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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  August 23, 2022 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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the wake of a nether passive violence. concerns being raised after a dog comes down with monkeypox. what it could mean for you and your pet. hundreds of dollars back into your pocket each month. the big announcement of president biden he is expected to make tomorrow. >> good evening. the new school year revealing a major problem. a teacher shortage. >> reporter: many school areas are scrambling. they want help on the way in the form of millions of dollars.
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>> our educators don't get paid what they are worth. >> a rally by members of the united educators of san francisco. >> we know the shortage is not here because they aren't qualified educators. that's not true. it's actually because we have a respect shortage. we have a pay shortage. >> reporter: union labor's as part of the solution is on the way with date budgeting $70 million for the school district this year and $50 million annually. the union president says it has to be used to attract instructors because things simply can't go on the way they are. educators are scrambling to cover classrooms on a daily basis. >> reporter: is nearly 500,000 last educators this year.
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they are offering a four day work week to retain teachers. >> this is the chart. the lost time is made up with an hour added to each school day. >> reporter: the school board meeting set up a future for teachers with an announcement with the superintendent. >> we need to make investments into conversations. >> reporter: it's a high cost of living. the annual salary for a teacher in san francisco is between 43 and 65,000 depending on training and experience. the poverty line in the city, $82,000 and in san francisco from the bay area.
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a woman was shot driving down the street in oakland just before 3:00 this afternoon. police responded and found the woman shot and took her to the hospital for treatment. we don't know how she's doing or who shot her. >> a sad situation police were called out to windsor drive this morning to check on a woman who hadn't been seen in weeks. she had deliveries piled up on her front porch. her body was found in the living room by officers they also found another woman claiming to be her daughter. the woman said her mother died over a year ago from natural causes. neither woman has been identified at this time. voices in pain and anger. a call for healing this evening as the death of a prominent dentist in the neighborhood sets in. we listened in on a virtual healing session in that figuring out how to stop the
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violence. tonight members of the community are coming together to heal. >> we've been at this for 2 1/2 years. it's hard for me to say what change. >> nothing has changed because evidence shows that they seem to be under attack on the street. >> we have another one. we have another visitor. we have unprovoked attacks from all of these things. >> they took place today after a dentist was shot and killed in a robbery attempt. police are still looking for leads. patrick was gunned down in the same community while waiting to make a delivery. both crimes caught on
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surveillance video. the improvement council sent anne's time to come out of the shadows and make noise. >> we don't want to keep quiet in the community.'s just extended like that. >> protests are breaking out across the nation. when men are murdered on the streets what is going to be done about it? >> in between rage and grief this group wants to hear more from politicians but more importantly they want to feel safe. the chamber of commerce expected sent that everyone should want that. >> they're expecting this citywide we need solutions and collaboration and citywide
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efforts to stop the violence. a passionate debate and votes about rent control. it just passed about 15 minutes ago the city council earn from community members to discuss affordable rent and making sure landlords are held accountable. and the kids are calling for a 3% rent cap. >> reporter: the ordinance when i spoke to them, they protect the tenants and is vitally important. >> people are suffering. don't turn your back on hard- working families. >> they call it high cost of living in a public health event saying it rests displacement and overcrowding. the big the debate
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continues weather to get rid of the outdoor dining program. and will run from june until october. we could get rid of those popular park areas. they would not allow businesses to replace parking spaces with outdoor structures. the planning commission recommended the city expand the old program. the city council will consider this matter next month. a tragig into the search that captured national attention the body found is that of the 16-year-old kylie. she went missing august 6 during a party at the campground. weeks of searching by law enforcement turned up nothing. this week in a group of divers called adventures with purpose join the effort and found the 16-year-old's car with her body inside and a reservoir not far from the campground. investigators are now trying to figure out how she ended up in
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that reservoir. the husband of house speaker nancy pelosi entered a guilty plea for driving under the influence. they released the dash cam video from the ninth of may 28th when he crashed into another car accused of driving under the influence. releasing these photos of the arrest. the judge sentencing him to three years probation finding him $1700 and a day of community service. >> we will measure it with other similar cases. i can assure you and all of the legal analysis the decision in the process is the same as any other case that we handle. >> he did pay the medical bills for the other driver in the crash. new york post is reporting he replaced the drivers 2014 jeep. the first human to dog
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parks transmission has been confirmed questioning whether this type of spread will impact our efforts to stop the outbreak. stephanie joins us now with details. >> the main thing to understand is when we see animals getting infections that usually means we can no longer eradicate that virus. that something we already knew about monkeypox because we seen it in a bunch of other animals like squirrels. >> reporter: they can become the newest reservoir for monkeypox >> this was a couple a male couple they had the dog in their bad and there was a lot of close contact between the infected human and the animal. it is in too big of a surprise because we knew monkeypox could spread to animals and they can affect us we've seen it happen with rats, squirrels and even hedgehogs and they believe just like covid monkeypox will
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never completely disappear. >> smallpox is the only infection we've ever totally eradicated because we have no animal reservoirs. we hope to someday eradicate polio. >> reporter: it prompted the cdc to update its guidelines. they're now asking pet owners with monkeypox to stay away from their animals or isolate their pet if they've been exposed to the virus the goal is to make sure we can still control the outbreak. >> were trying for a turnaround of this outbreak for the uk and other countries but we need to do a better job with vaccinations and behavior change. >> reporter: it's a different story. monkeypox is now in every state in california continues to see some of the highest infection rates in the nation. there is about 117 cases and the majority among bisexual men
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25 to 44 years old. they have at least 10 cases reported amongst straight men. it comes through touching or close contact. it doesn't change what we need to do and that is continue to vaccinate those who are most at risk. we know who he's facing in the election. congressman charlie has won the democratic primary for governor. this is a republican governor then he switched parties in 2012 and was elected for congress in 2017 if he wins again he will be florida's first democratic governor in over 20 years. the race is expected to be an uphill battle even with all the controversy.
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desantis is still extremely popular. >> if you have student loans you could be getting a gift from the government tomorrow president biden will announce a federal plan to relieve college debt the new proposal would cancel $10,000 in federal student loans for every libero making $125,000 or less of an annual income. the president is expected to extend a pandemic loan pods for several more months. we talked to some students. >> that would be amazing. and what help me pay everything off. you can finally put that towards a job to make money for yourself instead of years and years of paying off debt. >> not everyone is happy for this. there calling it a mistake that will not only cause billions in taxpayer dollars but also undermined the gains of the recent inflation reduction act.
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>> we will be back in 60 seconds. a silicon valley startup in real time. the drastic action being taken in southern california because of our drought. >> were ta
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many are looking for a missing teenager. 14-year-old melinda jackson last seen monday at 4:30 in the area. jackson is five foot eight and weighs 344 pounds police say she has brown eyes. she was last seen wearing a yellow hooded sweatshirt purple shoes and a black backpack. if you have seen her we would
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like to hear from you. flames ripped through a victorian apartment building in san francisco today you can see the flames right there ripping through that apartment building in the core door right there more than 100 firefighters were there and people who live there described seen smoke from the apartment windows and then all of a sudden flames as well. >> i didn't take it super seriously at first i open the door and it was a cloud of black smoke. >> luckily everyone inside managed make it out but one person was rushed to the hospital suffering from smoke inhalation. the red cross is helping out people who were displaced. a start up is using artificial intelligence to remove accents in real time during a phone call. the big debate is, is it revolutionary or racist? here's a demo.
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you speak one way, it takes your voice and tweaks it and sounds different. the startup is focusing on software for call centers which are usually overseas in places like india or the philippines but the blowback is swift and brutal. they're calling the software racist by erasing accents and sounding more white. >> and reaffirms that everyone should speak in a particular way rather than her and that it doesn't matter if someone has an accent pinky has built call centers and worked in them he strongly denies these accusations. >> they are trying to do their job to be allowed to do their job the right way and take it the conversation away from how we speak to what we say. >> they work with multiple
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cultures and accents the startup has already raised more than $30 million in venture funding. the county voted to create an independent oversight committee with subpoena powers that recommendation came from the civil grand jury amid reports of tension between people in the city and sheriff's deputies. every 35% black and multiracial population and some people have accused the sheriff of using the city as a training ground with a high number of complaints of over policing excessive stops and abuse of power. a blowup at a city council meeting has inspired a new state law aimed at addressing the problem. an outburst last november caused a man to suspend the city council meeting. many of the protesters disrupted it. marching against hate they took notice in yesterday's meeting and they signed the bill. it authorizes the members to remove anyone who is being
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disruptive. they sponsored the bill saying threats and intimidation of public meetings is unacceptable. >> here's some good news now. gas prices have dropped for 78 days. that's the most we have seen in more than 15 years. earlier this year oil prices had been dropping since june and now it's bringing down gas prices. they are still higher than they were this time last year. here's a closer look at the bay area. they now have an average per gallon. there at 6:63 in june. santa fe also seeing more than a gallon drop. compared to a high of 6:54. >> things are going to start looking a lot less green in los angeles county. 4 million people will be required to stop all outdoor watering for two weeks starting september 6th.
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they fear the cost is coming up next. the metropolitan water district is trying to fix a pipeline break. they want to replace rocks and other hard surfaces. >> i have some kind of groundwater. >> what about rain chances by the end of september we could see a system make it to the oregon border. they're going to move into tomorrow morning near the coastline. that's when they are moving in near the east bay and south bay. they are clear back by 10:30 in the morning through the afternoon and get away from the beaches and we have lots of sunshine. what about the temperatures? let's get you into the forecast and we will have a look here
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tomorrow morning. we will begin with plenty of upper and low 60s. were in the peninsula right here at 59 over the east bay of san francisco in the north bay. tamaha they stay pretty similar to what we have been used two. we will find some isolated heat down in the south area. 76 in oakland and then over to the valley. 93 here in pleasanton. i have 60 in the marina. we are at 90 in napa. a lot of these spots that have had some of this isolated heat we will get some changes we just have to wait for it. were just making it to the forecast we will see those numbers at about seven degrees. that's when the system comes off just to the north.
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this weekend some larger changes. they have a minimal depth. once you get the forecast we will make it to the valley and drop at 93 tomorrow. it looks much much better on sunday. you want to be my assistant? we will get something cold to drink this weekend. i will hold the drinking you can relax in the chair. >> i will bring the grapes. >> s. bring the grapes. >> what a surprise there. >> we are expanding our good news here. you can now watch all of this on roku. turn on your streaming device and select the live tv tile on the home screen and scroll down watch nbc bay area news from anywhere in the united.
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>> bad timing for wine country. the season is quickly approaching. >> the show will go on for one of the live music venues for talking about the club deluxe and they said they would close in on the rising rent shutting it down for good this week. we have a popular jazz venue we have a popular jazz venue releasing a here at city of refuge, we house up to 26 families.
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we reduce homelessness, address mental health, provide spaces for addiction to be broken, create spaces of healing and restoration. permanent funding for organizations like ours. saying yes to prop 27 means more people get the assistance that they nee they get someone to partner in such a way to see transformation come to them. yes on prop 27, because there's no place like home.
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it is a problem developing in wine country. there is a shortage of oak wine liberos right as we approach harvest. the supply chain was arriving months late. there caught up also in the port of oakland. the wineries need those bales to ferment and age chardonnay. >> the urgent need is for chardonnay. it's one of the earlier grapes to be harvested. as a result we need liberos to
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fill that juice into the liberos for fermentation. >> they have only gotten one third of the liberos they need other winemakers say they have similar issues. the associates estimate about 30,000 liberos are just sitting at the port on ships. >> we have to go to those ships . >> we will be back in
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all right. this is how it goes. one more preseason game for the 49ers and then they head back to houston tomorrow for the preseason game. they will play thursday may be as much is the entire first half. we have college football now the memorial stadium looks a lot different less than half of the starters returning for last year. the new quarterback is a senior transfer from perdue. >> i'm just trying to show guys that i'm here i can play. >> we would expect to be part of the team and win every game. back can be very challenging and we understand it's a competitive environment we are
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and that that's what we come out here and work towards. >> i like the enthusiasm. coming from a 5-seven win last season as they host uc davis. baseball tonight the giants in detroit they are not out of us. they had the 2-1 homer. this is coming out for the giants. now 5 1/2 games for the final wildcards bought at the coliseum the marlin say hello to rickey henderson the legend for the pregame marlins coach. nice come back here bottom of the ninth inning here's the rookie coming in with the rbi double. end up scoring three runs in the ninth. that with xfinity internet, you get advanced security that helps protect you at home and on the go. you feel so safe, it's as if...
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they get someone to partner in such a way to see transformation come to them. yes on prop 27, because there's no place like home.
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>> it seems that a menace went after a menace. disappeared sometime over the weekend. cutting off one of his feet and
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they took off with dennis. not the first thing to happen. someone also stole him in 2006 would he was replaced the next year. he's not a past. now. if you spot dennis you are supposed to call the police. >> he stole the statue cracks the that's right. we have to get that statue. that's going to do it for us today have a good day tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new y


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