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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 4, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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provide affordable housing. >> how families trying to make it in the bay can get in on a chance at homeownership in one east bay city. >> testing hesitancy. the reason so many are reluctant to be tested for monkeypox. as cases grow and vaccines remain. this streaming live on roku, apple fire and live online. a very good thursday morning to you. so good to have you with us. i'm laura garcia. >> we'll check in with mike in just a moment. you remind us that patterns are changing as we head back to school. but we're still juicing the rest of summer. >> i know i am. there are kids heading back today. and it's a nice start to our morning in san jose. waking up to a clear sky. take a look at our trend for today. 8:00, it's at 68 degrees. lunchtime, it's already 84. we'll reach into the mid-80s
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today. and at times, it is going to feel quite humid out there. 91 in concord. notice our valley temperatures are still hitting the 90s today. but along the coast, comfortable 71 degrees in san francisco. we'll continue with these microclimates, and we'll talk about changes ahead for the weekend. mike has been keeping an eye on san jose. >> yeah, kari. where they had a crashed southbound side of 101. apparently a nice evening drive now through the bay bridge and no major problems there. as we look out toward the san jose area. the southbound side had the crash. but northbound side had the bigger backup. it's now starting to sort itself out for the normal commute pattern. everyone leaving the house in the next few minutes, should be just about the same. north of 680. a little bit of a hangup. that's the only usual part right now. 6:01 now. for people trying to make it in the bay, winning the lottery can get you into a home.
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but we're talking about a housing lottery. bob redell is in the area now accepting applications for newnew, below-market homes. >> reporter: good morning. hey, we're not immune to the housing crunch, like many cities in the bay area. but it does have developments almost ready for homeowners to move into. like this development behind me. the city of hayward is accepting applications for people who want to be included in the lottery for about [ inaudible ] long mission boulevard. the two- to three-bedroom homes are pricing between $170,000 and $3 07,000. to qualify, applicants can make up to $185,000, depending on the size of their household. there's too many people who want to buy homes and not enough inventory. by law, all california cities
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and counties have to plan for population growth in order to meet the state's plan for housing in the long term. but hayward's assistant city manager says construction costs are just one obstacle. red tape is another. >> i think anything we try to remove a lot of those barriers, anything we can do to try to bring construction costs down, will make it easier for developers to build housing. >> california needs to build 2.5 million homes by the year 2030, in order to address this housing shortage. and about a million have to be affordable for low-income households. to put the pace of construction in perspective, fewer than 600,000 homes were built over the last eight years. hayward isn't the only community with a housing lottery. to check availability, you can go online, log in to house keys
6:04 am >> nice program trying to help people out. latest streaming series. overpriced, overwhelmed, over it. watch the series on or on roku, amazon fire tv or apple tv. the latest weekly jobless numbers right now. americans filed 260,000 new claims last week, approaching the highest levels since last november. and that was up 6,000 from the week prior, mostly in line with estimates. another 1.4 million filed continuing claims this. is all ahead of the latest monthly jobs report coming out tomorrow. and those new numbers come out as americans are feeling the pain of inflation at the gas pump, at the grocery store, while we're back-to-school shopping, so many other places. but the white house has a plan to provide some relief, though it's hitting a snag. today, live on capitol hill, to
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talk about why this is a political tug-of-war. good morning, jay. >> reporter: it really is a back-and-forth. good morning to you, kris. and as you talked about, those job numbers coming out tomorrow, usually a key indicator about the economy. a lot of family members will tell you, i don't need any are in data. i am seeing realtime, the effects of this staggering inflation. >> reporter: as prices and frustrations continue to climb, a new federal reserve report shows u.s. household debt has increased to a record $16.15 trillion. >> i'm not able to sleep, you know, thinking about what is going to happen tomorrow. we have to work more. and the prices every time are getting higher and higher. >> reporter: many families, swiping a lot more to get by. "card debt, up 13% the last year. biggest jump in two decades, opening 2 million new accounts,
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the most since 2008. the white house continuing to push through for passage of the inflation reduction act. >> this will cut many of the biggest costs. >> reporter: getting a boost from the new congressional budget office, that the measure would reduce the deficit by more than $100 billion over the next 10 years. >> it doesn't reduce inflation. >> reporter: republicans argue the bill is bad for business and working americans. >> they will absolutely devastate american manufacturing and impose tax on people with modest income. it's a very bad plan. >> reporter: as debate continues on capitol hill, so does the struggle for many families, looking for any way to make ends meet. >> yeah. and for many of those leaning more heavily on their credit cards now. they're paying a high interest
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rate. 17.4%, the average right now. and unfortunately, it looks like, according to analysts, that number is likely going to continue to climb. >> all right. thank you so much, jay. we know you'll track it for us. 6:06 now. construction is now halted after protestors clashed with police. protestors yesterday morning,vandalized. a sheriff's department drone with some of the chaos on video. school leaders are planning to create what they say is badly needed to counter the 16-story development. >> very frustrating that right now, we are unable to proceed with urgently needed housing that is going to benefit our students, the people of berkeley,unhoused people in berkeley. all because of people engaged in unlawful, violent behavior today. right now, there is no time line on when preliminary work will resume. the state senate is forming
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a new select committee for the monkeypox outbreak, with san francisco scott wiener as its chair. lawmakers want to make sure the state's response is effective and adequately funded. they also hope to boost the availability of vaccines and testing, starting with an oversight testing. now number more than 1,000. the bay area has the most cases, 400. doctors say few people are getting tested for monkeypox, which involves obtaining a swab from the lesion. and maybe some say it has the reputation of the gay disease. >> it's hard for people to come say, hey, i want a monkeypox test. because by that statement, you're saying, i am worried because i did x and y activities and you're worried about potential judgment. >> experts say do not allow the fear of getting monkey pox stop
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you from getting vaccinated. we are keeping track of how monkeypox is across the state. and includes information about the virus, the symptoms, how it's spread, and vaccine information as well. head to and you can also search faq. firefighters are starting to get some control. evacuation orders are now being downgraded to warnings in some areas. the mckinney fire has burned about 58,000 acres. four deaths are now being tied to the fire. as of last night, station park to rain tuesday night. some of those same storms triggered major flooding, triggering at least one major highway to shut down in the region. shooting for a burn scar area. about one hour south of south lake tahoe.
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leaving 189. at least one home and one business were damaged by debris. no word yet on when highway 89 will reopen. let's. >> rain, flooding. >> and even some of the mountainous areas, where we've had rainfall. a lot of issues here, all brewing up from the monsoon moisture. and the remnants of a tropical system. you can almost see it surging up there. take a look at those lightning strikes they also had in the sierra, as we went through yesterday afternoon. so those storms really fired up and kind of fell apart really quickly. but in its wake, it did leave a lot of damage. as we wake up this morning, still feels humid. and temperatures are in the 60s to start. but it's such a beautiful sunrise, as the clouds help paint the colors in the sky. and we'll see temperatures in the upper 60s here throughout today. but there's still a wide range in temperatures. so we get a look at all of our microclimates coming up. mike has a look at where we can
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find lower gas prices. >> lower bay area prices with the help of our friends at gas buddy. and mobil at the top here. $4.99 a gallon. it's at the top, but the lowest price. and san mateo, arco on delaware. and sunnyvale, alliance on saratoga road has gas for $5.09 a gallon. these are all great prices. i see gas prices a lot higher, so i'm glad we check those charts. unusual part of the south bay. unusual slowing for 101 north clearing up. but 187, there's a crash reported at kerner. maybe a late report because the traffic is recovering through that stretch. across the stretch. a little volume builds but nothing unusual at san mateo bridge. 6:11 now. house leaders growing wary of a potentially busy flu season. ahead, the new surge in the
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southern hemisphere that may be a bad sign for us this winter. and with school nearly back in session. heads up for those looking to upgrade wardrobes maybe? new delays for upcoming store rollouts. and the work-around you might need. big rally on wall street. and some people kind of cracking up over a situation at a restaurant. we'll take a look. let's take you out to the futures this morning. oh. we've just almost had it unchanged there. like for a second. you almost never see that. it's like a slight loss in the dow on the open. choik chocolate chip cookie mean a whole lot to me. >> you gotta love cookie monster. this morning, we're breaking down and talking about national chocolate chip cookie day. plus, where you can score some r free. r free. fo
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good thursday morning. the time is 6:15. as we get a look at santa rosa. you're walking out the door at 57 degrees. it does feel humid out there. skies are clear. we'll see a lot of sunshine as temperatures heat up quickly this afternoon. we are still looking at a wide range in temperatures across the bay area. we'll check that out in the forecast coming up. just seconds ago, the metering lights were activated at the bay bridge.
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not enough to fill in the community lights. and a toll plaza. we're not looking at light traffic at the toll plaza itself. good morning. very happy thursday to you. tesla shareholders will get the vote on whether to split the stock into three. so instead of going for $900 and change, it would go for $300 and change, making it more affordable. wal mark -- walmart, rather, says issue it will let go of about 200 corporate employees. 260,000 americans seeking help with unemployment last week. that number is ticking up from all-time lows. tomorrow, we get the monthly jobs report, the one with the unemployment rate, which is also at historic lows currently. a strong jobs report would justify the recent rally on the stock market. but wage growth could inspire
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the fed to raise rates even further because they are a sign of inflation. a reminder, inflation isn't just a u.s. problem. the bank of england this morning hiked rates there to the highest level in 27 years. the head of the german shoe company, adidas, says the company has not decided whether to sponsor the liv golf tour. that is the golf tour paid for by saudi prince mohammad bin salman. critics accuse it of sports wash, making the kingdom look good, using sports. tiger woods reportedly turned down $800 million to play in the saudi league. well, take a look at this. cracker barrel offering plant- based breakfast meats from its impossible meats. and it's created quite the reaction on social media. fans on facebook writing things
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like, "send them back to gates. we don't eat in an old country store for woke burgers." joe wicker channeling his inner ron swanson saying, who do you think your customer base is? i still order the double meat breakfast and it's not even on the menu anymore. i'm kind of like joe. allison mcveganpants, which may not be her real name. [ laughter ] >> do you think? she married mr. mcveganpants. >> told people, they sell stuff that makes money. if nobody buys it, they take it off the menu and try something else. that is how capitalism works. >> it's just a breakfast sausage. >> you can order it or not order. it is purely optional. >> thank you, pat. for parents everywhere with kids who grew over the summer. back-to-school shopping may have a few extra hurdles this year. experts say this year's fall styles are taking more time to
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arrive, due to supply chain issues. and for parents trying to keep a budget in mind, they say start with shopping your closet for what still fits. >> of course. everyone may be looking to upgrade their wardrobe a little bit. here are tips from one clothing designer. >> there's this idea that every season, you have to buy something new, from head to toe. but pick in one or two pieces. invest in those pieces. research where you can find the best value for the piece you really want. >> you can watch the full interviews coming up on "the today show," right after "today in the bay." cookies and milk are a match made in heaven. but today, we're celebrating a batch made in heaven. >> chocolate chip cookie day. the world famous cookie was created more than 80 years ago. she ran the tollhouse restaurant. and her first recipe appeared in a 1938 cookbook.
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offering sweet savings to celebrate. famed jacques torres' website is offering 15% off. lenny and larry's, you can get 25% off until tomorrow. you have to use a code there. and levain bakery are offering free cookies for eight and 12 packs. you must use a checkout code there as well. on twitter. i'm asking, what is your favorite cookie, even if it's not chocolate chip? take a look. chocolate chip, the overwhelming favorite. oatmeal raisin coming in second. making me and mike winners, too. that's our favorite. >> or, yeah. double chocolate got the least. how do you guys feel about double chocolate? >> i love it all. we have been talking about it today. there's cookie monster and then laura. two biggest lovers of cookies. >> you better get him out of my
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way. >> you can hear him, nom, nom, nom. >> we should have switched dads. because i grew up with a dad who worked for nabisco. he smelled like oreo frosting. >> i'm hungry. >> warm and soft chocolate chip cookies to me, please. you can deliver them to the station and i'll be very happy. let's get you started this morning with a look at our very sweet sunrise, as we take a look from dublin. and it's been beautiful, bright and colorful as we start out this morning. first day of school in antioch. make sure you're ready to pose for those first-day-of-school pictures. temperatures start out in the low 70s. and headed for the upper 80s. tell be warm this afternoon. pickup time, you'll have the air conditioning blasting in the car or for the bus if
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they're headed home. and san jose, we're reaching up to 87 degrees. low 90s once again for some spots in the east bay, reaching 92 in wal mought nutcreek. and hayward, reaching 79 degrees. 78 for a high in san mateo. and san francisco in the upper 60s. north bay, we're ranging 60s near the coast to 102 in uky a. it's going to be hot. we're starting to see some slight shifts but that surge of monsoon moisture continues, as we see that high pressure kind of pushing it our way, over the next few days. san jose, it will be cooler by the end of the weekend. but it hasn't been too bad here. and we've seen our temperatures only changing to slightly, over the past several days. the humidity has been the factor. and it will start to feel a little bit dryer, as we go into the next few days. while san francisco will continue to see highs in the upper 60s. mike, how is it looking now for the commute? >> traffic closed very smoothly across the bay.
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that's great news, as folks are traveling through the bay area. oh, my goodness, my maps are not activated in the spots i wanted to. we'll still talk about this. smooth drive across. san jose, here we go. this is what we wanted to show you, traffic has started to back up. early crash in the key did cause a distraction for the northbound side. again, things are recovered. there may be another crash at oakland road. i'm watching that stretch very closely. the earlier crash at curt ner. earlier extended a bit. now we're in the green zone for much of the silicon valley. and much of the day, antioch starting schools. there may be a later start for parents. but it's already slowing through pittsburgh. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 6:23. warning about the flu this winter. winter. the sue happening rg
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stomach pain and bleeding or bruising. blood clots that can lead to death have occurred. tell your doctor if you have pain or swelling in your arms or legs, shortness of breath, chest pain, and rapid breathing or heart rate, or if you're nursing, pregnant or plan to be. every day matters. and i want more of them. ask your doctor about everyday verzenio. new this morning. new fears of a potentially heavy flu season because it's already surging in australia, for the first time since the pandemic started. what's more, infections there started earlier than normal. and the cases are more severe, with flu exposure down over the last two flu seasons. immunity may be waning as well, so the cdc is already bracing for a possible aggressive flu season here, based on what is happening down under. moving forward on masking mandates. what you need to know if you're catching a train or bus this
6:27 am
morning in one bay area county. an outbreak in napa county.
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. year to year. we have zero to 2 cases a year. when you see an increased number of cases, then it's important to see if there is a
6:30 am
point that could be contributing to these case. right now, stopping a deadly outbreak in the north bay. the rare bacterial disease making people sick. and the new clues about its possible source. and a recent string of random attacks. a suspect is now in custody. and we'll show you why that arrest will provide relief for at least one victim. gas prices on the kind of rule we can all get behind. how much more it is expected to fall. in this "today in bay," streaming live on roku, apple fire tv and live. thank you for starting your morning with us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm kris sanchez. markets start with the day off. meteorologist kari hall tracking that as we head closer to the weekend. looks beautiful. >> sunrise is so nice this morning. yesterday, we couldn't see it because of the fog. now, it's all clear as you wake up and head out in san francisco. but we haven't yet been able to
6:31 am
shake the humidities. we are starting out with temperatures in the low 60s. we're headed for the upper 60s today. and it will feel mug nesome spots. but take a look at the range in our highs, reaching from low 70s in san francisco to upper 80s in the trivalley. even 94 and livermore, and the north bay, upper 80s this afternoon. a little cooler for the weekend. we'll talk about that and some events going on. but mike, the wait has arrived. >> the long wait for the wind. i couldn't let you outdo me with the sunrise. >> okay. >> we took that. also, the traffic rise. the bay bridge filling in quickly now. in fact, we're almost seeing all the lanes filling in, as we have this live shot. we're look at no major surprises, good volu the arrows showing you a typical response time. smooth flow of traffic for the rest of the day, as we're looking toward areas of the south. earlier crashes of 101 and 87.
6:32 am
looks like most of those have cleared up. 101 at oakland road, still looking for any information, because it does look like a little more slowing there. back to you. >> we'll check back with you. deadly outbreak of legionnaire's disease. nearly a dozen people have become sick. and health leaders have zeroed in on the source of the outbreak. ginger. >> you'd like to think we would get a break after monkeypox and covid. health officials get two a year. but it is considered an outbreak in napa county. one man lost his life. three are still in the hospital, while eight have recovered. health officials have zeroed in on the source. they identified a large air conditioning unit on the roof of the embassy suites napa
6:33 am
valley. and it had traces of legionella. that is the bacteria that causes legionnaire disease. they believe this put 12 people in the hospital over the past three weeks. and as i mentioned, one man in his 50s, has died. napa health officer cavin velucia says none of them were guests at the hotel, but instead, neighbors who lived around the area. the bacteria can contaminate up to a mile. it is important to note. it is not spread through person- to-person contact. and can be treated with antibiotics, if caught early. you contract it by breathing in small droplets of water in the air that contain the bacteria. doctors tell us, people over 50 with underlying health conditions are considered at higher risk. >> these air conditioning units do aerosolize the units.
6:34 am
and people downwind from a cooling tower could be at risk. >> there are ways to decrease your risk for legionnaire's disease. regularly disinfect water systems, like showers, cooling systems, hot tubs. check levels of disinfectants and other chemicals in your hot tubs. and there are no vaccines for legionnaire's disease so it is important to keep that disinfection. the hotel is still open and operating. they are still testing other water sources in the area for further spread. we reached out to the embassy suites company parent company hilton and have not heard back. kris and laura. >> it is so interesting. especially in light of covid and monkeypox, now this. moving you forward with covid protocols, speaking of which, as new infections continue. marin's largest transit agencies have no plans to reintroduce mask requires. that means no masks on smart, golden gate transit or marin
6:35 am
transit are required. county health leaders say for the past two months, 100 new cases are being developed every day. bart police are investigating a stabbing on the train last night. officers investigated the stabbing at the train station. the victim did not suffer life- threatening injuries. and the station is reopen this morning. very scary there. also, san francisco police saying very little about yesterday's deadly shooting that happened on a muni bus. this happened after 4:00 p.m. one person died. a second person was injured. so far, police have not made any arrests. happening today, san jose police will make more on the series of recent pellet gun shootings. officers arrested nicholas montoya. police tied him to at least seven random pellet attacks. one of whom was a 15-year-old girl walking near valleyfair
6:36 am
mall. she later spoke to nbc bay area, while she was still in the hospital. >> it collapsed my lung almost collapsed my heart, broke my lung and caused interpial bleeding. a judge hearing arguments on whether to unseal records in the kristin smart murder case. four news groups in the associated press are requesting the release of those documents. and it comes in the murder trial of going on in salinas. paul flores is accused of killing smart at a party in 1996, while both were freshmen. his father is also on trial, and he is accused of helping his son dispose of smart's body, which still has not been found. a live look now. this is a look at san jose's coleman avenue. regular unleaded. look at that, $5.53, $5.59.
6:37 am
not bad. if you ever fill up on goes, you are probably noticing it is down. national average is $4.13 a gallon, marking the 51st straight day of decline. down from a high of over $5 in mid-june. that's what we're seeing in the bay area. analysts say global demand for oil is falling. prices may actually keep moving lower, provided there are no major unexpected disruptions. taking a live look at the san francisco bay, gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous this morning. if you are planning on getting out and enjoying our beautiful bay area sites, where, kari has your forecast. >> there's a lot going on this weekend. we're going to kick it off tomorrow in redwood city, with music on the square. as you're getting your spot and enjoying that live music. it's going to be in the low 70s. but make sure you have a jacket. because it will be cooling off as we go into the evening. we also have the nihonmachi
6:38 am
street fair in japantown. it's going to be great with a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures in the upper 60s. but we also have the outside lands going on. san francisco is going to be a popular place, as our highs reach into the upper 60s on saturday, it's also going to be very comfortable for those afternoon hours. if your weekend plans take you to the beach, and santa cruz is going to be really comfortable. topping out at about 70 just slightly warmer sunday. and for tahoe this weekend, just a heads up, there will still be a chance of storms tomorrow. we've seen them pretty much the past few afternoons. but it's going to be warm saturday and sunday, as we reach into the low 80s. but first, we have to get there. and mike is giving us a look at the commute. >> i don't want to get to the 80s. it will be warmer. my goodness. i handled the drop. and the giants will not drop any balls today.
6:39 am
all right. we're looking at 4:45 game. that means after work, you're probably going to run into after game traffic. keep that in mind as you're getting to the bay bridge. also, 7th street on-ramp to eastbound 80. as it has been all week. caldecott. with a little slowing. westbound, one of the borders will be closed overnight, maintenance. should be fine. the bay bridge toll plaza continues to build. all phased in now. a lighter, more gentle feel. but typical directions. smooth flow of traffic. but there is, indeed, another crash right there. north 101, around oakland road. >> that wasn't a drop. that was as toss. >> thank you. football fans across america. when the first nfl game of the season kicks off. tonight marks the first pregame season of the year. the hall of fame game. it's not the most exciting one. but it is a fun one.
6:40 am
yesterday, the raiders arrived in canton, ohio. the home of the hall. and for new raiders coach josh mcdaniel, this is the homecoming. he says this is the same field where his father was coached high school football. and where he stood on the sidelines as a little boy. >> it was a blessing that he allowed me to do those things. i would say, that is what i attribute my passion and love for to see that. >> the raiders will take on the jacksonville jaguars. kickoff is tonight on nbc bay area. we'll follow that up with a special edition of nbc news. cracking down on surprise airline cancellations and delays. coming up next. and the refund it may mean if your next flight faces trouble. some are criticizing democrats for what they're calling a cynical new low. take a look at that. to get to the big board.
6:41 am
and cooking pizza on a volcano? for realsies. we'll talk about what this guy is doing and explain where and why you might want to grab a slice.
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right now, it's 6:43. let's head over to the east bay, with a look at walnut
6:44 am
creek. we see a few clouds in the distance. but a beautiful color sunrise. and it's already warm. starting out in the mid-60s. and we're headed for another hot day here. but at least it won't be as humid. we're going to talk about the lowering humidity, and slightly cooler temperatures coming up. >> i like the sound of. that. look over here towards san jose. you might not like the sound of this. a couple of crashes have caused slightly different pattern for slowing. latest crash. we'll talk about this as well as what else might affect your commute for the next month. >> thank you, mike. a bombshell confession by conspiracy theorist, alex jones, on the witness stand, in his own defamation trial. jones admitted yesterday, the sandy hook school shooting rampage was 100% real. that admission would hardly raise an eyebrow for people. his info wars coverage maintained that the shooting was staged.
6:45 am
nbc senior reporter ben collins tells us today, that will undoubtedly hurt his defense, in the trial brought forward by sandy hook parents. >> he also said he had nothing to do with sandy hook coverage in the years after the event itself, 2012. it turns out, up until 2017 even, five years after sandy hook occurred, he was sending e- mails and contributing sandy hook coverage to infowars. >> ben collins will have more details on the latest revelations and the midtrial confrontation between jones and sandy hook parents. just into our newsroom, russian prosecutors are recommending wnba star brittney griner serve 9 1/2 years in prison. a verdict is expected later today. griner's lawyers maintain she had no criminal intent when she
6:46 am
arrived there with vape cartridges, containingcannabis oil. it's still possible a prisoner exchange will free her, also involving a russian arm dealer, now serving a lengthy sentence in the u.s. president biden offering condolences to the family of a u.s. congresswoman killed in a car crash. >> scott mcgrew joins us now. senator jackie walorski was one of the people killed in that crash. >> it happened in her home state of indiana. two of her staffers, also riding with her, as was the driver going the other way that wandered out of its lane. flags at the white house are at half staff this morning. representative walorski had represented south bend in congress for years. earlier in her life, she moved to romania, to establish a charity there to feed hungry children. president biden saying in a statement, in part, we send our deepest condolences to her
6:47 am
husband dean, to the families of her staff members, zachery pots and emma thompson. abortion rights this. one direct the department of health to consider using medicaid funds to be used to help women travel between states to seek abortion. that will likely be challenged in court. the order also strengthens a message washington has been sending to the states. hospitals that want federal funds have to provide women with life-saving care, like dnc, if their lives are in the balance. some hospitals have been resistant, worrying they could run afoul of local laws. justice department suing former trump trade adviser, peter navarro, because he has not turned over official government e-mails as required by any government employee. apparently he was writing them on a nongovernment e-mail
6:48 am
address. you may recall, washington frowns on private e-mail servers. the government say fist you are a government employee, you have to turn over your e-mails. and representative peter meijer. remember he lost his seat in the primary to a relative unknown. we now know, the democrats funded verycomplimentary ads to his opponent. gibbs is a self-described maga candidates. democrats didn't want to run against meijer. they thought if they convinced republicans to defeat their own guy, they would have a better chance. meijer is liked by many. and he voted to impeach donald trump. the "new york times" released a full editorial, calling it a cynical new low. to defeat moderate republicans
6:49 am
will not strengthen the nation. it will mean there is less chance for the emergence of leaders willing to call out and condemn wrongdoing by their own party. >> on facebook, you can join me. i'm at scott mcgrew tv. >> all right. thank you so much, scott. also new this morning. if you have a flight planned, know that you might have some rights if it is delayed or if it is canceled. the department of transportation is considering requiring airlines offer passengers a refund, if their flights are significantly delayed or canceled. the proposal would require a refund if departure or arrival time changed by three hours or more for domestic flights or at least six hours for an international one. it can also be issued if the airline changes departure or arrival airport oradds stop to your itinerary. it would also apply to
6:50 am
travelers who buy nonrefundable tickets. we just had this experience. our kid went to europe and we were able to get reasonable compensation because her flight was delayed. usually, when you order a pizza, right, you want it to be hot? no doubt this is a problem for one man in guatemala. >> david garcia wakes up at 5:00 in the morning and makes pizzas in a volcanic oven. the active volcano is located near guatemala city. he then sells it to hungry hikers. pretty good idea. for the full story. you can visit lx. on the air channel 11. >> our producer said he had it. it's a vibe, he said. >> he said in the afternoon, there's a woman that goes up and makes s'mores. >> doesn't it smell like ashes? >> that's what i said. he said he didn't remember that. >> okay.
6:51 am
>> he said it was for the vibe. [ laughter ] >> going to be a cheat day. >> we can start out early and go for a walk. >> nice and comfortable take a look at the sunrise directly into the camera. happy first day of school for kids in antioch. and you're probably getting ready to get up soon. wake up. we'll see temperatures in the low 70s. t-shirt weather. temperatures changing there to about 92 degrees. if you do still have a few days left of summer. head to the beach. it's going to be nice and cool there. in half moon bay, we're starting out in the upper 50s, and only reaching 65 degrees today. as we take a look at all of our
6:52 am
microclimates. it's really chilly. but also for the inland areas it's hot as well as humid. today, the humidity starts to come back down. tomorrow, we start to see the temperatures cooling off as well. we'll reach into the upper 70s and hayward and 82 in dublin. for saturday, it's going to be a great weekend for outdoor plans. in fact, just a touch cooler for san jose, reaching into the upper 70s. 77 in napa. and 68 degrees in san francisco. we're seeing the high pressure that has been very consistent, pumping in the monsoon moisture. that will continue for us next week. but for us, temporarily, the humidity is dropping slightly. inland areas, hot today low 90s. and upper 80s, it will cool off a little more for the end of the weekend into early next week. but really no major change here's in san francisco. it's cool this morning. but we could see a little bit
6:53 am
more fog for tomorrow morning. and mike, you were tracking that latest crash. >> we've had about three crashes. not major, but causing a problem. bad timing, bad location, north 101, here 680 has the slower drive, kicking in as volume builds. made a little worse for that because of a second crash. north 101 at oakland road. the other was on 87. that cleared without any problem right now. you'll see a build for 87 part kirtner soon. the rest of the bay, pretty standard pattern. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. it is 6:53 now. happening now, vector control teams are spraying, at the martinez waterfront due to an unusually high number of mosquitoes. got under way at 4:00 this morning. it's expected to last until 8:00 a.m. at 10:00, vector control will conduct similar spraying in sunnyvale, santa clara and san
6:54 am
jose. this was after infected mosquitoes were found in calabasas creek. next, a look at our top story that include deadly outbreak in the north bay. not monkeypox. not covid. a rare bacterial disease. making people sick there. and what we know about the
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
welcome back. we are moving you forward with a look at the top stories here on today in the bay. >> health leaders are monitoring a deadly outbreak of legionnaires disease in wine country. 12 people are sick. 1 man had died. it is believed the source has already been found. there is a large air conditioning unit on the roof of the embassy suites napa valley containing traces of the bacteria causing legionnaires disease. infections are not spread through person-to-person
6:58 am
contact. the biotics are available provided it is caught early enough. teams are still testing other water sources in the area. we have reached out to the parent company helton by email both of not heard back. the state senate is forming a select committee on monkeypox and san francisco representative scott weiner will charity. residents want to make sure the response is adequate and well- funded and they want to increase the ability of vaccines and testing. monkeypox cases are continuing to climb statewide, now numbering more than 1000. nearly 400 people have tested positive in the bay area alone. you can also see california has about 1/6 of all the cases nationwide. new housing construction is halted at people's park after protesters clash with police. protests erupted yesterday, where new 16 for student housing building is planned. drone video shows activists tearing down fences and
6:59 am
vandalizing some equipment. they call the park environment and green space it must be preserved. the school says housing is badly needed. right now, there is no timeline on when preliminary work will resume. new details on the massive wildfire burning knew the oregon border. firefighters are starting to get control and some evacuation orders are now being downgraded to warnings. the mckinney fire burned about 58,000 acres and 4 people died in those fires as a result of them. as of last night, it was 10% contained thanks in part to some rain that fell tuesday night. extreme heat is being felt from coast to coast also. coming up on today, covering the newest climate for millions of americans. into the low 90s today.
7:00 am
the good news is the humidity comes down just slightly and we will see a mix of sunshine and clouds into the weekend. san francisco waking up to sunshine. we will see more of that today. the father may be willing back in tomorrow is the highest estate in the upper 60s.'s neck a smooth drive. typical pattern on this map. we will resume over to antioch, where we are not seeing any slowin good morning. hot and dry, brutally high temperatures back in full force, set to shatter records and intensify drought conditions for millions. the warnings stretching across much of the country. al will tell us where that heat will be most intense and how long it will last this time. in the spotlight, the nation's largest gathering of conservatives getting under way with the crucial midterm elections right around the corner. straight ahead, the issues taking center stage. the speaker already courting controversy.


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