >> hi. it is so nice to be here. the barnyard is so great to be here and we show animals the kids have raised their entire life we have and dairy cattle and we have children showing animals like rabbits and poultry which can range from eight pigeon to a goose, chickens and anything in between. >> reporter: some special things to keep in mind when visitors come out to see the animal? >> we encourage handwashing whenever you come in and out of the barnyard and the animals in the cages might write if you take your finger in. if there is an animal out with
6:50 am
someone with for age, be really gentle when you touch the animal or expect those are great reminders. and before we go back to the studio. the fair opens at 11:00 a.m. and will run through 11:00 p.m. at night. tickets are $25 and additional 25-$30 for parking. carnival rides, concerts, exhibits and fireworks at 9:30 p.m. to caps off the day. so this is a great place to come and visit for the fourth of july weekend. we've got the animals and the yummy food. we will show you that in our midday forecast. back to marcus and laura. >> that's awesome. >> good morning to you too. >> good morning to you guys.
6:51 am
>> thanks, gender. we look forward to checking it out on our midday newscast as well. bring on the funnel cakes. >> i was playing with your facebook live so people can see what's going on. >> i am on facebook live laura garcia and bc. right now we will toss it to carry now. we were talking about it is fair season and whether or not the kids want to pet the animals. there is so much going on and the weather is cooperating. we are much cooler and take a look at the drizzle falling and san francisco. it seems like it's been forever since we had our june gloom here but finally for the past last couple of days for the month it will show up here. you are seeing some mid-50s and it helps to cool us off transporting the cool ocean air further inland for the city it will be cool for antioch no longer have to avoid those
6:52 am
flies at the playground. it will be comfortable enough to let the kids go down the slide as the temperatures reach 80 degrees in concord. oakland 60 degrees there while santa rosa sees a high of 81 degrees. 75 mountain view. the 7-day forecast at the bottom of your screen we cool off tomorrow and on saturday as you keep an eye on your microclimate. wesley 60s and 70s for the inland area and comfortable as our temperatures come down. let's check out ukiah. it's warm for the next couple days with 80s. saturday and sunday upper 70s in the forecast. on the fourth of july only 81 degrees for a high temperature. even though it's going to be cooler in the gusty winds tickup and that will increase our fire danger make sure you are careful as we see highs reaching into the upper 70s for our inland areas to the middle of next week. san francisco mid to upper 60s
6:53 am
into the holiday weekend. mike, you have been tracking a crash all morning. beth, kari, no major injuries, minor injuries and most. no problems coming through the area off the dublin interchange and into castro valley a very quick improvement over the last 3 minutes as they cleared the lanes. good timing because the bill for the commute coming to pleasanton was starting to back up at the dublin interchange. that should relieve traffic flow. 238 we get more projected. bay ridge backed up at the toll plaza. 6:53 and happening now. leaders vote today on new funding for the city's little saigon neighborhood. business owners say their stores are being targeted by thieves and becoming daily victims of crime. a new state report shows he
6:54 am
crimes against the asian community jumped another 177%. the president is proposing the city invest $110 thousand to help the area as part of its budget. to pick at the top stories this morning including the new state budget that takes effect in the relief you can expect coming to your bank account soon. have their hopes dashed. the heated moments after last night's school board vote. maybe you have noticed we have a new set right here at today in the bay. join me live right now on facebook and i give you a behind the scenes look. it's fun and there are surprises in there too. we are back in
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it is 6:57 a.m.. welcome back. we are moving you forward with a look at the top stories here in the bay. >> estate capitol budget make provide some help for people trying to make it in the bay this comes in the form of tax refunds and expect between 200 and $1000 for individuals making less than $250 thousand, or households making less than
6:58 am
half a million dollars per year. direct deposit should hit bank accounts in the fall and california expands medi-cal to provide healthcare for low income adults. >> although eviction programs are set to expire today. one nonprofit says tens of thousands of people are still waiting for the rent relief to be approved and they may now be facing eviction. tenant rights groups are pressing the state to extend those protections for those who needed to. a tense meeting angry and the schools are closed. emotions erupted after last night vote. security staff was called then in the meeting halted. five resident kamala harris will attend fundraiser. she arrived last night at sfo.
6:59 am
no word on how long she will say before heading back to d.c. you might be tensing but the weather has been great. a live look at sfo. if you are planning to fly out. >> some company and headaches. yesterday there were another 650 or so flight cancellations our team on the today show will continue our coverage with some help and tips on how you can navigate through some of those crazy airport scenes and maybe how to find top dollar or low dollar on those gasoline prices respect the cheaper the better for those. the forecast shaping up. we have fog that may cause delays. temperatures coming down for the inland areas with highs in the mid 70s. we have delays in the five. very quick recovery for the dublin grade. no problems through dublin out of livermore and pleasanton. that's what's happening today in the bay. join us for nbc bay area news
7:00 am
at 11:00 a.m.. good morning, go fourth, tens of millions of americans getting set to head off for the long holiday weekend record crowds expected on the roads. >> it's worth the price at the pump to do that? >> absolutely. >> airports packed will mass cancellations continue everything you need to know, plus al's weekend forecast pressure on, the january 6th committee subpoenas donald trump's former white house counsel. will he come forward and the searing new speech overnight from liz cheney shaming trump republicans. >> he is aided by republican


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