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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  July 27, 2022 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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i earn 5% on our cabin. hello cashback! hello, kevin hart! earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours. ♪[ music ] ♪ right now, president biden out of isolation and testing negative or co-covid-19. his message as he exits isolation. thank you for joining us on this midday newscast. >> the president addressing the nation this morning going confirmation that he has tested negative twice and has left quarantine five days after he confirmed he was infected with covid-19.
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president biden using his relatively smooth recovery to make the case for more americans to be vaccinated. the president touting the antiviral drug plaxlovid, something he used as part of his treatment. [ applause ] >> many of us are still going to get covid, even if we take the precautions. that does not mean we are doing anything wrong. unfortunately covid is still with us, as it has been for 2 and half years. our fight is making a huge difference. >> this is a photo he tweeted of his negative test. his personal physician says the president completed his antiviral treatment and has remained fever free. we are moments away from hearing from the reserve. we expect it will announce another interest rate hike, the fourth this year. >> very important, and entirely
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expected. >> the fed does not want to be mysterious. it wants to prepare investors and the public for any move it makes. we are expecting at any time to find out it is raising interest rates quarters of a percent. there is a chance we could see a full 1%. we do know the fed has found itself raising rates more and more after resisting early on as inflation got worse and worse. inflation at its highest rates in 40 years. the way to fight is to remove money from the economy. if the fed could take out of your personal wallet, it probably would. it does the next best thing, it makes things more expensive to borrow and increases the amount of money it requires banks to hold all -- onto. the fed does not that mortgage rates, credit card rates or car loan rates, they do tend to move higher with the federal funds . your credit score has more effect than the fed does.
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>> to those rates, having gone up much higher? >> they have over the last couple of months. i think the days of 3% or 4% mortgages that we saw over these past two years were probably an aberration. if you look at historical data it is definitely having an effect on the housing market. the latest numbers show sales nationwide down about 20% from last month. also new overnight, we are trying to learn what led to a deli shooting in oakland. this is video from the scene. police say it happened shortly after 1:00 in the morning near a homeless encampment. we can confirm one man died, but so far opd has not told us of any arrests. they are asking people to avoid the area as they investigate. the belay hope police
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officers association is holding a news conference about the belay whole police chief. the organization is outlining what it says is the chief leadership failures. this follows a recent unanimous union vote of no confidence in his leadership. ahead of today's conference the city manager said in part that since 2020 the department has focused on reform and also went on to say the leadership is fully aware there have been difficulties between the departments leadership and department members. however, the city is steadfast in its commitment to reform. no comment yet from the chief himself. we are at that news conference asking questions and we will have a full story coming up in our evening newscast. the call for help in oakland vietnamese committee is getting louder.
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this comes after several atms were stolen from local businesses. the search is on for a suspect who shot and killed an over and driver. joining us this morning is the oakland police chief. i want to thank you for joining us. i know that you're very busy. i want to start off talking about crime. it is no shocker crime happens pretty much everywhere. i think the thing that we are hearing more is that these crimes and crimes of opportunity are now becoming deadly. talk to me about what you all are doing within the department to better protect the people of oakland. >> first of all i want to say my condolences to the family. i have personally met with family members and have shared with them my sadness for this tragic incident like i've done in many of the 66 homicides we had in the city of oakland over this year. some of the things we are doing to deal with some of these brazen crimes is increasing our patrols and particularly in
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this area. we are bringing out our command post, our visual police vehicle so that it can be seen by the community. we are doing patrols to address some of the shooting, the human trafficking, the robberies, even traffic enforcement. we see an enhanced enforcement action. i've also assigned a liaison to the area who is the enemy speaking. we know it is important that we understand that is a community that needs an officer that can speak their language and communicate with them. i think it is important that we build trust with this community in this moment. >> the most recent crime people of heard about, the [ driver shot in his car. you have any updates? an yesterday the chinatown chamber of commerce announced it will be donating additional funds to help support our $20,000 reward that will be
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given for information leading to the arrest of the individuals responsible. last week our homicide investigators released surveillance video that we believe voices are heard in this video that might be audible for someone. maybe someone can identify the individuals they see. that is critically important. we have followed up on every lead that we received and we ask community members to continue to share information with us. we believe at some point we are going to find those responsible. >> before you go one last thing, for anyone in the community truly relying on police officers to protect and keep them and their family safe and alive right now what you say to those people in fear? >> we've been working around the clock to address gun violence in the city. our cease-fire strategy is being fully implemented. committees are at the table, resources are being divided. the partnerships and the faith
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committee is working. homicides are down in the city 12%. our shootings are down over 20%. we know that our efforts are working, that he still has not been enough. it is our effort to do everything we can to demonstrate we are responsive to the violence and we want to prevent the zach from happening. >> i spoke with chief armstrong about so much more. you can watch the full story at the nbc bay area streaming app. once you get there you can find it under the must-see playlists. the 49ers season is officially now getting underway . we love to hear it. today marks the first day of practice. fans got to turn out to give their full red and gold support. >> omit the excitement the news that this is now trey lance's team. we are live outside of levi stadium as training camp is
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officially in full swing. >> reporter: all lies continue to be on trey lance right on the other side of these gates where training camp is underway. it's probably not just going to happen today, what for the rest of the season. today marks the first day of practice. after yesterday's big announcement the team and fans of all ages seem to be pretty pumped. the practice field was field with fans and media. the coach making the announcement yesterday this is his team. he did share that jimmy garoppolo was at levi's this morning to throw rounds, but is not practicing today. >> he was in this morning doing historic program. i don't think he still here. he came and did that and got out. i will stay in communication. we will take it one day at a time. we are set go ahead, you don't have to be here.
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>> the coach also shared there wasn't a big moment when they actually broke the big news to trey lance that he was going to be the new starting quarterback. it was known since last season that this new season is his to leave. we spotted deebo samuel out on the field. he is not practicing today. the coach also mentioned they had a good conversation for practice today. that is the latest from levi stadium. go niners! >> she stuck it right in. thanks, ginger. >> if you want to see what fans can expect we turn to meteorologist -- our meteorologist. even though we started a little cloudy we are going to see great weather, perfect for football. if you're going to be heading
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to levi stadium temperatures already in the upper 60s and low 70s. by 12 we are talking upper 70s. we are expecting a high from 78- 79 degrees. fantastic weather. take advantage and enjoy your day. a closer look at your full forecast coming up in a few minutes. twitters scaling back office space in several different cities including cities in the bay area. what the company says will not be included in the new plan. more than 100,000 international travelers are being left stranded right now. we will tell you about the massive employee strike rounding passengers across the world and here in the bay area at sfo. we are live in castro valley. we are continuing to support our schools and we will introduce you to some folks that are continuing to pack up these backpacks. how you can pitch in straight ahead. you are watching nbc bay area you are watching nbc bay area news when i make decisions
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welcome back, just as our newsroom, the fed has raised its federal funds raid i three quarters of a percent. the fourth rate hike this year all in the attempt to fight inflation. next there will be a press conference with the head of the fed where we expect he will hands and even more hikes to come. we will have much more on our evening newscast. now to a follow-up, brittney griner testified in a russian courtroom today. she described how a sniffer dog identified her back at the airport which contained two cannabis capsules, cartridges in a vapor. she says they were given to her in the us for medicinal use. she says she texted her agent and switched on her geo-locator on her phone just so that her
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family could know where she was. she says she was not given access to a lawyer and she was arrested. her next hearing is scheduled for next week. if convicted on drug charges, she could face up to 10 years in prison. firefighters are making progress on the states because wildfires so far this year. so far the oak fire has burned close to 19,000 acres, containment group overnight. it is now at 32%, nearly 50 homes so far has been destroyed. some 3000 people still under evacuation orders. an oakland judge will hear arguments about the planned addiction of a north bay homeless encampment. santa rosa and sonoma county wanted to clear the camp yesterday. on monday that judge issued a
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temporary injunction to put a pause on it. the city and county close that stretch earlier this month during the safety of others using the trail. here is a look at sfo where some international travelers will have to rethink plans after several flights were canceled. the airline says it has canceled almost all flights in germany today because of a massive employee strike. this is impacting 130,000 passengers. flights from sfo to frankfurt and munich are now canceled. the staff says they are just not being paid enough. twitter is making major cuts in several global markets including right here in san francisco. according to bloomberg a company sent out an email saying corporate space in key markets will be reduced. in the bay area a few floors.
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there are reports the company is not moving forward with plans to open an office in oakland. twitter says the jobs are will not be affected and they are leaning more to remote working. if you are on the campus of san jose state university you may smell something rotten. it's just the so-called corpse flower which is now blooming. some compare the flour to the fragrance of rind meat. the bloom will remain open for around 24-36 hours. this is the first time a corpse flower has bloomed at the greenhouse. >> you can see it is kind of starting to open up. there was the one in santa cruz, the one in huntington beach library. >> i wonder how far out you can smell it? >> i don't want to find out. >> i would like to smell it at least once. >> i'll let you walk the dog, i bet it's more the same. let's get a look at the forecast. >> we started out very cloudy
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and foggy around the coastline. even though it is still pretty foggy in san francisco we are expecting to get some sunshine. a great shot of san francisco. we have a little more clearing in through the inland area. as far as air quality, we've been keeping a close eye on the air quality. there is still an advisory in effect. it looks like a lot of the smoke will stay high above. for the oak fire conditions are expected to remain hot and dry. temperatures will once again climb into the upper 80s and 90s. we are watching for low humidity. meanwhile back home daytime highs today, 80s down to the southbay, and a nice combination of 60s and 70s around the east bay. some of the warmer spots in concord and antioch at about 88 degrees.
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if you're hanging out around the peninsula is going to be nice and breezy, also expect to see breezy wind through san francisco and up through parts of the north bay. we're talking upper 70s and 80s. over the next seven days here is a closer look at what to expect in san francisco. expect for clouds of fog to wake you up again. we are clearing out a little bit by the afternoon with a pretty calm weather pattern. the impact of monsoonal moisture will likely still be felt with a chance for thunderstorm activity. for now that system is off to the east. here is a closer look at your inland seven day forecast. upper 70s for today, similar conditions heading into tuesday and wednesday of next week. we will see a little bit of a warm-up. into the overnight hours overnight lows in the 50s and aside from the morning fog you can expect lots of sunshine.
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make sure to tag us if you are heading to levis for the practice and let us know how you are spending your wednesday. back to you guys. we are nearing the finish line for this month supporting our schools initiative. we are trying to help give thousands of free backpacks and school supplies to kids in need. >> as we continue our supporting our schools initiative. chris, state is coming together today to help students right here in the area. >> reporter: there is a lot of activities, family giving tree once to put 26,000 backpacks into the hands of kids who need them. they have a lot of them, but they still need help. folks like debra are dropping off. i see you have a truck field with backpacks. >> the residents of the livermore community wanted to
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help support students and families in need. we stuffed these backpacks and are happy to donate them. >> the a cheerleader for those who haven't donated. tell us about how good of a feeling you get and leave them on to do this. >> for a couple of years we've been helping to support the family wish tree and shopping for the kids, just knowing they are going to be really happy to receive these backpacks and they can start the school year with everything they need make should feel really good. >> thank you so much, debra. you can come down here to three crosses church if you would like. otherwise, we have an option. we will be in two different places. first we will be in mountain view on delmont avenue. will also be in concord. if you go there we will have
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200 tickets to six flags. first come first serve. you donate and you might be able to get a ticket. visit us on friday in concord. also, if you want to donate online you can do that too. i want to say thank you to the many people who've already done that. as of account this morning more than $16,000 collected. we have a long way to go to help family giving tree reach their goal in time for the school year to start, which is very much around the corner. we appreciate your generosity and we welcome everyone else to support. back to you. >> what is your favorite backpack if you are a third- grade boy? >> reporter: i think if i have to pick one this will be the one to marveled at. what do you think? >> all of the superheroes are there. that's a good win. >> reporter: exactly. this is the indecisive fan
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choice. i just like the mall. laugh and thanks, chris. we are still working to learn what caused the fire the heavily damaged a san jose restaurant. it started a little after 4:00 am in san jose. the flames caused a partial part of the roof
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if you haven't already heard and you're wondering are not you are america's newest mega millions and there that news, you are not. >> the good news is come friday night you could be america's latest instant billionaire. the mega millions jackpot now more than $1 billion. the latest as jackpot fever takes over the bay area. >> reporter: the mega millions jackpot for friday now just over $1 billion. the fourth time we've ever seen a billion-dollar jackpot in this country. it is so big and so rare that the mega millions sign does not have enough digits. it's going to be stuck at $999 million, the highest it can go. someone did become very rich last night when they pick five of the numbers, you didn't get the mega ball. that ticket which is worth $2.9 million was sold in a small
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town of baker. more than 1 million tickets in california either matched one or some numbers and could be worth anywhere from two dollars- $12,000. even though you didn't win, you might've won something. make sure you check your tickets. the current jackpot is the fourth largest in us history. there was a $1.6 billion powerball in january 2016, a 1 1/2 billion megamillion in october 2018. at a 1.05 billion mega millions in january of last year. fridays jackpot just shy of that at 1.025 billion. it is expected to grow and could become the third largest in us history. the cash out if you were to take a lump-sum just over $600 million-the taxes. the odds of winning one-302.6 million. here in dublin, nbc they are you news. >> but you could win.
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>> i'm not going to listen to that kind of negativity. thank you so much for joining us. our next newscast is coming up at 5:00. >> we will see you back here tomorrow morning. - you okay? - there's a flex alert today so i'm mentally preparing for the power outage. oh, well we can help stop one because we are going to reduce our energy use from 4-9pm. what now? i stepped on a plug. oh that's my bad! unplugging. when it comes to preventing outages the power is ours.
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chase. make more of what's yours. right now on california live its national chicken a day and we are celebrating at one of the most in demand spots in california. we are at the tech interaction in san jose. we are going to show you how easy it is to live more sustainably. >> to find out how a new skincare line is making everyone's beauty care routine that much better. it is all happening right now on california live. ♪ [ music ] ♪


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