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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 1, 2022 3:00am-3:31am PDT

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it's monday, august 1st. the death toll continues to climb in kentucky, where relentless rain and flooding have caused devastating results, with dozens still unaccounted for at this hour in california, another weekend of relentless fires and evacuations for thousands as more homes are destroyed and little help from mother nature the passing of two legends bill russell was a giant both on and off the basketball court, earning 11 championship rings and was a leading voice for
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civil rights also, groundbreaking act investigation nichelle nichols from "star trek" who was one of the first black female leads on television abortion on the ballot in kansas voters head to the polls tomorrow in the first big test among americans on what they want and are we any closer to finding out who won the $1.337 billion mega millions jackpot? "early today" starts right now good morning i'm phillip mena. >> i'm frances rivera. we begin this mondaying in eastern kentucky, where more rain is making it even harder to recover from last week's historic flooding. the death toll has reached at least 28, but the governor is now warning that number will grow another update is expected at 9:00 a.m. eastern. four siblings are among the victims, ranging in age from 2 to 8 years old a relative said the children were swept away from their parents as the family clung to a tree in a briefing sunday, fema said as many as 37 people were still unaccounted for. dozens of bridges are out in the
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area, making it harder for search and rescue teams. nbc's jesse kirsch is there on the ground. >> reporter: eastern kentucky hit again. up to 3 more inches of rain in isolated plaguing the region still reeling from devastating floods >> that's not right, but we'll make it through there. >> reporter: the governor visiting the rescue zone in an area where some homes are tucked into hillsides kentucky's governor says more than 600 people have been rescued by air alone since the flooding began that means help from helicopters like this black hawk the national guard says this chopper can get a boat inflated and dropped into the water in just about two minutes but again, help came too late for even more people the official death toll 28 killed the governor saying the state will pay for fumes >> we do know of additional bodies that have been recovered,
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but we cannot confirm those deaths at this time. >> reporter: survivors cleaning up from storms, now facing another one. >> it doesn't bother me because there is nothing else left for us to lose we've lost four houses, a couple of vehicles, all our farm equipment. i mean, technically, there's nothing else left for us to lose. >> reporter: that devastation rallying help from around the country and state. 70 trailers brought during december's destructive tornadoes will now house those displaced from the floods. the governor asked about the role of climate change in the two massive natural disasters in his state in less than a year. >> the reason you haven't heard me talk about something that i believe in is that we got hundreds if not thousands of people with nothing at the moment >> reporter: america's top national guard general visiting kentucky's response mission control. >> we learn from this as much as we can so that in the future, we're as prepared as possible. and then working with the local emergency managers to help
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identify those indicators. at the end of the day, we're there to save as many lives as possible and mitigate as much disaster as we can >> and our thanks to jesse kirsch for that report now to the dangerous situation in california. as crews race to contain the state's largest wildfire of the year the mckinney fire exploded over the weekend, having now burned over 52,000 acres in northern california thousands of residents have been evacuated after the blaze jumped from one mile to 62 square miles in just over a day the sheriff's office said the fire was zero percent contained as of sunday night and fires are flaring across the west with the forecast threatening to bring dry thunderstorms which could deliver dangerous lightning, but with very little rainfall. back in california, crews are starting to turn the tide on the oak fire the blaze, which burned over 19,000 ache sers 67% contained as of sunday night tributes are pouring in after the death of nichelle nichols. the trailblazing actress is
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perhaps best known for her role in the original "star trek" series former enterprise ship makes george takei and william shatner both took to twitter to mourn her passing, captain kirk crediting nichols with redefining social issues in america. and nasa also put out a statement praising her for inspiring generations to reach for the stars. here is nbc's molly hunter >> reporter: tonight, relatives say nichelle nichols, the ""star trek" icon has passed away from natural causes in a statement, her son kyle johnson said his mother died but her light, like the ancient galaxies now being seen for the first time will remain for us and future generations to enjoy, learn from and draw inspiration. >> these are the voyages of the starship enterprise. >> reporter: nichols busted through hollywood barriers in the 1960s in the original "star trek" series >> mr. spock, we will be able to retrieve the captain at that time, won't we >> reporter: the first black woman cast in a role in prime-time television, starring
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the no-nonsense communications officer lieutenant nyota uhura premiering on nbc in 1966, the show's multicultural, multiracial cast made a powerful statement. >> i am not afraid >> reporter: one of the many groundbreaking moments, the first interracial kiss on tv with co-star william shatner in 1967, she almost didn't return for a second season and then met martin luther king, jr., a "star trek" fan himself, at a civil rights gathering. >> he said, "don't you understand that for the first time, we are seen as we should be seen? you don't have a black role. you have an equal role." >> reporter: calling that moment a lightning bolt in her life but off-screen, pushing other frontiers. she served as a nasa recruiter, inspiring generations of women and minorities, encouraging them to join the astronaut corps. nichols was 89 years old
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molly hunter, nbc news kansas takes center stage this week this the battle over abortion rights. since roe v. wade was overturned, the fight has raged on in courts and legislatures. but tomorrow the decision will go before voters themselves. nbc's dasha burns tells us what's at stake. >> reporter: it's the final push in the first state to put abortion on the ballot since the supreme court overturned roe v. wade tuesday's vote could determine the future of abortion rights here it's impossible to avoid the abortion debate here in kansas everywhere you look, there are signs of the ballot battle ahead. from the streets -- >> voting yes. >> reporter: to the airwave. >> vote no. >> reporter: in 2019, the kansas supreme court ruled the state
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constitution protects the right to an abortion if kansans vote yes on the value, that protection would be removed. the power to take action on the issue would be in the hands of the heavily conservative state legislature. that could mean more restrictions or a possible ban if kansans vote no, the constitutional right to an abortion would remain in place, making further restrictions much more difficult to pass polling shows a tight race with 47% of kansans planning to vote yes, 43% planning to vote no, and 10% undecided. >> we have a limited right to access abortion care in our state right now. but this constitutional amendment will mandate government control over our private medical decisions and really pave the way for a total ban on abortion. >> reporter: but anti-abortion activists here say it's about putting the power in the hands of the people. does this amendment pave the pathway to a ban potentially >> it paves the way for future conversations to be able to happen i want to see a future where kansans are involved in the
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discussion, where unelected judges don't decide for the rest of us the right kinds of limits on abortion in our state >> reporter: experts say it's a pivotal vote, one the whole nation will be watching. >> a yes vote probably doesn't tell us a lot because kansas is a conservative and republican-leaning state but a no vote, or even a narrow loss by the "no" side, will tell us that abortion rights supporters have a lot of strength in the elections of 2022 >> reporter: for those on both sides, the stakes couldn't be higher dasha burns, nbc news, kansas city, kansas the first january 6th rioter to go the trial is expected to be sentenced today texas man guy reffitt was found guilty in march on fall ual five counties, including obstructing an official proceeding and transport of a firearm in support of civil disorder. he had a gun and zip ties on him
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when he attempted to storm the capitol. prosecutors say reffitt instigated a particularly violent attack on police on the west side of the building that day. he faces up to 15 years in prison we have relentless rain in kentucky, dry conditions out west so what's ahead as we start august here is meteorologist michelle grossman on where we start the week good morning, michelle. >> good morning to you both. we're looking at more downpours today in portions of kentucky. also west virginia and tennessee. we're even seeing rain in the northeast. we're going to see that as we go throughout the next couple hours, improving conditions later as we go throughout the day in kentucky. so that's good news. let's take a look at radar we're seeing some heavy pockets of rain falling. that's where you see the darker color, the reds, the yellows, the oranges. we're still seeing intense rainfall in some spots the downpours as we go throughout the next few hours. also seeing the rain in portions of the northeast heavy rain too we do have a flood threat in place. that's a flood watch in the green. one million people impacted in
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eastern kentucky hazardous where we saw 9 inches of rain last week. also looking at that flash flood risk, including portions of eastern kentucky, western virginia western virginia and also tennessee and into portions of north carolina we're looking at 1 to 3 additional rain and also the chance o last day in the intermountain west before we see some relief on the way all right. it's the start of a new workweek we'll look at that week ahead in just a bit. >> thank you, michelle a long time coming for england's women's soccer team. tied at the end of regulation, chloe kelly found the back of the net in extra time to lift england over germany 2-1 in front of more than 80,000 people in london. england takes home the 2022
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used most by dermatologists? it's neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair® smooths the look of fine lines in 1-week, deep wrinkles in 4. so you can kiss wrinkles goodbye! neutrogena® new this morning, ups workers are demanding new safety measures amid record heat. they say more drivers seem to be hospitalized for heat-related illness than ever before last week in new york city, the local teamsters union held a rally they have said four ups employees in the area went to emergency rooms in two days due to heat illness. in a public letter, the union has outlined steps that says ups should immediately implement to improve workers safety ups released a statement that said in part that its drivers are trained to work outdoors and that water and ice is provided prince charles is at the center of a new controversy.
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the royal is facing questions about a million dollar donation his charity received nearly ten years ago from the half-brothers of 9/11 mastermind osama bin laden. representatives for prince charles say it was the foundation's trustee, not the royal who accepted the money the world continues to mourn the loss of man who's legacy is larger than life basketball legend bill russell died on sunday at the age of 88. russell was a champion on the court, in college, and in the nba, but many took time to remember how he paved the way for black players for generations. michael jordan said in a statement that russell said seth an example for every black player who came into the league, including him, adding that the world had lost a legend. and from former president obama to shaquille o'neal, tributes powered out from the sports world and well beyond. nbc's kurt gregory has more. >> reporter: william felton russell was born in monroe, louisiana in 1934.
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his father charlie moved the family out of the racially charged south to oakland, california for a higher paying job and a better life. russell learned basketball on the playgrounds of oakland and accepted his only scholarship offer from the university of san francisco. he led the dons to 55 straight victories and two national titles, then led the 1956 u.s. olympic basketball team to a gold medal the nba's boston celtics drafted russell in 1956. the 6'9" russell helped spark the celtics to their first nba title in 1957. but along with fame, came racial ab abuse. and russell became an outspoken supporter of the civil rights movement. >> he marched with king. he stood by ali. when a restaurant refused to serve the black celtics, he refused to play in the scheduled game >> reporter: on the court, russell provided the nba with something it had never seen before, a dominating big man who
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won games by playing defense a fierce rebounder and intimidating shock blocker, russell's celtics went on to win 11 nba championships in 13 seasons. his legendary coach, red auerbach called russell the greatest player that ever lived. >> russell was dedicated primarily what do i have to do to win our team, our. >> reporter: after retiring from the nba, russell was selected to the basketball hall of fame in 1975 he then worked as a team executive and broadcaster and earned the 2010 presidential medal of freedom from president obama. bill russell will be remembered as a champion of both human rights and basketball. kirk gregory, nbc news still to come, a billion dollar mystery what we know and what we don't know about the winner of the historic mega millions jackpot and this isn't a shooting
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♪ >> my dog's the best. >> but he's not the greatest with other animals >> this just seems gross. >> what do you mean gross? smelling stuff is one of the greatest joys of being a dog. >> d.c. league of super pets topped the box office earning $23 million. second place and third love and thunder. ever win you could turn an insatiable sweet tooth into a six-figure job a canadian candy company is hiring a professional taste tester, and it pays up to $100,000 a year. candy fun house posted this job listing last week, and responsibilities include testing about 3500 products every month. that comes out to about 113 pieces every day that sounds like a sweet gig to
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plus, get free store pickup... more style. more savings. kohl's. nasa is criticizing china for putting people at risk a large chinese rocket came crashing down into the indian ocean after delivering supplies to china's space station the social media video out of malaysia appears to show debris burning up on reentry. the chinese foreign ministry said the risk to the general public was low, but nasa criticized china for not sharing more information about the free-falling rocket. the chase for over a billion dollars is over. one mega millions ticket bought in des plaines, illinois hit the
3:27 am
top prize of nearly $1.34 billion in friday night's drawing. george solis has more. >> reporter: all eyes on the chicago suburb of des plaines, now making mega millions history. >> this is the largest jackpot ever won in illinois, and the second largest ever won for the game >> reporter: a near record-shattering $1.34 billion ticket, sold at the speedway gas station just outside chicago, o'hare last-minute ticket sales making an already astonishing prize so much sweeter now the actual billion question, who's the winner >> you have not heard from the winner yet we don't know whether or not they even know that they won a prize. >> and we may never know that's because winners in illinois can remain anonymous as they have 12 months to claim their prize that can be paid out over the next 30 years, or the winner can take a one-time lump sum of $780 million. in 2018, the largest mega
3:28 am
million jackpot to date, a whopping 1.5 billion was also claimed by an anonymous players in south carolina. these big payouts setting the bar even higher for anyone who loves to play. >> probably if it gets over a billion again, i will play again. >> i just think it's a shame that one person won. it should have been split up >> reporter: some are still walking away with newfound riches as a result of the drawing. the lucky store that sold the ticket poised to get half a million dollars. 26 players walking away with a cool million each. 375 others scoring ten grand apiece you got the play the win, right? >> that's true somebody has to win. >> reporter: somebody did. the nation waiting to see who claims that life-changing prize. george solis, nbc news, philadelphia the last victim of the uvalde school massacre was discharged from a san antonio hospital hon her way out, 10-year-old maya zamora handed out roses to staff as they clapped for her. she was hospitalized for two months hospital staff called her a hero
3:29 am
and said they can't wait to see what she accomplishes in the future. >> so glad she is out. all the best to her and her family can't imagine all they've been through. thank you so much for kicking off your with us on "early today. i'm phillip mena. >> i'm frances rivera. we'll see you rite back here tomorrow have a gat rest of your mo
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. it doesn't bother me because there's nothing else left for us to lose. we've lost four houses, a couple of vehicles, all our farm equipment. i mean, technically, there's nothing else left for us to lose >> another weekend of heavy rain in already drenched kentucky as the death toll rises rescue efforts hampered with downed bridges and the unaccounted for numbering in the dozens we remember two legends who passed over the weekend.
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