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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  July 4, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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san francisco firework celebration tonight and people are pouring into the city tonight
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>> bring in nbc scott spoke with the expert about a new cause for concern. >> this is a reminder that covid is not done yet. >> it's more important than
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ever to protect yourself. >> that means vaccinating your kids. then we can vaccinate everybody within six months. it means boosting everyone particularly those over 50 with two boosters. >> one more thing they say it's earlier than the variant to be translated even out towards the coast contact. this is after visit is still safer but consider keeping a little extra distance. we know that a place a lot of people going out tonight. >> moderna and pfizer are now manufacturing updated versions of the vaccine expected to roll out this fall. vaccines be approved by june. proof things up on the original vaccine and boosters. >> the vaccine is built upon all of the lake were.
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authorizing the shorter human trials are getting them out sooner. pfizer and moderna's is the earliest they can deliver a variant vaccine doses is october. a little more than half of the eligible adult 18-49 years old have gotten a booster shot. those over 55 have a higher booster rate is 76%. children are the newest eligible group. about 14% of kids ages 5-11 have gotten a third dose. with the booster shots to mask rules. where keeping track of the changing covid-19 guidance to help move you forward. the nbc that's where you get the latest covid-19 headlines all in one place. for tonight there are concerns about some plans to celebrate the holiday after an illegal car show ended in gunfire and injury last night. you can hear gunfire and you see people scrambling in one video last night they posted the social media overnight.
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the video also shows cars doing donuts in the middle of the intersection of lewis brown bw william drive near discovery kingdom. at one point you can see a car slam into another and barrel through the crowd. at least one person got hit. frustrated neighbor say this happens way too often. >> it's all the time. nothing ever changes. there been multiple shots. literally people will hang on on the top of the freeway just to watch this. there is blockage on the freeway, blockage here. everything gets blocked over here. >> they believe some 200 cars were involved in that show and it moved from one part of the city to the other for nearly three hours. at least two people injured. one person was shot. another was hit by a car. that man is said to be in grave condition tonight. investigators have not made any arrest but they are investigating and working to prevent a repeat tonight. still ahead. fire fears
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picking up by the minute. desperate plea from the fire captain. the one thing he's asking everyone to do to reduce fire risk tonight. i am chief meteorologist jack, we have some clouds and fog rolling back in from the coastline. we will see the fireworks forecast and what's ahead tomorrow in about six minutes. for the holiday treats the residence for the san diego zoo. a special moment
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>> the killing of a black driver turned violent last night.
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the city fireworks show is also canceled. police released this body cam footage showing the shooting death of jaelyn walker. the 25 or was killed by 8 offices at the end of a police chase on june 27th. the video just came out. mr. district of the streets demanding access. the protest onto peacefully. is up and down main street were vandalized. mayor says destruction of property and violence will not be tolerated. it runs from 9 tonight to 6 tomorrow. for sheriff's official from sacramento said they are on a recovery mission in search of three men who are believed to have drowned while trying to save a child. this happened in the delta on sunday. family members say an eight- year-old child was fishing and started to struggle in the water. five people jumped in to rescue the child two of them managed to get the child back to the shore safely. but three men never resurface. the group was visiting the delta as part of a soccer team camping trip. this week and there is a chance for many of
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us to relax it's among the most stressful times of the year for local firefighters. bay area bone dry deep in a drop. the nbc alyssa gord explains fireworks sparked half a dozen fires. they are sending out one less plea to everyone. >> reporter: here in gilroy community groups are telling us that the sale of what they call safe and sane fireworks are important to the causes they support. local fire departments are urging people not to use fireworks of any kind. across most of santa clara county it's illegal to use fireworks. including those referred to as safe. the lone exception is the city of gilroy. that is where so-called safe and sane fireworks are sold. buyers have to provide proof they live in gilroy. the procedure often go to local groups. this year that includes one fundraising for new football uniforms. another for technology in local schools.
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>> i know the world is not great and the economy is not great. but we can have happiness in increments. this is one of them. >> reporter: santa clara county fire department says they understand the desire to celebrate but with high fire risk in the region they are urging everyone to leave the fireworks to the professional. >> instead of letting them off in the street or your neighborhood where they can start a fire. go see one of the many wonderful displays scheduled tonight. >> reporter: firefighters worn even if fireworks are legal in some places you can still be held liable for any damage they cause. >> the average person to use fireworks at this point in the history of the bay area is unequivocally a bad idea. >> any cities including san jose have set up a dedicated hotline for reporting illegal fireworks. use and also call 311 or local police departments nonemergency number. they asked for you to use the services and avoid calling 911 unless the fireworks have sparked a fire or injured
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someone. in gilroy, alyssa gord, nbc bay area news. >> let's check this out here. at the san francisco zoo lemur started with a special treat. how many different lemurs we have. they are gorgeous. for they enjoyed a classic july 4th meal. hot dogs, corn on the cob and some watermelon. is not your average hotdogs though. they are yam dogs. the bones are made of special biscuits that are formulated for defeating primates. delicious. >> i don't think joey chestnut eight any yam dogs today. and a gorgeous day. it wasn't sunny, but it was warm. >> a little bit of humanity. kind of strange. it's probably not the full on sunshine a lot of folks wanted. it certainly is going to still play out pretty good for us here as we head to the next 6-8 hours for the fireworks. of course we know in the bay area they are pretty used to watching that forecast and
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setting them off at least at a lower altitude so you are still able to see something. you can see san francisco right now we do have the high clouds up above right near the coastline you can also see the fog that is beginning to return. if you're headed to san francisco for the big show have a great time, but also the clouds will be with us. don't forget your jacket. have temperatures in the low to mid 60s as we head to the next several hours. now through the inland valley were also going to be cooling off eventually bite 9 p.m. a lot of the show starts. 9-10 vmware down to 60 degrees in the cloud cover is also with us. if you're outside for just a little bit today you know it felt strange out there. we have temperatures slightly below average. the other thing you notice is the humidity. certainly a little bit tropical outside. look off to the distance maybe saw a few towering clouds. pressing the humidity come in from the south. it is being generated by the system just off shore that is slowly living closer towards
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us. again clouds, humidity, best rain chances off to the north. the risk of any rainfall tonight is low but i do have the radar up and scanning. if we see anything get close was of course will bring that to you. >> as we head to tomorrow morning forecast we are stuck again with the fog and the low cloud staying put here from the north bay all the way down to south bay. also a chance you can see some very thick central valley fog. if you are here visiting for july 4th and you're headed back early tomorrow morning watch out for some of that dense fog. through the day tomorrow. we get a little bit of sunshine tried to break through the inland valley but overall we still keep those clouds as well. that means as we started off for tomorrow were going to begin with lots of upper 50s and low 60s. 62 in the south bay over san francisco. to be getting a 59 at the north bay coming in at 60. the daytime high tomorrow are also going to stay much the same. not going to see any big differences. down in the soft they will put you at 80 in san jose.
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let's take it over to alameda county. not too hot. this is actually a pretty good, 80 in concorde. 80 in danville. 73 in hayward. move over to the peninsula we probably have some of the best weather at this point. from san mateo to redwood city. the numbers in the low to mid 70s through san francisco. going to stay on the course i pick 62 in the marina and off through the north bay got it up to 78 in santa rosa back to napa we are coming in at 80. on the seven-day forecast you will see in san francisco we hope teddy with the forecast is just about the same each and every day temperature wise. upper 60s. should start to see the fog pattern start to break thursday friday and saturday at least for a little bit in the afternoon hours. and for the inland valleys check it out. low 80s through thursday. warming up this weekend. thankfully not too hot in the forecast. we should stay away from 100. that certainly has been the good news. the immediate fire danger is a little bit lower because those
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numbers aren't so high. we still have to watch out tonight. >> we also give people some hope they will see the fireworks tonight. you talk about the trajectory of the fireworks. that's good knowledge. >> they usually do plan to lift those off a little lower. let's hope all of that is fine- tuned good enough and will be able to see a little something. >> thanks so much. coming up is getting harder to make it
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rising mortgage rates are having an impact on the bay area rental market. the website apartment was reports competition is increasing for rental units. the san jose metro area has seen rent prices spike 11% in
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the past six months. that is the largest increase of any large metro in the nation. because renters want more space denser population areas like san francisco and oakland are not seeing the same search. the monthly cost of a one- bedroom apartment in the south they is more than 2200 bucks a month backup to pre-pandemic levels. e-bikes are mobile, fast, are they good for the environment? are they safe? hospitals in san diego say they see and up in e-bike injuries over the last couple of months. doctors think the rise of injury due to the speed of the bikes. they go up to 20 miles per hour. doctors predict the problem will only get worse through the summer. >> the level of activity over the summer. everybody is out and enjoying themselves and having fun, just make sure you are following safety protocols. in california there is no minimum age requirement for writing an evite although a helmet is required if you are 17 or younger.
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the seaside town is famous for its annual pumpkin festival but the fourth of july is also a big deal for locals for 51 years. the town has celebrated old- fashioned fourth of july parade and block party. no high-tech gear. the town takes pride in the homespun body of its decorated trikes and bikes, classic cars, dance groups. don't forget the famous 40 member sitting marching band. it's a holiday, who says they have to do cardio? to sit there and enjoy. in the south bay car and to celebrate the fourth of july with the car show some of the oldest models ever manufactured in america. the event started out with a pancake axis all put on by the swedish american cultural heritage and recreation center near morgan hill. really markable pieces of automobile history. with that. people can even watch the car is still running. it's pretty cool. a takedown by joey
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every year fourth of july comes with the biggest hotdog eating contest in the world at our local guy joey chestnut was
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ready to defend his title. not only did he devour hotdogs he also had to detour a protester. take a real close look here. it happens quickly. in the middle of a contest you see chestnut wrestling a protester to the ground. down he goes. will slow it down for you in case you missed it. apparently a few animal rights protesters russ the state. one of them got pretty close. right next to him. chestnut took it all in stride eat shrugged the opportunity to eat 63 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes to win another nathan's famous hot dog eating contest in brooklyn. that is the 15th of his career. the most of all time. don't forget you can also watch us live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, what's coming up at 530. >> he's unbeatable. >> is a champion. >> hi terry. at 530 they are skipping the parade this july 4th thousands of people are protesting instead from coast-to-coast. even shutting down a major


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