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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 12, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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coming up next at 6:00. right now at 6:00, san francisco house officials say they are fed up with the federal government. we have an update on the low supply of monkeypox vaccines coming into san francisco and the growing demand to get protection from the virus. take a look at this. an underground discovery that has san jose police officers stunned. the evidence being uncovered in a bunker in coyote creek. people in the south bay neighborhood have experienced five power outages in the past seven weeks and they are frustrated. why pg&e says they keep losing power. the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening. thank you for being with us. i'm raj matha. >> left in the dark repeatedly, they say they are fed up and frustrated. thousands of pg&e customers all of them in one neighborhood say their power keeps going out and
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the utility isn't telling them why. the latest outage happened just last night. we are in san jose with what we have been able to find out about those blackouts. >> reporter: pg&e says last night's outage effected more than 3,000 customers and some of them were still without power today and it is not a rare occurrence. in fact, it is happening so frequently, some neighbors say they plan to get generators. for most homeowners in the graystone neighborhood, the lights are back on today, but last night thousands had no electricity for more than three hours. >> i didn't have ac for four hours. >> reporter: carol was worried about keeping her medications cold. >> my insulin has to be in the refrigerator. i don't dare open it because i don't want the temperature to go down. >> reporter: others tell us they had to dump food. neighbor tells us the power outage knocked her internet service off line and she is still trying to get it
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restored. that's not all. >> the biggest impact is probably because i have a class scheduled on stool zoom and i had to cancel. >> reporter: it was because a tree hit a powerline. in a statement, the company says our enhanced powerline safety settings have proven very effective in preventing ignitions that could lead to wildfires. pg&e is working hard to reduce the outages and increase the resources available to effected customers. people here say they understand the need to prevent fires, but question why they have had to face so many blackouts and if they were all necessary. pg&e confirmed there have been five power outages in the area since may 25 effecting about 1,500 to 3,000 customers each time often leaving them in the dark for hours which is why carol jameson says she is now considering shelling out
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$10,000 for a generator. >> because i want to live my life in comfort. i don't want to have to worry about my medicine. >> reporter: pg&e says more than a million customers in santa clara county are protected by the powerline safety settings. in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. i want to tell you about a separate power outage this one at stanford that cut power to nearly 60 buildings today. many of the university, athletic areas and dorm and dining hall impacted. the university says a fault in the main power system is the culprit. power back up and running, but this is the second recent outage for that campus. a disturbing discovery by san jose police. an underground bunker filled with stolen merchandise and guns not far from several schools. it is all part of what police are calling a theft ring they say involving people living on the streets. nbc bay area damian trujillo has the exclusive story.
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>> reporter: mckinley school district built this fence to protect three different schools from potential problems. today they are shocked but not surprised. san jose police officers spent their afternoon scouring a creek bed looking for anymore possible evidence of a thieves' gold mine. on monday, this is what they found. tons of stolen tools and trucks from a company called sprig electric. police say that company was broken into just hours before. >> they found the vehicles. they found suspects. additionally, they recovered a lot of what was taken yesterday including some very expensive shotguns. >> reporter: they also found this. a sophisticated bunker with running electricity where police say the stolen goods were stashed. >> there's a lot of smart people living down there. it takes a lot of skill, engineering, construction to build something like that. >> reporter: the creek has been a bone of contention for two nearby school superintendents who gave us a tour last year worried about student safety next to the growing
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encampments. today we showed the bunker pictures to the franklin mckinley superintendent. >> i don't think i'm shocked anymore. i'm certainly surprised especially the weapons that were recovered and sort of the sophisticated bunker that was down there. >> we are not even touching how much pollution goes into that creek that is created by this community. >> reporter: pollution that includes abandoned cars parked in the middle of coyote creek. tonight, a small business has all its tools back. police have evidence to bag and tag and school leaders are left worrying what else might be in the creek. in san jose, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> santa clara county is making it easier to track monkeypox cases. this comes as the county is monitoring nine possible cases with at least two of them confirmed so far. the county says it will post updates on tuesday and thursday by 11:00 in the morning. you can find information on the public health web site. it is certainly not what anyone wants to see.
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lines of people looking for a monkeypox vaccine at hospitals and clinics, but it is what san francisco officials are dealing with and they are not happy about it. they are demanding the feds speed up the process of getting a supply of vaccine to the bay area. nbc bay area pete suratos is at san francisco general where he says supply is limited. >> reporter: today, folks have been standing outside for hours outside san francisco general waiting for a drop-in clinic and hoping to get a dose of the monkeypox vaccine. earlier today, you had a number of leaders from across the city of san francisco coming together to demand the feds do more to help supply catch up with demand. >> this vaccine exists in the world. folks in europe and in canada are getting it. >> reporter: that's why san francisco supervisor says he is calling for more federal help getting those doses to san francisco where thousands are now asking to be vaccinated. today, he and other local leaders gathered at city hall
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who all say they are fed up with the federal response. he says some are now comparing it to the early days of the aids epidemic. >> it does not seem like the cdc and hhs are recognizing this is a real problem and that they need to respond quickly and we're trying to push them to respond more quickly. >> reporter: so far, the city has received just under 3,000 vaccine doses. today, supervisor mandelman introduced a resolution calling on the federal government to provide an additional 35,000 doses immediately and city health officials say that would be a good beginning. >> that is a starting point. that is what we are asking for today so that we can fully provide to all of our partners that want to get vaccine as quickly as possible. >> reporter: the number of reported monkeypox cases in the city currently stands at 60. health officials believe there are many more unreported cases. health officials added if you are notified you may have been exposed to monkeypox, getting vaccinated within 14 days would
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prevent infection. the catch now is finding an available dose. in san francisco, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. twitter is now fighting back. the san francisco company is now suing elon musk for trying to back out of his $44 billion deal to buy twitter. this has been expected since musk's statement last week saying he wants out of the deal. he claims twitter did not give him enough information on the number of people who use the site. twitter wants to hold musk to the deal to pay $54 per share. the stock has dropped dramatically throughout this drama. today it traded at $34 per share. this comes one day after twitter shareholders announced their own lawsuit suing musk. an alleged serial rapist who investigators say is responsible for at least six attacks in contra costa county made his first court appearance today. investigators say that 39-year- old christopher owens has been preying on women for years. nbc bay area jody hernandez was in court and has more on the
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crimes he's accused of. >> reporter: the allegations are so serious the suspect's bail has been set at $8 million. he faces charges of rape, sexual assault and burglary for a long list of accusations. this is where investigators believe christopher owens sexual crime spree started. they claimed he raped a woman in this walnut creek grocery store parking lot back in 2017. tonight, they believe he attacked at least five more victims in contra costa county through the years. the latest assault took place earlier this month just five days before his arrest. >> counts include three counts of forcible rape, three counts of assault to commit rape, and several other counts related to those instances. >> reporter: investigators say he met and picked up his last victim at this chevron station and he parade on women he didn't know until police were
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able to connect the dots and identify him. >> the victims strong enough to come forward and report their incidents and then these investigations were just ongoing all these years and finally came together for us just yesterday we filed the case. >> reporter: owens was supposed to be arraigned in court today, but it was postponed until next week to give him a chance to consult with an attorney who according to the court was retained by his wife and family. in contra costa county, i am jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. firefighters are making progress in yosemite national park. the washburn fire grew 500 acres overnight burning a total of 3,200 acres. it is 22% contained. the hundreds of those giant sequoias that line the the valley floor are still standing. that's the good news. investigators believe this fire was caused and started by a person.
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coming up next, a standoff with sheriff deputies shutting down a busy freeway ramp. what we know about what happened there. crockdown on drugs. san francisco's new d.a. promising to cleanup the city. coming up, we'll tell you where she plans to start. right now the housing crunch and signs of red-hot market is finally cooling off. what it means for buyers and sellers. plus, the amazing sight the deepest im
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a tense standoff in san jose after sheriff deputies responded to the report of a woman with a gun and knife. it happened in bel air avenue near the 880 on ramp. a crisis team was brought in to negotiate and they were able to reach a peaceful resolution with the woman and she was taken to the hospital for evaluation. did bad blood lead to a deadly shooting at a mobile home park? it happened last night at the river glen community in san jose. a man was found shot to death. this morning, police arrested 83-year-old bert mcelhaney. a neighbor says mcelhaney was a longtime maintenance man who lived across the street from the victim. >> i heard they didn't like each other. i'm not sure the particulars of why exactly, but bert was a maintenance man around here for
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many years. >> police are still trying to figure out what happened, what's the motive. we don't know at this point. the victim has not been publicly identified. this is san jose's 20th homicide of the year though. san francisco's new district attorney is wasting no time tackling one of the city's hottest topics how to clean up the tenderloin. the long struggling neighborhood was a flash point that helped trigger the recall of boudin the former d. a. why the new d.a. says she wants to make sure criminals are held accountable. >> reporter: just three days on the job and san francisco's new district attorney is pledging to clean up one of the most troubled areas by targeting drug dealers and getting users off the street. today d.a. brooke jenkins toured the neighborhood and then declared change is coming and is promising more accountability for those who commit drug crimes. >> we've just viewed this
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neighborhood with indifference acting like it's okay to them and it's not. >> reporter: she includes drug and a review of the plea offers september out by recalled d.a. boudin that some say allows criminals to walk free. >> i want to know what types of offers are on the table on the cases in our office so we can draft a policy that promotes more accountability. >> reporter: recovery activity a former addict himself believes jenkins' plan could turn things around. >> it will make an impact because we haven't done any of those things for the last 2.5 years. this is an opportunity to get back to some of the things we were doing before. >> reporter: the promise of a safer tenderloin isn't new. months ago, mayor london breed declared a state of emergency here vowing to find housing for the area's homeless and jail cells for its criminals. some worry those proposals are more politics than policy. >> i am concerned this is
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another political move that will keep us at ground zero. >> reporter: he calls the tenderloin home and believes any real solution will need to focus less on arrests and more on medical services, recovery problems and work force development. >> nobody down here want to be on drugs, but it's a disease, it's an addiction. you can't get off of it. i'm talking wikipedia or google. i was there. you can't get off of this poison. you need help to get off of this poison. >> reporter: in san francisco, nbc bay area news. as you may well know, we are still in the middle of a drought. the bay area largest water agencies met to try to tackle the problem. want to show you a map from the drought monitor and it shows the entire region in severe drought. in the south bay, valley water says customers are using 3% less water in 2021 than 2022, but the goal was to cut use by 15%. in san francisco, water demand has dropped since 2019. yes, that's good news, but they
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were actually hoping to get it back to the water levels they saw in 2015. that's a stretch. we did have a grass fire in the south bay. take a look. this is 87 and kurtener in san jose near communication hill. intense for a moment. it took crews about an hour to put it out. it burned about an acre. no structures were damaged and no one was hurt. jeff ranieri joins us to talk about the nice, warm summer conditions so far. >> it's been really good. we got a cool down today. not too hot. kind of in that comfortable range here across the bay area. we are going to continue with that as we move through the next couple of days. let's take it into the microclimate forecast tonight and we will be able to show you what's happening on the fire that's burning in yosemite. the washburn fire. i wanted to get you the latest update on this because it is really remarkable what's happening despite the hot temperatures. containment numbers now up to
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22%. it has burned 3,221 acres. high 94. tomorrow cooler 91. wind gusts at 10 to 20. the way the wind is blowing is actually pushing this fire right towards the south fork of the merced river. firefighters along with the river helping to hold this fire back a little bit. if it does jump the south fork of the merced river, there's steep terrain where the fire could ignite faster and spread quite a bit more. we've got more on that of course at i do want to continue on the topic of fires and also climate change tonight and take a look at the three things we need for those fires and that is weather, topography and fuels. we usually have all of that of course in summer, but on top of this with our change in climate, we have also seen of course warmer temperatures especially the past 20 years and that increasing drought. this is fueling faster growing fires, more intense fires and also fires that become more active at night. we've got more on that climate
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coverage also at click on the climate section. as you move it into our forecast tomorrow, we have this area of low pressure near the coastline that will continue keeping the fog going at the coast. as we start it off, you can see that widespread cloud cover for us pushing inland with spotty drizzle. by 10:00 in the morning, we hold on to those clouds over the north bay, then eventually we get that clearing back and that's going to allow a good amount of sunshine as we push into tomorrow's forecast. as we start it off, we'll begin with 61 over the peninsula. south bay at 60 through the east bay. got you at 58. to the north bay, 57. daytime highs tomorrow drop off a couple more degrees. 79 in napa. over to concord, 84. san jose 80. right near the bay and the coast, a mix of 60s and 70s. on that seven-day forecast in san francisco, we hold with 60s through the next seven days. morning fog, afternoon sunshine and the inland valleys. we're in the 80s all the way through the next seven days. that was a good decade.
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also looking good on the seven- day forecast. >> we love the 80s. >> great disco song. i am still singing. up next 40 years of service in the east bay. a family and center for seniors is celebrating a big milestone today.
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supplies. an anniversary celebration for senior care program in the east bay. the center nor elders independence is celebrating 40 years. held an open house from their san lorenzo location as part of the anniversary. the center provides care services tore seniors across the east bay with a focus on caring for them at their own home rather than a nursing facility. they say they've worked with 5,000 seniors and families over the last four decades. the most popular first names in san francisco has been revealed. >> according to analysis for the names of registered voters, michael is the most common in san francisco followed by david and john. i don't know where raj ranks in there. jennifer is the most popular women's name followed by elizabeth, maria and look at number six young jessica. >> jessica. all right. up next, a starship explosion at a spacex facility in texas we're going to show you. what went wrong and we want to tell you what we know about it.
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a big fireball engulfed a spacex rocket at a base in texas today. >> this is pretty dramatic. watch it. it happened as engineers tested a booster rocket for its new
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starship spacecraft. that's not supposed to happen. the team tried to test all the engines on the rocket at one time and that's when it exploded. elon musk tweeted, yeah, actually not good. the team will not test all the engines at one time in the future. if all goes according to plan, the new starship could do a test flight in the next few months. >> that is intense. tonight at 7:00, a new covid subvariant is changing the game yet again. cases are spiking and so are frustrations. we'll be joined by one of our covid experts. a spirited exchange between a uc berkeley professor and missouri senator. that exchange is going viral. those stories and more tonight on our 7:00 newscast. up next on breaking news tonight, the new surveillance video of the uvalde school
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shooting just revealed the horrifying new images the gunman entering the school calmly walking down the hall students fleeing as shots were fired police responding minutes later but retreating from the gunfire. then officers amassing in the hallway for over an hour before finally entering the classrooms to take the shooter down tonight, how victims' families are reacting. also tonight, the dramatic hearing the january 6th committee making the case that donald trump summoned a violent mob to attack the capitol with a now infamous tweet. new testimony and evidence linking trump allies to extremist groups that led the attack the former spokesman for the oath keepers testifying they were a violent militia to attack the capitol in military formation the emotional moment the convicted rioter hugging capitol police, telling them i'm sorry. the explosive claim liz cheney saying trump recently called a witness. could that be considered tampering our team at the capitol. the boat capsizing off new york city. th


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