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tv   NBC Bay Area News Tonight  NBC  August 24, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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i'm raj mathai, next on nbc bay area news tonight, road rage caught on camera. two people threatened with a gun. we'll show you what happened next. dumping a homeless man in san francisco, san rafael police department apologizing. what would you give up to work from home, companies considering slashing pay how many days you'll work in the office. and restaurant in san francisco run by robots. getting a live demo. >> good evening, nbc bay area news tonight, i'm raj mathai,
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robotic restaurant and work from home salary reduction, those stories in a few minutes, but start with the road rage confrontation in san francisco. >> hey, call the cops! >> can hear the commotion, happened monday night near mclaren park, captured on home surveillance camera, sfpd looking for people responsible, audrey got hold of the video and spoke to neighbor. what happened? >> happened before 9:30 monday night. take you through the video now. two vehicles just stop in middle of residential strip side by side, dartmouth street. after heard the bangs, this vehicle will try to back up. person from this vehicle jumps out of the car, bangs continue. profanity, another person jumps out. someone repeatedly yelling call the cops, he has a gun.
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this continues about 1:30 before a number of neighbors come out. hard to count but at least three neighbors. police say two victims, man and woman, told officers they had gotten into argument with the suspect over road rage incident, police say the suspect took out gun and damaged their vehicle. this is video of man who lived on the street ten years now and said incidents like this are becoming regular occurrence. >> starting to move more in, this is probably third or fourth video content i've had to send to the police last two years. >> this is amazing. usually road rage, 20 to 30 seconds, a minute. this went on around that car a couple of minutes. >> nearly two minutes. thankfully the two victims, man in his 40s -- >> are they okay? >> they are. woman in 30s.
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they are okay. injured, taken care of on the scene and police say they're expected to make full recovery. >> sfpd on the case, we know the location and video. any leads they're telling you about? >> unfortunately no. police say they got to the scene minutes after the neighbors got out, suspects had already took off. asking for anybody with information to reach out. >> or neighbors who haven't stepped forward yet. >> absolutely. other headlines. san rafael cop accused of dumping a man on san francisco street. san rafael pd is apologizing, but the san francisco city attorney says it may not be enough. see for yourself. video showing the san rafael police officer leaving man near corner of lake and 14th avenue in san francisco. person who shot the video doesn't want to be identified. said the man lingered in the
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neighborhood a while, appeared to then start a fire. sfpd and sf fire called in. san rafael pd issuing a statement apologizing, saying the department has opened internal investigation. san francisco city attorney is also investigating. >> it's egregious, it's not fair to him. he doesn't know way around here. >> disturbing that another jurisdiction would drop someone experiencing homelessness or mental health challenges in middle of residential neighborhood with no services or resources. >> lot of things in play here. city attorney's office has previously sued state of nevada for similar practices. that case led to $400,000 settlement. in south bay now, eerie story involving bta. a bus driver arrested this summer accused of making violent threats against other employees.
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internal documents obtained through our investigative unit, public records request, review multiple employees reported he was saying if i get fired i'm going to be shooting something up. he was arrested same day. given a notice of proposed termination, following month, and retired in august, this month. personnel records indicate this wasn't first time he made these comments. 2018, received a warning after getting onto a crowded work shuttle and saying quote, i should get a gun and shoot everybody. union president says the covid vaccine mandate pushed him to the edge prior to june. >> him with a lot of other members did express feeling of head in a vise, squeezed into doing something they religiously, morally, felt there was alternative solutions.
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such as testing. >> said in a statement there's no reason for anyone to make these threats, no matter what the excuse. what makes the story more disturbing, his alleged threat came just a year -- over a year after bta employee opened fire on coworkers at that railyard in san jose, killing nine before taking his life. we reached out to him and his attorney, yet to respond. he's pleaded not guilty to the charges. another headline we're watching, little luck, lot of teamwork saved homes in the south bay. our sky ranger was overhead, 680 in san jose. fire spread to the yards of neighboring homes. lot of neighbors worked alongside firefighters to keep the flames from reaching the homes. >> fire in the trees? >> yeah, little girl, hear her saying fire in the trees, telling her dad that.
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homes on easton road behind 680. one man says the fire got close to his neighbors' homes, grabbed a garden hose and did his best to help. fire crews say they approve. >> whole block, three houses or four. >> reporter: were you able to save it? >> our backyard, his, and guy here, i help him. >> absolutely very helpful, want to protect your property, we appreciate that. but end of the day that's our job, want the public to be safe and our job is protect life and property. >> be safe but if you can chip in and help. ultimately no homes were damaged. great news, but you can see how dicey can got. no word on the cause. story that relates to lot of people. good chance you or someone you know are working from home. many might be losing money as
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companies are considering adjusting pay for everyone who works from home. couple of things going on here. first people are saving time and money not having to commute. they also can live in areas where cost of living is lower. that also means that companies can get away with paying people less. tech companies, including google, facebook and twitter have been already adjusting salaries for employees who move to lower cost markets. nicholas bloom, economics professor at stanford graduate school of business, he's part of research group studying impacts of remote workers. bold move here, companies can slash your pay if you choose to work from home. who has the upper hand, employers or employees? >> two things going on. first, if you're fully remote, it's true your pay can get slashed, don't go into the office and competing with people all over the u.s. globally.
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on the other hand coming in two, three days a week, they're not cutting pay, just not raising it as much because they don't need to lure you in. more appealing prospect. >> interesting. airbnb, companies you researched that announced would go fully remote, saving money reducing office space. couldn't they afford to keep salaries at higher level? >> they could, of course. practicality is, they're competing for workers, and you're correct, saved a bunch getting rid of office space, 20%, 30% of pay. in addition, going to hire not just across the u.s. but globally, so now a worker in bay area may be competing with folks in bulgaria, india, south america. that will help them keep salaries down. of course it's not great for workers.
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other side it's good for people who use airbnb, keeps the costs down. but maybe people don't care about that. >> bay area is ground zero for work from home culture, is it succeeding or do companies want people back in the office? >> first thing, bay area is center of the hurricane for work from home, so heavy in tech, we have so much advanced technology companies being progressive on work from home. it is working for companies. finding if you let folks work from home two, three days a week, they're a lot happier, less likely to quit and more productive. >> are you going to look a year or three down the line and realize a lot of things didn't work in the new culture? >> i was wondering how long this would stick back in 2020, but 2 1/2 years on through the
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pandemic and it's stuck. other thing is working from home is picking up steam as the technology gets better. we can do this using video calls. not sure if zoom but over the internet. 20 years ago, would be by telephone. 40 years ago my parents worked from home, pretty awful. technology is getting better because of the explosion of work from home jobs. five to ten years out we'll be dramatically more remote than now. >> how are your students handling this? on board with the culture or poking holes in it? >> great question, just to highlight, over half of americans cannot work from home, they have to come in every day. to be honest for me, that includes teaching, researcher. i don't teach remotely. it's not great, want to be in classroom to meet with students and spend time with them. anyone listening going to work every day, the majority, you probably feel the same way, too.
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>> have a good evening. thanks for joining us. up next at 7:00, white house promising to erase thousands of dollars in student loan debt. we'll break down how it works, if you qualify and why a lot of people are against this decision. also, how about this, no humans required. live look to new walkup restaurant in san francisco that only uses robots to make your food. food. would you do here at city of refuge, we house up to 26 families.
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we reduce homelessness, address mental health, provide spaces for addiction to be broken, create spaces of healing and restoration. for the first time ever, prop 27 will provide
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welcome back to nbc bay area news tonight. california set to eliminate all sales of gas-powered cars by 2035. this is a big deal. proposed new rule will be voted op tomorrow by california air resources board. right now california is largest auto market in the country. if this gets passed tomorrow, experts say could be major step in addressing climate change and cutting pollution. details. would be implemented in phases. 2026, 35% of the cars produced zero emissions. 2030, 68%. then 2035 all new car sales would need to be free of greenhouse gas emissions. how will it be implemented and regulated, and can california build enough infrastructure to support all the electric
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vehicles? our reporting is ongoing. this could be a game changer for a lot of people, drowning in student loan debt, president biden announcing plan to forgive thousands of dollars in federal loans if you make less than $125,000 a year. borrowing can get $10,000, and with pell grant, $20,000. white house is celebrating the move, republican leaders calling it slap in the face to working families without loans. >> i believe my plan is responsible and fair. it focuses the benefit on middle class and working families. >> fundamental tenet of american life, if you owe money, you have obligation to pay it back.
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>> san jose state senior watkins is calling it a lifeline, he'll have more money for rent and books and will help him continue his education. >> hopefully i can go to grad school and not have to worry about paying off over $50,000 in student loans and give me financial freedom. >> students at cal state east bay also cheering the move. average loan debt is 20,000 to 24,000 bucks. what do you think? facebook, jason writes i went straight to work out of high school because higher education is too expensive, now i have to pay for those who made poor decisions. >> lea writes, excellent step, millions will benefit. on instagram, david writes more inflation, people will cheer, costs them more in long run,
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penny wise and dollar foolish. another question, would you eat at this restaurant where robots make your food? opens in san francisco this sunday. mesly is located inside the food truck park in mission may neighborhood. blue and white box that refrigerates the ingredients but has the capability to cook. a couple of people prep ingredients offsite, but no humans required. grain bowls from a michelin star chef. created by three stanford engineers. joining us now, alex is the cocreator and ceo. he's outside the restaurant. nice to see you, we want a tour but first how did you come up with the idea and get the money to do it? >> sure. when i and also my cofounders
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were grad students at stanford realized wasn't good food option. everything too expensive for grad student stipend or had to spend time we didn't have cooking. started to wonder what makes the restaurants so expensive to get grain bowl from chipotle or salad from sweet greens, it's the cost of running traditional restaurant that adds up. building, taking money, handing them things. if we automated it, could deliver high quality meals at surprisingly low prices. that's when we raised a few million to make it happen. >> show me around and tell me how much is one of the bowls and does it taste good. >> sure. so here see the box itself.
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three ordering stations. each you can order one of our grain bowls, either one of the preconfigured options or fully custom one. >> how much is it? >> can see what happens. start by configuring it. step by step pick rice here, 1.99 to start out. maybe add sweet potatoes and kale, maybe falafel. garnishes, slaw and onions. that's 7.99. add to the bag. we'll skip sides and drinks today, finally the checkout, just approve the purchase. >> okay, eight or nine bucks, cheaper than chipotle. go to checkout. finish the tour. >> we'll go around, five minutes
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later but less now because we have one prepared for you, pick up bowls from smart lockers here. a pickup station, tap on your name, get the bowl to come out. when the bowl comes out, it will come out of this glass here, which will turn clear and happen for you in a minute. >> alex, inside the magic blue box, the robots are doing their thing, placing food and assembling the bowl? >> exactly right. on the inside is an assembly line. when you order all the ingredients, bowl is assembled step by step. heated up ingredients go into the oven and those not finished cooking for freshness are finished cooking inside. salad, slaws and sauces go on post oven, then served through
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the smart locker with sides and drinks. >> i see it come out, window turns clear. while you're doing it, what if it goes wrong? robot malfunctions, how do i get my money back and more importantly, my food? >> great question. we do have mechanisms on the inside, if something goes wrong, robot can recover from a lot of failures. but it is possible there's a freak accident, those cases, a plaque with a phone number to call. and on the receipt you'll get email address to contact. one of us can reach out and fix any problems. now for the time being we're on site when serving, we'll be able to intervene in person but will be reaching out, having us remote in and fix things. >> so open this sunday, regular
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business hours? >> that's right, we'll be open 11:00 to 5:00, free food while supplies last. but might run out soon. come by early. >> we'll check it out. thanks for your time and the tour. >> thank you very much. >> interesting. would you do it? take you outside, foggy san francisco. sky ranger overhead from
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still excited about the robotic restaurant. >> yum. >> i would add salmon or chicken. >> give it a go. price is right. >> 9 bucks is lot cheaper. >> fog tomorrow morning is back. spotty areas of drizzle. closer look, low clouds will move into those inland valleys. to tomorrow morning, 11:00, some of it north bay, then afternoon clears out to sunshine away from the coastline. temperatures tomorrow, overall comfortable, drop a few degrees, 68 in san francisco. 72 in oakland. low 90s concord and livermore and morgan hill, 88. this weekend, system drops down, no rain for us. will stay near the
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california/oregon border, but temperatures will drop after upper 90s earlier this week, down to 83 on saturday, hold with that sunday. nice weekend coming our way. late august, relatively cool. >> that's it for us at 7:00, for >> that's it for us at 7:00, for everody here atyb here at city of refuge, we house up to 26 families.
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we reduce homelessness, address mental health, provide spaces for addiction to be broken, create spaces of healing and restoration. for the first time ever, prop 27 will provide permanent funding for organizations like ours. saying yes to prop 27 means more people get the assistance that they nee they get someone to partner in such a way to see transformation come to them. yes on prop 27, because there's no place like home.
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. tonight on "access hollywood" -- >> snap away. >> well, turns out sly's tattoo clue was spot on. the stallone split is official as jennifer's allegations against her husband of 25 years are revealed. >> harry is a fearless, instantly lovable. olivia wilde goes on camera for the first time about harry and holds nothing back about her ex. >> mark wahlberg is literally


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