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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  August 10, 2022 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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it is waiting for the decision
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from governor newsom. >> ginger joins us from the news room with more details on this push bay area leaders say, ginger, has to happen before time rights out. >> that's right, marcus and chris. the governor has 12 days to sign it into law before it gets to his desk. while the bill has passed legislative hurdles, it still remains a controversial one. the governor's signature is not guaranteed. that's why state and local leaders are making their push now. assembly member matt heaney, oakland mayor libby schaaf and others gathered to send a strong message to the governor. the bill needs your signature now. fb 57 legalizing safe injection sites, providing a sterile place with needles and a safe place for consumption. it makes the case these sights will save lives, prevent the dangerous pro live case of needles and drug use on city streets and that it will
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eventually save public money. in signed into law, the pilot site will run for five years that. will be through january 2028 in san francisco, oakland and los angeles. >> drug use and addiction are a healthish yurks not a criminal issue. we know that. yet there's always this knee-jerk reaction of no, no, no, we can't, quote, enable people to use drugs. >> these are pilot sites. this will allow us to try something, study it and test it before it's expanded to other jurisdictions. >> opponents to the bill say the sites enable dangerous and illegal activity on those city streets. this measure is pro pousing addiction maintenance while the focus should be on addiction recovery.
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>> ginger, thank you. there are new developments for you this midday. this is in the case against a south bay martial arts instructor accused of sex crimes against children. the prosecutors say three more people now claim they were abuse bid earnest ramirez. we don't know the age of the three accusers. he's accused of repeatedly sexually assaulting a girl under 14 for nearly two years. he owned the extreme martial arts studio on elm street in downtown san jose and ran elementary after school program where investigators say he met the first victim. he has denied all accusations. also at 11:00, former 9ers running back frank gore is facing new charges in a domestic assault incident. police in atlantic city announcing the charge of simple assault. this is tied to an incident two
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weeks ago at a tropicana hotel. police do say the woman involved did not appear to be injured at the time and no complaint was ever filed. but the charge came down following the subsequent investigation. gore played with the 9ers for ten of his 16 seasons and retired with the third most rushing yards ever. moving you forward as students move back into the classroom. speaking of moving forward, many students can go ahead and move their alarms forward this year but an extra half hour. nbc bay area's bob redell is breaking down the latest start times and what families need to know about it. >> reporter: back in 2019, california mandated that by july 1st of this year, many high schools, including livermore high behind me cannot start class before 8:30 in the morning, for middle schools it's 8:00 a.m. there are exceptions for schools in rural areas. this applies to most high schools in the bay area.
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proponents of sb 328 have argued the old 8:00 a.m. start time was bad for teen's mental health and left them sleep deprived. adolescents stay up late and need to wake up later. the american academy of pediatrics agrees that, yes, teens should not start school before 8:30 in the morning. opponents to the law argued about the impact on school bus routes and parent' work schedules, especially when it comes to car pooling and whatnot. we spoke with a teenager who is about to become a junior at san jose mission high in fremont who can't wait for the extra half hour. >> not only myself. i notice a lot of kids in school, the first period they're super sleepy, unable to pay attention. i personally had my math class in first period and i saw a lot of people weren't able to perform their best. my math teacher was also -- first period was usually very low energy compared to the other
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periods. >> it's actually a public health risk that increases their likelihood for becoming depressed, suffering from anxiety. it increases their suicide risk and we know teenagers are more likely to get in car accidents when they are sleep deprived, and they're more likely to miss school. >> reporter: a number of bay area high school districts like pleasanton unified which you can see return to school already swished to the 8:30 start time last fall. same with tamalpais high. their superintendent who agrees with the later start times tells us the mornings seem less frenetic but so far haven't seen an increase in attendance. she says they need more time away from the pandemic to see if this extra half hour is making much of a difference. the beginning of the year, some of the students at the school that had just gone to it were still adjusting. they didn't love it. just because they were getting up at 3:40 in the afternoon and
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for some they felt that was a really long day, particularly in the winter when it starts to get dark earlier. overall we haven't heard a whole lot of complaints. >> reporter: this new 8:30 start time mandate does not impact zero period. that's the period before the regular class schedule begins. in livermore, bob redell, nbc bay area news. happening today, oakland education advocates demanding mandatory covid vaccines, more testing and a virtual education option will hold a car caravan in the east bay. it will go from oakland's federal building to the district headquarters. activists oppose the recent school closures including park elementary. the caravan begins at 4:00 p.m. new at 11:00, former president donald trump pleading the fifth during a deposition before lawyers from the new york attorney general's office. the d.a. is investigating the trump organization's valuation
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of its holdings tied to bank loans and whether those valued were understated on tax filings. this is video of the former president leaving trump tower just this morning. last week his two eldest children testified in the same investigation and the trump family and the trump organization have denied any wrongdoing. this all comes after the former president and his allies ramped up their attacks on the fbi following that search by federal agents at miss mar-a-lago estate. trump and a group of supporters claim without evidence the investigation is politically motivated. nbc's chief white house correspondent kristen welker is following the latest in that investigation. >> reporter: overnight in a show of force, a group of house republicans having dinner and posing with former president trump at his home in new jersey. one of the congressmen who attended speaking out overnight. >> i've never seen president trump as fired up as what he was tonight. >> reporter: it comes amid dramatic new details about the
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fbi's move to execute a search warrant at mar-a-lago, mr. trump's florida estate. a lawyer for mr. trump, christina bobb says his legal team had been discussing records stored at mar-a-lago since this spring. the news was first reported by "the washington post" who also said federal authorities were increasingly concerned mr. trump and his aides had not returned all documents that were public property. on monday bobb says the fbi removed about a dozen boxes from a basement storage area. >> they also said they were looking for evidence of a kriep as far as classified documents go. >> reporter: it comes as the former president and his allies are escalating attacks on the fbi claiming without evidence that the investigation is politically motivated. >> we're a nation that has weaponized its law enforcement against the opposing political party.
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>> reporter: former vice president mike pence who has broken with mr. trump publicly is urging attorney general merrick garland to give a full accounting of the search. the justice department is not commenting. the search warrant remains under seal meaning details about what agents sought to remove from the residence are still secret. but experts say investigators had to meet a high bar to carry out the unprecedented search. >> the fbi can't get a search warrant unless it establishes probable cause to believe that a crime has been committed, a federal crime. >> reporter: and such a sensitive move to close to the midterm elections would almost certainly have to go through the highest levels of the justice department, including the usually cautious attorney general merrick garland. trump allies saying it may have made the former president more fired up to run again. >> i believe he was going to run before. i'm stronger in my belief now. it's time to take a look at what i would normally say is the
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golden gate bridge, but i see nothing out there. >> they've taken it down for cleaning. it's in the shop. >> that is a thick fog. this morning we saw a nice shot of the bridge. >> there it is. >> from above. got to take a helicopter to see the golden gate bridge today. >> the fog is very low. helping to keep san francisco cool, even as we head off for lunch and just a heads-up about the visibility of the golden gate bridge right now. once again, the low visibility, there's sunshine elsewhere. in the south bay our temperatures are right now a comfortable 73 degrees. we have a light northwesterly wind. when wind comes in from the west that's coming off the ocean, that's going to help keep the temperatures moderated. we'll only reach into low 80s for an afternoon high. this is about what we've seen for the past few days, maybe a bit warmer as that will be the trend as we go into the next couple days. check out martinez today, reaching 84, low 80s in the
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north bay, upper 60s and low 70s for san francisco. we'll talk about what's ahead for the weekend coming up in a few minutes. take a moment to look at your screen right now. >> this is a photo of missing teen kiley rodney just a few hours before she disappeared this weekend. still ahead on nbc bay area, the new details on that on going search and the message authorities have for teenagers from the bay area who might have seen her last. we'll be right back.
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while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer. 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27. welcome back. we're getting a new look at the teenager girl now at the center of a disappearance search. a desperate search in the sierra. kylee rodney disappeared at a late night outdoor party attended by young people. there's surveillance video, a photo at least released last night.
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she's seen in this photo, wearing a black spaghetti strap body suit, green pant, block belt and black and white sneakers. we just got word this morning that investigators are still searching a heavily wooded area for any clues on kiely or her silver crv that is also missing. detectives say last time her phone pingd was a half hour past midnight august 6th. they plan to hold a news conference at 2:00 this afternoon and a community meeting at 5:30 tonight. the sheriff's office says they have had more than 100 tips, but no substantial ones from the two or 300 estimated people at that party which included teens from nevada all the way to the bay area. >> we have no interest in pursuing anybody criminally for engaging in any type of underage drinking or drug consumption. all we're interested in is
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getting kiely back to her parents. if you're afraid of not getting into college, losing your job, going to jail, these are not things that are going to happen if you step in and help us find kiely. >> the photo and number tip line is posted on our website. that number also at the bottom of your screen right there. you can remain anonymous if you call police to give them any information about kiely. we have continuing coverage on the search for kiely rodni. head over to find the link on the top of our home page in the trending box. the latest data on inflation shows prices are easing more than economists expected. a big part of that is lower gas prices which have been coming down for about 60 days straight. nbc bay area scott mcgrew takes
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a look. >> there are hundreds of data points in the july consumer price index. how we talk about it depends on what data we're looking at and what timeline we're talking about. if you look month to month, we're paying less for all kinds of things. take a look. choosing some randomly from today's report. used cars and rental cars are slightly cheaper than a month earlier. the big changes are in gasoline, down 7%, airline takts down more than 9.5%. again, these are month-to-month changes. when we look from year to year, we're paying more than we did this time last year. inflation is still a factor. it would be entirely fair to use an up arrow in that context, but things are getting better and indeed faster than anticipated. it's a bit like the weather. if temperatures go from 95 to 85, it's still hot but cooler and getting better. it's all in the way you look at
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it. back to you. >> thank you. we are moving you forward on the back-to-school and safety front, on top of mind of many students and teachers. when it comes to the debate about police in schools, there are different approaches. there's some evidence out there showing armed officers made many public schools safer and in some cases even prevented mass shootings. there's other data out there showing armed officers sometimes led to violent responses from officers. in response, some districts including oakland, san francisco and west contra costa removed sworn law enforcement from k-12 campuses. meantime, fremont and berkeley are among those committed to keeping the armed officers on campus. >> we have a school resource officer program where each of our high schools has a school resource officer, and they also support the various schools. in conjunction with the fremont
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police department we make sure we're up to date on response protocols and training for any unanticipated emergency situation. with schools across the bay area starting this week and next week, public schools facing no covid-related mask requirements for the most part, but the final decision will be made by each district. as students at the mountain view school district return, today masks will remain a requirement while indoors. that's a departure from other districts in the area which have made masking optional. an old school shopping center in san jose is getting a long-promised makeover. it is cambrian village plaza. it was built in the 1950s and has not changed much. last night city council approved up to 300 amendmentments, single family homes and townhomes, some
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of which will be low income. also a hotel and 50-unit senior center is planned there. we don't know what's going to happen with the carousel sign, but we do know it was designated as historic, so it will end up somewhere. it really has not changed. >> fast forward to present time. let's take a look at the present forecast. it's looking good. >> it looks good. we've had such nice weather these past few days. unfortunately it looks like it gets a little warmer in some spots. not all of us will have a warmup. as we take a live look outside in oakland, it's busy as you get ready to head out for lunch hour. as far as what it feels like outside, 70 degrees. i think that's just perfect. open up the windows, let in a nice fresh breeze. temperatures only reach to about 76 degrees during the middle of the day. the seven-day forecast is coming up at the bottom of your screen as we look at all your
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microclimates. 84 in martinez, concord reaching 87. we'll see slightly warmer temperatures for fairfield, up to 89 degrees. and then take a look at tomorrow, even hotter, reaching 92 degrees. but there won't be a change everywhere. in fact, san jose stays in the 70s and hayward reaching into the mid 70s there. san francisco up to about 71 degrees and 86 in voes. on friday we're starting out the weekend with more of the same kind of temperatures with novato reaching 84, we'll see mid 80s for martinez and upper 80s for the tri-valley. as we go toward the weekend, we'll be watching out for this, the perseid meteor shower. it peaks friday morning and saturday morning. the best time to watch will be any time between midnight and dawn, even though you can see some of those meteors outside of that time frame, this will be the peak. you need to get a spot, take
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some time, let your eyes adjust to the darkness. with the full moon, that's been causing issues on how many we'll be able to see. it's going to be bright in the sky. you may see from 50 to 100, especially if you have a good clear spot. we've seen at times coastal fog moving in, the marine layer. we'll also see a surge of monsoon moisture by the end of the weekend and into early next week. that could striger a few showers and thunderstorms but all of that stays to the east of us. as we take a look at a spotlight, concord, upper 80s, low 90s for the weekend. there will be highs reaching to about 93 degrees for the beginning of next week. that's what we're seeing in our seven-day forecast. some of the warmest spots inland reaching the low 90s for the weekend. lots of sunshine. san francisco doesn't change. we'll still see highs reaching into the upper 60s.
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happening now in southern california, jury selection is under way in the lawsuit filed by kobe bryant's widow over the graphic photos shared after his death in the helicopter crash. the trial will play out in a california courtroom. vanessa bryant is claiming the images were shared by first responders from the crash site in 2020. bryant's daughter and seven others also died in that crash. vanessa bryant and a surviveing widow claim they've suffered emotional distress. two big debuts, a national baseball stadium. not talking about new players. still ahead on nbc bay area, we'll weigh in on whether the sweet and savory combinations at the snack shack are a home run the snack shack are a home run or a strikeout.
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trending this midday, a new and unusual ball park menu item not quite hitting it out of the
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park yet. >> let me see if i can get your appetite going. bash cued pulled pork sandwich with reese's peanut butter, only available at kansas stadium. a new comment saying wait until you see this for tonight's grateful dead night. they plan to roll out the jerry garcia dog, spois see dog with red mustard, fried ketchup, never heard of that, pickled jalapeno gummy bear relish. >> why not leave the ketchup ketchup. >> red mustard? >> the world has gone mad. >> okay. you know what. hopefully that didn't spoil your appetite for lunch. we'll have nice weather for you to take the sandwich outside. upper 80s for the armest spots later today and low 90s for the weekend.
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we have the wide-ranging temperatures. staying in the 60s in san francisco. >> i was thinking about how at giant stadium we pride ourselves on the organic stuff, being fresh. i'll hang with that. thanks for joining us for the midday news. we'll be back with you tomorrow morning. >> have a great one.
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- you okay? - there's a flex alert today so i'm mentally preparing for the power outage. oh, well we can help stop one because we are going to reduce our energy use from 4-9pm. what now? i stepped on a plug. oh that's my bad! unplugging. when it comes to preventing outages the power is ours. right now on "california live." >> we're taking a deep dive exploring our state's history on an authentic wharf in san francisco. >> then i'll introduce you to the nonprofits helping people impacted by cancer through the power of food. plus, want to be the next rachel ray? we'll have you cooking like a pro in no time. and


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