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tv   NBC Bay Area News Tonight  NBC  July 4, 2022 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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right now on nbc bay area news tonight, a deadly rampage during a fourth of july parade in a chicago suburb. 6 dead, 38 hurt. a person of interest now in custody. we are going to have the latest developments. and, what is being done here. san francisco police say there are no specific threats but they have a safety plan in place. we will tell you about it. , worried about fires sparked by fireworks? the message a southbay fire captain wants everyone to hear. >> i think we are heading into a time of frustration, of uncertainty.
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a new more infectious covid- 19 variant with the power to get you sick again, even if you have recently had covid-19. one of our covid-19 experts breaks down what you need to know about ba.5 . good evening, everyone. this is nbc bay area news tonight. ask for joining us on this fourth of july holiday where we began with some developing news just outside of chicago. a mass shooting at a holiday parade. at least six people are dead. another 38 are hurt. tonight, a person of interest is in custody. we have the video just into our newsroom showing the moment police made this arrest. in the background, you can hear officers telling him to put his hands up. the officers then rush in. the shooting happened around 10:00 a.m. during the fourth of july festivities in highland park. that is a suburb about a half hour north of chicago. police say someone with a high- powered rifle started opening fire from a nearby rooftop, randomly targeting people enjoying the parade below. >> sounds i had never heard
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before. 10 seconds later, you hear people screaming bodies down and everyone starts scattering. >> the shooter initially got away. police found the rifle the sniper used at the scene. then, hours later, police announced a personal interest in this case. he is 21-year-old robert crimo iii. as of right now, he has not been identified as the gunman, only a person of interest. police found robert crimo iii and arrested him about two hours ago. our sister station in chicago cut the moment his car was stopped. he was found in another chicago suburb about 15 minutes from the scene of the crime. tonight, right now, police are searching his home. the motive behind the shooting is still unclear. of course, this is all still unfolding and we will be sure to update you with any new information as it comes in. now we are following breaking news right now right here in northern california. sheriff's deputies say this
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wildfire in amador county has dropped as many as 100 people who are enjoying the holiday at a beach along the macclenny river on the order of calaveras and amador county. the fire has grown pretty quickly, some 400 acres already and triggered evacuations near the town of jackson. this is the heart of gold country near highway 49 and electro road. no reports of any injuries at this point. but, of course, we are going to track this fire and bring you updates on air and online as we get them. here in the bay area, bay area fire departments say tonight is one of their most hurtful night of the year. fireworks combined with drought, a very dangerous combination. of the weekend, we saw affect the local fire started by fireworks, that includes four just yesterday in contra costa county alone. while fireworks aren't allowed in most bay area cities, there are a handful that sell this is
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kind like in the city of gilroy. the city since these cells are heavily regulated and the money goes toward local charities and youth groups. firefighters see it differently. >> if you can't do it for your community, if you can't do it for yourself, if you can't do it for your own financial future , i am just asking can you do it for me? can you do it for me, just in the firefighter, that works down the street from you and comes every time you call 911. >> some cities like san jose have set up hotlines and websites to report illegal fireworks and others asked her to call the city's nonemergency lines. please don't call 911 less it is an actual emergency, like a fire or someone is hurt. and, of course, there are plenty of legal fireworks shows across the bay area. we will be talking about where you can go watch a fireworks show, what is being done to keep everyone safe. that is coming up in just a few minutes. another headline we are watching at this hour. when women are not free, no one is free.
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that was the rallying cry in san francisco today. hundreds gathered at the ferry building earlier this evening for a july 4th national day of protest against the supreme court abortion decision. many brought bullhorns, drums, banners, signs, and costumes. the group rise up for abortion- rights organized this rally. similar frustrations were held around the country to make a point about reproductive freedom on a date where we celebrate independence. >> we are women and we deserve independence too. our rights are being threatened every single day. my body, my choice. we should be able to have abortion if we want to. abortion is a human right. >> in sacrament, abortion protesters blocked lanes of i-5 in downtown earlier today. this is a video of the crowd being forced off the freeway by a line of officers. after blocking traffic, the group moved back to the area
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around the state capitol. also tonight, just when we think we have figured out how to stay ahead of covid-19, something comes along and changes the game again. a newer omicron sub variant is quickly becoming the most dominant strain it is more infectious and doesn't seem to matter if you have already had covid-19. the sub variant was known as ba.5. it seems to spread more easily than the original omicron variant and people who have only gotten sick , even with earlier versions of omicron, are getting sick again. this is an example of how fast ba.5 is spreading. the sub variant accounted for less than 1% of all cases in the u.s. now, it accounts for about a third of all cases. so, should we be doing anything differently? our own scott budman talks to one of the covid-19 experts from ucsf. >> it seems with this new variant comes some new concerns , concerns about how we can transmit this, concerns about even the strength of the vaccines. what are we heading into right now? >> i think we are heading into a time of frustration, a time of uncertainty.
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but, we do know a little bit about ba.5. the superpower of ba.5 is it can cause reinfection . so, if you have had omicron before, if you had omicron recently, you are not going to get that get out of jail pass as much as you would like, unfortunately. it also means that we are, hospitals are having a lot of cases on the outside are generally pretty well situated right now. in the old days, we would have been flooded with people who are sick in the icu. we are not saying that much. people are coming in for shorter periods. >> i was going to ask. one of the things we have heard over the last two or three variants as they are new because of the vaccines and booster shots, we have really lowered the chance you are going to get very sick if you get this. is that still sort of the
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narrative that people are feeling confident or is that going to strip away at it? >> in the case of the vaccines, they are still spectacular at preventing serious disease, hospitalization, and death but it comes with an asterisk now. that asterisk is that for the oldest population, those over 65 in particular, possibly those over 50, getting the booster is more important now than ever before. and, the most recent cdc data shows that specifically those older than 50 are the highest category of unvaccinated and that is a big difference between those who have gotten any vaccines. if you have gotten to boosters, you have a significantly lower chance of dying than just one booster. and similarly compared to those
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who have no pictures. >> wylie avenue, given this is something new is there anything new that we should be doing? any new strategies we can take? it seems clear, correct me if i'm wrong, the strategy is now keep yourself out of the hospital. it does seem, even to those who haven't gotten it yet, that we are surrounded by people who are getting this. is the key still to try to keep from getting very sick? >> if you want to be reductionist, it is to stay away from the hospital at all costs. that means vaccinating your kids. med can vaccinate everyone above the age of six months. it means boosting everyone, typically those over 50 and with two boosters. all of those make you somewhat less susceptible and having a plan. for those who are more serious
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risk of going to the hospital, you have an additional tool, which is an oral agent can take within the first five days that can prevent your chances from getting into the hospital. it's the best bang for your buck if you are unvaccinated. but, it can probably work for those who are at the highest risk also. >> i will do whatever you say is best. as always, thank you so much for taking the time to talk. >> you are welcome. >> be well. the doctor always has good advice. okay, may sure to stay safe and covid-19. also make sure hundreds of thousands of people stay safe and enjoy the fireworks show, the big fireworks display is in san francisco and it is set to start in a little more than two hours from now. the fireworks are ready to go. they will be fired from a barge near pier 39.
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security will be tight too. the violence in chicago on a lot of people's mind, including sanford cisco police. officers say there are no known threats locally but as the sergio quintana found out, that doesn't mean they are not prepared. >> reporter: obviously that event in illinois has cast a bit of a dark cloud on all celebrations, including here. but, we have seen a whole lot of police officers already throughout the day. you can see right down there the u.s. park police has their mounted patrol out and about amongst the crowd. we have also seen lots of police officers on patrol on foot and in vehicles and multiple agencies are out here. the u.s. park police at this particular site, sanford cisco police department also activated as we move a little bit further to the right, you can see that big area there that is being set up with some of the lights and speakers. that is where some of the fireworks are going to be controlled from. the show starts tonight at 9:30. you can see already that there are quite a few people who are taking up spaces on this area
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so they can watch that show. they are, of course, hoping for a celebration that does not get enveloped by the fog, which is, unfortunately, what happened last year. this was one of the only celebrations that was not canceled because of the pandemic. of course, the fog rolled in right around showtime. hoping that is not a repeat. in san francisco, i'm sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. it is july in san francisco. so, the fog is pretty normal this time of year. it is cooler, which is not normal. joining me now is chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. nice to have you on this fourth of july holiday. will we be able to see some of the fireworks in san francisco ? >> the organizers are pretty good about taking a look at where the cloud levels are and changing the height of how why they left off. so, hopefully they are lifting them off lower than they have in previous years to give us a
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better view. that fog is returning of the low clouds. as we head through tonight and two, of course, take your jacket if you are headed out there. we have temperatures in the low 60s as we head through the next couple of hours. >> okay, in other bay area cities question >> if you get outside for a couple nights today, you probably saw the cloud cover and also the unity. we have a system just off shore. is that continued to get closer, we are even seeing cloud cover here through a lot of our inland valleys. not nearly as clear to the east bay, south bay, and northbay as well. cloud cover with us again tonight. temperatures eventually dropping to the 60s once we hit about 10:00 p.m. all areas, take a light jacket and be ready for clouds. >> that is good advice. this is unusual weather for fourth of july? >> it definitely is. usually you can escape inland and get the attention. it is not going to happen for us. a lot of the event organizers and the people who are in charge of that look at the weather forecast real closely. just a couple hundred feet would make a big difference on that trajectory. let's keep our fingers crossed for that and we should have a
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good evening. >> it should be fun anyway even if there is a little bit of fog. thanks, jeff. for our complete list of fourth of july celebrations, just go to our website, you can find lists right at the top of the page in our trending bar. okay, still to come, more fourth of july celebrations happening across the bay area. we are going to take you to the election. then, she danced her way into the hearts of warriors fans and now she is hoping to do the same with america. dance cam mom
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welcome back, everyone. parades galore. fourth of july celebrations happening across the bay area today. plenty of fun to be had no matter where you were. since it is impossible to be in more than one place at one time, we wanted to show you the moment you may have missed in other communities. our digital journalist abbey fernandez has a roundup. abby, lots of things to see today. >> reporter: a lot of fourth of july parades, general, made their return this year after a long covid-19 hiatus. if you didn't get a chance to attend any, i have video highlights of some of the events. it will be like you were just there. we will start our parade show with the rose, white, and blue parade and festival. it was back in full swing after being three years of canceled to the pandemic. kris sanchez there was one of the participants riding in a classic convertible.
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alongside our sports anchor max cordova. down south in morgan hill at freedom fest parade. they want old-school with these awesome antique cars on display. check those out. super, super cool. now, heading up north, up to half moon bay old-fashioned fourth of july parade and block party. this, by the way, was the 51st independence day parade. the celebration goes way, way back. now onto the fourth of july., this event made its return, keeping covid-19 in mind. the north marin community services group handing out three free covid-19 testing spectators. always good to have some of those on hand. and, our last stop is in danville. this year's parade team was all about celebrating local olympians. chris camara was out there. you can see and sitting down.
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also, our reporter helena jones was at the parade and she got to ride the nbc bay area float. how cool is that? janelle, do you usually go to parade? >> i usually do. i usually have the day off and we barbecue and we go watch fireworks and my daughter went to the parade today. it was a lot of fun but it was nice. that was great, abby. i loved it. you give us a look at everything going around the bay area. >> did you feel like you want, general? >> i felt like i was there. that was awesome. thanks, abby. quiet the show went quiet today. for more sights and sounds from across the bay area, go to and click on fourth of july photos at the top of our page. okay, she is known as the dance cam mom. it makes me want to dance. this week, she's taking her dancing talents to a new show right here on nbc bay area. this is robin schreiber. she became a viral hit for dancing at a warriors game in 2015 in a golden state holiday
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sweater. since then, she has made dozens of appearances, even showing off her dance moves with the warriors dance team. tomorrow, she will be heading to national tv in front of shakira, nick jonas robin is competing on the new show "dancing with myself." joining me now is robin schreiber. so great to see you. i am excited excited. we have to ask about this. the national stage needs to see your moves. how did you end up on the show in the first place? >> they actually contacted me, janelle . i think they might have seen one of my videos and thought it would be fun. i probably was the oldest contestant in the history of the show. >> it doesn't matter. they can't do and you just went down there. you had to dance in front of shakira and joe jonas? >> i had to make quite a view videos to try out for the show, which i did.
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they had me memorize some dances. you are not there yet, janelle. as you age, you lose your memory. i tried my very best and i didn't think i would make it on the show but i did. >> you did choreography? it's not like the tiktok dances. the thing is, people should try to do your choreography. they can't do that. this is actually a people copy your moves. that would be hired to do. what can we expect when we want you tomorrow? >> well, i can't really say anything. but, you can expect this. the show is a lot of fun. we've got nick, shakira and drawing a blank on her name, she was adorable. she wanted to date my son. it is so much fun. it was four days. we flew to georgia and rehearsals and makeup.
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>> you are a star, you already know that definitely here locally. before and that you can accommodate you at any moves to your repertoire? can you show us a preview of any and new zealand? >> absolutely. >> show us, robin. >> wait a minute. okay. >> wow. >> now i'm going across the body. >> you've got some great news. i would love to be in one of the dancing videos with you. you've got for the new warriors season. we will see a lot of new players. you are a big warriors fan. and, we can't wait to watch, robin, thank you so much. >> thank you, janelle. >> if you want to see how robin does on the show, tune in tomorrow. it all goes to on down right
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here on here on - [announcer] the more we learn about covid-19,
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the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today.
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okay, the downtown is on. we are two hours away from the fire xo. i'm looking at the live cam, i see the fog rolling in. >> we are used to getting it every few years here in san francisco.
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so, the clouds and the fog and cisco. temperatures will be in the 60s. usually can make it a little something. you to to bring your jacket if you are headed out to the cisco this evening. otherwise, through the inland valleys, a change this year as well. we do have the clouds also returning. we are eventually dropping to the 60s by 9:00 and also 10:00. again, the organizers lifting off a little bit lower, you might see some action. nevertheless, it will be a good time with family and friends. we have more clouds and fog tomorrow morning. we get some sunshine in the afternoon but still hanging onto some of the overcast. as restart of tomorrow, we began cool with temperatures in the 60s. the demised and just a whole lot. upper 70s, low 80s through the inland valleys. 70 in oakland, 68) separate cisco. on the seven-day forecast, a trend of low 80s right through thursday. than a little warmer this weekend with upper 80s returning. very glad to report no one hundreds in the next seven
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days, janelle. thank you so much,
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they're sleeping here overnight. >> harry. >> thousands of fans, hours of waiting, showers of rain. oh, "access hollywood's" definitely here for harry styles. so, did harry's love for olivia wilde come up at all? >> a "this is us" spinoff with beth and randall but is susan ready to get that idea rolling? then -- >> catapult. >> yeah. >> he's become a broadway sensation. come see how miles frost captures the essence of michael


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