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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  July 19, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> a lot of developments including one of the most notable advisers to the trump white house. steve bannon heads back to court. he refused a subpoena to testify and is now expected to pay the price. the january 6th committee focuses on the missing text messages from the secret service. >> were they nefariously deleted or were they just off? >> the two west wing staffers expected to testify during thursday's prime time hearing. plus an explosion at hoover dam. what happened and we'll show you the aftermath. 51 million people dealing with temperatures in the triple digits across the country. the situation so severe president biden is ready to issue an emergency declaration. the news at 5:30 starts right now. thank you for joining us.
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i'm janelle wang. >> i'm raj mathai. went on the defensive. steve bannon insists he's the target of a political attack. this is day two of his trial for refusing to testify before the january 6th house committee. nbc susan mcguinness reports from washington, dc. >> reporter: bannon with a message for january 6th committee chairman benny thompson. >> he's made it a crime, made it a crime, not a civil charge of wanting my testimony, but a crime, and he didn't have the courage or guts to show up here. >> reporter: thompson likely not appearing at the committee thursday hearing after testing positive for covid. the panel will not receive an expected trove of text messages from the secret service from january 5 and 6. "the washington post" reports the agency determined it has no new texts to provide congress and texts exchanged around the time of the insurrection were punched blaming a technical upgrade or migration. >> they refuse four requests
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from congressional committees on january 16th to preserve records and they had this planned migration for the 25th. >> reporter: the national archives asking the agency to investigate the potentially unauthorized deletions of january 6th texts. thursday's hearing expected to focus on three plus hours of the capitol attack during which the committee says donald trump did little. two west wing staffers will help narrate the 187 minutes including sara matthews, former white house deputy press secretary and trump deputy national security adviser matthew pottinger who spoke to the committee about trump's tweet saying vice president pence didn't have courage. >> i read that tweet and made a decision at that moment to resign. >> reporter: the committee hoping to lay out what they call trump's dereliction of duty january 6. >> there's a lot coming your
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way. you can watch thursday night's hearing right here on nbc bay area. our live coverage begins at 5:00. we'll also have a special edition of nbc bay area news immediately following this hearing. the house of representatives today took a preemptive swipe at the supreme court as members overwhelmingly approved a bill to protect same- sex and interracial marriages. it was a direct response to the supreme court conservative majority that overturned roe v. wide and signaled other rights may be in jeopardy. the respect for marriage rights easily passed and the senate republicans will likely try and block it and the house will vote on a bill protecting americans access to birth control. a scary scene at the hoover down after a transformer caught fire and exploded. this is about 45 minutes from las vegas. look at the smoke from the video. you can see this posted on
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social media. it shows the transformer bursting into flames near the base of the dam. thankfully, no one was hurt. crews on-site that worked there were able to extinguish the fire. no powerlines were effected. the cause is under investigation. it took 15 seconds for an armed civilian to take down the gunman who opened fire in a shopping mall over the weekend. investigators say 22-year-old eli dicken was carrying weapon under the state's constitutional carry law and he the shooting happened sunday at mall near indianapolis. police say the gunman started shooting at the food court inside the mall. three people were killed. two others wounded. that's when dicken, the good samaritan, fired his gun and shot the gunman killing him. a dangerous heat wave continues to tighten its grip across the u.s. tonight. more than half of the country at or near record highs today
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with more severe conditions expected through the rest of the week. nbc jay gray has more tonight from one of the hottest spots, dallas, texas. >> reporter: the summer burn continues across much of the country right now. 141 million dealing with temperatures in the 90s. 51 million suffering through triple digits. the situation so severe president biden is reportedly considering a climate emergency declaration. some of the worst of it in texas. crews today rushing to save homes from a wildfire fueled by the dry conditions. state's power grid being pushed to its limits as so many families try to stay cool while those without air worry about just how long they can last. >> without a doubt it is a life and death situation. >> reporter: water is also a real concern. dried out shifting ground leading to water main breaks across north texas and the forecast here doesn't hold much hope for things getting any
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better anytime soon over the next 10 days only one will see a high under 102 degrees with concern in the lone star state and across country that the hottest days of summer are still to come. jay gray nbc news, dallas. hot in the u.s. and across the pond over in england. a historic heat wave there sparked fires across the city of london. the city's fire agency declared a major incident as it scrambled to put out the flames. a huge chunk of england is under the country's first red warning for extreme heat. that means even healthy people risk death from too much exposure. britain hit a record 104 degrees today. they typically have much cooler weather. they are not alone. much of europe is struggling with these dangerously high temperatures this week. joining us is chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. a lot of people there don't have air conditioning and they
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are really suffering and sweltering. what's causing the heat? >> the number is only about 5% of people there have air conditioning. yeah, a lot of people are really dealing with this and just trying to keep every way to stay cool. let me show you my weather graphics here. we'll talk about what's causing this heat. just like here in the united states over towards the uk and europe, they get areas of hot, high pressure. they are seeing one move right on top of them that's producing dangerous heat. they had that all-time record today of 104 degrees. there is some cooling out here and that's really what's going to change things up and get them some relief. let's show you that in our forecast. we'll take a closer look at what we can expect. you'll be able to see as we move through the next seven days all of that heat gets erased, gets pushed out. we're down to 81 degrees tomorrow. eventually by thursday, 76 friday, 74 and that will be close to your average of 72 out towards london. if you are traveling there, better news with temperatures trailing off. not only hot weather here, but from a separate area of hot,
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high pressure, we're seeing those temperatures surge through parts of the central u.s. 100 to 110 degrees over texas and other areas producing records up to the northeast anywhere from 90s to 100 with humidity factored in. that will be very dangerous. out here towards california, we are looking at 102 to 108. these warmer temperatures is nothing new. as we continue our climate coverage here, what i want to show you is the temperatures versus the average in this data. we do usually tend historically to get some extreme cold events and extreme heat. the way things have been shifting especially over the past 20 years , you will be able to see how there is more extreme heat events. heat waves starting in late spring even lasting into early fall. hotter temperatures in areas that haven't ever been seen before. check this out. last year in seattle as hot as 108 all-time record temperature. british columbia, 121 last year. of course the uk temperature
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all-time record setting heat at 104 degrees. we have more on all of our climate coverage. head to >> thank you so much, jeff. we've dedicated a page to our climate in crisis series on our web site. go to and click on the climate in crisis tab. a disturbing trend when it comes to covid. hospitalizations are on the rise and the cdc says it will get worse. the number of people hospitalized because of covid has quadrupled. in april just under 1,000 people were hospitalized here in california. this month there are 4,400. doctors say most of the people hospitalized are not vaccinated or boosting and the new omicron ba.5 variant is evading immunity created by vaccines and prior infections. >> the front guards, the antibodies don't recognize ba.5 so well. these inside immune cells, the
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b cells and t cells that worked so hard are reminding the immune system about the virus is going to kick the enemy out of the body if it enters. >> last week the cdc predicted hospitalization rates will continue to rise through the summer. the most famous doctor in the country is leaving. dr. anthony fauci revealed just a little bit about his future plans. we learned yesterday that dr. fauci is stepping down from his role which includes being an adviser to the white house. today he appeared at the future of health care summit in washington, dc. he was there to talk about covid, but everyone wanted to know what he is going to do next. >> i have other things that i want to do in a professional way that i want to have the capability while i still have the energy and the passion to do them. so, i picked i don't want to go beyond january 2025. >> he's got energy. he's got passion. the 81-year-old fauci has been the director of the national institute of allergy and
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infectious diseases since 1984. he's going to step down before the next presidential inauguration. the set for the show "law & order" turned into a real life murder investigation after someone shot and killed a parking enforcement worker on the set in brooklyn, new york. nypd says the man was hired as an outside agent to clear parking spaces for trucks associated with the tv show. 45 minutes before they were scheduled to begin film on the block, police say a gunman abruptly opened the parking attendant's car door and shot him in the face and neck. the gunman got away and it is unclear if he knew the parking attendant. talk about a disappearing act. a giant sinkhole gave way in the bronx last night taking this full-size white van with it. the van began to lean before the pavement just buckled. the whole van disappearing below the surface. those who live on the street say this isn't the first time.
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they say a previous sinkhole took nearly a year to repair. >> almost looks fake there. >> that boomerang effect was weird. skipping the line at baggage check. a vacation rental host might get away with putting a
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a lot of people have vacation plans this summer and keep this in mind. when you stay in a vacation rental, there is a possibility the host is watching you. >> yeah, even inside your house or condo. you can take steps to know if your rental has spying eyes. consumer investigator shows us how. >> reporter: if you think cameras are totally forbidden from vacation rentals, i'm afraid you're wrong. your host might be able to have a camera outside the house and
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inside some parts of the house. let's look at the ground rules. vrbo permits cameras outside. it says surveillance devices such as security cameras and smart door belles are allowed, but not inside. airbnb has another policy. we prohibit any security cameras and other recording devices that are in or that observe the interior of private spaces such as bedrooms and bathrooms. airbnb says we require hosts to disclose all security cameras and other recording devices in their listings and that's the first place you should look for a camera in the listing. look under house rules. say there's no camera listed there. message the host anyway with the question like this where do you use security cameras. if you get a cagey answer, let the booking company know about it. if the host says there is a security camera that is not disclosed in the booking, airbnb says you get your money
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back. what about smart speakers like google home or apple a-l-e-x-a. are they allowed? they both said yes provided they are disclosed in the listing. if you are not happy about that, ask about unplugging them during your stay. once you arrive at the property, take a couple steps to cam for cameras and look for nanny cams and baby monitors that might be watching you. many surveillance cameras connect to the internet using home wifi. you can download an app like fing to see all the devices connected to the home wifi and it might help you identify what's what and what is streaming to the internet. fing is free to load, but you could possibly see in-app purchases. find the rueter and unplug it. first ask the host because sometimes security systems and home phones require internet access. you can also buy a hand-held
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camera detector from $25 to $100 and claim to sniff out a camera by walking around the room. before you buy one, read reviews and make sure the model does what you expect. say you find a camera that's not supposed to be there, what should you date of birth? airbnb and vrbo said contact them immediately to investigate and make things right and you can contact a lawyer and law enforcement especially if you think a cameras was intentionally concealed to invade your privacy. >> thanks for the tips, chris. there's a new push in congress to help protect smaller businesses from the effects of major retailers like amazon. the american innovation and choice act would ban businesses like google and amazon to protect them like similar rival items on their platform. not everyone is sure the
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legislation will help small businesses. some say creating new regulations could lead to higher costs for businesses across the board. >> we surveyed small businesses nationwide and found that rural sellers use several different sales methods to sale their projects. what is interesting from this new research that we just came out with is that on-line sales methods are disproportionately more important to rural sellers than retail sellers. they prefer an on-line first approach when selling their products. >> one study showed california small businesses make 41% of their revenue from on-line sales. congress could vote on the proposed bill any day now. alaska airlines hopes new technology will lead to shorter lines at the airport. electronic bag tags, alaska airlines sent us this video. they scan the bag tag and once it is activated, you can simply
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drop your tagged bag at the check-in counter. the goal is not only to cut down on time when you are waiting to check in, but also to cut down on paper use by making the process all electronic. alaska airlines says it is testing the idea now including at sjc, but hopes to make it widely available next year. i love that. that could be something. >> convenient. >> yeah, i always have to take up all the paper tags every time you get to the destination. >> that will help. >> there's never a pen. >> yes. >> anyone, anyone have a pen? let's talk about the weather. we have avoided triple digit heat for awhile now. i love it. >> yeah, it's been hot, but still kind of in that manageable cat fore. i do think we'll stay with that trend as we head through the next seven days and get into cooling eventually. let's bring you to the microclimate forecast and we'll take a look at the radar. we were tracking some thunderstorms off to the south and the east yesterday. i wanted to show you on the doppler radar that today we are
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all clear. nothing is showing up. it did feel a little touch of humidity earlier this morning, but all that activity you can see now is moving off towards the east. that was developing right over the sierra, so, again, we're looking all good tonight and as always anything gets close to us, we will bring that to you. monday is out of the way. all right. tuesday is almost out of the way. let's move into that wednesday forecast. midweek, it's really just kind of a good day all around. we're going to be basically sandwiched inbetween two different systems. we've got low pressure out in the pacific, high pressure to the south of us, high pressure. that's what's bringing in the isolated heat inland. this area of low pressure is continuing to keep the fog at the coastline and that's what's really setting us up with microclimate extremes. temperatures from 50s to upper 90s in the forecast. let's get you to the fog tomorrow morning if you are up around 5:00, 6:00 or 7:00, i wanted you to see we have low clouds over the north bay, east
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bay. patchy cloud cover for the east bay even at 7:00. we'll clear out from this fast even about 10:30 and 11:00 in the morning, most of us under sun and through the afternoon. sunny skies for 99% of the bay area except if you are headed to the beaches. you can expect a little bit of fog. temperatures to start. we can do this in july. we are at 59 in the south bay. trivalley 58. a real nice, cool start over the north bay with 55 and patchy clouds and san francisco coming in at 54. daytime highs through tomorrow don't adjust a whole lot because we are stuck inbetween both of those systems. that will put us at 83 in san jose. notice the trend away from the bay. it is a hotter 92 in gilroy. head out at the inland valleys. 97 in antioch. peninsula from 75 to 80 degrees. you head up to san francisco and we're at 65 in downtown and a chilly 57 in marina. let's move off to the north
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bay. 85 in santa rosa. look at the contrast. 99 ukiah. 58 in bodega bay. anywhere near the coast, bring your jacket. you'll see this trend no 100s at least long stretches of heat over the next 10 days in livermore. san francisco you can see 60s over the next seven days. morning fog, afternoon sunshine and through the inland valleys, 86 friday. go up a little bit this weekend. janelle, i think you are liking this. >> it is nice. it is pleasant. it still cools off at night. it's perfect. >> good. >> you have a thumbs up right here. >> i'll take it. >> thanks, jeff. here we go, the best restaurants in the world. we'll tell you how many are in the bay area. see if
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here is the big question. where are the best restaurants in the world? then denmark and peru. for the second straight year, a copenhagen restaurant topped the world's annual 50 best
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list. geranium offers a meat free menu at denmark's soccer stadium. in lima, peru, it topped the list. the judges say the best restaurant in north america is mexico city called pujol and there is one bay area restaurant on this list. here you go. healdsburg singlethread is the name of it in healdsburg ranked 50th best in the world. >> look at that spread. >> it just looks pricey. i don't know what the menu is. it looks pricey. nonetheless, it is well acclaimed. it looks like it. >> okay. well, if you win the lottery, you can go there. have you bought your tickets yet? the next mega millions drawing in about two hours at 8:00 tonight. no one hit it big in last friday's drawing, so the jackpot is now more than $555
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seen this ad? it's not paid for by california tribes. it's paid for by the out of state gambling corporations that wrote prop 27. it doesn't tell you 90% of the profits go to the out of state corporations. a tiny share goes to the homeless, and even less to tribes. and a big loophole says, costs to promote betting reduce money for the tribes, so they get less. hidden agendas. fine print. loopholes. prop 27. they didn't write it for the tribes or the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
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hey the baseball all-star game in l.a. and it turns out a bay area player needed a ride there. >> this is kind of a funny
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story. antioch native paul blackburn is the a's lone representative on the all-star team. he said he didn't have a fancy, chartered flight to get to l.a. in dodger stadium for the game tonight. thankfully though, he had help from the team that they just beat on sunday a couple days ago, the houston astros. the a's beat the astros in houston. he says the astros offered him a ride on their team bus to the airport and then on the charter flight from houston to l.a. he said it was a little weird on the flight. no one knew who he was. he didn't know who they were. there he was with his big beard going to the all-star game. >> that's nice. >> fierce competitor. >> that's very generous. >> that's nice. >> it's like ride sharing. >> good camaraderie. >> jessia joins us now with what's next at 6:00. >> yeah, right now at 6:00, the fight over housing hits contra costa county. the developer looking to build hundreds of homes in walnut creek and the push back it is getting from upset neighbors. a flooded san francisco
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apartment hits another roadblock forcing residents to move out. the steps the city is taking to help residents find a new home. also overworked, stressed out and tired of talking about covid. the warning from doctors and nurses in the bay area. there is a limit to how far we can be pushed. we have reached our breaking point. >> patients health, outcomes deteriorate when doctors are stressed out and rushed. >> how contra costa county is respond to go their demands. the news at 6:00 starts right now. thanks for joining us. i'm jessia aguirre. >> i'm raj mathai. today south bay doctors joined with county nurses to warn the pandemic and long-running staffing issues have created a crisis. nbc bay area damian trujillo is at county med where the health care workers are accusing the county


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