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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 22, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> focus on the positives and that we were able to provide answers to a family who know how to no longer has to live in a nightmare of not knowing. the aapi community calling for everyone to wake up to the violence, the latest deadly shooting in oakland targeting a well-known dentist. the news at 6:00 starts right now. thank you for being with us on this monday. there is outrage in oakland over the murder of the dentist. members of the aapi community are condemning her killing, making demands that moore be done to stop this kind of attack . in this particular case, the woman was gunned down in a car moments after she had just acted in a street in the city's little saigon neighborhood.
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>> reporter: in security camera video of the incident, you can see a dark four-door sedan parked then within seconds, a white four-door sedan pulls up next to it. someone gets out of the light- colored condos to the passenger side of the dark sedan, then screaming and three shots. at a rally put together by members of the oakland aapi community outside city hall, the was identified as dr. lillie hsu. she is a well-regarded member of the community with dentistry offices in oakland and castro valley. community leaders say they are shocked and outraged at another deadly incident involving an asian american victim. >> a person across the street and saw that thing car driving around the neighborhood then, targeting living, maybe not, but targeting asian? definitely. >> reporter: a friend and patient of dr. hsu said she was very well-liked and does not understand why anyone would try to harm her. >> we are shocked that it was
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her birthday recently. she just turned 60 a couple weeks ago. >> reporter: at a rally outside city hall today, residents are demanding the violence stop and the killer bee brought to justice. alameda county district attorney nancy o'malley tried describing the office is making to help. more places one part of a comprehensive effort. seeking significant jail time for oakland violent offenders is another. they are looking for any information about people and that suspect vehicle seen on security camera video. someone who is driving another vehicle in the area who could provide a full information. for the vehicle occupants we would like to speak to, is a white tech tesla four-door vehicle with distinct
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characteristics. a follow-up note to a story we brought you last week, a man caught attacking two asian american women is in jail now, both a tax caught on camera and we have to tell you, it may be a little hard to watch. a man punched a woman back on august 10th. watch it happen there. police believe that same guy attacked another woman just before that. today, ss pd say they arrested the sky we are about to show you. they're asking for anyone with information to reach out to them. after more than two weeks of searching, they finally found keili rodni. not the sheriff for the feds, but a well-known volunteer search team. they made the discovery not far from where betting was last seen at a campground near trucking. >> reporter: tonight, friends
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and family of keili are devastated after that discovery. at the same time, many people are wondering why it took so long to find the teens car that was so close to shore. tonight, the surgeons in the same place it started where keili rodni disappeared . her suv with the body inside pulled from a nearby reservoir. dozens of local, state and federal law enforcement spent weeks searching by air, foot, and water. ultimately, it was a private search team from oregon that found keili's car upside down in 14 feet of water, near the same area she went missing. >> i had to go over it several times to verify what i was seeing. using sonar is kind of an art. it is not just a one time passed and guarantee what you're seeing. >> reporter: adventures with purpose specializes in using underwater sonar technology.
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this video shows kylie's car upside down in the water in the sonar equipment they use despite . >> between three different images, we are able to manipulate it. each one complements the other in between the three, we are able to detect everything that is on the bottom of a waterway, and low-water areas. >> reporter: many are asking why it took so long to find it. nevada county sheriff's offices to extensively search this area before explaining changing water levels could've played a factor. >> the vehicle was upside down, that makes it difficult. there was still some things that also make it more difficult before i can say why we were not able to do it, i can also say that we eliminate a lot of areas we would still be searching. >> reporter: tonight, kyle's family is thinking of the community for their support.
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now, there are still more questions in this investigation. both chp and the fbi are looking into how keili's suv ended up in the water. an autopsy is also scheduled for tomorrow. in truckee, nbc news. >> kylie was last seen on august 6 at the prosser family campground which you can see here. here's the campground where she was last seen. the reservoir where she was found is right there, very close. keili's mother said she texted her around 12:15 a.m. she said she was on her way home. her phone last thing to around 12:30 near the lake.the nevada county sheriff's office said the lake had been extensively searched before that other group , adventures with purpose, found kylie's car in 14 feet of
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water. right here is where they found the car, 14 feet about 55 feet offshore. our coverage of this missing teenager continues on there you will find the timeline of events as well as the interview with that dive team. not enough cops and way too much mandatory overtime. officers increasingly say they're just burned out. that is the status of staffing at the san jose police department. now, a potential solution. overtime caps. the plan and the store you will see only on nbc bay area. >> reporter: mandatory overtime means an officer might have to put in a 16 hour day then come back the next day to finish their regular shift, and so the department is adding 17 overtime cards per day. staffing levels were so low this past weekend that the san jose police department ordered 36 officers to work overtime.
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the weekend before, it was 52 officers. for someone working day shift is supposed to get off at 4:30 p.m. may be required to stay until 9:30. that person has to come back and still work there shift the next day, as well. >> reporter: beat caps has told nbc bay area that the overtime is leading to exhaustion and burnout. >> reporter: when we have an officer coming out we want them to be well rested, alert and empathetic of what is going on. >> reporter: the president of the neighborhood association says crime and public safety are the number one concern in her community and she does not want police were never staffing struggles to make matters worse, is especially in crime- ridden communities. >> when it is concentrated in a certain pocket of san jose and you know that people around you are being affected, it's upsetting. >> reporter: in hopes of eliminating the mandatory overtime, the department is putting 17 additional patrol truck cars on the street today.
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the goal is to staff these cars with officers who volunteer for overtime hours, leaning on those who want extra money to help those who need the break. >> we prefer that than to have to hold somebody over who did not necessarily plan on working a 17 hour day. >> reporter: the hope is this will be a temporary fix until more officers come from the academy and complete their probationary period, but with recruitment numbers will no nationwide, the overtime car model might need to stick around for some time. tonight, the man sunnyvale police say and murdered a 15- year-old girl 40 years ago is back in the bay area to face charges. his name is gary ramirez. he has been living in maui for years. he arrived in san jose last night. 75 years old, set to make his
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first appearance today, but it was delayed.we are told he has had medical issues. according to court documents, investigators believe dna evidence will prove that he stripped karen stitt naked and stepped her 57 times at a bus stop and send rail back in 1982. prosecutors say they are confident they have the evidence they need to prove ramirez killed karen stitt. >> in this particular case, our main evidence is scientific . it is dna evidence, which the collection of which and the testing of which, i don't foresee any problems with us being able to put on. >> reporter: if convicted, ramirez faces life in prison without parole. he is being held without bail and will be back in court for arraignment. up next, a new warning from the fbi and homeland security. the ransomware strain going around and how you can protect yourself.
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the mayor of one city and contra costa county announced today that several of his officers are under criminal investigation by both the fbi and the district attorney's office. come out, i will explain what he is doing to create some accountability within the department. i am chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. i'll show you what to expect for tomorrow morning and the rest of the week in about eight minutes. right now, just as kids had back-to-school, congress is ending universal free lunches, the scramble for families to cover the cost and the tragic discovery in a search for a discovery in a search for a teen who went californians have a choice
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between two initiatives on sports betting. prop 27 generates hundreds of millions every year to permanently fund getting people off the streets a prop 26? not a dime to solve homelessness prop 27 has strong protections to prevent minors from betting. prop 26? no protections for minors. prop 27 helps every tribe, including disadvantaged tribes. prop 26? nothing for disadvantaged tribes vote yes on 27.
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we are following new developments in an ongoing criminal investigation into police from multiple cities and contra costa county. eight cups are being investigated by both the dea and fbi. >> reporter: with several police officers under terminal investigation, the mayor of antioch announced a number of moves today that he hopes will bring some stability at the top of the department. >> i am certainly sorry that we find ourselves in these circumstances. change does not come overnight and i ask folks to be patient with the process and patient with us as government.
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>> reporter: antioch mayor expressing his frustration with the police department and we have known for months that officers within the department were under criminal investigation, but today, the mayor revealed that aid officers are under investigation. that is 15% of the city's total patrol division. the mayor did not elaborate on the crimes they may have committed. >> it continues to hamper our ability to do her work and to keep the public safe, so to the extent that we can try to fix that, we will. >> reporter: as were trying to fix the situation, the mayor says he plans to appoint cornelius johnson as antioch's permanent city manager and dr. steve ford as the permanent chief of police. both men have held interim roles for the city. the mayor says both men bring decades of experience, specifically, experience in police reform.
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>> ford will be purposeful in restoring trust, respect and legitimacy. >> reporter: johnson was in attendance and told me he looks forward to the work ahead. now we're here to bring some continuity, accountability, and to restore trust to the community. it is essential. >> reporter: the mayor will hold a special meeting this friday to formally appoint johnson who will then appoint ford as chief of police. the appointment should provide stability and ensure residents have faith in the officers they call for help. >> reporter: had dire warning from the fbi tonight, hackers are looking to kidnap your data and hold it for ransom. the latest plan has at home workers unknowingly giving them access. the hack is called zeppelin. it has become big enough that the fbi and homeland security are investigating. it targets companies, particularly, healthcare
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companies. investigators say that hackers have figured out that at-home employees are a great way to wiggle their way in. >> if you are a parent working from home and you are on your home router and your teenage kids are doing their homework from the home router, there is a lot of attack surface for these criminals to go after. >> reporter: cybersecurity experts say if you do work from home, try to be extra suspicious of any email addresses and web links that you don't record guys . if they are unfamiliar, do not click on them. >> he said a frazzled parent working from home was teenagers. that applies to everyone. a lot of folks are starting to head back to work for the full deal along with those kids going back to school, so we are going to get you all good to go on that as we bring you into our microclimate forecast. you can see the fog heading back right here through parts
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of san francisco. we did get some sunshine today, but with that fog living in, the other thing it's going to be good for is helping to stir up the air across the bay area. their quality is going to be moderate throughout the entire bay area. as we start off for tomorrow morning, a nice refreshing day as you step out the door. the little ones might need a light jacket for the first couple of hours in the morning with temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s, but we welcome this in august and of course, it can be a lot harder this time of the year. 59 in san francisco. east bay at 62. you'll see fog thickest at the coat stood with spotty drizzle. some clouds here to the south bay. a lot of this clears back by 11:00 in the morning except near the bay in san francisco, and eventually through the afternoon we are seeing sunny
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skies here for most of the bay area. our wedding pattern as you roll through tomorrow is going to be controlled by these two areas of high pressure.this one over the desert is going to be leading in some of that isolated inland heat and the second one here is pushing the storm track off to the north. if we did not have this fog on the coastline we would definitely be dealing with 105 degree temperatures. thank you, fog. as we move through tomorrow's forecast, numbers are not going to be a lot different and you will see 88 in milpitas, 86 in san jose. comfortable weather here in oakland and fremont in the 70s and 80s. it is by health we are at a hot 95 in antioch. the peninsula eighty four here in redwood city. i have some 70s downtown. the north bay 94. santa rosa 91 napa. down in mill valley, 84. this is excellent for august. it looks like we're going to end the month without anymore
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heat waves the way it is trending now. we will see a mix of some 80s and also 90s on that seven-day forecast in san francisco morning fog, afternoon sunshine and 60s and 70s. through the inland valleys we are looking at 90s through the next couple of days. i've been looking forward to the weekend all day long. it is official. 88 saturday. here we have something that is on your scope, too. nbc bay area news is now on roku. you can find it on channel 133 and a stream local news that moves you forward on your schedule with your tv and your roku. turn on your device, select the live tv tile on the roku tv home screen. the school down, find 133, and then you can see us anywhere in the country. isn't that exciting?
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up next, an unknown future for one of the most critically acclaimed restaurants in e acclaimed restaurants in e th
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if you want your tesla to drive itself you're going to have to pay more. yesterday, elon musk announced a price hike for its full driving system. it is tesla's highest priced driver assistance option which includes traffic and stop sign control and auto navigation. the price will increase from $12,000-$15,000 september 5th is also a subscription service but musk did not say whether this was going to go up, as well. this is a big deal, a culinary earthquake today in restaurant circles. a legendary chef is retiring.
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the last time we talked with chef ken she was actually reopening the place after the 2018 fire damage the building. it is not clear what will happen to the restaurant now when can't lease at the end of this year. it does appear as though that out post in los altos will continue. up next, all aboard. a historic train getting back on the tracks in the bay area. let's take a look inside 30 rock, the control room there. lester holt is preparing for nightly news in order for small businesses to thrive, they need to be smart. efficient. agile. and that's never been more important than it is right now. so for a limited time, comcast business
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californians have a choice between two initiatives on sports betting. prop 27 generates hundreds of millions every year to permanently fund getting people off the streets a prop 26? not a dime to solve homelessness prop 27 has strong protections to prevent minors from betting. prop 26? no protections for minors. prop 27 helps every tribe, including disadvantaged tribes. prop 26? nothing for disadvantaged tribes vote yes on 27.
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this is pretty interesting. the train is on the move here in the bay area, but not on the train tracks. >> a 150 ton steam locomotive is being relocated. crews are taking it apart at the fairgrounds and loading the pieces into heavy duty trailers. long-term plans for the locomotive are to use it on niles canyon railway on some excursions. >> we've been working on this for 40 years and volunteers have come and gone, and so by moving the locomotive to a
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location where he can actually operate, that is a way of honoring the volunteers and all the effort gone into restoring this locomotive for the past several decades. once pulled passenger trains and then in 1988 it donated to the fairgrounds for the display. tonight at 7:00, or interview with that search team who found the body of 16-year- old keili rodni. they explained to us why they were able to make the discovery after less than an hour of searching. that conversation and more coming up on our 7:00 newscast. up next on nightly news, tonight, the historic flooding emergency as the dallas area gets half a year's worth of rain in a single day. the once in a thousand-year event more than a foot of heavy rain falling in a matter of hours. highways submerged,
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cars under water, and drivers trapped. dozens of high-water rescues. in the west, the search for a hiker washed away by flash floods and where the threat is headed next. also tonight, former president donald trump filing a lawsuit over the fbi search at his mar-a-lago home. what he wants to block the doj from doing dr. anthony fauci, the public face of the government's covid response, making a major announcement about his next chapter. the mystery car bomb that killed the daughter of a top putin ally who russia now alleges is behind it the eye-opening video, officers caught on camera beating a man pinned to the ground the action now being taken against them. the tragic discovery in the search for a 16-year-old california girl who went missing after a party. what investigators revealed today. just as millions of kids head back to school, universal free lunches are coming to an end how families are


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