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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 5, 2022 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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breaking overnight it's happened again. a suv driving through a crowd at a parade details coming into the newsroom as we speak. more ahead brtney griner is sentenced to nine years in a russian prison can the state department negotiate her release. political break through. kyrsten sinema gets on board with a spending bill don't hold your breath, but
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we may be seeing good signs for the economy, including lower oil prices and a promising jobs report how a canine came to the rescue of a few adventure-seeking kids who put t their parents through the worry wringer. we beginning with break news from capitol hill. democrats on the brink of a major legislative win. kyrsten sinema signaled her support for the inflation reduction act, paving the way for the massive health, climate and spending bill to make it through the senate jay gray join us now from d.c. some change had to be made to get sinema on board. >> reporter: yeah, you're absolutely right they had to make a deal to move this thing forward senator sinema was against closing the so-called carried interest tax loophole. that's a measure that enables wealthy hedge fund and
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investment managers to pay lower tax rates. it's not clear what pore change m other changes may have been made but senator schumer says the main issues are still in tact, including climate change, and reducing inflation president biden called it a critical step to reducing inflation. while republicans say the legislation is frankly a joke. they say that it will take even by the democratsacknowledgemento cut the same amount of inflation our country has added every week in june. and that will tell you a little bit about how rough inflation has been now schumer says that they'll have the revised version of the
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bill ready for a rare saturday session. it will go through a procedural vote, and they hope to get this thing voted on and done by the august break with the support of sinema it now appears that will be the case >> okay, jay, we'll see how close they get to finding common ground, thank you. brittney griner has been sentenced to nine years in a russian prison after the verdict, her phoenix mercury teammates and the connecticut sun joined arms before their game, observing 42 seconds of silence in reference to griner's jersey number. and now, after this expected but crushing decision, high-stakes diplomacy is expected to kick off. >> reporter: caged in a russian court, brittney griner hearing the crushing verdict guilty of possessing and smuggling drugs, despite her emotional plea that it was an
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accident >> i had no intent to break any russian law. i made an honest mistake and i hope that in your ruling that it doesn't end my life here i know everybody keeps talking about political pawn and politics, but i hope that that is far from this courtroom >> reporter: the judge sentenced her to nine years, just short of a ten-year maximum and a roughly $16,000 fine >> i want to apologize to my teammates, my club, the fans and the city for the mistake that i maid and the embarrassment that i brought onto them. >> reporter: the wnba superstar was arrested in february with less than one gram of cannabis oil in vape cartridges she said it was a mistake after packing in a hurry her legal team will appeal saying the court ignored russian law. minutes later, president biden
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calling on russia to release her immediately so she can be with her wife, loved ones, friends and teen mates secretary of state blinken and lavrov in a dinner in cambodia but not set to talk about a prisoner swap. what would be your message >> we're counting on you to have that conversation and put these wheels in motion >> reporter: president biden has proposed trading viktor bout for gr griner and paul whelan >> he's lost a lot of weight he hasn't seen a doctor in a long time. >> reporter: the counter offer, send back vadim krasikov griner's last comment? >> i love my family. >> our thanks to andrea for that report an austin jury has ordered
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alex jones to pay $4.1 million to the parents of a child killed in the sandy hook massacre in 2012 jones repeatedly claimed on his info wars show that the shooting that killed him was a hoax >> today was an absolute vindication for the american legal system we're very pleased with the verdict thus far, and we look forward to present beiing the rt of the evidence >> the money would go to a charity in memory of the murdered boy >> a way to honor jesse is to know that with this money that's being disgorged from alex jones, school children across this country are going to be taught emotional social learning. >> the january 6 committee has requested the contents of alex jones' phone which was mistakenly handed over to the defense during the trial
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the house panel claims that he was involved in the planning of the capitol riot this is not the end of the trial. terrifying moments during an intertribal ceremonial parade in new mexico a suv crashed through the crowd. multiple people were injured and treated at the scene there have been no reports of spectators or parade participants hit by the car. there was a secondary report of gunshots, but no weapons were found in the suv an investigation is under way. a major development in the fatal police shooting of breonna taylor four current and former louisville police officers face federal charges, including civil
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rights violations and conspiracy. >> merrick garland said the officers' conduct that night led to taylor's death. >> we allege that the defendants knew their actions in falsifying the after date could create a dangerous situation and we allege these unlawful acts resulted in ms. taylor's death >> in the only previous charge, brett hankinson was found not guilty of wanton endangerment. right now there are 6,000 cases of monkeypox in the country, more than anywhere else in the world the declaration of a mhealth emergency comes after growing protests for the government to take more action and curb the spread of monkeypox. severe storms have battered parts of the east coast and more may be on the way. in washington, four people were hit by an apparent lightning strike in a park across from the
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white house. according to officials, two men and two women were rushed to hospitals with critical life-threatening injuries. secret service and park officers treated the victims before emergency crews arrived. and a waterspout in maryland turned into a tornado on land, damaging homes more than 50,000 people are without electricity after powerful storms ripped through the state. michelle is tracking all these storms for us. good morning >> good morning. we are looking at the chance for more severe weather in d.c. today. it's all due to the heat and humidity 53 million americans once again under a heat advisory. we do have an excessive heat warning in the pink there. temperatures soaring into the 90s and triple digits. not as extreme as yesterday but still hot. it will feel like 100 in
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salisbury, maryland. same story in d.c. it's going to feel like close to 100 degrees in new york city as we warm up in the midwest, temperatures feel like 107 in omaha, 106 in tulsa. the heat index in memphis feeling like 101 another hot weekend once again we're also watching the chance for severe weather in philly all the way to d.c norfolk, virginia, winds gusting up to 60 miles per hour. could see the chance of hail even and a hoe tlow tornado risk watching the chance for heavy rain, torrential downpours, what you get with summer-like storms across the midwest tomorrow, locally three to four inches is possible scattered storms as we head throughout the weekend on much of the east coast due to the cold front moving east with scattered storms developing in the afternoon with the daytime heating,s
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well daytime heating sparking the storms in the southeast. also looking at storms in casper and salt lake city showers and storms are in your weekend forecast for many in the east we'll take a look in just a minute she's not hold ing a poker face any longer. lady gaga is giving us a look into the highly-anticipated "joker" sequel she announced her casting in the movie. joaquin phoenix will reprise his oscar-winning role, but they make no mention of who gaga's character will be. the musical sequel will open in theaters 2024. >> musical, wow. japan is joining the white house in calling on china to end
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yeah, i know, right? see how much you could save by bundling with geico . new this morning we have an update on this week's election results nbc news projects kari lake has won the primary for arizona governor she is one of the candidates backed by donald trump she will face katie hobbs, who is arizona's secretary of state. it is concerning that her rivals are pushing false claims about election fraud, she says the u.s. is condemning china's military drills near taiwan pelosi was the first house speaker to visit taiwan in 25 year this morning she joined japan's prime minister during the last
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leg of her asia tour in tokyo. japan's leader called on china to end its military exercises, saying it threatens peace and stability of the region. one of the rarist baseball cards in the world got a record price. it's a t-206 honus wagner card from the early 20th century that sold for $7.25 million in a private sale that breaks the record for the most expensive baseball card ever sold. another honus wagner card held the previous record, fetching 6 the $6 million last year the angels' bats smacked today. shohei ohtani hit two. despite the homers, the angels fell, 8-7.
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a toss to ameer abdullah, and the season's first touchdown. >> that was me dancing around like that, too football is back the jaguars and raiders doing battle in this year's hall of fame game. las vegas was rolling all night long, prowling through the jacksonville defense it was too little, too late. the raiders get the first win of the 2022 preseason, 27-11 economists are watching two
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key indicators good morning >> hi, frances it's going to be a good report ju jobs growth is still strong in the united states, but there are some k some concerns of weakening and we've seen it in some of the unemployment numbers which are rising keep your eyes on walmart who has made announcements that they're going to lay off hundreds of workers. that's where the weakening is starting to come from. the markets are looking for 258,000, some way down from the 370 plus that we saw in june but right now, nobody says that this market is collapsing. it is just perhaps topping out the other number you talked about here is the oil story. of course we've seen the headline oil contract price come down we're now below $90 a barrel,
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and that is good news for the hard-pressed motorists i think we've now seen something like 50 days of prices falling at the pump. we now have a gas price that looks like it's heading back to an average of about $4 a barrel. so for anybody thinking of that long-drive holiday coming up, are you going to do a little better at the pumps than you would have done back in june, given the record-high price weisprices we saw then after the break, michelle has a look at our weekend wehe > d a police pooch saves the day for three young boys on a summer adventure eep your hybrid workforce in shape, you need more than technology. you need intel and cdw. we can custom configure pcs on the intel vpro platform. i can custom configure your abs. hardware based security and remote manageability let you monitor and protect devices. - this is so nice. - it's so nice. your mother is going to love her, by the way. oh boy.
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increased growth according to marine science, the northern and central parts of the reef have experienced recovery, while the southern part has reduced due to crown of thorn starfish outbreaks >> we could use those beach days >> we're looking at temperatures warm once again, especially in the plains also look at the chance of scattered storms throughout the east still scattered throughout the day, especially the afternoon with the daytime heating looking at a flood risk, too, in portions of virginia, west virginia, kentucky and tennessee. rain out west due to monsoon storms, and then by monday, storms in the northwest, could be severe. the flood risk does continue in portions of kentucky and looking at the heat returning. a quick look at that flood threat in kentucky through sunday >> have a great weekend.
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comfort. it all starts with snuggle. now to three young boys on a summer adventure they're safe and sound thanks to a hard-working k-9 pup >> reporter: when these three bo boyce ventured into the woods. >> we're going to do something fun in our lives >> reporter: but after a while, the fun became fear. they entered the woods behind otter branch road in magnolia,
4:27 am
following a creek. their grandmother got worried. >> once an hour had hit, i said to my husband we have to call the police they're not on any road. we can't see them anywhere >> reporter: so police from magnolia and other neighboring towns started looking. >> it was covered in branches and rubble, and it was fed by a sewer. so the sewer, like the runoff was in there, too. >> we had family members and friends out in cars looking for them in the wooded areas >> reporter: but what it really took was four legs and a good nose >> found numerous footprints, kids shoes she led us in the right direction. >> reporter: shiloh is used to this the bloodhound is trained to follow a scent, in this case, a blanket. she is often called to find missing kids or adults with dementia >> the sooner we can put the dogs in action, the better the outcome. >> reporter: this map shows
4:28 am
shiloh's entire trail from beginning to end, finding the shoes and eventually the boys, four hours and 2.8 miles later >> we come around the bind of the creek and there's these three kids standing there. >> thank god that the canine knows how to track >> we would be briprobably wouln there with flashlights all night long >> her reward is at the end of the trail. and then you're fine >> are you planning on going on any adventures >> no. >> not any ttime soon. >> reporter: and they can't, because they're grounded >> keep those adventures on the device what a story and an ending >> just amazing. talk about a feeding frenzy, check out this aerial video off
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