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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  August 19, 2022 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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or minors. prop 27 helps every tribe, including disadvantaged tribes. prop 26? nothing for disadvantaged tribes vote yes on 27. right now at 11:00 new details just coming in. thank you for joining our midday newscast. investigators are still at the site of that deadly mid-air collision. now we've learned multiple people are dead. the plane crash happened
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yesterday. one plane exploding in a fire ball. nbc bay area's chris sanchez is near that crash site breaking down the details. what are investigators saying this midday? >> reporter: so we have a couple of new developments, marcus. the santa cruz sheriff now confirm all three people on board the two planes did die in that crash. they are not releasing their identities. they have to be identified and their next of kin has to be notified. also this morning, the ntsb is here with investigators. you will see them here behind me. the national transportation safety board investigators, they have been taking measurements, looking at the pieces of the wreckage, trying to piece together what happened when these two planes crashed. we expect that they will be answering questions within the next half-hour or so and of course we have a lot of questions for them. this is new video of what the ntsb investigators have been doing. taking those measurements, as i said, and trying to put together the debris field now that the
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victim have been extricated. according to the faa, one person was on board a single engine cessna 152. and two people were on board a twin engine cessna 340. the two planes crashed into each other as the pilots were attempting to land just before 3:00 yesterday afternoon. so the conditions, very similar to what you're seeing here today. the smaller cessna crashed near the perimeter of the airport. the bigger one continued to cross the airport and crashed into a hangar. here's what it looked like from the nearby surveillance camera. you see smoke. you see some flames there in the corner. this morning, we talked with a woman who stopped by to drop off flowers because she expects that in this community, she will likely know the people who died. >> the wife of the pilot is something that affects us. we are a small community. and everybody knows them. i wanted to pay my respects. >> watsonville municipal airport is a small uncontrolled airport.
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that is, it has no control tower so it is up to the pilots themselves to clear for landing. there are recordings of those conversations happening right before the crash happened. we have not yet gotten our hands on them. while there is a neighborhood just across the street from where we're standing, directly across the street, nobody on the ground was hurt. so that is the good news. the bad news is, that we can now confirm that three people did die on board those two planes. we'll be asking the ntsb questions sometime between 11:30 and 12:00. if we're on the air, we'll bring that to you. if we're not, we'll post it online and on our social media platforms as well. you can find that at nbc bay area news. >> i'm sure this will be a lengthy investigation. thank you. happening today, the governor's office is demanding a response from the city of oakland. this is over the handling of a large homeless encampment. up to there hundred people are living in the wood street camp.
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this is on caltrans property on 880 in oakland. critics point out that it has been the scene of several recent fires and the judge held up a plan to clear it out. housing has not been made available to those living there. this is a problem, according to the governor's office. the city has received nearly $5 million in grant money for that very issue. yesterday the governor's office sent a scathing letter to oakland city attorney, saying that the city has neglected its responsibility. here's a response from the oakland city mayor, libby schaaf. >> we are working hard to use the grant exactly the way we promised, to house the people at wood street. >> the state asking for a response by the end of the day today. and said it is possible that grant money could be pulled. new at 11:00, within the past hour, the san francisco city member announcing new funding to help the bay area's aapi community. the $3.5 million commitment is
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aimed at expanding and improving resources for seniors living in the city's sunset district. that money will go toward renovating the south sunset play ground clubhouse and creating a new community center. for aapi seniors. the news comes as at least two seniors were attacked in san francisco over the last three weeks which he says highlights the need for the safe space. >> the last couple years, we've been hearing about seniors getting attacked at the bus stops. seniors getting attacked downtown in chinatown. we just had a few attacks the last couple weeks which was horrific. this is a safe space for seniors. >> the senior population growing very quickly. ting says by 2030, one-third of all san francisco residents will be 60 years or older, and about half of those seniors will be asian-american. moving you forward this midday on covid testing, and your at-home test kits, you may want to wait a second before
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throwing the kits away. the fda extending the expiration dates for about ten brands of the testing kits meaning you'll still be able to use them. the fda has a web page listing all authorized test kits to sue if the one you have at home is available. all you need to do is look at the lot number printed on the box. this midday, taking a live look out. look at the haze as we get started. we've been dealing with the extreme temperatures throughout the week. things are starting to cool off, going into the weekend. a lot of people want to get out and enjoy it. >> it will be nice, depending on where you are. we are looking at wide ranging temperatures across the bay area and a lot cooler and foggier as we take a look live at the golden gate bridge where we do have low visibility. they are still as you are drifg in from the north bay, where we've seen some of the fog lingering there. that's keeping the temperatures down while san jose is getting some sunshine. right now, it is 72 degrees.
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we'll not the to see the temperatures warming up, headed for the mid 80s for the middle of the day. and we are also going to see nice weather in the south bay, but look at how hot it be in the tri-valley, parts of the inland east bay, reaching into the mid to upper 90s. it's all about where you are. and a short drive can really change the weather drastically for you. mountain view will see a high of about 82 degrees there. but in a in novato and mid 60s for half moon bay. santa cruz will reach into the upper 70s. san martin, we're up to 94 degrees. if you're making saturday plans, we are still looking at hot valley temperatures with livermore hitting 100 degrees. and oakland will also be warming up, reaching 83 degrees there with some low to mid 90s, even down to the south bay. but we all get a significant cooldown going toward the end of the weekend with mostly 70s and low 80s across much of the bay area. we'll talk about some events going on and help you make some
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plans, coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you so much. we are learning new details as a san francisco man is in custody. he is accused of groping and punching a woman on a b.a.r.t. train. b.a.r.t. police arrested him on wednesday. investigators now confirming the man put his hands inside the woman's skirt and punched the victim multiple time in the face. he is now facing sexual battery and assault charges. apple urging everyone to update their devices. this is to protect against a certain kind of hacker. scott, you were helping me in the newsroom not too long ago. apple is encouraging everyone to do this overnight. >> they pushed an update overnight that will go to your phone. it is now up to you to install it. apple says the flaw affects iphones and ipads and computers and it is the kind of vulnerability foreign intelligence agencies have been able the exploit in the past.
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you may recall jeff bezos fell to it. you plug your phone into power, go to settings, then general, then software update. main is set to update automatically. should you do the same. it makes it easier and safer. other news, federal prosecutors are looking for people who were victimized by the now defunct company they're not close to so they can make statements in the elizabeth holmes and the deputy's trail. there's a form you can fill out. i'll put on it a link on my facebook and twitter. and this morning we learned the parent company of regal cinemas preparing to fail for bankruptcy. according to the "wall street journal." it doesn't mean those cinemas will close, though the company may cut back as it restructures debt. and new data shows americans spent more time watching streaming media, things like netflix and youtube, than they did watching cable television
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for the first time ever. netflix had the most viewers. you tube had the most viewers it's ever had, ever, in july. broadcast television accounted for 21% of views, making it third. as you well know, we here at nbc understand that trend which is why you can find nbc bay area news on -- >> roku, amazon fire tv and online. >> great. we'll have a lot more about the pivot. scott will talk about it at 5:00 p.m. >> that's my trend now. >> i can't tell you how much i enjoy youtube. it's more than just cats playing piano. there is so much interesting content on there. cooking and everything. >> thanks. happening now, striking kaiser mental health workers are back on the picket line once again. this is outside the santa clara facility where the workers have been gathering since early this morning. this is day if i have of an open end strike involving 2,000 workers across northern and central california. meanwhile, in oakland, those
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organizers are also gathering at kaiser's oakland medical center. this is a live look from nbc bay area sky ranger and the strikers, the striking workers there, will soon march to the corporate headquarters where that rally will then get underway. it is supposed to happen around noon today. in a statement just in this midday, kaiser says in part that the strike and this disruption to patient care does not need to happen. while nuhw claim it is fighting for increased access to care. its primary demand is for union members to spend less time seeing patients. our patients cannot afford a proposal that significantly reduces the time to care for our patients and their mental health needs. well, right now, take a look right here. we'll have a look at this. so this right here. take a look. so the giants, they were playing yesterday. a beautiful day out there. pretty much. look at this kid. of course, making a great time
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out there, enjoying the weather. take a look at this. oh, yeah, a mistake made there. joe peterson dropping that, making way for the giants to lose in the fifth inning there. yeah. the diamondbacks, arizona, win 5-0. the giants are now five and a half games back in the wild card. tonight, they take on the rockies in colorado and you can watch that game right here on nbc bay area. that coverage begins for you at 5:30. don't want to miss that. so this is an incredible tell about resilience. 19 years after becoming a paraplegic, this man is swimming across the bay. the san francisco bay. look at that. this is an incredible tale of recovery and how he hopes to inspire others, straight ahead. they sent me back to high school. not for remedial english or math, though that might be useful. we are supporting our school here in concord. we'll tell you what's going on
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and how you can pitch in. stay with us. you're watching nbc bay area ne
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now to that surprise decision asking the department of justice to prepare a redacted version of that affidavit that prompted the judge to approve a search warrant of former president trump's florida home. the judge says that it is very important the public have access to as much information as possible. at the same time, the man at the center of the trump organization's finances for years there just pleading guilty to 15 counts of tax fraud. nbc's sam brock has the latest on where things stand now. >> reporter: this morning, fresh reaction. a federal judge doling out a modest victory for president trump and the media. >> it was not the government's job to tell the public what is meaningful in terms of the release of its own information. >> reporter: giving the doj a week to of on redactions before
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he considers releasing portions of the affidavit taxed to the mar-a-lago search. the judge saying in court he was not prepared to find the affidavit should be fully sealed, calling it very important the public have as much access to information as possible. even as federal lawyers warned it would provide a road map for where their investigation is leaded next. jeopardize the safety of investigators. while news organizations including nbc news sought transparency, the attorney telling the court, you cannot trust what you cannot see. for trump, it has been all about exposing what he call the political witch hunt with a spokesman tweeting, no redaction should be necessary. the whole affidavit should be released. yet in rt could, his attorney didn't present any argument. simply observing. nor did trump's team file any papers asking to make the affidavit public. >> if he really believed it was abusive, he has an easy remedy. fail a lawsuit. countless lawsuits filed all the time to say this search violated
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may fourth amendment. he hasn't done that. >> one case that has resulted in real consequences, trump's former ceo allen weisselberg pleading guilty thursday to 15 counts of tax fraud. as part of the plea agreement, he has reportedly agreed to testify against the trump organization at a later date but not his former boss. >> weisselberg decided he would ratted be a convicted felon than snitch against the former president. >> reporter: trump still navigating a host of legal challenges from new york to florida that only appear to be deepening. >> sam brock reporting there. this next story is here to remind you even when life gets tough, you can push through to the other side. robert heitz was just 22 years old when he was on board a boat. this is in 2003 on lake michigan. i'm familiar with that area. he actually dove head first into a sandbar, which he was actually rendered a quadriplegic after that. i want to show you x-rays. these are the x-rays of his injuries. after three years, a lot of physical therapy, he was able to
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regain function of all four of his limbs. fast forward to today. [ cheers and applause ] at 7:30 this morning, heitz jumped off of a boat, swimming to alcatraz island across the entire san francisco bay. a strong swimmer, he says he is, he actually trained for this since january of last year. we caught up with him ahead of today's journey. as you can imagine, getting to this point, deeply personal. >> it will feel like the culmination and a real recognition that, rob, you did it. you went from quadriplegic that you felt you would never get out of and you believed your life was over, to now doing something really amazing. >> amazing indeed. he said he hopes today's swim will raise awareness for paralysis foundation, following the accident, and so he started an organization to help
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paralyzed individuals. how cool is that? i love seeing that. >> such an inspiration. >> it would have been nice if it was a little warmer. >> it was cold and foggy. but it's fog-ist. that's what we call it. we are seeing it clear out. it is much more sunny. across the bay in oakland, it is in the mid 60s. we'll see the temperatures heating up quickly. we're in the 80s in vacaville and then to the south bay. it is 72 degrees. let's make some plans. we have the a's in town. they're going to be doing first pitch at 6:40. it will start out really nice and comfortable. then it does cool off as we go into the evening.
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tomorrow, warm and sunny. this is happening in fremont. both saturday and sunday. both days are looking really nice. this morning, when the festival begins, it will be about 72 degrees and then head for 82 degrees the it will be cool for the environmental justice summit happening in san francisco and the presidio. it will be a great event. check it out. i have posted about that on my facebook page. if you're going to the beach, it will be nice and comfortable. it will cool off by the end of the weekend. monterey keeps the highs in the mid 60s. at times, the fog rolling in. napa valley will be a great destination in the mid 80s. it will be hotter, especially compared to sunday. we will see more clouds and slightly cooler temperatures.
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head for the low to mid 80s in south lake tahoe. the sunshine is continuing. now the heat has shifted inland and we do still have much of the central valley and solano county included in the heat advisory until 7:00 on sunday. we're looking at temperatures from upper 90s inland to mid 60s for the coast. whatever weather you want, a short drive will get you there. >> all this summer we've been supporting our schools with the help of you. we've been working to get those kids the supplies they need. this is in concord. and looking at the backpacks behind you. i would imagine this is a happy friday for those students. >> reporter: exactly. home of the wolves here, marcus. there they are. they are all stacked up and they are ready to go. we have partnered up with the
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family giving tree. the goal was 26,000 backpacks to students in need at 150 schools, roughly. the good news is the family giving tree says it will meet that need. let's talk to somebody in the know. this is emily. she's a senior. happy 48. >> happy friday. >> reporter: we're at our wellness center at ignacio valley high school. >> reporter: how important is having a backpack full of school supplies for a kid going back to school? >> i think it is really important. you won't go back to school without school supplies, right? especially coming from my school where a school of low income families, i think it is really important that we're building that sense of community and giving back and showing that we're here to support one another by giving back. >> reporter: well said. at some schools they lay them out and the kids pick them up. here you can pick them up whenever? >> if you're at the wellness
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center. >> i like the sound of that. i love seeing that. thanks. >> happening now, bay area researchers need your help in learning more about long covid. the san francisco health
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department and san mateo county health are working to better understand long covid and what causes it. they're reaching out to residents in san mateo and san francisco counties from all backgrounds who had covid over the last three months. they especially want to hear from black, latino and pacific island communities. island communities. all of which saw more
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between two initiatives on sports betting. prop 27 generates hundreds of millions every year to permanently fund getting people off the streets a prop 26? not a dime to solve homelessness prop 27 has strong protections to prevent minors from betting. prop 26? no protections for minors. prop 27 helps every tribe, including disadvantaged tribes. prop 26? nothing for disadvantaged tribes vote yes on 27.
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all month long, telemundo holding an event for the shelters. we got to play and cuddle with these little ones. this weekend, if you're excited about this, you can come out. the first ever partnership. we're teaming one the oakland zoo. the free adoption event will be held at the children's zoo area. it is sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. hopefully the weather will be
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nice. >> i'll make sure it will be. it will be great this weekend. we'll see temperatures ranging from low 90s inland to the 60s and 70s near the coast and san francisco. >> an excuse to get out and have a good time. >> thank you for joining us. our next one coming up for you at
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♪♪ right now on california live. >> before chicago fire and before "911," there was "emergency," a i celebrating the 50th anniversary of this iconic show with the original ogs, gauge and desoto. >> then, hollywood has its magic castle. in san diego, you can visit the magic shop. but today, our ross thomas discovers a hidden speakeasy in san francisco where nothing is quite as it seems.


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