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tv   NBC Bay Area News Tonight  NBC  August 12, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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>> at the end of the day, it seems to me the government will have three choices, one to go ahead and charge the president and say you know, these other crimes we think you are guilty of doing and there are at least three different laws at stake. two, negotiate some kind of compromise to prevent a court trial, something of lesser charges where the president does admit guilt and take it
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from there. >> larry says the third and most unlikely option is that the justice department declines to press charges. so what is the mood like at the white house? damien is in dc on special assignment. he will talk about his trip to the west wing yesterday. another big headline, a win for democrats. a bill meant to tackle climate change is now on its way to the president. >> 220, the knees are 207. the resolution to motion is adopted. >> you heard it right there. the house passed the inflation reduction act. is a $600 billion commitment from the government. it will fun things like tax credits for electric cars and discounts for solar at your house. biden released a message just a short time ago.
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>> the final passage of the inflation reduction act and house of representatives, the american people will see lower prescription drug prices, lower healthcare costs and lower energy costs. >> it is probably one of the most significant pieces of legislation that we have passed as it speaks to the future. we think about the fact that we are going to reduce co2 by 40% by 2030, that will save our children. >> that was congresswoman jackie talking about the bill today from inside the capital building. republicans voted for that bill. vice president harris also praised the bill today during her visit in oakland and we will have a complete wrap up of what else she said coming up in just a couple of minutes. here in the bay area, a major break in the case of a rideshare driver shot and killed in oakland.'s death is the result of a carjacking gone wrong. now two people are charged with his murder. the shooting happened last month. he was sitting inside of his car when the suspect walked up, confronted and then shot him on
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13th avenue. today police said they arrested 19-year-old major willis. they also arrested a second juvenile suspect. no other details have been released. prosecutors say they are still searching for a getaway driver and possibly a fourth person. two unprovoked attacks on asian women. some viewers may find it difficult to watch. the attacks happened on wednesday. you will see surveillance video of a man wearing a black hoodie seen punching another woman believed to be asian as she crosses the street. minutes later as he makes his way east on gary street, he turns and attacks another asian woman running her down and repeatedly punching her in the face. so far they haven't made an arrest and only have a vague description. terrifying moments in south
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san jose when a car crashed into an apartment building. this happened at around four clock this evening. investigators say the car crashed into the building and hit a gas meter and that sparked a fire. the car went up in flames. the fire spread into the attic of that apartment. a firefighter was hurt trying to battle this fire and paramedics rushed into the hospital. also tonight vice president harris is back in the bay area. she is in los angeles but earlier today it was all about oakland. first the vice president was on hand to help launch the generation fund with oakland mayor libby shaft. they will provide $500 college savings accounts at birth for 10,000 kids in oakland. it will provide $1000 scholarships every year for 20,000 current public school students who enroll in a college or trade school through 2035. the goal is to even the playing field for many of the cities most is advantaged families. >> equity as a concept says
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recognize that everyone has the same capacity but in order for them to have equal opportunity to reach that capacity, what we must pay attention to is this issue of equity. >> the vice president was talking space. she told that crowd that california companies will play an important role in the future of space exploration. the future depends on a partnership between the government and private companies and that partnership will create more jobs. >> today at laboratories and launch pads and in orbit come often in partnership with our government, commercial space companies are making real the opportunity of space for millions of americans. >> how does the bay area and silicon valley play into this? our business reporter is here with us now. scott, things are already in the works? >> yes. we can see this right now. the telescope in the last few
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weeks, the camera was made here in the silicon valley. space x in california had a launch. followed them. their launching satellites into space. we saw that helicopter on mars. a lot of what is going on now is the private partnership. >> let's talk about jobs. we were talking about earlier will this create plenty of jobs? >> jobs used to be if you could work at nasa or the government. now with all the venture capital money, space companies funded whether from just pesos or elon musk, we are seeing a whole sector that needs to hire not just scientists but engineers and coders and software people. it is a whole world right now of possibility in the space program. >> are there projects in the works? >> yes. there are entire startups in the works. for a long time if you weren't
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heading to nasa, you didn't really have a future in space. now there are startups trying to build rockets, build communication systems and they need to hire people. they need to raise money and a lot of that will come from right here in the bay area. >> thank so much. legionnaires' disease in the north bay yesterday napa county says they found legionella, the bacteria that causes legionnaires at two more sites and the county says the cleanup at those sites is complete. a quick refresher on what has been going on. the health department announced the deadly outbreak in downtown napa, a total of 13 people got sick. one of them and man in his 50s died. two others are still in the hospital. the napa county health department traces it back to a cooling tower. yesterday the health department announced they found legionella at two other sites. decorative pond also at the embassy suites and a second
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cooling teller tower at the hall of justice. both sites have been cleaned and they will be closely monitored. want to spend some time talking about what legionella is, how it spreads and why legionnaires' disease can be serious. we are joined now by one of our infectious disease experts. thank you so much for joining us tonight. really appreciate it. legionnaires is an infectious disease but it spreads a little differently. why is that? >> this is a very small bacteria. it is actually an intracellular bacteria. echoes inside cells. it is really tiny and the way that it spreads usually is from aerosol is asian of water like from hot tubs or ponds and it is named after the american legion convention in philadelphia where a whole bunch of people got it from a
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hotel and the water supply. >> what kind of symptoms should we be looking at? >> it essentially can be very serious. it can call cause a very serious ammonia. cough, fever. in the beginning, there will be some nausea and vomiting. unfortunately, one of the people in the outbreak passed away because it really can be very severe. >> the health department said the most serious cases including -- involve people with underlying health conditions. who is most at risk for this? >> that is exactly right. it is mostly people who have pre-existing lung disease where this can be set up as a severe pneumonia. so comorbidities, lung disease, copd, emphysema and young
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healthy people are unlikely to get sick. it is much older people who are more likely to get sick. >> so maybe if you get sick, what is next? what is the treatment? does it take a while to feel better? >> it is a very simple treatment. so unlike we have been talking about viruses the last two years, the bacteria responds very quickly to antibiotics. you need an antibiotic that goes inside cells. you respond very quickly. you get better really quickly. anyone who has symptoms, that's my cleanup this water supply. please get evaluated for a quick antibiotic. >> all right. so embassy suites, hall of justice, they are about a mile apart. is that typical to find legionella in places that far
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apart? >> actually that is a vegood question you are raising because it isn't spread from human to human. it could be like someone was at the embassy suites and spread it to a human and then they got into the water there. it spreads to humans through water. so whether there was some cross- contamination, it is very weird. it is strange for it to be that far apart. i cannot imagine it can spread that far. i don't know if there was some contamination in some other way underground. remember a can spread human to human which is a big deal. >> we know that things are being done already to keep everyone safe. should we be worried? >> these kinds of outbreaks occur very often. unfortunately and water supplies, we just are so alert to infectious diseases right now understandably.
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we should not be worried. it is very easily contained. you have to clean water supply. it will die. i think it will be contained. >> it is all about that cleaning. thank you so much for your time. >> thank you. >> still to come, will your kid have to mask up while in the classroom? the answer will depend on your school district. then damien joins usfrom the
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welcome back. all right my fellow parents, new school year and no guidance when it comes to covid. the cdc made several key changes when it comes to schools. the cdc says that masks are not mandatory inside the classroom but they are recommended if covid transmission rates are high. so what do transmission rates look like right now? here is the map. you can see large majority of the country is in the red high category. that means masks are recommended. whether or not you need to wear a mask depends on the school district of course. the majority of districts are only recommending masks indoors with some saying they cannot legally enforce the mandate but two school districts in the south bay will start the year requiring them.
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both district superintendents say it just makes sense after a long summer break. >> we know that staff and students and parents may be traveling, may be out and about. we also haven't had regular testing for a while. >> we are monitoring the contagion on a daily basis. because of that, i felt that it was a -- transmission into the fall. keep monitoring and keep wearing masks. >> they have had conversations with parents who oppose the mandate but they also say there hasn't been too much resistance. let's take you out to washington dc. taking a live look out there at the us capitol building. democrats are celebrating a win with the passage of the inflation recovery act. damien has spent the past few days in dc as well. instead to talk about the west wing. so what was it like?
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>> damien, today you were outside but yesterday you actually got to go inside the west wing. i have never been before. what was that like? >> you are awestruck because you see it on tv. i have seen episodes on nbc of the west wing but you never imagine that you will be a part of that. so you walk in and the hair on the back of your neck start standing up and you are awestruck because it is such a historic building behind me, and so many awesome leaders have lived there and assigned policy there. i'm still trying to get, trying to get through what happened here over the last couple of days. it is pretty amazing.>> reporter: it looks like a beautiful day out there today. we mentioned you were on special assignment so yesterday you actually got to speak with julie chavez rodriguez, a senior advisor to the president, granddaughter of cesar chavez. can you tell us about what you guys talked about?
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>> we are going to leave other great information up for our report and probably a little bit before hispanic heritage month but she is just an amazing leader. she keeps her grassroots identity with her when she is in that building. she is in the west wing, she is the director of intergovernmental affairs for the white house. she is also the senior advisor to the president. when i spoke with her about her relationship with her grandfather and her mom and dad, her dad of course is the president of the united farmworkers. there were tears and it was emotional, and emotional moment inside the west wing. i am dying to share all of those images with you because it is a pretty amazing event, pretty amazing experience. >> we are really looking forward to that report and curing your entire conversation. thank you for taking the time to speak with us during her busy special assignment out there today at the white house. really appreciated and looking forward to your report.
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>> thank you, audrey. >> from dc back home now, this is a live look at san francisco.
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- you okay? - there's a flex alert today so i'm mentally preparing for the power outage. oh, well we can help stop one because we are going to reduce our energy use from 4-9pm. what now? i stepped on a plug. oh that's my bad! unplugging. when it comes to preventing outages the power is ours. we and soulful sounds coming to downtown san jose. the summer jazz festival is kicking off. the gems will keep going through sunday, taking the
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stage in just a couple of hours. charlie wilson and duffy. ticket prices range from $30 to just under $500 and it looks like we are getting a little sneak peek. >> it is not as fun. the weather is perfect out there. you can be looking at hazy skies but not the case. 70s and gorgeous all around the bay area. here's another view of san francisco where we have sunshine. you are driving into the sunshine there around the bay bridge and here's a closer look at your weekend forecast. plan on a warmer finish to the weekend. saturday's temperatures, the cooler of the two weekend days. 80s around san jose. we will see numbers in the upper 80s to low 90s but watch what happens sunday. a real taste of summer. mid-nineties around livermore and morgan help. santa rosa climbing into the upper 90s and that warm-up will
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stick around. you see it here in the seven day forecast. that takes us from sunday to about wednesday of next week. might see a little bit of hazy skies as monsoon moisture creeps back in. so the temperatures will climb up. it will not exactly be muggy as we go through sunday but stay tuned tuesday and wednesday. we could see some thunderstorms. temperatures climbing up as we had to the new week as those temperatures around san francisco staying pretty comfortable. it should stay close to the 70s in the middle part of next week. >> head over to san francisco if you want this cooler temperatures. two people arrested for the brazen shooting of an uber driver. we speak to the victims girlfriend. police continue to search for two more suspects. here is what is coming up in nbc prime time tonight. it is american ninja warrior followed by dateline nbc at 10 and then we hope you will stay with us for the news at 11.
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that will do it for us here at 7 pm for everyone here at nbc bay area. thank you for joining us tonight. enjoy the evening, and we will see you again at 11. take care.
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