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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  July 1, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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seen. >> there is a lot of traffic. >> reporter: there ready for more. >> if you come out for the holiday season, there is a much busier airport. think back to what it was like pre-pandemic and give yourself extra time. >> reporter: few flights have been canceled. none in oakland. one in san jose. 12 in san francisco. while this was inconvenient --. >> we were on our way to a wedding. now, we are in san francisco and we'll take an uber. >> reporter: the holiday is off to a good start. >> a key thing passengers can do is allow enough time. >> reporter: that is two hours ahead for domestic flights. three hours at for international flights and check
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the app for the airline you are flying. they will let you know if there are cancellation great advice because nationwide flights are being canceled. about 3000 canceled already today. close to 25,000 flights have been delayed. 25,000? let's break this down by your part. the red portion represents cancellation and delays. the green section shows flights that are on time. sfo reported 137 delays with 12 cancellations. airports is on the most cancellation orderlies are back east. tolls across the golden gauge bridge are going up. it will cost 35 cents more to cross the bridge. fast track users while the lowe's toll at $8.40. if you need an invoice, it will cost you one dollar extra.
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the price hike comes as fuel price increases. a popular route out of south lake tahoe is shut down. a wreck and fire closed highway 50 for several hours. it started about 10:30 when a big rig caught fire and the fire spread to grass along 50. crews manage the open the eastbound lane so drivers can get into tahoe. chp is working good that the westbound lane open. as people head out for the holiday weekend, will the weather cooperate? we are checking the holiday weekend forecast. notice san francisco, the fog is there and this is a time
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machine. by monday, we'll see some similar conditions are in the bay area. for the fourth of july monday, around san francisco and oakland, some patchy clouds spilling across the bay. very likely towards those evening plans, you of the fog sitting up with temperatures in the mid-'60s. san jose, clear skies around the santa clara valley. in the mid-'70s. same conditions up towards san rafael. 75 degrees. coming up, the warming will see on the fourth of july does put us into the '90s. we will have a closer look in a few minutes. a san jose man is being cheered by his neighbors for heading off what they think could've been a disaster. it happened we cut a man attempting to set a fire. it was all caught on camera. we explain this type of situation.
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>> reporter: firefighters say it is not a good idea to start an illegal fire. especially next to homes and in the middle of a devastating drought. >> reporter: the san jose fire department has had its hands full. several calls come in every day reporting illegal fires. >> it takes just one spark to create a fire that could spread to homes or businesses. that's the last thing we want to see. >> reporter: a resident walked out of his home to this. a man appearing to try to start a fire in a dry creek directly behind homes. >> why are you letting a fire there? >> reporter: the dry creek is rented by jarosz and steps away from homes. >> you light a fire there. >> reporter: the man who shot the video is not available to talk on camera. we showed the video to neighbors and they are troubled by it. >> it is scary.
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there are kids here. >> i think it is really scary. i feel like i see some people going through the block. >> reporter: the man never got the fire lit but we saw the kindling still there in the afternoon. neighbors are thanking their neighbor for speaking up. >> this is my property. >> reporter: the fire season has begun. this is the kind of situation than make a bad season worst. >> reporter: san jose fire is a copy of the video and plan to pass along to the police. people here are relieved a neighbor saw something and said something. let's talk about covid-19. as we head into the holiday weekend, there will be plenty of gatherings. cases continue to rise. omicron some variance are
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considered to be the most contagious forms of the virus to date. those some variance you see right here, it made up 52% of all new cases in the u.s. that's according to the cdc. that same way, the original omicron variant kc this right here? they made up zero% of the new cases. the fda is asking pfizer a moderator to modify booster shots. the fda is asking for the vaccines to be ready by october. where do we stand in terms of cases? how does this compare to this time last year? here are the numbers. the state positive the rate is just under 15 percent. last year, it was just under 2%. let's take a closer look at the year over year change. this graph shows us the last three months. march 1st, a positivity rate around 2%. you can see it climbs until it
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reaches today. last year, very different story. last year is is blueline. in march, we began with a 2.4% positivity rate. it trended downwards. from vaccine to mask rules, we are keeping track of all aspects of covid-19 to move you forward. go to that is where you get the latest updates. governor newsom signed a new law blocking the marketing of guns to children. he angrily said that we even have to do this is ridiculous. the undercover work cartoons goals of infants with pacifiers in their mouse. images he say are from gun ads. u.s. supreme court is wearing california scope ninth circuit to reconsider california scope ban on gun magazines. police want you to take a
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good look at this video. police say on march 3rd, they were turned away from buying beer on south winchester boulevard. one came back and stole a case. one of the other two shot at the store clerk. if you recognize any of the men, you're asked to call san jose police. police are investigating a hate crime in palo alto after someone wrote racist graffiti on a playground. please responded to reports about racial epithets directed at a play structure directed at the black community. anyone with information about who did this should contact police. and nonprofit needs help after being targeted by these twice in a matter of months. the group that helps you scissor program is at risk of holding.
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we are in oakland with their fight to stay in the game. >> reporter: this group says they are running out of money to keep the program going after thieves left them fighting to stay in the game. >> this is where we are set up. we're she spends eight months out of the year. it is their mission running for a better oakland. >> this is so simple. and, the impact is so great. we're it is on hold after thieves stole the group's van with nearly $30,000 of equipment inside. >> it is devastating and i am very emotional. i was very angry that someone would hurt our community. >> reporter: the nonprofit owns three fitness camps were students that >> it may be more confident of my own skills. >> reporter: she spent five
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years in the program. she credits rbl for success. >> i had doubts about going to college. by the end, they gave me grant that help me jumpstart. >> reporter: the police recovered the group's van. it is the second time this year there van is been broken into them. the damage done ran into the thousands. they need to find 20,000 to keep the program alive. >> you have to do it. there is no, no, in this. i don't want to have to look at the kids and tell them no, we can start. still ahead, check out the story. there is a serious problem at one station. they are bringing in pack man to help.
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the effort to track down or when using a legal fireworks and out to celebrate safely. the first day of july is off to a cool start. we have a nice sea breeze. find out when '90s make a comeback when we come back.
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the holiday weekend is here.
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that means a chance to relax and enjoy three days off. for firefighters and police, it's a busy time. first responders gearing up in hopes of heading off illegal fireworks. >> reporter: you may have seen these volunteers responding to fires, earthquakes or other natural disasters. this year, the community as a response team has been activated. >> we about three teams roving each night. along with the amateur radio person. >> reporter: from tonight until monday, the groups will patrol the marked vehicles looking for illegal fireworks and help reducing the burden on police. this is the second year the team has been activated. between january and today, morgan hill's 911 dispatch center has received more than 600 calls related to fireworks. >> are amateur radio operators will handle all the digital disturbances for fireworks notice over the weekend.
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we have encouraged the community to interact with us instead of calling 911 to let them know. >> reporter: the teams will focus on hotspots. if a volunteer sees fireworks, they will call and officers. expect fines up to $5000. >> there are other teams from other agencies roving and the fire department is roving. this is an all hands on deck situation because the fire risk. >> reporter: with the exception of gilroy, fireworks are illegal in all corners of santa clara county. there's an ordinance that allows the county to hold property owners accountable. the santa clara fire department say they are staffing up to make sure they're prepared for
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the worst. >> thanks to the reports from our community members, we are using location data provided to create hotspot maps. >> reporter: in san jose, they are asking if you see something, say something. >> reporter: the agencies say the safest celebration is to leave the fireworks to professionals. there will be several shows throughout the bay area. they are setting up tents and tables. >> reporter: holiday plea to keep everyone safe. there are so many events happening this weekend across the bay area. we created a list. it's a long one. there is all the bay area celebrations. you can head to kntv . a new flavor of tobacco ban in san jose. council members approved the ban which private sales of
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flavored tobacco or vaping products. supporters say flavors including vanilla, cinnamon, menthol and clove are targeted to minors anyone else. the law allows for violators to be find up to $2500 per day. keeping your tiktok data safe from china. a company sent a letter saying it is trying to address that. it was report says american user data has been accessed repeatedly from china which includes birthdays and phone numbers. tiktok told senators chinese employees can access the data and they're working to block it. they say the chinese government has not asked for it. in 2020, tiktok was really band over its chinese ties. tiktok now works with oracle to secure data. a hawk name pac-man is the news contract worker for bart.
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pac-man? pretty handsome. >> that's a good looking bird. >> his assignment is to, let's look at this pigeon. >> let's not get to gore. >> last month, pac-man spent three days a week at the station. >> the first week, there were quite a few birds over here. a lot of them were nesting, trying to make nests on the platforms. after the first few days of him showing up, we started noticing a difference. >> this is a popular word. pac-man has been hired by shopping centers, farmers, vineyard owners. >> i would like to see pac-man in action. and how did he get his name?
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>> he's not doing it. for your fourth of july plans, it is cool outside. we have fog right behind us. let's talk about the temperatures. for the first day of july, with the sunshine, it is surprising. you think it is in the '80s. in san jose, if you have evening plans, take a jacket. we will be cooling quickly with that sea breeze. 74 and up towards san rafael, 72 degrees. the wind at 14 miles-per-hour. that brings in the low clouds, right there, starting to overtake san francisco. look at that temperature. only 57 degrees as the ocean temperatures are in the low '50s. 50-60 across the bay. over to oakland in hayward, the wind speed and cool air going
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into solano county. it is been gusty. we'll see that again during the day tomorrow. tomorrow's wind maybe stronger than we had today. in the futurecast, about 5:00 tomorrow, most of the bay area, 50-30 miles-per-hour winds with low clouds coming in. saturday and sunday, our temperatures will be trending slightly cooler to start the holiday weekend. look at the low clouds, all through the santa clara valley. 7:00 a.m., clearing skies as we had through the afternoon. except patchouli, low clouds around the interbay. lunchtime plans tomorrow? mostly '60s run the bay area. and, ellen temperatures tomorrow, '60s and '70s for the valley. sundays similar. look what happens on fourth of july. '80s started to come back.
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morgan hill's will begin to see a warming trend and heads up if you have any fourth of july plans or weekend plans by shasta and writing. there's another chance of showers showing up on saturday and sunday. maybe isolated thunderstorms for the northernmost portion of the state. for us, drizzle with low clouds. temperatures stay cool with the area of low pressure offshore. high pressure builds in. look at how the clients clear on wednesday as we pivot towards the end of the seven- day forecast. the desert southwest with the heat bottled up for a while will spoil back into california. look up comfortable the holiday weekend is and as he had towards the following weekend, looks like we'll see the '90s making a comeback. san francisco, with a pattern in place, that means more patchy fog and glowing clouds for fireworks? it seems to be that way. the benefit of that patchy fog, the valleys will be great for barbecue plans. a little bit of warmer weather and maybe '90s in the following weekend. perfect weather for the inland areas. you may need a jacket for the
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coast. >> also got great weather for a fourth of july parade. >> right around 9:00 a.m. >> are you going to be in the parade? two yes. the whole family. >> that will be a party. how the white house will recognize his legacy and contributions. another crazy day?
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bart riders started paying a little more top on the train. the agency is trying to keep up
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with rising costs and inflation. increased its fair by 3.4%. that's an average of $.15 more per ride. the last time that up price hike was right before the pandemic back in january 2020. a bay area household name will be 117 americans awarded the presidential medal of freedom. we're talking about apple cofounder steve jobs. he will be posthumously receiving the nation's highest civilian honor. gabby giffords will be honored for her work preventing gun violence. simone biles will be honored for her collection of gold medals. the late senator john mccain and oscar-winning actor denzel washington also on the list. dozens of americans are celebrating this independence day little area becoming new
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u.s. citizens. >> reporter: it is a busy day. a special ceremony was held this morning. 50 brand-new citizens from 25 countries were sworn in. >> americas free. the history of the uss hornet will be your history. all of you have shown you carry that same spirit as those who served on the ship. you just make america stronger. you have made an active choice to be part of this nation. >> are right. immigration services will hold the ceremony. congratulations to everyone
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there. still ahead, closing up pride month. the stories coming up next.
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well, it is officially july which means pride month has come to an end.
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>> organizers were hard at work today taking down the pink triangle at twin peaks. it's lighted with 2700 pink led lights. it was started back in 1996 to celebrate pride weekend, but it's since expanded to a month long installation and look, there it is. that's very different from when it started. if you want to help take it down volunteers will be back out tomorrow from 10:00 in the morning until 2:00 in the afternoon. >> takes a lot of work to make it happen. don't forget you can always watch us live on roku, amazon fire, and apple tv. >> raj mathai is joining us now with what's coming up at 5:30. yes, happy friday. we're talking about access and privacy surrounding abortion rights and abortions across the country. google is now stepping into the mix. how the mountain view company coup help patients seeking reproductive care in states where abortion is banned.


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