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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 26, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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row the chief put the kibosh on the officers marching in the parade because the pride organizers won't allow the officers to carry their firearms. we are at police headquarters with the story you will see only on nbc bay area. >> reporter: both sides, silicon valley pride, and san jose police say, they are disappointed with the other's decision, but both say they are optimistic and will reach a compromise next year. the pride flag flies probably over san jose police headquarters, but there was bad news today, the chief announced that officers would not be participating in this weekend's out pride festivities. it all stems from a dispute over the formal police uniform. the department asked to participate in full uniform. silicon valley pride agreed, but asked for the officers not to wear their duty belt, including firearms. >> we originally asked the chief to come in a softer look. to come and represent with
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their softer uniform. >> reporter: in the end, the department says, full uniform means just that, so they cannot march in the parade. >> it is not something the chief can decide or not. it is standard policy for all sworn personnel. >> organizers say, much like the police, they too are is appointed. not allowing full uniforms was a compromise from last year. they say, they need to uphold the beliefs of the local lgbtq plus community, which has had a complicated, and sometimes dramatic history with law enforcement appears >> the trauma and history does not represent all law enforcement, but it is still there. and the understanding needs to come on both ends, not just ours appears >> while officers won't dissipate in the parade, they will be out protecting it in full uniform. they even offered san jose police and the sheriff's department a recruiting table at the festival with officers wearing their customary polos and concealed weapons. san jose police declined and
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the sheriff department accepted. >> they were just thrilled, we can come back, that sounds fantastic! >> reporter: organizers say, their offer still stands and they hope that police change their mind by sunday, if not, they will go back to the drawing board and try to find a new compromise for next year. if this parade drama sounds familiar, san francisco pd faced similar pushback earlier this year. in may, pride organizers wanted to ban uniformed officers from marching at the parade. they pointed to historic tension between the lgbtq community and police force. mayor breed threatened to boycott the parade lease cannot march. a deal was made so officers could march in casual attire. officers and command staff marched in full uniform and provided security. scary moments on bart this afternoon. bart police are on the hunt for the person who opened fire inside a train. this guy had shows police
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rushing a man to a wedding ambulance. witnesses described a chaotic scene aboard the train as people rushed to get off when it pulled into the station. police say, this was a targeted shooting and they have plenty of video to help in their investigation. >> everyone kind of attack the door. i tried to hang back and not get mobbed. that is as much as i know. >> did you hear the shots being fired? >> kind of base popping sound. >> we are confident this is not a random attack. it appears to be a targeted attack. >> investigators say, video shows the shooter got off the train at the fruitvale station. the man who was shot is at emergency surgery at highland hospital. an employee accused of possessing child pornography. that employee worked as a campus supervisor at baldwin elementary. police searched his home on
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august 9th. investigators say, they found child on his laptop and arrested him. school district says, they were contacted by police about the investigation and immediately put him on leave. he has since resigned. they also say, the investigation did not show any connection to his work at school. tonight, he is on bail, awaiting formal arraignment. no word on what led investigators to request a search warrant on his home. the document that a lot of people were waiting to see was unsealed today in florida. however, much of it is redacted to protect national security. the parts of the 36 page affidavit are blacked out. it does shed new light on why federal agents wanted to search president trump's estate in florida. the texas justice department believe highly sensitive national security information was being kept at mar-a-lago illegally. the justice department got involved after an initial set of documents was recovered from mar-a-lago back in january, but agents suspected nevermore
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documents, which is why they returned with a search warrant on august eighth, season classified papers, some mark top-secret. >> we are doing with the most sensitive information, the hair on the back of my neck that up when i saw those classification markings referenced here. >> president trump was founded on his social media platform, criticizing the document's heavy redactions. without any tackiness accusing the justice department and if the act of playing politics. political reaction to that affidavit was quick and largely split among party lines. house speaker pelosi and peninsula congresswoman jackie speier, both here in the bay area for a reproductive rights event today. here is christie smith. >> reporter: supporters of the former president say, the affidavit did not provide the transparency they were looking for. house speaker pelosi says, the entire case is raising new questions about the former president's conduct. conger's woman sphere had more
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to say. within hours of a federal judge releasing the 36 page affidavit that led to the search of former president donald trump's estate, political leaders on both sides of the aisle are sounding off about the search, the issue, and top-secret documents the government says, it was trying to recover. >> we are dealing with the most sensitive information. >> house speaker pelosi and conger's woman sphere were in san francisco, highlighting efforts to protect women's reproductive rights, but could not provide information about the affidavit. >> it is important for us to know at some point how at risk our national security was. >> pelosi says, she had not yet read the document yet, but the fact that the president would be in possession of top-secret documents was an issue. >> the affidavit underscores the fact that not only was this a reckless act by the former president, it may in fact be a criminal act. >> the president responded on
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his social media platform, criticizing the heavy redactions, accusing the doj and fbi of playing politics. many of his political allies saying the same, calling this another failed attempt to tear down a good man. the speaker says, that does not make appears >> if in fact the justice department has its case to make, how can they possibly say it is politically motivated, unless they are projecting their own political motivation in these matters of national security? wood christie smith, nbc bay area news. a new omicron sub variant is taking hold in the u.s. this time, we are talking about the a.4.6 sub variant. that is according to new data published by the cdc. it says ba.4.6 is catching up to the dominant ba.5 sub variant. in the last week, ba.5 made up 85% of covid cases in the u.s. and ba.4.6 increased by 7%
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during that time. meanwhile, ba.4 is doing billing. we do have some positive news in the colon battle. the u.s. no longer has a shortage of those n95 masks. the fda has since removed it from its fda shortage list, because demand is no longer exceeds supply. increased domestic manufacturing, as well as at this to the supply chain has helped make the masks more plentiful. that n95 not had long been a key piece of protection for front-line workers, but it suddenly became a household term in 2020, when we all started wearing it during the pandemic. next at 6:00, a hiker falls onto the beach after the cliff crumbles beneath his feet. we will show you this rescue that got him back to safety. do you have room in your home and hearts for a shelter dog, cat, or rabbit?
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if you do, this is the weekend to adopt. we are clearing the shelters straight ahead. i am chief meteorologist jeff ranieri . after 90s in livermore today, we begin to drop off, 85 now, 67 by 9:00 p.m. i will show you the cooler temperatures in store for this weekend. i am back with that in less than 10.
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here at city of refuge, we house up to 26 families. we reduce homelessness, address mental health, provide spaces for addiction to be broken, create spaces of healing and restoration. for the first time ever, prop 27 will provide permanent funding for organizations like ours. saying yes to prop 27 means more people get the assistance that they nee they get someone to partner in such a way to see transformation come to them. yes on prop 27, because there's no place like home.
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take a look. a nightmare scenario for a hiker. the cliff crumbled right underneath his feet. you can see this rescue crew pulling him to safety. cal fire says, the hiker was walking along the coast on sunrise, he fell about 100 feet after the cliff collapsed. no word yet on his condition. you can see him strong enough apparently there to walk on his own. firefighters are warning right now to avoid those cliff edges because they are a bit unstable along our coast. this is a huge weekend for us. we always participate. this is a big deal for us, because this is when we help clear local
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shelters. you can help us by adopting a pet in need. >> do you like dogs, cats, rabbits? we do! let's bring in chris camaro in el peters. i believe we have a jessica siding, the canine version. >> reporter: we do, this is jessica. she gets in your face, she might knock you over, but it is all love. jessica, are you ready to go home to a forever home? exactly. just wait, she will get you with her love, just like jessica. [ laughter ] >> loving, kind, and fun! >> reporter: yes! let's talk more about what is actually happening this weekend. dr. k,, but if you don't mind, nice to meet you. tell us about how it will work for people interested in taking home a dog, cat, or another animal for that matter into
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their forever home. >> it is our final weekend for clear the shelters. the shelter will be open from 10:00 to 5:00 saturday and sunday. you can find adult dogs, cats, and kittens for $20. >> reporter: there are some people at home seeing jessica aguirre thinking, maybe that is a bit much for me. maybe i am not quite ready to take that plunge. talk about fostering and how that might be an option. >> absolutely. fostering is a great, great option for people not quite ready to make the commitment yet. our foster team is here to support anyone who is interested in taking home a dog, puppy, kitten, an adult cat. we have other aged babies who need care, also animals recovering from medical issues, or orthopedic surgeries, for example, who need some extra tlc. we also have dogs and cats who just don't do well in the
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shelter, or thrive much better outside the shelter. those guys, not anything necessarily wrong with them. they are perfectly happy, healthy animals, just want to be outside of the shelter. those are great opportunities to foster., down, support a brand-new fosters. you will be trained in whichever animals you are interested in. we provide all of the supplies. anything you need to be successful with a foster home. >> reporter: jessica aguirre, you could be a foster failure with jessica aguirre here. what you think? is there room in the aguirre home for another? >> would not want to take jessica home? >> may say you are gorgeous. >> just the way you are. >> reporter: she says, you are a perfect specimen. >> all across the bay area, you can adopt cats, dogs, and
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rabbits. >> i will confess, i have adopted three rabbits over the years, because i love rabbits, from shelters. they have been great, great pets. >> i think you will adopt a cat this weekend. thank you, chris. >> thank you, chris. thank you, jessica. see you. tomorrow morning, marcus washington and laura garcia will be at the berkeley humane society. you can watch them on air in the morning. i heard that lucy will have a front row seat in front of the tv with treats just to see what is happening. i bet lucy would like to see jessica. >> they would definitely play well together. what a great weekend coming our way. the weather will be great. it is a great time to expand the family, perhaps. >> we are coming in with strong weather across the bay area. if you are headed from san francisco into the inland valley, it will be a nice day to get a pet, if that is your thing. we hope it is, getting a lot of
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animals some homes. whatever you have got planned, it will shape up amazing for august. this is a highly unusual pattern we are seeing setting up. not one, but two different systems. we have one cruising fast to the north and another developing offshore cooling temperatures below average as we head into this weekend, keeping that fog along the coastline. basically, helping to push some of that hottest air a little more to the southwest. that means already we are starting off with really nice weather tonight. in san francisco, we have some fog rolling in and strong. maybe by the bay, a little warmer. 74, actually perfect weather. sunny skies and we will be in 60s later tonight. for the inland valleys, it is warm, but you can still manage dinner outside. 85 degrees, 74 at 8:00 p.m., 65 at 10:00 p.m. . the fog will be with us tomorrow morning. widespread low cloud, spotty areas of drizzle. it will hang
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out here, 10:30 in the morning, near the bay, also parts of the north bay. a lot of it clears out tomorrow afternoon with some of that fog lingering in san francisco and through the beaches. temperatures will start off in the 50s throughout the bay area. it will be pretty much the same. 57 in the south bay, east bay, 58 and northbay coming in with the chili as to whether. daytime highs look amazing for august. 86 in morgan hill, mid-80s in los gatos. we got gardening to do. maybe sitting back in a chair tomorrow relaxing, soaking up a little sun me something cool to drink, it will be a good day. 83 martinez. hayward, 75. peninsula, 63 in daly city. redwood city, 76. san francisco at 78 in the mission. let's take it to the northbay, napa, and sonoma in the low 80s. my seven-day forecast in san
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francisco, 60s through next tuesday. it goes up a little next week, but not too hot. we will be in the 70s wednesday, thursday, and friday. inland valley, 80s and 90s into next week. we have got to get jessica, the canine a new home. >> jessica, the person, a new home too. >> maybe there is some sort of a, we can work out! >> adopt me too. [ laughter ] let's move on. nbc bay area is now streaming on your roku device. to watch us, turn on your roku streaming device, select a live tv tile on your home screen and scroll down to channel 133. you can watch nbc bay area news anywhere, anytime in the united states.
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our drought this time around make it more expensive, unless we cut back water use even more. that is not a rule, whether a message today at the valley water summit. experts talked about the need to increase water conservation. politicians were there and scientists, speaking about the need to use less water. >> now, we are changing our narrative and saying, this isn't temporary, this is permanent. this is a permanent situation for us in the city of santa clara, and the region, and the state. >> valley water says for now, it is urging people to conserve and issuing water warnings to water wasters. eventually, those warnings will turn to fines ranging from $100- $10,000. farmworkers in a nearly month-long march to the state capital. it is similar to the route that cesar chavez did. the
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farmworkers are urging the governor to sign assembly bill 23 into law to give farmworkers protection from what they call intimidation and elections. newsom said, he can support the bill in its current form. negotiations are continuing and there is still a chance it could reach a deal. multiple agriculture innovations and farm owners oppose that bill. get your costumes ready. silicon valley comic-con is back. 7000 people expected to show up at the show. clothing customs a big part of the show. people like to dress up as characters they like. a lot of them are handmade. this year, the itinerary includes a conversation with an astronaut live on the international space station. special guests include actors george the chi, trista for lloyd . what kind of costume would
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you wear? >> oh gosh, maybe yoda or something like that. [ laughter ] next, we have seen stories about some of those odd items moving through airport security. have you ever seen this? let's take a look outside of rockefeller center west. one of tonight's stories, the secret service recovering hundreds of millions of dollars in fraudulently obtained comical relief funds. the warning tonight from the agency about the billions of dollars still missing. in order for small businesses to thrive, they need to be smart. efficient. agile. and that's never been more important than it is right now. so for a limited time, comcast business is introducing small business savings. call now to get powerful internet for just 39 dollars a month. with no contract. and a money back guarantee.
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what's the difference between prop 26 and prop 27? 26 is a money grab that doesn't guarantee a cent for non-gaming tribes. 27 requires 15% of all state revenues go to non-gaming tribes. the choice is clear. yes, on 27.
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we have done a lot of stories, i don't think we've ever seen this. an eagle spotted going through the tsa checkpoint in north carolina. >> an eagle, as in a bird, a very large bird. this is clark. travelers were kind of shocked to see the eagle just calmly making his way through security check. clark and his handler were traveling back from an event at a university. clark often does shows and ceremonies across the u.s. clark is on the eagle light team at the world board bird center in missouri. he travels five to seven times a year and is used to the
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process. the question is, does he need a press port passport or anything to travel? a real i.d.? coming up, how much our housing market will cool down. we are talking to an expert tracking the trend here in the bay area. the restart of burning man. the migration begins to the nevada desert with a new focus. that story and more coming up on our 7:00 newscast. of next on "nightly news," traveling to the apollo era mission control to sit down with some key fight directors ahead of the artemis flight. likes to hold joins us from new york right now. tonight, the justice department revealing the reasons behind the unprecedented search at mar-a-lago. the redacted affidavit showing the fbi requested the search after 184 classified
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documents were found among 15 boxes that donald trump handed over in january. also discovered, mr. trump's handwritten notes and information on clandestine human sources. how the former president is reacting. and president biden, our peter alexander asking him today, is it ever appropriate to take home classified materials? how he responded. also tonight, stocks plunging after a stark warning from the fed chairman why he said americans should brace for some pain ahead the pregnant mother whose fetus was diagnosed with a rare and fatal condition denied an abortion under louisiana's trigger law. what she called for today on the steps of the state's capitol. mounting concerns near a russian nuclear plant. what authorities are urgently handing out amid fears of radiation leaks. the fleecing of america. nearly $300 million of covid relief money stolen how the secret service


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