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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 18, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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♪♪ >> right now on "access hollywood," we prove that "gray man" star ryan gosling and his costars are hollywood's hottest cast ever. we have all you need to know about this week's emmy nominations. very exciting stuff. and only on "access," miles teller's grandma going far beyond just wanting miles to jump from "top gun" to playing james bond. plus, we take natalie portman on a fashion flashback, how they pulled off val kilmer's "top gun: maverick" comeback, and the wild tale of when rick springfield met elvis. "access hollywood" starts right now. ♪♪
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from universal studios hollywood, welcome to the weekend edition of "access hollywood." i'm zuri hall. chris, ryan, regé, ana -- is this the hottest cast ever? friday brings the release of "the gray man." think of it like 007 but kicked up a notch. ryan gosling plays a cia operative named the gray man. it's a definite departure from his ken role in the new "barbie" movie he's filming right now. but his long-time love, eva mendes, appreciates both sides of her man. eva said she wants ken in the day, the gray man at night. what does that mean? >> you have to ask that wonderful woman. ask her. i do not speak for eva mendes. >> [ laughs ] ♪♪ well, of course we asked eva, who made her point crystal clear. >> when i see the gray man, like, that's -- that's who i want to spend my nights with, and ken, now ken i want to spend my days with. [ laughter ] ken. ken is fun. ken is like, you know, he's like, makes fun of himself. but the gray man, you know...
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>> one's pg. one's rated r? okay. >> yeah. ♪♪ >> it's also very clear that ryan got extra ripped before shooting these scenes for "the gray man" directors, the russo brothers. now, what did you have to do to prepare, truly, to get into fighting shape for this? >> i had to stay away from the russos' tent. >> [ laughs ] why? food? good food? >> it like willy wonka's chocolate factory in there, you know? it's just, like, they're always ordering, like, pizza, burgers. like, you have to push through chocolate just to see the monitor. you must be lloyd. >> what gave it away? >> the white pants, the trash 'stache. >> going toe-to-toe with chris evans, what was the best part of that for you? >> chris just, he ran mustache-first into this role. >> [ laughs ] >> and he had a lot of fun with it, you know? and it made it -- you know, makes it fun to play against it. ♪♪ >> in the film, chris evans drops his captain america good-guy image to play a bad guy assassin opposite ana de armas. speaking of bad guys and the
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mustache, i mean, what was the key to leaning into it? was the white pants? was it the very tight -- impossibly tight sweater? >> the white pants. >> [ laughs ] the white pants. >> the white pants. if you wear white pants, you know that nothing's gonna happen to you. >> the wardrobe, the look, the haircut, that's all fun stuff. you know, what it really is is about a guy who is unapologetically himself. ♪♪ >> now, ana, you were so impressive in this film, but what was the key to nailing the fight sequences? >> hard work. there's no other way around it. it was a lot of training -- hours and weekends and day after day after day. ♪♪ >> "bridgerton" breakout star regé-jean page is also a villain. >> did he have anything on his person? there's so much delicious deviousness, and i'm doing all the things that you never want to do in real life, just throwing them out on screen and then going home and being a really nice human being. ♪♪ >> look, i will watch regé shop at the grocery store, okay? "the gray man" is on netflix friday. okay, let's go ahead and move on
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to this week's emmy nominations. so many surprises and some snubs that we're gonna get into, but we begin with good news for "abbott elementary" and creator quinta brunson. the first season of the abc comedy was a ratings hit, and it's now an emmy's breakout show. kit hoover has all the details. >> i'm not gonna lie. like, i believe we did a good enough job to, like, deserve a nomination. ♪♪ >> no doubt in quinta's mind that "abbott elementary," which is based on her mother's experiences as a teacher, deserves its seven emmy noms, including best comedy series along with quinta's lead actress and writing noms. >> the staff here is incredible. finally feel on top of things. >> awards editor at rotten tomatoes jacqueline coley says this is the show to beat. >> i don't think anyone can argue that one of the biggest breakouts of any comedy sitcom ever will be "abbott elementary," more particularly, its star, quinta brunson. she is a star in her own right. >> did you know anything at all about mr. lee before you met him? >> i knew he was the drummer from motley crue. >> well-deserving yet a bit of a
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surprise, "pam & tommy" for best limited series" with acting noms for emmy-first-timer sebastian stan and lily james. but can lily beat "inventing anna's" julia garner, a double nominee for "ozark"? >> lily james has been someone who i think since her "downton abbey" days folks have been wondering what is gonna be her great emmy vehicle, but i don't know if this is gonna be it for her to finally get that emmy win, because she's going up against the powerhouse that is julia garner. >> some big names missing from the limited series or tv movie actress category, julia roberts for starz's watergate drama "gaslit," renée zellweger for "the thing about pam," and left out of the lead actress comedy category, selena gomez for "only murders in the building." >> we came to pay our respects. >> selena's absence amplified by the fact the show and both her costars, steve martin and martin short, were nominated. >> i came up with an amazing plan. zendaya, who won lead actress in a drama two years ago for "euphoria," has now made history
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as the youngest two-time nominee ever. >> there are a lot of memories in this house. >> surprisingly, "blackish" was shut out of all major categories in its final season with no show or acting nominations, as was "this is us," also saying farewell. >> i told you i'm waiting for someone. >> many believed mandy moore was a shoe-in. costar sterling k. brown had been her biggest supporter. >> mandy moore is killing the game, son! and she deserves to be recognized. >> "this is us" was robbed! robbed, i say! get this -- they only got one emmy nomination for outstanding original music and lyrics. the song was actually written by mandy's husband, which is super cute. it's a great song. the 74th emmy awards will be broadcast live from the microsoft theater on monday, september 12th, on nbc. alright, now to the much anticipated "where the crawdads sing," which just hit theaters. it's based on the book by
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delia owens, which became a best-selling sensation once reese witherspoon picked it for her book club back in 2018. reese produced the film, which has something for everyone, including a beautiful setting, a murder mystery, and romance. >> i think the story really explores two different versions of love in a very interesting way. i think stories that celebrate the kindness we can give to each other is really important. >> english actress daisy edgar-jones stars as kya in the epic tale about an abandoned girl... >> ma! >> ...who raised herself to adulthood in the dangerous marshlands of north carolina. >> sometimes i feel so invisible... ♪♪ ...i wonder if i'm here at all. >> you are. >> kya gets involved in a complicated love triangle with two men played by taylor john smith and harris dickinson. >> it's not simple, you know? there's heartache within it, and i think there's longing within it. >> every creature does what it must to survive. >> it just reminds you of something fresh and young from when you were a kid. >> as tate, taylor says he had instant chemistry with daisy.
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>> we were stuck on a zoom during chemistry reads, and we kind of, like, fell into friendship then. and then when i got to see her in person, we did one of those running across the halls where we jump onto each other, and it was beautiful. i feel like we -- i had known her my entire life. and then getting to film a movie with her for four and a half months was just like bliss. [ camera shutters clicking ] >> beautiful! >> reese posed with the cast at the premiere and told us why she had to turn this book into a movie. >> people just really resonate with the idea that a woman has the be the hero of her own story, and that's truly what this is. definitely has, like, "the notebook" feelings, which is great. >> ♪ you're gonna miss me when i'm gone ♪ >> reese shared an adorable behind-the-scenes moment singing anna kendrick's "pitch perfect" hit "cups" with newcomer jojo regina, who plays a young kya in the movie. and jojo's soaking in her newfound fame, posting a video in front of the movie poster in times square. >> we saw the poster, and we were all like, "oh, my gosh! that's 'crawdads'!" >> oh, my goodness. what a cutie! she is definitely gonna be a
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huge star. alright. let's go ahead and move on to natalie portman, who's been giving a whole new vibe promoting "thor: love and thunder." she's been putting the gowns back in the closet and opting to show some leg action, and here are our favorites -- her nod to "clueless" posing with "thor" costar tessa thompson. and now scott evans takes natalie on an "access" fashion flashback starting with the "star wars: revenge of the sith" premiere at cannes back in 2005. >> okay, this is just so badass. >> thank you. i had just shaved my head for "v for vendetta," and so that was kind of the first time anyone had seen it 'cause it was before the movie was out. i loved having a shaved head. >> would you ever return to it? >> you know, growing it out i hated 'cause i have really curly hair and when it's short, it's like really complicated. but the shaved head was awesome. >> this is one of your first red carpets ever. >> yes. >> 1994. >> that's the premiere of
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"the professional," and my mom got me that cow-print faux fur jacket right before. and i loved it. and the dress was like betsey johnson, which is just the most '90s. like, i love it so much. >> this, i mean, can we just take a moment for the oscars? >> aww, thanks. that was a dress made by dear friends kate and laura mulleavy, who design rodarte. and it was so special to wear something made by people i love when i was also like -- i was so pregnant and just wanted to... >> is this like the uncomfortable phase, like all want to do is not be at the oscars? >> no, i definitely -- i definitely would've preferred to have been anywhere. just being in front of people when you're pregnant, you just kind of want to like... >> not be. >> ...make a nest and, like, stay in your nest. that was in venice. >> 2018. >> yeah, and it's such a beautiful dress. as a small woman, to have shoulders...
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>> yeah. >> like, today i have shoulder pads. it was very -- i don't know. you just feel like bigger... >> yeah, stronger. >> in the space, like more powerful. >> yeah, like "get out of my way." >> yes. >> "i'm here, move." >> yes. [ laughter ] >> and she is super powerful in "thor: love and thunder." it had an even bigger opening than the original. well deserved. and next up, why does carmen electra have an onlyfans account? she'll explain.
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♪♪ >> ♪ on "baywatch" ♪ ♪ i'm on "baywatch" ♪ [ laughs ] >> "baywatch" dance. >> back in 1997, we joined carmen electra on the set of "baywatch," the show that helped make her a household name. 25 years and countless magazine covers later, she says she's taking control of her own image by joining onlyfans -- the paid online platform known for its sexy content. and she told mario lopez and his wife, courtney, why this was the perfect move for her. >> let's talk about your new venture. you joined onlyfans. >> i'm so excited to be a part
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of onlyfans because i've always been such a creative person. i have friends come over, and we do shoots, and we have fun. and it's connecting with my fans. >> so, it's not all just racy content, then? people might misinterpret it that way. >> i'm doing everything from fashion to beautiful, classic, sexy photos. >> okay. >> and even a little bit more. >> carmen says being on onlyfans is all about female empowerment and taking control of her image. and she's doing it all while looking fabulous at 50. carmen marked the milestone birthday with a celebration in palm springs earlier this year. >> so, when you have parties and you have friends over and you're playing music, do you play any of your music? >> well, you know what? i feel weird sometimes, but my friends will do it. >> yeah. >> ♪ can i get a witness with this funk with the quickness? ♪ >> featuring the single "everybody get on up," carmen's self-titled debut album was released in 1993 after she signed a deal with prince's paisley park records. is it true that prince is the
1:15 am
one that gave you your name? >> he did. he said, "you don't look like a tara." tara leigh patrick is my real name. and he said, "no, you look like a car-men." and he said, "the c is for the 'car' and the m is for the men at my shows." and i was like, "well, that's fun." >> to check out carmen's exclusive new content, sign up and subscribe to her onlyfans account. and next up, secrets from the two breakout stars of "stranger things" season four. so who is sticking around for season five? plus a major "access" exclusive with miles teller's grandma, and she's bringing never-before-seen photos of miles. we've got a whole lot more in store, so stick around.
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>> chrissy, this is for you. [ "master of puppets" playing ] >> metallica's tiktok duet of their 1986 song "master of puppets," dedicated to "stranger things" character eddie munson, reaches seven million views. and eddie, aka joseph quinn, rehearsed tirelessly to get every single guitar lick perfect. "stranger things" season 4 has racked up over one billion hours -- that is billion with a "b" hours viewed, making it the second most popular netflix series after "squid games," and joseph has been feeling that fan love. ♪♪ >> joseph quinn getting emotional hearing what his character means to fans at london's comic con this weekend.
1:19 am
the breakout star has exploded, especially on social media, where his hashtag has garnered over 7.3 billion views -- yes, with a "b." >> aah! >> whoa! whoa, whoa, hey, hey, hey. sorry. [ chuckles ] didn't mean to scare you. you okay? as an actor, you want to be a part of stories that matter to people, and clearly this is a phenomenon, this show. it matters a lot to a lot of people. so to be a part of that is, yeah, needless to say an insane honor. >> we need music! >> this is music! >> even though his character had a seemingly final fate, fans don't seem to want to let go as new theories pop up, including one that eddie didn't actually die and will come back as a vampire to help defeat vecna in season five. and as many fans pointed out, show's creators, the duffer brothers, said that bat bites can't kill, so is there hope? >> there's definitely going to be a season five. there's some ideas floating around, which is exciting. i can't talk about them. >> you have already lost. >> no.
1:20 am
♪♪ >> the other breakout star of the series happens to be joseph's on-screen enemy but real-life friend, jamie campbell bower, who plays vecna himself. >> i always saw myself as a small part in a very, very big machine. it's one of those things that it's just -- it's so meaty, it's so deep and complex and a joy to get into. so that was, for me on a personal side, just the thing that i relished the most. >> you know, jamie will be returning as vecna in season five. and come on! fingers crossed joseph ain't really dead. we'll have to wait and see, though. in the meantime, we're moving on to an "access" exclusive. it is miles teller's moment. just ask his grandma leona flowers -- what a name -- proud grandma of the "top gun: maverick" star. she recently made headlines when she tweeted -- yes, tweeted -- that miles should be the next james bond. and in her first tv interview ever, leona told mario why he's perfect to suit up as the iconic spy. >> does your grandson not -- is
1:21 am
he aware of this campaign? >> miles and i are very close, but i just did what i always do. i'm just bragging about my grandchildren and, of course, he's a celebrity, so i probably give him a little bit more. and so i happened to read about there's going to be a new james bond, and naturally i just envisioned miles. and i just said it on twitter, and it just started snowballing and it got a life of its own, and now i'm here talking to you, mario. [ cheering ] >> so, here's your moment, grandma -- why do you think miles should be the next bond? >> once he gets a character in his mind, he can become that person. and i know that he would make a fantastic james bond. matter of fact, no one wears a tuxedo better than miles does. >> [ chuckles ] >> and i can picture him with a martini in his hand. he is just absolutely the coolest guy, and i know that he would make a whole new
1:22 am
generation of fans of james bond. ♪♪ >> leona shared these exclusive family photos, giving us a peek into miles' life when he was young. how was miles growing up as a little kid? what kind of kid was he? >> let me tell you, miles has always been a special kid -- always charming and happy. he's really fun to be with. people love being around him. >> my dad believed in you. i'm not gonna make the same mistake. >> miles has been a working actor for years, but the massive success of "top gun: maverick" and his role as rooster has made him a household name. in fact, the rooster wiggle from the now-iconic beach football scene has been viewed more than a billion times on tiktok. what do you think it is that made that movie such a phenomenon? >> naturally, i've seen the show three times, and i get something new out of it every time i watch it. he sings, he dances, he flaunts his muscles, you know, and of course his good looks and his brilliance as an actor. tom cruise ain't too bad either. >> tom cruise is not too bad. and leona actually got to meet tom at the movie's premiere
1:23 am
aboard the uss midway in san diego. >> he held my hand. we talked for awhile together, and at the end of our conversation, he turned to the crowd, and he said, "she's my date for tonight." [ laughs ] >> aww. >> and leona is not just an awesome granny. she's an author. her book, "pages from grandma's notebooks: selected essays and poems" is available now. we will be right back with rick springfield meeting elvis. i promise this is a story you don't want to miss.
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>> ♪ you know i wish that i had jessie's girl ♪ >> rick springfield's 1981 hit "jessie's girl" was one of the most iconic songs of the decade/ever, if you ask me. and now rick has re-recorded the song for a new dvd and corresponding album, called "working class dog: 40th anniversary special live edition." rick and his band performed the album at his malibu home during quarantine and it sounds pretty much the same all these years later. mario and kit sat down with rick on "access daily." >> ♪ i wish that i had jessie's girl ♪ >> every song on this album mario and i both just love. >> have you met the real jessie's girl? have you seen since -- >> no, i have not. i have not. we parted ways before the album came out, be ever i recorded the song. no one's ever come up to me and said, "it was me, right?" a lot of a my friends at the time were kind of going, "you after my girl?" [ laughter ] ♪ where can i find a woman like that? ♪
1:27 am
it was a specific girl, and it was at stained-glass class i was going to, and i don't even remember her name, so... >> a stained-glass class. that alone, that's '80s, too. >> true artist right there. what were some of the craziest things that happened to you as far as from a fan's perspective? >> i know i got a police car, trapped by 50,000 screaming people trying to turn the car over. >> well, that happens. >> that was pretty interesting. >> wow. >> ♪ warden threw a party in the county jail ♪ >> talk about working with elvis. the new movie is coming out with him in it. what was your relationship with him? >> i met elvis on a plane. i wasn't a giant fan when i met him, but -- >> what year was that? >> 1971. the plane stopped in the hawaii. and i get on the plane, and i'm in the back of the bus of course, and walk by, and i go, "oh, that's elvis." sitting there in his blue suit. he was skinny, dark hair, and he looked fantastic. and i at the time was being managed by steve binder, who directed the nbc special that brought him back. he came up before the plane landed and signed autographs, which was i'd never seen any celebrity ever do. he was amazing. and he gets to me, and i said, "oh, i'm managed by
1:28 am
steve binder." and he said, "oh, yeah. i love steve. steve's great." and we started talking a little bit about that rather than just, "oh, my god, you're elvis," you know? and i had a girlfriend at the time who was a big fan in australia, and i had him sign an autograph to her and customs stole it. so... >> oh, man! >> oh, no! ♪♪ >> ooh, that definitely sucks. but at least it made for a great story that they can tell later. okay, kacey musgraves is on the "elvis" movie soundtrack with her rendition of the elvis classic "can't help falling in love." the music video features images from the movie and elvis's relationship with wife priscilla and the love he had for daughter lisa marie. and it's those two in particular who we've spent time with over the years sharing so much about the man they loved. >> and this is the famous pool table, which the beatles played on. >> with elvis? >> with elvis. >> now, that's a true rock 'n' roll artifact. it was in 1997 when priscilla showed our then-correspondent jeff probst around the themed restaurant elvis presley's memphis, which remains to this
1:29 am
day full of elvis memorabilia. >> that's the whole idea of this place, is to have all these things that he loved and pieces of furniture that he lived with. everything that you see is really reminiscent of all the things that he loved. >> and since elvis' death in 1977, priscilla has made sure his memory has never dimmed in the public eye. >> it's just sharing him and having people really see -- who was elvis? what was he all about? [ singing ] >> and helping to carry that elvis legacy all these years has been his daughter, lisa marie. but growing up the king of rock 'n' roll's little girl didn't mean she only listened to his music. lisa marie was a huge fan of elton john, but dad wasn't happy at first. >> i asked for the records for christmas one year. my aunt gave them to me, and he didn't want to know who -- who know... >> who this elton john was? >> who this -- yeah. that wasn't the word, but, yeah, who he was. "who is this son of a bitch," basically, and went storming out the kitchen and then ordered the
1:30 am
records and then went to go listen to them. and i know he -- i'm sure he liked them a lot. >> ♪ people, don't you understand ♪ ♪ a child needs a helping hand ♪ >> lisa marie fully embraced her dad's legacy when in 2007 she recorded his 1969 hit "in the ghetto" as a duet with him. singing is what she always wanted to do since she was just a little girl, and one day at graceland, elvis caught wind of her ambition. >> i was in his closet with some kind of a -- whatever i could find as a microphone. it could've been a hairbrush. and the door was open so the crack was there, and i remember being abso-- i was just going in the mirror, you know, just having at it. and i remember seeing out of the -- you know, 'cause he was about 6'1", i could see in the crack some movement, and i remember being absolutely horrified. i realized he's been watching me this whole time, and i was just going. i must have been 3 or 4. >> yeah, do you remember what he said or anything? >> he was just laughing and he, you know, he got a huge kick out of it. >> did he? >> and i was mortified.
1:31 am
♪♪ >> aw, i'm sure that was a very proud moment for elvis. and it was no secret that he had peculiar food tastes. and while in memphis, scott checked out the arcade restaurant, elvis' go-to spot for his favorite fried peanut butter and banana sandwich. i have never had one of those. i'm curious, slightly skeptical. and you can't help falling in love with this joint and its owners, jeff, his wife kelcie, and baby harry. >> so, this is where elvis sat when he came into the arcade. >> absolutely. >> this is where it happened? >> yeah. he would come in in the '50s with his girlfriend. they loved going shopping in this area. >> and the king's special booth had a strategic location. >> he would sit by the back door at this booth, and in case any crazy girls were trying to talk to him, he could just have a quick escape. >> this restaurant has been in the family for how many years? >> 103 years. >> really? >> yes. >> 103 years? >> absolutely.
1:32 am
>> geez! that's a long time, isn't it, harry? jeff's great-grandfather immigrated from greece and opened the famed restaurant in 1919, and it's remained in the family ever since. so, wait, harry, how many generations does that make it now? >> he's gonna be the fifth generation to run it. >> and for decades, arcade restaurant has served tens of thousands of the king's favorite fare -- the fried peanut butter and banana sandwich. i got to ask you -- can we make one now? >> oh, of course we can. >> let's do it. what is the key to getting this thing right? >> first off, you got to have some texas toast. you want to put on a bunch of peanut butter. the trick is you want to cook it a little bit slow. you want time for the peanut butter to caramelize and for the bananas to get that soft feel to them >> off to the griddle, where jeff laid down the melted butter. ♪♪ >> lift it up and see that you've already got it going. >> wow! look at that toast. ♪♪ come in on this thing.
1:33 am
♪♪ that's pretty good. that's pretty good. >> thank you. we do what we can here, especially for the king. >> eating like a king. >> you know what? i'm sold on the sandwich. sign me up. alright, next up, val kilmer's miraculous return to "top gun." we'll be right back. ♪♪
1:34 am
1:35 am
>> you figured it out yet? >> what's that?
1:36 am
>> who's the best pilot? >> no, i think i can figure that one out on my own. >> ooh, the iceman got under maverick's skin in the original "top gun." and even though throat cancer robbed val kilmer of his voice, the iceman cometh again in the new "top gun: maverick," which has far surpassed the $1 billion mark at the worldwide box office. >> now 62 and cancer-free, val's emotional return to the franchise was made possible by ai technology. the "top gun" team re-created his voice from old recordings and blended it with others for clarity. >> the surprise leader in the summer movie sweepstakes. >> the thorn in maverick's side, val's frost-tipped, rule-following iceman, was the young actor's third movie role, and the one that catapulted him into fame. one scene in particular, though,
1:37 am
comes to mind. >> okay, ice! yeah! >> that beach volleyball scene, where you guys were wearing jeans and dog tags, was the best combo ever. what do you remember most about shooting that scene? >> no. tom cruise was. >> in his 2020 memoir, val revealed he botched his "top gun" audition on purpose, later admitting in the documentary "val," narrated by his son jack, he didn't want to do the film at first. >> i felt the script was silly and disliked warmongering in film. >> but he dug into the role anyway, and bringing his personal camera along, he filmed behind-the-scenes footage of the '80s blockbuster, as seen in the doc. ♪♪ arriving at the uss enterprise docked in san diego, a 26-year-old val weaves through the narrow hallways of the ship.
1:38 am
the footage captures him in a flight simulator and the cast doing water stunts. the audience also gets a glimpse of the downtime between val, tom, and co-star tim robbins, all unaware of the success to come. [ crowd cheering ] >> and for the rest of my life, i would be called iceman by every pilot at every airport i ever went to. >> i love you, val! ♪♪ >> and you can stream the documentary "val" on prime video. of course, "top gun: maverick" is in theaters, and you can see how it all began with "top gun" on dvd. okay, let's go ahead and turn now to kris jenner. kit had a little following-up to do with our favorite momager. last time she sat down with the kardashian ladies, they all said kylie and kendall were kris' favorite at the time. but since kris does like to say, "different day, different kid," kit had to go there. >> has it changed since last time? >> i think today might be khloé 'cause she's at my house right now cleaning my bathroom. >> i love it. >> she keeps calling me going,
1:39 am
"why do you have this junk?" >> khloé and all of kris' daughters are known for their iconic "k" names, and kris told me how the signature letter "k" came to be. >> where did that come from? was it ever gonna be something different? >> it almost went to a "j "thing with kendall. i thought of different names. but with me being kris kardashian and then my sister was karen with a "k," and when i had my first baby, i loved the name courtney, but i thought, "why not kourtney with a 'k'?" kourtney kardashian. and then it just went from there. >> and the kardashian legacy is continuing with kris' 11 grandkids, who affectionately call her lovey. >> how did you get the name lovey? >> i got the name lovey because when mason was born, he was calling me grandma for a long time when he first learned how to talk. and kourtney got -- or somebody got pregnant again and i thought "oh, there's going to be a lot of little kids calling me grandma. i get it now. they're all gonna start having babies." and i thought, "do i want to listen to 'grandma, grandma,' or do i want to have a fun name?" and my mom, when i was growing up, she had a friend named
1:40 am
lovey, and that name just always stuck with me. so, i'm lovey. >> kris, a.k.a. lovey, is now partnering with amazon glow to help connect even more with her grandkids. >> sometimes a phone call just doesn't cut it for me. so, i love amazon glow because i can do a video call, but i can also play games with the kids. so, instead of them just going, "hi, lovey, i'm good" and they run off to play a game, they can play it with me and we can do something like whack-a-mole or memory match or something that's really fun. >> kris' special content with granddaughter dream is now available on amazon glow. okay, hulu's "only murders in the building," starring steve martin, martin short, and selena gomez, was nominated for three emmys, but sadly, nothing for selena -- yet. well, the gang is back putting their crime-solving brains to good use once again for season two. and here's another reason to celebrate -- selena turns 30 on july 22nd.
1:41 am
>> selena, how are we feeling about turning 30? >> i'm very excited. i enjoy getting older, and it's gonna be really fun. it's a big one. >> i enjoy getting older, too. and what i really like is i think these hearing aids make my ass look smaller. [ laughter ] >> marty, any advice for the dirty thirties? >> she's entering her fourth decade, she's completed three decades. and before you know it, there will be hip replacements, and then -- >> thank you. >>'ll be staring off at the sea. >> you know, i think selena is in such a good place, i really do. >> and so talented. >> aw, thank you. alright. >> and she'll tell you. >> yeah, [ laughs ] >> she killed bunny. >> do you think that woman stabbed someone eight times? >> we'll put a pin in her for now. >> selena, i like that you wrote that these gents are so outstanding, they made you raise the bar on your dating life. what did you mean by that? >> well, i think not necessarily that -- i just mean in general,
1:42 am
i think it's just been so lovely working with both of them. i do. i expect, you know, the best. >> that determination goes all the way back to her disney days. at the age of 15, she starred as alex on "wizards of waverly place." despite the show's success, selena said she felt it was difficult for people to take her seriously as a grown-up actor, telling the hollywood reporter, "it was very frustrating. i felt like a joke." and you talk about coming off of "wizards" wanting to be taken seriously. i mean, working with these two gents, does it mean everything? >> definitely means a lot. i mean, this whole show from the cast and the crew and everyone, i feel very lucky. >> and variety calls it selena's "career best work." "only murders in the building" season two is out now on hulu. and next up, our exclusive tour of ny housewife dorinda medley's mansion where eight ex real housewives are shacking up.
1:43 am
but first, let's turn to one of our favorites around here -- henry winkler. he was just emmy nominated once again for outstanding supporting actor in a comedy series for "barry," and kit got to congratulate him on the awesome news. >> i know you've heard from everybody. who's been the most meaningful person you've heard from? >> i would have to say when my children call me. >> will there be a little tiktok dance with the grandkids to celebrate? >> [ laughs ] i will have to do that. >> oh, my god. >> henry, who is the most famous person that hit you up today to congratulate you? >> well, aside from the cast of "barry," i would have to say my good friend jimmy kimmel. i was just in swan valley, and he loves to fish for trout, and i do, too. >> speaking of the trout, henry, another emmy or the dream trout?
1:44 am
if you had to pick, henry. >> okay, can i just say, at this moment, i have no humility -- i'd like to win. >> [ laughs ]
1:45 am
♪ ♪ whether someone is across the neighborhood, across the street, or across the room, you have the power to make them feel right at home. ♪ ♪ ritz. a taste of welcome.
1:46 am
>> there's a lot of conflict going on with eight women. >> the only conflict is you. >> oh, well, to be fair, it's probably not just vicki causing conflict. eight of the most infamous ex-real housewives collide during a week-long stay at
1:47 am
new york housewife dorinda medley's massachusetts home, named blue stone manor, for season two of "real housewives ultimate girls trip," which is out now on peacock. and now, dorinda exclusively takes us on a tour of the massive home that was built back in 1902. >> welcome to blue stone manor. i've been waiting for you. come on in. ♪♪ well, the first room i'm gonna take you into at blue stone is one of my favorite rooms. it's the billiard room. some of the pieces conveyed with the house, like this beautiful pool table and this incredible light fixture. but a lot of it we actually created, and the cool thing about this room is every book in this room has been read or signed by someone. and it's filled with all kinds of great curiosities. muhammad ali's boxing gloves. blue stone manor is so deep in history. my great-grandfather worked on it. >> life at theanor comes full circle for dorinda, who grew up just down the road. >> now i think we need to go
1:48 am
into the famous peacock room. ♪♪ i was sitting here one night watching all these people talk. i thought, "my god, this is like a great speakeasy from the 1920s." you tell me your secrets, i'll tell you mine. and it really does have that feeling, doesn't it? the color, the depth, this painting. ♪♪ so many great fights, so many great interactions. gravy being poured on the chairs. lu and bethenny screaming at each other. this is just a room that brings out the good and the bad in people, i guess. i'm going to take you into my kitchen. ♪♪ there's nothing dainty about it. i did that on purpose. >> with double ovens and heavy hardware, the kitchen has survived a lot of drama. "housewives" fans will remember this is where the now-iconic "made it nice" moment went down. >> i decorated. i cooked. i made it nice. >> how many people have that
1:49 am
mug, "i made it nice"? >> if those walls could talk, they would be screaming. alright, we are less than two weeks away from the release of beyoncé's "renaissance." get excited, people. you already know my preorder is locked in. the new album will reportedly feature a mix of country and house music vibes, which is similar to the ones in her latest single "break my soul." the song samples the 1993 hit "show me love" by robin s. and kit spoke to robin, who is still on cloud nine. >> ♪ you've got to show me love ♪ ♪♪ >> how did you hear the news? >> i was asleep, actually. my phone kept going off. and i'm saying to myself, "what is going on?" >> it was robin's son calling to let her know she was the talk of the town. >> "you are trending on every tv station, every radio station." and i'm like, "what? for what?" i, of course, found out why. ♪♪
1:50 am
people have asked me a lot, "you didn't know? you didn't know?" it doesn't matter. >> yeah. >> that doesn't matter. i know this is my moment. i get that. but it's not my moment -- it's the dance community's moment. and as i tell people all the time, the greatest gift that i could've ever gotten is my roses while i'm alive. >> robin recorded "show me love" in 1990 as her debut single, and it became her biggest record. but she admits she didn't like the song at first. >> i was like, "mnh-mnh, no, this is not me. i can't do this. it's going too fast. i don't know how to do this." but it was my word. i gave my word that i would try. by the way, i had the flu when i recorded it, so what you hear is me pulling everything i had. that's why i sound so emotional. ♪ heartbreaks and promises ♪ ♪ i've had more than my share ♪ >> robin, can you take me out with a little "show me love"? >> ♪ you got to show me love ♪
1:51 am
>> she's still got it. i love that. alright. can you believe it has been 25 years since the release of the comedy classic "romy and michele's high school reunion" starring lisa kudrow and mira sorvino? so, can we expect a "reunion" reunion? mario and courtney lopez have so many questions for lisa. >> do you have a particular favorite scene? >> i laughed when i get hit by the too-long stretch limo and just roll across. >> whoa! >> any truth to the rumors that possibly they could revisit it in a sequel? >> yeah, why not? >> it'd be fun, right? >> yeah. we're all up for it. >> is it true that someone told you at one point that you were not "castable"? >> someone in this business did say, "it's just hard because, you know, you're not gorgeous, and i thought, "i know, but i'm funny. why do i have to be?" >> who was that person? what's their name? >> lisa has also recently made headlines along with her
1:52 am
"friends" co-stars courteney cox and jennifer aniston after a recipe for the famous salad they ate daily for lunch went viral on tiktok. >> jennifer has since come forward and said the recipe is fake news. >> it wasn't really a recipe. it was a salad offered at the commissary, and there were a couple of tweaks -- leave this out, put more of that. some shaved parmesan. and i'd get it with ranch. [ laughter ] >> who usually initiates the get-togethers? >> courteney and jennifer. they host things a lot and it's really great. ten years, lunch together every day. >> i love it. >> and then when we get together, it just is a bond that doesn't go away. >> and be sure to check out a new season of the lisa-produced series, "who do you think you are?" sundays at 7 p.m. on nbc. it is so good. stars are tracing their ancestry, i'm fascinated by this stuff. and the episodes are streaming on peacock the following day. alright, next up -- the real story behind kesha's song "tik tok." but first, it's been 50 years
1:53 am
since don mclean released his now-iconic hit "american pie." and in the new documentary "the day the music died," mclean shares the secrets behind the song. it streams tuesday on paramount+. >> everything took off like a rocket. >> it went to number one so fast. >> "american pie" blew up the world. >> one day i opened the paper up and there was this story. buddy holly was now dead. the happy '50s were over. we had assassinations, the war in vietnam. the country was in psychic shock. >> ♪ you both kicked off your shoes ♪ >> with the turmoil today, "american pie" is still very up-to-date. >> i've never talked about this in the song all these years. ♪♪
1:54 am
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1:56 am
>> closed captioning and other considerations for "access hollywood" provided by...
1:57 am
>> ♪ tick tick, on the clock ♪ ♪ but the party don't stop, no ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh-oh ♪ >> kesha became a huge star back in 2009 with her breakout single "tik tok." it was number one for nine consecutive weeks. and that was before tiktok was even a thing. well, kesha is now exploring her haunted side in her new discovery+ show "conjuring kesha." but first, she tells us the story behind that diddy shout-out in her hit single. that's all from universal studios hollywood. bye, y'all. >> i woke up one morning... >> ♪ wake up in the morning feelin' like p. diddy ♪ >> and i was really hungover. and i was like, "you know what? we're gonna act as if we feel great today. we're gonna wake up and feel like hot [bleep]" >> kesha recalls running into
1:58 am
diddy at the gym prior to writing the hit party song. >> i was, like, that girl. i was like, "do you want to hear some fresh new [bleep]?" and i handed him a cd. and i'm sure that cd went in the trash. >> but that wasn't the end of it. a couple of months later, diddy ended up being featured in "tik tok." >> ♪ what up, girl? ♪ >> i just asked. it's just funny, little life synchronicities. anybody that knows me knows i love staying in a super haunted house. >> and now kesha's showing a whole new side of herself in "conjuring kesha" -- her obsession with the paranormal world. her goal is to see things she can't explain and capture evidence never before seen on camera. >> are we in danger? >> whoa. >> this was the craziest thing i've ever experienced, making this show. it changed my life. meet three sisters. the drummer,
1:59 am
the dribbler, and the day-dreamer... the dribbler's getting hands-on practice with her chase first banking debit card... the drummer's making savings simple with a tap... ...round of applause. and this dreamer, well, she's still learning how to budget, so mom keeps her alerts on full volume. hey! what? it's true! and that's all thanks to chase first banking. freedom for kids. control for parents. one bank with tools for both, all with no monthly service fee. chase. make more of what's yours.
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loving she was amazing. i just can't tell you the feeling went through my mind i couldn't think of anybody that would ever want to do what they did to her >> amy jane was an angel traveling the world with her church to help children. >> we loved amy. they loved amy so much >> but back home something sinister lay waiting. >> it was a pretty horrific crime scene. >> a bright young life snuffed out. >> who would do that it doesn't make any sense at


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