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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 23, 2022 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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this morning, new reporting from the "new york times," involving more than 300 classified documents at mar-a-lago plus former president trump filed a new lawsuit over the fbi's search of his home a thousand-year flood hits the south. almost a half a year's total rain falling in one day, from multiple rescues, trapped residents and the death of a woman whose car was flashed away coffee drinkers, listen up the price of your morning joe is
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about to change. a swimmer who overcomes a mass massive hurdle and is that snow a sign of things to come the farmer's almanac tells all i'm frances rivera >> i'm phillip mena. we begin with breaking news and new details about what federal agents might have found inside donald trump's mar-a-lago home, citing multiple people familiar with the matter the "new york times" is reporting that since mr. trump left office, the government has retrieved more than 300 classified documents from mar-a-lago. nbc news has not confirmed this reporting. brie jackson joins us from washington, d.c. this new report goes further back than the fbi search that happened two weeks ago >> reporter: that's right. according to the "new york times," documents received in january prompted intense concern
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at the justice department, that was when an initial batch of documents was retrieved by the national archives, which included 150 documents marked as classified 11 more sets were received by the fbi earlier this month, including one marked "top secret." people familiar with the matter also tell the times that security footage from inside mar-a-lago shows people moving boxes and in some cases possibly changing the containers some documents were held in democratic house member eric swalwell, who sits on the intelligence committee was asked about the breaking news on msnbc. >> we do need a full accounting of, one, most importantly, what documents did donald trump have that were top secret compartmentalized. two, were these documents give ton other individuals? who else who access in were they digitized? i'm afraid they also could have
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been upload nod an online format and this new reporting came hours after mr. trump filed a lawsuit in response to the fbi search trump is asking that a third party known as a special master, review what was sized. he also wants the doj to stop combing through the documents and has request add more detailed list of what was removed. a justice department spokesperson responded by saying the search warrant was authorized by a federal court upon the finding of probable cause. now the doj has until thursday to submit redactions to the affidavit that they used for that search warrant. >> all right, brie jackson starting us off from washington. thank you. now to torrential rainfall sparking flash floods. a 60-year-old woman died when her car was washed away in the flood. dallas fire and rescue reported
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nearly 100 water rescues from sunday night to monday afternoon. there were 9 inches of rain recorded at dallas-ft. worth international airport, the second wettest 24-hour period ever parts of the city saw 15 inches during the storms. in eastern arizona evacuations are under way in duncan the floodwaters could bring extreme peril to life and property and the search continues in utah's zion national park for a missing hiker. the 29-year-old has been missing since friday after she was pulled biedy floodwaters. officials were forced to close several roads in maryland. mic michelle grossmann is here with us tracking the extreme weather coast-to-coast >> we continue to track the threat for flash flooding and flooding throughout the central plains into the lower mississippi valley the same system that brought all that rain to texas is moving
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very slowly to the east and will continue to do that over the next several days. we're looking at a lot of moisture we'll see this move to the southeast. really high amounts, 4-6 inches in some spots. so we could see flash flooding as we go through today and tomorrow looking at the flash flood risk today, where you sigh ee portiof texas, louisiana, arkansas, mississippi. pink is the likeliest spot that is very rare. as we go throughout tomorrow we will see the risk not shifting very far to the east a slight risk for jackson, alexandria, lake charles we'll also track the chance for rainfall totals up to six inches we'll look at that in a minute outrage is growing after three arkansas law enforcement officers were filmed violently arresting a suspect. and we should warn you, the video is disturbing. randal worster was beaten after authorities allege he violently
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resisted arrest. the fbi and doj and state police are investigating the incident >> it is reprehensible conduct in which a suspect is beat in that fashion what that response was, was not consistent with the training that they receive as certified officers with the arkansas law enforcement training academy >> crawford county sheriff's deputies zach king and white and riddle have been placed on leave. the suspect they arrested, randal worster, himself is facing at least eight charges. police are investigating a stabbing in a residential neighborhood in york county, pennsylvania at least two were killed and several others injured officials are calling it a mass
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casualty stabbing. >> they are only confirming two deaths right now as they notify family members police havic at have taken a sn custody. the state department says instead of helping, kenndennis rodman could hurt negotiations with russia. >> we put forward a substantial proposal to russia to seek the freedom of paul whelan and brittney griner. we believe that anything other than negotiating further through the established channel is likely to complicate and hinder those release efforts. >> if he goes through with the trip, it wouldn't be the first time he speaks to an international leader in columbus, ohio, thousands of teachers hit the picket line. >> stand up, fight back!
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>> members of the columbus education association union rallying for better working conditions for the first time since 1975, a whopping 94% of its members rejected the school board's latest offer they want smaller class sizes and central air. and the clock is ticking, classes begin tomorrow for the first time in two year, breakfast and lunch won't be covered for everyone at america's schools. a federal pandemic-era program has ended, leaving families scrambling to cover the costs. emily ikeda has more >> reporter: they have relied on reduced lunches for their son since he was in kindergarten what does that extra money mean to you >> savings i can put it toward my groceries or gas tank. >> reporter: paying for his lunch would cost her more than $1,000 a year. >> it was like $118 a month. you do that times nine, it's
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over $1,000 a year to me it was like oh, my gosh, because i also have to bouy groceries. >> reporter: it's a lot of money for families already tight on cash a pandemic-era initiative has now expired. when you heard the program was ending, what was your reaction >> i was stressed. very stressed. >> reporter: more than 26 million free meals were served every day because of the program. now families must apply for the coverage and only those meeting certain income requirements will receive the free lunches nationwide, one in six students don't always know where their next meal is coming from here in the greeley school district, 65% of students are eligible but in some districts they're doing something different.
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danielle bock is the head of nutrition. >> a lot of our families are just over the threshold of what qualifies them for the free and reduced meal program we know those families don't necessarily have the money to pay for those meals. >> reporter: while some believe universal free lunch should be made permanent, critics say it was only intended to be a pandemic-era program >> by returning these programs back to normal we can uphold our responsibility to taxpayers and the principle that aid should be targeted and temporary >> reporter: but bock argues this year is far from normal as staffing shortage, supply chain slowdowns and inflation further complicate lunchtime nationwide >> our goal is to teach kids how to learn and think, but they can't do that when they're hungry >> reporter: back to school bringing back challenges in feeding america's children emily ikeda, greeley, colorado could it be a bitter cold winter this year the farmer's almanac thinks so
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the annual predictions say the northwest from chicago to denver will be a frosty zone. across the country, the almanac says the northeast will be snowy and slushy while the southeast will see a drier than normal winter with all that in mind, let's head over to michelle grossmann once again what do you think about the farmer's almanac prediction? >> it tends to be true on weather patterns i don't know if it's going to be cold in the northeast it better snow, that's all i have to say. we're looking at 9 million people impacted from texas to louisiana, arkansas, mississippi, even into alabama today. that slow-moving system bringing that very heavy rain we're looking at really heavy rain early this morning. where you see the brighter colors, oranges and reds, that's where we're seeing torrential
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downpours. we'll track them throughout the day. by the time it'sai s plains. and the temperatures will be held down by showers and clouds, temperatures in the 70s and 80s. some of us feeling like august by the end of the week we'll talk about coming up. >> we have to think about those harsh winter stories and we're dealing with this weather. why your morning cup of joe is getting more expensive. and ayeelon musk pull as familiar face into his battle over buying twitter.
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and it's not just inflation and supply chain issue, extreme weather is wreaking havoc on farmers in major coffee-growing countries, leading to a historic shortage >> reporter: fears that the price tag of your morning cup of coffee will keep rising. >> yeah, it's too much >> i am trying to budget more, because, you know, i'm paying more in rent right now as well i want to keep getting coffee, but it's super expensive >> reporter: more than half of americans drink coffee on a daily basis. and 80% of the coffee imported into the country is arabca, the majority from brazil >> brazil is the number one producer of coffee in the world. that impacts the entire coffee market brazil basically sets the price in the global market >> reporter: and that, faced with extreme weather changes near the equator is making it difficult for producers.
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>> i >> climate is a huge factor. in brazil, first they had a drought, now they have a frost >> reporter: forecasters print almost 18% less coffee could be available out of brazil next year versus last season and getting it into the u.s. is costing more >> the cost of shipping has quadrupled, just to get coffee from central america into the united states. >> reporter: coffee prices are up 20% from last year. more than double over all inflation. and with more complications brewing, distributors and coffee shops may have to charge more. >> it will probably get worse as time goes on, because we just got the price increase from the drought. so i'm pretty sure it's going to get worse as the months go on. >> reporter: farmers are developing methods to combat volatile weather and stabilize
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the crops, but in many ways, like other foods that grow from the ground the final say may be up to mother nature. >> as long as climate change causes crazy variations in weather this will be a concern now into the future. still to come. wall street's rally runs out of steam. what sparked the worst day for markets since june and waging war in 280 characters or ss y elon musk is dragging jack dorsey into his fight with the social media company we're talkig dental hall of fame... you want a sticker? for great checkups, crest has you covered... because crest pro-health protects 100% of your mouth for 24 hours. keep up the good work. now, from crest pro-health new densify. like bones, your teeth lose density overtime. but, crest has you covered. crest densify... actively rebuilds tooth density to extend the life of teeth. crest. the #1 toothpaste brand in america.
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futures are muted this morning after wall street suffered its worst day since june growing fears of another rate hike sent markets tumbling the dow tanked nearly 650 points while the s&p sank 2% with big
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tech seeing some of the biggest losses and this morning we have new layers to the elon musk-twitter saga will he or will he not go through with the deal? we are joined from london with the latest twist good morning >> the elon musk saga continues. elon musk has asked jack dorsey to hand over what is critical data when it comes to the deal dragging him into this court battle and says he needs to hand over all data on fake accounts elon musk has said this is critical and fundamental data and critical to the deal going through. he had pulled out of the deal just last month having said he would buy the social media company, instead deciding he
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woul would not. he says twitter has not been honest with how many fake accounts they have they say there are less than 5% who are five accounts. but mux disputes this and says that isn't the case. we're going to have to go to court and battle it out. a court date of october 17th has been set unless things get sorted before then >> way far from a done deal. > the miraculous journey for a swimmer paralyzed from the chest down what goes on it. usually. and in it. mostly. here to meet those high standards is the walgreens health and wellness brand. over 2000 high quality products. rigorously tested by us.
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for long-lasting freshness... grab febreze touch. new this morning ride sharing service lyft says they are not bound by the americans with disabilities act and therefore do not have to accommodate customers with non-folding wheelchairs. the class action lawsuit seeks to force lyft to make wheelchair-accessible vehicles outside areas where state laws require it they will appear in court in white plains, new york on monday
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now to a swimmer who overcame impossible odds we look at his miraculous journey. >> reporter: stroke after stroke he is training for the most challenging swim of his life rob grew up in the water but one night he dove from a boat into shallow water. he was paralyzed from the chest down 95% of people with that sort of injury never walk again. but through luck and will and a lot of support, here he is >> one day i would be able to wiggle a toe >> reporter: that must be an enormous deal. >> oh, my god. the first time i moved something, it was, obviously, for me t it was enormous. >> reporter: but he wanted more. and soon he wasn't just walking but swimming his friends came up with a crazy idea >> like alcatraz people swim from alcatraz.
4:28 am
i said that's completely insane. >> reporter: inmates looking to escape alcatraz faced a rough swim in frigid waters. that's part of why they put it there. >> i've done that distance in lake michigan without waves, without all the freaky stuff under the surface that i don't want this think about. >> reporter: but those challenges are the point that's why on friday morning, rob leapt into water so cold it gives you a headache >> there's no inspiration than being paralyzed. >> reporter: the friend who pulled him from the water after being paralyzed joined him for the last few feet but he finished on his own. >> the experience of being paralyzed, it feels like being in prison. and it seems like a fitting, hopefully for me, an end to the story. >> reporter: jake ward, nbc news, san francisco. >> what a powerful analogy more power to him.
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settling? no need. get the brands you want, the prices you want, whenever you want. tj maxx where you can always afford to be you to the maxx i can't breathe. until now, i still can't breathe. i can still feel the loss. >> right now at 4:30, a community mourning a beloved dentist dies due to senseless gun violence. the reason police believe one tesla driver could help catch her killers. plus vetoed. governor newsom says no to a bill that would have provided a safe place for drug users, the statement he's making about his decision this morning. also volunteers in the disappearance of kiely rodni. this is "today in the bay," st


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