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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  July 21, 2022 12:37am-1:37am PDT

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♪ ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers. tonight -- katie holmes comedian joe pera, an all-new "closer look. featuring the 8g band with andrew marshall. [ cheers and applause and now, seth meyers >> seth: good evening, i'm seth meyers. this is "late night. how is everybody doing tonight [ cheers and applause it's great to hear in that case, let's get to the news the white house is reportedly considering major changes for its communications team. for example, they're going to get one.
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[ laughter ] the national archives yesterday asked the secret service to provide information about the deletion of agents' text messages pertaining to the capitol attack who's laughing now, said the one agent with an android who wasn't allowed in the group chat. [ laughter ] britain's prince william and duchess kate middleton announced today that they will travel to boston later this year this news was first reported by paul revere. [ light laughter ] former new york mayor bill de blasio announced yesterday he's ending his congressional campaign, and i'm guessing this is not how bill de blasio wanted everyone to learn he had a congressional campaign [ laughter ] today was national pennsylvania day. where the hell is that, asked dr. oz [ laughter ] according to a new list, vermont is the best state to live in well, no wonder. he always looks so happy [ laughter ]
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netflix reported yesterday that it lost nearly one million subscribers in the last three months well, netflix, i think you finally have your answer [ laughter ] two governing bodies of quidditch have announced that they will change the name of the sport to quadball in an effort to distance themselves from j.k. rowling said bullies, "fine, let's go beat up the quadball players then!" [ light laughter ] when asked about his song "american pie" in a new documentary, singer don mclean said the jester mentioned in the lyrics is not james dean he also said, "please, please don't sing that song in karaoke. [ light laughter ] and finally, after a man recently fell and injured himself at lake tahoe, his border collie ran 200 yards through the remote area of the forest to lead rescue crews to his owner. while his french bulldog ran six feet and immediately died. [ laughter ] and that -- you end on an up you end the monologue on an up that was the monologue, everybody! [ cheers and applause we got a great show for you
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tonight. you know her from "dawson's creek" and "batman begins. she produced, wrote, directed, and stars in "alone together," which is out this week katie holmes will be here, you guys [ cheers and applause and he is one of our favorites who you know from his very funny show "joe pera talks with you. he's touring and i highly recommend you go see him joe pera is back and joining us. [ cheers and applause but before we get to all that, donald trump is reportedly planning to run for president again as a way to protect himself from a possible criminal indictment related to the attempted coup on january 6th. meanwhile, the committee investigating the coup is planning to reveal new details tomorrow about what trump was doing that day as the mob he incited ransacked the capitol and tried to overturn the election for more on this, it's time for "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: at this point, the january 6th committee hearings have provided us with ample evidence that trump and his gang of oddly shaped goons committed multiple crimes.
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i mean, that seemed obvious on the day the insurrection happened, but now, we have a lot more detail. it's kind of like how, if you see an employee at dairy queen covered in ice cream with his pants around his ankles, you might think, "is chad sticking his doink in the soft serve machine? [ light laughter ] but then when you find a detailed memo on his laptop titled "chad's six-point plan for dipping doinks in the soft serve machine," you know for sure even the justice department seems taken aback by all the new evidence the committee has accumulated. and as a result, the feds are now talking more openly about trump's behavior and whether it constitutes a crime. >> according to the "new york times," the shocking testimony of cassidy hutchinson was so profound that it jolted top justice department officials into discussing the topic of mr. trump more directly. at times in the presence of attorney general merrick garland. >> seth: okay, i mean, i get that cassidy hutchinson's testimony was shocking but - you're just now getting around to discussing trump? you're six years late. did you also just start watching
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"fleabag"? [ light laughter ] cheeky and trump is apparently quite afraid of the various criminal investigations into his activities on january 6th, which is reportedly one of the reasons why he's likely to run again and wants to announce soon he thinks being a candidate -- and specifically, president again -- will protect him from going to jail. >> and now as the justice department debates this, he is telling people around him he is going to run for re-election as the ultimate get out of jail free card. >> many people around the president who i spoke to were talking about his concerns about facing prosecution he is under investigation in all sorts of different jurisdictions -- in new york, in new york city, at the department of justice in georgia. >> seth: he's under investigation in new york, washington, georgia, peoria, mayberry, twin peaks, tattooine, westeros, xanadu he's even under investigation on the planet from "avatar" for disguising himself as a na'vi to steal some unobtainium [ laughter ]
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incidentally, that's also what he looked like after he took hydroxychloroquine "rudy, i'm blue! "me too, boss! i just found out i married my cousin!" and that was today's "unnecessary rudy reference. ♪ >> all the networks! [ light laughter ] >> seth: it's pretty amazing that when trump ran in 2016, his slogan was "lock her up. and in 2024, it's going to be "vote for me or i'm gonna go to jail!" [ light laughter ] i, for one, don't think trump needs another get out of jail free card. his whole life has been a get out of jail free card. pretty sure trump could park his golf cart in the middle of the bqe during rush hour and the cops would just set up orange cones around him meanwhile, i park my car in a fire lane for a minute just to run into a cvs to see if they have the cliff bar i like, and when i get back there are nine different tickets plastered on my window for stuff like illegal parking, blocking a fire lane, impeding an emergency vehicle, and one that just says having a big [ bleep ] mouth, ya smartass [ laughter ] so trump's plan, apparently, is to run for president again because he thinks that will protect him from being indicted
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by any of the various legal entities investigating him and trump knows he's the one on the hot seat because, to state the obvious, none of this would have happened without him. all the various crimes documented by the committee flow from him he's the kingpin even if one of his cronies broke the law at his direction, that implicates him too i mean, it's not like these random dudes just got together and hatched a plan for a coup without him. it wasn't a surprise birthday party. there wasn't a magician there. and if there was, trump would have tried to rope the magician into the coup, too "oh, look, there's a quarter behind your ear! "that's fantastic, now make mike pence disappear." [ light laughter ] trump got this gang of criminal goons together himself, and for the express purpose of formulating a plan to overturn the election and stage a coup -- a plan which, at this point, has been documented in painstaking detail by the committee. >> throughout all these hearings, they have been incredibly consistent and rigorous about how the ultimate culpability for that dark day and what led up to it rests with donald trump about how it was he that plucked out these seemingly random people from a former federal prosecutor turned conspiracy theory
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promoter, sydney powell, to, well, the right-wing pillow-selling dude, to a random underling in environmental law at the department of justice, jeffrey clark, to another random right-wing law professor who became the author of the infamous coup memo, john eastman and he put this crew together to try to end american democracy. they didn't all know each other beforehand it was trump that got them together it all flows from one man, donald trump >> seth: this is the kind of crew you'd put together for "ocean's eleven" if the goal was to get caught. [ light laughter ] "we couldn't find an explosive expert, but this guy says he knows pillows. "hey, good news, every so often, one of my pillows does spontaneously combust! although i will say, contrary to that clip, i do feel like there is a chance these four had already met each other in advance. i mean, weirdos find other weirdos. once normal people don't want to spend time with you, your friend options are pretty limited
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i mean, remember sydney powell from her january 6th deposition last week, repeating insane conspiracy theories and chugging diet dr pepper >> in the short period of time that you had with the president, did he seem receptive to the presentation that you were making >> he was very interested in hearing particularly about the -- and the terms of 13848 that apparently nobody else had bothered to inform him of [ light laughter ] >> seth: regular people aren't going to hang out with that lady can you imagine sydney powell just, like, going to a barbecue at her neighbor's house, talking about something boring like re-seeding your lawn "the reason your lawn is dead is because hugo chavez and the cia teamed up to turn off your sprinklers using dominion software and chinese satellites. now, if you'll excuse me, i'm going to unhinge my jaw and chug this entire can of diet dr pepper in one large gulp."
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[ laughter ] that's when the couple hosting the party goes inside, gets into a fight about whose fault it is that she got invited in the first place. "i told you not to invite your work friends!" "i thought i could set her up with rudy! "excuse me, ms. powell, that's a lovely soft drink you have there. any chance i'm related to you? don't answer, it's spicier if i'm never sure." [ light laughter ] sorry, guys, we did another one. ♪ >> america >> seth: and by the way, that gang of weirdos trump brought together is still trying to root out nonexistent voter fraud, even amid all the investigations that are currently happening like mypillow ceo mike lindell who said last week he's flying in a plane full of "cyber guys" to arizona, whatever the hell that means >> i'm going to look at the evidence on july 21st, i've got a planeload of lawyers, cyber guys, experts, flying into arizona. we're flying a planeload of lawyers down there, brandon, experts, cyber guys to testify
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>> seth: "cyber guys" sounds like what your dad calls "transformers. [ laughter ] "you know, if you ever get tired of watching your cyber guys, the grass out back ain't getting any shorter. that's right, mike lindell - ol' mike lindell claims he's flying a plane of cyber guys down to arizona to prove voter fraud or something although there's a good chance mike lindell thinks any commercial airplane is a plane full of cyber guys, because all the passengers are sitting in front of screens "it's a plane full of tech wizards and cyber guys who have got their own computers built into the seats in front of them, and these computers are so advanced, you can pull up any movie you want, including 'gone girl' or the 'austin powers' one or that one where leonardo dicaprio almost gets eaten by the bear! [ laughter ] the straightforward, fundamental question at the heart of these hearings and at the heart of our politics at the moment is whether we're a nation of laws if trump can simply escape accountability for a criminal plan to overthrow the government by running for president and declaring himself untouchable, then we no longer have a functioning justice system as the january 6th committee has
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documented in painstaking detail, trump and his cronies have committed many crimes, from inciting a riot to doing this on camera [ light laughter ] >> seth: this has been "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause we'll be right back with more "late night," everybody! ♪ >> announcer: for more of seth's "closer looks," be sure to subscribe to "late night" on youtube. [ cheers and applause ♪ you're the first person to actually do that. now i want to say congratulations, but it's also disappointing. what do you mean? that's it? i've got nothing left. hey if i were you, i'd try warm milk. enough out of you! hi!
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: welcome back to "late night," everybody. this thursday, the house committee investigating the january 6th attack on the capitol will be giving a minute-by-minute breakdown of exactly what donald trump did during the riot. well, we here at "late night" have obtained an exclusive early look at the timeline of trump's actions, and it is -- well, it's quite shocking let's take a look. 1:10 p.m., trump finishes his speech of at the "stop the steal" rally where he encourages his supporters to fight like hell and march to the capitol. 1:15 p.m., trump leaves in a motorcade back to the white house. 1:20 p.m., trump arrives at the oval office, removes a full roast chicken from his suit jacket, and devours it no one is sure where the chicken came from.
12:54 am
1:25 p.m., trump begins watching coverage of the riot when suddenly, a cold wind blows into the room, a figure enters. trump turns and sees someone who looks familiar, himself. a second trump stares back at him. a younger trump. a trump that looks happier, innocent, and clothed entirely in white garments. his long blonde hair blowing in the wind "it's time to stop, donald," the angelic being says, gently caressing trump's cheek. [ laughter ] "it's time to do the decent thing and end all of this for the sake of everyone." 1:26 p.m., trump takes a marble bust to winston churchill and smashes the angelic trump in the head, killing him instantly. 1:27 p.m., trump realizes there was no young trump and that he actually killed an aide sent to do a briefing. [ audience oohs 1:29 p.m., chief of staff mark meadows walks in and says, "oh, jesus, donald, oh god, not again! 1:30 to 1:35 p.m., mark meadows makes a desperate call to a secretive fixer known only as "mr. benjamin" to clean up the
12:55 am
president's mess at the same time, trump removes another roast chicken from his suit and devours it whole. 1:40 to 1:55 p.m., trump grows bored of watching the riot coverage and changes the channel. then after a few minutes of flipping around, he observes the riot coverage on a different channel and says, "what's this this looks pretty good" and continues watching [ light laughter ] 2:00 p.m., another cold wind blows into the room. trump turns and sees an old man. but once again, he's looking at himself. it's a 100-year-old trump weathered by time and poisoned by regret and anguish. he emerges from a beam of blinding light saying, "donald, you can't go on like this, it's time to -- 2:01 p.m., trump bashes the apparition with the churchill statue 2:05 p.m., mark meadows returns to the room screaming, "oh, my god. donald, that was mr. benjamin. you killed the damn fixer, donald he was here to help us." 2:10 to 2:25 p.m., meadows drags the two bodies out of the room
12:56 am
and locks trump in he then removes all the marble busts from the oval office 3:05 p.m., a young white house intern watching realizes the very idea of democracy is hanging by a thread. while they have supported trump for four years, this is the breaking point it's time to summon their courage, march to the oval office, and demand that this ends 3:10 p.m., a wraith-like creature appears in the oval office shrieking loudly as it floats through bright light and cold gray mist toward trump. the creature's skeletal features defy clear definition, but somewhere deep down, trump knows the truth. he's looking at himself again. 3:11 p.m., with no marble busts at hand, trump is finally forced to face the wraith he now looks upon a soul ravaged by a lifetime of immorality, greed, manipulation, and narcissism as the wraith shrieks and it becomes apparent to trump that he can stop what is happening at the capitol and he must he reaches into his pocket for his cell phone and realizes he has a third roast chicken. [ laughter ] he grabs it and begins clubbing the wraith with it, but the
12:57 am
slippery creature escapes. 4:00 p.m., a dirt-covered meadows walks down the hallway only to be passed by a sobbing white house intern covered in grease "what happened to you?" asks meadows. "the president hit me with a [ bleep ] chicken," yells the intern [ laughter ] 4:05 p.m., meadows returns to the oval office to find trump sleeping quietly on the couch while "the king of queens" plays in the background. he is gently holding a chicken to his chest and muttering, "it was all a bad dream, it was all a bad dream. and that was trump's january 6th timeline [ cheers and applause we'll be right back with katie holmes, everybody! ♪ [ cheers and applause (dad) we have to tell everyone that we just switched to verizon's new welcome unlimited plan, for just $30. (daughter) i've already told everyone! (nurse) wait... did you say verizon for just $30? (mom) it's their best unlimited price ever. (cool guy) $30...that's awesome. (dad) yeah, and it's from the most
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(sniffing) i know my old spice long-lasting scents anywhere. that's me, mr. cole. oh... (sniffing) mmm! let's talk about a raise. ( ♪♪ ) ♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: give it up, everybody, for the 8g band right over there. back with us tonight, he's the
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drummer for both billie eilish and finneas. he can be heard on finneas' new single "mona lisa, mona lisa." and you can catch him on an upcoming tour with billie and finneas in asia, new zealand, and australia. for more information, find him over on instagram. andrew marshall is here, everybody! [ cheers and applause great to have you, andrew. our first guest tonight is a talented actress you know from her work on "dawson's creek" and films like "batman begins" and "all we had. she produced, wrote, directed and stars in "alone together," which is in select theaters this friday and on demand july 29th let's take a look. >> this is, um, 34 cherry lane, right? >> 34, yeah. yeah, it is. >> my boyfriend booked this place on airbnb for a week >> i hate to break it to you, but i -- i reserved this airbnb. >> what? >> yeah, my friend jimmy hooked me up. i booked the airbnb. i booked it yesterday.
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>> oh, well -- we booked it on sunday >> well, i don't know what to tell you i signed for this yesterday. i got an email confirmation if you want to check it out >> seth: please welcome to the show katie holmes, everybody [ cheers and applause ♪ >> seth: welcome to the show >> thank you >> seth: you look lovely, and i really want to stress for everybody watching at home right now that if we were wearing our outfits that we have on, outside in the new york city weather right now, we would be so miserable. >> yes >> seth: yes this is very much the air conditioned studio don't be watching at home thinking, new york must be nice and cozy right now no, it's real bad. >> it's real bad right now, yeah >> seth: this is very exciting this is the second time you've directed a film? >> yes >> seth: and i'm wondering, did you feel more confident going into it a second time?
1:04 am
>> yes, and also, because it came -- we shot a year after lockdown and the movie takes place during lockdown as actors, i think we all went through that moment of, are we ever going to work again are we ever going to be on set again? and so it was more about, oh my god, there's tape, there's a mark, we have lines, wow we can do it again so it was -- it was actually just -- it never gets easier because there's always something to figure out. but it was definitely, like, thank you, god, for every moment, you know >> seth: it's nice i mean, i think everybody felt very grateful to be able to get back to work, to some sense of normalcy but in order to, you know, to start filming a film a year into lockdown, that meant that you were writing it sort of right at the beginning of it. >> yes >> seth: i think some people felt very creatively stifled at that time. did you very early on in that time that we were all spending alone think, "oh, i'm going to actually sit down and try to
1:05 am
write something? >> i mean, pretty much, yeah i mean, i went through the, you know, watching a bunch of movies -- and actually, during that time, i was watching movies that i grew up on. like "manhattan," "annie hall," "when harry met sally. like, movies that i knew the ending, it was comforting, there was joy. and so i thought, well, i've been -- i was reading a lot about, you know, couples coming together, falling apart. it was like, i think the threat of the world ending, let's see a couple come together >> seth: yeah, that's good so funny you say that. i also feel like in early pandemic, i only wanted to engage with things where i knew the ending and it was -- because we were all living through this time where none of us knew what the ending was >> exactly >> seth: i am going to watch "moonstruck," you know what i mean >> exactly, and i watched that too. >> seth: that's a winner, right? >> many times. >> seth: yeah. what kind of director do you find yourself to be? and do you feel like you borrowed from the directors
1:06 am
you've liked over your career? >> definitely. i'm definitely -- i love actors, and some of the best experiences i had came from working with curtis hanson, christopher nolan, and ang lee and then also doing "all my sons" on broadway. just that eight-week rehearsal experience i just felt so blessed because these directors all just took the time to help, you know - create a character so i try to give my actors and myself the space to create the characters and really play and improvise. >> seth: you obviously are an actor as well. are you hard to direct >> ha ha ha. always i mean, every day, i struggle with that. >> seth: is it tricky, like when you're in a scene with another actor and you're also the director, obviously -- i mean, you're not the first person that's had to deal with this, but i feel like the other actors in the scene have to feel like you're paying attention to them the same way - >> and i am.
1:07 am
>> seth: right >> but what i didn't know until today, because i was doing interviews with jim sturgis who plays charlie. >> seth: who was in the clip there, yeah. >> yes he's like, i forgot, katie never yells "cut." and i forgot that. i like to sort of, what else is he going to do you know >> see >> he was like, every day i didn't know what was going to happen i was like, yeah, but that's the fun of it. the script is sort of just there. so i guess i'm unpredictable >> seth: that's good >> yeah. >> seth: that's a good thing for a director to be you wrote yourself as a food critic in this do you think you would make a good food critic because i don't think i would be a good food critic >> i would enjoy it. i mean, i love -- and i mean -- going in with a wig and that would be kind of fun >> seth: oh, this is -- yeah, right. they can't know you're there, so you get to disguise yourself >> but i feel like -- i mean, what a great job >> seth: yeah. but i wouldn't -- i imagine the best meal you've ever had, right? would it be worse if you had to wear a fake wig? [ laughter ] like that would be my thing.
1:08 am
>> i know. >> seth: i'd always be worried my fake moustache would fall into the soup. >> exactly, and do you have to pretend it's not -- yeah you have to, that it's not the best meal i'm not good at that >> seth: that's the thing. i feel like most of the time i'm just super happy at a restaurant like when the food gets there. i feel like if i was a food critic, i'd always be like, another a-plus i ordered it, i ordered it, it came, i ate it >> yeah. your opinion would probably -- probably lose the value there. >> seth: how -- like when you write, who are the people that you sort of show your work to over the cost of the process >> my poor friends and i bug them until they read it >> seth: okay. >> sometimes i make them read it over the phone with me but yeah, for this, i actually reached out to my friend dito montiel, who did "guide to recognizing your saints. i love that movie. and we worked together on "the son of no one. and he helped me out a lot and then derek luke and jim sturgis. we wrote a lot of it together. i mean, they signed on, and then
1:09 am
it was like, you know, i do have some thoughts here and some thoughts there and i was like, "great let's do that. >> seth: that's very nice. you're very collaborative. that's the right kind of person to work with >> yeah. i mean -- i always think that it's just -- yeah, it's going to make it better i don't know -- i mean, my ideas are fine, but i'm sure -- i know there's a lot better ideas out there. >> seth: do you like shooting in new york city? because obviously you've done that a lot >> i do. >> seth: do you feel like new yorkers are excited when they see something shooting? or they're already over it >> most people are already over it >> seth: yeah. i always feel like in new york, i think everybody thinks they're a celebrity. you know what i mean >> oh, yeah. absolutely >> seth: everybody thinks where they're going is more important than where you're going. >> it's so true. but i'm the exception, because i'm always -- i get excited when i see a movie truck. >> seth: i do too. >> i'm always like -- i try to find the one person that might tell me, because they're not supposed to. >> seth: sure. >> and so usually they'll be like, "it's a student film." i'm like, i've used that excuse, come on, what is it, what is it? >> seth: do you think they're like, "katie holmes is sniffing around this movie set?
1:10 am
>> i don't know. i don't know i have a reputation. >> seth: because i walk by and i'll see trailers and they'll have like a star on the door but not a name and i want to walk up and be like, "hey, there's a high likelihood i know who's in there. so why don't you go tell them i'm here >> yes yeah, it's kind of -- it's kind of humiliating >> seth: it's really humiliating, yeah. >> now that you mention it >> seth: yeah. also there's times i'm walking by, and i feel like -- even though i'm -- i feel like they somehow think i'm there creeping on the film set and i'm like, "what do they think, that i'm like out looking for guests?" like, that i'm like, "oh, we don't have anybody for thursday, i'll go hang around the trailers!" >> yeah, exactly you have the list of, like, new york locations but for -- we did a movie this fall called "rare objects" that
1:11 am
i also directed, and we shot like a block from where i live, which is fantastic and we also shot up in queens. and so we -- it was a real love letter to new york and such a great experience, to you know, just shoot all over the city and -- and so, yeah, it was -- it was quite fun i mean, to go back to your original, like -- yeah, i love shooting in new york >> seth: it's nice and it is really nice to be able to present new york city -- again, those movies we were talking about early on you know, those are -- those - a lot of those films are the reasons why i wanted to come to new york city in the first place. >> me, too >> seth: it looks really good on a big screen anything you can do to make people -- remind people what a great place it is to come to visit, especially in this weather. >> especially, come now. >> seth: this is why you've got to come now. >> no, come now. >> seth: well thank you so much. congrats on the film >> thank you >> seth: it's such a delight to see you. you guys, that's katie holmes. "alone together" is in select theaters july 22nd and on demand july 29th. we'll be right back with joe pera, everybody! [ cheers and applause ♪
1:12 am
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: our next guest is a very funny comedian you know from his show "joe pera talks with you." tickets for his "summer in the midwest and rustbelt tour" as well as his "fall everywhere else tour" are available on please welcome back to the show, our friend, joe pera, everybody! [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ >> seth: welcome back to the show, joe. >> it's crazy to be here tonight, on the same night as katie holmes because my name's joe. and she played joey on "dawson's creek.
1:18 am
>> seth: yeah. >> also, joe biden is our president. [ laughter ] >> seth: what? yeah, that's a real -- a real curiosity. [ laughter ] i'm so excited you're going on this stand-up tour and i'm curious. when you get ready for a big tour like this, are you doing a lot of stand-up to prepare >> yeah, doing shows all over to -- to warm up i actually did an anime convention last weekend. it was -- i was pretty nervous, but it went well because i opened with the joke, i'm so excited to be performing at this anime convention that i could scream [ screaming [ laughter ] like a - >> seth: is it -- yeah >> like an anime guy >> seth: did they -- i mean, i'm assuming there -- i mean, they must have just lost their minds. >> they went -- they went nuts they -- i said, "sorry, i can't go super saiyan for you, but that's the best i can do."
1:19 am
>> seth: well, i'm sure they were pretty happy. hey, i'm glad you're going on tour again because i'm such a fan of yours i am sorry that "joe pera talks to you," wonderful show. it did -- it is not coming back. >> no. after three seasons, they pulled the plug which -- definitely a bummer but my friend carmen christopher, who you know >> seth: yeah. >> he sent me a steve harvey clip off one of those alpha instagram pages. and steve harvey said, "if a door closes, don't bang on it, because if you turn around, the hallway of life will present other doors. and if you're banging on that one door, you can't go down and see other doors. >> yeah. >> seth: that's -- that will be a hard line to forget. [ laughter ] >> it did -- it did cheer me up. >> seth: yeah, yeah. >> yeah. >> seth: do you have -- do you have other -- anything else lined up with the open time you have now >> oh, this -- yeah. i'm really excited to tell you that carmen and steve's advice
1:20 am
was really important because just the following week, i got a phone call they asked me to be the next james bond [ laughter ] >> seth: you're going to be the new james bond >> they're -- they needed a different angle after the daniel craig, and now they decided, why not a celibate american james bond? >> seth: uh-huh? [ laughter ] now, are you -- i have a lot of questions about this [ laughter ] but how do you feel -- you know, because this is, of course, as iconic a british character in fiction there is do you -- how are british audiences responding to this news >> well, this is the new - this is -- you'll be finding out from this show, i think. >> seth: oh, yeah. [ laughter ] >> but i think they're going to love it. it's also -- the new angle they're taking that james bond
1:21 am
lives in philadelphia. [ light laughter ] he eats prewrapped boar's head sandwiches for breakfast and lunch. he's learning to play the guitar off of youtube [ laughter ] and he's very afraid of dogs >> seth: okay. [ laughter ] this seems like a really big departure, not just in casting, but you know, james bond's whole thing. >> i give them a lot of credit for trying to refresh this [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah, you know, you're right. i'm sitting here congratulating you when we should be giving them a lot of credit they're the ones putting their necks on this the line >> they're taking a risk but i think -- i don't know. i don't see how it doesn't work out for everybody. [ laughter ] >> seth: have you done it -- have you shot anything yet >> it's funny you ask. because we actually -- you know, they wanted me to show the first clip >> seth: oh, great >> yep, from - >> seth: so, is this like a teaser clip? >> this basi -- yeah, this was very early on in filming >> seth: okay. >> and, yeah, this is -- hopefully doesn't give too much
1:22 am
away but this is from the -- james bond is on his first mission. >> seth: okay. and what -- that's all we need to know? >> pretty much >> seth: okay. [ laughter ] let's take a look. this is, i guess, the first look at joe pera as the new james bond here's a clip of him on his first mission. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause >> oh. >> seth: so i -- again, i end up with more questions than answers, i feel like [ laughter ] but -- so it seemed like that started with a man spitting out -- >> yeah, yeah. he -- we were shooting and he just pulled right into the -- the camera and spit something. and, you know, sometimes the part of filmmaking is embracing imperfections, so we decided to
1:23 am
keep it in >> seth: wow >> yeah, so part of the new angle of the new "james bond" too. >> seth: so it seems like -- i like -- you know, i've always pictured a "james bond" set as, like, really being locked down, and you know, not -- not being a situation where a guy could just, sort of, drive through the shot [ laughter ] >> we've actually put an ad on craigslist that says, "drive through if you feel like it. >> seth: oh. [ laughter ] that's good. you have any more? yeah, i mean, i think like -- obviously, the appetite is whetted here but -- >> yeah, this is another one from, kind of, the middle of the movie. it might be hard to figure out what's going on. but i think -- i think you'll -- i think it will make sense once you play it. >> seth: okay. let's take a look at another scene from the new "james bond." [ wind blowing ]
1:24 am
[ laughter ] >> seth: so what is -- so what's -- what was -- i don't know what's going on [ laughter ] >> this is a scene from when james gets pissed off that people are littering faster than he can pick it up. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. and he seems like a broken man in the end because he ends up -- he ends up littering with the bag of litter [ laughter ] >> exactly yeah >> seth: so this is, sort of, the hero is lost type moment that happens usually around the end of act two. >> right, exactly. >> seth: yeah. >> you know, and i don't - >> seth: what's the name because they always have names like "quantum of solace. or -- does this have a title yet? >> the working title is "james bond" with an exclamation point afterward. [ laughter ] yeah >> seth: to let people know it gets a little more exciting than the "james bond" you're used to. [ laughter ] >> exactly >> seth: yeah. >> and, yeah, i don't want to spoil the ending but this is -- this is the final -- >> seth: final scene i feel like that will spoil the
1:25 am
ending [ laughter ] >> well, i don't know. i don't know do you guys want to see the ending scene [ cheers and applause >> seth: all right, here's the -- you want to tell us afterwards what we're supposed to see or -- >> no, just that i actually heard that they're putting the full plots and trailers now, just so that people want to know what they're seeing. >> seth: right >> that they're going, so this -- mgm can't be too pissed off. >> seth: okay, great let's take a look at the last scene from the new "james bond" movie. [ moving train ] [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. [ cheers and applause >> so, the writers -- i wasn't going to do it at first. but then the writers said that there was character development shown by -- in the end, he decides that he wants to get chicken, rice and beans from a lunch takeout down the street,
1:26 am
as opposed to eating a prepackaged sandwich again >> seth: oh, i see >> and then -- yep >> seth: it's neat to see him in a baseball hat i feel like you almost never see "james bond," any of the previous "james bond." did you have a favorite actor -- before you, obviously, did you have a favorite actor who played james bond >> they were all so good >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] how about -- there's so many, you know -- at this point, i don't know if you can call them catchphrases, but there's certainly a way james bond talks. you know, all the clips were sort of absent of dialogue do you -- do you, in the body of this, do you actually speak and have some of those james bondy-type lines >> yep we're working on some of the -- you know, the classic lines right now. everybody knows some of them but yeah we've been working on the -- the one scene where i do the big line and -- do you want to read it with me? >> seth: the scene with you? >> yeah. >> seth: yeah, okay, sure. so, who am i oh, i'm a -- so can i assume -- oh, yeah, i'm a bartender.
1:27 am
>> yep >> seth: oh, this makes sense, because i think we all know the iconic line we're working towards. >> yes >> seth: because he has a certain kind of -- you know i don't need to tell you guys. there's a, you know, certain drink. >> yeah. >> seth: all right, can i read it >> yep >> seth: okay, here we go. "here is your ipa. [ laughter ] what is your name? >> "my name is james bond. [ laughter ] what is your name? >> seth: "pete buttigieg [ laughter ] i'm the secretary of transportation." >> "what are you doing in philadelphia?" >> seth: "oh, just hanging out." >> "i've actually been hoping to see you to tell you my idea. you should do a high-speed rail nationwide." >> seth: "that is a good idea. but how fast should it go?
1:28 am
>> "1,000. [ laughter ] >> seth: joe [ laughter ] i'm -- [ cheers and applause not until this moment have i felt this, but i'm starting to get a little worried about the new "james bond. [ laughter ] >> the only way that it could fail is that we don't get pete to play himself. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah, that scene would be weird if you don't get the actual pete buttigieg. like an actor playing pete buttigieg >> it wouldn't -- it wouldn't quite sell it. >> seth: yeah, that's pretty much the only problem. [ laughter ] so you shot the three scenes you brought, and you're rehearsing for this scene >> yeah. >> seth: but you don't know if you have pete buttigieg. >> nope. >> seth: what's the budget for this movie about 1,000? >> part of the reason we're
1:29 am
going to try and get pete is that he might divert some of the funds from the transportation department in the "james bond" movie. >> seth: see i'm always worried you haven't thought this through, and you always have. [ laughter ] joe, it's always a pleasure to have you congratulations again on this "james bond" move. [ cheers and applause thank you so much for sharing it with us. joe pera, everybody! for tickets to his upcoming tours, visit tickets are still available for meyer theatre in green bay, wisconsin on august 26th. we'll be right back with more "late night. ♪ [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
1:30 am
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: i want to thank my guests, katie holmes and joe pera, everybody. i want to thank andrew marshal and the 8g band. stay safe. get vaccinated get boosted. we love you. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪


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