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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  August 7, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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today is like the hottest day ever. >> america. ♪ ♪ >> it's time for dodger baseball! good morning. welcome to "sunday today" on this august 7th. i'm willie geist. the coffee is on and strong this morning inside the united states senate, where members have been working all night on a piece of
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sweeping legislation. senators have been debating and voting on amendments to the comprehensive climate, health care and tax bill that would be a signature achievement for joe biden. republicans arguing it costs too much. we'll have the late nest a live report from capitol hill and talk to chuck todd just ahead. then, with former president trump speaking last night at a gathering of supporters who claim he won the 2020 election, our sunday focus is on the republican candidates who did win races across the country this week on that very platform. a look at the electoral appeal of the big lie and the future of the votes in america. plus, in our sunday spotlight, we step inside the metaverse, that virtual world where people like mark zuckerberg say soon we will all be living. and later, a sitdown with machine gun kelly, whose brand of pop punk has rocketed him to superstardom, as he plays to
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soldout arenas across the country. >> two tours ago, we were having to wake up at 9:00 a.m. to draw out custom flyers for each city just to post them around, just to sell an extra like hundred tickets so that when we took videos from the concert it didn't look like scattered emptiness, you know? >> he's come a long ways since then. a sunday sitdown with machine gun kelly. all later in the show. let's begin with the senate pulling an all-nighter to vote on amendments to the "inflation reduction act," which needs all democrats to pass. what is the latest? >> reporter: a lot of weary lawmakers and reporters in this building on a sunday morning. senators working all night and they're still going on
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legislation for democrats that's now on the brink of passage. this morning, democrats stepped from the finish line. >> the time is now to move forward with a big, bold package for the american people. >> reporter: after a long night on the senate floor. >> sorry, kind of late, but we'll have breakfast together. >> reporter: kamala harris breaking a tie for her party to pass this package. >> it's going to mean a lot for the families of america. >> the democrats' grab bag of bad ideas. >> reporter: republicans vowing to make this process hellish for democrats, offering problematic votes. >> the yays are 1, the nays are 99. >> the amendment is not agreed to. >> they wouldn't let you do this in professional wrestling.
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>> reporter: democrats undeterred. even as some aired grievances about provisions left behind. >> what i'm asking today is for all 50 members of the democratic caucus to come together and begin the process of addressing some, not all, some of the major crises facing working families. >> look, i wanted so much more. but you know what? this is a big deal. >> reporter: billions in climate and energy investment. prescription drug cost reduction. and deficit cuts. key features of the bill, but also politically popular with voters at a moment when some democrats hope the midterm landscape is shifting in their favor. a new memo from the house democratic campaign arm, obtained first by nbc news, says internal polls in more than two dozen battleground races show abortion access as a top testing negative for republicans. but republicans focused on this bill's political ripple effect.
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>> to the american people, in november, i hope you will remember this. help is not coming bypassing this bill. >> reporter: now, willie, the disconnect between those republican warnings and democratic promises, that will come to a head in november. but first, senators need to vote on this bill. it's expected to pass later today. and then the house has to come back to do their part on friday before it can go to joe biden's desk for signature. willie? >> still going strong there on capitol hill as she always does. ali, thank you so much. the passage of that legislation would cap an extraordinary week in washington that began with news of the death of the head of al qaeda. nbc's white house correspondent monica alba has more. monica, good morning. great to see you. >> reporter: willie, good morning. the white house has been in close touch with senate democrats throughout this process, coordinating with leader schumer all weekend long. and officials tell me they were very encouraged by the progress
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made saturday and overnight. the person most invested and optimistic remains the president. despite his outreach to lawmakers, he watched this unfold from covid isolation in the white house residence, but he tested negative yesterday and was waiting on a second negative result to travel after being positive for about a week from that rebound infection. this morning, he told reporters he's feeling great as he left for delaware, where he will be reunited with the first lady who he hasn't seen in more than two weeks. the two of them will visit kentucky tomorrow to tour the region damaged by storms and flooding. shaping up to be one of the most productive periods of his presidency so far. willie? >> monica alba, thank you so much. great to have you back. chuck todd is nbc's political director and moderator of "meet the press." so if a president had any week
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that began with the killing of al qaeda and ended with record unemployment, we would call that a week, but joe biden sitting in his 30s in his approval. you have democrats wondering whether he should run again, only saying he shouldn't. how is the white house feeling at the end oh of this week and looking ahead to the midterms? >> well, they're feeling really good. and not only that, there is a chip on their shoulder. they do feel as if they're not getting enough credit. they feel as if they're -- that they're sort of -- their leadership style isn't being given enough credit for the fact that, hey, he promised that there would be more bipartisanship in congress, and he's signed some big bipartisan pieces of legislation. he promised to do some big things on climate, and when it looked like it wasn't going to happen, which head to the demoralization of democrats with democrats, and he's going to get that. but part of this, you ask
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yourself, willie, the democratic party has never been in love with joe biden. they've always just sort of tolerated him. they've never -- you know, i think that's part of the issue. he's never been the first choice of democratic activists to be a nominee, to be the standard bearer. and so i do think that's what irritates sometimes biden folks. it's like he's constantly underestimated. he's constantly told he doesn't have this constituency, that constituency. they point at the scoreboard and say who's president? i do think that -- if i'm then, if they don't get a bump after all this, even a small bump, they've got to ask themselves if they will ever get one. >> yeah, the white house saying we beat donald trump less than two years ago, and you're looking for the next candidate. chuck, you have a lot to talk about this morning. great to see you. we'll look for more on "meet the press" when chuck is joined by stacey abrams from georgia.
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also, congresswoman nancy yates of north carolina and chris van hollen. this morning, the head of the international atomic energy agency is warning of a potential disaster at a nuclear power plant in ukraine. it is now in russian hands and heavy shelling could risk a radiation leak or worse. morgan, what's the latest? >> reporter: willie, good morning. we know that right now, there is a significant concern here. this plant, not just the largest in ukraine, but in all of europe. it's near the region of zaporizhzhia. it fell under russian control in march, but explosions have ignited fear and blame of a potential nuclear catastrophe. this morning, fears rising about the fate of ukraine's largest nuclear plant, now in russian control. and multiple blasts there during the fight having damaged high voltage wires, sparking concern
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about potential disaster. >> what we have in zaporizhzhia, what we have in ukraine, the situation is really, really volatile. >> reporter: the united nations nuclear watch dog saying every principle of nuclear safety has been violate. shelling making it too dangerous for inspectors to inspect the damage, ukraine accusing russia of using the plant near zaporizhzhia as cover, allowing russia to shell cities without retaliation. >> translator: this is the largest nuclear power plant on our continent, and any shelling of this plant is an act of terror. >> reporter: all this as russia keeps up its slow march in eastern ukraine. the fighting showing no signs of letting up. this town hit hard saturday. officials saying a rocket strike injured three and damaged up to 40 homes, as well as a
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kindergarten classroom. just an hour and a half from the frontlines, volunteers in this city collecting and creating whatever they can to help equip ukrainian soldiers. you're fighting for them? >> yes. they fight for me, i fight for them. >> reporter: now, as of this morning, u.n. officials say these reactors have not been damaged, but this could pose a real problem for ukraine, because the longer it remains in russian hands, the more they go without their main source of power. more than 50% of this country's energy stems from nuclear power plants. willie? >> morgan for us this morning. thank you so much. the conflict between israeli defense forces and palestinian militants is escalating this morning. israel killed a top commander of islamic jihad in an air strike
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overnight. a blast near a refugee camp in gaza killed at least six people, including four children. the israeli military is claiming a failed rocket fired from gaza is to blame. this is the third day in this round of fighting. today, make sure that you are looking for the warmer temperatures in the valleys back in the 90s. ead, the highs and lows of the week, including the moment when harry styles passed the mic at his concert to help a fan pop the question in
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front of a sold-out crowd. and the hold-your-breath, watch through your fingers video that went viral as a paraglider fights to open his tangled chute with the ground getting closer fast. up next, the focus on the political candidates who ran and won on the claim that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from donald trump. what their success could mean for the future of counting the votes. >> i will fight to secure elections so that when donald trump runs and wins again in 2024, everyone will know it's legitimate. >> it's all coming up on unday "s to flo, you're here. this pipe just burst on me. well, you bundled home and auto with progressive, so you have round-the-clock protection on all your stuff. like that cardboard tv. i told props to switch that out. okay, everyone, that's a wrap. [ bell rings ] wait, you faked this whole thing? i knew it was the quickest way to see you. i'm sorry, jon, but i'm already in love with insurance.
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nervive contains alpha lipoic acid to relieve occasional nerve aches, weakness and discomfort. try nervivenerve relief. former president donald trump was the headliner in dallas last night at the conservative political action conference, casting a four-day parade of speakers who claim to believe the 2020 presidential election was stolen from trump, despite evidence disproving it. that conspiracy theory has taken hold with some voters, as election denying candidates in arizona, michigan, and missouri won their primary races this week, with many more on the ballot in the weeks to come. nbc's vaughn hillyard has more in our sunday focus. >> there has never been an individual who was a greater threat to our republic than donald trump. >> reporter: in a new campaign
6:19 am
ad for liz cheney, stunning words from a former vice president, her father, dick cheney. >> he lost his election and he lost big. i know it, he knows it, and deep down, i think most republicans know it. >> reporter: but this week, some republicans embracing the big lie even running on the issue -- >> donald trump won. >> reporter: are winning. across america, election deniers, pulling off major primary victories in all levels of government. the latest, kari lake, winning her republican prime minister for arizona governor. the platform, desert fieing the 2020 election and arresting elections officials. just days before the election, she claimed fraud in her own race, without evidence, knowing she may lose. >> so you know about a crime and yet you're not -- >> i'm not telling you about it. >> reporter: but she won and
6:20 am
declared victory. in michigan, pennsylvania, illinois and maryland, each responsible for certifying their state's 2024 presidential results. and this tuesday, potentially another in all-important wisconsin. >> we are going to have election integrity here in wisconsin! >> reporter: trump's pick is running against a republican endorsed by former vice president mike pence. since certifying biden's 2020 win, a target of scorn. >> a guy we used to like, named mike pence, endorsed my opponent. >> reporter: republicans also nominating secretary of state candidates, and attorneys general. >> i will fight to secure elections so that when donald trump runs and wins again in 2024, everyone will know it's legitimate. >> reporter: trump allies also winning key u.s. senate primaries in pennsylvania, ohio, georgia, missouri, nevada, north
6:21 am
carolina, and arizona. >> if you had been in the u.s. senate, would you have objected to the 2020 certification? >> i believe what hawley and cruz did was right. >> reporter: congressman peter myer voted to impeach trump after the capitol attack. this week, he lost to a trump-backed challenger, john gibbs. >> any leader of any organization has to have a certain amount of loyalty from the people. >> reporter: in just ten days -- >> the people of wyoming are going to tell her, liz, you're fired! get out of here! >> reporter: liz cheney's political fate on the line, the co-chair of the january 6th committee, who has made the case against the former president, is facing off against a trump-endorsed prun. >> we're fed up with january 6th commission. >> reporter: with 2024, chaos causing implications. >> and vaughn joins me now. good morning.
6:22 am
good to see you. you covered those races in arizona so closely. you know some of these candidates would go back and desert fie the results of the 2020 election. if elected, what power would these officials and others have to influence the vote as we move forward? >> reporter: yeah, just take secretaries of state. they're the ones in charge of running their state's elections and making sure they're fair and accurate. we saw in 2020 these secretaries of state come under pressure to find the voter fraud. brad rathlisberger, the republican secretary of state in georgia. you recall he received that phone call from donald trump pressuring him to find enough votes to give him the win over joe biden in the state despite that not being a reality. the republican stood up and defended his state's elections there. when you're looking by law, by statute, it's governors who are
6:23 am
also the ones in charge of certifying their state's election results before those vote results are sent to washington, d.c. to be counted as part of the electoral college vote, with i is that process we watched play out on january 6th. >> as you pointed out, some of these candidates saying there was fraud in the election that i just won. it's getting very confusing. vaughn, thank you very much. coming up next here, a sunday sitdown with machine gun kelly, who is selling out arenas with songs from his second consecutive number one album. we'll revisit our fascinating and at times uncomfortable conversation. and one of the famed navajo code talkers, who helped the united states to win world war ii. and our photo of the week. comedian and veterans advocate jon stewart hugging a woman rosy torres, whose husband suffers
6:24 am
from serious illness, because of his exposure to burn pits in iraq. with republican senators wavering, stewart traveled to washington to persuade them. the legislation passed the senate with 86otes. v ♪ it wasn't me by shaggy ♪ you're never responsible for unauthorized purchases on your discover card. so with geico, we can easily bundle home and car insurance and save even more? yeah, home, car, motorcycle, all bundled together. just like that breakfast burrito. so, can i get chorizo? uh, yeah, uh, metaphorically, yeah. carnitas! just chicken — just give me a bunch of chicken. or bacon? oh wait, there isn't too much hot sauce, is there? i have a — sensitive palate. i actually like hot sauce. can i get chips? how 'bout guacamole? i don't really know what we're talking about anymore. burritos! insurance! (chuckling) ok.
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vote yes on 27. good morning, and thank you for joining us on this sunday, august 7th. i'm kiara clapper. investigators are looking into two shootings in downtown oakland that left three dead and two others injured. and one shooting happened on webster street to put a man in the hospital and police say he is in grave condition with life it theren in - threatening
6:27 am
the hospital in stable condition, and police are looking for the shooters and also a possible motive. leaders are looking to a solution for violence against elders. the group justice for asian elders will look to have justice in elder housing. the organizers also want to hold a town hall within the next few days with the sspd chief to address the recent violence. the march is going to start at washington square park in san francisco at 11:30. crews battling the mckinney fire near the oregon border are making progress. cal fire updated the containment from 30% to 40%. bay area firefighters are up there along the border helping out. so far, the burns have burned more than 60,000 acres and destroyed at least 87 homes.
6:28 am
four people have died. let's check in with meteorologist rob mayeda with the forecast. >> we are waiting for the sunrise with the partly cloudy skies. you see the fog and the low clouds in san francisco, and just like yesterday, the patchy fog will clear in the bay and for all of the outdoor fan, looking for numbers close to 70s in oakland and san jose and warmest temperatures today out toward fairfield, and morgan hill, and san martin, and upper 70s for the bay. not much change in the forecast until tuesday, where there is going to be some higher clouds, and the monsoonal rains return. and valley highs back into the 80s and briefly touching low 90s this week, and trending to cool again next weekend.
6:29 am
it is going to be comfortable for all of the outdoor plans, and then turning warmer for the rest of the week. >> looks beautiful, rob. and for more of theday in the bay, we will have the crisis in focus. the lawmakers are voting on new legislation toed a -- to address climate change, and we will have a full forecast coming up in about 30 minutes but for now we send you back to "sunday today" with willie geist. hi, i'm eileen. i live in vancouver, washington and i write mystery novels. dogs have been such an important part of my life. i have flinn and a new puppy. as i was writing, i found that i just wasn't as sharp and i new i needed to do something so i started taking prevagen.
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i realized that i was much more clear and i was remembering the details that i was supposed to. prevagen keeps my brain working right. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. ♪ ♪ ♪ mess it up, take my life, dress it up ♪ ♪ sign the deal, i got paper cut ♪ ♪ ♪ that is the hit song "paper cut" off of machine gun kelly's latest album "main stream sellout," which debuted this spring at fuller one on the billboard 200 charts. it's the follow up to the 2020 album "tickets to my downfall"
6:31 am
which spent more than year on that chart. mgk started as a rapper. the first, in fact, to win amateur night at the apollo theater. but he went punk, writing and singing about his complicated life, on a record that launched him to superstardom. machine gun kelly and i got together in brooklyn last year for a memorable sunday sitdown. >> new york city! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ i sold some ticket ♪ >> on a warm night last september, the sky above new york city was lit up by a rock star. ♪ ♪ fans providing backup vocals for another soldout stop on machine gun kelly's "tickets to my downfall" tour. it is an ironic title, given his world rise since the album came
6:32 am
out in 2020. >> when i started touring, they knew half of our songs. and for me to stand there and be like, and this next song is called -- and it plays. and everyone sings it, that was always the dream. so i'm living the dream right now. ♪ ♪ >> but off stage, where the rapper turned pop punk rocker goes by his birth name collison -- colson baker, we met a man who didn't appear to be enjoying the dream. what does it feel like to be in the middle of this amazing storm? >> probably like the hardest storm in a hurricane. >> he was, at times, confrontational. >> do you want to take a break, guys? >> i just don't know what you want me to do?
6:33 am
you have to ask better questions. >> and others, funny. >> cash is just like -- >> and eventually, open about his discomfort with the spotlight at the top of the music world. on stage last night, you said, i've got so much going on in my mind right now. what did you mean when you said that? >> i'm just losing my feeling on how to do human, and i'm so busy trying to block out my demons with jobs on the -- i'm getting sick of like wearing a smile, because i just don't have anything behind the smile any more. and i hope you keep this section on here. i was like, i'm going to bring how i actually feel, not just in music. ♪ i got something scary for you ♪
6:34 am
>> 32 years into a life lived largely on the edge, baker uses his music to fight demons like anxiety, substance abuse, and the recent death of his father. ♪ ♪ ♪ just don't feel right without you ♪ >> a marked departure from four well-received hip-hop albums, "tickets to my downfall" followed up by "main stream sellout" has made machine gun kelly something of a pop punk star. ♪ i'll never fall in love, and then you show up ♪ >> you have made this incredible leap from hip-hop to oh, my gosh, you tried punk and it's the number one album. >> i don't try punk, i am punk. >> was there any hesitation or fear about playing punk? >> not one. it streaks me as odd that people
6:35 am
even associate that as a transition with me as if i didn't come out with a six-inch mohawk on my first album. ♪ ♪ >> baker's hard-core machine gun kelly persona started in cleveland where he was raised. first by his missionary father. then by his aunt. and ultimately, baker says, by the votes. >> i actually think the people that i was supposed to look up to didn't do the right job and actually put me down and suppressed my dreams and all the people that you're not supposed to be around were the ones that really lifted me up and, like, filled my heart with love and gave me a protection that a family couldn't. ♪ ♪ ♪ just a couple of kids from the east side ♪ >> baker's hip-hop hopes grew in high school, where the young
6:36 am
emcee made a name among himself moving mixed tapes among classmates. by 19, baker was a father himself to a daughter. and by 21, he was signed to diddy's bad boy records. >> two tours ago, we were having to wake up at 9:00 a.m. to draw out custom flyers for each city, just to post them around, just to sell an extra like hundred tickets. so when we took videos from the concert, it didn't look like scattered emptiness. >> a decade after making his own flyers -- >> you sure you're not uncomfortable being watched like a fish tank with all these people? >> machine gun kelly has no problem drawing attention. ♪ ♪ especially for his high-profile
6:37 am
relationship with actress megan fox. the couple announced their engagement earlier this year. ♪ ♪ the bigger you get, the more popular your music is, the more people want to know about your personal life and talk about megan and everything else. how do you begin -- >> i would want to talk about megan, too. [ laughter ] >> i don't blame anybody for that. ♪ ♪ >> do you feel yourself, i don't know if growing up is the right term, but changing, evolving? >> i don't ever want to grow up. maturing and becoming a better me is absolutely first on my agenda. it's like when i walked in at the beginning of this interview and i was like, i don't want to be here, because i feel lost
6:38 am
today. it's okay to be lost. >> yeah. >> because there's some days i wake up and i know exactly where i am. ♪ ♪ >> machine gun kelly is out now on his main stream sellout tour. don't forget to subscreen to the sunday sitdown podcast to hear the fell interview with machine gun kelly. sit a real journey that ends with us hugging it out. you can find our conversation on apple podcast or wherever you get yours. and next week, a favorite sunday sitdown with academy award winning ariana debose on her path from broadway, to absolutely cleaning up during this year's award season for her performance in steven spielberg's "west side story." ariana
6:39 am
>> in oakland with the first pitch coming up at 6:07 with the first pitch coming up in morgan and fairfield, the temperatures should hold through tuesday and warmer wednesday and valley highs into the 90s later this week. ahead on "sunday today," our highs and lows of the week, including a pair of kentucky icons, one a music star. the devastating floods there. but up next, ourmetaverse. what is it exactly and why where what is it exactly and why where so many compiesmanninan ♪ if you're always asking, “where next?"...
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capital one has the travel card for you: venture x. earn 10x miles on hotels and 5x miles on flights booked through capital one travel. plus receive premium travel benefits, like access to over 1300 airport lounges. find your “where next?” with venture x. what's in your wallet? last fall, mark zuckerberg announced facebook would change its name to meta, saying from now on we're going to be metaverse first, not facebook first. while there may have been some name changing pr at play during a time of intense criticism of the company, it's clear zuckerberg believes the future will be virtual, and his is just one of many major companies going meta. in our sunday spotlight, nbc's
6:41 am
gadi schwartz reports on the effort to make the virtual closer to reality. ♪♪te beyond the commercials and movies and video hyping up a digital future, there is a truly remarkable fact. after 2.6 million years on earth, humans have begun to build a completely alternate universe. welcome to the metaverse, the internet's 3-d iteration. for now, limited to a few games and platforms, the developers think it could be a gathering. if this looks or sounds weird, i promise you it gets weirder when you put on a headset. developers have been hard at work to make sure you see the virtual self is a full body experience. what is we want to do is capture your whole body so you are physically present in this
6:42 am
metaverse world. >> reporter: what chris harrison and his team in pittsburgh so this is really about touching. this is touching the metaverse. >> we're letting other people work on the looking. we're trying to i like, okay, so here's -- here are my hands. it's right in the soft spot. >> reporter: somewhere in the form of puppet-like gloves -- >> i can feel the confoutours o his face. oh, it's raining on my lips. what is going on? >> the receptors on your lips are feeling the pressure from the ultrasound speakers. >> you're touching my lips with sound? >> yes. we're putting sound waves on
6:43 am
your lips. do you want to try the other demo? >> reporter: with sight, touch, and hearing activated, the next obvious sense to tackle is smell. >> so this is a very sweet, earthy note that we use. >> reporter: it's not just about getting a whiff of the woods. >> our sense of smell is influencing what we think and feel, how we behave, and even who we love. >> reporter: there is a deep, primal psychology at play here that developers hope can help patients at the river rock treatment center dealing with depression and substance abuse. if you can change what you're seeing and smelling and hearing, that will change your mood, as well. >> you might as well something that is pleasant to you and you immediately feel a sense of happiness. if you are aware that the body feels better, the body will se street those chemicals that you need to feel better. >> reporter: engaging as many
6:44 am
symptoms as possible to let us further explore the way we perceive reality. >> i'm most excited about the future. all the demos you're seeing today are going to be commercialized and be commercial products in five to ten years. >> reporter: for "sunday today," gadi schwartz, pittsburgh. >> gadi, thank you very much. you can learn more about this new virtual world of the future all week in our nbc news series "inside the metaverse." this week, we highlight another life well lived. august 14th, one week from today, is national navajo code talkers day, designated 40 years ago by president ronald reagan. this year, the elite group of navajo marines, whose code helped the united states to win world war ii, is smaller by one. samuel sandoval was one of hundreds of young men recruited by the marine corps from the navajo nation, to create a code that would thwart japanese military operations in the pacific.
6:45 am
sandoval enlisted in march of 1943, and joined the original 29 code talkers for training at camp pendleton in southern california. together, the men developed more than 800 code words in the navajo language that, at the time, was unwritten, and proved unbreakable. sandoval and his fellow code talkers baffled the japanese, as they attempted to intercept communications about american troop movements. the code talkers are credited with helping to turn the tide of the war. transmitting key intelligence that led to allied victories in battles like iwo jima and okinawa, showcased in the 2002 movie "code talkers." [ speaking foreign language ]
6:46 am
after the war, sandoval worked as an oil surveyor, and later as a substance abuse counselor. the code talkers did not speak of their work in the military until it was declassified in 1968. sandoval's extraordinary story was told in a book, and a documentary film. in addition to a long list of military decorations, sandoval this year received the american spirit award from the national world war ii museum. samuel sandoval, one of the last four of the famed navajo code talkers, died last week in make your home totally you. i did with wayfair. sometimes i'm a homebody. can never have too many pillows. sometimes i'm all business. wooo! i'm a momma 24/7. seriously with the marker?
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6:50 am
basketball is king in the state, and the beloved cats, with some help from their big blue nation of fans, are lending a big hand. the university of kentucky basketball team hosted a telethon and open practice tuesday night, with 100% of the proceeds going to red cross flood relief efforts in eastern kentucky. the three-hour event featured appearances from current and former uk athletes. in all, that telethon raised more than $3.3 million. amazing. meanwhile, country music superstar and kentucky favorite son chris stapleton has been doing his part back home. he was spotted at several cleanup sites and a walmart signing as many signs as he could. sharing a moment with a 6-year-old child with autism. he is a good man, and eastern kentucky is going to need that support for a long time to come.
6:51 am
our first low goes to the heart stopping, close call for one daredevil in spain. kevin phillip is a professional acro paraglider, one of the most extreme sports in the world. on a turbulent day, his chute did not open after his lines tangled and he got twisted up in the week, increasing his speed as he hurdled toward the ground. harrowing video from the incident shot from a 360 degree camera and his helmet and on the ground shows him trying to gain control of that tangled mess. with seconds to spare, he makes one last week nor a spare parachute which deploys just in
6:52 am
time. glad he's okay. our next high goes to the story you have to tell forever, when harry styles helps you to propose in front of an arena full of people. he was performing when he spotted a sign that read, help me propose. so harry did, right in the middle of the show. ♪ ♪ >> maybe a little more than harry bargained for, as carl takes ownership of that mic, and serenades his girlfriend with elvis pressty's "can't help but falling in love" before asking her to mary him.
6:53 am
styles has been taking time at his shows during the love on tour for special moments with his fans, helping one to come out as gay in june. carrying a pride flag on stage, styles announced congratulations, you are a free man. our final low goes to the frustrating lack of beauty products. appleby's is doing something about it, teaming up with a beauty brand to launch saucy gloss that comes in four spicy flavors of the restaurant's wing sauce. get me hot buffalo is described as a creay coral that packs the spice your ex could have never handled.
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6:57 am
permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27. we've got more of your "sunday today" mugshots this week, starting across the top there is nicole among the sunflowers in danville, indiana. the oliver family in connecticut. virginia, who turned 50 this year, hanging out in surf city, north carolina. and nick hat crater lake national park in oregon.
6:58 am
on the bottom, there are jean and jan, twins, celebrating their 75th birthday. the adorable albert, named for our man, al roker, starting off his sunday, with a mug full of kible. and charlie, who fought in the battle of iwo jima, celebrating his 101st birthday with his son keith, in st. louis. happy birthday, charlie. and thank you for all you have given the country, sir. and a very special welcome to the newest member to the "sunday today" family, our star producer and good friend maggie with her baby boy, charlie, who was born on thursday, and it has to be pointed out, already yawning as he watches the show. congratulations, maggie, brian, and welcome to the party, charlie. a programming note today, major league baseball is now streaming on peacock. it gets going early this morning. our mlb sunday leadoff coverage
6:59 am
of the astros and guardians begins today at 11:30 a.m. eastern on peacock. thank you for spending part of your morning with us. we'll see
7:00 am
good morning. it sunday is august 7th and 8:00 on the dot. another cloudy day. thank you for starting the sunday morning with you. and rob mayeda is in with the forecast. >> sunday is starting out with more sunshine in downtown san jose, and more clouds in downtown san francisco with the temperatures cool enough for a


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