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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 2, 2022 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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this is a great and defining truth about powerour nation andr people we do not break. we never give in we never back down >> a prime time announcement al qaeda's top leader is taken out by a drone strike. we're live with details ahead. >> more than three dozen people have died in kentucky floods, with more rain in today's forecast and rescue attempts going around the clock. two dozen women accused him
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of sexual misconduct deshaun watson will be sidelined for six games. is this a fair judgment? it's primary day in multiple states and we're seeing the impact of tiktok's strength in reaching voters. and "early today" starts right now. >> good tuesday morning. i'm phillip mena >> i'm frances rivera. break overnight, a high-stakes operation takes out one of the most notorious terrorists. a key architect of the 9/11 attacks was killed in a drone attack jay gray has the latest in d.c this operation was months in the making >> reporter: yeah, it really
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was. the reclusive al qaeda leader had been on the run since he escaped u.s. forces in 2001. his whereabouts really unknown until he was located earlier this year. administration officials saying authorities spent months identifying zawahiri's patterns to avoid civilian casualties the official say it is was so precise it killed him on a balcony at his safe house in kabul, without harming any family members in the building president biden detailed the operation last night >> after carefully considering the clear and convincing evidence of the location, i authorized the precision strike that would remove him from the battlefield once and for all we make it clear again tonight, that no matter how long it takes, no matter where you hide, if you are a threat to our people, the united states will find you and take you out.
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>> reporter: al zawahiri was on the most-wanted list for decades and formed an alliance with osama bin laden in 1998. he was indicted for a series of embassy bombings that killed 12 americans. he was closely linked to the bombings of the "uss cole. he became leader of al qaeda after u.s. forces killed bin laden. in his final video, zawahiri continued calling on muslims to attack america while it is a major victory for the biden administration it does raise some questions officials say his presence in kabul was a violation of the 2020 peace agreement between the taliban and the u.s. which lid to the withdrawal of american troops about a year ago. the taliban have gone on to say that it is a violation of international principle. frances?
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>> jay gray for us, thank you. let's turn now to eastern kentucky, where more rain is hitting already-devastated communities. flood watches are in effect after entire towns were already washed out and the death toll has grown to at least 37, with fears that number will continue to rise nbc has exclusive access to the national guard and the rescue efforts. >> reporter: in eastern kentucky, flood survivors getting food, water, even diapers by air the national guard delivering supplies, including dhoonationst people cut off this main road was obliterated you can see there's a home down there tucked between the hills the roadway has been completely cut off. they need food and water, and this helicopter is going to
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bring it to them the deadly once in a thousand year flood destroyed bridges, ripped down power lines and snapped homes like toothpicks. overhead it's clear much of the water has receded, but the desperate searches continue. >> i don't think we still know how big the situation is it could go on for a couple weeks. it could go on for months. >> reporter: at least 37 killed. the death toll likely to climb among the lives lost, four children, all siblings the ghoefrn said they'll be fin finding bodies for weeks >> we aren't going anywhere. all right national guard already rescuing nearly 1,000 people by air, including an 83-year-old woman and her family trapped in their attic. >> reporter: kristy turner and her father-in-law were trapped on the porch when the waters ripped her home from the foundation >> i was just thinking how am i going to survive how am i going to not drown. >> reporter: 12,000 people
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remain without power, 25,000 without water and 44,000 under boil advisories. all as more rain continues soaking the legion, making cleanup for survivors even harder some areas hit with another round of flash floods. >> everything that's already been destroyed, it couldn't destroy much anymore >> our thanks to jesse for that report we head west to where the severe flooding is across southern california passed across across after roads were destroyed. in the san bernardino national forest, heavy rain caused mudslides. >> in northern california, two people have been found dead in a burned-out car, as the mckinney fire continues to rage 0% contained. it's the state's largest land
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wildfire this year, currently at more than 55,000 acres the forest service says a number of buildings have been destroyed and more than 4,000 structures are currently at risk. president squjoe biden has signed off on more aid for ukraine. it includes advanced missile systems for trucks it totals nearly $9 billion since russia invaded in late february lloyd austin already briefed the ukrainian defense minister about the aid on friday. brittney griner appeared in a russian court again today. her attorneys were expected to question an expert witness and intended to submit new evidence, though it's unclear what that new evidence is. the defense has petitioned the judge that griner's belongings be examined in court
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she's been held on cannabis charges since february 17th. in the past few days her case has seen a dramatic escalation on the diplomatic front. for the first time in the 246-year history of the u.s. marines, the u.s. senate has unani unanimously affirmed the first black general in the marine corps. he will head up u.s. african command overseeing all u.s. troops on the continent. is he a more than 35-year veteran of the corps he has served as general of fleet marine force atlantic and served in somalia and afghanistan. former president trump threw some last-minute confusion int today's missouri senate primary. in a statement, mr. trump gave his complete and total endorsement of eric. problem is, the republican
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primary race includes three erics. two quickly took credit for the endorsement. eric greitens was asked why he thinks he was the trump-backed eric >> i had a conversation with the president, and i thanked him for his endorsement. you've seen donald trump jr. came out and said we're all getting behind eric greitens >> we did reach out to mr. trump's team for comment they didn't provide any clarity. only saying that the endorsement speaks for itself. as midterm season heats up, candidates are using a new tool at their disposal, tiktok, to reach young voters hallie jackson takes a look. >> reporter: sure, you've seen the dances, the lip synch, the trick shots, but it's different type of content starting to trend on tiktok ahead of the midterm. political campaigning. >> this is the year we can find out if tiktok can affect the
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u.s. elections >> reporter: he's jumping on viral challenges and trending audio to get views and a message out. >> really, whatever is happening in the day, a lot of things i see on tiktok that i want to respond to but it's a blend of humor and wit and acceptability. >> reporter: take this for example. russell dropping it to remind people to register to vote, seen by 6 million people and counting you, labeled absolutely unhinged by one meme account with russell responding, campaign promise, less hinges. and he likes the back and forth with people. >> somebody who hears them respond and takes their concerns into a policy contest, it's very engaging for people. >> reporter: not everyone's so into this tiktok trend marco rubio is on attack about it, going after his democratic
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opponent, congresswoman val demings for her campaign videos on the app w a new rubio ad online accuses demings of posting despite major security concerns. and says rubio fights back against china, demings makes tiktoks. his campaign tells nbc every time demings shares a tiktok she irresponsibly encourages americans to use a platform that uses their personal information more vulnerable to china tiktok says all their user data is stored in the u.s. and backed up in singapore, not china >> and our thanks to hallie jackson for that report. more rain is in the forecast for kentucky and surrounding states michelle michelle grossmann is tracking all of that for us >> we'll see lots of lightning, really heavy downpours
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where you see the green is a flood wash in the red are flash flood warnings we're going to see them pop up the orange over there is a severe thunderstorm warning. we're seeing severe thunderstorms even at this hour. that's going to dissipate after sun rise and we'll see another round later today. can you see heavy rain moving in from illinois, ohio, into west virginia and we're looking at another round later on this afternoon. that's going to return to the upper midwest and the risks are for gusts up to 60 miles per hour, dagingma looking at the 90s, 90 in d.c. and 93 in richmond all right, we are tracking heat and looking toward 100 degrees by thursday in the northeast.
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get up to 70% off... must-have summer styles for the family... and stretch your budget like never before... more style. more savings. kohl's. ♪ ♪ leading the news in washington, a federal judge sentenced a convicted rioter who tried to storm the capitol on january 6 to more than seven years in prison. he was armed with a gun and zip ties in court he called himself an idiot and said he no longer wants to associate with militia groups deshaun watson will be suspended for the first six games. and the nfl has until thursday to appeal. sam brock has the latest >> reporter: at browns' practice, business is usual for
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deshaun watson, but off the field, shockwaves and disbelief after a disciplinary officer suspended the quarterback six games without pay. concluding he engaged in sexual assault and conduct that puts at risk the integrity of the nfl. 24 women, all massage therapists, filed civil lawsuits for sexual assault the testimony of four of them was concentrated on. and the ruling said the allegation of non-violent sexual misconduct are more egregious than any before reviewed bit nfl. online outrage i just don't think deshaun watson should play another game in the nfl another writing he got suspended for one quarter for every woman he sexually assaulted. that's insane. the nfl has three days to appeal >> one of the things they will likely do is see what the reaction has been.
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what are they saying on the sports talk shows? >> reporter: the final decision comes down to the commissioner every single case except one was settled. >> he wants to be the best version of himself >> reporter: watson and the players' union have stated they don't plan to appeal the decision and would like the nfl to do the same next on "early today," taking a big swing pga's record-setting prize pool. and elvis fans are all shook up at king's jewelry collection hits the auction block they just found out they can redeem rewards for a second honeymoon. romance is in the air. like these two. he's realizing he's in love. and that his dating app just went up. must be fate. and phil. he forgot a gift, so he's sending the happy couple some money.
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prize money this season. 200 items from elvis presley's personal jewelry collection are hitting the auction block in late august while there are in blue suede shoes, pricilla presley did provide rings, watches and more to the auction and austin riley has signed a contract a shark encounter ended up in adaring rescue, but not the kind you might be thinking of. beachgoers rushed to help a shark that was tangled in fishing wire making sure to snap a picture of it before releasing it back into the ocean. >> no fear, though >> in that case, it would be like sure you grabbed the shark. sure you did grab the sunscreen t.chelle has the forecas
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the hottest new restaurant in new york is strictly for cool cats, already a favorite for kittens everywhere, fancy feast is branch out into human food. the brand is opening up a new popup for two days it is an italian-style trattoria with a special menu dee signed fancy feasts chefs >> i'm not a cat person, but i don't get it from one cool cat to another let's bring in michelle grossmann with your forecast >> i love that hi there, guys we're heating up in the middle of the country 21 million people impacted wichita into minneapolis
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nothing cleans like dial. in today's top stories, california and illinois have joined new york in declaring emergencies over monkeypox it will help speed up vaccines and contact tracing. the white house has named a monkeypox coordinator. nearly all abortion are illegal in kentucky. an appeals court has re-winstatd
4:27 am
the state's trigger law. last month, a judge blocked the ban while a court decided if they violate the state's constitution planned parenthood's president called the order devastating and cruel. the ruling will go to the kentucky supreme court after backlash from people in the disability community, beyonce will chains a lyric in her song the word was not meant to be used in an interngsly harmful way, she said and will be replaced an australian traveler is not loving it after getting hit with a hefty fine for smuggling breakfast. it cost nearly $2,000.
4:28 am
darwin officials say a labrador is the one who sniffed out the contraband australia has beefed up biosecurity measures after an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease was detected in balai. you better finish it up before you leave the country. >> probably regrets not downing that in the plane. >> usually you do regret it right after you down that. >> in a different kind of way. >> exactly right this is hollywood's latest bromance, a match made in country-hip-hop heaven post malone posted a cover of brad paisley's "i'm going to miss her" on tiktok. it gain over 15 million views. and high praise for the icon himself. paisley commented that he liked malone's version better than his own. he said he quote, owes him a beer i love it, every time you get
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different genres passing over it's a hit two unforgettable people here a tennessee officer spotted this 84-year-old woman walking down a busy highway on her way to the hair salon to get a perm it was less than a mile ayaw who do you think you are? canceling plans, commanding a room, being your own biggest fan. who said you could do that? say no to settling, no to compromising. yes to getting all of the above. who? no, really. tell us. who do you think you are? oh, you're you. and tj maxx is where you can afford to be you to the maxx.
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right now at 4:30, stepping up the fight against monkeypox. california making a bold move to battle the that outbreak as vaccines continue to be scarce. covid re-infections are on the rise of the reason the experts say it is becoming more common than we think. another police officer arrested, questions and concerns raised about leadership at the top agency. this is today in the bay stream live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv and online. >> good tuesday


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