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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 15, 2022 3:00am-3:30am PDT

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this morning on alert, the fbi and department of homeland security are warning that threats to federal law enforcement are on the rise after the mar-a-lago one week ago today. breaking overnight, a shooting at a six ags great america leaves at least three hurt new details just ahead our morgan chesky is live in ukraine with new reporting surrounding the people at the front near that embattled nuclear reactor. overnight actress ann heche was removed from life support
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after doctors found organ donor recipients she was 53 years old a fireworks house exploded, killing at least one and sending bay area bystanders fleeing for cover. it's been a summer of sharks, sightings, encounters, even a few attacks one group is hoping to learn more about these incredible creatures. "early today" starts right now good morning i'm phillip mena. >> and i'm cori coffin glad you're with us. and breaking this morning, three people were injured in a shooting outside of six flags great america in gurney, illinois that's north of chicago. in a statement, officials say shots were fired from a car in the parking lot before the driver sped off. fearful visitors hid before police evacuated the park which was closed for the day two people were taken to the hospital while a third person refused treatment. gurney is in lake county, roughly 20 miles north of highland park where a gunman
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murdered seven people during a fourth of july parade. now to more fallout from the fbi search of donald trump's mar-a-lago the senate intelligence committee has requested access to classified documents that were seized. a spokesperson for chairman mark warner says the panel also wants an assessment of any potential risks to national security and republican committee member susan collins says they also need the fbi affidavit which would describe in detail any justification for the search this request to the justice department comes as the fbi has warned of a spike in threats against its agents nbc's kelly o'donnell has more >> reporter: an alarming new warning sent to law enforcement about their own safety volatile fallout after some angry reactions to the court-approved search of former president donald trump's florida estate a five-page joint intelligence bulletin states the fbi and dhs are aware of an increase in recent threats and calls for
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violence against federal law enforcement. u.s. government and judicial personnel in reaction to the fbi execution of a search warrant in palm beach, florida on 8 august, 2022 federal sources say the bulletin does not name mr. trump or any targeted officials, but warns that their families could also be at risk these threats are occurring primarily online and across multiple platforms secret service says it's hardening security at its posts and locations like the white house, fbi headquarters and field offices are taking steps as well. the former president on his social media accused the fbi and department of justice of acting with political motives it is all so out of control. great centering anger. former national security adviser john bolton disputes an explanation mr. trump offered after the search removed 11 sets of classified materials. it was all declassified, he
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wrote. >> i think that claim is almost certainly a lie. >> reporter: bolton says he knew of no standing order to declassify materials the president wanted to keep >> it would have to be documented what they were, each document so, the people would know what had been declassified. i know of no logistical train, no paper train at all that says what's declassified and what's not. >> our thanks to kelly for that report as t war in ukraine rages on with nearly six months of bloodshed, and now much of the world is raising alamar as europe's largest nuclear power plant is under control it is under russian control but operated by ukrainian technicians. several buildings and a power cable have been damaged, putting one reactor off line nbc's morgan chesky was in the area just days ago morgan, good morning what's the latest on the situation there? >> cori, good morning.
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it is incredibly tense at zaporizhzhia power plant it's located about 30 miles southwest of the city of zaporizhzhia and that is where we were reporting the last several days. recent reports suggest that that plant, cori, took even more shelling yesterday, and that thousands are fleeing the very small towns that are located around the plant keep in mind this is a massive facility one employee telling us that when it's rung at peak employees, it employees about 11,000 people. we do know over the last several month, since russia took control in march, it's been described as an environment that's been very oppressive, very intimidating. and if you were found out to be pro ukraine you either were imprisoned or simply disappeared. i want you to hear what one former engineer alone had to say when i ask about the situation currently playing out at that power plant. take a listen. if there is a meltdown at the zaporizhzhia plant, what happens?
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>> the power plant to chernobyl, this one is more big. >> and the consequences may be much more terrible >> and you can hear her say essentially it's such a worst case scenario, she doesn't even allow herself to think about what could happen should there be a meltdown. in the meantime, we are hearing from u.n. officials who are joining ukrainian officials and calling for a demilitarized zone around that plant. as of right now, though, all reports suggest that russia military is stationed there. they are positioning equipment inside the plant and don't appear to be moving it we'll send it back to you. >> a dangerous situation already becoming more volatile morgan, thank you.
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a shooting in jerusalem has injured eight people, including five americans israeli police have labeled it a terrorist attack it happened outside the old city a gunman opening fire at a parked bus the suspect, a palestinian resident of jerusalem, later turned himself in. one of his relatives has also been arrested. among the injured, a pregnant woman who was shot in the stomach. the baby had to be delivered in an emergency c-section and is in serious condition. local media reporting that four of the injured americans are from the same new york family. the shooting comes a week after israel and a palestinian militant group in gaza entered a ceasefire. this morning actress anne heche has died she was taken off life support yesterday and several of her organs donated heche passed nine days after crashing into a home in los angeles. she suffered a critical brain injury and had been in a coma. heche first graced the screen on
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"another world" earning her first emmy in 1991 by the 1990s she was one of hollywood's leading ladies, starring opposite johnny depp and harrison ford. she claimed hollywood blacklisted her for coming out as gay heche says she will live on through her beautiful sons and her iconic body of work. anne heche was 53 years old. author salman rushdie is on the road to recovery this morning. his family says he is awake and talking just two days after he was attacked and stabbed on stage. nbc's emilie ikeda has more. >> reporter: tonight, acclaimed author salman rushdie remains in critical condition but is showing signs of improvement, according to his son writing in a statement to nbc news, though his life-changing injuries are severe, his usual feisty and defiant sense of humor remains intact the 75-year-old was taken off the ventilator and able to say a few words a day after he was stabbed an estimated 12 times,
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just as he was supposed to give a lecture on freedom of speech >> i have a hard time even falling asleep that nigh because it was just right there. and you don't take your eyes away from it >> reporter: today, governor kathy hochul in western new york >> a man with a knife cannot silence a man with a pen [ applause ] we'll never allow anyone to harm the ideals of this institution >> reporter: the accused attacker, 24-year-old hadi matar faces second degree attempted murder and assault charges, but pleaded not guilty two law enforcement officials tell nbc news the suspect was inspired by iran-related extremism. some muslims considered the there have been calls for his killing since his publishing of "the satanic verses" which some muslims consider blasphemous other authors are facing threats too, including j.k. rowling. she says the police are involved tonight at the scene of the attack, officials ramping up security as rushdie's agent says the author's road to recovery
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has begun. emilie ikeda, nbc news, chautauqua, new york okay let's get a look at your monday weather and some heavy rain in the forecast nbc meteorologist michelle grossman back from some r&r. good morning, ood morning to yo. good to be back. we're looking at flooding throughout the country i got to get back into the swing of things here rain throughout the southwest. the plains, parts of florida as well we're looking for chance for 3 to 4 inches of rain in some spots. as we look at the rainfall forecast, locally 3 inches where. you see the reds, the oranges the yellows. also portions of the rockies that's where we're seeing the chance for heavy rain. sioux falls down to omaha city and also springfield we're also looking for the chance for severe weather, especially in the carolinas where you see the little yellow.
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the plains heating up once again, especially the southern plains temperatures into the 100s in oklahoma city. all right, guys. we'll talk more about that flooding also, the plains heating up. the southwest is going to see temperatures into the triple-digits as well. we'll look at this in a few minutes. >> this is a long list, and it's just monday. >> all right michelle, we'll talk to you in a mitt birth thanks sunday marked the end of the wnba season and the end of an era for a pair of legends. sylvia fowles played in her final game ending with over 4,000 rebounds the connecticut sun beat them 90-83. in las vegas, sue bird became the second wnba player ever to net one thousand career at least. the storm fell in bird's final season game and the ace clinched the top seed with the win.
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♪ i missed my stop >> something else going on here. >> hi. you don't remember me. >> you look like every white homeless man i've ever seen. >> "bullet train" is making its final stop at number one for the second week in a re. taking a $13.4 million at the box office this weekend. second place, d.c. league of super pets earned $7.2 million
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meantime, "top gun: maverick" is getting a second wind, soaring back up to number 3 with just over $7 million. a 14-year veteran firefighter is suing the rochester fire department and the city to the tune of $4 million. jared jones alleges his captain threw a racist party mocking juneteenth and some city officials. >> what i had to experience a month ago, it cut me very deeply >> reporter: jared jones has been a firefighter for 14 years. he is suing the city and rfd for discrimination >> i'm sorry i even have to be here today in order for things to change, we have to do difficult things. >> reporter: his lawyer nate mcmurray said jones felt compelled to go to the party because it was his captain's idea, and they always travel as a team mcmurray describes some of the things jones and several other firefighters saw at the party. >> he saw signs mocking
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juneteenth under which there were buckets of fried chicken. he saw on the ground posts with the pictures of elected officials throughout the yard. and when mr. jones went to his commander, he went to his officers above him and he said this is terrible you address this can we handle this they assigned him to work with the same captain his next shift. no questions today >> reporter: mcmurray says jones has been pressured by some firefighters and elected officials not to file the complaint. >> thank you so much thank you. >> mcmurray would not answer my question about who those people are. >> i decided to speak up today because have i two children that maybe one day will aspire to be firefighters and i don't want them to have to experience what i experienced. i wouldn't want your kids to have to experience that. >> our thanks to berkeley for that report. in a statement, the rochester
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the bar in the handle removes unseen dirt and debris ahead of the blades, for effortless shaving in one efficient stroke. welcome back on this monday. we are starting out with dangerous heat once again this the plains 110 in some spots from the central and southern plains. also the west heating up as well as we look towards the rest of the week on this monday, we're looking at lots ofy spots from the northern rockies into the plains parts of florida, even into the carolinas. and those warm temperatures start today in los angeles into the 90s all week long. by wednesday, that relentless monsoon moisture to the southwest. looking at stormy conditions, spotty showers and parts of the southeast really comfortable in the parts of the great lakes and upper midwest. the heat does continue into the plains looking ahead towards friday, pleasant in the northeast. soggy still in the southeast back to you guys >> all right, michelle, thank you. studying sharks up close and
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osteo bi-flex - available at your local retailer and club. sharks have dominated headlines this summer with sightings along u.s. beaches on both coasts. to understand their behavior, a florida foundation is studying the animal from our west palm beach affiliate, jay kashmir has a look at their work. >> reporter: as the sun rose off palm beach, five fiu residents took off on this 65-foot research vessel. they called this coastal ocean explorers, with one paramount
3:27 am
goal. >> i think a lot of people don't really understand shark behavior, why they're here, why they're not here and that's all what we're doing. >> reporter: a mile and a half off singer island, in 80-feet deep water, the first line was dropped. 16 more would follow throughout the day. >> personally for you, how is it every day to be out here >> i mean, it's fun. it's a lot of fun. but it's also really inspiring you have get to learn a lot about the kids. >> reporter: students after student helped to bait and catch shark, giving them perhaps the only encounter they may ever have, along with the best view to explore a potential career. >> all of these students are local to florida and that is their backyard if we want for locals to actually conserve and live among shark, it is important that they understand the sharks that are in the area. >> reporter: in our area and up the east coast, there have been more encounters this summer, triggering a wave of headlines however, shark populations
3:28 am
change yearly, according to the scientists >> it's not necessarily that there are more sharks. we don't have data on increasing sharks in florida waters however, there is an increase of beachgoers so the more people in the water, statistically, the more shark encounters you're going have >> reporter: knowing what sharks are in area, their behavior and their migration pattern could help us better understand how to act and react around them, according to these scientists. all critical information that comes from every tag they place on a shark once caught, fitted and released, these tags will act like a fit bit, studying movement, behavior, growth, and the effects of global warming. >> we really are in this pivotal time we're collecting as much data as we can about how animals and ecosystems will be changed with warming waters. >> an education built to inspire and spire excitement for the ocean which will be handed to the next generation, in order to protect it >> our thanks to jay for that report movies and frankly news reports,
3:29 am
sharks have been demonized it's important to get them raw, real data to see how they move and how they affect us >> and hopefully the next generation can understand this a lot better so that we are not invading their habitat either. >> that's right. once we go in there, we're in their house. thanks for diving into theworkwk w
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