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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 29, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> right now at 5:00. san francisco leaders declaring a local emergency over monkeypox. in my report on the changes you can expect in a matter of days . masking backtrack. if you're writing b.a.r.t., have your mask with you. it is once again required. the reason for the sudden about- face. and president biden downplaying concerns over a possible recession . why some wonder if the latest move is purely political. this is today in the bay streaming live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and online . good morning to you on this friday. i'm marcus washington. >> it's friday and i'm laura garcia. let's get a road with mike in a bit. it's friday so hopefully not as crowded. and let's talk about that forecast. >> the weather will is affecting the roots, especially on the peninsula and san francisco. drizzle falling over downtown san francisco.
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56. low clouds and drizzle. jacket weather and maybe an umbrella because it's coming down enough to make or some wet roads around the golden gate bridge. toward lunch time, 70s inland and haze as warm as it 87 in fairfield and mid 80s in morgan hill. coming up we will talk about the humidity and the muggy weekend ahead, and a chance for isolated shower's. the most urgent call get in san francisco in response to the monkeypox outbreak. city leaders declaring it a public health emergency. overnight the number of confirmed cases in the city jumped by 20 from 261 to 281 cases. that is a higher number than any other city in the state. but help is on the way. ginger conejero saab is live in san francisco. explain to us what this means. >> reporter: this local state
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of emergency declaration will do several things. first, it will speed up and better streamline a response to monkeypox. it will also help with city resources, emergency planning, staffing, coordination across agencies, and will allow for future reimbursement by the state and federal government, as well as raise awareness. the declaration begins this monday, august 1st. binding administration is announcing 780,000 doses of the monkeypox vaccine will begin to be distributed today but it is not known who will get them and how many. so far san francisco has received 12,000 doses and needs 70,000. >> we are not doing a great job of nipping this in the bud. things are increasing exponentially and if we don't do something now there may be consequences. the consequences are spillover into the general population. effect that it may become
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endemic it will be part of our regular life, which we don't want to do. so time is of the essence. we are racing against time right now. >> reporter: san francisco department of public health announcing the san francisco general clinic will reopen once again on monday. the tweet said in part san francisco is receiving 4220 monkeypox vaccines that will be going to clinics throughout the city. to schedule an appointment go to san zucker care san francisco vaccination clinic at building 30 will reopen for walk-ins on monday, august 1st at 8:00 until noon and will reopen each day monday through friday from 8:00 until noon until we run out. it's a race against time to improve diagnosis to increase vaccine supply and provide that her access to treatment for those who need it and it's been emphasized in recent days while
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the virus has affected orput at higher risk a marginalized community, it is something that everyone can be affected by and needs everyone's attention. >> no one is immune to it. thank you. we do have more information about monkeypox on our website head to the nbc bay area app or go to you will find a link at the top of the home page. b.a.r.t. is moving forward with a mask mandate. it was reinstated effective immediately meaning ring your mask if you are taking a morning commute on b.a.r.t.. the agency dropped the mask rule about two weeks ago. the board of directors voted in favor of it again last night. this comes as covid cases are surging in the bay area. the mandate now runs through october 1st . a live look at los angeles where that county deciding not to reinstate its mask mandate. public health leaders there say there are signs of downward trends in covid cases.
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leaders are still strongly advising masks indoors. mayor sam liccardo in san jose again experiencing covid symptoms. he said he tested positive after feeling sick late yesterday afternoon. this is his second recent positive test after getting infected and may. in a tweet he said in part, symptoms are minor with intermittent grumpiness took my apologies to anyone i may have exposed in recent hours or days . for one day wall street seems to be all right with the latest data showing the economy shrank for a second straight quarter. stocks soared despite yesterday's news, but on the beltway it's a different matter. the numbers are quickly becoming political. brie jackson is live in washington. talk about how the white house is handling this recent mixed economic signal. >> reporter: the white house is trying to avoid the r word, recession.
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they are downplaying the concerns about economic slowdowns and talking up efforts among legislative efforts, to team inflation. >> yesterday i spoke with -- >> reporter: president biden is pushing back against fears of a recession emphasizing the strong job market and billions in business investment. >> that doesn't sound like a recession to me. >> reporter: but higher prices for grocery, fuel, and energy are taking a big toll on everyday life for millions of americans. >> i'm grateful for the company i work for. they have offered us cost-of- living increases but it's nothing compared to the rate of inflation. >> reporter: the federal reserve raised interest rates again with hopes of bringing inflation down. administration officials say they are focused on addressing economic concerns. >> this is a very unusual situation in that coming out of the pandemic we have a set of supply chain challenges that
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continued to effect the economy. >> reporter: democrats say the deal struck between senator joe manchin and chuck schumer will help make a difference and it includes efforts to reduce the deficit, invest in climate change, while also helping struggling families. >> this bill will reduce inflationary pressures on the economy. >> reporter: republicans argue it will only make matters worse. >> democrats aren't sticking it to the pet cats. they are sticking it to the same middle- class families they have already crushed with inflation >> reporter: amid the political back-and-forth, lawmakers put their differences aside playing in the congressional baseball game while republicans won on the field, democrats are pushing for a legislative win as they look to pass a reconciliation bill next week. and senate democrats are racing to get their spending bill through congress before the august recess needing only a
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simple majority in the senate, 50 votes, to pass. >> we will see where it goes from here. thank you. developing now. firefighters still working to fully contain the wildfire burning near yosemite and mariposa county. this is the oak fire and it's burned 19,000 acres and is 42% contained right now. this started last friday and so far 135 strikers have been destroyed in the blaze. no word of a cause. let's move you to kentucky where many people are waking up this morning to a devastating situation. look at this flooding. this is historic flooding across the state leaving many homes and roads under this water. at least eight people have been confirmed dead in that situation. the kentucky governor saying there were people waiting to be rescued. megabus what is on the ground in kentucky. >> reporter: coming up on
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today, the scope of the damage from these mass loads and torrential rain just coming into focus. this used to be a church. now it's a massive hole in the ground from under by cinderblocks you can see blocks in the background and behind that you can see the church tossed into the trees. this gives you an idea of the power of these floodwaters. the death toll from this event has been rising steadily. officials expected to store into double digits and local officials tell me they have not been able to get an accurate count of the missing because they have been so busy with rescue and recovery efforts since this hit yesterday morning. we will have the latest from kentucky in the wake of these floods coming up on today. >> really devastating to see that pick we want to bring in meteorologist tran -- rob mayeda. >> several inches of rain falling in a mountain area leads to some catastrophic letting and you can see on the
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map, let's rewind the last few hours. think of this like the north bay or the sierra foothills. when you get a heavy amount of rain from 2 or 3 inches, that will cause flash flooding but they saw about 5 to 8 inches over a widespread area coming down any short period of time and today we still see scattered showers and the risk for localized flooding to the south toward nashville and tennessee and memphis. closer to home we have a calm review you may notice it's muggy outside. we will see more monsoon moisture drifting in from the east. mid 80s toward little more and kong corporate 60s in san francisco and oakland. stay tuned this weekend. we could have a few showers especially sunday into monday. we will look at that closer and about 10 minutes with the hour by hour forecast. now let's look at gas prices around the area. a lot of folks are winding up the work week pick you made
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it to friday see you may need to fill up for the weekend. let's see we can get gas for less. san jose at the top. the arco on north fourth, $5.39 a gallon and at the sunol super stop, $5.19 and in vacaville , $5.23 at the arco on orange. as we look at the roadways come up no major issues. highway 84 has reopened so you don't have to re-route but you could take six eddie to mission if you want. supply chain issues are still impacting big tech. coming up, whether recent drop in profit is doing little to sustain enthusiasm for one of silicon valley's largest company. tracking some of the largest research trends. tracking down the hottest bay area topics.
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and the day has finally arrived. beyonci dropping the first of three projects.
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evander holyfield has your back. i wouldn't click on that. hey, thanks! we got a muffin for ed! all right! you don't need those calories. can we at least split it? nope. advanced security that helps protect your devices in and out of the home. i mean, can i have a bite? only from xfinity. nah. unbeatable internet. made to do anything so you can do anything. good friday morning. in dublin and tri-valley seeing patchy low clouds and and mist with temperatures in the mid- 80s by this afternoon. i messed up on the
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computer. golden gate bridge where we have a little bit of drizzle. a little slick out there. we had quite a bit of time since the last rainfall. even this can make that grace rise to the top. let's check in with the business world. hey, contessa . good morning. wall street set to open higher posted by positive earnings from apple and amazon last night. the markets rallied for a second straight day as investors are looking past recession worries even though the data has shown the u.s. economy contracted for the second quarter in a row. the dow is up to present this week pick the s&p 500 and nasdaq are up nearly 3%. all three sets of the best month of the year. today we get reports on employment costs and inflation, personal income and spending, and consumer sentiment. we also got earnings from chevron and exxonmobil that blew past expectation with
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stocks up in early trade. apple profits dropped in the latest quarter as it battles through supply issues but the company still posted sales that topped analyst forecasts with iphone driving the results and despite a surprise drop inn sales. apple ceo tim cook said he's yet to see obvious evidence of the impact of the slowing global economy on the iphone business. services which include apple music, apple tv plus and the app store are experiencing some issues because there's pressure on advertising. instagram is rolling back a test version of the app after many people and maybe most importantly kylie jenner and kim kardashian slammed the company from mimicking tiktok and distancing itself from its photo sharing roots. instagram's chief said they will temporarily pull the new version which pushes mark that he is recommended by the algorithm to user feeds but a lot of it comes from people or accounts they don't follow. he said photos are still important but instagram is pushing into video because people are increasingly sharing
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and liking videos on the app. so they are going where the eyeballs are. >> i love the videos come of course, but it's nothing like a nice photo. sometimes i see the screen of the video and i'm like, i want to see that picture and it's just a video and that piece i want to see is so quick. i like to zoom in. >> it's all a little too is addictive. you can spend a lot of time on that. >> my phone tells me that all the time. >> always good to see you, contessa . new this morning. with july almost history, google is giving us an early look at this month most hottest bay area topics. san jose's joey chestnut has been a top search since even before he ate up the competition in nathan eating contest on july 4th. people wanted to know the record he gobbled up yet again and what all those hot dogs are made of, as well. he must have a steel stomach. searches included san francisco's recent marathon and
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the presidio tunnel tops opening pitch >> the tunnels that connect the presidio down to the water. they were turned into a park, which is amazing. i got to see it and that opened in july. lots of search interest about the grand opening of that and how to see it. >> many people also search for background on the fires burning in yosemite and when the park may fully reopen. trending this morning, all things bae as in beyonce. >> you better believe it's because beyonce dropping a new album. ♪ ♪ >> the vibe of a donna summer. this is one of the new songs from her album, renaissance. a sample of, i feel love by
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donna summer. beyonce said she dedicated this album to her kids and her family come and of course the baehive has been buzzing all morning pick many say they can't wait for the next two projects of her three-active project. the thing about it, the album was leaked yesterday. it's interesting. i have some friends who are diehard fans and they would like, i'm going to wait. one friend even said until mother releases it, i'm gonna wait. i was like, step back. beyonce, those fans olive oil. >> i would need to check it out. where is the summer heat? >> it's not here. >> and we appreciate that. >> we will wait for that to drop too . in san francisco it's 56. and it's a misty start to your friday morning and enough to wet the roadways. dublin, patchy and low clouds
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and 60 degrees on a way to the mid-80s. in san jose we have low clouds but not much drizzle but it's also a warm start to the morning at 63. the low clouds are producing the drizzle. notice at 4:00 it still hanging out near hayward and oakland and around the central be and that will keep temperatures around the central be running cool. low to mid 60s even into the afternoon today. out toward concord and livermore, that's where we see the 80s. san jose in the upper 70s. mid-80s around morgan hill. novato, 85 and here's also some good news. notice the outlook in terms of the smoke. if you look closely, things are improving into saturday. it's the ongoing seabreeze and less activity around the oak fire. less carbon pollution going into the atmosphere and the way the wind is configured keeping
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temperatures cool. both things working in our favor and no smoke advisory today. you may notice an increase in humidity. we will see more monsoon moisture drifting east to west across california. du, stay tuned. increasing high clouds and maybe some sprinkles on sunday. by monday morning there is a chance we could see some showers briefly. an interesting seven-day forecast. no signs of heat. san francisco in the mid 60s and valley temperatures comfortable. numbers in the mid-80s. a little extra on the humidity this weekend. over here we are looking at a glow but no problems. drizzle on some of the bridges and roadways so keep that in mind as a possibility but it hasn't present a problem as far as the chp report a concern. the san mateo bridge is mostly green. let's look at the south
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bay where we haven't had any slowing yet. northbound 101 will start to slow and about 15 or 20 minutes from six eddie to oakland road even on a friday. the origins of that backup oma traffic will build down here at san martin and morgan hill but we are still in the green zone and that speed so that is not quite as much traffic right now. supporting our schools. nexton today in
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welcome back. 5:24. we are supporting our schools and a major way. we are setting up shop in two places. >> our teams at nbc bay area and tell them under 48 are collecting backpacks and school supplies. chris chmura invites you to join us. >> reporter: we have many ways you can contribute a backpack, a physical backpack to make a contribution. family giving tree wants to put 26,003 backpacks into the hands of kids who need them around the bay area and time for the school year. shauna would with family giving tree is here. how close are you getting? >> we are getting there but we could always use more. there's hundreds of thousands of kids who need help. yes. donate a backpack or donate online. or you can join us at the
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events we are having. >> reporter: let's talk about these events we will have. mountain view and concord. in mountain view it's at the almonte avenue john buck and pizza my heart. and concord we are at todo santos plaza. if you meet is there and make a donation it's possible you'll get free tickets to six flags. we will have 200. first come, first served. i will be there and look forward to meeting you in person and if you don't want to meet us in person, that's fine. we understand if you can't make it. you can donate online. there is a qr code on your screen. snap that and make a donation. we want to say thank you to the many people who have donated using that code between nbc bay area and tell them under 48. more than $6000 already collected. thank you for your generosity and those who have not donated, we welcome you to take part. >> helping out a lot of kids . next. our top stories we are following including a long-lost
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photo album full of bay area history. what one local is doing to make sure the photo album gets back to its rightful. >> reporter: those people may feel like they want a lottery when they get their photo album back but if you win the mega millions drawing tonight, you will actually feel like a billionaire. we will talk about your chances of winning any price at all, your chances of winning the jackpot, and what
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wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. through project up, comcast is committing $1 billion dollars so millions more students can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
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at 5:30. tonight's mega millions drawing has mega crowds. the jackpot is more than $1 billion. coming up, advice if you are lucky enough to win and the chances of doing so . helping local residents make it in the bay. one bay area cities newly approved affordable housing plan and the timeline for development . and the weekend is upon us and we are tracking what you can expect weatherwise. meteorologist rob mayeda has everything you need to know and the breakdown of the forecast . this is today in the bay streaming live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and online. here we go. friday morning thank you for starting your day with us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington . let's talk about that forecast >> the weekend is almost here. rob mayeda is in for kari
5:31 am
tracking what we can expect. >> it's an interesting forecast as we move forward into the weekend. right now it's a drizzle storm around san francisco. to six degrees. misty skies and 50s and 60s through the morning. lunchtime plans outdoors has comfortable temperatures in the upper 70s inland with highs today in the middle 80s. san francisco in the 60s. upper 60s in oakland. coming up in eight minutes we will talk about the weekend shower chances but right now let's talk about the bay bridge . some missed for your transbay drive toward san francisco. b.a.r.t. reinstated the mask mandate so you must wear one if you're taking the bart system. that is a change from yesterday. the roadways are nice. lighter volume but that is a normal friday. there could be a disabled vehicle in oakland in the coliseum. no slowing for the south bay or the peninsula.
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breaking news we are following this morning. moving you forward on covid booster shots for the white house this morning confirms an updated booster shot will arrive in september. pfizer and moderna are saying they expect to have them ready. it's not clear if the new booster shot will supersede the second booster shot already approved for people over 50 or if all three posters will provide full protection. the new york times reports the new version is expected to provide better against the current ba.5 sub a variant. there is no exact release date. happening tonight, your dreams may come true if you find yourself dreaming about a mansion or a yacht. a diamond or two. >> i love all of those. all things you can afford after you win the mega millions drop we're talking about a cool $1.1 billion. kris sanchez is live outside of a gas station in
5:33 am
milpitas. and they have a winning track there. >> reporter: yeah. this station is a chevron station on dixon landing in milpitas. they won a $435 million ticket eight to work buying some coffee. the owner tells me that on big drawing days he has to bring an extra step because the customers start to lineup. we talked to some folks outside and found only one person who is not buying into that megamillion dream. >> i just don't believe the hype. that's all. >> then you're already rich then. you saved two dollars. >> i'm gonna play. >> reporter: what is your strategy? >> i choose my favorite numbers. >> reporter: you're not gonna tell us what they are? >> no. >> reporter: you have money to play the mega millions? what is your strategy? >> just random.
5:34 am
>> my coworker is planning to do a thing. a pool thing. were gonna try to do that today. >> reporter: how many people will quit if you guys win? >> i don't know. >> reporter: he did not want his boss to know. we don't want our bosses to know either. you have a 1 in 24 chance of winning any sort of prize. you could win something. but you have a 1 and 300 million chance of winning the $1.1 billion jackpot and you have a 1 and 12 million chance of winning $1 million. for that you don't have to match the mega number, just the five regular numbers. i had to look there's different combinations up because i only play the jackpot gets really big. i will put that up on twitter, instagram and facebook so you can say with those combinations are. good luck. did you buy your ticket flex good luck. i think if a winner is here in
5:35 am
milpitas, we would need to change it from milpitas to bill- pedas. >> let's say you're lucky enough to beat those odds, you've got to be ready. >> reporter: you have to believe. i'm wearing my green shirt because it is the color of money. if you do when and beat the odds and went a big jackpot, the experts say to tell one family member but not your chatty cousin tells everyone in the family or business him and get a lawyer, and perhaps the most important decision you will make is whether you take the cash payment or the annuity . and because of inflation and whatnot, the decision might be a little more difficult but you have the money to think about it, and the time. >> i wonder if you could roll it into a family trust and said. >> reporter: sure. it's your money. you can do whatever you want. >> good luck. i rolled over a whole two
5:36 am
dollars. 5:35. overnight, progress in the the possible prison exchange with russia that would bring home brittney griner. the wnba star awaiting sentencing in russia after recently pleading guilty to cannabis charges. russia's foreign minister today confirmed that he and secretary of state anthony blinken will speak soon about a possible swap. that may also involve an american businessman now serving time in there for crimes in exchange the u.s. would offer up and imprisoned russian arms dealer. new affordable housing options one step closer for families thanks to a high rise approved in the heart of san francisco. the tower will sit on property adjacent to the transbay transit center in the financial district and will add nearly 700 housing units, half of which are below market prices and most are family specific. the same developer that built
5:37 am
salesforce tower is behind the project. planners this week approved it and it will now head to supervisors. construction may start as soon as next fall . california's housing crisis is the focus of our investigative series colin overpriced. overwhelmed. over it! you can stream that now on or on roku, amazon fire, or apple tv . today the stars are aligned by the first ever music festival in one country. ♪ >> chaka khan, the living legend among the headliners taking part in the inaugural blue note jazz festival starting tonight in st. helena. other performers between today and sunday include snoop dogg and d smoke. dave chapelle will slide over to mc the festivities he just
5:38 am
finished a series of sold-out shows nearby in santa rosa mostly without controversy and despite backlash from the lgbtq members because of some of his material in the past. you know she did not like the rap part of that song? she said she hated it. but it really did make the song. >> i wonder if she likes it now? >> she still doesn't. >> it would be fun to see her. >> i love me some chaka khan. >> i've seen her before. >> you haven't? >> she opened for wham. fun fact. >> i saw wham live too but not with chaka khan. >> good weekend for a music festival. a little cooler. >> and the weather will be nice. let's start with the forecast in napa.
5:39 am
70s. that's great compared to the temperature i've been seeing around the central valley. it's been much hotter. and if you're heading to lake tahoe, it may be hotter at lake tahoe than the bay area to start the weekend. numbers in the upper 80s to start the weekend and trending cooler as we head into sunday pick one of the changes you see for the weekend forecast is an increase in humidity. temperatures aren't changing much. mostly 70s and mid 80s inland but the extra humidity the kickoff and isolated shower the coastal mountains late sunday into monday. it's an interesting weekend forecast. notice saturday we have partly cloudy skies and sunday and monday around the santa cruz mountains, right in there by monday morning we may see a slight chance of a few showers the weekend forecast looking great temperature-wise. let's see if we manage a few showers early monday. no signs of heat in the seven- day forecast. we talked about the
5:40 am
reinstatement of the b.a.r.t. mask mandate starting today. this weekend there will be a track work between south hayward and union city . all weekend there is a bus bridge. allow another 20 or 25 minutes through that stretch. tonight another set of rails, caltrain, they say take caltrain to levi's stadium were you could see the red hot chilly peppers in concert tonight at 6:30 . fans, get there early because santa clara does have the time that's critical for these concerts. there will be an issue for folks getting across the bridges in and out of this parking lots because vta is affected by folks who will walk to and from the parking lots so keep that in mind. you've seen signs lit up on 237 and 101 talking about tonight's game. or tonight's concert. looking at the giants game at oracle, 7:15. that could be an issue just for the game starts and roads close
5:41 am
down and that will mission with folks leaving work. right now it's friday-lite. no problems in san francisco. 5:40. there is a mystery surrounding a piece of bay area history. one woman is trying to find the owner of a long-lost photo album that dates back nearly 150 years. lorrie foster's father was in east bay police officer decades ago and he rested a burglary suspect who had the album in the trunk of his car which ultimately went unclaimed she recently found it in his possession and the photos so sharply dressed men and women with hairstyles and beards of the period. but foster doesn't know who they are. >> been fiddling with this for about 20 years off and on. it's a bucket list wish that we find out who it belongs to. >> the name engraved on the album is wr h adamson. after research we found papers that claim he was the executor to
5:42 am
adolph sutro's will and the namesake of san francisco's sutro heights and the former mayor of san francisco. he is really hoping, she, i should say, is hoping to find the family with answers to the long-lost mystery album. 5:41 working to ensure access to contraceptives. >> just because you have a right if you don't have access, then is it really a right? >> be billed one state senator helped push forward for college students and the schools already making some of this changes . and you better believe that we are winging it a lot more than usual today. that is today is national chicken wing day. chicken wing day. are your favori when i make decisions
5:43 am
as a leader, it's not about me or the folks that are here. it's about the next seven generations coming behind us, making sure that they have the ability to move forward. prop 27 will help small rural tribes like mine get a seat at the table will be transformational for my tribal members. taxing online sports betting gives us an opportunity to really enhance the lives of our tribe and strengthen the future of our people. vote yes on prop 27.
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comcast business. powering possibilities. good friday morning. san jose starting with low clouds before skies clear two hazy sunshine and temperatures climbing into the upper 70s . palo alto, 101 moving smoothly. maybe a little drizzle at the golden gate bridge. we will show you how traffic mate the building. it's friday but it still there. start with the recent overturning of roe v wade, california governor gavin newsom about the golden state will protect women who decide to have an abortion.
5:46 am
some lawmakers make a boost to protections for college students. a new law will allow all uc and cal state campuses to provide abortion pills to students for joining us now to talk more about the bill is its author this morning, senator connie leyva. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me today. >> senator leyva , you authored this bill in 2019. who knew it would be so timely now with the overturning of roe v wade. >> we definitely didn't know that. we knew it was something that was needed at the time but we had no idea that we would be in the situation in california and the united states so it is extremely timely. >> why was it so important for you to work on? >> you know, as a 54-year-old woman at that time, i felt that our rights are being eroded. i didn't think that women had as much access as they should have. just because you have a right
5:47 am
if you don't have access, is it really a right? and we had students come to us from uc, berkeley, who wanted to know if he would be willing on team leyva who would author a bill he would allowed medicated birth on all campuses and it seemed like the right thing to do. >> the pills are available to student starting january 1st. will the cost be covered by the uc system i will some students have to pay out-of-pocket? >> some students could have to pay out-of-pocket's but it would be $60-$80 pick it would not be cost prohibitive as if they went someplace else and there is a special bond set up. things have changed also. when we did this bill we made sure there was a special fund set up so that would be no taxpayer dollars going toward this but now we have a governor who believes that women should
5:48 am
always have access to abortion and so public dollars are being used but in this case there is a private fund set up. >> according to the reproductive health report by ucsf, within 6000 students will seek medication abortions on you see and cal state campuses every year. this bill would actually help others who are potentially coming to the state of california or who live here who are seeking abortions at clinics. >> yes. we think what will happen now is that women, students, will have access to medicated abortion on campus. this will free up appointments, slots if you will, at other clinics up and down the state. i know that a planned parenthood clinic i visited in san bernardino recently said they had seen an uptick one week after roe v. wade had been overturned of 900% of people seeking services. >> and it is important to note many antiabortion groups including california family council oppose the requirement. in a statement the council said you don't have to be pro-life to recognize is b-24 is becker college is and dangerous for
5:49 am
students. if you want to see the full interview, you can watch it on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, a download the trenton streaming app and you can find it under the must-see playlist. and this weekend, nfts will no longer and no doubt be music to the ears of people attending one event in the east bay. starting tomorrow the first ever and if t oakland takes place outside oablock party to highlight the intersection between lock chain and culture. there will also be live music, arts, free food, and nfts. the party will continue sunday on broadway. registration is free. all you need to do is rsvp. trending this morning, bieniemy to share because today is national chicken wing day. >> you don't need help in getting hot and spicy but today in the bay we are diving in for you. did you know that 1% of people
5:50 am
polled rank chicken wings the most popular appetizer dish, higher than chips and salsa? and for how people like them, buffalo style falls third behind barbecue and seasoned ranch style. to celebrate we do have some deals for you. take a look at this. the national chains do. some call 7-11 to convince the perfect impulse buy when you're hungry. interesting. buffalo wild wings will have free half-dozen for a $10 minimum drive-in purchase and wing stop will give you five free wings with a qualifying purchase. 7-even wings. didn't know they sold them. >> i don't know. you stated things going around. >> the qualifier. they are great when you're hungry. that qualifies for a lot of food. i'm hungry. >> are typically happens at
5:51 am
3:00 in the morning after a night out. >> i don't know. we get up at 3:00 in the morning. >> when you get up in the morning at 3:00. >> national chicken wing day. good day for a picnic. >> hot sauce to warm you up in san francisco. >> when you see the picture outside it's pretty cold. low clouds and drizzle on the camera lens. 56 degrees. and we will probably be in this until midmorning before the clouds start to lift and stick around the inner bay into the afternoon and noticed all the way to the altamont pass this morning you have low clouds. san jose, 63 degrees. waking up to low clouds. that will retreat back to the central be for the afternoon. not really going away around the bay bridge of the san mateo bridge toward haywood. likely with the all day ocean air conditioning in seabreeze temperatures bayside will be in
5:52 am
the 60s and low 70s around fremont. san jose in the upper 70s. mid 80s around morgan hill. fairfield and concord will be warmer today. novato in the mid-80s in reach and santa rosa looking good at 82. looking better is the air quality. we do not have the wildfire smoke advisory. notice the improvement into saturday morning. both the seabreeze and less activity around the oak fire so there's less smoke pollution going up and the seabreeze keeping what there is out there off to our east. but will be going up as the humidity. we have monsoonal moisture, the green on the map, drifting over the bay area and northern california which means we have a slight chance on sunday into monday for brief isolated areas of green popping up into monday morning. that could bring us a chance of
5:53 am
a few showers but the best chance could be early monday morning. enough that it started to show up on futurecast including the nbc bay area app heading into early monday. san francisco, not much change. was status quo for you and the valleys are looking team temperature-wise. mid 80s that high humidity this weekend. starting in the south bay because san jose isn't much traffic. this is to eddie northbound under the 17/880 overpass. traffic is flowing nicely and the sun is starting to come up. low clouds are spread around the bay and their slower speeds. 280 is fine. 101 does have letters slowing then monday through thursday but it still kicks in around 5:45 even on a friday. later volume over all. smooth drive over the altamont pass. a crash at 84 toward 680 out of pleasanton and livermore. there is flowing there right now. happening now, mendocino
5:54 am
county authorities are hoping to reconnect a concerned mother with her mentally challenged daughter who they say was seen this week in san francisco. surveillance images show 27- year-old cassondra mckee inside a bayview convenience store on wednesday. her mother said she struggles with schizophrenia and has been homeless at times after leaving her ukiah home in early june she reportedly told her mother that she feared someone was trying to kill her. san francisco police are assisting deputies there to try to locate her. ek start william shatner must've sang the me up scotty after he lost his wallet this week you can be sure this had a happy ending with a big bay area twist. we have details next. and a health emergency and san francisco. we are live with a declaration we are live with a declaration by city leers sending the ad
5:55 am
5:56 am
a new chevy is the smart way to hit the open road this summer.
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the smart way to road trip—. ♪♪ and seek new adventures. ♪♪ go a little farther this summer in a new chevy. find new get up and go. find new roads. enjoy the open road and make no monthly payments for the rest of summer on all 2022 equinox models. plus, get 0% financing when you finance with gm financial. ♪♪ find new roads at your local chevy dealer. 5:57. you are watching today in the bay and this morning we are moving forward on the travel front. new zealand, who had one of the world's strictest covid lockdowns is getting ready to fully reopen its borders. just beautiful. they are reopening this sunday on july 31st, three months
5:58 am
earlier than previously announced. despite the reopening to all international travelers, it will be tough to get in. visitors will be required to show proof of vaccination to enter. they will also had to take an antigen test when they first arrived. and another on the fifth or sixth day if you are still there. masks will be required while and doors come up but they won't be required outdoors . and good news despite inflation in new zealand. hitting a 32 year high. the prices of the tours, activities and accommodations are the same price if not cheaper than what they were before the pandemic. chick-fil-a is facing backlash after offered to pay workers in chicken instead of cash. chick-fil-a restaurant in north carolina posted an offer for volunteers to work its drive through. they would be paid five entries per hour of work. there was instant backlash on social media. under the fair labor standards act, for-profit businesses
5:59 am
cannot hire volunteers to work. the restaurant deleted the post a day later. a chick-fil-a spokesperson told business insider the company did not endorse the program. trending this morning. dua lipa is now speaking out after someone in the crowd set off fireworks at one of her recent shows. >> who would do that? why would someone do that? night. three nearby fans were injured. on instagram the singer said, having a safe and inclusive space at my show is a first priority and my team and are are as shocked and confused by the events as you all are. police say investigators have identified a suspect after reviewing the surveillance video. why would someone do that? an act of kindness for a man who is out of this world.
6:00 am
>> this started last week when someone, a man, accidentally left his wallet at the bnt arm fruit stand in gilroy. a young teenager who sold the man two bags of cherries and corn told her father he wanted to return the wallet it turns out the owner of it was star trek actor, william shatner. her father contacted gilroy police for help. police got in touch with beverly hills police who got the wallet back to shatner. he went on to thank the family for returning the wallet calling them good citizens. very nice. might now at 6:00. this declaration will allow us to serve the city and its residents better. >> san francisco leaders declaring a local emergent over monkeypox. a live po


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