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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  August 15, 2022 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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safe, the fire bringing down lights above my house. >> a close call tonight in dublin. a brush fire, threatening a cluster of homes. we're going to hear from neighbors preparing for the worst. and there's plenty of heat will be back into the bay area. i'll have the latest on the advisory. could reach the high at 104 degrees. coming up behind me, i thought, there's a dog, a big dog behind me. i turned to look, and it was a coyote. >> a coyote. this marathon runner, taken down by a coyote during an overnight run. not his first brush with a wild animal.his message, tonight, for others. good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm raj mathai. tonight, dozens of families are relieved and grateful. a fire forced dozens of people in dublin to evacuate.
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fire crews are still on-site in dublin. nbc bay area has latest. >> reporter: sheer chaos in dublin, as fire crews fought against planes rushing towards homes, leaving one person stranded in the evacuation zone. >> i can't stay inside, but if things got worse, i would run that way. >> reporter: the fire came feet away from their home, and by the time he was done packing, his street was blocked off by fire crews wasting towards the home. >> i never expected like this to happen. i was prepared. >> reporter: only one side of this neighborhood on the canyon road was evacuated. cal fire says, a car broke down and caught fire. the 12-year-old son, brandon, on the other side of the housing community. they, too, were notified to get ready in case the fire got out of control. >> i kind of more panicked and kept asking what can i do to help.what can i backup.
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>> reporter: locally, crews responded quickly from all angles. many of them just arrived to the fires up north, caused by a series of lightning strikes. >> some came back last night, some came back this morning. here they are, though her >> reporter: no structures were damaged, and residents returned after two hours, grateful to see their home intact. >> we were expecting to go elsewhere, because the heat will be worse tomorrow. the heat wave. we were really scared that could affect our housing. >> reporter: in dublin, nbc bay area news . a busy never fire crews on the peninsula, as well. look at this video from brisbane. a fire near west hill place, up the road from mission blue baseball field. crews slowed it down before it did any damage. the fire burned less than an acre, and is now content. no word on how it happened. all this happens with a real taste of august. dangerously hot weather and smoke, jeff, still a thing in the bay area. what are we seeing tomorrow night?
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>> we will see pictures even harder for tomorrow's forecast. you can see today, that was our hardest, up to 101 degrees. we are holding onto this. check it out. concord, right now, 78 degrees. 75 in livermore. 71 in san jose. his warm temperatures, england, that's going to give us a jumpstart tomorrow for these warmer temperatures. that's why we have a heated rice in can see, through the north, east, and parts of the south bay. temperatures, ranging from 90 to 105. not seeing gusty winds. just 5 to 10 miles per hour. that's good news, but elevated fire danger with the drop in place. the other thing you will see is, as the temperatures him up, it will have the worst air quality is bay and south bay with the spare the air alert in effect. raj, looking at where we reach 105 in about 15 minutes.>> we will see shortly, jeff. download our nbc bay area news app .a great way to stay on top
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of the changing forecasts in your area. also, sign up for our weather alerts. tonight, a well-known ultramarathon runner is recovering after being attacked by a coyote. it happened in marin county as he was running alone. you want to warn you, even though we blurred it, the video is still's nbc bay area news's cheryl hurd . >> i had something rather terrifying happen. >> reporter: well-known ultramarathon runner hernandez whipped out his cell phone moments after he was attacked by a coyote wall running on a trail near the golden gate bridge. >> i heard footsteps coming up behind me. i thought, there's a big dog behind me. i turned to look, and it was a coyote. >> reporter: it was big enough to knock him to the ground. that's how he injured his face. he doesn't think the coyote was after him. he believes it was after the energy bar he was about to eat. >> honestly, i think it didn't know what to do.
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it's all me, was looking this way. i think it was looking for the bar. >> reporter: the attack happened at 3:00 in the morning, in the middle of the 150-mile race. he was on mile 37. the renowned endurance sports runner has won some of the world's most legendary ultra marathons. he's run to the south pole. he's done 50 marathons in 50 consecutive days, and 50 different states. he's taken his athleticism into the water. even been attacked by a shark, but never a coyote. not until now. he says, a lot of people who walk and run along these trails leave food out for coyotes. that's something he and fish and wildlife officials are strongly against. >> let's cut that out. let animals be wild, the conflict with coyotes, stemming from people feeding them. coyotes see opportunities, and they get conditioned and think they can get food from us. then, they're going to keep pushing the boundary.>> reporter: hernandez believes it's important for people to know what happened to him, because, at the same time, he doesn't want anyone to shy away from enjoying the outdoors. >> this was a very isolated
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incident. as i said, for many years, i have run the same trails. i've seen many coyotes. none have ever bothered me. >> reporter: he says, he won't stop running. he will be more careful. in marin county, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. in the wrong place at the wrong time. an innocent bystander was shot at lake merritt today. the suspect is in custody. happened this afternoon on bellevue avenue, near the rotary nature center, not far from children which was closed today. when officers arrived, they found a man who had been shot twice. he is now in stable condition. investigators say, the suspect was targeting another man, but missed. a disheartening story now in san francisco. the police chief, announcing an arrest in a high-profile attack on a 70-year-old asian woman. of the four people arrested, three are under the age of 15. as nbc bay area news explains,
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the chief says, he wants to send a message to those responsible for this wave of attacks on asian elders. they will be found and prosecuted. >> there's a lot of victims out there. as mentioned, by many people here today, we just want to announce it. >> reporter: in chinatown today, top community leaders and officers, police chief bill scott announced multiple arrests in a daylight beating of a 70-year-old asian woman, known as mrs. rand. >> the 18-year-old, and three juvenile suspects, ages 11 to 13 and 14. >> the moment i saw the video of the attack on ms. wren, i can't tell you the feelings that i had inside. what is going on in our society, quite frankly, and in san francisco -- as you all understand -- very disturbing. >> reporter: the district attorney says, no hate crime charges have been filed yet, but says, this is an ongoing
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investigation. it comes days after police announced that an arrest in the brutal attack against another asian elder, former san francisco commissioner, greg chu. also days that we value exclusive video of two other attacks on asian women in the city's richmond district. district attorney jenkins tells me, she has asked her staff to pull open cases involving elderly abuse to see if more information can be gathered to file hate crimes. >> with respect to hate crimes, they require the proof of motive.and so, oftentimes, that requires some expression, verbally, from an assailant, or requires some level of investigation into the past, history, and the social media content, other things. >> reporter: the police chief and district attorney will hold a town hall meeting tomorrow night to further address these issues.they will implore how to work together to keep the community and elderly safe. in san francisco, sharon katsuda, nbc bay area news. tomorrow is day two of the statewide healthcare worker strike for kaiser. about 2000 kaiser mental health workers, including counselors,
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psychologists and staff, were picketing today.they say, contract negotiations have stalled. the union wants higher pay, increased staffing, and shorter patient wait times. kaiser says, it's made a fair offer for the union already. >> someone said, six months. they're already in a crisis. that crisis is going to become full-blown. we're going to need a lot more services at that point. >> the union's proposal to reduce time directly seeing patients comes at a time when we're faced with a 30% increase in demand for mental health care. >> kaiser says, it hired nearly 200 new mental health clinicians. they also say, patients will still receive care during the strike on the clinicians who choose to keep working. the strike continues tomorrow, from 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at look kaiser locations in oakland, santa clara and santa rosa. san francisco to laguna
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honda hospital, an extra two months to try to stop a forced shutdown of the facility. the fence, as you may know, recently cut funding and decertify the facility, citing years of issues. dozens of long-term care patients were ordered to move out by next month. however, two weeks ago, the city-run hospital stop discharges when multiple patients died after being moved out.the city then filed a lawsuit to try to stop the closure of the hospital. the new november extension granted by the feds will give city officials more time to make their appeal to keep this hospital open. the push continues to get more people vaccinated for monkeypox. san francisco, now tracking 563 cases. the hours have been extended for the walk-in clinic in sf general, now open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., monday through friday, dependent on supply. the city says, the current supply should last until thursday.
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we're still waiting more word on when they will be receiving the next allocation, and how much they'll be getting. the lines at the clinic have been shorter. that's because the hospital says, they become more efficient. they're giving out about 600 to 700 doses each day. we are back in 60 seconds. just ahead, this flight to paradise makes a u-turn the problem that forced an emergency landing in oakland we lost our freedom. we lost our country. >> one years since the taliban take over. we look at what's changed in afghanistan. plus, we'll hear from a refugee who fled here, to the bay area. and a very warm 78 in walnut creek right now. under a microclimate weatr heal
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well, for a while, it was a low on hold. a flight headed to hawaii was forced to return back home. the southwest flight took off from oakland this morning, on its way to maui. it was forced to fly back to the airport landing three hours later. southwest says, the plane had a hydraulic issue. thankfully, it landed safely. passengers boarded another plane for the hawaiian islands. is been one year now since the last u.s. plane left afghanistan. families, crowding the runway. you remember these images, clinging on, fearful, then, of what their country has now become. women's rights have all been erased now by the taliban government. police, enforcing laws requiring them to be covered and escorted by men in public. girls older than the age of 11 aren't allowed to go to school since the fall of kabul, notre dame university in belmont, everything a pilot grandma, providing afghan refugees temporary housing. >> we lost our freedom. we lost our country.
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unfortunately, i cannot finish my stay in my university. it is very painful for me, because that was my dream, that i can complete my education in afghanistan. >> the afghan economy has also been ravaged by sanctions and drought, with no real prospects of getting any better. the search is on for an east bay teenager who disappeared saturday morning. 14-year-old natalia perez riviera -- rivera, excuse me, last seen around 10:30 a.m. in oakland last weekend. police say, she may have been headed to washington square park in san francisco. rivera was wearing a gray- hooded adidas sweatshirt and black sweatpants. her family says, she's in good mental and physical condition. also missing in the east bay, daisy lancaster. the 13-year-old was last seen saturday around 3:30 at the
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extended stay in alameda. she was last seen wearing a black nike shirt, black shorts, black shoes. if you have any information, for natalie or daisy, call oakland police. cracking down now on catalytic converter thefts in south san francisco. that's the subject of a new law in that city. the law will make it illegal for anyone to abuse a catalytic converter -- to have a youth catalytic converter in their possession. the city council passed the law unanimously. police say, previous theft laws made it difficult to enforce and prosecute these kind of cases. investing in violence prevention in richmond. city leaders gathered today to celebrate a $6 million grant from the state richmond's office of neighborhood safety will use the money to prevent gun violence in the city. the agency was formed 15 years ago, and was the first of its kind in the country. it provides stipends to young people considered at risk of being involved in gun violence, providing services to help them
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focus on school and jobs, not street violence and crime. >> we live in a city where i don't mind my child going inside. i'm not afraid of my child walking to the basketball court were going to the store. it creates a feeling of ease and pause and well-being. >> the agency says, their efforts to reduce gun incidents causing injury or death by as much as 80% in the last 10 years. cleanup is continuing at a massive homeless encampment in oakland. the city is moving forward with clearing structures and tons of debris that make up just part of the wood street encampment. oakland is the only authority over the city-on right-of-way on wood street between west grant and 26th street for the city says, it's been providing outreach. tonight, there are just three on sheltered people still on that portion of the property. the bulk of wood street encampment is untouchable right now. it's on caltrain's property, and a judge issued a temporary
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restraining order back in july, preventing that agency from closing the camp. climate change may help keep california's last operating nuclear plant open. the plan to close the outlaw county plant has been underway since 2016, but the effects of the heat and drought have lawmakers and pg&e reconsidering. draft legislation to keep the plant open was circulated to lawmakers last week. the canyon currently supplies more than 8% of the state electricity, and nearly 20% of the zero-carbon electricity supply. both plants, scheduled to be retired by 2025. but due to delays, california will probably not be up to ramp up the wind and solar energy sources fast enough. livermore residents have a greener option for watering the plants and grass. today, the water resources
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district started offering free recycled water. it can be used together get lawns, trees, and other landscaping. my bay area residents, a limited schedule for lawn watering, but those using this free water programming, a lot hearing it when they want, as long as they have a water tank and pump back home capable of holding the water >> not so much the money. it's just having the available water. probably do one thousand gallons a week. >> the program is limited to livermore residents. they can receive up to 300 gallons per visit. this free, recycled water program runs through october 1st. that seems like a heck of an idea for a lot of communities around the bay area. >> yeah. great to kind of reuse that. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> be smart about the water use. >> yeah. definitely something all of us are looking at closer. as you go through tomorrow, it's going to get even hotter. you can see the focus on the bigger he tomorrow will definitely be on the eastern half of the bay area, parts of the north bay, east bay, and south bay. it is, 921 05. not seen big wind.only 5 to 10.
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that's a little bit of good news in all this hot weather, at least. let's break into the micro climate forecast. we will get you a looking at what is producing this. we have been following this developing pattern the last several days. it's all about this area of high pressure over the desert southwest. it's bringing in the heat. also, thunderstorms with monsoonal moisture. but the new update on that right now, really looks as if the best chances through this week would remain over the sierra and southwest. so, we have the heat. we have the slower system offshore. i will keep a little bit of fog on the coastline at times. that's why we're going to see widespread overtures moving into tomorrow end forecast. we know a lot of you are getting the kids back to school this week. it's a major week. reality check for a lot of us now. also getting yourself maybe back to work. work from home is over for you. even if you feel like you need a little bit of a jacket tomorrow morning as you step to work, will need to for long. we will start out on the mild side. 69, tri valley peninsula. 63, stockton. coolest weather, patchy fog in san francisco.
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58. the east bay, 65. daytime highs tomorrow, warming up another 3 to 6 degrees. the south bay does get into the dangerous range here towards morgan hill, where we've really got to watch it. one hundred degrees. 94 into the east bay. also, certainly, very, very hot here. look at this, 103, concord livermore. pleasanton, 102. oakland, cooler there, but that is still a warm day for oakland's standards, 83 degrees. through the bay immensely, best weather here. a little bit of trees off of the bay. 86 here. downtown san francisco and the mission, here is the difference near the beaches. will keep you and 68 in outer sunset. through the north bay, hottest weather, ukiah, 105. clear lake, 104. seven-day forecast doesn't last long. we get back to cooler 60s in san francisco. thursday, into this upcoming weekend, and check it out. through the inland valley, a
11:21 pm
two-day event for tomorrow. hottest day of the week. then at a 98 on wednesday then, we drop it down. i know you said, earlier, this was looking good for sunday, raj. 87 degrees. >> that's perfect .you know what? we were waiting for this august weather to come. august 15th, the august weather is finally here. >> yeah. think, just two more days. >> we can handle it. thanks, jeff. once again, a bay area family needs help finding their stolen frenchy. the reward they are offering, no questions asked. and we have jim. hey, everyone. sterling cade brown as my guest tonight! also, gabrielle evans. it's a great show tonight! happening now, day 10 of the search for a 16-year-old senior covid-19 after attending a party at across her family campground. there is hoping that a new clue will help identify kyelie's
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missing crv. there is a ram sticker the on
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tonight, a bay area family is offering rewards for the bulldogs, no questions asked police say, the three-month-old bulldog, nicknamed frankie or frenchy, stolen on august 3rd in a 711 cannot on fremont boulevard. at the time, the pokey puppy weighed eight pounds, and without a collar. this is the latest in a string of all dog thefts across the bay area. the family is offering a $700 reward for his return. it's back to the office for apple. bloomberg is reporting, staff will return three days a week starting september 5th. this marks the start of the company's much delayed hybrid work model. apple initially planned to require employees to return to the office three days a week back in may, but that timeline was delayed, like many other companies, due to a spike in covid cases. the last several months, staff have been working in the office two days per week . on the another sign of the times, papa the bay area film festival is back in person. so the quest gets off tomorrow with 220 movies for cinequest.
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130, u.s. or world premieres. not only the first in-person cinequest since the pandemic began, is the first held during the summer. organizers have an outdoor and beer wine garden. the festival runs through august 29th. we are back in a moment to tell
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wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27.
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okay. we know this. it happens to almost every team. a key injury during training camp. this happened to the niners. the niners can now say, starting free safety jimmie ward , the anchor of the secondary, has a hamstring injury. he could miss the season opener in chicago september 11th. baseball tonight. much better news. a lot of buzz with the giants host in the diamondbacks. our old friend, madison bumgarner, on the hill for arizona. the giants broke the buffer, six runs with evan longoria, the two-time homer. giants beat the diamondbacks 6- 1. they are still in the wild- card hunt. the athletics, in texas. that is a two-foot hot dog.
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it's maybe week, coming to san jose for the first time. today, members of the navy visited the food bank in silicon valley, helping to pack food for families in san mateo and santa clara counties. also, they will be volunteering all week at the boys and girls club. girls inc., and habitat for humanity. more than 75 sailors will also participate in education and outreach events, including the san jose italian family festival this weekend. organizers say, the goal is to simply give back and educate others about the navy and its importance to national security. >> we're having fun today. we're happy to give back to the community. a lot of the sailors have a the community. >> that's a nice event.
11:34 pm
the city will also be hosting navy band performances. we know there's some advent in a road, which start tonight. >> that's excellent. >> that's cool. jeff is back with us now. we can go outside and wear shorts? yes. in the south bay, east bay, in the 70s right now. a hot day tomorrow. a heat advisory for the inland valleys. only five in santa rosa. 103, concord. 104, livermore. inland, towards alameda county, maybe the hardest in morgan hill, also at the 100. that lasts for two days. we see a drop by thursday. much, much more comfortable by this weekend. we're looking at the upper 80s to low 90s. we will be tracking thunderstorms over the sierra through tomorrow. best chances still look like they will remain the main [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart


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