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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  August 13, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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. tuesday, wednesday, probably the warmest days in the forecast and trending a little bit will or by next weekend. the coast or the bay will be the place to be. >> thank you very much. thanks for watching. nightly news is next. nightly news is next. >> see you back here at 6:00. tonight, new details into what led to the search of president trump's residence. mr. trump's lawyers have reportedly signed a sworn statement earlier that no classified documents were still on the property but the fbi said they found 11 boxes of classified materials plus new nbc reporting on the tip that may have sparked the search the suspect in the attack on author salman rushdie charged with attempted murderch the fbi now investigating possible ties to iran what investigators found in his home. plus the latest on rushdie's condition. new warning for americans to shelter in place in a popular
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mexico tourist destination as one cartel goes on a rampage setting cars on fire and terrorizing the city star nfl quarterbacker deshaun watson reverses course and apologizes to the dozen of women accusing him for sexual misconduct. >> i'm truly sorry to all the women i've impacted in this situation. the spike in theft of two major car brands and the dangerous joy rides caught on camera how to make sure it doesn't happen to you. and the apparent meteor streaking across utah and the thundering booms heard across the state where did it hit >> announcer: this is nbc "nightly news" with jose diaz-balart. good evening the shocking headline from this week's fbi search of former president trump's florida home is still reverberating across the nation 11 boxes of classified material taken from
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his residence. but with each new detail comes new questions. tonight we're learning more about what may have led authorities to search mar-a-lago and we're hearing new arguments from mr. trump's legal team about why they believe he did nothing illegal. we're going to be hearing from experts from both sides on what kind of legal jeopardy the former president is actually in while today democratic members of congress called for an investigation to determine if there has been any damage to our national security. we have two reports tonight. we begin with our justice correspondent ken dilanian >> reporter: tonight new insight into what may have led the fbi to get a warrant to search donald trump's florida compound "the new york times" reporting that a trump lawyer signed a declaration in june saying there were no longer documents marked classified stored at mar-a-lago "the times" citing four people with knowledge of the document, which nbc news has not reviewed. a trump lawyer didn't respond to our
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inquiry. the assertion was false according to a newly released fbi warrant showing 11 sets of classified documents from trump's mansion. >> the evidence we seem to get almost daily seems to confirm there was certainly probable cause for that u.s. magistrate to sign the warrant. >> reporter: a source briefed on the matter tells nbc news someone familiar with the documents at mar-a-lago later tipped authorities there was still classified material there, prompting the fbi to conduct a search monday that continues to reverberate across the political landscape. >> this has been a witch hunt for six years. >> reporter: exclusive new reporting from nbc news today quotes former officials saying trump was careless with government records former national security advisor john bolton said that trump had a habit of grabbing intelligence documents. god knows what he did with it. and a new defense emerged overnight from a conservative journalist tied to trump who read a statement from the former president's office >> he had a standing order that documents removed from the oval office and taken to the residence were
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deemed to be declassified the moment he removed them >> reporter: experts say it doesn't work that way >> literally someone's life could be jeopardized because of a document not being properly secured >> reporter: a trump spokesman told nbc news the former president took great care in the handling of presidential records. >> ken, democrats in congress are now demanding a separate investigation. >> that's right, jose. the leaders of the intelligence and house oversight committee say they asked the director of national intelligence to investigate potential damage to national security republicans meanwhile want the justice department to released the sealed document that lays out the fbi's rationale for the search jose >> ken dilanian, thank you. now to the potential legal consequences mr. trump could face in connection with those seized documents maura barrett spoke to legal experts from both sides of the aisle. >> reporter: tonight the legal fallout following the fbi search of donald trump's mar-a-lago estate the newly unsealed
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search warrant revealed the fbi was looking for documents connected to potential violations of statutes that make it illegal to destroy, conseal or unlawfully remove government materials as well as making it a crime to take national defense information under the espionage act. >> upholding the rule of law means applying the law evenly without fear or favor. >> reporter: we spoke to two legal experts on opposing sides of the political spectrum about any potential consequences the former president could face >> the laws range in penalty from three years to ten years to 20 years to espionage. one for retention of government property carries with it a disqualification from ever running for public office. >> the justice department to actually pursue a prison sentence against the former president >> reporter: and while the fbi search of a u.s. president's home is unprecedented, cases around classified information are not. there have been nearly a dozen of these
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investigations since 2005 like retired u.s. army general david petraeus, and former national security advisor sandy berger neither faced prison time our experts agreed the decision to charge comes down to the question of intent >> basically did this cross the line from the situation of carelessness to one of criminal intent? >> reporter: this investigation differs from the one concerning hillary clinton's e-mails, which the justice department identified as careless. while former nsa contractor reality winner who had just one classified document was sentenced with prison time because she intentionally leaked the information to a news outlet, according to the justice department is there any justifiable reason why former president trump would have classified top secret documents in his possession still? >> it's hard for me to understand a legitimate national security reason why the former president should have documents he appears to have been holding at mar-a-lago it poses a grave danger to the national
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security of america to reveal those documents. that's why they're classified at that level, so it's very serious. >> maura joins us from the white house. former president trump is insisting everything was declassified saying all the fbi had to do was ask. does that make a difference >> reporter: jose, all three of the statutes the fbi is investigating does not require the material in question be classified, and legal experts say that argument probably wouldn't hold up in court. even if it does the documents are still government property and it may have been illegal to remove them jose >> maura barrett at the white house, thank you. to now to that breaking news on that horrifying attack on salman rushdie today that suspect was charged. we have possible motive on what we now know on rushdie's condition. >> reporter: salman rushdie remains in the hospital tonight following the friday morning attack at a speaking engagement in western new york the acclaimed author was stabbed approximately 12 times
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with wounds to his neck, eye, liver and chest according to the chicago county district attorney's office today his accused attacker was arraigned on second degree attempted murder and assault charges. the 24-year-old pled not guilty investigators seen outside his new jersey residence found an iranian flag inside the home according to law enforcement officials. a source tells nbc news the suspect's social media accounts show he expressed sympathy to the iranian regime what was going through your mind? >> what can i do >> reporter: dr. martin hasical witnessed the brazen attack on rushdie. the first people to rush to his aid were audience members >> that's correct. >> reporter: how critical was it that some of those audience members had a background in medicine like yourself? >> for him that was very important because he was losing a lot of blood very quickly >> reporter: president biden today called the attack on rushdie vicious saying he and the first lady are praying for his health
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and recovery rushdie has faced decades of threats over his novel "the satanic verses," which is considered blasphemous by some muslims. today no official response from the government of iran but reaction on the ground there. i was so glad because the insults salman rushdie made against our prophet. rushdie spoke in 1996 about his years in hiding and the threats he faced >> it's given me a lot of pain. it's also not without value to discover that there are things you care about so much you will risk your life for. >> emilie joins me now outside the jail where the suspect is being held without bond. is there any sign of a direct connection to iran in this case? >> reporter: jose, two law enforcement officials tell nbc news a leading theory in the case is that the suspect acted alone. the investigation is in its early stages,
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but we know from a senior official the fbi is investigating whether the suspect had any kind of connection to the government of iran jose >> emilie ikeda, thank you. there is a dire situation unfolding right now in a popular tourist hot spot just south of the border in tijuana. americans are being warned to stay out as cartel violence rips through the region >> reporter: a city under siege. at least 24 cars set on fire in tijuana, mexico, friday night the u.s. consulate warned americans to avoid the area and shelter in place until further notice announced 3,000 armed police and military personnel responded to the incidents. she assured a message is being sent to organized crime not to attack innocent working citizens the federal government today announcing the arrest of 17 people, three identified as members of the hulease
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co new generation cartel it's just the latest in a string of violent attacks throughout mexico a prison riot killed 11 on thursday burnt out buses and cars seen, too back in tijuana tens of thousands were attending two nearby events while the violence broke out the baja beach music festival and a professional soccer match. american daniel morales was there. what was going through your head or describe what that was like >> i don't know. it's the first time i see something like this in tijuana. grew up there. it's just incredible i saw a bus, like a public transport bus that was set on fire >> reporter: americans now caught in the middle of a deadly power struggle nbc news coming up next, controversial nfl quarterback deshaun watson apologizes for the first time to the
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dozens of women accusing him of misconduct the reaction today and the video of an apparent meteor streaking across multiple states. where it may have landed
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one of the highest paid players in the nfl, cleveland browns quarterback deshaun watson, has just apologized publicly to dozens of women accusing him of sexual misconduct it comes a year and a half after the first
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accusations and amid growing calls for him to be punished even more for his alleged actions. raff sanchez has more. >> reporter: for the first time since dozens of women came forward to accuse deshaun watson of sexual misconduct, the star quarterback is saying he's sorry. >> i'm truly sorry to all the women i've impacted in this situation. my decisions i've made in my life put me in this position. i want to continue to move forward and grow and learn. >> reporter: the apology came just before watson took the field for the first time since the 2020 season his debut in a preseason game for the cleveland browns who signed watson to a $230 million contract despite the allegations against him. watson completed just one pass in five and left browns fans with mixed feelings >> this will all be forgotten if he wins the super bowl >> i've been a browns fan for 50 years it was the first time i've been embarrassed
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to put brown and orange on. >> reporter: it's unclear when watson will play again. last week a federal judge suspended watson for six games because of his alleged misconduct noting his lack of remorse. roger goodell is calling for a one year suspension did watson's apology seem sincere for you >> it seems like a good first step. he didn't state what he was apologizing for. >> reporter: watson has not been charged criminally but has settled more than 20 civil suits so far including from ashley solis, the first woman who spoke out publicly against him. now deshaun watson has finally spoken the question is will his words be heard as sincere contrition or calculated pr? raf sanchez, nbc news. a mysterious loud boom and a streak across the sky jolted residents in utah
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today. george solis now on this out of the world explanation behind it. >> reporter: blink and you'd miss it, something zipping through the sky. slowed down and zoomed in you can see the streak of white cutting over the ski resort in utah here it is from another angle soaring overhead while on the ground residents recording a boom sound across the state. creating confusion of cosmic proportions >> i just went outside this morning and i looked up and saw what i thought was a firework or a meteor >> reporter: watching in disbelief that must be pretty frightening. >> the camera can't do it justice but i'm glad i got it. >> reporter: many speculate it was an earthquake or military exercise theories quickly debunked by utah's governor >> i had to take a double look. >> reporter: her video
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was shared by the national weather service in salt lake city what are we looking at here >> we can't say for sure but evidence leads us to believe we had a meteor through the skies. >> reporter: meteorologists captured the phenomenon on satellite and were able to quickly rule out weather. we could say if this was in fact a meteor it was associated with -- >> with more meteors around because of that meteor shower makes something like this more likely to happen. >> reporter: now utah residents turn to a another mystery, did it land or burn up before impact? george solis, nbc news still ahead the shocking caught on camera get aways what's making these cars so easy to steal? what you need to know.
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now to a warning about the shocking way teenage thieves are stealing certain models of cars and then filming themselves taking dangerous joy rides. sam brock reports on what's making these cars so easy to steal and how to protect your vehicle >> reporter: in cities all over the country, the squeak of stolen cars can be heard ripping through roads. terrorizing residents, catching the attention of police. who increasingly are chasing down teenagers following an online trend stealing cars and posting videos of
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their joy rides. it looked like they're grabbing cars just to whip them around violently through neighborhoods. what is going on >> most of our offenders are between 14 and 17 years old. they look for cars to, yes, drive it around wildly >> reporter: as the trend explodes police say two car makers consistently find themselves at the center of the thefts, hyundai and kia. police and auto theft experts say it's not a coincidence. you're a thief what am i looking at to see if this could be a vulnerable car >> first thing i do i grab it, if it's open, it's got a keyhole, i'm done >> reporter: experts say for years keys in some hyundais and kia lacked a basic feature called an engine immobilizer. thieves taking advantage of that, yanking down the steering column to access the ignition. of the roughly 1,000 vehicles reported stolen in st. louis last month, nearly two thirds were hyundai and kia.
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in milwaukee carol mcferland's beloved kia soul snatched from a parking garage >> she was my pride and joy, and she's not anymore. >> reporter: in florida jonathan terris was victimized twice. >> you come out and your car is gone >> reporter: it's an issue both hyundai and kia say they have corrected in their most recent models besides making sure to lock your door which police say is usually at the root of this, other options to stop thieves -- this can move and if i can move the wheel so can thieves. hyundai telling nbc news immobilizers became standard for cars after july 1st of last year, although those with older models can pay for a security fix starting in october and kia noting all 2022 models and trims applied either the beginning of the year
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as a change. but for knowing drivers watching this frightening trend can cause panic for a problem accelerating to dangerous levels. sam brock, nbc news, miami. when we come back, how a mysterious message from the past is bringing immense joy to one family.
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it's good news tonight about families reuniting even when time and so much more are keeping them
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apart. along the banks of louisiana's yazu river a mystery unfolded last spring when a salvage diver from big river ship builders found this green bottle he's a manager with the company and was astonished by what was inside >> look and the first thing i see it's 1989. >> the paper fragile, faded and torn and in a child's writing just a few small clues about who might have sent it determined to find the writer brad and his team posted this plea on social media. we believe this was done by an oxford, mississippi, student with the last name of tahl back in 1989. please spread the word and help us find this person after thousands of views he gotot a call from the parents of the little boy who sent that message from 300 miles away all those years ago.
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for days they put together these little scraps of paper. what would you say to them >> thank you for surprising us. >> what was that moment like? >> it was pretty surreal. >> it was very cool, getting a message from evan >> the note a priceless reminder of their beloved son brian who died in an accident 15 years ago. what does it mean to you? >> it's a reassurance to me that there is a god and he seeks to bring us comfort even in the face of really bad things >> thank you so much >> thank you >> so this summer melanie, eric and their son chris traveled from mississippi to louisiana to meet brad's crew, the strangers spending six hours getting to know each other and these are the emotional moments when the tahls finally got to see brian's message, a simple gesture helping create joyful new memories for one family has
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also built a bond these new friends will treasure forever >> there's been a lot of love, real acts of love and kindness and goodness that have come out of this, and it reminds us that brian's love for us has not gone away. and hopefully our learning to love each other in the midst of that another thing that never goes away is hope. >> that's nbc "nightly news" for this saturday i'm jose diaz-balart thank you for the privilege of your time and good night right now at 6:00. holding onto hope. a bay area moms to find answers in the murder case of her
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teenage son. a major deadline for a bay area hospital, the latest in the fight to keep the doors open at laguna honda hospital. plus -- >> it is hard but it's a bit like this together, so when the music starts we feel great. >> jazz in the bay area, the big event bringing in some smooth sounds to thousands of people in the south day. the news at six starts right now, thanks for joining us, the heat is on. a live look outside, we have some cobwebs we have to deal with on that lens. >> i am not used to looking out at that i guess. >> a live look at dublin. >> temperatures are warming up this weekend and that he could stretch well into the week, meteorologist rob mayeda tracking all of this and how long it will last, rob? >> to remind you it is the dry season. right now, you can see walnut creek at 90 degrees, earlier seeing low 90s, san jose with


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