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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 5, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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it was a sound i had never heard. 10 seconds later, people were screaming. >> right now, chaos erupts at a parade for the fourth of july . a gunman killed six people and wins others. a report on the action president biden pledges. a postholiday covid-19 conundrum. transmissible variants in the bay area. where the cdc says infections are very high. this is "today in the bay" streaming live on roku, apple tv , and online. it is 5:00 on
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your tuesday morning. good morning and thank you so much for joining us. i am kira klapper in for laura garcia. >> and i am marcus washington. did you see them? the fireworks illuminating the sky over san francisco. a lot of people tell you it was worth it for those who were watching in person. we do have highlights coming up later. first we want to get a look at your forecast for today. meteorologist vianey arana husband monitoring what we can expect today. >> i know that people love the fireworks but my puppy was not a fan. we had a to create a fort for him to drown out the noise. we do have the cloud cover that
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you can see right here on the skyline. the temperature trend will be a little bit warmer today, setting us up for a much warmer week ahead. right now it is about 67 degrees in double and. by 10:00, we will be 72 degrees with plenty of sunshine into the afternoon. in santa rosa it is 63 degrees right now. it will be a little bit slower to clear and santa rosa. be full forecast is coming up in a few minutes . >> thank you so much, vianey. this morning and other community is really following a mass shooting in highland park, illinois . >> six people were killed and 38 hurt. today brie jackson is in washington with the latest.
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brie , this is the latest of deadly shootings within months. >> reporter: that is right. this is the third major mass shooting since may. this comes after president biden signed into law legislation aimed at reducing gun violence. a horrific scene in highland park, illinois. people scrambling for safety after a gunman opened fire on the crowd gathering for a fourth of july parade, killing at least six people and injuring more . >> the community was terrorized by violence. >> someone destroyed countless lives. the community was shattered. it will be a long time for this community to recover.
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>> a moment of silence for all of those families. >> reporter: this comes two weeks after president biden signed into law historic gun legislation following shootings in uvalde and buffalo. it includes expanded background checks . >> we have got a lot more work to do. we have got to get this under control. >> reporter: the president vowing to fight the epidemic of gun violence in the country. data shows there has been more than 300 mass shooting incidents so far this year. it is approaching a record high. >> it never gets easier. thank you, brie. >> those who were able to
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avoid gunfire are speaking out. one of them is suzy zalensky . she was separated from her husband during the chaos and was able to shelter under a planter, unaware of who else she would soon be protecting. >> i was trying to arrange myself to look like i was dead. and then the next thing that i know, someone came to me with his daughter and said can you hold her for me? i said yes give her to me. >> on the ground in highland park this morning is the "today" show. that is coming up at 7:00 right after "today in the bay". police in wisconsin investigate a late-night neighborhood shooting.
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this morning the fireworks are over, or they could just be beginning in some places. several counties already in the highest level of community spread and we know this happens after the holiday gathering. >> today in the bay's kris sanchez joins us. >> reporter: we are traveling in getting back to a more normal life. there is a new omicron variant. let's look at the numbers. two-thirds of the counties are in the highest covid-19 level in the bay area has 351 new cases per week.
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the cdc is recommending wearing a mask indoors again. all counties are now in the orange level, which is the highest level of transmission. case rates are going up and hospitalizations are not. if we are vaccinated and boosted, we will have some protection. >> if you have had omicron recently , you will not get a get out of jail pass . >> reporter: the new omicron variant spreads more easily, even among people who have already had it. it has accounted for more than one-third of all cases. i did have covid-19 last month. my case was mild . i didn't
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have to go to the hospital, but i didn't test negative 12 days. for people who do not have six- time, this could mean losing a whole paycheck or two. vaccines are still available. >> thank you so much, kris. we are still working to learn what led up to a bus crash in san francisco. people waiting at the stop were hit by a car before 6:00 last night on lincoln boulevard. police say one car rear-ended another car, sending it into the bus shelter. three were taken to the hospital. jury deliberations resume today for the former second-in- command over at theranos . it is
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sunny balwani. sunny balwani could face up to 20 years in prison . people are on alert after someone scattered a message across several neighborhoods. police released this image of what some found near their home. sandwich bags with dry rice and a flier that says every single aspect of the media is jewish. these have been distributed in many communities. the earth tied to a fringe group. the oakland city council will hold a special meeting to discuss the oakland a's project at howard terminal . the council will vote on a measure about building a stadium at the
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port of oakland. critics say it gives billions to private investors rather than public infrastructure.. crowds gathered in san francisco to take in the annual fireworks show. tens of thousands celebrated in san francisco, taking in whatever they could see through the fog. many said even though it was hard to see they enjoyed it nonetheless. we talked about that yesterday. we said that the fog could be an issue. >> i worked over the weekend. when the marine layer gets at 1000 feet, there is visibility issues. we have a system that could bring us issues around
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the coastline. we have a cold front and these are all impacts we had. today things are going to warm up. we are going to get clearing skies. right now we are starting out in the 60s. we will bump up into the 70s and 80s. first we will check in with mike inoye. we are taking a look at where you can fill up for under $6.00 . in fremont it is $5.79 and in san francisco on mission street it is $5.97 . morgan hill at the quickserve on monterey street is a low of $5.95 . it is still under $6.00 . folks are moving at speed pretty much everywhere except the altamont pass. there is a
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new issue with a crash reported just before you get to 92. there is a big rig involved. back to you. >> thank you so much, mike. coming up, it is official. tesla no longer produces the most electric vehicles. next on "today in the bay," the company that has become the environmental king of the road. do you need help to remember to be nice to people? there is a new app for that. it really helps to combat not being kind. if that is an issufor you,e
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it is 67 degrees. we are starting out almost warm, depending upon where you are. the temperatures will start to bump up quicker this morning. we will have the full forecast coming up in just a few minutes. it is a live look at oakland 880. we are picking up the volume . the issue is a crash with a big rig on the shoulder. we will see what else is going
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on. something else in contra costa county has popped up. new this morning, tesla is no longer the biggest electric vehicle maker. china topped tesla in global sales this year. tesla was hit this spring by travel restrictions in china and many of the models are plug in hybrids. the company prepares for a push into foreign markets , including the united states. amazon starts a new chapter celebrating its 20th anniversary . on this day back in 1994 jeff bezos incorporated the company . it has grown into the second largest company on earth and is worth $1.7 trillion. today he will step down as ceo
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. andy jesse will take over . >> that is crazy to think. being on social media can have its drawbacks. >> there is an app trying to change that. morale encourages users to send a friend a compliment throughout the day. users can send and receive five anonymous messages a day. it is like a support network in your pocket. the goal is to reduce cyber bullying online. i like the sound of that. >> i wasn't invited. >> if i had an invite, i would
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invite you. i feel like you can already use social media for the . >> what i do is i will send something like i just wanted to say i love you. that is it. >> that is adorable. >> every now and then just say thinking about you. >> totally. >> once again, i hope to someday get one. >> i will send yours next tuesday. we will check in first with vianey arana to see how the forecast is going. you said it was warmer, and i felt it. >> one of the things that i have done is when a friend is having a party i will send them
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a personalized forecast. right now in san jose it is a pretty good start. it looks pretty. yes it is warmer. right now in san francisco we are going to see a greater warm up ahead. i want to start out with satellite radar but we had a system to the northwest that was impacting us. we could also still see the drizzle but we did have a cold front and light rain to the north. it is not common for us to get any rain in july. it was a really good look for us. satellite radar is expected. we have got the warmer temperatures . if you look at the timestamp,
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we will start to get more sunshine. this will be fantastic when it comes to enjoying tuesday. let's talk about the fire danger index. we actually had a pretty decent humidity. we still have a lot of dry brush. that is something to be mindful of. first we will check in with mike to take over for his traffic. whenever there is severe weather, we can put on the map here. so far there is just a little fog. there is slowing that shows up here on the eastbound san
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mateo bridge. there is one incident coming up into alamo. i believe there was a traffic break. we are basically at the minimum. 17 is not bad. back to you. >> by the way, mike, i just sent you an i love you text. resort fees are all over the map with the there are some tricks to help you avoid paying them. we will show you how next. if you were enjoying the fourth of july yesterday, you might have seen our very own kris sanchez. she drove a sweet ride in the
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she drove a sweet ride in the pa
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when big tobacco's products were found out to be killers, they promised smokers safety. they called it a filter. but this filter wasn't safe or useful, just small and made of microplastics that have endangered us all. for far too long, they have polluted the earth. they're literally everywhere. there's no need to search. big tobacco, you'll have to answer for your despicable ride, for your wake of destruction.
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your one little big lie. something consumer investigator loves to loathe, resort fees. >> they really just add up sometimes. chris chmura wants to help you
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and here is how. >> reporter: the first trick is to check your rate. we recently so i hotel in honolulu where the west coast could book a special rate without a resort fee. this is in the first rate the website showed . you have to click and scroll down to see it . comparison shop for package deals. some warehouses offer hotel deals that do not have a resort fee. see if your company has a negotiated hotel rate. many broker deals with hotel chains. part of this is removing resort fees and you can use a corporate rate for leisure travel. see if your loyalty pays. getting elite status requires staying 60 nights a year.
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see if using points instead of cash to pay for your stay makes sense. many hotels do not charge resort fees when you are redeeming points. i have done this several times. this morning happening tonight the warriors fan known as the dance cam mom will be on national television . this is robin . a lot of people up to see her dancing at the warriors games. she has made dozens of appearances. tonight she will be on national television.
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robin is competing on "dancing with myself" . >> i think people have seen my videos and that it would be fun. i probably was the oldest contestant in the history of the show. i had to make quite a few videos to try out for the show, which i did. i tried my very best. i did not think i would make it on the show, but i did. >> i love her. we want to see how robin does. make sure that you tune in tonight to nbc bay area at 10:00 . >> she is good. and her facial expressions are the best. >> pure joy. . >> pure joy. it has been a busy 24 hours for fire crews. two house fires sparked overnight, possibly by illegal fireworks. the damage left behind.
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and a tragic mass shooting and a tragic mass shooting in highland park every search you make, every click you take,
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right now at 5:30, new developments emerging from a deadly mass shooting at a fourth of july parade. we are live in highland park,
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illinois. illegal fireworks responsible for at least one fourth of july fire in the bay area this was not the only fire overnight. this is "today in the bay" streaming live roku, apple tv, and online. thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your morning. i am marcus washington. >> and i am kira klapper in for laura garcia. we will start with the forecast with meteorologist vianey arana who is in for kari . >> let's take a look at your temperature trend right now. notice we do start to climb into the 70s by 10:00 and 11:00 . it is going to be warmer. you are probably already feeling it . i will have the full forecast
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coming up in a few minutes. first, how are the roads doing? >> it is lighter right now. i wanted to show folks here eastbound 92 coming across the san mateo bridge. this is toward the hayward side . everything is moving just fine . whatever it was really moved the data. the morning commute is just starting to build up now. as we are looking toward the rest of the bay there is not any major issues. highway 37 is great. back to you . >> thank you so much, mike. this morning heartbreak and calls for answers in the midwest as a person of interest is in custody following the mass shooting at a fourth of july parade in highland park, illinois. six people are dead and dozens
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injured. we are learning how police managed to track down the suspect. >> today in the bay's jay gray is live in highland park with more on where the investigation stands. >> reporter: good morning . the investigation continues on several levels. the area is still closed by police. federal agents are on the ground as well. six people were killed and more than two dozen injured. it is a holiday celebration that quickly turned tragic here . a fourth of july celebration shifted to chaos . >> it was a sound i had never heard before. >> reporter: a gunman firing from the top of a nearby building at spectators on the
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parade route. >> you saw massive amounts of blood. injuries were horrific. >> reporter: families left behind empty chairs. officers moved in , locating the weapon at tracking down a person of interest. >> the person of interest, robert e. crimo iii, was spotted by a north chicago unit. a brief pursuit went on . ultimately, they were able to get the suspect stopped in lake forest. the suspect was taken into custody without incident. >> reporter: the holiday turning into a nightmare. >> on a day that we came together to celebrate community and freedom, we are mourning the tragic loss of life and struggling with the terror brought upon us. >> reporter: the latest in the
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cities this summer dealing with heartache and loss. this morning the mayor in highland park said the criminal got the weapon used legally. they found the gun before they found the person of interest. investigators also are looking into what they say is a very disturbing social media footprints. >> thank you so much for that update, jay. >> police have evidence in their possession already. investigators have the high- powered rifle used in the shooting, which was left behind . officials say that it will contain a unique serial number to reveal who purchased the weapon. this is a major break in the case. >> as a shooting the killer usually does not leave the gun.
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here we have the rifle that will give evidence of dna. >> vice president kamala harris is traveling to chicago today. the trip was scheduled before the shooting happened. to learn more about that shooting, you can go to . we are committed to updating the story. you can find the latest on our website. police say there was a late- night deadly stabbing that happen after midnight. so far the name of the victim has not been revealed. you do not have to look far to see illegal fireworks. >> you could see them throughout the area. for one family in the east bay, illegal
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fireworks had major consequences, destroying their home. it is believed a second fire might have started the same way. this is where we find today in the bay's ginger conejero saab. what are the investigators seen so far, ginger? >> reporter: we literally had a conversation moments ago with the owner of the home. this is eddie boyles. the fire was started last night around 1:20 . he describes it as something that was incredible. he hired a firework but did not hear the actual explosion and was worried. his dog started barking and then started barking more to warn them that
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there was something happening outside the home. you could see the damage to the car inside the garage. eddie could see nothing but flames engulfing the car. they did make their way to the garage and parts of it were damaged. this is not the only home that saw the damage of fires last night. you mentioned the fire in contra costa county. it seems like a bad dream for some wiki up this morning. illegal fireworks are blamed for the destroyed home in pittsburg . it all happened so fast. she had to grab her kids and get out. you can see the flames from the fire that happened on lynbrook drive . this is when the family was able to make it out safely. they fear that the home is a total loss.
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>> the house was on fire next story. it was in her yard. i just got them out as fast as i could. that is all that i know. >> reporter: eddie is in good spirits and is grateful . he said moments ago, i am looking at the sun coming up this morning and it doesn't even feel like i should be here so he is full of gratitude waking up this morning . this fire in san jose and the one in contra costa, this is not something new. they say over in contra costa county there was about 30 fires that they responded to last night. nine of them are confirmed to be caused by illegal fireworks. this one here in san jose
5:40 am
started by illegal fireworks. it was really closed close to the lake. look at the damage that has been caused. back to you in the studio. >> that is just so terrible. what a gift that he has such perspective to be thankful to be alive this morning because of someone else's actions. >> that is right. >> thank you so much, ginger. a buddy now, the firefighters are in the middle of this battle to the north of us. evacuations are in effect because of the electra fire that is burning out of control. firefighters say that this is in the amador county area . the
5:41 am
fire knocked out power to more than 2000 customers and is threatening 100 buildings. people are hoping fire crews will work to save their homes. >> at first it is a little scary . firefighters are doing pretty good at it. i have faith in them. >> cal fire said there is zero containment so far. let's bring in meteorologist vianey arana . what are the conditions they are facing on the ground? >> there is not a heat warning. normally we look at the three factors when it comes to the perfect ingredients of spreading. we have seen pretty good conditions when it comes to the temperatures. you have to keep in mind it is really dry out there. that is where the issue comes in to play. once it starts, it
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has a lot of fuel to burn. right now we will see the sun shine. heading into the afternoon, it is the 80s and look what happens toward the wind gusts. this could definitely be a major concern battling the fire . we will have an update for the remainder of the week in a check in with traffic with mike inoye . it is a look ahead. the a's play tonight at 6:40 . in contra costa county there is just a little bit of an area below the speed limit at bay point. highway 37 just started for you . the bay bridge toll plaza is clear. northbound 101 should
5:43 am
show slowly. back to you. >> thank you so much, mike. highland park is not the only city where there was gunfire erupting. the latest on the shooting in philadelphia that sent police officers to the hospital. and a new leader coming to the shark tank. it is a familiar face for fans . details on the announcement expected. some fans of the minions are making it difficult for others. there is bans in place because
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if you are heading out the door come here is a look at your headlines for today. we have seen some of the morning fog around the counseling . we will get warmer temperatures today. looking ahead, we will talk about the 90s. there is a build up traffic in san jose. the sensors are starting to change. we might have an issue
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for some drivers . at least two police of july concert e chaos last night. take a look. can you imagine that? people were seen running away from the area. police gave instructions to shelter in place . this oh up and after some people started firing just before 10:00 near the philadelphia museum of art. two officers were shot. one sustained a grace to the head. both have been released from the hospital. authorities say that they are grateful it wasn't worse but they are still on the lookout for the shooter. >> at this point we do not know if this was celebratory gunfire
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were intentional. we do not know if this was someone shooting the officers from long-range. >> so far there has not been reports of other injuries. as of july 1, san jose joins san francisco and oakland to prohibit the sale of flavored tobacco products. this comes after the fda recently banned the sale of juul . advocates say this is the progress that needs to protect children from tobacco addiction. >> they created the epidemic and others have followed. the fda decision to deny the juul application to remain on the market is an important step
5:49 am
. >> we spoke with some shops. owners say a big chunk of profits come from these products. many could go out of business. the san jose sharks will make history announcing their next general manager . long time sharks fans remember mike grier. they are ready to make him the national hockey league first ever black general manager. the sharks are not yet confirming the report, but the team will introduce him today at 11:00 . this morning we will talk about this tiktok stunt making it miserable for some moviegoers as they go to watch the movie "minions the rise of gru" . >> in some places pranksters
5:50 am
are bothering other fans. one peter had to refund the entire house after they kept shouting during the film and are vowing to kick out the use. >> they are mean. >> they need that app morale . reminding you to be nice. >> that is rude and i do not get it at all. >> at least the alarm will go off when you see that. >> i have not actually seen "minions: the rise of gru" so i don't know . >> that is why you didn't get the text. all right. let's check in with meteorologist vianey arana . >> i have seen minions.
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right now in san jose we do have a beautiful sunrise store. i know it feels warmer and it is . we are in the 60s to start. it is the upper 60s right now in fremont. look at the past 24 hour temperature change. we are 12 degrees warmer. even down to san jose. satellite and radar right now did help the system to the pacific northwest that brought a little bit of a drizzle around the coastline. and we still see the cloud cover early this morning. we will start to get some clearing into the afternoon.
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the wind gusts right now are pretty calm . if i fast-forward until 4:00 we will get the gusty winds at times. it is in three areas like concord and livermore. through the day, things will get dry in the fire danger really kicks in the forecasted high will be 81 in san jose. look at the east bay temperatures. there is quite a range. it is upper 70s in redwood city. after the northbay the lower 80s are in the forecast. look at this seven-day outlook. it will be noticeable for the
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inland areas. the high pressure is going to dry us out but also warm us up heading into the next weekend. maybe even a couple of 90s through the valley. we have a little bit of a delay for b.a.r.t. riders . it is between pleasant hill and lafayette. 10 minutes could bring in some more and on muni they report no delays. over here you are going to lower those speeds coming across the golden gate bridge. there is maybe some slick roadways and the fog is there. on highway 37 there is not a
5:54 am
surprise where those builds are. >> thank you so much, mike. san leandro leaders debate incentives to keep police officers on the payroll. it would amount to $20,000 lump sum payment to each current staff are. the city is facing a critical staffing shortage with a 40% vacancy rate. they argue the cost is cheaper than training new recruits. a warning for climate in crisis. coming up on "today in the bay", new signs of damage from warmer temperatures leading to a deadly accident . stories of survival emerging
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welcome back. a sad update from italy. a glacier broke off in the alpine mountains. it tumbled down to a hiking trail. 13 hikers are
5:58 am
unaccounted for. this comes as a heat wave has been gripping italy with the hottest temperatures in 20 years. in the mountain peaks of the alps they hit 75 degrees. the glacier will not exist in 25 or 30 years because of climate change but you can check out more stories just like this one at just click on the climate in crisis tab . >> thank you so much, vianey. now it is a live look in san jose. the price of rent is back to pre-pandemic levels. they forced more people to rent, leading to the price hikes. a rental website reports that san jose has seen rent prices spike 11% this year. because so
5:59 am
many people are working from home, it is putting the premium on homes with more space. this could be why san francisco and oakland has not seen the same price surge. a one bedroom apartment is now more than $2,200 . >> that is crazy. the youngest self-made billionaire in the country earned her money singing, acting , designing, and being cool. 34-year-old rihanna is a grammy winner and this is the third year she has ranked 21st overall and is the only billionaire under the age of 40. some of her net worth is from
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her successful music career but most generated by her skincare company. i use some of her makeup. it is good stuff. right now at 6:00 covid-19 infection rates on the rise . there has been an increase in case numbers and why we might not be out of the woods just yet. and how the final decision could be in your hands. >> it was a sound i had never heard before. >> issued her opened fire at a


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