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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  August 1, 2022 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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right now at 11:00, burning out of control. firefighters are raising to contain a fast-moving wildfire. it is taking a tragic turn. the death toll and the help on the way from the bay area. first a public health emergency and sentences go as monkeypox spreads. long lines at this hour as many wait to get the vaccine.
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thanks for joining us for our midday newscast i'm laura garcia. >> i'm in for marcus washington, we are streaming live on amazon fire, apple tv and online. so, the monkeypox vaccine clinic at zuckerberg sf general getting back open after shutdown for several delays due to vaccine shortage. >> ginger is live outside, thousands of people have been standing in line even early this morning. >> reporter: scott, lori, you guys are right. it is a chilly and rainy morning here in san francisco, but the weather has not derailed the thousands of people who have waited in longline throughout the morning for their chance to get vaccinated here at zuckerberg san francisco general. they say it has felt like quite a wait for them, for that vaccine supply to come. we are actually on 22nd right now but earlier, at the height of the long lines, the line stretched all the way down to 19th street. is a good three or four city blocks worth of people waiting in those lines. we talked with those people
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waiting, and many of them said that this is all worth it because of the anxiety they have been feeling while waiting for the clinics to reopen. san francisco is distributing over 4200 vaccine throughout its clinic this week. that is the latest allotment for the city from the federal government. san francisco, so far, has administered less than 8000 vaccines. at least 35,000 vaccines are needed. this all comes as monkeypox is officially a public health emergency in the city. at this point, only seven cisco and new york state have declared states of emergency for monkeypox. what this does for the city is allow it to mobilize resources and staff without dealing with as much redtape as normal. it also puts more pressure on the federal government to allot vaccines and other resources to the city. it is not yet known if cisco will get more vaccines, or when that will happen. held officials say when they find out, that announcement will happen.
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>> since the clinic has been open we have only had one day, the first day, where we had to turn people away. otherwise, after that, we have been able to administer vaccines to anyone who has shown up to the clinic. >> we got here at 6:30 this morning, i think we were 360 something in line. it has been a busy day but everyone has been really chill. the line has been calm. everyone is here for their health it's been good. budget has honestly not been the worst line i have had to wait in. i've waited for two hours for a croissant, so i can wait for a vaccine. >> we are told this is the longest line we have seen at seven cisco general since they first started giving out monkeypox vaccines. as a reminder, there are several ways to get vaccinated. you are advised to first contact your primary care provider and see if you can get a appointment or vaccine that way. if that doesn't work out, you can walk in here at san francisco general. also community clinics have
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been partnered with the hospital. they can provide appointments so they can ensure people have those vaccines set aside and are accommodated. live in seven cisco, nbc bay area news. >> lots of people waiting, thank you. turning to our other top stories, the latest on the out- of-control wildfire burning near the oregon border. >> let's check in with chris sanchez but you have new development for us. new tragic development? >> we now know that the mckinney fire is a deadly fire. we have confirmed that two people died in what is now california's largest wildfire. here is where we stand, the siskiyou sheriff coroner confirms that the two people died were found in a vehicle in the driveway of a home. it looks like they were trying to leave and could not get out. the fire exploded in size as it
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started just three days ago and as of this morning, more than 65,000 acres are burned. the fire is not contained on any front. also, it rained over much of the mckinney fire overnight. the weather is still a great concern. wind has been a problem, lightning is an ongoing concern and the u.s. forest service has to wait for a smoke inversion to clear so they can put the aircraft back up over the firefight again. nearly 5000 structures are threatened. it is unknown how many are destroyed, and evacuation orders are still in effect. this fire moved so fast that a bay area business owner who owns property in siskiyou county says that the fire was racing down the grassy field toward his home. he barely had time to jump into his truck with his dog and take off. now, although he cleared the fuel from around the home the front put out hotspots with a garden hose. one day later he went back to find that almost everything else other than of the home was destroyed. the main house is standing, but the secondary house and $60,000 barn, all of the outbuildings are gone. >> when the wind came up and
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added that element, it was, like nothing i have seen. it was a firestorm. >> the bay area fire crews are helping in this firefight, including an alameda county fire crew diverted after eight days during the oak fire. they had to drive seven hours to the mckinney fire and they are joining cruise from napa, petaluma and sonoma county, just to name a few. over the next 48 hours, the u.s. forest service is projecting that the fire will continue to grow in all directions as thunderstorms and lightning continues. >> indeed, let's bring in meteorologist cary hall. high temperatures and lightning are continuing dangerous conditions all over. >> it's a dangerous time of year, especially with wildfires going on. we have seen quite a bit of rain going on but so far the lightning has not been an issue as of yet but we do still see a lot of energy here. we can see grain on the radar,
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some rain, which is very beneficial when it comes to bringing better wildfire conditions, but looking at the radar right now for the bay area, we have had some areas that have had rain and even a bit of hail, especially over parts of the north bay as we continue to track this rain moving through the east bay, hayward and union city come over toward fremont getting in on some light rain as well. all of that happening because we have two systems which acted together to bring us all this humidity. the green you are seeing on the map is a high amount of water vapor, and that is moving right into the bay area. we will continue to see this in the forecast, we will talk more about the chances of lightning in our forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, carrie. the fire we were talking about is burning out of control. we will keep you up dated. you can find the latest updates at nbc bay new at 11:00, police are enough to getting a deadly shooting. one man was killed and another
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injured. it happened early yesterday morning near peyser lane, close to the golf course. so far no arrests have been made and no motives have been released. this marks the city's 24th homicide of the year. also in the south bay, a couple accused of kidnapping a san jose baby return to court. just into our newsroom, court testimony indicates one of the suspects, ramirez, told her boyfriend she was pregnant. prosecutors say after baby brandon was kidnapped back in april, ramirez texted, come meet your son. prosecutors say ramirez and a different man, jose portillo attempted to kidnap the baby three different times before pulling it off, the pair pleaded not guilty. authorities we found the baby and brandon, returned to his mother within 48 hours. a judge deciding if there is enough evidence to go to trial. police and was getting a shooting a short distance from the oakland zoo. this was the scene yesterday
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afternoon. it happened on 90th avenue near east oakland. police say the man shot died at the scene. now there is no information about possible suspects. that shooting followed an earlier one which left three people injured in oakland technical high school. in that case, according to reports, people gathered for a youth football game. a six-year-old girl is among the victims. none of the injuries are believed to be life- threatening. we first told you about this story on our app. if you have not downloaded it yet, make sure you do. you can find it on your local app store. just confirmed in a few minutes, the devastating flooding in kentucky, the death toll has risen to 35. this is video from the weekend showing folks picking up the pieces. weather concerns are currently getting things for those who still do not have water and power, nbc's maggie vespa is on the ground in kentucky with more. >> reporter: the death toll in kentucky now standing at 30
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with the governor adding this morning refrigerator trucks have had to be brought in because of local morgues filling up. we have had torrential rain overnight in some parts causing creeks and rivers like this one, wash creek, to swell, the damage from torrential flash floods remains torrential throughout the region. a semi tractor trailer caught in the ditch, and you can see damage like this sporadically throughout the area. people are almost used to it at this point. at the same time, thousands do not have electricity or running water and the governor is saying pools schools will have to delay start of classes but people here are very aware that fema is on the ground assessing damage, deciding how much aid will come to this region but keep in mind, this is the heart of appalachia. a region rife with poverty and a history of government promises that did not come true. we have been asking people if they think help will come, are they confident it will get to the people who need it? one person yesterday, a retired
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marine just last when we asked him that he said absolutely not. people here have to help each other, just like they all have always done. keep in mind so many have lost loved ones and so many have lost everything. at the same time, weather is scheduled to remain throughout the day. if you look at the forecast for the next several days we have a chance of rain and showers and storms pretty much every day for the next week. the last thing this updated area needs. back to you. >> just not getting a break. >> for sure. up next, remembering a legend on and off the court. ahead on nbc bay area, look at the incredible career and legacy of packable superstar bill russell. chronic underfunding of the public health system is cutting into the health and well-being of all communities. >> tackling health inequities.
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the new push by one group to guarantee a better response to the next global health emergency. don't forget to check out the conversation between kelly clarkson and her fellow voice judge nick jonas. that is happening at 4:00, tune on nbc bainy
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as the nation tries to move forward out of the pandemic, there is still a major need in the public health system to get us there. a new report by the nonprofit, trust for america's health, blames chronic underfunding in creating health inequities, said to be a contributing factor in the inadequate response to the pandemic. the nonprofit is calling for an annual $4 billion investment in the public health infra structure. joining us now to talk more about it is president and ceo of trust for america's health, dr. j nady ingrassia's, thanks so much for joining us.
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i want to get right to it. the reported lack of funding us load the response to the covid- 19 pandemic, can you expand on that a little bit? exacerbating the impacts particularly to low income communities, communities of color and those serving the elderly, what did you really find? >> funding for the public health system really has not kept up with the public health needs of the nation. chronic underfunding is really detrimental to health and well- being of all communities as well as our nations health security. we have called for significantly increasing funding for funding. we have seen limited investment in infrastructure to support public health communities around the country. >> we saw a problem in communities of color, those affecting the elderly, oral low income communities in particular.
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it was well evidenced during covid that a lot of these communities are getting much worse, they just did not have the needs the required. >> this is contributed to health inequities that we see, for instance in communities of color and low income communities, is that these communities are very under resourced. when we think about getting access to healthcare, assuring that workers have access to paid sick leave so they can take time off and not fear losing their jobs or income, if they don't show up to work, ensuring that they can make ends meet and have access to affordable and healthy food and not suffer from food insecurity, that demonstrates how our health is not only tied to what happens in the healthcare setting, but also community conditions and resources in our community. >> if you want to see the full interview you can watch it on
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roku, amazon fire, apple tv or download our bay area streaming app. the world is mourning the loss of a legend in basketball, his career started in the bay area. bill russell grew up in oakland, and later led the usf dons to two straight championships. he was 88 years old. here is nbc's anne thompson with his incredible life and legacy. >> the only really important thing to was to try to win every game. >> reporter: bill russell dominated basketball. >> look at russell come down. what a play by russell. >> russell 12 national college championships and olympic gold before leaving the boston celtics to eight straight nba titles and a total of 11 in 13 years. later becoming pro basketball's first black head coach. this morning, he is also being remembered as a trailblazing activist, fighting for equality on and off the court. president biden called russell, a great
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american, and president obama, who awarded russell the presidential medal of freedom in 2011, tweeting, we have lost a giant. as tall as bill russell stood, his legacy rises far higher both as a player and as a person. russell was one of the first high-profile athletes to take a stand for civil rights. he marched with dr. king in the 60s, went to the south after civil rights leader evers was assassinated and supported mohammed ali's refusal to join the military during the vietnam war. discussing winning trophy after trophy, in the 60s he battled hostile racism in boston. his home broken into and defaced. but, russell never backed down and stayed politically active into his final years, hosting this photo in 2017, in solidarity with nfl players. >> every time i could do something, i see it as an opportunity.
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>> reporter: he received an nba lifetime achievement award in 2017. >> where they find all these old people? >> reporter: and inspired generations of nba stars including michael jordan, jayson tatum, and magic johnson, who wrote, i will forever remember his cackling laugh, sense of humor, and love for the game of basketball. >> what a legacy he leaves behind. that was anne thompson reporting. gas prices adding to the struggles of many of those trying to make it in the bay. now aaa says it is even changing the habits of drivers. new surveys find 64% have made adjustments since gas prices started soaring. many change their drive to more fuel-efficient routes, or maybe ease off the gas pedal a bit. gas prices are now off of record highs, experts say the recent changes in behavior will continue. >> i don't think we will see
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how it changes quite yet because gas prices are down to $4.32, saying down and declaring victory is still very expensive historically. >> aaa says the biggest three changes are driving less, combining errands, and cutting back on shopping and driving out. i put a pull up on my twitter page. rain is moving across the bay area right now. this is a video of rain falling in san francisco, through san jose. this is the earlier scene this morning at the sap center. it is much-needed, a very welcome sight. carry, certainly nice to see the rain. >> you are probably checking your calendar like what? it is august. >> i was already surprised by that. >> every now and then we get the monsoonal moisture which comes in and brings a bit of rain and we are seeing that happening today. so, this is definitely the
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result of a lot of humidity in the atmosphere, systems working together, and we are also monitoring the possibility of lightning. so far, we have only seen a few isolated lightning strikes, one off the coast and another was to our south in monterey county. we are seeing activity in that area and there is all of this rain it surging again, a lot of it has been evaporating before hitting the ground, but some of us have been able to see that rain, especially in parts of marin county where we see videos of heavy rain and a bit of hail. that is still happening right now as we speak. we are also seeing some of these cells in dark green and yellow indicating heavy rain. he will watch out for that potential but once again we have a tropical storm to our south and west and we also have monsoon moisture, all of this green is showing that moisture moving across the bay area, just enough to produce some clouds and some rain. we are squeezing those raindrops out as we are also
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going to have just enough to come in some spots, rest along a little bit. this will by no means put a dent in the drought and we have seen some of the highest rainfall totals about 4/100 of an inch, that is about it as far as miserable rain. we are getting raindrops on some camera lenses, this is a look outside at walnut creek where it is mostly cloudy. today, temperatures heading into the upper 80s. a few spots will reach the low 90s, like livermore and parts of the south counties. in the north bay it is mostly in the low 80s. as we take a look at siena rosa over the next few days it will get even more warm as the humidity drops. i think today and tomorrow it is still going to be muggy. toward the end of the week, humidity once again goes down it will start to get hotter out for our inland areas going from 80s to 90 degrees on thursday. only slightly cooler for the weekend, but definitely dry air will be returning as we take a
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look at san francisco, mostly upper 60s over the next few days. we can see low clouds and fog, only some peaks of sunshine and we do expect that to continue for tomorrow. but, there may be a little bit more sunshine towards the end of the week. a lot of changes, here. a lot to look at for it to be the first day of august, scott and laura. >> carrie, thank you. today is world lung cancer day. good news, the data shows the survival rate for the disease has increased 30%. according to a poll by the american lung association, 29% of americans know lung cancer is the leading cancer killer in the united states with 73% of adults have not spoken to their doctor about the risks of getting the disease. beyonci backlash ahead on
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welcome back. there is a controversy surrounding beyonci's newest album, and it is trending.'s
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budget centers on a lyric in the song called heated on the singer's latest album, renaissance. some fans and activists are taking issue with a word that she used, spaz. some advocates say the word can be used in a derogatory way to describe people with disabilities, especially those with cerebral palsy. beyonci says she will remove the word, and she did not intend to use it in a harmful way. >> on a happier note, today marks the return of the campaign is near and dear to us here at nbc bay area and telemundo. our annual clear the shelters campaign kicks off all month long. the nbc universal family will help organize clear the shelter events nationwide, partnering with animal shelters and rescue services to promote pet adoption and raise money for animal welfare. among the events planned on the 21st of august, nbc bay area tees up with the oakland zoo for a pet adoption day, that will be held at children's zoo. do i have a window to walk
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the dogs today? >> it will be off and on. if you have the nbc app you will get alerts. get the walk in and back inside. >> thank you for joining us, our next newscast is at 5:00. hi, i'm eileen. i live in vancouver, washington and i write mystery novels. dogs have been such an important part of my life. i have flinn and a new puppy. as i was writing, i found that i just wasn't as sharp
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new one a day multi+. right now on california live, fitness legend denise austin who has tip and tricks to stay in shape. and we're showing you this successful film. still going strong. these twin brothers are still working 95. and we are kicking off a new series about the many flavors of l.a. with a


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