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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  August 24, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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hard-working fire crews say they appreciate the help of those who grabbed hoses. >> absolutely very helpful, but at the end of the day that's our job and we want to make sure the public is safe and our job is to protect life and property. >> no homes were damaged, no injuries, traffic moving normally for 5:00 on a wednesday. scott budman, nbc bay area. >> another kind of fire in fremont, a charter bus caught fire just before one this afternoon. it has been smoldering.
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firefighters make sure the flames were completely out. looks like a car was also involved. amazingly, no reports of injuries. they had to close lanes which brought topic -- traffic to a standstill. over an apartment complex in the 500 block of san antonio road, officers served a search warrant in relation to a case that one of the apartments. if the material used to make drugs. police am saying what type of drugs or if arrests were made. a neighbor dispute over a dog now sparking a criminal investigation. >> a video you don't expect to see on your home surveillance camera, appearing to show i walk around the neighborhood taking a threatening turn. >> it's crazy, usually it's a
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very crowded neighborhood. >> the family did not want to go on camera but provided us the video they also posted online showing what they believe to be a threat and harassment. at one point, you see a woman motion what appears to be a bag around her waist. she slowly walks towards the driveway and pulls out what appears to be a gun. pointing at the house. moments later, she returned. this time, spitting on the family car. the family claims this all started after they asked the woman to pick up after her dog. >> why would you do that. >> other videos appear to show the woman cursing at someone off camera.
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officers say so far they haven't reached her, but she could face harassment, firearm and criminal threat charges. they also say they are looking for another that might be involved. a neighborhood dispute that residents say should have never gone this far. >> the city council approved
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the pilot program last year and plans to roll out more license plate readers last spring. >> we take digital privacy very seriously. and he will be there to address any concerns that anyone may have. >> if you want your opinion heard, the city is hosting a webinar tonight at 6:30. we are learning more about the man from santa cruz who died in a plane crash. 32 years old, his family gave us these pictures. they say he had a zest for life. he graduated from uc santa cruz with agrees in chemistry and earth sciences. he worked at the university department. two small planes collided in midair as they were landing at
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the airport. he was the pilot of one of those planes. in a statement, the family said he approached everything and everyone with wholehearted love and thoughtfulness. he was a once-in-a-lifetime son, brother and friend. president biden is calling it a game changer, forgiveness of up to $10,000 in federal student loan debt for borrowers making 125,000 or less. and an extension of the paws on payments until january. >> a new lifeline for roughly 45,000 million americans. president biden announcing he's canceling up to $10,000 in federal student loan debt for
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borrowers who make less than $125,000 a year. low income pell grant recipients getting up to 20,000 and forgiveness. >> to finally think about buying a home or starting a family or business . >> the biden administration also announcing one last extension to the end of this year in the paws on federal student loan payments. >> the lack of state investment, working families with out loans arguing it will only worsen inflation. >> the debt is at near record levels and inflation is --
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president biden insisting that lowering monthly costs for millions will bolster the economy, bringing benefits to the society as a whole. the biden administration also promising broader changes to the system, like cutting monthly payments and half for undergraduate loans and fixing the program that offers loan forgiveness for people who go into public service. like nursing, teaching in the military. in washington, alice barr, nbc news. coming up, talking with various students who are rejoicing tonight after president biden's forgiveness. talking about the money they're going to be saving. an apology after a video served that a sheers -- appears to show one of their officers
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dumping a man on a san francisco street. the attorney's office says an apology may not be enough. you can see a fully marked police department suv and a uniformed officer talking to the man. then the officer walks out of frame. the person who shot the video does not want to be identified. why officers appear to have drove the man from northbay to san francisco and leave them on the sidewalk. >> they have no policy of relocating the unhealthy to other cities and counties.
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the spokesman also says the police department has opened up a full investigation into the actions. the city would cap how much a landlord can raise the rent. the capital still needs to decide what that cap should be. advocates are calling for 3%. >> there is not enough time in the world that can get past the suffering and they also have to pay rent. they also have to pay for gas. >> if it passes, it would limit increases to 3% or 60% of the consumer price index.
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a wheelchair accessible van has been said around in the south bay. the bad news, it was severely damaged. how the family plans on moving forward. using music to bring together a community. we will take you to a special festival in san francisco's chinatown. chief meteorologist, big chief meteorologist, big changes here at city of refuge, we house up to 26 families.
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we reduce homelessness, address mental health, provide spaces for addiction to be broken, create spaces of healing and restoration. for the first time ever, prop 27 will provide permanent funding for organizations like ours. saying yes to prop 27 means more people get the assistance that they nee they get someone to partner in such a way to see transformation come to them. yes on prop 27, because there's no place like home. an update to a story we brought you last week, a south bay family wheelchair accessible van stolen for a
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second time this year. >> carrie hancock woke up to a phone call, the police saying they found or stolen then. unfortunately, the thieves had done some damage. >> we were thinking about fixing it, once i realized what they did to the windows, i was just done with it. it's garbage. >> the van was customized to carry her jet her son who has muscular dystrophy, equipped with a wheelchair lift so they can drive them to appointments and around town. it's the second time the van was stolen this year after the first. last thursday, it was stolen again. >> this time, the damage is so
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extensive, it may be beyond repair. once we opened it, we realize they painted the inside of the windows gray. >> they spotted the van in this wells fargo parking lot. faces charges of auto theft, possession of paraphernalia, and outstanding warrants in four different cities. they will have to find another way to help transport jeffrey. >> we can't go anywhere with
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him. so we've been shopping for a new one. >> word of a new drug trial that some believe will be a game changer when it comes to monkeypox. the research team in the uk testing the drug to see if it works on monkeypox patients who aren't that sick. the monkeypox vaccine reduces risk of infection. this would treat an infection, shortening the course of the disease. >> it works really on the envelope of the virus. so the virus can't infect another cell. >> researchers are hoping to have results by the end of the year. san francisco public health says it is getting another 1600 miles or 8000 doses and will just keep administering them until it runs out of supply
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again. in san francisco, nancy pelosi had an important message. at the southeast family health center clinic, she outlined the advantages for them in the newly signed inflation reduction act. particularly breaking big pharma hold on drug prices. >> we are very proud of this. it's historic. without one republican vote. big pharma says the democrats will play for this. can you imagine they would say such a thing, to threaten us for lowering the cost of prescription drugs? >> she says it's about justice. >> is back, the chinatown music festival coming to san francisco this weekend.
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event organizers gathered to preview the event, featuring dancing, art, musical performances, drummers, and a jazz ensemble. hosted by the -- organizers say it is all about the vision for a future that is more inclusive. >> we invite everyone to come and have a lot of fun. everyone can dance to the music that is there. >> the festival's 13th year kicks off saturday, at portsmouth square. >> it's going to be really beautiful, we should have some fog at the coastline and a little bit of that son. overall, tracking some big changes as we head into this
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upcoming weekend. we will get you all squared away. i want to move things right into what you can expect for tomorrow morning. we know a lot of you are still getting back into the groove, back to work, tomorrow morning no big departure from where we have been. some spotty areas of drizzle, clouds moving into the northbay, some change as we could see those clouds linger a little bit longer in the northbay. as we hit the afternoon, a lot of sunshine for most of us. coming in with those upper 50s, put us in san francisco at 67.
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we are dropping it to 72 in oakland. after upper 90s earlier this week, back to 90. 89 in walnut creek. through the peninsula, san francisco back to the 50s. as i just mentioned, we have had that isolated heat index into the upper 90s. names -- things are going to be changing for us and fast. we have had three areas of high pressure, also bringing key to those inland valleys. every single bit of this gets wiped away as we head towards this weekend. more and more likely we will
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see a system from the north, dropping our temperatures 10 to 15 degrees. most of it to the north. you'll see best chances for the northern mountains, the largest changes will be the temperatures dropping down to 83 on saturday. 84 on sunday, it does go back up next week but it looks like at this point, we are going to end without any big-time heat waves. in that forecast, that fog staying with us and that means for the inland valleys, again a nice reprieve. saturday, make your plans. >> nbc barrier -- bay area news
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is on your streaming device. just a click away. to watch nbc bay area news on roku, stream on your streaming device. apple sending out invites, what experts believe the company plans to unveil in a couple weeks.
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the online apple event is
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set for september 7th. apple is expected to release four new iphones. the new devices will have improved cameras, the 14 pro could have a smaller cutout on the top of the device versus the notch that current iphones have. apple could also announce new apple watch and airport models. a new campaign in virginia making waves for how those items are paid. welcome to earth lose desk or ursula's cafe, and has a donate what you can policy. they came up with the idea during the height of the pandemic, volunteers have been keeping things going. >> we are so fortunate there's
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just no reason we should be able to share that with all the members of our community. that creates equal dignity for everybody who comes to that space. >> the cafe opened a few weeks ago and getting overwhelming positive response. >> chad fry says he got paid for a construction job and bought a $30 lottery ticket, and ended up winning the largest cash prize ever paid out in california. 20 million bucks. he bought the ticket at foothill market southeast of sacramento. he chose to take a lump sum payment of 11.6 million. he says the first plan of action is to buy a new truck. what were you doing when you were 17? the inspiring story of one teenager coming up.
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what's the difference between prop 26 and prop 27? 26? not one dime to get people off the streets and into housing 27 generates hundreds of million to help solve homelessness. the choice is clear yes on prop 27.
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what's t the differerence bebetween prop 26 and prop 27? 26 is a money grab that doesn't guarantee a cent for non-gaming tribes. 27 requires 15% of all state revenues go to non-gaming tribes. the choice is clear. yes, on 27. a 17-year-old pilot can the youngest person to fly solo around the world in a small
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aircraft. a five month long journey that included a stop here in the bay area. a belgian and british dual national, he touched down in bulgaria today. he is the youngest person to fly around the world by himself, also the oldest person to do it in a micro plane. the journey took them through 5200 miles, five continents, and a stop in palo alto earlier this month. money in your pocket for a lot of people, a big announcement which helped thousands of people who live here. who have student loans. president biden wiping away their college debt up to 20,000 bucks for some. >> definitely having that kind
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of financial burden has one thing i can take my mind off of . >> the reason -- the race to be florida's next governor is officially on. a target date is set for when a new and improved covid vaccine will be available. the new starts right now, thank you so much for joining us. your student loan is wiped out, your student debt at least some of it. president biden is calling it a game changer for those who qualify. republicans call it a handout. here's the plan, president biden is canceling up to $20,000 in debt for low income pell


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