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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  July 14, 2022 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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right now at 11:00 epoxy spreading. 1e is under fire, accused of making money off of monkeypox and vaccines. the new action resident biden's administration is taking as cases across the country increase. this is nbc bay area news streaming live on apple tv, amazon fire and online. right now pox continues to
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spread across the state and in the area. getting tested is about to get a little easier as cases continue to rise. >> chris sanchez joins us. good morning. >> reporter: their labs around the area and they will now be offering testing and they say they will be able to ramp up to 60,000 tests per week by the end of the month, by the end of the day july. lab workers will swap patients and send a sample to be pcr tested at a lab in la. here in california as of this week there were 186 probable causes -- cases. while it is not as transmissible as covid it is spread through intimate contact like sex or taking careful with active lesions or rash. the white house wants to get the word out about vaccinations and will hold some lgbt q influencers at the white house. we are trying to find out who they are. what we do know they will not
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meet with the president because he is overseas. in berkeley a lot of folks showed up for a free vaccine clinic. tempers got a little hot because the private men's gym and bathhouse got 500 doses, which they were supposed to distribute to members and non-members alike, but some folks who were waiting in-line outside say some folks paid to get into the bathhouse and they got their vaccines a lot faster. >> all of it could've been salted they would maintain a single line from the beginning and handed out tickets. after handing out the tickets that if you want to enjoy the facilities while you wait, you can. they didn't do that. >> we are trying to do a public service and a good thing. unfortunately you can't keep everyone happy. >> reporter: berkeley public health says they were made aware of the perception of the lack of fairness.
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they said they did reach out to the business and talk to them about how to make sure this does not happen again. which is good because they will be hosting the more clinics every wednesday for the next three wednesdays and one additional one on a friday coming up. >> you can find more details about monkeypox on our website, just visit there you can read about what you can do if you think you are infected. many of us are dealing with the rising cost of food. the latest data shows going out to eat is up 7% from this time last year. staying home is not going to save you, groceries or ups 12%. it might be some time before we see prices drop in california. >> reporter: the department of labor reports the food you purchase at the grocery store is up over 12%, 12.2% to be exact over the past 12 months.
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the biggest jump in food prices since 1979. you can see on your screen the bureau of labor statistics found the price of butter and margarine is up over 26%, cereals and bakery products up 13.8%. fruits and vegetables just over 8% while meats, poetry and fish still up year-over-year. that category did see a slight drop over the past month down less than a percent over the past 30 days. prices to continue to rise. the usda economic research service predicted grocery store food prices will go up a .5%- 9.5%, more than doubled and last year's three and half percent increase. the usda blames some of the increases in congestion at the ports and higher shipping costs. the war in ukraine has made things like wheat and corn more expensive.
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things are tough all over. america's overall inflation rates is 9.1%. prices are up 9.1% from this past june compared to june 2021. it's not just an american problem, it is the exact same in the uk. we are just one point more than the inflation raid in the european urine -- union and nowhere near what brazil is going through. let's take you out to the big board. investors fully expect the fed to raise interest rates again after its next meeting next week. we are thinking maybe rates will go up more than expected, possibly a full point. i spoke to investors and entrepreneurs about inflation on our latest episode of the podcast sam hill road, published just after those numbers came out. >> inflation is not a secret. every news website today is talking about how much powell raised the federal funds right.
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everyone knows what he's doing it. >> that episode is called cpi. you can find sandhill road anywhere you find podcast. a former san quentin prison are facing deportation and he's asking governor newsom for a pardon. his family fled genocide in cambodia when he was just one years old. when he was 20 he shot and killed a teenager in a gang retaliation shooting. now at 47 he says he has changed, becoming a journalist for san quentin news. he also got his degree and became a counselor and mentor. he was recommended for early release, but advocates say he was picked up by ice agents. we spoke with him by phone from a ice facility. >> all i am thinking about is this is real. i'm not going to be able to say goodbye to friends, i'm not going to be able to have a
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chance to and best in my community, i'm not going to be able to say goodbye to my parents and person. >> if pardoned, advocates say it would block his deportation. we reached out to the governor's office. a spokesperson said information regarding pardon applications is confidential and we are not able to discuss individual cases. in the east a these are targeting people wearing high- end watches. in antioch one of three suspects have been detained leave to be involved in two of the robberies. shares deputies say they recovered an illegal assault on firearm. two of the suspects of juveniles. the third is an 18-year-old man. a live look this morning, you can see the clouds hovering over san francisco. for some parts of the bay is not just clouds, is smoke from wildfires. >> we've seen unhealthy air
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quality in parts of the delta as we are dealing with a marsh fire that continues to smolder. a lot of winds blowing off toward the west and southwest, carrying that smoke over toward pittsburgh, oakley, as well as brentwood. continuing to see unhealthy air quality there. if you smell a little bit of that smoke it is a good time to limit your time outside, close the windows and turned the air conditioner on recirculate inside of your vehicle. we are seeing low clouds that we had this morning starting to clear out and temperatures are in the mid 60s. going into the rest of the morning and afternoon we see temperatures in the low 70s. some of our inland valley about the heat up. we will talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. president biden is in jerusalem receiving the presidential medal of honor from the israeli president. big knowledge recognizes his 50 years as a politician in
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support of the country. biden called the award a great honor. earlier this morning the president met with the prime minister signing a joint pledge to deny iran nuclear arms. biden told reporters that he was open to last resort use of force against iran. we know that flying has been a pain for some this summer and now some travelers are hitting the road instead. as americans get in their cars is sharing tips on the fastest and cheapest routes. this comes as gas prices are still high, but dropping about 20% over the past few weeks. >> it helps to be more sustainable, and also helps to save money by doing a more fuel- efficient route. if the destination you are looking for and the route that is fast this is not already the most fuel-efficient, we will also show you an alternative.
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>> new studies show americans plan on spending nearly $200 billion on summer vacations the sheer. that is a 91% increase over pre- pandemic levels. an east bay school offering a semester of free tuition to most of its students. the college say students who complete their student a application of california dream act application can receive free tuition among other perks. you have to fill out the application, the college says it does not matter if you qualify or not you still get the free semester. the college says it is a way to help students who face challenges during the pandemic. p jenny under fire once again. we investigate all the new allegations in an exclusive story you will see only right here. surveillance video from the texas school shooting publicly leaked. we are live in uvalde with
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reaction from the victim's parents. but first don't forget to check out the kelly clarkson stone -- show this afternoon. stay tuned for nbc bay area news at 5:00 p.m. mornings are our time, and i couldn't let stiff joints slow me down.
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outrage going following the leak of security camera video from the deadly shooting at robb elementary school in texas. it shows the government entering the school and provides new insight into the response of law enforcement. the latest from uvalde, texas. >> reporter: there are fresh questions in the face of that new the released video, this is knowing family members have had weeks to try to digest the details about a failed police response. it is another thing to see it on video. we spoke with a veteran law
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enforcement expert who watched. he describes it as an excusable and unacceptable. the fact that after columbine the marching orders were to go toward gunfire and make sure you neutralize the threat. the opposite of what happened here. family members want to know why it took more than 40 minutes after the first round of gunfire for officers to even attempt to get back to the classroom. also, duration of why the video was released days ahead of when the state was going to show it to families privately anyway. they say it feels like something personal and intimate has been ripped away from them and shown to the world first. it is important to note so much criticism among other things like officers going to the phones or touching hand sanitizer. one officer was looking at his phone we don't know because his wife was a schoolteacher inside of robb elementary who contacted him to try to find out if you do anything, saying that she was shot and was dying. he was facing criticism, but now it is clear this is someone trying to save the life of a loved one.
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>> just got breaking news coming into the newsroom. emergency crews responding, this is not that video. this is brittney griner involved and a case. this is our breaking news. this is a major crash in antioch. video from our sky ranger. we are told at least two people were hurt and it is a very serious crash. it appears to be deadly. the crash happened around 10:34 am. one car fully engulfed and flames when crews first arrived. the area shut down and you'll want to avoid it. it is not clear what caused the crash. brittney griner appeared
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back in a russian court this morning. no cameras were allowed. the hearing ended without a verdict and will resume tomorrow morning. last week she abruptly pleaded guilty, which could be an effort to expedite court proceeding so possible negotiations could move forward. she was attained in february when found with cannabis oil in her luggage. if convicted she faces up to 10 years and prison. nearly 5 years after the one country storm nbc bay area has obtained a new review that blames the pg&e field fire strategy for putting the entire region at risk. critics say the findings make a strong case that executives let over bonuses and i safety got decisions. the north a firestorm for three- quarter million acres, destroyed hundreds of homes and left 44 debt. a new 500 page report lays the blame nearly entirely at the feet of pg&e executives. the analysis commissioned by the public utilities commission
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concludes pg&e failed to flag any of the at risk power lines. it states they prioritize keeping power on in urban areas at the expense of rural areas where wildfires are a bigger risk. the result is executives earned bonuses for reducing the number of homes that lost power. >> they knew that wildfires killed people and yet they chose not to protect those people, but instead to keep the power on. keeping the power on for customers in urban and suburban counties. so that those people would not complain that their power was shut off and the popsicles in their freezers are melting. >> pg&e did not respond directly but said it has made prudent improvements over the years like public power shutoffs and setting equipment
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to shut down automatically at the first sign of trouble. in a statement the utility said the following. a man attack by a great white shark is out of the hospital and back home. what a story he has to tell. staff members at the hospital gave him a grand sendoff. he is a distance swimmer. that is why he was in the water. he narrowly escaped death three weeks ago near the monterey bay aquarium. that is where a great white grabbed onto his leg. >> i was about 150 arson being done when just ramp. my thighs and my abdomen, it grabbed me, pulled me up and only down into the water. i got myself back to the surface and started yelling for help. two people, amy and paul got on
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panel boards. they veered over. one a nurse, one a policeman. they brought two surfboards, the three of them in the bloody water got me up onto the surfboard and pulled me into the beach. heroes, how do you get in the water with a sharks circling many of you to save a stranger? 40 minutes after the number one call i had gotten the 28 miles to the trauma center. they saved me. two days later they repaired my thigh so that one day i'll be able to walk again. >> quite amazing. doctors say the shark came within a millimeter of severing a major artery. he will spend the next several weeks in rehab. let's check yosemite, this is new time-lapse video of a ire. crews battling the flames making up some of the ground lost.
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the washburn fire is 23% contained. the flames have spread into the nearby sierra national forest. more than 4300 acres have burned since the fire broke out. carey has been keeping an eye on some smoke moving through the area. >> it's also like can we see the moon? it has been superbright. our scott always getting the best shots of the moon, the stars, whatever is happening in space. he put this is the biggest formal of 2002. was that an old post? >> when are they going to get an edit button? >> that was of the supermoon and that shot from silicon valley. let's get a look at our smoke. we have been talking about the fire that has happening over yosemite. unfortunately a lot of that smoke still happening to drift into the half dome area.
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the park is still open. you want to make sure if you have plans to go for the weekend there parts that are open, what parts that are closed. call ahead to see where you can and cannot go. the air quality at times will be pretty dangerous, especially with the smoke moving in and at times over toward tahoe. it is also moving away from the bay area. as we are heading out we are seeing clear skies and temperatures in the low 70s. it will warm another few degrees and top out at about anyone degrees. the breezy went and more sunshine in that forecast. some of our inland valleys will be slightly hotter compared to what we had yesterday with concord reaching the upper 80s. all of the heat across the west continues as we've seen a lot of record temperatures happening over the last few days. this dome of high pressure causes the air to sink. as it thinks it warms up.
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we have had record temperatures across the region as a result with some of the heat making it in here temporarily. santa rosa seeing highs in the low 90s as we don't have much of a ocean breeze bringing in mild temperatures. we will see that kicking in for the middle of next week. overall looking at a fairly quiet weather pattern. if you are making plans to get out this weekend it's going to be a little more uncomfortable on saturday compared to sunday as we see the peak of heat that day and highs in the low to middle 80s for next week. for san francisco it is breezy today and coastal flooding happens early tomorrow morning with keen ties. high temperatures continue to reach into the upper 60s. clouds and fog continue into next week. people in the bay area flocking to a new fried chicken
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restaurant. next, the major prize some of the first lucky customers are getting. california regulators launching an investigation into general motors. the california public utilities commission says it is looking at the claims made in a letter sent to it. according to the wall street journal the letter reportedly says vehicles in the fleet regularly call and blocking lane of traffic. we've seen pictures of that online and at least one driverless cruise car has been involved in an accident last month. shortly after regulators shortly after regulators granted permission my tribe has lived on this land for 12,000 years.
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one of america's most popular fried chicken franchises now open in the bay area. some lucky customers at a surprise of a lifetime. >> the first raising canes fried chicken open in oakland. the grand opening the store did a drawing to give 20 customers free raising canes for a year. the line outside was growing this morning. we caught up some people camped i'm glad it's in oakland. they chose oakland to be the first opening in the bay area. it is kind of special.
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it's right here. it's where i was born. >> the chain officially opens at 8:00 am. >> what you do, here's my lifetime a chicken card or against the year. hear something to wash it down with. if you need something for that chicken a new bars opening today and owners say it's one- of-a-kind. >> they say they are the first mexican wine bar in the country extensively serving mexican wine. the bars in san francisco. great comes from baja, california. we are told wines are famous for their distinctively salty flavor, which is an unusual thing to be showing off. i've never tried, what can i say? >> maybe a nice chilled glass. >> is going to be warmer in some of the inland areas, but
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it does get hotter and time for the weekend with mid-90s. >> enjoy the chicken and your salty wine and how bloated you're going to feel. >> thank you for joining us. >> you can gealthe latest t l want more from your vitamins? get more with nature's bounty. from the first-ever triple action sleep supplement. to daily digestive support. to more wellness solutions every day.
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learn more at right now on california live. we are going to show you how to make some delicious treats. >> come hang with me in huntington beach at a sub shop that is one-of-a-kind. i cannot wait to tell you about a brand disrupting the surf industry in a bright and colorful way. plus amber introduces us to a music school for children


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