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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  August 15, 2022 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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the bay area is bracing for the heat. the temperatures are set to reach dangerous levels in the bay area this week. and the air quality advisory now in effect. thanks for joining us for our midday newscast. i'm marcus washington. >> we're streaming live. now, along with that potentially dangerous heat is poor air quality as smoke continues to make its way into the bay area. we've got live team coverage on this week's warming trend.
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nbc bay area bob riddell is breaking down the steps that we can all take to prepare. >> we start with kari hall. >> it is starting to heat up around the bay area. the heat advisory will be in effect until tomorrow. all the areas shade in the orange, it will be in effect until 8:00 p.m. as we reach the peak of the heat on tuesday. but at any point you do need to make sure that you're reducing the outdoor activity as the temperatures heat up. you're drinking lots of water and paying attention to your body for signs of heat-related illness. as those temperatures heat up, it's been a while since we've had weather this hot but we are looking at temperatures today well below our record highs that were set back in 2020 for santa rosa today, reaching 95 degrees. the record is 103. and we'll be about ten degrees below record in san francisco, reaching the upper 70s. we are still getting the mild coastal temperatures, whale some of our inland valleys reach into
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the upper 80 and upper 90s. we'll see a high of 100 degrees today in concord. and in fairfield, reaching 100. dublin, 94. as you head down to san jose, in the upper 80, and many middle 80s for mountain view. we'll see san francisco in the upper 70s and santa rosa reaching 95 degrees. tomorrow, a few degrees even hotter. so let's head over to today in the bay. bob, with what bay area is doing. the city of livermore has reopened its free water program. >> reporter: coincidentally in time for tomorrow's heat wave. good morning. the city of livermore restarting its free recycled water program. the first time in several years. you can see it is taking place behind me at the water resources division within the i is the of livermore. you can show up like this guy has with his pickup truck. he has a barrel there. you can fill up your tank with free recycled water. now this program was very
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popular in the summers of 2015 and 2016 during the last drought. over 900 residents visited the water station event. we've already seen several people pull up their plastic tanks and water bladders to receive up to 300 gallons per visit. >> how has your property been handling the drought? >> it's been suffering. this will be a huge help. i did this last time, too. >> reporter: and it saves on the water bill? >> oh, well, it's not so much the money. it's just having the available water. you know? i probably do a thousand gallons a week. >> reporter: like many places in the bay area, livermore residents are restricted on when they can water their lawn so this free water program allows to you irrigate your property whenever you want. again, assuming up a water tank and a water pump back home. the free recycled water program which is for livermore residents only runs through october 1st. these are the skies yesterday
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over san francisco. you can see the haze. there are fires burning up north in humboldt and trinity county that could playing it worse today. that's why the bay area district has issued an advisory over concerns more wildfire smoke could drift into the bay area. they point out this is not a spare the air alert, even though you might smell smoke which incidentally, i don't smell it right now. the air is expected to remain relatively healthy. now, as kari mentioned, the national weather service has mentioned an excessive heat watch tomorrow morning through tomorrow evening. temps expected to range between 100 degrees and 105 degrees. there's a moderate risk of heat-related illnesses. moderate being the second of four level of risk. this means people over the age of 65. infants, athletes, people working outside. they want to be careful. stay cool, stay hydrated. don't leave your kids or pets in cars. when you're walking the dog, keep them off the hot pavement.
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reporting live, bob redell. >> all good advice. thanks, bob. if you haven't already, make sure you download our app to keep an eye on the heat in your neighborhood. developing now right this midday, thousands of health care professionals have been ticketing for hours now at several kaiser locations. that strike could impact you and your care, especially since it has no end in sight. nbc bay area live for us in san francisco. it seems like the crowd has grown since this morning. talk to us about it. some patients have had their appointments canceled. >> reporter: that's right. this crowd has grown quite a bit since this morning. and we did speak to a patient whose appointment was canceled today and wasn't given other options for mental health care. this is at the kiser in san francisco and other locations across northern california. this one, of course, just one of several happening. others in san jose, fresno and
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sacramento. some 2,000 health care professionals, specifically therapists, psychologists and counsellor are taking to the picket lines saying kaiser must listen on the needs and the deeds of their mental health patients. what are they asking for? aside for better compensation, they are calling for settlement that would increase staffing and reduce wait times. one woman shared once patients establish care, it can take six to eight weeks for a follow-up visit which when dealing with mental health is an unacceptable time between care, she said. kaiser, on the other hand, said it has hired nearly 200 new mental health technicians to keep one the demand for care. it also said it offered time for administrative duties but they, too, are challenged with an increased demand for mental health care in general. >> this is not about access to
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careunion claim. the union's proposal to reduce time directly seeing patients comes at a time when we are faced with a 30% increase in demand for mental health care. our patients cannot a ford a propose pal significant will i reduces the amount of time available to care for them and their mental health needs. we are outraged the union is moving forward with this strike. it makes no sense. but we are prepared and have plans in place to meet our members' mental health needs. >> people will not stay just for the money and the benefits. we need a model of care that helps our patients and we can feel ethically good about and sustainable in our own lives. without that, this doesn't work. >> you're looking now at picket lines of kaiser in san jose. that strike, as well as this one
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in san francisco. they're happening now and will continue until 2:00 this afternoon. we're also told the picket lines will move to oakland tomorrow. and of course, the strikes will continue to happen until both sides come to an agreement. and that's the latest that we have here in san francisco from the kaiser here. >> thank you. new at 11:00, the water main break slowing down traffic in solano county. it is happening along the alamo ramp near i-80. at last check, both east and westbound directions were shut down. the chp is warning drivers to drive slowly through that area. we are learning new details about a double homicide in san francisco's bay view district. police have arrested a man they say is responsible. this happened early saturday morning near jennings street. this is video of that scene from the citizens app. a man and a woman were shot
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there. both later died at the hospital. 23-year-old irvin hernandez flores, a relative of the victim, now faces homicide charges. new at 11:00, we're learning more about arrests made after pursuits in the south bay. they attempted to pull over a vehicle in cupertino when the driver took off after a short chase, five catalytic converters and a replica gun were found inside the vehicle. the deputies say the driver was also on probation. we're getting new details in the case of a missing teenager last seen over a week ago in placer county. the placer county sheriff's office says kyly rodney was last scene in the video earlier in the evening of august 6th. she was wearing a white sweatshirt shown in this photo on the left. it is unknown if she was wearing it when she was last seen. investigators home this new clue will lead to more details about her disappearance. the 16-year-old was reported missing on august 6th after attending a party at the family
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camp ground. happening today, san francisco police hole a virtual town hall following a recent shoot-out where no one was struck by that gunfire. this happened august 6th near 16th and south van ness gnaw. investigators say that an armed suspect being detained by officers took off and fired repeatedly. that suspect was eventually detained and police did say he suffered some kind of injury. no one was actually hit by bullets. the department will hold the hearing at 3:00 p.m. this is in an effort to provide transparency. new overnight, wnba star brittney griner appealing her conviction in russia. the negotiations to release her from prison to bring her back to the u.s. plus, we brace for some major heat. that new worry when it comes to our climate in crisis. how climate change is increasing lightning and the chances of wildfire disasters. first trending on our website, scientists warning of the california mega flood. we take a chesser look at how
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climate change may make future storms far more severe. head to click on the link in the trending bar.
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welcome back. there is a new warning from the fbi and the department of homeland security about a dangerous uptaking against law enforcement. this fols the search by federal agents of former president trump's home. >> reporter: stepped up security this morning around the country after a new warning about a spike in threats against law enforcement agents and their families. the joint bulletin from the fbi and homeland security warning of more calls for violence against federal law enforcement, government, and judicial officials after that search of former president trump's mar-a-lago home last week. agents seizing 11 sets of top secret and highly classified
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documents. now the top democrat and republican on the powerful senate intelligence committee, senators mark warner and marco rubio, are pushing the biden administration to show them what exactly those materials are. and they're calling for a damage assessment. a move that goes by some democrats, sounding the alarm about the documents. >> it is so important that these documents remain in safe locations, and mar-a-lago, where you can check out tennis rackets and golf clubs, that's not one of them. >> reporter: but the top republican downplaying concerns. >> we don't know what they are. we don't know if they rise to the level of being a national security threat. >> reporter: now new fallout after a report in the new york time that a trump attorney said the government in june that all material marked as classified at the former president's estate has been returned. the paper citing four people with knowledge of that document. nbc news has not reviewed it. a trump spokesperson blasting what they described as suggestive leaks and no hard
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facts. while mr. trump's team told fox news, he had a standing order to declassify anything taken from the oval office to the white house residence -- >> i think that claim is almost certainly a lay. >> reporter: his former national security vilesor tells nbc news, he doesn't believe that's the case. >> it would have to be documented what they were. each document. so that people would know what has been declassified. i know of no logistical train, no paper train at all that shows what is declassified and what's not. >> we do have new details for you this midday. lawyers for imprisoned wnba star brittney griner are appealing her conviction on drug charges. this follows her sentencing earlier this month to nine years in a russian prison. she was arrested at a moscow airport in february. this is african business cartridges were found in her luggage. she claim she was wrongly
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detained. there is an offer to exchange. now to decision 2022 coverage, a forum running for the oakland mayoral race. libby schauffele turned out at the end of her second term. it starts at 5:00 p.m. it is being held at the regal jack london theater on washington street. the members will take part in the race and tonight's events. traces of the polio virus were recently found in new york. health leaders there say that it is likely a locally contained discovery found in the waste water there. and it is funding stanford's school of engineering to consider using its own waste water direction program. this is a screened polio here. it can be scary for many americans. doctors say there is a solution.
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a simple one. get vaccinated. >> if people received routine vaegss in childhood, if they remember that, they almost for sure received polio vaccine. >> the cdc recommends four doses of the vaccine. usually starting at two months old. and if you were vaccinated as a child, you should be protected for life. moving you forward on moving students out from under the pandemic. so there is now a big push to address the math education crisis in school classrooms. >> experts say the average student is more than half a grade level behind in math since the start of the pandemic. recent studies show the largest decline the past three years has been among children of color. the organization bedtime math foundation is launching the b part of the equation campaign. it seeks to help children start strong in the new school year and provide resources for those struggling with math. the founder says parents should know their students' math
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curriculum to assess the challenges their children can face. >> you should know what your child is being served for math every day. the other piece i would add is a lot of this during covid is assessing students. it is really important to know where they are. what gets measured gets managed. >> she says parents can go to the bedtime math foundation website to help find programs to help with math and she urges parents to find ways to improve children's math skills. climate change could increase lightning in california and soon spark the wildfires out there. more recent study finds lightning strikes nationwide will increase 12% for every degree celsius of global warming. according to the u.s. forest service, 40% of wildfires in the west were caused by lightning between 1992 and 2015. now this data comes as tomorrow marks two years since three massive lightning fires sparked.
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you might remember those, seeing those in the skies during the early morning hours of august 16, 2020. hundred of those started several firefighters. they merged to become the czu, and the lnu lightning fires. more than 846,000 acres burned in those fires. >> concerning. kari hall is tracking the heat that we're talking about. what caused it two years ago was the monsoon moisture that came in. we know it's been a very active season. they've had a lot of flooding and occasionally, the moisture and humidity has been surging into southern california and the bay area. we'll have another chance of that as we go toward wednesday and thursday. so the green indicates where there is higher amounts of that moisture moving in. as we go toward wednesday, we can see it turning green, even a deep plume of moisture there that may not have a lot of rain. it dries out before hitting the
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ground. if we do see it happening on wednesday evening, there will be the chance of lightning that could unfortunately spark new fires. even one lightning strike is not good but there will be a chance just to the east of us. we'll be monitoring that. right now we're dealing with the heat as we get ready for the heat advisory that will be in effect for all the areas shaded in orange. this goes into effect starting at 11:00. we are also dealing with temperatures that will head for the upper 90s. even over 100 degrees. for spots like fairfield. we'll see also in parts of the north bay. temperatures reaching over 100 degrees. that includes the inland east bay, the delta, the tri-valley and to the south county. our temperatures reaching 95. in oakland we're headed for yee degrees. and notice the range in temperatures were mild near the coastline. as you make your way toward the
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east bay, the north bay, as well as down to morgan hill, it will be really hot. and getting even hotter tomorrow. that's when we reach the peak of the heat with livermore reaching 102 degrees. 103 in concord. and 105 in fairfield. santa rosa reaching 97. we'll see a high of nick in los gatos tomorrow afternoon. on wednesday, it is only coming down a couple of degrees. still dangerously hot for those outside. spending a lot of time outdoors. if you don't have air conditioning, it will be one of those next few days that we'll struggle with the high heat. we're also getting a lot of smoke cutting in. we'll have an air quality advisory. the management district now issuing a spare the air alert day for tomorrow as we get more smoke coming down from the fires to the north. it looks like we could see an increase in the wildfire smoke. the darker shades of blue and green indicate more smoke. we do still have the mckinney fire even though it is 95%
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contained. this burned over 60,000 acres. and we're still seeing that smoke coming in with the shift in the wind direction that will bring that down into the bay area. and take a look at the heat that we're dealing with for a spot like brentwood where we're hitting 103 degrees. even to 106. and then 90s for the weekend. so overall, our inland temperatures dangerously hot for the start of the week. but it is improving. san francisco will see highs in the upper 70s and upper 60s for the weekend. >> thanks. happening now, vta schedules are changing again as the agency works to restore service to pre pandemic level. beginning today, service on the blue line started earlier. 4:30 a.m. the blue line weekend service will run from 5:00 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. the following morning. the green and orange lines are set to start at 5:00 a.m. on weekdays and run from 6:00 a.m. to midnight on the weekends. a sacramento boy does
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something very few baseball players will ever achieve in their careers. still ahead, his big accomplishments on the field and
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new for you this midday, a 13-year-old baseball player from elk grove thrilled after returning from a pitching perfect game. this is at the cal ripken world series in maine. >> what a talent. jacob trujillo did something he wasn't expecting. >> i got to start pitching. fortunately i was able to throw a perfect game where no one gets on base ever the entire game was shut down. >> that's awesome. jacob says the 13 strikeouts came with a lot of hard work. the youth baseball all-stars had to practice some 15 hours a week for the last three months. and the injury made things even harder. >> it was not too long ago i hurt my arm from pitching too
11:27 am
much. so we let it rest and we got it stronger. it was just this year coming back was the real start for me, working my way back up. >> now this is his last year and he's happy to be requesting out with a big trophy, a ring and other medals. it is important to note that he is damian trujillo's nephew. >> david has that golden arm. >> it's somewhere in the bloodline. >> are you going out to play baseball today? >> for those practices today, they need to stay hydrated. take breaks in the shade if you can. those temperatures for the inland areas is reaching into the upper 90s. 100 degrees tomorrow. that's the peak of the heat. it will improve. we'll be dealing with some humidity and frg, keeping tabs on that over the next few days. >> i'm not ready. >> get your fans. >> thank you for joining us for
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our midday newscast. next one is at 5:00. >> you can get the latest all day long at we'll see you tomorrow morning.
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